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Let Me Go


Let Me Go! (fM,ff,Mff,Cons,Teen,Oral,First)
By Davidb234
This story contains detailed descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you
do not like this then delete the file and go away.
If you are under the age of consent where you live,
or it is against any law or statute where you
reside, to read or obtain such materiel, then
delete the file and do not read any further.
Otherwise read and enjoy this story.
davidb234 author.
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Let Me Go!

By DavidB234

"Please darling, let me go, you know how well I get on with your
mother. I'm sure I could look after her as well as you could." Julia,
my wife just sat there and grinned at me. She also shook her head for
the umpteenth time as she said "No Jack darling, I've already told
you, you'll have to stay and look after the girls. They only have one
week of school left, then they're off for seven weeks. I'll be back
long before they need to get anything special for school, Lisa is old
enough to help you do the marketing, she's done it enough times with
me. Jenny can do all the cleaning necessary, and is more than capable
of using the washer correctly. All you have to do is make sure they
behave themselves, get to bed at a decent hour, and not allow them to
have members of the opposite sex in the house for sleepover." Here
she grinned, knowing full well that I already scared off both our
daughters boyfriends after they got a bit too rough on their last
dates. It was also the moment I paid attention, and again tried to
get her to change her mind. "Oh, come off it Julia darling, you
didn't tell them they could have some of their girl friends sleeping
over did you?" Again I got the full blast of her beautiful smile,
"I'm sorry Jack darling, I had to compromise. If I hadn't agreed to
that they refused to promise to be good, and pay attention to what
you tell them." Julia came and sat on my lap and gave me a cuddle,
"Besides darling, you don't have to be disturbed by them, just shut
yourself away in your office while they're in the house. That way you
can get a lot of work done, and not be distracted, at the same time."

In the end I accepted, knowing full well I never had a chance of
winning this argument, right from the start. I had to make a try
though. The prospect of looking after my mother-in-law, who by the
way I loved dearly, and got on very well with, through her current
bout of illness, was going to be preferable to the alternative. That
was having my daughters Jenny and Lisa, 'looking after me' for up to
six weeks. My problem was not the girls, I loved them more than I
loved my mother-in-law, in fact I worshiped the ground they walked
on, and would do anything I could, for them. No, the problem was
going to be when they had their girlfriends sleeping over, and even
just visiting on a daily basis. It wasn't that I didn't like the
girls, I did. It's just that the prospect of having as many as six,
fifteen and sixteen year old girls running round the house during the
summer, was going to be more than flesh and blood could bear. Again,
the problem wasn't that I'd be tempted to lay a finger on any of
them. It was that I just wouldn't be able to, and the mere thought of
having untouchable women in the house was going to be difficult to
live with, especially as Julia wouldn't be at home to offer me any
form of comfort.

As the girls and I waved to Julia when she started her trip Jenny
slipped her arm round my waist and said "Don't worry Daddy, Lisa and
I will look after you, mom has given us a list of everything we need
to do, as well as some of the things we have to get you to do while
Mom's away." SHIT! There goes any thoughts of me having a nice easy
time pigging out, the girls have got a list of 'jobs for Daddy to
do'. To Jenny I said "OK Jenny darling, let's have a look at this
list, then I can plan how I'm going to fit them all in." That got me
a funny look from her and after a moment she said "OK Daddy, I'll go
and get it for you, it's in my bedroom." That's a funny place for it,
I thought, still who knows with girls these days. I went inside and
sat myself down at my PC and began to work on one of the modules I'd
been tasked with. Jenny and Lisa came in and I was given a scrap of
paper with a list of things on it, like 'mow grass', 'tidy garage'
fix workshop door', all pretty mundane jobs as far as I could see,
and, I suddenly realised all done in Jenny's handwriting, not
Julia's. Something odd there, but it might have been copied from the
list Julia gave to the girls detailing what they had to do. "OK
darling, thanks, I'll get these done, I promise, I'd hate to get you
into trouble with you mother for not chasing me. What's your list
like?" they both smiled and rolled their eyes, "Horrendous Daddy,
anyone would think we were ten, not fifteen and sixteen years old. I
wish mom would start treating us like young women." I shook my head,
"Not yet darlings, plenty of time for that, just make the best of
being loved and living in a loving family, it's much better than
being independent, believe me."

The first week passed quickly, I got most of the jobs on my list
done, realising I would have to do some repeatedly, like keeping the
grass down to a reasonable length, and picking up after parties in
the garden, but that would have had to be done anyway, so I wasn't
too badly off. As it was the last week of school before the summer
break the girls had lots of things to do getting ready for all the
events they were planning to take part in with their friends. One of
these was a series of sleepovers rotating round the same list of
girlfriends they did it with last year. There were six girls in the
group, and all but one were part of a one parent family, that didn't
include my two, obviously, the bad part of this arrangement as far as
the girls were concerned the one girl, Sue, that had two parents,
lived in a very small house that had insufficient bedrooms to
accommodate another five bodies. This had bothered Sue and her
parents, who were, to say the least, less affluent that most, in fact
they were in a very low income bracket, as statisticians would put
it. A couple of years ago I'd got friendly with Sue's Dad and with
some difficulty convinced him and his wife they would be doing me a
favour by letting Sue have her turn at our house. Since then things
had got better for Sue's parents financially but they still had a
bedroom problem, so I got them to agree to continuing the

This of course meant that three nights out of six I would be having
the girls sleeping at our place. With Julia here it would be easy for
me, I just ignored them, without Julia I was going to have to watch
them like a hawk, teenagers being teenagers, and all that. As things
turned out I was right to worry, things started to go wrong for me on
the day the girls finished school. As is normal everywhere their
school let them out after the morning session, I guess the teachers
want to get away quickly as much as the kids. The girls got home
three hours early and immediately dashed up to their bedroom to
change into their swimming costumes. These weren't your ordinary dive
in the ocean and swim for miles sort of swimwear, oh no, they were
Daddy everyone wears them this small these days', sort of things. To
be honest I couldn't understand how the store they came from could
possible justify such a high price for something that had so little
actual fabric in it's make up. We actually had Irish Linen napkins
that cost less, AND had more materiel in them. All the girls were
wearing was a couple of triangles of thin cloth covering, but not
hiding, their breast mounds, and the nipples that sat on the tops of
them. These scraps were joined by lengths of sewing thread, or
something close to the same thickness, it certainly didn't look
substantial enough to prevent a sudden movement from ripping the
whole garment off, leaving them even more naked that they already
were. The bottoms weren't much better, but at least they did have
their vaginas completely covered, even if a close look would have
allowed any but the most short sighted person to count the strands of
fur the girls had started to sprout. Again this scrap of materiel was
held on by fine cotton thread, and I almost told the girls not to sit
down too quickly.

In the end there were no disasters, but I did notice the girls didn't
dive into the pool, in fact they didn't even go for a swim. When I
climbed out after my own short swim session I asked them if they were
going to have a dip before dinner, that's when I learned my first
lesson of the holiday. "Don't be silly Daddy, these swim suits aren't
meant for SWIMMING, they would probably fall apart if they got wet.
We only sunbathe in them, especially when we go to the beach." Ah!, I
see now, boy Bait, that's what they are, problem was, what boys were
they trying to catch. That was a puzzle, especially as they'd already
promised their mom to behave while she was away. I shrugged my
shoulders, went for a shower to get rid of the chlorine and got into
some casual clothes more fitted to eating and relaxing indoors. After
a while the girls came bouncing in, (Whoops, unfortunate turn of
phrase there) dashed up to change and then went into the kitchen to
prepare dinner. As usual at this time of the year we had a salad with
cold cuts, followed by something light like cheesecake. This was soon
dispatched and the girls cleared the kitchen and did what dishes
there were, soon following me to sit on the swing seat on the deck
out back and enjoy a drink in the soft light of the evening. As we
sat there, me sandwiched between Jenny and Lisa, they slowly relaxed
and leaned against my chest as I slipped my arms round their
shoulders and hugged them close to me. The sighs I heard filled me
with joy, to know that they felt safe as they lay wrapped in my arms
was all the thanks I ever wanted from them. As we sat there and
relaxed I felt Jenny take my hand in hers and hug it to her chest,
holding tight to it between her soft warm palms. A couple of minutes
later Lisa did the same, and before much longer they were both
pressing the flat of my hands against their firm young breasts.

