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Archived Sex Stories

Lez Be Friends


WARNING: This story is a work of fiction that contains descriptions of
explicit sexual acts between females. If this type of content offends you,
or you are under the age of 18, do not read it.

LEZ BE FRIENDS by Candy Kane

My name is Julie and I'm a typical sixteen-year-old girl, bored and
horny. It was Saturday morning and my parents were away for the weekend. I
had already masturbated once before I got up and again in the shower, but
it didn't help much. I needed something besides my fingers between my
legs. Then the phone rang; it was our neighbor asking if I could baby-sit
her twelve-year-old daughter, Kim, until Sunday night.

"Sure," I said, thinking of what I could do with the $25.00 that I'd be

Kim was a pretty girl, her legs were long and shapely and she had long
blond hair that came down to the middle of her back. She was always
smiling, and when I saw her around the neighborhood, she would wave and say

Kim arrived at noon with her overnight bag in hand. After lunch, we
decided to lie around our backyard pool and work on our tans. It was a hot
summer day and the pool would be a great way to stay cool and have some

Our backyard was enclosed with a privacy fence and I liked to sunbathe
in the nude when I was alone. So after Kim and I pulled a couple of
cushions off two lounges and placed them a few feet apart on the deck, I
slipped my bikini top off without even thinking of asking her if she
minded. She was wearing a two-piece as well and she glanced over at my bare
breasts and said, "I think I'll take my top off too, OK, Julie?"

"Best way to get a good tan," I said. As I watched her, I realized she
had great skin. Her breasts were small but forming nicely; she had
adorable little pink nipples. I felt a tingle of excitement at the sight
of Kim's body but wrote it off as just being in a constant state of teenage
arousal. She obviously sunbathed in the nude too; she had no tan lines. I
enjoyed watching her wiggle her ass around on the cushion to get
comfortable. Things were looking up, I thought, and decided to take a
gamble and see how she reacted.

"Kim," I said. "I normally lay out here nude when I'm by myself. Since
it's just us girls, do you mind if I take my bottom off?"

She smiled. "Only if I can too."

"Hey, great." I hooked my thumbs under the sides of my bikini, and a
second later I was naked. As I tossed it aside, I noticed the crotch was
wet. My pussy was way ahead of my fantasies, I thought.

Kim was laying on her back and she brought her legs up and slipped her
bikini off. When she did, I got a revealing look at her young sex. It was
perfectly shaped: a hint of a mound with delicate lips that flaring out
slightly at the bottom and a trace of blond fuzz. I had to admit, seeing
this little girl's pussy was a turn-on and the idea of being alone with her
for the weekend made my whole body tingle. I slid my hand down to my
crotch to confirm I was definitely wet.

Kim saw me touch myself and her eyes lingered on my pussy after I took
my hand away. Then she smiled and turned over on her stomach, her head
resting on her arms.

I didn't want to seem like I was staring but I couldn't take my eyes off
her. Her ass was flawlessly rounded and her cute toes begged to be sucked.
Her skin was tanned the color of light copper and her blond hair flowed
like liquid gold down across her shoulders. The more I looked, the more
aroused I got.

I had never made it with a girl before. Well, not technically anyway. I
had a girl finger me in a swimming pool once when I was twelve. We were on
family vacation and I had made friends with this girl at a motel pool. Her
name was Sara, and she was a couple of years older than I was. We hit it
off right away and spent the afternoon sunbathing, talking and laughing.
It was getting dark and my dad told me I had to come up soon and get ready
to go to dinner. After he and mom went to our room, there was no one left
in the pool so Sara and I decided to go for one last swim.

We floated around for awhile and then she said she felt like doing
something crazy. I said like what? She said like skinny-dipping. I told
her she was nuts; someone would see us. She said there was no one around,
and besides, it would be fun. She unhooked the catch on the front of her
top and playfully flashed me her breasts, daring me to show her mine. Then
she took her top off, slipped out of her bottom, and laid both on the edge
of the pool.

I was wearing a string bikini and the water was deep enough to cover my
breasts. There were little bows on my hips that held my bottom on and a
bow in the front that kept my top in place. Sara pulled the string between
my breasts and the material fell away. Before I could cover back up, she
sank under the water and untied the bows on my hips. With a broad smile,
she surfaced with my bikini bottom in her hand. I tried to grab it but she
tossed it on the ledge beside hers. A second later, she did the same with
my top. Then, with a wink, she turned and dove under. When I saw her bare
ass, I decided, why not?

We splashed around and chased each other for a while, giggling at how
naughty we were. Then I got nervous that my dad would come down and catch
us so I told Sara I had to put my suit back on. I swam over to the ledge,
but before I could reach for it, she came up and kissed me on the mouth. I
asked her why she did it and she said that I was sexy and really turned her
on. She told me she wished she were a boy because she wanted to fuck me.
Then she kissed me again, this time a long French kiss and I felt her hand
between my legs.

