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Lets Play Dare


WARNING: This story is a work of fiction that contains descriptions of
explicit sexual acts between females. If this type of content offends you,
or you are under the age of 18, do not read it.


My two girlfriends and I sat at a long lab table in the last row of the
crowed high school freshman science class. We were so bored we could
scream. Finally, Tina, who was sitting in the middle, whispered, "Hey,
wanna have some fun?"

"Sure," I said. "What's up."

"Let's play dare," she said.

"OK," I whispered, ready for anything to relieve the boredom.

Patsy, who was on Tina's right, leaned in and said, "I wanna play too."

"Linda, you go first," Tina said to me.

I nodded, keeping an eye on our teacher to make sure he hadn't noticed
us talking. He was too busy drawing silly diagrams on the blackboard.

"What do I have to do?" I asked.

"I dare you to touch yourself," Tina said.

Patsy gave out a little chuckle, watching me out of the corner of her

I was wearing shorts so I slowly took my hand off the lab table, letting
it drop into my lap. I waited five or so seconds then started to let my
fingertips work their way under the edge of my shorts.

"No," Tina whispered. "From the top."

Damn, I thought. That's gonna be tough. Waiting for a few more
seconds, I moved my hand to my waist, sucking my tummy in enough to make
room in my tight shorts. Then I slid my hand down inside my panties. This
was definitely more fun than listening to the science lecture, I admitted
to myself as I cupped my freshly shaved mound. Since there was no reason
to miss an opportunity, I gave my clit a little attention with my fingertip
just to get a rush. It responded immediately by perking up and making my
pussy quiver. I wanted to keep going because I had been in such a hurry
that morning that I didn't have time to lie in bed and masturbate. But
instead, I pulled my hand out and crossed my arms. With a big smile, I
looked at Tina.

"Not bad," she said, giving me her "thought I'd get you on that one"

Now it was my turn. I decided to dare Patsy. With a sly grin, I
whispered, "I dare you to finger yourself."

Tina winked at me as we watched our girlfriend squirm. Patsy wore a
mini, so after waiting a few seconds, she let her hand drop to her lap.
Then she spread her legs slightly and moved her hand under her skirt. I
couldn't see for sure but I knew by the slight tremble in her body and the
soft moan that she had found her mark. For the next thirty seconds, Patsy
closed her eyes, opened her mouth slightly and ran her tongue seductively
over her lips. She obviously enjoyed playing with herself. Finally Patsy
brought her hand up, resting it on the table. I could see that her middle
finger was wet.

I leaned toward her and jokingly said, "How do I know you're not faking

Tina giggled as Patsy reached past her and held her finger to my nose.
Her musky scent was unmistakable. I took a quick glance at the front of
the room making sure the teacher had his back to us. Then I stuck out my
tongue and got a delicious sample.

"Save me some," Tina whispered.

Patsy moved her finger to Tina's lips letting her taste too.

"This is making me so fucking horny," Tina said after she'd run her
tongue along Patsy's finger.

"Me too," I whispered. "My parents are away for the weekend. Let's go
to my house after class and have some fun."

"Mmmm, that sounds so good," Patsy said. "I haven't come since
yesterday and I really need to get off." She put her finger in her mouth
and finished cleaning the last of her honey. Out one end and in the other;
we always joked about licking and swallowing our own cum when we

"It's your turn, Tina," I said.

"What's my dare," she asked.

I leaned in close. "I dare you to finger-fuck me."

"God, you play dirty," Patsy said.

I was going to enjoy this, I thought, as I quietly unsnapped my shorts.

Tina slowly reached over and moved her hand to my lap and up my stomach
until she could slip it under my waistband. I fought back a little yelp as
she slid her hand inside my panties and found the warmth of my slit. She
wasted no time in sliding her finger between my already moist lips and into
my vagina. I gave out a soft moan that I figured the whole class heard but
no one turned around to look. I closed my eyes feeling heat radiate from
between my legs as Tina gently moved her experienced finger inside me.

"I dare you to make her come," Patsy whispered.

Panic hit me as I wondered what would happen if she gave me an orgasm
and caused me to cry out. Suddenly the bell rang and Tina pulled her hand
out of my pants but not before pinching my clit.

"You're such a fucking tease," I whispered into her ear. I nibbled on
her lobe then stuck the tip of my tongue in her ear. I breathed in the
fresh, clean smell of her hair and skin, and my pulse quickened in
anticipation of having sex with her later.

