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This is the last story in a three part arc that started with "Laura in
Green" The second part is titled "Laura in Red" I didn't intend to write
sequels, but the fan response was too much to ignore. I would like to
thank my fans for all their kind comments. Please take this last story as
my Valentine's Day gift to you.

The following story is written and copyrighted by me. Feel free to
archive this story, but please do not make any money from it. Comments are
welcome, and you can contact me at

Laura in White By Shon Richards

It wasn't till February that I heard from Laura again. Two days before
Valentine's Day, I received a card with no return address in the mail. My
love life had been on hold since my last encounter with the perfect woman,
so I certainly didn't have any admirers to be receiving mail from. The
card had an exquisite cover, that of two lovers swinging together an old fashioned seat. The art was reminiscent of Raphael. I hoped it was from
my Laura, and the signature within brought me a thrilling joy. It was from
her, and this is what she wrote.

"Greetings my patient knight. When last we meet I told you that
circumstances were against a permanent relationship between us. I am
pleased to tell you that that is no longer the case. If you will still
remember me, and our times under the moonlight, and you look back on me
tenderly, then I pray for you to seek me out. I do not know if our
relationship could ever live up to the magic of our previous encounters,
but wouldn't it be important to find out? You entrance me, and I must know
if I entrance you as well.

I propose a quest my handsome gallant. If you can find your way through
my clues, then you should end up at my house on Valentine's Day at noon.
If you can unravel the riddles I lay before you, then I shall reveal to you
a succession of mysteries you shall never forget. Forgive me for this
final test, but I remember you with such intensity, I must make sure you
live up to my memories of you. Can you possibly be as intelligent, witty
and resourceful as I remember? If you are, then I shall never hide from
you again.

My first clue is that you should seek out a special house. This house
sells women's favors, and I am sure a brave cavalier as yourself will know
the one I speak. Tell them that I sent you, and your next clue will unfold
before you."

Laura had signed it with a seductive flourish. It was strange, but the
curves of her letters reminded me of the voluptuous curves of her legs.
Obviously I still had powerful feelings for her, and without a doubt I
would play her game. Sometimes it felt like our romance was still mythical
to be true, but when we briefly encountered each other, all doubt would
disappear. I understood her wanting to challenge me, and a proud part of
myself wanted to be challenged. A woman as unique as Laura deserved the
best, now it just remained to be seen if I was that man.

The first clue was rather blatant but uncharacteristic for Laura. A
place where you can buy a woman's favor was obviously a massage parlor or
escort service, of which there was plenty in my town to choose from. Our
romance so far resembled a fairy tale, I couldn't see Laura sending me
somewhere to have sex with someone else as part of my quest. I read the
letter again, imagining Laura's words as if she were speaking to me in the
room. When I saw my initial mistake, I picked up the phone and began
searching through the phonebook.

All the references to knights and chivalry brought me to the third
lingerie shop I called. In earlier times, a woman would show her favor
towards a fighting man by giving him a garter. Of course, back then men wore garters, so it wasn't as kinky as you might imagine. I confirmed that
there was a package waiting for me at a store called Intimate Confessions,
and drove out to pick it up.

Entering a lingerie shop always reminds me of the first time I did so.
To a young man, it's a psychic dare, a challenge to the world. By entering
a place where clothing and toys exist solely for sexual pleasure, you
announce to the world your loss of innocence. Walking in alone can
sometimes be disconcerting, it's hard to relax when you your eyes are
filled with endless variations of possibilities. As I entered the male
equivalent of Castle Perilous, I remembered Laura to keep me on my quest.

Passing a barrage of tempting mannequins, I went straight to the
counter. An upbeat older woman with gray hair smiled at me, and I smiled in
return. I wonder briefly if the gray haired woman tells her friends where
she works, or if there were men who didn't buy anything because she
resembled their grandmothers. Such rude thoughts leap unasked for
sometimes, and I banished them just as quickly. For all I know, this woman
could have been the Laura of her time.

"Can I help you sir?" the woman asks.

