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Legacy of Dot


Legacy of Dot (mc, MF, MD, cons, anal)

By Aerosol Kid <> Visit me at The people and events in this story come from
my brain, not the real world. Regardless of what that tells you about my
brain, it means that I'm not writing about you, your mom, your friends, or
your friends' friends. So you can't sue me. Neener neener.

If you're underage in your territory (and you know what I mean), then
read something else.

Note: This is my first official foray into the Romantic camp of MC
fiction. I'm sure that I could cite more influences, but I was clearly
inspired by Wiseguy and Trent Wolf. File this one under "naughty things
that occur to you at parties."

(c) 2001 Aerosol Kid

"Nice costume, dude!" remarked the impish chinese girl dressed as Jackie

"Thanks!" I yelled over the music and the gazillion other jocular
conversations taking place around us. I winked at her and snaked my way
through the obligatory bottleneck of people in the kitchen, toward the
fridge. My friend Marybeth's annual costume party was already going strong
and it was only ten-thirty. I managed to grab a beer from my "secret"
stash in the crisper drawer and wade carefully back through the crowd - I
didn't want to bend any pipe cleaners or mash anyone's paper mache.

Damn. Jackie O was gone. Oh well, I assured myself. The night is

I could've easily passed the whole evening talking to friends:
practically everyone I knew was here, but I was kind of on the make. This
being the first big party of the spring, there were quite a few ladies who
I'd seen around but never met. It was as good a time as any to move on
after Dot.

Dot - Dorothy to her parents - was a girl I dated for a year or so, and
we broke up a few months ago.

Okay, she dumped me.

It was hard to get over Dot because she was so much fucking fun.
Literally. I mean, we had a great rapport and did a lot of different
things together, but I'd never had more fun during sex with anyone! She
was probably the most extroverted person I know, always clowning around and
making new friends everywhere she went. She had a way of play-acting these
strange skits with you, slipping into roles and joking around in ways that
made even a trip to the grocery store an adventure. So naturally she took
this into the bedroom with her. What started as the occasional suggestion
that one of us be tied up before lovemaking evolved into elaborate
role-playing. After a couple of months, we were acting out every Comic
Book Superheroine in Distress scene we could think of, the campier the

I'd never done anything like that before, and now that she was gone I
was still amazed that those things had actually happened. girls like Dot
need a lot of stimulus, and I think she left because I couldn't keep up
with her. There was no long, dramatic breakup; she just awkwardly told me
one day that she wanted us to "just be friends," and that was that.

So tonight, for a few different reasons, I was wearing my supervillain
costume - a faithful recreation of the outfit worn by The Puzzler on the
old "Batguy" show. I think one reason was that it was right there in my
closet, requiring zero preparation for this party. I was also trying to
hang on to a little bit of the extra self-confidence I had when Dot was
with me. It was a little pathetic and weird, I admit, to show up at a
party wearing something from my sexual playground with my ex, but I was the
only one who'd know that, I rationalized. Dot was out of town visiting her
parents, and as far as I knew our bedroom adventures remained a secret.

Anyway, the party was at Marybeth's huge house out in the sticks, so
there were lots of rooms to check out, full of interesting people. I guess
I had Dot on the brain a little more than usual, because I was watching
people; noticing how some were comfortable in their attire and some
weren't. For instance, my friend Shawn was dressed as a cowboy, and he was
drawling out one-liners in his best cowboy-talk and pretending to spit on
the floor. Others were content to dress the part and act naturally, like
Shawn's girlfriend Ashley. She was dressed as Glenda, the Good Witch of
the North. Now, that was the perfect opportunity for her to waft around,
wave her little wand and make goofy pronouncements about being fucked up in
Munchkinland, right? But she was just standing next to Shawn, talking in
the deadpan that had earned her the nickname "Lillith."

Kara, a friend of a friend, drunkenly waved me over from across the
room, interrupting my people watching. "Say bossman!" she greeted, because
she was dressed like some kind of trucker.

"What up?" I answered, unable to get into character just yet.