Seeing as they were doing nothing else but hold my hand, I assumed
the place they were holding them was accidental. That was until I
felt Jenny place her hand flat on the back of mine and press her
fingers on mine, wrapping them over the curve of her mound and
squeezing them firmly into the firm flesh that was her breast. That
Lisa did the same thing a few seconds later told me it was a
concerted attempt at getting me aroused, or getting themselves
aroused. Whichever, I was determined it wasn't going to affect me. I
didn't actually want to hurt their feelings so I allowed them to
continue what they were doing, after all I was actually enjoying it,
if the truth was known. It wasn't long before Lisa, this time, moved
her hand, and mine, back and forth against her rigid nipple. This
brought soft gasps of pleasure from Lisa and almost immediately Jenny
was doing the same thing. This was now getting to be deliberate and
sexual, and I was about to put an end to it when Jenny sat upright,
quickly followed by Lisa. Jenny, being the eldest had obviously been
voted as the one to take the initiative, she was the one that sat on
my lap, put her arms round my neck and said softly "Daddy, you know
we love you best of all, don't you?" I smiled and nodded, knowing
something was coming my way that I was going to be wise to duck. "Yes
darling, I know that" I replied, "And I know you want me to do
something for you too, why not tell me what it is now, and save us
both a lot of time?" Jenny kissed me softly on the cheek and
whispered "Beast, I wanted to do it my way. Your way's no fun at all.
Anyway Daddy, it's nothing horrible. It's just that Lisa and I were
talking about what we remembered about when we were little girls,
and all the nice things that happened."

"And did you have many nice things that you remembered" I asked,
suddenly relieved it wasn't anything worse. "Well, yes we did
actually Daddy, lots of things, especially about the way we used to
play with you, and get you to put us to bed and tell us a story so we
would go to sleep." I gave her a hug and said "Well, I'm glad you
both think that was a nice thing to remember, but I hope you don't
want me to start reading you bedtime stories at your age Jenny
darling." Jenny giggled, as did Lisa sitting beside us listening, "No
Daddy, that wouldn't be very nice, not with the sort of stories we
read sometimes. The thing is darling, we were wondering if you would
do some of the other things you used to do, just we could see if we
still like them, that's all." Lisa reached up and kissed me on the
cheek then whispered "Please Daddy, we would be so happy if you
would." I thought for a minute, trying to remember the sort of things
we used to do when they were young. I could only think about bathing
them when Julia was sick, reading them a bed time story, and playing
all sorts of games in the garden and public parks. "I don't see why
not girls, just so long at it's still safe to do the things we used
to, understood?" Once I'd been covered with kisses Jenny said "Well
the first thing you could do Daddy, is tuck us in bed and kiss us
goodnight, just like you used to. Will you do that please?" Phew,
this is going to be easy, I thought, and straight away I said "Of
course I will darling, will you give me a call when you're both in
bed ready?" they nodded and jumped to their feet and made their way
upstairs Jenny saying as she got to the door "Listen out Daddy, we
won't be long" she then followed her sister and I could hear their
giggles as they ran up the stairs.

A couple of minutes later I heard Jenny calling me and slowly made my
way to their bedroom. I knocked and Jenny called "Come in Daddy". A
moment later I was sitting on her bed a warm flush suffusing my
cheeks as I looked at her, and across at Lisa as they both sat up in
bed naked to the waist, hands clasped in their laps. After a moments
thought I stood up and made to leave the room when Jenny said
tearfully "Daddy, please don't go, please darling, we have something
we have to talk to you about, and this is the way we decided to let
you know what it's all about." I sat down again, then said softly
"Jenny darling, I allowed you to get away with pressing my hand
against your breasts because I thought it might be accidental. This
isn't. It's deliberate teasing, and teasing your father which makes
it worse because I can't do anything about it except make sure it
doesn't happen again." I stood up, looked down at Jenny and said "Do
you understand me Jenny darling, this will not happen again, or I
will take firm steps to make sure you don't get a chance, the choice
is yours." I turned and left the room, closing the door firmly behind
me hearing Lisa say "I told you it wouldn't work Sis, we should have
done as we were told in the first place." I stood there, gave a shake
of my head and smiled at what they'd done, admitting that I'd had the
best view of a couple of pairs of teenage breasts that I'd had for
many years. I went and had a shower then got into bed, suddenly
feeling lonely without Julia to snuggle up to. I'd hardly drifted off
to sleep when I felt someone climbing on the bed beside me, both
sides actually. I opened my eyes and sat up, to find the girls in bed
with me, wearing their old T-shirt nighties and laying on their sides
facing me.

"All right girls, I forgive you, and I'm not mad at you, so if you go
and get into bed again I'll come and tuck you in and kiss you both
goodnight, OK?" Jenny grinned up at me and shook her head, "Not just
yet Daddy darling, at least not until you've read this" and she
handed me a piece of folded paper. I sat back against the headboard
and opened it to find it was a simple note from Julia. 'Darling Jack'
it started, 'the girls have a problem I can't help them with, but
you're eminently qualified to. All I ask is that you don't refuse
without giving them both a very good logical reason for doing so. A
reason that they will both accept without question. Listen to their
arguments, and try to be fair, as well as understanding and gentle as
you have always been for me. Your ever-loving wife, Julia. PS, mother
is fine and sends her love, it was her idea by the way.' I sat there
initially stunned at what the four women in my life were trying to
get me to do. I then decided to play by their rules, "I suppose you
know what is in this note girls" I said, they both nodded and Lisa
blushed prettily as she said "Yes Daddy, we read it when mom gave it
to us just before she left to go to Grammies." I took a deep breath,
let it out slowly and said "OK, if we're going to talk about sex I'll
need sustenance, Jenny, fetch one coffee, and two glasses of milk
please. Lisa you get a plate of cookies for us to nibble on. I need
to think about this. When you come back we can sit down, discuss the
problem calmly before I say no, OK?" They were both at the door
before they realised what I'd actually said. In unison the turned
round and wailed "Oh, Daddy that's not fair." I grinned and waved
them away, then lay back against the headboard, closed my eyes and
tried to think of ways I could punish my wife and her mother for
dropping me in the deep pile of manure I was about to try to fight my
way out of.