"Yes, I was told that there may be a package here for me to pick up?" I

When I gave her my name, her eyes look me over. The smile she gave me
the feeling that I was appraised. Instinctively, I sucked in my stomach.
It was clear that I felt tested today, even by strangers.

"You should know" she said as she pulled out a huge basket, "that your
lady friend spent quite a bit of time picking just the right things for
you. I've never seen such attention to detail before, you must be one
special man."

I looked at the large basket, wrapped in red and white before me.

"If I am special," I answered, "then it is only because I have found
true inspiration."

That response gave me another smile, and I tried not to show my
discomfort as I carried the heavy basket out of the shop. The gift Laura
gave me was huge, and I hurriedly opened it in my car. A letter was on
top, so I opened it first.

"I knew you would find this my faithful knight, and hopefully you still
have plenty of time to continue your quest. You will find my favor inside
this basket, it is white with a delicate lace. When we meet you may place
it upon me as you claim your prize. The rest of the treasures are yours to
keep. I hope you find them motivating.

Perhaps when you figure out the next clue, you will always be surprised
when I am willing to give you pleasure without taking it myself. There
will be times after our excesses when you are tired, less potent and yet
still wanting to repeat the sensation of annihilation."

The page went on, describing a lovemaking that had an immediate effect
on my manhood. It became very descriptive and flowery, but stopped as the
story reached climax. Other than really good sexual imagery, there wasn't
a clue to be found. The best thing I could think to do was to open the
rest of the basket and read the letter again later. Maybe when the
excitement calmed, I would be able to think clearly.

Inside the basket was a trove of gifts, each unique and interesting.
There was a book of tasteful nudes, all draped in shadow. It reminded me
of the elusiveness of Laura and what we really knew about each other. A
pair of black silk boxer shorts were inside, and they were a match to the
ones I wore when last I met Laura. I was flattered by her attention to
such intimate details. A good bit of the bulk of the basket was taken by a
massager. The massager was meant for sensual touching and stroking, not
necessarily for feminine services. I knew I would be using it before long,
just to relax from the stress of searching for Laura.

A wind up toy resembling the penis was in my basket, and I wasn't sure
how to interpret it. After spending too much time trying to read something
into it, I settled on attributing it to her playfulness. The box of
rubbing oils was a simpler gift, but one that brought to mind how much I
wanted to be with Laura to use them. Under all of this was her favor, a
lace garter, white and delicate. I wondered if she had tried it on. After
a moment of reflecting on Laura's thigh wrapped in lace and in my hands, I
went back to deciphering her clue.

The phrase "sensation of annihilation"was familiar to me. I knew I had
read that image somewhere before, it was just a matter of recalling where.
Once I recognized that phrase, I recognized others in her narrative. At
first I thought Laura was simply being as poetic as she always was, but
with multiple readings, I could see that her words were not hers. Sitting
in my car didn't provide me the resources I needed, so I went back home.

My erotic book collection was small, but then I was picky about what I
considered erotica. That was why I was able to trace down the original
author of Laura's tantalizing offer so quickly. The book was "Delta of
Venus" by Anias Nin, and I am glad Laura choose one of my favorite authors.
I read again the story that Laura borrowed from, and it gave me no further
insights. As enjoyable as the story was, it gnawed at me that I was
somehow missing something vital.

Obviously Laura intended me to recognize the passage, but to what
purpose? She couldn't expect me to apply some sort of code to the text,
and none of the addresses in the story were helpful in the least. The
story was a fairly long one, which suggested too many permutations of clues
for me to try before my time ran out. I spent two very lonely hours
wrapping my mind around this puzzle. What kind of a message could she
possibly expect me to see?