"Not a thang, G Money," Kara teased. "Just getting' my drink on." She
weaved around a little, splashing vodka cranberry around.

"True, true," I encouraged. I'd always liked just how silly I could be
around Kara.

"So where's Dot?" she asked suddenly, bringing the stupid riffing to a
screeching halt.

"You didn't hear? We broke up, like, last Thanksgiving."

"I'm sorry, baby." Kara moved just a hair closer to me. "I mean, that
really sucks." She laced her hands behind my neck. "What are you doing

"Damn! You don't waste any time do you? Let's talk about this when you
don't look like the guy from Deliverance," I said, giving her hand a
squeeze and slipping away.

"You got a real purty mouth, boy!" she yelled after me. I liked Kara
and all, but she was pretty tipsy and I didn't want her to regret anything
tomorrow, so I filed her away in my "call in the next few days" category
and moved on.

I was looking for someone I'd bumped into a few times but had never been
introduced to, but it was hard to tell who was who. I definitely wasn't
interested in chatting up anyone I knew - I was looking for greener
pastures, if you know what I mean. I was pretty sure I spotted the girl in
question on the back deck, smoking with her friends, but I couldn't tell
because, like me, she was wearing a mask. Since I didn't even know her
name, I lit up a cig and tried to suss out her identity out of the corner
of my eye. She had this delicious, Good Fairy Gone Bad sort of thing
going: little wings, frilly dress, magic wand and sparkly shoes. Only
everything she wore was black, and her nipple rings were clearly visible
from where I stood. I was working up the courage to talk to her, but she
moved inside with her two friends, leaving me to shoot a few longing
glances after her while trying to remain discreet. During the fourth
longing glance I noticed that someone was watching me. When my eyes caught
hers, she gave a tight little smile that said, Tough luck, soldier. I feel
your pain. Then she went back to her conversation.

I was still staring.

She left the Little Fairy in the dust: statuesque beauty, a dimpled
smile, long, tightly curled black hair and hazel eyes. What really got to
me was her costume. She was dressed as Wonder Girl! All those adventures
with Dot had forever changed how I felt about comic book superheroines. I
suddenly wanted to talk to this girl in the worst way.

At that moment I finished my cigarette, just as Wonder Girl's friend
shook her hand and wandered inside. She seemed to consider where to mingle
next, and as she surveyed the deck she noticed me watching her. The tight
little smile again. I started toward her before I lost my nerve,
considering my opening line. She crossed her arms, grinning, also trying
to arrive at the best comment about our related costumes. She beat me to
the punch.

"Well, Puzzler, I assume you're on your best behavior tonight?"

"Whatever do you mean, Wonder Girl?" I harrumphed, not missing a beat.
"I'm just here to enjoy the, ah, scenery."

"Looks like your little Fairy got away," she teased. "Don't make me
take you downtown for causing trouble with the ladies." She was flirting
easily with me, not meaning a word of it and clearly comfortable with
herself. I liked her vibe.

"Oh, they don't all get away," I said, going over-the-top with my
villain shtick. "You know what usually happens to Wonder Girl, don't you?"
Behind her red mask, her eyes widened with mock fright. "No! Pray
tell!" She took a swig of her beer.

"She ends up as the helpless captive of The Puzzler!" I answered
gleefully, pointing my gloved finger into the air.

She did a comic take, then threw back her head and laughed. "Piper.
Piper Lee." She gripped my hand warmly and shook it once.

"Cary Ross," I answered. And we launched into a discussion about old "Wonder Girl" episodes from the 70's, with several tangents, as is usually
the case when the conversation is beer-fueled. I found out she was a high
school physics teacher, which impressed me lots, seeing as how most of the
people here were computer people. She liked to rock-climb, mountain bike
and snowboard, and she was very amused to find out I considered climbing a
flight of stairs to be a workout. It's not that I'm letting myself go,
it's just that I'm still a few years away from having to fight off my
middle-age spread. She didn't seem to be at that point either, but all
that exercise had yielded impressive results. I tried not to be too
obvious about sneaking the occasional glance at her chiseled frame. She
charitably pretended not to notice.