I read the note again, to see if there was any way I might have
misread what was written. Not a chance, there in black and white was
a request from my wife to sort out our daughters sexual problems.
After what had already happened I knew where they would be leading
me, and whereas it might be a nice fantasy, to make love to a couple
of beautiful teenage virgins, the reality was quite different. All my
instincts told me it was my duty to protect them, not abuse them. It
was the girls hormones that were pushing them to do this, not their
heads, or even their hearts, pure female lust is all it could be,
with a little bit of natural fear thrown in. After all there must be
dozens of guys they knew that would jump at the chance of busting the
girls cherries, isn't that what teenage boys are for? Trouble is,
that was liable to be a bit risky, and could even be dangerous if not
just painful, having it happen in the back seat of a car. "Daddy" I
opened my eyes and saw the girls standing beside the bed, trays in
hand and solemn faces looking down at me. I sat up, took the trays
off them and said "Right girls, sit" indicated for them to sit facing
me each side of my knees. I placed the tray of cookies on my thighs,
handed them their glasses and sipped my coffee. As I did, I realised
I'd screwed up again, this time telling them to sit where they were.
They had both crossed their legs and sat Indian style, which had
forced their nighties up their thighs uncovering their naked, down
covered pussies. I decided to ignore the sight in front of me and
said "OK girls, mom said I was to listen to your arguments, then
discuss my response, who wants to start by telling me why I should do
what you obviously want me to?" "We love you more than anyone else"
said Jenny firmly, "And you love us just as much" added Lisa with a
shy smile. "Fine" I said "But that also means I'm bound to protect
you, not abuse you." "But you wouldn't be abusing us Daddy, only
doing something we want you to do" replied Lisa "Not in law baby" I
replied softly, "As you're both under eighteen, and my blood
relatives I would be breaking two sets of laws at once."

"Shit" said Jenny so softly I almost didn't hear it, so I ignored it.
Jenny suddenly brightened up as she thought of something, "If you do
it Daddy, you would be protecting us. Protecting us from maybe
getting hurt by which ever boy did do it in the end." I shook my
head, "I would be protecting you if I made sure you never got near
boys old enough to do anything to you, wouldn't I?" "Well, if you did
it for us Daddy" said Lisa "At least you would be protecting us from
catching AIDS, or some other horrid disease, isn't that worth
thinking about?" I nodded "Of course it is darling, but a dollar
spent on condoms would do that just as well" I replied with a smirk.
I was beginning to enjoy this, especially as it was making the girls
think about why they were sitting there. The two of them put their
heads together for a moment and had a hurried whispered conversation.
When they were done Jenny said "OK Daddy. We give in for now. It's
obvious you don't want us to have the best first time a girl could
possible have. That's why mom told us to try to get you to be our
first lover, so we could be as lucky as she was. Even Grammy told us
you made it so good for mom she didn't feel any real pain." She then
leaned forward on to her knees, touched her soft warm lips to mine
and said tearfully "Goodnight Daddy. I don't suppose you would come
and tuck us in, if we promise to be good, would you?" I shook my head
"No darling, I wouldn't. What I will do is ask the two of you to come
and get into bed with me when all the plates and such are taken off
the bed. Then we can talk about your problem, if you still want to,
that is." With screams of delight they removed the plates and glasses
from the bed then scrambled under the covers and snuggled up close to
me as I switched out the light.

As we lay there in the dark the girls wrapped in the protective
circle of my arms Jenny and Lisa took turns kissing me passionately
on the lips, then Jenny said "Why Daddy, why did you change your
mind?" "I didn't change my mind Jenny darling" I replied, and before
I could say any more Lisa said softly "You just wanted to make sure
we knew what we were asking you to do, and also why we wanted you to
be the one. Isn't that it Daddy darling?" I turned my head and kissed
her tenderly. "Clever girl" I said softly, "I had to be sure
darlings, this is a very big step you're both wanting to take, if
only because it's something you can only do once. I feel very proud
that you should want me to be the one, but also that you actually
talked about it to your mother. To be honest girls, if you hadn't
done that I would have said no all the time. Most girls don't think
about what could happen and that's why so many get hurt, especially
when on bad dates. Now, let's go to sleep and we'll discuss this in
the morning, OK" a few minutes later a soft voice whispered "Daddy,
can I take my nightie off please, I'm too hot" "Yes, but no hanky
panky, or you go to your own beds, understood?" "Yes Daddy" they said
in unison, and after a quick scramble under the bedclothes I felt a
soft warm and very naked body being pressed to mine on both sides.
After a good deal of shuffling about both girls went to sleep laying
with their breasts pressed against my ribs, and their uppermost leg
wrapped over my thigh with both of their warm moist vaginas pressed
hard against them. It was a good thing they went to sleep so quickly,
that way they had no idea what they were doing to me and the erection
that appeared so quickly as they lay against me.

Who was I kidding, of course they knew, certainly by morning they
knew because I awoke feeling soft warm hands gently stroking my hard
throbbing penis as pussies were being ground against both my thighs.
I lay quite still, trying to regulate my breathing as I waited to see
just how far the girls could or would go. I didn't have to wait long
because a couple of minutes after I woke Jenny gave a low cry of
pleasure as she jerked and trembled against my thigh and chest as
what turned out to be her first proper orgasm rippled through her
young body. "God Sis" gasped Lisa "How did you do that so quick, I'm
still trying and nothings happening." Jenny was still gasping for
breath but managed to say "Try thinking about Daddy pushing his cock
in your pussy like I do my finger, Sis, that's what I did, and you
saw how it worked." It worked for Lisa too, because in just a few
minutes she was also crying out as she climaxed against my body just
as Jenny had earlier. That's when I 'woke up' and said "You girls are
going to have to learn to keep still if you want to do this again you
know. I just dreamt I was being shaken by an earthquake, what were
you doing?" "Nothing Daddy" said Jenny with a smile. She then wrapped
her small hand gently round my erection and said "Did we make this
happen Daddy?" I shook my head "No darling, it's like that every
morning when I wake up. Don't worry darling, it'll soon go away,
usually when I have a shower." Not to be outdone Lisa did the same as
her sister then asked "How do you make it go down Daddy, do you have
to make love to mom every morning before it will?" I laughed loud and
long, "Oh Lisa darling, your mother should be so lucky. No darling,
it's just the way my body tells me I have to go and empty my bladder,
you see with an erection a man can't actually have a proper pee. When
I stand up and relax myself it will start to get soft and I can pee,
something I have to do right now" I explained, then rolled off the
bed over Lisa and stepped smartly into the bathroom.

What I didn't do was to lock the door behind me. The girls curiosity
was now at it's peak, and they couldn't resist coming and watching me
take a leak. I fact Jenny went one stage further and came and stood
beside me and said "Daddy, can I hold your penis while you pee
please?" What the hell, they wanted to learn, let them, "OK darling"
I said and as she gently grasped my cock as I released it and at the
same time released a stream on hot urine she suddenly had difficulty
controlling. In the end there was no disaster, and as soon as I'd
done Jenny blushed, said "Thanks Daddy" and ran from the bathroom and
back to my bed. Having cleaned up I went back to bed and crawled
between the girls slipped my arms round them and allowed then to
snuggle up close to my chest. "Right then girls" I said "Where do you
want to start?" There was silence, either they didn't know, or didn't
want to make the first move. "Right, how about I make a start then,
will that be better for you?" I asked quietly "Yes please Daddy"
whispered Lisa as she wriggled her chest against my ribs. Very gently
I removed the arm round Jenny's shoulders and turned to face Lisa,
pressing her tenderly on to her back, before raising myself up on to
my elbow and looking down at her beautiful smiling face. "Right Lisa
darling, if I do anything that you don't like, I want you to tell me,
all right my darling?" Lisa nodded, I then lowered my lips to hers
and kissed her warmly and passionately. At the same time I was gently
sliding my free hand down her chest and over her firm flushed and
swollen breasts, one by one, gently squeezing them and caressing them
with the tips of my fingers. Slowly I traced a spiral round each
breast from the base to the tip of each hard throbbing nipple,
pinching them between finger and thumb, and rolling them back and
forth eliciting gasp after gasp of extreme pleasure from between
Lisa's lips as I flicked the tip of my tongue at hers. "Oh Daddy,
don't stop, please don't stop darling, it feels so good darling, do
it some more please, touch my titties again Daddy darling, please
darling please Agggghhhhh.. YES.. YES.. YES.." As I abandoned her
breasts with my hand I covered one with my lips, sucking at her
nipple as I slid my hand down her abdomen and covered her hot wet
swollen pussy with it, pressing my middle finger between her lip and
wiggling it at the entrance to her virginal womanhood. After a few
seconds I moved my finger up to her clit and rubbed it round and
round as I still suckled at her breast until she screamed in ecstasy
as she experienced her first male induced orgasm.