The thought occurred to me that it was the book, not the passage or
story that was important. More specifically, maybe she intended me to
search for the book somewhere, and there would be my clue. The idea had a
sense of reason to it. Laura and I always sneaked away from the public for
our sexual couplings, why wouldn't she hide my next clue in the public as

My hopes faltered as I thought about the problems of putting a clue in a
bookstore. The odds of someone else buying the book and stealing my clue
were too high. My Laura with the intelligent blue eyes wouldn't take such
an unreasonable risk. She would put it somewhere it would never leave,
where the book would be there for a few days. I drove to the public
library, the only place that fit our needs.

I walked in, feeling a rush of anticipation as I went in. The more I
thought about it, the more likely it seemed that Laura would place the clue
here. I searched the computers available for Anais's work, and found a
single match. "Delta of Venus" was in the anthology section, an odd choice
but apparently designed to hide it. I traveled to the back of the library
to find it, noticing that the seclusion of the anthologies would be perfect
for a rendezvous with Laura. I would have to settle for her clue.

A casual glance didn't find me the book. After searching carefully, and
then panicking and searching quickly, I realized the book wasn't here. It
had been checked out, and I was left in the library, defeated.

It might be hard to believe, but my heart felt like it had been broken.
Although Laura and I only shared two magical nights, the thought of losing
her forever was too intense to bare. I sat down on the floor, and stared
at the bookshelf in disbelief. Maybe I should have been angry at Laura for
creating a risky puzzle, but instead all I felt was failure. The loss was
all I could think about, and there was no room for anything else.

Just because I'm stubborn, I checked the books again. Out of denial I
started to pull books out and read their covers, just to make sure. I
found the clue where I least expected it, and I yelled a bit too loudly for
what was proper in a library. Written quite discreetly on the bookshelf
itself was a clue in Laura's flowery handwriting. Using my head, I wrote
down her words so I wouldn't have to rip the shelf off.

"You are near the end of your quest, but you all you need now is the map
to my hidden treasures.

The first half of the number of my street address is on my left knee
that straddled you.

The name of my street is written across my right palm that held me up as
I sank onto you.

The second half of my street number is placed right where I watched your
neck pulse in the light reflected from the river."

Well, that didn't tell me anything. It was night, and I felt near the
end of my endurance. Two really obscure riddles in one day had worn me
out. I went home, settled down into my favorite chair and tried not to
think about this last clue. Ten minutes of trying to relax was all I could
manage. My mind went back to her clue and tried to see it from Laura's

Since I didn't have her body to read, and there certainly wasn't a
number on my throat, I thought there must be something deeper I was
missing. I over complicated all the different angles, even taking the time
to go online to check medical references. For a while I had this crazy
idea that maybe the clues had something to do with the medical terms for
the body parts Laura listed. After running down several useless ideas, I
went to bed for the night. I still had two days left, but it didn't help
me sleep. My dreams kept me restless with scenes of fruitless searching.

I awoke before morning, and didn't waste any more time trying to sleep.
After getting showered and dressed, I still had an hour before dawn. I was
impatient to get to work on Laura's clue, and my dreams gave me a few
perspectives. Her reference to "light reflected from the river" caused me
to have dreams about our first encounter. It was at a park dance, where we
dance from vertical to horizontal. The park bench that we melded on was
where I headed for at five in the morning.

The sun was just starting to come up when I arrived at the park. The
park bench was hidden behind some bushes and close to the river. I wasn't
sure what I hoped to learn there, but I felt like it couldn't hurt to
return to where it all began. At first I didn't see anything, but as the
sun came up and reflected brilliantly off the water, the clue revealed

Somehow Laura had carved a rather unique design onto the park bench. To
someone looking casually, it just appeared to be a mess of sensuous curves.
But I could see that the lines were actually two people very carefully
copulating on the bench. It helped that I had personal experience in the
positions they were in. The curves were deeply cut into the wood bench,
and I shook my head at the blatant public property damage Laura had engaged
in. Laura had done a lot for our romance, could I equal her effort?