"So do you think it's possible?" she was asking. The conversation had
turned back to "Wonder Girl," and I had to wrest my attention away from her
bod again.

"Possible?" I asked, hoping she'd throw me a bone.

"Hypnosis, silly!" She punched me on the arm, just solidly enough to
make me wince.

"Hey, watch the superpowers, Wonder Girl!" I protested. "Sure. It's

She laughed, a sound I was already getting fond of, and said, "I'm gonna
score us two more beers. Then I dare you to hypnotize me, Puzzler."

She was gone before I had to conceal a peculiar mixture of awe,
embarrassment and fear. On one hand, I was floored that this (very
together) woman I'd just met was asking me to try to hypnotize her, and
that she was already going somewhere I'd only been to with Dot. On the
other hand, this was something I'd only play-acted before, and I was
turning red with the mere thought of doing it on Marybeth's back porch, in
full view of the other partygoers.

After several minutes, it was starting to look like I was off the hook,
because there was no sign of Piper. This caused a different set of
conflicting feelings. Maybe I had creeped her out. I mean, I had been
more direct than usual, and I wasn't so drunk that I had an excuse. And
maybe I'd let too much info slip during our casual conversation about
superheroines in distress. I was just about to head inside to look for
Fairy Girl, when something cold touched me, making me yelp.

"Sorry I was gone so long, Cary," Piper said breathlessly behind me. I
turned around as she offered the beer she'd mischievously pressed into the
small of my back. "You know how the line for the ladies' room is, and
tonight we girls have these elaborate outfits to deal with..."

I grinned at her as the first set of conflicting feelings returned in
full force. "Yeah, peeing as The Puzzler is quite a feat," I conceded.
Maybe I could still get out of this.

We regarded each other for a second as we sipped, each silently noting
that the chemistry between us had survived a pee break.

She eyed me expectantly over her beer bottle. "So. You think you can
do it?"

I knew better than to play dumb. And conveniently, we were now alone on
the back deck. "Sure I can. You ready?"

She dragged a stool over to me, put down her beer and said, "I'm all

I swallowed, then held my plastic Puzzler's Pendant of Confusion in
front of her face, trying to get it to spin. She knew the drill, so her
brow wrinkled in the cutest possible way as she focused her attention on

"Watch the pendant, Piper," I began lamely, reddening. Clearing my
throat, I plunged on. "Notice nothing else but the pendant. Watch the
spinning colors. The pretty colors, Piper, notice nothing else.
Everything but the pendant and my voice will now drop away from your
awareness." I paused, unsure of what to say next. Piper was being a
terrific sport, but it was obvious that she wasn't going under. "Listen to
my voice and watch the pendant..."

I continued in that vein for a few minutes, dividing my attention
between the back door and Piper's cute frown. I'm sure we would've both
been mortified if someone wandered onto the deck just then. The fear of
being caught in the act was keeping both of us from getting into the fun,
so I tried to change my strategy.

"Concentrate on your breathing now, Piper. With each breath, your head
is getting lighter. Lighter. As your head gets lighter, you feel yourself
rising off the stool, losing yourself in your lightness." Her breathing was
getting deeper, and the frown disappeared. It was working! "Lighter and
lighter, Piper, as you drift off into your trance. Lighter and lighter,
but deeper and deeper, until -"

"You know what, Cary? I'm sorry, but I don't think I'm a very good
subject. It's not working." Piper looked at me around the crystal,
apologetic. And just like that, the mood was broken.

"Oh I'm sure it's not you," I offered, a little too generous. "I'm a
little rusty."

We dove into some brief small talk to mask our mutual embarrassment,
then she said something vague about hoping she'd see me again. And she
slipped back into the house.


If I had avoided that little game and just asked her out instead of
jumping the gun, I might have been able to see her again! Instead I'd
ruined any chances I may have had with her in under an hour. I downed my
full beer while I had a smoke. I decided to make a quick escape from this
party before I'd have to see Piper, elbowing a friend and pointing at me
across the room, going, "There's that creepy guy I was just talking to!"