As Lisa lay back spent and gasping for breath I turned to Jenny to
find she was laying with her legs open wide and her hands beneath her
head. As Jenny was so ready I placed a firm kiss on her lips as I
caressed her breasts with my fingertips for a moment or two, then I
went down to her breasts with my lips and spent a while sucking and
flicking her nipples with my tongue. This started her gasping for
breath, and I thought she was close to orgasm, so delayed for a
second what I was going to do next. When she didn't cum I gave one
last flick of a nipple with my tongue then slid down the bed until I
could cover her hot wet and very swollen pussy with my open mouth. As
Jenny screamed with pleasure at feeling my mouth engulf her cunt I
closed my mouth and sucked hard at her lower lips, pushing my tongue
between them as far as it would go, then moved it out and up her
sopping wet slit until I could find her clit. There it sat, poking
out from it's protective hood, throbbing to the beat of Jenny's
heart, and just waiting for my lips to catch it and suck hard. As it
slipped into my mouth I pressed my tongue against it and pushed it
firmly against my upper teeth, rolling it from side to side and
making Jenny arch her back, and thrash and jerk her hips as she tried
to control the ecstasy that was spreading from the centre of her sex
all through her young body and turning into the greatest orgasm she
had ever known. It suddenly exploded within her body, spreading out
from her clitoral bud, burning all her nerve endings from her mons to
her toes and fingers. "Agggghhhhh.." she screamed "I'MMMM
final shuddering gasp she collapsed in a limp heap beside me and fell
into a dead faint.

As I lay back Lisa climbed over my body, looked at her sister and
said "Is Jenny OK Daddy, she looks all funny laying there like that."
I smiled at her, "Yes darling, she just fainted, she'll be OK in a
minute or so, you see." Five minutes later and Jenny was opening her
eyes and looking into her sisters, "What happened Sis, I can't
remember anything after Daddy bit my clitty. He didn't bite it off
did he?" Lisa shook her head and grinned "Don't be silly Sis, Daddy
didn't bite it, he told me he just pressed it against his teeth with
his tongue. I guess that made it a really good orgasm?" Jenny just
nodded, "So good Sis, I can't describe what it felt like, all I know
is mom was right, Daddy's got to be the best lover in the world." I
leaned over Lisa's body and said "Well, thank you Jenny for those few
kind words. I think now is the time for us all to take a shower then
go and get some breakfast, don't you?" As I rolled off the bed Lisa
also rolled over to lay on her back, naked and beautiful, and she
said "Do we shower with you Daddy, is that what you mean?" I nodded
and held out my hand, "If you can manage it Lisa darling, I do think
I'll have to carry your sister though, don't you." With that I walked
round the bed, bent down and scooped Jenny up in my arms and carried
her to the bathroom where I set her down on her feet and turned the
water on. The initial cold blast woke Jenny up and she jumped into my
arms so I took the blast instead of her. When the water was warm
enough we helped wash each other, then got dried off and I sent the
girls to get dressed for breakfast, doing the same myself. The rest
of that day was like no other I'd spent with the girls. Even just
sitting in the sun soaking up the warmth and tanning rays felt good.
As we had no one overlooking our place Jenny asked if they could take
their tops off and just wear their bikini bottoms. I agreed, some
would say for purely selfish reasons, I say, so what! It was still
great to be able to look at such wonderful young naked bodies.

I also got to apply tanning oil on to the girls smooth tender skin,
back and front. Jenny had a tiny orgasm as I tenderly rubbed it well
into her firm upstanding breasts, and Lisa tried to get me to slip my
hand inside her bikini bottoms to give her one too. We just had a
sandwich for lunch, mainly so we didn't spend time in the kitchen
cooking when we could be enjoying the sunshine. By the time dinner
got close it was getting cooler anyway and the girls went to shower
and change while I made a start preparing it. Before I'd done
anything Lisa came down, covered only by a short towel and said
"Daddy, could we just have a pizza for dinner tonight, Jenny and I
don't feel like eating anything too special." Unable to refuse them
anything I agreed, and followed her upstairs, stripping off in the
bathroom and telling them to choose what they wanted and phone the
order through, Lisa went to do this just as I was joined by a naked
Jenny who offered to wash me. "What's this Jenny darling, stealing a
March on your sister, you're asking for trouble aren't you?" Jenny
looked up at me and grinned impishly, "Oh, no Daddy, you know I
wouldn't try to cheat Lisa, we cut the cards and I won. Lisa gets to
do it next time" she stopped washing me, looked me in the eye and
said softly "Oh yes, and I get to go first in the cherry popping
queue too." "Ahhh, I was hoping you might have forgotten about that"
I said softly, Jenny grinned and stretched up to kiss me on the lips
"Not a chance Daddy darling, I'm afraid it's me tonight and Lisa in
the morning, or as soon as you can manage it. Is that all right with
you darling?" I slipped my arms round her naked back and pressed her
breasts to my chest, smiling as she tried to move them about against
my coarse hairs, then, before I kissed her passionately said "Yes my
darling, if that's what you want, that's what you shall have."

By the time we were dried and dressed Lisa was paying off the
delivery girl and brought the warm boxes into the kitchen where I
carved them up, put the boxes on a large tray and took them into the
Den where we sat and munched our way through them. I offered to clean
up and do the dishes tonight, getting the expected cat calls and
hoots of derision at having to put a couple of boxes in the trash. I
then brought us drinks to wash down the food and we all sat together
on the sofa relaxing in the silence as we waited for bed time to come
around. It did soon enough, too soon for me, as I still wasn't
completely at ease with what I was about to do. I told myself it was
what the girls wanted, and that their mother not only approved of it,
but was actively encouraging my actions. In the end I sat up, said
softly "Come on girls, it's time for bed, you two go and get in while
I lock up, I'll join you in a couple of minutes." The girls got up,
smiled at me and walked hand in hand, and in complete silence, out of
the room and up the stairs as I checked the doors and windows on the
ground floor. By the time I got up stairs the girls were standing
beside the bed wearing just their bra and panties, and talking softly
between themselves. "What are you waiting for girls?" I asked, "You
Daddy" said Lisa "We want to get into bed with you, but can't do that
unless you're in bed all ready." I smiled at how literal they were
being, but saw their point and slowly undressed before climbing under
the comforter and laying on my back covered up to my chin. Slowly the
girls reached behind themselves and undid the clasps of their bras.
They then, almost in sync, allowed them to slip down their arms, to
be caught in their hands and thrown on to the foot of the bed.

The next thing they did ensured a decent erection, if nothing else
did. They both placed their fingers inside the waistband of their
panties and pushed them down until I could see the top of each patch
of down that covered their mons. They then turned round and showed me
their panties had been pushed down to just below the swell of their
firm rounded buttocks. They then bent at the waist and slowly pushed
their panties the rest of the way down their legs, slowly uncovering
both their swollen pussy lips that glistened in the light cast by the
night light beside my bed. As they lifted one foot to be free of
their panties they both placed it so they were spreading their thighs
wide open, displaying their vaginal lips and showing me just how
aroused they were. I was also aroused and almost jumped out of bed
and rammed my cock into both pussies in quick succession, breaking
both cherries in single hard strokes of my hard throbbing prick.
That's not how I wanted to do it though. I wanted them to enjoy every
moment, and this was part of it for them, and I realised they were
getting more aroused by their actions than I was. I lay back and
forced myself to be still, but made sure they knew I was enjoying
every second of their show. It took just one look at my face for them
to realise just what I though and the pair of them climbed on to the
bed on hands and knees, pussies dripping, and chests heaving as they
pulled back the comforter uncovering my hard throbbing erection and
gasping at the way it bounced about in time with my heartbeat. "Now
please Daddy. I'm ready now" gasped Jenny as she straddled my thighs
and covered my lips with hers in a soft warm passionate kiss. I took
Jenny's hands and lifted her to a kneeling position over my prick. I
then felt Lisa take hold of it and move it about beneath Jenny as she
tried to find the place for it to go.

