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Late one night (MF Rom)


WARNING: This story is an act of fiction that contains graphic sexual
descriptions and language. If you are a minor or if you are offended by
this kind of material then you should stop reading now. Any resemblance
between this story and a real event is coincidental. The participants are
imaginary; their actions have no negative consequences other than those
portrayed in the story. The story is intended for entertainment and should
not be emulated in the real world outside of a healthy relationship.

Late night in (MF Rom)

by Christopher Andrew (

It was a Saturday night and I was at home while Rachael was out having a
drink with a few old friends. I was happy to be home as it had been a long
week and I had felt a cold coming on for the last few days, so an early
night was very welcome.

I don't know how long I had been asleep, but I hadn't noticed Rachael
come home. She climbed into bed and snuggled in behind me. What I did
notice was that she was completely naked. The whole length of her
delicious body pressing into me - her lovely tits pressing into my back and
her the hair above her perfect pussy was tickling my ass. This used to be
quite common, but lately she had taken to wearing pajamas due to the cold
nights and I relished the feeling of her naked body around me.

Still dozy, I snuggled back into her and started to drop back to sleep
when she slid her hand from the top of my hip and started to fondle my
balls. Just gently rolling them around at first and then with a little
more force. With a warm shiver down my spine, my cock got the message and
started to get it's act together. She continued to play with my balls and
the base of my cock until I had a raging hard on which she delicately
stroked for several minutes with just her finger tips. Whenever I
attempted to reciprocate or get more involved, she gently but firmly
resisted so I settled in to properly enjoy her ministrations.

With one expert finger she gathered up the pre cum from the top of my
cock and began to work it around, slowly stroking and lubricating the
entire length of my very hard cock. When she (and I) was ready she took my
shaft with her whole hand and began to slowly wank me off. Rachael's
technique was perfect - a very firm grip, slow regular strokes, and
expertly squeezing my cock head with her thumb as her hand rolled past. It
was absolutely arresting and my whole body buzzed as she took me closer and
closer to orgasm.

After what seemed like a heavenly forever my whole body was gently
shaking and my cock was bucking ready to cum. With expert timing Rachael
moved over me taking the head of my cock in her mouth and polishing it with
her tongue. Her hand continued to slide up and down my shaft and within
seconds my cock exploded into her mouth. At first shooting several spurts
hard into the back of her throat and then, as my orgasm rocked through my
body, rolling glob after glob of sticky white cum onto her tongue for what
seemed like forever.

Without missing a drop she devoured it all and taking a firm grip on the
base of my cock continued to softly suck, kiss and lick the rest of my cock
continuing my orgasm on for over a minute. As I came around from my highly
blissed state it was clear she had not finished with me yet. Rachael
continued to suck me off and return my cock to its previous hard state, in
the process returning my very sapped desire.

By the time she was happy with the state of my very hard cock, I was
ready to have her any way I could, so when she smiled up at me I took the
opportunity to get her onto her back. Moving onto her I pushed my cock
onto her steaming cunt, and my tongue into her mouth. With our tongues
deeply entwined I slid the length of my cock between the slippery lips of
her pussy and over her clit. Rachael pushed her hips hard up into me
hastening our pace.

"Fuck me." she whispered into my ear breaking our kiss, "I want you
inside me!"

Unable to resist her demands, I slid my cock down to her entrance and
pushed the head of my cock into her her hot and slippery hole. After
sliding all the way in, I pushed and ground myself into her getting as much
of my cock inside her soft velvety pussy as I could. Buried deeply inside
her I moved one hand between us and down to her clit, gently sliding and
squeezing it between my two fingers.

Pushing down, Rachael arched her neck right back and closed her eyes as
I began to lick and kiss my way down her chin and neck. When I got to the
top of her breasts I quickly slid my cock out of her cunt and two fingers
in, bringing my head down between her legs and finding her clit with my
tongue. She rocked back at the unwanted interruption, but her protests
were quickly swept aside as my tongue went to work between her full pussy lips. After the workout from my cock two fingers didn't seem to be enough
so I added a third and started to fuck her wet cunt with my hand.

I continued to push and rub her clit from behind with my fingers, at the
same time licking and flicking the button of her clit with my tongue. She
was soon gasping for air and thrusting her pussy harder and harder into my
face until, seizing one hand with her pussy and my other hand in her own
hand, her orgasm hit and she cried out in one long continuous pleasure
driven moan. I held up on the licking but kept my mouth over her pussy so
she could feel my warm breath as her orgasm rolled through and over her.

When her cunt relaxed enough to slide my fingers out of her, I gently
worked my middle finger into her ass hole and then my thumb into her cunt and started to slowly slide her back and forth between my thumb and finger.
At the same time, using the full width of my tongue, I slowly lapped her
wet pussy over and over from her cunt hole, over her clit, and up to her
belly. With the last orgasm subsiding, she quickly picked up pace and came
again hard and fast.

Fully possessed by the fire burning in her cunt she grabbed me up and
demand to be fucked. More than willing I grabbed the back of her head in
one hand and her shoulder with the other, forcing my rock hard cock into
her still trembling cunt. Using my whole cock I fucked her hard, our pubic
bones crashed together with mounting ferocity. But she was too hot and
moving too quick, and I had to resort to short deep strokes, grinding my
body into hers.

In no time I was ready to cum, and feeling my balls well up, I pulled
the her head back hard and slammed my last remaining strokes as deep in to
her as I could triggering her third orgasm. Her cunt desperately tried to
grab my hard cock as continued to fuck her hard while splashing my second
load into her until the full force of my own orgasm hit and all I could do
was to hold on tight. With both our orgasms sliding away, I let go of her
hair and we collapsed oblivious, hot, sweaty, spent, and wrapped in each
other we fell into a deep sleep which lasted till morning.

The End.

Comments to (c) 2002 Christopher Andrew.


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