But I was getting a little drunk now, and Kara grabbed my elbow as soon
as I stepped inside, pulling me to the room where the DJ was spinning.
Five minutes later I was dancing with a bunch of my friends, recovering my
self-respect. A little while later, Shawn and Ashley appeared to collect a
very drunk Kara and say goodnight. I was surprised to see them leave so
early. Hell, I was surprised and disappointed that Kara had barely lasted
to midnight, but I was just starting to loosen up. So I kept dancing as
more people joined me.

My friend Josh was trying to dance and simultaneously wave me in close
so he could say something over the music. I mimicked him as I leaned in.

" were with back there?" he was yelling.

I shook my head at him.

"Who was that smokin' girl you were with back there?"

"Oh, nobody," I yelled, unable to keep the dejection out of my voice at
that volume.

Josh slapped me on the back. "Don't worry about it, homefry! There are
plen-tee of other fish in the sea besides Dot." He started to say something
else, then he brightened and shouted, "Wonder girl - three o' clock!"

"What?" I straightened up, but Josh had already cleared out, and when I
turned to look for him, I collided with a sheepish looking Piper. "Whoa!

She fumbled with her left shoulder and gave me a shy look I hadn't seen
since high school. Piper was teasing a little with this nervous teenager
act, but I melted instantly. She was the tallest person in the room, and
the only one not dancing, which made her seem even more awkward. Leaning
in to my ear, she said, "Hey, I'm not really a great dancer. Will you come
talk to me?"

We ended up grabbing some water and finding one of Marybeth's guest
rooms. We left the door open and sat across from each other on the bed.
Piper started to shoot the shit with me about nothing in particular and I
eagerly reciprocated, not wanting to bring up our little experiment on the
back porch.

After a few minutes she got serious. "So, um," she began tentatively,
bringing up our little experiment on the back porch.

I jumped in. "Hey, Piper, I didn't mean to creep you out or anything."

Her eyes widened. "Oh no! That's not it at all!" She was back to
fumbling with her shoulder, and I wished she'd stop because it drew my
attention to the places her Wonder girl costume was doing little to cover.
Her voice got very quiet. "It's just, um..." She began to draw little
patterns on the bedspread. "Well. I was starting to go under, and it sort
of scared me."

"No!" I was incredulous, and my outburst caused her to bounce on the bed

"For real! You were really doing it! And it freaked me out,

"Because?" I prompted.

She was focusing intently on her fingers, drawing on the bedspread. Her
voice got even quieter. "Because... I was getting into it."

This was the point where I was supposed to say the Perfect Thing. And I
truly suck at those points. This was where I usually I went down in
flames, but Piper just laughed and punched me on the arm. "I have a
feeling you did, too," she said.

"What?" I responded brilliantly.

"No fair!" she laughed, exasperated. "Making me out us both!" She
looked at me levelly. "I think we both got into it."

"Oh!" I opined. "Oh!' I repeated, slowly realizing the ramifications.
"Christ yes, I got into it!"

She made a show of being relieved, leaning into me semi-playfully, which
I didn't object to at all. It was my first close encounter with her
Xtreme-sports-sculpted physique. We laughed as I slipped my arm around
her. While we enjoyed the embrace, I saw Josh stick his head into the room,
give me a shit-eating grin and a thumbs up, then wave and disappear.

I could feel Piper's lips move against my Puzzler costume. "So, are you
game for a second try?" she asked.

I wasn't the slightest bit conflicted this time. I gently took her arms
from my shoulders and folded them in her lap, then got up to shut the door.
"Definitely." She grinned at me from the bed, then turned to face me,
sitting up straight.

This time I was shaking not from embarrassment, but from anticipation.
Adjusting the lamp shade next to the bed, I began to twirl my cheap plastic
pendant so that it caught the light. I watched the reflections play over
her skin for a moment, choosing my words. Piper took a deep breath and
tried to relax, but she was visibly excited, which fueled my confidence.