Tina squirmed as she smelled her moist finger. "Keep that cunt of yours
wet long enough to get home and I'll show you who's a tease."

"Talk is cheap," I said with a smile knowing she would be sticking more
than her finger in me once the three of us were alone. We laughed and
joked as we headed out of the classroom, thankful that it was our last
class for the day. Now we could spend the rest of the afternoon having
some real fun.

We ran the last half-block, up the driveway and around to the back door
to my house. Out of breath, I fumbled with the keys while Tina and Patsy
ran their hands all over me.

"Hurry up, girl," Tina said, reaching around from behind to squeeze my
nipples through my shirt. "I want you naked!"

I managed to get the door open and we tumbled into the kitchen. I
slammed the door and locked it. Then we raced out of the kitchen and into
the family room. Patsy stopped in the middle of the room desperately
pulling her shirt over her head. Just as she did, Tina dropped to her
knees in front of Patsy, reached up under her mini and pulled her panties down. She pushed her face into Patsy's crotch and started licking her.

"Oh my God," Patsy cried out as she fought to unsnap her bra and free
her cute little breasts. "Tina, you're such a slut."

My heart raced as I watched, stripping out of my cloths in record time.
I saw Tina grab Patsy's ass as she buried her face in her sex.
Instinctively my right hand went between my legs to masturbate. I moved
over to Patsy and French-kissed her. The heat coming off her was
incredible--her chest heaved, her stomach sucking in. It was obvious the
three of us were ready to explode. We called it fuck frenzy.

I squatted down behind her. As I shoved two fingers up inside my pussy,
I leaned forward sticking my nose between her cheeks. She was hot and
sweaty from running. A hint of perfume mixed with her tangy girl-scent.
My body trembled as I breathed in the nasty, sweet, erotic aroma of her
bottom. I used my tongue to probe her little flower bud anus. All I heard
was Patsy's moans and Tina's slurping and licking. I took both hands
spreading her cheeks, pushing my tongue against her trying to get the tip
past her tight little gate. Realizing I wasn't having any luck, I was
content to run my tongue up and down her delicious crack.

Suddenly, Patsy gave out a high-pitched squeal and her body shook as she
climaxed. The first orgasm washed over her followed quickly by a second. I
knew Tina's trick of making her come multiple times because she used it on
me too. She would wait until the first orgasm hit then bite down on her
clit to bring on the second and maybe a third. Sometimes when she did it
to me, it would seem like I would come forever.

I stood up wrapping my arms around Patsy to support her as she leaned
her head back, closed her eyes and held her hands to her face. She came so
hard that tears rolled down her cheeks. I quickly licked them up and
kissed their moist trails. "Nice one," I said, kissing her neck and ear.

"You two are so hot," she managed to say out of breath.

Tina stood up locking her mouth on Patsy's while she worked at getting
herself undressed. When her mini fell to the floor, she broke the kiss,
winking over Patsy's shoulder at me. "We make a fucking good team, don't
we, girlfriend?" she said.

I gave her a quick kiss. "The fucking best."

We quickly shed the remainder of our clothes, and when Tina was down to
her bikini panties, I hooked my fingers in each side pulling them down. It
was so cute the way the delicate material stuck to her wet pussy as I
peeled them away. She stepped out and I brought them to my nose. "You
smell good enough to eat," I said, wiping her creamy girl-cum on my lips.

The aroma brought back memories of the first time I smelled a girl's
pussy. I was eleven and was sleeping over at my girlfriend's house. Her
name was Misty and we were really tight. One night as we lay in bed, Misty
asked me if I masturbated. I said yes and she said she was really horny
and needed to do it right then--would I mind. I said no but only if I
could watch. I sat beside her while she put her hand in her panties and
rubbed herself. I complained that I couldn't see what she was doing so she
agreed to take her panties off. It was then that I discovered what is
still the most exquisite vagina I've ever seen. It was a classic coffee
bean-shaped mound with the slightest trace of peach fuzz and a straight
slit down the middle. When she spread herself, her inner lips flared into
a perfect elongated oval, the edges resembling delicate flower petals. Her
sugar walls were a soft, smooth pink. I later found out they tasted sugar
sweet too.

As she fingered herself, I leaned over to see better and got my first
whiff of another girl's aroused pussy. Like a drug, it swept through me
making me lightheaded. My hand slipped into my panties and I masturbated
as I watched her.

