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don't like stories with sexual content - don't bother reading this. If for
any reason it is illegal for you to read this story, don't read it<BR> <BR>
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in this story are fictional, any resemblance to real people or events is
entirely coincidental. The names of any places or persons which appear in
my stories are completely fictional.<BR> -----------------------<BR>
Laura's DayDream : ( F, mast)<BR> ---------------------- <BR> It was 3:10pm
and Laura felt like something was missing... something wasn't right. Had
she forgotten something? Was there something urgent on her desk that she
needed to do that morning? <BR> <BR> Laura looked across the top of her
desk and nothing looked out of the ordinary - there wasn't a file or paper
out of place. She pushed her chair back away from her desk and stood up,
placing her hands on her hips.<BR> <BR> Feeling the sensation of her hands
on her hips through her wool skirt and silk slip triggered something in her
memory and she looked at the clock. The clock read 3:15pm. Laura leaned
down across her desk to pick up a paperclip that fell on the floor. In
doing so, she felt her breast trace along the surface of her desk. Laura
stood up with a jolt - realizing it was 3:15pm and she reached for the
telephone; but as soon as her hand touched the receiver, she drew her hand
back and stared blankly at the phone.<BR> <BR> Laura was in the habit of
calling Mike nearly every day at 3pm; she had done so for several months.
She was in the middle of her work day and he would just be getting out of
bed to start his day as a police officer. Mike and Laura would chat on the
telephone for about an hour before he rushed into the shower and then off
to work. Laura held her breath and fought back that 'empty' feeling that
would creep into her heart when she thought of Mike now.... the affair had
ended last month. Well... Laura ended it last month - Mike had actually
ended it several weeks prior to that, without bothering to tell her. Laura
happened to pull up Mike's personality profile and noticed he had written
something like "She owns my heart" on the page.... and then Laura also
noticed that a line in another woman's personality profile read "He owns my
heart". When she questioned Mike on it, he had nothing to say except the
other woman was a "good friend". Laura was wise enough to know that men do
not play cute little online games with their profiles - if they have a
thing for someone that is important, they will write it. And obviously,
Laura was not the important one to Mike.<BR> <BR> Laura's hand traced the
small indentation along her collar bone, lightly touching her skin until
the tiny hairs stood up and made her shiver. Her thoughts somehow drifted
back to Mike.<BR> <BR> They had met online in a chatroom and immediately
hit it off - passing over the cheesy sex pick-up lines and cyber sex...
and on to real personal telephone conversations about their lives, their
work, and their dreams. Laura and Mike talked about meeting in person, but
something always got in the way. They had all the time in the world and
didn't fell that there was any urgency to meeting immediately anyhow.<BR>
<BR> Laura rubbed her hands over her breasts now.... making her nipples
hard and erect. She closed her eyes, leaned back in her chair with her
head back and remembered how they would play their cat and mouse game of
phone sex seduction....<BR> </FONT><FONT SIZE=4 PTSIZE=11><BR> </FONT><FONT
SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>"I want you to rub your clit", he'd tell her and she'd
sneak her fingers up under her thong panties and do what he told her. She
wasn't a shy girl, but the idea of phone sex had simply made her
uncomfortable... it was kinda creepy and taboo... but there was something
in his voice that relaxed her and encouraged her to do it. Her fingers
traced over the mound of pubic hair and down to the moist area of her pussy lips. She slipped her finger between her shaved lips and onto her wet
clit.<BR> <BR> "Are you wet, Baby?", he asked. "Yes", she replied. "How
wet?", he asked. "Mmmm, very", she moaned.<BR> <BR> He would tell her to
rub her clit a few times and then would ask her what the scent was like.
"It's kinda sweet and kinda fresh... doesn't really smell like anything
specific", she told him. Mike would be stroking his hard cock while he had
her on the phone. Laura would never cum from this... but she'd rub her
clit anyway, knowing it was turning him on.<BR> <BR> She could hear his
breathing getting harder now and she knew he would be cumming soon. Mike
let out a large breath into the phone receiver and then a deep sigh. "Oh
Hon", he moaned, "I'm cumming!"<BR>

<BR> In her office, Laura tossed her shoulder length hair over the back
of her chair as she scrunched down to the edge of the seat. She put her
feet up on the edge of her desk, wedging the desk's edge against the 4 inch
stiletto heel, lifting her knees high. Her skirt rode up to reveal the
tops of her silk stockings and garters. Laura wasn't concerned about her
skirt, all she could think about was how badly she wanted Mike to be there.
Laura let her fingers reach up her skirt and trace the lace pattern on her
panties. She thought about what it would feel like if that were Mike's
hand instead. She twirled her tongue in her mouth and thought about what
it would be like to have his hard cock between her lips. She pressed
harder on her pussy and grabbed it in her hand thinking of what it would
have felt like if it were Mike's hands. She pulled her hands through her
hair and imagined they were Mike's hands. She tore at her garters -
running her hands down her thighs, thinking of Mike. Her imagination so
intense that it was almost like he was there with her. <BR> <BR> She could
reach orgasm at her desk right now if she allowed herself to. But Laura
closed her eyes and brought her hands up to her face instead. She
collected her things and went home for the day. Mike and she would never
be together. He was just a memory on a computer screen now.<BR> <BR>


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