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Laundry Day


This story contains sexual words, actions, and themes.
If you are under 21,this is not for you... go away. If
this is not normal where you come from, go away. If
you don't like this sort of stuff, go away.

If, on the other hand, you are legal, and this type of
story is 'normal' for you, and you LIKE it... keep on

Any and all emails would be appreciated. :)
Laundry Day by Pami (

He led the way down the cement steps to the basement.
He went slowly, knowing that she was carrying the
basket of laundry and was in unfamiliar territory.
She grimaced as her bare feet curled against the cold
floor. She couldn't believe she was doing this.
Naked as the day she was born (and finding it very
difficult to handle with any poise), she was also
rattled by the collar she wore, not to mention the
leash that he led her by. She never thought in a
million years that she would be in this situation.

They had ventured out a few days before to purchase
the leash...he had wanted her to choose one. She
agreed, and remembered spending the time in the pet
store wondering exactly what the hell she was getting
herself into. But then he would touch her, or whisper
something erotic in her ear, and she finally chose
one...not too heavy and not too light...more a symbol
than something to actually restrain her.

He tugged gently on the leash now, leading her over to
the washer and dryer. As she bent over to put the
basket down she jumped as he landed a sharp smack to
her ass. She felt the resulting warmth and
instinctively reached her hands behind her, as she
turned and looked at him. He told her to pull her
hands away, and looking deep into his eyes, she did.
He told her to lean her stomach against the washer,
with her ass facing him. Again, she did. She knew
what was coming next.

Another smack, and then another, landed across her
ass. He spanked her with his open hand, pausing
occasionally to rub it over the warmth that spread
across her cheeks. She felt the heat...and revelled
in it. She could feel herself getting wet between her
legs and once again wondered why that was so. Then he
landed another slap across her cheeks and she didn't
really care.

She heard his voice, calling her those degrading,
sleazy names, and once again wondered why that had the
effect of raising her passions so much. At one point,
he ran his hand through her long hair and pulled her
head back so he could look into her face as he called
her a slut. As he said the word, he spanked her
again, harder this time.

She moaned in time with the smacks...beginning to
breathe through her mouth as she grew hotter. She was
so aroused at this point that she could feel her
juices wetting her thighs. And she knew he could see

After one slap, he rubbed her ass cheeks, and then ran
his hand in between her legs, feeling the wetness. He
told her she was his cum slave, and made her repeat it
back to him as he rubbed her pussy lips. She did as
told, of course, not really thinking about it; her
mind was on that hand between her legs. He called her
his cock sucking slut, and again, she repeated it, as
his fingers separated her lower lips and brushed up
against her clit. He told her that it was his cunt he
was touching...that he owned it, and her, now. She
knew the drill now, and repeated it back to him, as he
thrust a finger up inside her.

He told her, as he continued to fuck her with his
fingers (two, now), that she could only come for him
now, and only when and where he instructed her. She
was beyond thinking rationally, and promised him that
it would only be for him. She would have promised him
almost anything, because she was so aroused that she
HAD to come now.

Three fingers ran in and out of her wet cunt...he
asked her if she wanted to come now. Her body banged
against the washer...moans echoed through the
room..."Yes", she cried, "Yes...make me
come...please..." He thrust his fingers into her and
rubbed them inside her...she felt one of them hit that
special spot and she was about to scream with her
orgasm when he pulled his hand out of her.

She stiffened and looked at him. "Finish the laundry
and then maybe I'll let you come", he said, as he
smiled at her. She stared at him in shock, every
nerve of her body alive with the need to come.

He turned and walked over to the stairs. "Call me
when you are done, and I'll bring you back upstairs."
And then the smile disappeared from his face, "And
don't even think about touching yourself..."

How could he have known the thought that raced through
her mind, she wondered, unaware that her every thought
manifested itself plainly on her face. As she stood
there, completely naked but for the collar and the
leash, he mounted the steps and left her alone in the
basement wit nothing but dirty laundry and her burning
need to keep her company.


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