Misty had her eyes closed but soon she looked over at me and realized
what I was doing. She suggested we lay on our sides facing each other so
she could look at my pussy too. I thought that was a fine idea so we
propped our legs up and lay with our faces only inches from each other's
crotch. I was mesmerized by the little folds of flesh between her legs and
couldn't take my eyes off her. I watched as her finger grew moist, and
soon a glistening drop of her girl-cum worked its way down the front of her
leg and onto the sheet. All I could smell was her scent and I scooted
closer as more liquid dripped down her leg.

Suddenly she cried out, trembled, and arched her back as the orgasm
swept over her. What looked like a small flood of liquid flowed out of her
and soaked her hand, her leg and the sheet. Something primal told me I had
to taste it. I was overwhelmed with the desire to drink what was so
sweetly flowing out of Misty. I stuck out my tongue, touching it to the
river of honey dripping down her leg. As my taste buds tingled with the
essence of her sex, I felt my pussy ripple with my orgasm. With her
girl-cum in my mouth, I rolled on my back and let the orgasm rock my body.
I savored her juice as I experienced a few moments of pure heaven.

After that, we would masturbate together as often as possible, sometimes
putting our legs in the air and pressing the bottom of our feet together as
we watched each other from between our legs. It didn't take long before we
were fingering each other and licking the results. Then came that
wonderful night as we lay side by side, our faces inches from our crotches
that Misty gently reached out and removed my hand from my pussy, replacing
it with her mouth. We already knew how much we enjoyed the taste. Within
seconds we were licking and sucking each other like mad. We had suddenly
passed from innocent little girl fun to full-blown lesbian sex. We were
fucking like crazy and loving it. I knew in an instant that I would never
get tired of eating girls.

The first time my mom caught us she was upset but eventually calmed down
and conceded that it was just part of growing up, that it was perfectly
natural for us to experiment. She warned us that we should only have sex
with each other and not with boys. Misty and I took her advice and
preceded to make love every chance we got.

My mom pretty much left us alone and we took full advantage of it. We
were openly affectionate around my house sometimes French kissing in front
of her or walking around in our underwear. It was not unusual for her to
come in to wake us up on Saturday mornings and find us naked in each
other's arms. Sound asleep, we would often still be in a sixty-nine, the
sheets damp and the air filled with the scent of our lovemaking.

One night, I woke to the sound of faint moaning. In the darkness, I
could see my mother standing beside my bed. She was nude and had her hand
between her legs as she gazed down at the two little naked girls entwined
in each other's arms. She didn't know I saw her but I guessed she must be
very lonely, because my dad had left us years ago. Although my mom was
very pretty, she never dated, always throwing herself into her work.

Soon after that night, a girl that worked in my mom's office started
coming over. Her name was Debbie, and it wasn't long before she started
spending the night. Eventually she moved in. Sometimes when Misty and I
were in my room, we could hear mom and Debbie in the next room doing it. I
always figured that Misty had a thing for my mom because she was forever
suggesting that we should go sleep with them. I never got up the
nerve--going down on my mom just didn't seem right. But I knew Misty
wanted to.

Once I spent the weekend at my grandmother's house. When I came back,
mom asked me to do my chores including changing the sheets on her bed.
While I was taking them off, I found a pair of Misty's panties. They were
still slightly damp and I could smell her pussy on them. I figured she had
come over while I was away and finally had sex with my mom. Misty never
mentioned it but that was okay because I liked the idea that the two people
I loved most were loving each other.

As for Debbie, she had a thing for me. We never actually had sex but
she flirted with me all the time and really liked touching me. Sometimes
she would come to my room to tell me goodnight and kiss me on the mouth. I
loved the attention she gave me and would let her put her tongue in my
mouth while she caressed my nipples or gave my crotch an affectionate rub.
Debbie caught me masturbating once and asked if she could watch. After I
came, I slipped my damp panties off and gave them to her. I liked the idea
of her jerking off while she smelled them. Whenever I would have to pee,
she would come in and watch, and I let her wipe me when I was done. Once
she whispered to me that Misty was really lucky. I could tell by the look
in her eyes that she wanted to fuck me but I think she was afraid my mom would freak out. So we just played little games teasing each other--we
never went beyond kissing and touching.