"Wonder Girl," I intoned, slipping easily into the role I'd played with
Dot so many times. "You are my helpless captive and you're getting very
sleepy." Now that I knew Piper was into this, I decided that it didn't
matter how hokey I sounded. "You'll find that you cannot take your eyes
from my pendant." The glittering reflections from my cheap purple crystal
seemed to take on a new luster. Piper's eyes focused squarely on it.
"Breathe deeply, and look into the pendant. The pendant. The colors are
making you very sleepy. They move too quickly for you to follow. You feel
your super-will evaporating."

Piper seemed to shrink a couple of inches, and she blinked. "Yes," she
encouraged drowsily.

"The spinning colors are taking you into a trance. Deeper. Deeper.
You are powerless to resist, Wonder Girl."

"Powerless," Piper sighed.

"Feel your will to resist slipping away. I will now count back from
five. When I reach one, you will be mine." On my last word, Piper shivered
a little. "Five. You are slipping deeper into the trance." Piper swayed,
but sat up again, very straight. "Four. The crystal is the only thing you
see." Her eyes lost their focus. "Three. My voice is the only thing to
which you respond." She sighed again, which was very distracting. "Two.
Your willpower is gone." She blinked once. Slowly. "One." Piper fell
slowly onto her back.

I stood there, unsure of what to do. It had worked! Piper was in a
trance, laying on Marybeth's guest bed, looking positively edible in her
negligible costume. Not only was she playing along, I had actually
hypnotized her!

I cleared my throat. "Piper, can you hear me?"

"Yes." From very far away.

"How do you feel?"

"Wonderful," she giggled softly.

"Are you cool with this?"

Mmm Hmmm."

I had to admit I was at a loss. I mean, I knew what The Puzzler usually
did at this point, but this was Piper and I didn't want to screw up this
time. "Um, what do you want to do now?"

She didn't move. "I want you to make me your helpless captive, Cary."

I took the liberty of locking the door then. I didn't want anyone
downstairs busting in on us.

I found myself staring down at Piper's tall, helpless form again. Then
I had a wonderful realization. If I knew Marybeth and her unique sense of
hospitality... I quickly checked the nightstand drawer and yes! Inside
was a generous variety of sex toys. Picking up a couple of neatly wound
coils of nylon rope, I said, "Piper. I'm going to count from three to one.
When I reach "one", you will be Wonder Girl, helpless captive of The
Puzzler. You can say "when" at any point, and I'll bring you out of your
trance. You can do whatever I say, and ask for whatever you want, but you
will feel no embarrassment. Your inhibitions will be gone, and you'll be
free to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Do you understand?"

"Yes..." Piper drawled. There was a note of gratefulness in her tone.

I began to unwind the rope. "Three. You are starting to come out of
the trance, just a little." She breathed deeply and her fingers twitched.
"Two. You are taking on the persona of Wonder Girl. Completely." She
arched her back a little, and wiggled her hips as if feeling for her
costume. "One. You are now Wonder Girl."

Immediately, she groaned, clutching her head. Sleepily, she cried,
"Puzzler! I knew you were behind this! What did you do to me?"

Wrenching my thoughts away from my tightening groin, I tried to throw
myself into the role. I cackled and announced, "I simply subjected you to
my new procedure, Wonder Tramp! I'm afraid you'll find you are quite
unable to escape me now!" I rolled her over onto her stomach and began to
tie her to the bed. She groaned, partly with pleasure and partly with
Wonder Girl's campy indignation.

"Unhand me, you ruthless cad!" she protested weakly as I secured her red platform boots to the bedpost. Her voice was animated, breathless with
exhilaration. She was seriously getting off on this. I grinned as I tied
her wrists to the headboard.

"It's useless for you to resist, Wonder Chick!" I crowed, watching the
muscles in her back work against the bonds, beneath a spill of tight, black
curls. Her star-spangled, blue bedecked behind was sublime. I had another
idea. "Have you ever had a vibrator up your ass?"