Eventually, as Jenny pressed down gently the head of my cock slipped
into her vaginal opening and Jenny sank down until she felt her pussy
lips touching Lisa's hand as it grasped my cock still. Lisa was
holding my cock very tight, and Jenny was pressing down on her hand
at the same time. Therefore when Lisa suddenly let go of my cock
Jenny couldn't react quickly enough to prevent her slipping further
down the shaft. "Aggghhhh…" cried out Jenny as we both felt my
cockhead rip through her hymen, destroying it for ever, and covering
my erection with streaks of Jenny's virginal blood. Jenny sat there
for a moment then lifted her head, brushed away the tears that she
couldn't prevent from forming and said softly "It didn't really hurt
Daddy, I was just taken my surprise, that all. I'll be fine in a
minute, you see." I forced myself to sit up, took Jenny in my arms
and hugged her tight to me then kissed her lovingly. "There's no
shame in admitting this hurt Jenny my darling, that's all part of
being a woman, it also does help if you cry a little as well, that
way I get the chance to comfort you, and tell you I'm sorry I hurt
you so much." Jenny looked at me, smiled and then allowed me to kiss
away the tears that refused to go away. I them said very softly
"Jenny darling, I'm sorry it had to hurt like that, I couldn't help
it. Will you forgive me please my love?" Jenny kissed me lovingly and
whispered "Yes Daddy darling, I forgive you, and I thank you for
doing this for me. Now my darling daddy, will you please fuck my
brains out so I can see what it feels like to have your big prick
ramming in and out of my tiny cunt." I chuckled and shook my head,
"Not likely, you're on top, you do it, see if you can cum before I
do" and I lay back down again and put my hands behind my head and
closed my eyes.

I don't know where she learned what to do but Jenny proved herself
capable of almost anything when she started to fuck herself on my
erection. To start with she rubbed her pussy lips on my pubic hair,
suddenly realising she was also rubbing her clit on the base of my
cock at the same time. This got her gasping with pleasure soon enough
and when she started to bounce up and down on me she started to cry
out loud that it felt good. I tried to remain unaffected by what
Jenny was doing but as Lisa was laying on my chest kissing my lips
and sucking and nibbling my hard nipples I wasn't able to do it for
long. All too soon I was responding to Jenny's bounces by short sharp
jerks of my hips that soon turned into long hard thrusts timed to
meet her downward movement, doubling the time it took for my cock to
pull almost out of her hot grasping pussy, and halving the time it
took to ram my cockhead against the mouth of her cervix. All the time
Jenny was crying "YES, YES, YES" each time she felt me fill her
vaginal passage, until suddenly, without warning, she rammed herself
down hard on my pelvic mound, and began writhing about as she
My simultaneous cries saying the same were drowned out by Jenny's,
and all I could do was to thrust and jerk my hips against her
writhing bottom and pour a huge stream of cum deep into her soft
young body. Lisa rolled off my chest and lay beside me looking up at
the state of her sister as she sat there, spent and drooping, her
head hanging down and her hair falling over her face like wet string.
All this time Jenny was still trembling with reaction after her
climax, and as soon as I recovered my composure I gently eased her
down to lay on my chest. As Jenny lay on me, still gasping for breath
I tenderly stroked her back, and hugged her gently to me, until I
felt her give a long shuddering sigh, and heard her sob quietly into
my chest.

After a couple of minutes I gently rolled Jenny off me and on to her
back, then leaned over her and kissed her tenderly on the lips before
whispering "Jenny my darling, are you OK?" she opened her eyes,
looked into mine and said in a soft whisper "Yes Daddy, I'm fine
thanks, I'm very fine, that was so wonderful Daddy darling, I wish we
could have done it a long time ago. Can we do it again soon please,
I'm sure it'll be better without my cherry being in the way." Jenny
then slipped her arms round my neck and pulled me down so she could
kiss me properly. "I can't wait to tell mom how gentle you were, and
how good you made me feel Daddy, I hope Lisa has as good a time in
the morning." Just then I felt Lisa climb over my side, she then
looked down at her sister and said softly "Don't you worry I will,
believe me Sis, I will." As I lay beside Jenny I was kissing her
tenderly all over, as well as gently stroking my fingertips over her
soft smooth skin. That's when I noticed she was covered with a film
of perspiration. "Jenny darling, I think it would be a good idea if
we had a shower, we're both sweaty and could do with cooling off
too." I rolled off the bed and just as Jenny went to follow me I said
"Hold on darling, let me carry you, it'll be much less messy." I
scooped her up in my arms and carried her to the bathroom where I
placed her down on her feet, in the shower. As soon as she was
upright she relaxed most of her muscles, then gave a mournful cry of
"Ooerr..." and I turned to see her looking between her feet at the
pool of our bloodstained mixed cum that appeared after running down
her inner thighs.

I kissed her tenderly on the nose as she looked up at me in disgust,
"Why do you think I carried you here Jenny darling. I knew what would
happen, didn't your mother tell you to watch out for the mess I make
when I have an orgasm?" Jenny giggled, and I heard her being echoed
from behind us. I turned after I switched on the shower, saw Lisa and
said "OK, come and join us, that way I might get a nights sleep, I
think I'm going to need it." In a flash Lisa was standing beside me,
pressing her firm breasts against my ribs and stroking my suddenly
swollen prick. "Come on girls" I said "You have to play fair, or I
don't play at all. Understand?" "Yes Daddy" they said in unison, and
burst into a fit of the giggles before settling down to having a
shower, only occasionally interfering with me as I had mine. After
drying off the girls joined me in bed, wrapped themselves in my arms
and snuggled up close to my naked body before drifting off into a
deep dreamless sleep. Next morning I awoke to the feeling of a Hoover
trying to eviscerate me by sucking on my cock. I opened my eyes to
see it was only Lisa trying to get me hard enough to be of some use
to her. It didn't take long and she was soon laying her head on my
shoulder and asking me to hurry and wake up so she could lose her
cherry. "Please Daddy, I don't want to wait too long, can we do it
now please?" I rolled over to face her, pressed my lips to hers in a
soft warm passionate kiss and said softly "Of course we can darling,
all you have to think about is how you want to do it." Scrabbling up
on to her knees beside my thigh Lisa smiled down at me and said
softly "Can I have it just the same as Jenny please Daddy, it seemed
to be rather good that way." I grinned and nodded, "Of course Lisa
darling, do you want Jenny to help you the same way you helped her?"
with a gentle shake of her head Lisa said "No Daddy, I asked her to
leave us alone for a few minutes so I can try to do it all by myself.
Can we do it right now please Daddy darling, I'm really ready, you
feel" and she got up on to her knees and opened her thighs slightly
so I could see her swollen glistening pussy lips.

