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This is a story that concerns sex between a man and a woman in a romantic

This story is mine and none of the events or characters have anything to
do with the real world. Feel free to archive my story as long as you don't
make any money from it.

As always, comments are welcome by e-mail.

Laura In Green By Shon Richards

She came to the Outdoor Summer Dance dressed in green. The other girls parted before her like sheep before the shepherd. Silence swept the crowd
as they absorbed her arrival. The band very slightly missed a beat and the
dancers all stumbled slightly as they turned to her presence. The
masculine wolves moved in on her but my feet were taking me to her before
they had caught their breathes. I was already to her when the nearest one
was still elbowing a rival.

I walk boldly to her and did a small bow, a bow that came from watching
to many romance movies rather than any gentle training. I offered my hand
and spoke slowly so that I wouldn't stutter, asking her to dance. The
corners of her mouth lifted slightly but her eyes betrayed an interest in
my presumption. She lifted an exquisite black gloved hand to mine and I
heard her lyrical voice for the first time.

"But Sir, I only just arrived," her coy response came.

"True my lady, which is why you should start by dancing."

"I don't even know your name" she pointed out.

"I don't know yours and still I want to dance with you." I said with a

"My name is Laura, and I will know yours before we dance one step."

I told her mine as I brought her gloved hand to my lips. Never had I
kissed a woman's hand before, but with Laura, it felt instinctual.

She smiled wider at my insistence. She stepped forward and I led her to
the dance floor. Under the lamplight we danced slowly to the skilled
band's music. Her movements were talented and graceful and I found myself
being lost in her suggestive smile. My hands at her waist felt as if they
belonged there. Her fragrance wafted to me as we moved and it smelled of
mountain flowers and spring mornings. I was enraptured by her eyes of
liquid blue. Laura had a way of lifting her eyelids that was like she was

"Your beauty makes the other ladies here look like gutter refuse," was
my careless remark.

She answered "We are all lying in the gutter,"

"But we are all looking to the stars" I finished for her.

I saw that I had surprised her and to have made a slight merit in her
eyes made my heart race all the more.

She said "Oscar Wilde, but you knew that I see. Do you know what the
greatest pleasure in life is according to Walter Bagehot?"

I recognized her challenge answered "It is doing what other people say
you cannot do."

She smiled, letting the phrase melt into my heart. When she spoke again
it was of Rochefoucals.

"It is said that great virtues are disagreeable..."

My mind felt despair as the answer eluded me. But her bosom rose from
her cleavage like ocean foam, lightly, full of body and soft promise. I
must admit that her ample chest inspired the answer back to my mind.

"While others with great vices are delightful." I said loudly,
forgetting my composure for a moment.

She laughed loud and honestly. But through her laughter I detected
relief at my passing of her tests. My blood surged for then I knew she
wanted me to pass her challenges yet she was not going to settle for less
than perfect abilities. My soul trembled at the rewards that may come for
pleasing such elegance dressed in green.

The crowd parted for us as we danced. Their jealous eyes saw only her
blond crown of hair. Their lusty hearts saw only her tanned skin of golden
silk. The stern gazes of lesser women couldn't see past her supple curves.
There was more to her than her body. More to her than her skill in making
the dress rise with her dancing. Deep in that gorgeous shell was a heart
of romance, a heart of romantic platinum.

"Why did you insist on dancing with me?" she asked naively.

"Nothing risque, nothing gained" I said softly.

Her eyes narrowed in thought. Quickly though she answered.

"Alexander Woolcott" she said with a confidence that belonged to her.

"Very good, although I also believe that if you are good you will be

"Mark Twain was right" she said, her eyes confirming her thoughts.

"Sir, my slender waist and thighs are exhausted and weak from a night of
cloud dancing."

"Now I am impressed, that was Huang O. But yes, let us sit here at the
bench by the river."

"No" she said, touching my arm as she spoke. "Let us sit over there
farther away from the crowd in that dark area by the bridge."

Heat flushed my body as I mutely followed her. We sat on the park bench
overlooking the river. The water sparkled with moonlight, but her eyes
sparkled brighter. I found that I hadn't let go of her gloved hand. I
held on all the tighter. As she sat, I saw her black shoes and smiled when
I realized I was expecting glass slippers. She spoke first, her voice
slipping into the night noises like she was part of the river.

"You are not like the others I normally meet at these parties."

"It is not enough to conquer, one must know how to seduce."

"Voltaire" she identified. "Do you have any words of your own, any
inspirations from your own lips? Any man can thrust and kiss, what I
desire is one who can create words from the passions within."

I was ready for this new challenge from her. I composed my thoughts and
bravely I entered this new arena.

