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Last Outpost

By Katie McN <>

(c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
It's inside me and I can't see it.

It's eating me and I'm dying.

I don't want to die. I won't die.

I'll go away.


Letitia's eyes opened slowly, as if afraid to discover the
world again. The familiar ache in her bones told her that
she'd been asleep for awhile, yet the same gunmetal gray
walls and floor came into focus under the ultraviolet
light. Numbly, she brought a hand up to her face and
touched the spaces between eyes and nose with her first two
fingers. The skin of her face felt cold but intact. She
pushed and saw the slight discolorations in her vision that
helped her realign both her internal and external worlds.

Too much sleep was bad for her. Too much consciousness was
even worse.

Slowly, Letitia pushed herself up from all fours and stood
awkwardly on her feet. The circular drain under the big toe
and ball of her right foot impressed its brass grid into
her vision. Letitia blinked. Then steadying herself, she
moved to the wall in front of her and began to feel for the
door latch. She found it and twisted. Grudgingly the
mechanism began to work, its metal gears sliding noisily
from 418 thousand years of disuse before popping the bolt

"You're here already." Letitia usually was first, but not
this time. "Fuann, what's wrong?"

"It's a ship I think, and not the man. The man is gone. The
man is dead."

"How do you know this?"

"I just do and it's truth." Fuann stepped out of the
Revival Box and tried to remember why she was awake. "The
ship told me. Yes, the ship told me he died and left us
alone forever."

"We don't serve him anymore. What will we do?"

Letitia was finished with the Box now and knew she was
ready for her mission.

"She's calling us, Fuann. We have to go. She'll know and
tell us everything."
The habitat was in a new location. It would have moved many
times over the years so the science machines could watch
the nearby galaxy. Letitia didn't know much about this. She
was built to love and care, but she liked what the science
machines could do. She liked the rose bushes outlining the
path to the highway.

If the man was alive they would wear clothes. He liked them
to wear clothes and very much so when they were outside.
Today, they were naked as they walked down the hill. The
road was only a few hundred meters from the habitat and the
day was perfect, just like every other day of their lives.

A thorn cut her finger as she twisted another flower into
the wreath. A beautiful crown for a beautiful princess. She
was going to make one for Fuann and thought she should make
one for the stranger, too. Yes, something pretty for the
far away woman's hair. She could feel her now, but still
didn't know what she looked like. The stranger must be tall
and certainly she was beautiful. Letitia could feel all
that now.

Letitia smiled at Fuann's impatience even though there was
enough time. More than enough. The stranger measured life
differently and could wait without care. Could wait for a
very long time.

The women liked to touch. They held hands as they walked
down the road toward the stranger. They couldn't see her of
course, but they knew she was there. They could feel her
call and each step brought them closer.

The planet was beautiful and reminded Letitia of her home
planet so very far away. The science machines tried to make
the planet feel like Terra. It was their work. They didn't
like to talk, but would answer questions if they had the
time. She learned a lot about the home planet from the
science machines and why the habitat was here on Outpost.
The man had a mission, but the man was dead. She liked the
man, but of course she would. It was her role to love and
care for him and anyone else who needed her. Fuann didn't
need her love, but she secretly gave it to her anyhow. She
hoped she was loved, too.
A pink minaret speared the white cloud drifting slowly
across the city. The city was new and not something the
science machines would have built. Blue, gold, red towers
exploded into the sky. Roads divided the buildings in some
not too obvious way and machine movement tied the scene
with a ribbon of excitement. A splash of color. A dab of
sound. Activity and purpose everywhere. The two android
women felt they were finally home.

"Fuann, she's there. I see her waiting on the street near
the pink tower."

She started moving before she answered. "We need to be with
her." Fuann said. "We can't let her wait any longer."

The city welcomed them mind and body. The stranger waited,
just down the street.

"I'm Galassia. I need your help."

They were inside the pink tower. Letitia didn't know how
they got there, but she wasn't afraid. The room was too
beautiful and Galassia wasn't a stranger anymore. They sat
on pillows and could see the see the city through the
transparent wall in front of them.

"You're so beautiful. I have a flower crown for you, but I
don't think you should wear it. You're already perfect."
Letitia thought about throwing the flowers away.

"Please, put the crown on my head. It's time for me to be
like you two."

When Letitia was satisfied with how the flowers were
arranged, she looked at the tall woman and was captivated
by her eyes. She couldn't look away. She was an uncaring
prisoner of something wonderful. There was an embrace and
then a tiny kiss. There was some touching and then another
kiss. There was a fire and then they kissed with a passion
Letitia didn't know was hidden inside her.

The blonde girl tried to compose herself and said, "Where
did that come from? You didn't tell me to kiss you. It just

"It's what you wanted to do, wasn't it?" Galassia touched
her on the cheek and said, "Is there something wrong doing
what you want?"