With a smile I nodded and lay back against the stack of pillows
behind me, held out my hands to her and watched as she climbed over
my pelvis to straddle my hips and position herself over the tip of my
hard throbbing erection. Reaching down between her thigh Lisa grasped
the shaft of my cock in her soft warm hand and guided the tip to the
slick opening of her virgin passage. As soon as she felt my cock was
in the correct position she gently lowered herself until we both felt
my cockhead slip into her vagina and slide slowly up to her
maidenhead. Here Lisa stopped momentarily, gasping as she felt my
prick pressing hard against her maiden barrier. Then, without any
warning, she released her hold on my cock and simply dropped down to
sit on my pelvis, crying out loud as she felt my manhood tear through
her hymen and plunge deep into her body. The only reason Lisa stopped
taking any more of my cock inside her was that she was sitting on my
thighs, her soft down mixing with my coarse pubic hair as she
wriggled herself back and forth rubbing her clit against my hard
pubic bone. Despite the tears streaming down her soft flushed cheeks
Lisa managed to bring herself to a screaming crashing climax long
before I was even close to orgasm. As it was she collapsed forwards
on to my chest gasping for breath and tremors rippling up and down
her young frame as she reacted to her massive orgasm while laying in
my encircling arms. Lisa had made so much noise that Jenny came
dashing into the bedroom to see if her sister was all right. As it
happened Jenny arrived just as Lisa was opening her eyes and rolling
off my chest and softening cock and gasping her thanks to me for
giving her such a wonderful experience.

It was almost an hour later that Lisa and I made it to the kitchen
for breakfast, and then all we wanted was cereals and toast with
juice for the girls and coffee for me. With the weather being so
good, and the girls still being off school most of the day was spent
by the pool with me laying on a lounger and the girls alternately
swimming and sunbathing. I soon got the idea that they wanted to be
feeling my hands on their naked flesh because every time they came
put of the pool they had me dry them off and apply sunblock, which
was of course washed off next time they took a dip. The one time I
did decide to take a dip I found myself with a couple of limpets
attached to me. Jenny managed to get in front of me and I soon found
her legs wrapped round my waist. This wouldn't have been too bad had
it not been for the fact that Lisa was standing behind me tugging at
the waistband of my swim shorts while Jenny was wriggling to get her
bikini bottoms off her hips. The end result was that Jenny was soon
impaled on my hard throbbing erection and having an almost weightless
fuck while her sister cupped my balls in her hand in an effort to
make me cum hard and fast. She succeeded, and very well, too. It only
took me a few minutes to be crying out softly that I was about to cum
and Jenny wrapped herself round me like a clinging vine as she thrust
her hips against mine, clenching her vaginal muscles tight as she
felt my pulsating cock spewing a stream of hot sticky semen deep into
her soft warm body. Seconds later Jenny was also in the throes of an
orgasm, her arms wrapped round my neck, her legs round my hips and
her head an my shoulder as she cried out over and over again ..."YES,
YES, YES..." as she thrust her hips at mine in short jerks.

We stood there joined together, for a few minutes before I decided to
get out of the water. To this end I began to walk to the steps, with
Jenny still wrapped round my body, until she suddenly felt the heat
of the sun on her hips and legs. She opened her eyes, looked into
mine and pressed her soft warm lips to mine whispering "Thank you
Daddy, that was soooo good, can we do it again some time please?" I
gave her a hug, then a gentle pat on the bottom as she slowly relaxed
her legs and slid down my body to stand shakily on her own two feet
once more. As Jenny wriggled her bottom to adjust her bikini bottoms
I felt Lisa come up behind me and do the same for my swim shorts. She
then came and stood up close to my chest, slipped her arms round me
and hugged me saying, "How long before you're ready for me Daddy
darling? I can wait if I have to, if you're too tired that is." I
placed a tender kiss on her forehead as I slipped my hands down the
back of her bikini so I could cup her firm ass cheeks and pull her
hips close to mine. This made her moan softly as she felt my hard
throbbing erection pressing against her mons, and she laid her head
on my chest and sighed as she ground her hips round and round, helped
by the pressure I was applying to her butt. "Why don't we go and get
rid of all this chlorine in the shower Lisa darling" I said softly,
and she pushed herself upright and gave me a most wonderful smile as
she gasped "Oh.. yes please Daddy, can we fuck in the shower?"
Suddenly her face dropped as she saw me shake my head, and she looked
even worse when I said "No Lisa darling, we can't fuck in the shower"
"Oh, please Daddy, I can see you're nice and hard, is it because
you're too tired. If so then it's not fair that Jenny gets to go
first every time and I have to wait 'til you've had a rest." By now
Lisa was almost pouting like a spoiled child, and as we entered the
bathroom and I turned on the shower she seemed almost ready to forget
the whole idea. "Come on baby" I said softly, "Come and have a shower
with me, I'll let you wash me all over, then I'll do the same for
you, OK?" By now I'd removed my swim shorts and stepped under the jet
of water, standing naked and holding my hands out to her. With a
shrug Lisa gave a rueful smile, pushed her bikini bottoms (all she
was wearing by now) off and placed her hands in mine, allowing me to
pull her gently up to me. As she stepped close to me I gave her a hug
and lifted her chin so I could kiss her tenderly on the hips. "Come
on Lisa darling, let's get cleaned up before all the hot water is
gone" and I began to rub a soapy washcloth all over her back as I
pressed her breasts against my chest. After a few minutes of washing
Lisa turned her back to me and allowed me to do the same to her
front, only this time I concentrated on her breasts and her down
covered pussy.

This got Lisa well and truly aroused, and by the time I was done she
was laying back against my chest gasping with pleasure each time my
hand moved over her body. I stood there for a few minutes holding
Lisa tight to me, then she suddenly stood upright, spun round and
began to do the same for me. She did my back first, then washed my
chest, allowing the shower to rinse me off as she knelt in front of
me and washed my legs down. Suddenly Lisa gave up all pretence of
washing me and, dropping the washcloth at my feet she grasped my semi
erect penis and held it in front of her face. As I looked down at
what she was doing Lisa looked up into my face and with a slight
blush opened her mouth and engulfed my suddenly stiffening cock. As
the head of my cock slid over her tongue it gave an involuntary
twitch that caused Lisa to pull back in surprise. She looked up at me
and smiled as she replaced her mouth to cover my cockhead once more.
Lisa then proceeded to give me the first blow job she ever gave to
anyone. What she lacked in technique she made up for with enthusiasm
and I had to push her off me before I surprised her with the load of
hot sticky cum that was building up in me. Tenderly I pulled Lisa to
her feet and said "Turn round and lean on the wall darling." With a
puzzled frown she did as I told her, and as soon as she was bending
over slightly I took hold of her hips with one hand, my cock in the
other and slowly pressed in into her wet swollen pussy. In a single
gentle stroke I pressed home, until I could feel my pubic mount
pressing against her ass cheeks, and hear her crying out with
pleasure as she felt my hard throbbing prick invade her soft warm
tight vaginal passage. Leaning forward I cupped my hands over her
firm flushed swollen breasts, nipping each nipple between my middle
fingers as I stroked and caressed her mammary mounds, all the time
gently pounding my hips at her butt, and ramming my hard throbbing
cock in and out of her wet warm grasping cuntal muscles. It didn't
take long for Lisa to be screaming out as her orgasm exploded inside
her, making her young body shake and tremble as I held her close to
me in the circle of my arms.