I was still thinking about those sweet nights with Misty when Patsy
yanked Tina's panties out of my hand. "You're such a pervert, Linda," she
said, twirling them on her finger. "I'll bet you go around smelling girl's
bicycle seats too."

"Only the ones I want to fuck," I said, grabbing her in my arms. "And I
want to fuck you so bad, girl."

We all broke out laughing as Patsy and I pressed our breasts together.
"You can fuck me on one condition," she teased.

"Anything, baby," I said in a deep voice, grabbing her ass and grinding
my crotch into hers.

"Use the strap-on," she said, wiping her wet pussy on my thigh.

"She wants a girl with a dick," Tina said.

"Best of both worlds," Patsy said, moaning.

"Come on you two," Tina said, heading for my bedroom. "I need a face to
sit on."

Tina and Patsy lay on my bed making out while I went to my closet and
dug out the shoebox hidden in the back. I opened it, smiling down at my
toy collection: a small dildo for my ass, a larger double-headed one for
girl-girl fun, a vibrator, and the strap-on Patsy gave me for my birthday.
I'll never forget the first time she put it on and fucked me like a guy.W
It was so hot having her lay on top of me with her "dick" up inside me.
I've never had a guy fuck me as good as that first time with Patsy. And
she's only gotten better since.

I stood beside the bed, watching my two naked girlfriends, their arms
and legs entwined, their mouths locked together. I licked my finger and
then rubbed my pussy as I watched their hands roam all over each other. I
loved catching little glimpses of their pussy lips as they stroked and
rubbed. I was soaked, and brought my hand up to lick my fingers. My body
shook with hot arousal. Then I put the straps around my waist and between
my legs, and secured the dildo tightly. It had a smaller, softer second
head that slipped in me and I moaned as my vagina gripped it. I used both
hands to alternate rubbing my pussy and the rubber penis to get it
lubricated. Then I crawled on the bed, my dick swinging back and forth,
its little brother moving so sweetly inside me.

Patsy and Tina separated and Patsy got up on her hands and knees. "I
want it from behind," she said, spreading her knees.

I knelt between her legs, tapping the head of the dildo on her pussy lips. Tina reached around and spread Patsy's ass. Then she leaned over
and let a stream of saliva drip down on the head of the dildo. Patsy was
soaked and it took no effort for the strap-on to slip inside her.

"Oh my God," she said, moaning loudly. "That feels soooooo good."

I started slowly, bringing the head almost all the way out, stopping to
tease her, and then slipping it completely back in.

Once Tina was sure that it was well lubricated, she moved around in
front of Patsy and lay on her back. "Lick me, baby," she said, spreading
her legs wide. With her fingers, she opened her vagina, exposing her

Patsy leaned down, sucking it between her lips causing Tina to give out
a little yelp and run her fingers through her girlfriend's hair.

I increased the speed of my strokes--the smaller rubber penis was heaven
against my swollen clit. I held onto Patsy's hips and shoved the dildo in
harder, loving the idea that I was really fucking her. Her muffled moans
grew louder as she buried her face in Tina's pussy. Tina brought her legs
up and wrapped them around Patsy's head. Then we moved in unison as I set
the pace. In less than thirty seconds, we came together with a series of
passionate screams and moans.

I collapse on my back out of breath. But before I could recover, Tina
quickly moved over and straddled my hips impaling herself on the dildo.
She moaned as the shaft slipped up inside her, and she immediately started
grinding her hips in sexy circles while she locked her gaze on me. "You're
the best fuck I've ever had," she said, wiggling the tip of her tongue at
me. Her body was wet with sweat and she rubbed her nipples as she ground
her hips back and forth.

Suddenly Tina got on her knees facing Patsy and straddled my head.
Before I could say a word, she eased her ass down. With a cute little
wiggle, she positioned her dripping pussy over my mouth; my nose nestled
snuggly between her cheeks. As I eagerly ate her, I could tell from the
muffled moans that Tina and Patsy were French kissing.

This time it took a little longer but we all exploded in the best climax
yet. Tina squirted what seemed like a gallon of girl-cum when she came
with a shudder. My face and crotch were absolutely drenched with love
juice. They both slowly rolled off me and we lay there out of breath,
unable to move a muscle. After a few moments, Tina got up on one elbow and
said with a giggle, "Hey, wanna have some fun? Let's play dare."

We laughed until our sides ached. Then we curled up in each other's
arms, eager to sleep so we could wake up and "play dare" again.

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