The position depicted was the male sitting while the female mounted him.
There were no heads or faces carved, but the portions of the bodies were
perfect. I sat down beside the carving, and lost myself in the memory of
the passion we shared here. As the sun rose higher, I could read hundreds
of different words and letters on the bench. Laura's clue was simple, and
the treasure map was really our own bodies. I followed her instructions,
and had her address in moments. It was early in the morning, the day
before Valentines, and I had Laura's address. I sat on the bench and
finished watching the sunrise, the tension easing out of me as the sun
exploded like a nuclear wave on the horizon.

Although I had a day and an afternoon to wait before seeing Laura, I
decided that there was no point in letting her wonder if I figured out her
clues. As soon as the first flower shop in town opened, I was there to
pick out a bouquet. A dozen roses seemed ordinary for Laura, so I choose
two dozen instead. The florist had trouble understanding that I wanted the
flowers delivered today, and not Valentine's Day. When he finally agreed
to have them delivered today, all I had left to do was write the card.

"I'm coming," was all I wrote.

The rest of the day, I spent doing the usual things a man does before an
important date. I had a haircut, I invested in some new shoes, and of
course I spent a lot of my time just being nervous. I didn't doubt that
Laura would hold to her promise, but I wondered if maybe she wasn't
willing. The puzzles, especially the second one, were very hard as well as
taking a big risk that I would even find them. Maybe she made the puzzles
so hard because she didn't want me to find her. I tried to push away this
insecurity, there was no need to project my own doubts onto Laura. All I
was going to do was show up, Laura can decide if she really wanted me to
win. I couldn't enter into a higher level of intimacy with Laura if I
didn't trust her to make her own choices.

Valentine's Day was cloudy, and rain was predicted. I wore a suit,
placed her favor in my pocket and wrapped the box of candy in a double bow.
As I walked up the steps to Laura's door, the rain began. The clouds
rumbled in anticipation of our meeting. It was a good thing I didn't
believe in omens.

A single knock brought Laura to the door. As it opened, I saw the woman
who had haunted my thoughts for the better part of the last year. Laura
was dressed in a delicate white, all lace, straps and sheerness. Even her
hands were encased in a transparent white gloves. Her blonde hair was once
again a golden frame around her lovely face, and I stood there at her door
hopelessly entranced.

"Enter into my home," Laura said with all the warmth I remembered.
"bring some of your happiness with you in the hopes that you may leave some

"A warm greeting given by a nymph on a rainy day, how can I refuse?"

I entered and was immediately impressed by the luxury in her condo.
Bare dark wood beams were along the ceiling, echoing older cottages.
Decorative brass bars held up the long sheer cream draperies. Two
pedestals to either side of the door held rich fresh flower arrangements. I
handed Laura her candy, as she led me into her living room.

Printings reminiscent of Rubens hung on the walls, displaying lounging
women in their own rich environments. The flowers and paintings set off
the gemstones of the two plush armchairs and cozy sofa. Ebony wood tables
stood beside the furniture, draped with hand tatted lace doilies. There
was no television, instead the pieces all faced a crackling fireplace. I
sat down on one of the armchairs, as Laura sat down opposite me. Brass
lamps casted warm light across the room.

My eyes were not drawn to the haphazard collection of books on the
center table. Instead they were drawn to the vision of loveliness before
me. Laura was wearing a transparent white robe, tied by a slim string at
the waist. I could see easily through her robe, to the ensemble of white
underneath. She wore a white corset that covered her small waist, but
couldn't begin to conceal her ample bosom. I tried not to stare at her
cleavage that was escaping her robe and threatened to spill from her
corset. Laura began to unwrap her chocolate slowly, her gloved hands not
rushing in the least. I had a good impression that she was taking her time
so that I could take mine as well.

I had plenty of time to examine the rest of her outfit, although Laura's
legs were crossed as she opened her gift. Tight white stockings adorned
her legs, and from my early peek I knew that her stockings were held up by
an elegant garter belt. Her long legs tapered down to white high heels
that looked impossible to walk in. I was amazed, Laura was the only woman
I knew who was confident to entertain guests in sexy lingerie. She sat
there admiring my gift, as I admired the elegance she projected. Only
Laura could sit like a queen, yet lure like a tawdry harlot.