As Lisa calmed down I allowed her to slide to the floor of the
shower, and leaned her up against the wall to regain her breath and
composure. I stood a foot or so away from where Lisa was sitting and
with a sudden grin I grasped my still hard throbbing penis in my hand
and began to jerk off. That was the moment that Jenny decided to come
and see why everything had gone quiet after Lisa had been screaming
so loud. "Daddy, what are you doing?" asked Jenny as she stepped into
the shower to stand beside me. Before I could answer we heard Lisa
say softly "Daddy didn't cum Sis, I guess he needs a bit of help."
Jenny looked at me and we both smiled, I then pulled her round to
stand beside me and showed her how to masturbate me. With one arm
round my waist Jenny reached round my side and began to gently move
her grasping hand up and down the length of my hard pulsating cock as
I slid my hand round her side and cupped her naked breast in my hand.
With all the stimulation I'd already received, and the wonderful job
Jenny was doing in jerking me off it was only a couple of minutes
before I was gasping out "I'm going to cum Jenny darling, in cumming
NOOOOWWWW.. and with a jerk of my hips against Jenny's hand I began
to pump a stream of hot sticky cum across the short distance that
separated Lisa and me. It was a pure accident that Jenny was holding
my pulsating cock at such an angle that the first few spurts hit Lisa
full in the face, some even shooting into her mouth as she opened it
in surprise. Some instinct seemed to make Jenny move her hands faster
as she saw me cumming, and she was soon gasping in wonderment as she
watched the almost unending stream of semen shooting from the end of
my prick as she pumped harder and harder. Eventually Jenny's arm and
wrist gave out and she allowed my still cum dripping cock to fall
from her grasp. That's when she decided to take a further step in her
sexual lessons. Without warning she dropped to her knees, as Lisa had
done a few minutes ago, and took my cum soaked cockhead into her
mouth. Closing her lips she sucked hard, and then worked her tongue
round the tip as she tried to clean me up as much as possible.

When she finally let my cock fall from her mouth Jenny looked up at
me and grinned, "That was nice Daddy, some of my girlfriends said it
tastes pretty awful, but I like it." She then turned to kneel beside
her sister who was just opening her eyes. "Me too Sis" she said as
she licked her lips clean of the cum splatters, "I think it's really
yummy, maybe we can try it again some time?" By now Jenny was leaning
over Lisa's body and running her fingers through the small pools of
cooling cum that lay there. Each time she coated her fingers she
lifted them to her mouth and sucked them clean. Lisa started to
do the same, and very soon all it needed was a quick spray with the
shower head and Lisa was clean again, at least clean enough to get
dried and slip her bathrobe on, the same as I'd done. As we lay in
bed that night, the girls snuggling up close to me as I wrapped my
arms round them, Jenny looked up into my eyes and said softly "Did I
do that jerking off thing right Daddy?" I hugged her close and said
"You did a really good job of it darling, I think the end result
showed that, don't you?" Jenny blushed prettily and continued "I
thought I was going to be hurting you though Daddy, especially when I
was going so fast, then when I saw how much was shooting out of your
penis......" "You should have seen it from my angle Sis" said Lisa
with a giggle, "I thought someone had turned a hose pipe on; then I
opened my mouth to say stop and suddenly it was full of Daddy's hot
cum. I didn't mean to swallow it, but I was so surprised I just did
it without thinking. That's when I knew I liked the taste of Daddy's
cum, and I want to try it again, and soon." "Me too" responded Jenny
as she wriggled her naked body against mine. "Yes well, maybe, but
not tonight, perhaps you can show your mother what you've learned
when she comes home." This made them both giggle again, and they were
still at it when I finally drifted off to sleep.

What woke me next morning I don't know, I do know that I was alone in
bed, an unusual thing for me these past few days. I got up and went
and had a shower, followed by getting dressed. When I went to go down
to the kitchen I heard a noise as I passed the girls bedroom door
that sparked my curiosity. Opening the door as silently as I could I
peeked in, to find the girls wrapped around each other in a tight 69
clinch, and enjoying every second of it, if the noises they were
making were anything to go by. Just as I went to leave them to their
lovemaking Jenny, who was on the bottom, allowed her head to fall to
one side, and saw me standing there watching. Her shriek of
embarrassment alerted Lisa who also cried out in surprised at being
caught in a compromising position. I covered the distance between the
door and the bed in a couple of strides and soon had both girls in my
arms comforting them and trying to calm them down. It took me some
time to convince them that I wasn't mad at them over what they were
doing, "The only thing I might be mad about is you NOT telling me you
were going to be trying something like this." Jenny looked up at me
and said "But we thought you'd be mad at us for acting like lesbians
Daddy, it's just that we wanted to see if we could have the same sort
of orgasms as we had when you did it." "And did you?" I asked with a
smile. Lisa shook her head "No Daddy, they were OK I suppose, but not
as good as they were with you. Is it always like that, girl to girl I
mean?" I shook my head, "I don't think so darling, though to be
honest it's not something I've had to think about, maybe you can ask
your mother when she gets home, I'm sure she'll know more about it
than me." This made the girls giggle as they snuggled up close to me
on Jenny's unmade bed.

As we sat having breakfast a little later the phone in the hall rang
and Jenny leapt up to answer it, calling for Lisa after a couple of
minutes. I thought it was one of their friends calling, until Lisa
called for me to come and speak to Julia. "Hello stud" she greeted
me, and I could hear the laughter in her voice, "I guess you won't
have had time to miss me will you darling" she continued. "That's
where you're wrong my love" I replied, "At least with you here I
might have the chance to get some rest, these two are wearing me out
with their constant demands for new experiences. Did they tell you
what I caught them doing this morning?" Julia giggled "Yes, and how
embarrassed they were. Can't you show them how to get the best out of
each other, you know, like you get the best out of me?" I chuckled
"Oh, I think you're much better qualified to teach them that lesson
darling, I think they can wait until you get home for a masterclass,
don't you?" I could almost hear her blush, and just before I replaced
the phone I said softly "Serves you right, after all you started
this, now you can finish it." Damn, I suddenly thought; I didn't ask
her when she was coming home, I wonder if she told one of the girls.
As it happened Jenny had asked her, and it was going to be some time
today, probably late afternoon or early evening. The girls and I
spent the rest of the day in the yard sunning ourselves, at least the
girls were sunning themselves, I spent most of my time watching them.
This wasn't anything to do with sex, at least not directly. I was
getting worried that what I had been doing to them might be affecting
them, and I was looking for signs of them being worried, or bothered
about me spending my time staring at them as they swam in the pool or
lay on blankets in the sun. The only thing I saw was them chatting
away like a pair of teenage girls, and occasionally glancing my way
as they had a fit of the giggles. After a while Jenny came over and
sat on my lap, her bikini leaving a damp patch on my shorts and shirt
as she snuggled up close to my chest. "Is anything the matter Daddy
darling, you seem to be staring at us such a lot?" she asked softly.
I shook my head "Not really my love, I just wanted to make sure you
were happy with what we've been doing the past few days, that's all."
Jenny sat upright, looked me in the eyes and said, with a smile "Oh,
Daddy, you're not worried that we might think you're abusing us, are
you?" I gave a tiny nod of my head, "Yes Jenny my darling, that's
just what I am worried about, you know it's not natural for us to be
having sex the way we do...." Before I could say anything more Jenny
had her lips locked on mine and was kissing me as passionately as she
ever had. That was when Lisa glanced up and saw her sister was
kissing me, and decided to get in on the act. "Cheating bitch!!" Lisa
cried as she pulled on Jenny's arm to get her off my lap, "You know
we agreed we wouldn't bother Daddy again until mom got home, and here
you are kissing him while my backs turned." Jenny got up, took Lisa
by the hand and walked over to the side of the pool, where they got
into a deep and animated discussion.