"No, you wouldn't!" she sputtered, but her tone said Please! Oh God
yes, please! I lifted a few locks of hair to see a broad grin on her face.
Slipping those blue bikini bottoms down slowly over her bare ass took a
lot of self-control, I'll tell you that. And walking away from her took
even more, but in a moment I returned with a big bottle of lube and a
dainty pink vibrator. I jumped onto the bed and straddled her behind,
taking a minute to listen for noises downstairs. I breathed a sigh of
relief as I heard the party, still going on strong. I checked my watch and
smiled - it was just now one in the morning, and Marybeth was well known
for partying until dawn.

"Now, let's lube up that Wonder Ass!" I spread her ass cheeks and let a
big drop of lube collect in her crack. She made a noise that I'll never
forget, which was all the acknowledgement I needed.

I made sure she was good and slick, as she jerked against her bonds.
"You'll... you'll never get away with this, Puzzler! You're going to jail
for a long time!"

Smacking her butt, I said, "I'll tell you what's going to happen for a
long time." And I slid the vibrator home.

"Uh!" she choked as her cheeks clenched. And as soon as I turned the
dial halfway, she gasped, cumming roughly. "Jesus! I've never..." she
managed, then she got back in character. "Please! Stop!"

Laughing in a dastardly fashion, I turned her new friend all the way up.
She began to pant. "Now, Wonder Twit, all the last vestiges of your
resistance will melt away. The next time you cum, you'll be my servant!"
I'd played this scene out with Dot a hundred times, but it was never this

"Please..." Piper said while bucking her ass in the air. "You. Can't."
Then her hips slowly melted back into the bedspread.

"What shall we do while we wait for your will to expire?" I invited,
leaving character long enough to brush a lock of hair from Piper's mouth.

"Turn me over, please," she requested. I quickly undid her bonds and
turned her onto her back. It was hard work, because she was completely
limp. She was also sweating profusely, which made it hard to get a grip on
her smooth, muscular limbs.

I brushed the hair from her damp forehead, then I started to tie her up
again. "No. I'm... too weak to resist." I understood this as code to
give the ropes a rest.

"So you admit that you're close to defeat, then, eh?" I gloated. "I'm
feeling generous. What is your final request, before your mind turns to

Piper's eyes went wide behind her mask. I think she was pretty close to
a huge climax. Deliriously, she mumbled, "My tits. Please..." The way she
said "please" had me scrambling to figure out how her red and blue halter
worked. It took a minute, but I was able to loosen it. I tossed the
troublesome garment aside triumphantly, and savored the sight of her
heaving chest, pretty brown nipples at attention. Wrapping my fingers
around her right breast, I moved in and teased it with my tongue.

Piper made a long noise that intensified the closer I got to her nipple.
Her hands found the back of my head and she began to weakly guide me
around. I started to get the feeling that she was losing the desire to
play, but then she surprised me.

"Feeling my willpower, slipping away..." she intoned, her arms flopping
onto the bed. "Slipping away," she whispered. "Powerless..."

Then she drew a quivering breath, and I knew it was over for her. I
gripped her arms to feel the orgasm spill out of her, to feel the way her
muscles slackened. I pressed my ear to her chest, listening to her
"hmmmmm" for a moment.

Then I found myself on my back.

I don't know how it happened, but a victorious Piper straddled my chest
and pinned my arms down under powerful thighs. Grinning a dimpled grin
from ear to ear, she looked me in the eye, breathing heavily. "And then,
Wonder girl breaks free of her trance and escapes! But she can't take The
Puzzler to jail just yet, because she's a little worked up!"

I struggled for words as Piper frantically unbuttoned my pants. "Are
you..." I managed before she interrupted me.

"Hush! Wonder girl needs to fuck your brains out now."

I had no reason to argue with her.

I slept in late the next day. When I finally got up and started
piddling around my apartment, I noticed the light blinking on my answering
machine. This is the message that awaited me:

"Um, Cary? Piper. I hope you're not feeling too bad today."
(Giggling.) "Anyway, I went shopping! So tonight, you have your choice of
The Black Widow, The Green Avenger or Freedom Chick. Think about it. Give
me a call when you get this, and we'll talk about what you're wearing,

I couldn't pick the phone up fast enough.


By Aerosol Kid <> Visit me at


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