"I'm glad you found your way," she said, popping a small chocolate
between her full lips.

"I'm glad too," I answered, relaxing a bit in her casual manner. "Your
puzzles were complicated and entertaining, but very difficult. It
certainly wasn't easy."

"Maybe I didn't want you to think I was," she replied.

I laughed, "The only thing easy about you is falling in love with you."

Another chocolate went into her smiling lips, and I envied the candy
that was sucked into her mouth.

"I am happy to see that you went through all this trouble to find me,"
she said. "Other men might have been insulted by all those challenges."

"Other men maybe," I responded. "But then, other men haven't gone
through their lives looking for the extra spice that this world lacks. I
have read books, admired paintings, and enjoyed the company of lovely
women, but it wasn't until I meet you that I saw what the world could be
like. The world can have beauty, magic, sophistication and yes, even a
good bit of fun. Until I met you, I would settle for one or maybe two of
the qualities I just described, now I know better. Now I know you."

She was silent, but smiling. Her deep blue eyes smoldered as she looked
at me. She was about to say something when a perverse idea struck me. It
took only a minute to decide to try it.

"What is of interest to me now," I said as I stood and walked over to
her, "is wether or not you can pass my tests.

My fears at my gamble disappeared as her teeth flashed in a laugh.

"Test me at your leisure," Laura said. She went to stand but I gently
urged her to sit back down. I kneeled beside her and took her hand into
mine. With my other hand I slowly pulled her right heel off. She looked
at me the entire time, and I noticed her chest rising and falling with
nervous breathing. I couldn't believe that she was nervous, but it placed
me at ease, my Laura was a woman and not completely a goddess.

I took her ankle in one hand, and pulled her white garter out of my
pocket with the other hand. I lifted her ankle so that it was level with
my face. I wanted so badly to look down the wondrous length of her leg to
her secret place, but I kept my mind on my intentions. It was not easy,
but I looked her straight in the face and asked my first test.

"I don't want there to be any more secrets between us," I began, "you
don't have to reveal everything to me right away, just let me earn them as
I deserve, as I gain in your trust. But if we are to continue tonight, I
must at least know your full name. I have to know the name of my divine

She told me her name, and I slipped the garter past her toes, and onto
her ankle. Was it a moan I heard as my fingers touched her foot? I wasn't
sure, but there was unmistakable desire in the glow of her face. I
continued with more confidence.

"I know you would honor your promise of rewarding me for solving the
puzzles," I said, lightly stroking her from ankle to toe. "But I cannot
take anything, no matter how earned, without the permission of the lady
involved. You must ask me to take my reward, and you must want it too."

She nodded, and said "Take me my knight, and take me with not only my
blessing, but with the knowledge that you would bring me a long awaited for

I slipped the garter further up her leg, taking my time as my hand
traveled every precious inch. My other hand still held her ankle so I was
aware when she subtly thrusted her hips upwards. Being a gentleman, I
didn't call attention to this act of need. It was enough that she did it.

When the garter settled just below her knee, I turned to look her in the
eye again. Her delicate hands were gripping the arms of the chair tightly,
and I worried briefly for her gloves. My now free hand traced up and down
the length of her calf, savoring the touch of her skin through the lace.

"My final question is even easier. You have enchanted me, haunted me
and dominated my dreams for half a year. Every time we meet, I let you go
so in the hope that you return. I don't know if I can do that tonight, or
tomorrow night or the next night. I need to know before we continue if
this is for real. I need to know if this encounter will be only for
tonight or if this is the start of something we can build together. What I
am asking is that in the morning, will we begin sharing our life together
or will we separate again?"

"My first mistake was leaving you at the park," she said, her voice
quiet yet strong, "my second was leaving you at the party. I don't make
the same mistake three times. If I leave you again, it'll only because you
send me away because I am not letting you go again."