After a couple of minutes they both came over to where I was sitting,
each took hold of one of my hands and pulled me to my feet. "Come
with us please Daddy, we have something to show you in our bedroom."
Like a lamb I followed them, safe in the knowledge that they were
going to behave at least until Julia arrived. How naive of me, and
what a difference it seemed to make to all of us. When we got to the
girls bedroom I followed them in, and Jenny closed the door tight
behind us as Lisa said for me to sit on her bed. They then both stood
in front of me, and Jenny said softly "Daddy, will you please promise
us that you will forget all about how you might be abusing Lisa and
I. What you're doing is showing us how much you love us, and what a
huge sacrifice you've made teaching us how to enjoy making love and
sex in general." Before I could say anything they both skinned off
their bikinis and stood naked close up to my knees as they leaned
forward to begin stripping my shirt off. I was then pulled to my feet
and Lisa knelt down and pulled my shorts off, leaving me as naked as
they were. The girls both came and slipped their arms round my chest
and snuggled their naked bodies up close to mine as Jenny said
"Daddy, we want you to help make our tries at girl/girl sex a lot
better. Will you make love to us both doggie fashion while we try to
eat each other. It'll be better if you don't cum with the first one,
but don't worry too much if you do, I'm sure we can get you hard
again between us." They both giggled at this, knowing full well they
could do just that, and with a good deal of ease, considering the
practice they've been getting. Jenny produced a dime, tossed it and
Lisa called heads correctly, choosing to be underneath first. In a
flash Lisa was laying on her bed, knees bent and thighs wide apart as
she waited for Jenny to crawl over her, straddle her head and place
her mouth on Lisa's hot wet pussy. I heard her long low moan of
pleasure as I crawled on the bed behind Jenny and took hold of the
sweep of her hips as I touched the tip of my cock to her hot wet and
very swollen pussy lips. Before I could move any further I felt
Lisa's soft warm hand gently grasp the shaft of my cock and tenderly
guide it into her sisters dripping cunt, releasing it when I was
fully home, then cupping my balls tenderly in her hand as I began to
rock back and forth against Jenny's firm rounded ass cheeks as I
rammed my hard throbbing cock in and out of her love tunnel. While I
expected Jenny to climax, I didn't think Lisa would, after all they'd
had no real success the last time they tried making it with each
other. This time though there was something different, and that made
a difference to the outcome of their current try. The instant that
Jenny began to scream in ecstasy as she climaxed on my pounding cock,
muffled though she was by Lisa's swollen cunt lips being pressed to
her mouth, Lisa also cried out as she also had an orgasm, later
putting it down to the stimulation of watching my hard prick sliding
in and out of her sisters hot wet swollen cunt lips.

For some few minutes we all held our positions as we gasped for
breath and regained our composure. Then I gently pulled out of Jenny
and sat back on my heels as I watched the girls kissing and sucking
at each others pussy lips. Suddenly Jenny knelt upright and said
softly "Come on Sis, time to change over" and flopped on her back
beside Lisa waiting for the feel of a pair of soft warm sisterly lips
to begin working on her hot wet and very swollen pussy. As soon as
Lisa was in position over Jenny I shuffled up close and allowed Jenny
to guide me into Lisa, returning the assistance Lisa had rendered a
few minutes earlier. This time though Jenny reached up with her mouth
and clamped it on the junction of my cockshaft and Lisa's glistening
lips, sucking for all she was worth, at least for a little while.
What stopped Jenny from licking Lisa and I was that she was soon in
the throes of her own increasing arousal as she got closer and closer
to orgasm. The sight in front of her eyes and the feeling of Lisa
sucking and lapping at her cunt and clitty was more than enough to
have Jenny suddenly screaming out once more as she was hit by a
massive orgasm. Jenny was closely followed by my shouts as I began to
pump a massive stream of semen deep into Lisa's hot grasping cuntal
passage. This was enough to take Lisa over the edge and the instant
she felt the heat of my cum splashing against the sides of her love
tunnel she screamed out again and again that she was cumming. I had
cum so hard that my cock instantly shrank to almost nothing and as I
felt it slipping out of Lisa's grasping pussy lips I sat back on my
heels once more and watched what was going on in front of me. Where
they got the idea from I don't know, but as soon as my cock slipped
out of Lisa's pussy she lowered her hips a little and relaxed
herself, allowing a stream of our mixed orgasmic juices to pour out
of her body and flood into Jenny's open mouth, conveniently waiting
an inch or so beneath it. That's when we all got a huge shock!

"Now what's all this rubbish about you girls not being able to get it
on with each other" we heard Julia say with a chuckle. "Mom!!" cried
Jenny and Lisa in unison, and they rolled apart and off the bed and
threw themselves at their mother as she stood smiling down at them.
After a couple of minutes cuddling and kissing the girls Julia came
and sat on my naked lap, placed her lips to mine and kissed me long
soft and tenderly before saying softly "Well Jack darling, was I
right to get you to do this for them?" I looked up at her and before
I could say anything Jenny placed her cheek against mine and said
"Yes Mom, even if Daddy still thinks he's abusing us, we think you
were right to get him to do it." Julia chuckled, then said softly
"Well darlings, from what I saw Daddy certainly seems to have made a
difference to your girl/girl experiment, I told you it would depend
on the circumstances, didn't I?" Jenny and Lisa agreed with her, then
said they had to take a shower, pulling me to my feet to go and help
them clean up. Julia came with us, sitting on the edge of the tub as
the girls played with me while I tried to wash them. Eventually they
were both clean enough o get out of the shower and start to dry
themselves. I started to soap myself down, when I felt Julia getting
in beside me, and pressing her naked body against my slippery front.
"This is nice Jack darling" she said as she snuggled up close to me,
"I've really missed you, you know darling, and I have to admit to
being more than a little jealous of the girls every night I went to
bed alone." She paused for a moment, then leaned back a little,
looked up at me and said "You did enjoy making love to the girls,
didn't you my love?" I grinned sheepishly then said "To be honest
darling, I was always so worried I might be hurting them, or that
they would feel that I was abusing them, to really enjoy making love
to them. Until this evening that is. I realise now that I'm doing
what they want me to do, and know they're really enjoying having sex
with me. The only thing that worries me now, is whether I'll have the
strength to keep all three of you satisfied. I don't suppose you
thought about that when you went away, did you?" Julia shook her head
and smiled, by now we were climbing into our own bed and as she lay
down she said "Oh, I don't think we three will be any trouble darling
just be glad there's not more of us tonight." As we lay there, Julia
wrapped in my arms with her head on my chest, the bedroom door opened
slowly and we looked up to see the girls standing there, wearing
their T-shirt nighties, and looking all forlorn. "What's the matter
darlings?" asked Julia, "Err... we were wondering if we could come
and have a cuddle please Mom. Sleeping with Daddy every night has
made us want to do it all the time, but with you home I guess we
can't, can we?" Julia shuffled over and made space between us as she
beckoned the girls to come and get in each side of me. "Just a cuddle
tonight girls, we'll have to see about something more tomorrow when
we can work out some sort of schedule. We don't want to wear Daddy
out, so we have to get things organised." In a flash the girls were
in bed snuggled up close to me, their nighties up around their necks
so they could press their naked breasts against my chest as they took
it in turns to kiss and cuddle me. After a few minutes Julia gave
them a gentle pat on the bottom and said that time was up, and I
offered to go with them and tuck them into bed and kiss them
goodnight. A few minutes later I was back in bed with Julia and we
were settling down to sleep when I suddenly asked "What did you mean
darling, when you said I should be glad there wasn't more than the
three of you, are you planning to have someone else join us
sometime?" The chuckle I started tapered off quite quickly when I saw
the smile on her lips, and I knew I was suddenly very pale as I
waited for her answer. "Well Jack darling, I did ask my sister Sue to
come and stay with us for a week or so, mom told me that she's been
having problems since her husband ran off with some young girl from
work. She hasn't had a really good fucking for over six months, and I
said if you managed to survive this last week with the girls I was
sure you could also manage Sue and her two girls as well." My nieces
were almost exactly the same age as our own daughters, and I suddenly
realised just what I'd let myself in for, two women and four teenage
girls all to be looking for my attentions, I suddenly doubted that I
would be able to survive very long with six of them, but what a way
to go........................... .


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