"It is easy to fall back on the words of great writers, for I fear that
if I try to compliment you, I would fail in my haste to please. I would
call a river a stream, a star I would mislabel a campfire, and a mountain I
might mistakenly call a hill."

Her face came closer to me, intoxicating my senses with her very being.

"Try for me" she whispered.

The words spilled from my lips, to be caught in her heart as I spoke.

"When I saw you, the world dimmed to your glow. I saw you standing in
green, emerging from the crowd in your own splendor. It wasn't till we
talked that I knew you were going to be mine. I knew if I didn't try to
dance with you that I would never get the lady with the eyes of sapphires
out of my mind. But it was when we spoke that you truly ensnared me. We
have met in the literary fields and in words written long ago, we agreed on
what makes a heart."

"Now we are here, in the darkness by the river with only the sounds of a
distant crowd to keep us company. I want only to touch, to taste, to hear
and smell your very existence. I want to partake of you and consume you
into my forge of emotions. There is a cry in my body for completion and
that cry is for you."

She was so close to me. I leaned closer and brushed my lips over her
ruby mouth. She shivered and her breath on my lips was maddening. I
kissed her deeper, partaking of lips of molten passion. The breeze coming
off the water touched our kissing bodies. Our arms enfolded each other, as
our former resistance slipped away.

My hands held her waist, pulling her to me. She sat astride me and my
hips surged upward reflexively. She reached behind her and unzipped a
dress just enough to let her breasts spill from her dress. My mouth caught
a strawberry nipple and I suckled it hungrily. Her arms wrapped my head
into her and her back arched with extreme sensation.

As I attended to each breast, I kissed them with eager fire. Her hips
lewdly ground against my bulging manhood. Her powerful legs gripped me and
I appreciated her lifting her dress hem so I could admire her bare legs of
tanned bronze. She made soft moans by the gurgling river.

Unable to withhold myself any longer I fumbled with my trouser zipper.
She was as equally eager as she slid white lacy panties off and gave them
to me to hold. Being the gentleman, I leaned back and laid flat on the
bench letting her mount my face. She leaned forward to my proud cock and
in the space of a minute we had positioned ourselves quite comfortably.

Her dress fell around my head and I felt alone with her sex. My hands
reached up to cup her gorgeous buttocks and pull her wetness down to my
mouth. My lips gazed over her and when she rocked her sex downward to me
in her need, I tasted her. I devoured sweet juices and explored the
intimate bloom of her shrine. She rode my mouth most deliciously and I
enjoyed every drop from her fountain.

Meanwhile, her mouth descended on my hard stem. The gentle heat from
her mouth coaxed my cock and I knew that I had entered heaven. The tongue
of velvet slipped over me. The hungry lips pulled at my soul. The wet
fire of her mouth consumed me, begging from me my very existence. I was
being pulled into her and gladly I let myself be lost in this tender
whirlpool of her lips.

As we neared, we stopped reluctantly. I sat up, my face glistening from
her sex. She lowered herself down on my phallus, her back to me as we
faced the river. Who moaned louder at this joining I do not remember. My
hands on her waist I guided her up and down on my erection. Her body was
gorgeous by moonlight and I found myself just watching her ride up and down
on my manhood. Her bare shoulders became the most beautiful sight I had
ever seen by the simple fact that they were so close to me.

Laura leaned back. Her arms reached out to grab the bench and her head
fell tenderly on mine. My hands reached up to cup her wondrous breasts.
Her moans grew in intensity when my fingers danced lightly over her body,
tweaking hard nipples, feeling the softness of her belly and playing with
the curly hair of her sex. Her body reacted to my touch and I thrust up
into her harder. The bench shook with our passion and our bodies quaked
with the approaching storm of our hearts.

Finally we came, sweet abandon overcame us as we slowed. Who came first
or last was not important. What mattered most in the world was holding her
as we relaxed. The importance laid in knowing she was here in my arms if
but for a moment. We sat there watching the moonlight on the moving river.
Words were then spoken of dreams, ambitions and paradise found.

The party loudspeaker announced the last dance. Far away by the river,
I whispered in her ear that I wanted one last dance with the Angel in
Green. She kissed me again and we stood, losing our balance like love
stricken teenagers fresh from the back-seat. We laughed at our lack of
coordination and helped each other dress, stealing kisses and forbidden
touches all the while.

We returned to the party. With Laura in Green by my side, we returned
triumphant. We danced a final time as slow and tenderly as we could. When
the music ended, she left with a swirl of her dress and the memory of blue
fire in her eyes to remember her by. I must confess I looked to see if she
dropped a glass slipper as she left.

The end.


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