I was happier than I could imagine, and my hand gladly pushed the white
lace garter up past her knee. I lovingly pushed her favor up to her thigh,
her legs parting for my hand. Past her legs I saw that her sex was
uncovered, and I surged inside with desire. My heart was satisfied, but my
body was another matter. By the way Laura's eyes bore into me, I could
tell that our quests were over for tonight. Her shoe returned to her foot,
I kissed her thigh before I rose.

I stood and offered her my hand, hand in hand, we wordlessly walked into
her bedroom. As impressed as I was with her home, her bedroom was even
more fantastic. A huge plush feather four-poster bed dominated the center
of the room. The pale seafoam carpeting and barely lemon yellow walls set
off the deep dark blue bed coverings. A mahogany dresser rested against
one wall, and a rocking recliner in a floral pattern of all the room's
colors rested angled near the French doors that lead to a balcony. Deep
blue drapes hide the quiet solitude of the bedroom from the world, or when
pulled aside, it opened her sanctuary to the night sky.

Laura turned to me, and wrapping her arms around me, she kissed me. Our
mouths melted into one another, and I felt total joy as her body pressed to
me. My hands reached around and held her tighter, wanting to make certain
that this was real, and not another hopeless dream. I touched her long
hair, I touched her bare shoulders, I touched down to her bare buttocks and
gripped her hard as I wished I could enter her right now. Laura's moans
were escaping into my lips, and when I gripped her bottom, she broke our
kiss as she arched her back in sensation.

Then she stepped away from me, and removed her robe. It dropped to the
floor like a silk whisper, without a sound at all. I removed my jacket,
but before I could let it drop to the floor, Laura was already unsnapping
the buttons to my shirt. One by one the buttons snapped free, and at least
three of them went flying off from the force of her hands. Few things are
more flattering than the clothes a lover damages as her impatience takes

As soon as my shirt came off, Laura's mouth came in for the kill. My
nipple vanished in her lips and I sucked in my breath at the shock of heat
on me. Her face was pressed against my chest, and I curled my fingers in
her long mane of gold while she suckled. Just the right combination of
teeth, lips and tongue had me lost in the glory of her mouth. When she
switched to my other nipple, she also started unzipping my pants. I almost
didn't notice my pants falling off me, so lost was I in the sucking, biting
and licking of her mouth.

With my pants down, Laura bent down and pulled my boxers next. I can't
express how beautiful she was in that moment. She was bending over, the
pale moons of her bottom so invitingly high in the air. Her blonde hair
brushed me from chest to knee as she slipped my underwear off. In the
darkness of the room, she glowed in her white like an angel. If I was an
artist, I would have stopped her right then so I could capture the image

Like a Goddess born from foam, Laura stood back up and stepped back to
the bed. I followed silently, all our words spent. She fell back, pulling
me by the neck to follow. I laid on top of her, my heart racing as I
couldn't believe that I was finally here. After park benches and outdoor
swings, Laura's bed, complete with Laura, was much better. The way she was
gripping my manhood with her hand told me that she agreed.

Her hips rose up to meet me, but I wasn't going to oblige her just yet.
I kissed her cleavage, covering her breasts that rose from her corset like
freshly baked bread. My hair became ensnared in her gloved fingers, and I
felt the slight pressure to descend. I covered my Laura with kisses,
kissing her skin, kissing the soft lace of her corset and then returning
again to her skin as I passed her belly. Her knees rose around my head,
white lace pillars surrounding me and closing me from the mundane world.

My mouth breathed gently on her waiting sex, disturbing her tiny yellow
hairs just slightly. Her hands remained patient in my hair as I moved ever
so closely towards her. My lips touched her nether lips, and a sigh
escaped us both at the same time. The shine of moisture beckoned me, and I
closed the gap between us, joining my mouth to her fierce needs. She
buckled under my lips, her body quaking as I rode her thrusting with my
tongue. My hands were under her firm ass, rising her to me as her pelvis
undulated on the bed. So quickly she exploded, and so slowly did I lick
and absorb every flavor that she gave me.