"No, no. We never do what we want and so this is different
for me."

Galassia turned and smiled at Fuann and said, "Your hair is
black like the night. Can I touch it? Do you want to kiss
me, too?"

The embrace lasted for what seemed like eternity. Somehow
Letitia joined in and the three exchanged hugs, touches,
kisses and more. It was very different. It was wonderful.

"I know you could do this forever, but we need to stop and

For the first time in her machine existence Letitia didn't
want to do what she was told. She sensed Fuann felt the
same way. She was amazed and wondered how this happened.

"I think you two can help me. I want to fall in love and
don't know how. I want to make love and need to learn what
to do."

It didn't feel like a command, but Letitia knew she would
help and felt Fuann would do the same. "It's what we do. We
can help. We will help you, Galassia. We want to help you."

Letitia pushed the tall woman back on the pillows and their
mouths joined once again. This time passion came easily and
the two women could feel the fires building from the heat
of their embrace. The second kiss lead to the third and the
fourth and the many more.

Their tongues met in the dark cavern of the tall woman's
mouth as she struggled to learn more. Galassia felt a hand
trace a path down her back as it leisurely made it's way to
her heart shaped ass.

Kiss. Kiss. Touch. Hold.

Hands moving over soft skin. breasts touching firm breasts.
Legs snaking between perfectly formed legs.

The tall woman felt something rush from the blonde girl's
body and travel a road to the secret place hidden in her
mind. An orange flash and lost in time and another place.

"Kiss me. Hold me. Fuck me." Galassia never felt anything
like this before. It was new and different and she never
wanted it to stop. "Come closer to me and be inside me."

They were laying on their sides when Galassia felt
something nip at her ear lobe. The dark haired girl was
joining in now and opening a new front. The tall woman felt
a hand on her breast and felt the touch turn to
electricity and surge through her body.

Sometimes when women make love things take time to get
started. Maybe it was the wait for hundreds of thousands of
years. Maybe it was because they really weren't women after
all. Or, maybe it was something else. This time they were
ready from the start and things only got better.

Galassia felt a thigh press up against her pussy. Her body
took control and started rubbing against the welcome force.
This was all so new. There were no words, just feelings and
emotions. New emotions she never new existed.

She felt teeth gently tease her swollen nipples. A hand
measured the firmness of her ass while two breasts were
crushed on her back as the body behind her tried to be in

A pussy covered her face and she knew what to do. She
learned from the tongue that was buried in her own cunt.
She wanted to excite and tease and taste and enjoy.

She was up on all fours now and could feel pubic hair being
ground into her ass by the person who was squeezing her
tits. When she looked down, she saw a body writhing under
her. That must be part of the force licking her pussy wet.
She could see juices between the two legs laying there on
display and wanted a taste. She lowered her face to the

She found out how an orgasm felt. She found out more than
once and it still wasn't enough. She learned how to trade
her body for pleasure and always thought she got the best
of the deal.

Time stood still forever. Again, more, yes, hold, kiss,
cum, fuck, touch, feel, scream. Scream. SCREAM.

And then it stopped.
"Was that love?" Galassia was radiant as she talked to her
two lovers. "I felt something different and wonderful."

The blonde girl laughed and then said, "No, we call that
lust, but it's pretty nice when your doing it with

"Well, what is love?"

"Fuann and I talk about this a lot. We think love is being
able to share yourself with another person who needs you
and is willing to share, too."

"I think you're too perfect for love." Fuann said. "Part of
love is be able to accept something from another person.
You're perfect, Galassia, and don't need anything from
anyone. It's so sad for you."

Letitia couldn't understand the look on Galassia's face.
There was a smile and something else. "You've helped me
more than you could imagine. I'm going to leave you now,
but first I want to give you a few gifts."

"Please don't leave us." Letitia said with obvious
distress. "We want to be with you. We want to love you."

"I have to go, but I want you to have this city and the
whole planet. You're going to live a very long time so if
you get bored, you'll know how to go other places in the
ship I've hidden in the middle of the city. Anywhere in the
galaxy is you home now. Just don't go near that ugly black
thing in the center. It can kill you."

Letitia looked at Fuann and saw the same sadness in her
eyes that tore her own heart apart. She wanted to say more,
but new there really wasn't any way to convince Galassia to
change her mind.

"I'm going to give you one more thing. I found something in
each one of you that was broken and I fixed it. Now you can
love each other." And, then she was gone.


"Did you see my star explode?"

"The whole Universe saw it, Galassia. Why did you do it?"

"I did it for you. I've watched you for a billion years and
now I know I love you."

"What's love?"

"Don't worry. I'll show you as soon as I get there."
The End
Let me know what you think of my story . . .

By Katie McN <>
Read more of my stories here . . .


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