There comes a moment when the storm subsides, and the waves even out.
At that point, I rose from her pleasure and laid beside her. Her eyes were
still clenched, but she curled into my arms anyway. My own desire was
desperate inside me, but I waited. This time, we were going to do it
right. There would be no rushing tonight, except perhaps for the rushing in
my ears that came from finally being here.

As I laid on my back, Laura rested her head on my chest. I treasured
the chance to watch her quietly. Her body was pressed to me and I
certainly felt the heat from her legs, not to mention her soft breasts pressed against me. Despite all these charms, it was her hair that had me
in trance. All I could see of her head was her golden hair, long, thick and slightly curly. I rose my hand up to stroke her hair, petting her
almost like a kitten as I let her tresses go through my fingers. Maybe I
was fascinated simply because it was a part of her.

Before long, another part of her was tracing the lines of my chest. Her
fingernails were light on my skin, feeling the curvature of my muscles. I
closed my eyes as her fingers moved to the center of my being at the
moment. First she moved the back of her gloved fingers across the veins of
my cock, delicately from tip to base. She was close, but not close enough,
and I didn't care. Back and forth her satin fingertips went, making my
desire pulse with each stroke.

A stirring of my hips betrayed my needs and Laura's fingertips were
replaced by her entire hand. Encased in the soft feel of her gloves, my
cock thrived in it's embrace. Laura's head was still on my chest, so I
restricted my own movements to prevent her discomfort. My lover didn't say
a word as she stroked my manhood, but knowing she was watching my most
private place with such interest was extremely erotic. I imagined her blue
eyes intent on my cock as it disappeared and reappeared in her grip. I
tried to picture her face as her thumb circled the tip of my cock with each
stroke. I wondered if she was smiling at my manhood reddening with ardor.
I think she was.

Her motions were slow, tugging the loose skin of my manhood slightly so
that there was no friction from her gloves. In one perfect gloved hand she
held my cock, and in one perfect smooth motion she caused my passion to
foam at the tip. At the first sign of my impending release, Laura darted
her head down to my manhood. There she placed her lips just around the end
of my cock, her hand still urging my approaching climax. I arched my back
and moaned as my passion gratefully flowed into her lips. Laura kept
stroking me, emptying all of my essence into her mouth with the same slow
motions of her hand.

"I'll be right back kind sir," Laura said as bliss diffused outward
through my body.

As much as I wanted to enjoy my glow, I turned on my side and watched
Laura rise from the bed. She had lost her heels at some point, but the
view of her backside was enticing all the same. The white garter belt
hugged the curves of her buttocks softly like a lover's squeeze. She left
the room and I wondered where she was going. When she returned, I didn't
notice the plate of sandwiches and bottle of something sparkling until she
sat again on the bed. Time stopped when she left and started for me again
when she walked in the room.

"I prepared a lunch for us," she said, handing me a glass which she
filled with sparkling grape juice.

"You plan things out so well," I said after I took a refreshing sip.
"You must have known we would enter the bedroom before we adjourned for a

She laughed, nearly upsetting the glass she held. Even in this opulent
bedroom she made me feel at ease. Here I was sitting on a woman's bed
eating sandwiches, and Laura made it feel like I belonged here. The
sandwiches were small but tasty with various meats and cheeses.

"Past experience has thought me little about you," she said. "But what
I have learned is that you are handsome, witty, exceedingly charming and
most of all, impossible for me to keep my hands off. It's frightening to
desire someone to the point that you don't care if you know them, but my
heart told me to trust in you. I'm glad that I have."

"It is not my experience to bed a woman after one conversation," I
replied, "but it is also not my experience to meet a woman who makes me
want to worship and ravish at the same time. You are like Carrol's divine
and infernal ideal wrapped into one. I want to improve myself for you
because I feel you deserve only the grandest knight, but at the same time I
would be willing to lie, cheat, and push down old ladies if I thought it
would place me higher in your eyes."

Her blue eyes widened in recognition. "Carrol's Ideals! That was what
I have been trying to remember. You're right of course, we know just
enough about each other to be infatuated, and yet so little we don't know
what will be expected of us. Right now you find me attractive, but what
about tomorrow when you see me washing dishes? How will I feel when I find
out you hate one of my favorite writers? Can the two of us even agree on a
movie to watch?"

"That's the risk," I said, moving closer so I could put my arm around
her. Can this be the first time I hugged her? If it has, it's been long

"Right now," I said quietly, her hair tickling my face, "we have
chemistry, fond memories and a complete lack of knowledge of each other's
faults. Tomorrow we'll slide one step closer to reality, and the day after
that we'll be even closer. We might grow apart but you know what else
could happen? We could grow even closer. Wouldn't that be a good outcome
of what has already been a fairy tale for lovers?"

She set her glass down and without a word she set mine down too.
Kicking the plate off the bed was a bit of a surprise, but I applauded her
enthusiasm. Running her hand down my chest, she whispered into my ear.

"This is one fairy tale I don't plan on finishing tonight," she said
right before her mouth joined mine in a powerful kiss.

This time, our kiss was much slower, much more sensuous. Our passions
had been satisfied only minutes ago, and now we could enjoy each other with
patience. Her hands gripped my thighs as we kissed, while my own hands
enjoyed running down her back. I pressed her closer, our breaths leaving
us as desire surged back into us. I broke to kiss, only so i could kiss
the perfume she had placed on her neck. My mouth nuzzled into her waves of
blonde hair, kissing with lips every spot of sensitive skin I could find.
Soft sighs escaped my lover's lips as she bent her neck further back for me
to explore.

I enjoyed my task completely, and sat behind her so that I could
continue. My Laura bent her head forward as my mouth sang her praises
through my lips. Her back was covered by me with kisses, and I stopped
right at where her corset wrapped around her. Playfully I would nip with
my teeth along the line of her corset, and Laura would shudder in a
delightful manner. With a little practice, I was able to find the spots of
her exposed back and shoulders that would cause sighs as well as the places
that caused her to giggle.

When Laura's hands were clenching the bedsheets too tightly, I turned my
attentions to her other charms. Sitting behind her, so that my legs
flanked her on both sides, I placed Laura right up against my growing cock.
As she sat there with my desire so intimately known to her, my hand reached
around to touch her thigh. She relaxed into the arm I hugged her with, but
she tensed as soon as my lazy fingers traced her thigh. For long quiet
moments we sat there in silence, my fingers brushing ever so lightly over
her open thighs. Once in a while, when my fingernails would stroke too
complex of a pattern on her soft skin, she would moan and stir in my grasp.
Her stirring would of course disturb my throbbing heat, and my moans were
mixing with hers. The white garter belt and stockings limited my touches
on her bare skin, but this thin zone of sacred skin was perfect for our

My hand played eventually sought out her sex, and Laura gripped my arm
forcefully as I teased her desire. I couldn't bring myself to touch her
too directly, I was learning from my touching and I was enjoying every
moment. The texture of her golden down of hair was rubbed between my
fingers. Touched properly, the garden of pleasure of a woman can be the
softest experience in the world. With infinite delicacy, I entered Laura
with my questing fingers. Being very careful, and paying close attention,
I could feel her contraction around my fingers, and it was quickening.

Laura leaned into me and rested her head on my shoulders.

"Now," she said. A single request spoken softly.

We moved in concert quickly. I removed myself from behind her while she
reclined backwards to lie on the bed. My body was encircled by her arms
and legs as I took my place between her thighs. Gently my cock entered
her, but there was nothing gentle in the way she gripped me tighter to her.
Our bodies flowed together, Laura clinging to me as we approached our
pleasures together. Hip to hip, chest to chest, and cheek to cheek we made

The rest of the night followed the same pattern. We would talk, getting
to know one another better, then we would make love when our desires were
in the way of our conversation. It was only when the sun peeked through
her window that we realized we had been up all night. It was Monday
morning, and we both called our respective jobs to call in sick.

After that, we lived happily ever after.

The End.


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