I was so stunned I didn't know what to do. Before I could react, her
finger was inside me.

My heart jumped when she found my clitoris. In no time I was breathing
hard and trying to hold on to the side of the pool. She pressed her body
against mine and continued to French kiss me while she finger-fucked me.

At twelve years old, I was already masturbating at least once a day, but
this was the first time anyone had ever done it for me. It didn't take
long for her to make me come. It was my first real sex with another person
and I loved it. After I managed to catch my breath, I begged her to do it
to me again. She smiled and said she had a better idea: could I sneak out
of my room and meet her later that night? She promised that if I did, she
would make me come with her mouth. My pussy quivered at the thought of her
licking it. I almost died when I remembered I was supposed to go with my
parents to visit relatives that night. She said that was too bad because
she could show me how much fun girls can have with each other.

Reluctantly, we put our suits back on. Before she left, Sara kissed me
goodbye and gave my pussy one last caress through the thin material of my
bikini. Then she swam over to the ladder. I wanted her so bad I cried as
I watched her go.

"Don't forget me," she said climbing out. I never did.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a lesbian. I've already let a couple of
boys get between my legs. But I've always wondered what it would have felt
like to have sex with Sara. I broke up with my last boyfriend over three
weeks ago. And he was just getting to where he could fuck me without
shooting off in the first ten seconds. Since then, the only sex I'd had
was with the five lovers on the end of my hand. So as horny as I was, the
thought of spending the weekend alone with Kim definitely made my mouth
water and my pussy wet. Suddenly, her voice shook me out of my dreamy

"Julie, will you rub lotion on me?"

I felt a rush of heat through my body realizing she had asked me to
touch her. "Sure, Kim," I said. "But you've got to promise you'll do me

I couldn't believe I'd said that. Did she realize what I really meant?
Did she know the sight of her naked body was setting me on fire? If she
did, she showed no reaction.

I shoved my cushion up next to hers and opened the bottle of suntan
lotion. My thigh pressed against the side of her leg as I knelt down and I
felt the heat from her skin. I was nervous as I squirted out a small
amount of lotion onto my palm. I rubbed my hands together and applied the
coconut-scented liquid to her back.

Her skin was even softer than I imagined. I babied it, moving my hands
in slow circles up over her shoulders and down her back and sides. Kim
stretched her arms out over her head and I leaned forward to rub the lotion
on them. My breasts touched her back and my nipples hardened against her
warm skin.

She kept her eyes closed but I saw a bit of a smile as my nipples
lightly brushed across her back. I repositioned myself to get at her legs
while my gaze stayed on her ass. Would she let me touch it? Rub lotion
into her crack? Between her legs? Or would she get scared and run away?

I babied her feet; pampering them and running my fingers between each
perfect little toe. All I could think about was putting them in my mouth.
Eventually I moved up her calves to the back of her legs behind her knees.
I hoped she liked being touched there as much as I did. Then I moved on to
the back of her thighs, getting ever closer to her ass. By now my pussy was so wet that I smelled my arousal. I wondered if Kim could too.

Well, here goes, I thought. I squirted a little lotion onto my palm and
placed both hands on her ass. Lightly, I rubbed the sides first and worked
my way inward.

"Mmmm," Kim said. "That feels so good, Julie. You do it just like

"Who's Janet?" I said, taken by surprise.

"My girlfriend. We sunbathe together a lot and she loves rubbing lotion
all over me. She's such a tease."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Oh, you know. She likes to put her hand between my legs and play with
me. Sometimes I think she's a lez but she swears she likes boys too.
Anyway, you'd like janet a lot."

"I'm sure I would," I said, not believing my ears. Kim lets her
girlfriend touch her? I knew immediately I'd died and gone to heaven. The
prospect of having sex was looking better all the time. If I couldn't have
a nice hard dick inside me, Kim's tongue would do just fine.

I put a few more drops of lotion on my palm and rubbed it across her ass
cheeks. As my fingertips slipped into her crack, Kim spread her legs.
Slowly, I traced the inside of her crack stopping for a moment when my
fingertip found her little anus, so puckered and tight, and so inviting.
My heart was pounding and I was sure she could hear it. I moved my hand
down and rubbed the lotion along her inner thighs. Holding my breath, I
let my finger touch her. She was soft; her pussy lips felt like delicate
flower petals. It took everything I could do not to penetrate her.

My head was spinning. All I could think about was making love to her.
Finally, I realized I had covered every inch of the back of her body with
lotion. There was no reason to continue without being accused of sexually
molesting a minor. Then Kim turned over and smiled up at me. She
stretched out her arms and said, "Do my front, Julie."

"Do you like it when your girlfriend plays with you?" I asked.

"I love it," she said, closing her eyes. "It feels really good and it's
so much fun."

"Do you ever, you know, play with her?"

"Sure. But mostly I just let janet do whatever she wants. And most of
the time, all she wants to do is put her fingers in me." She giggled and
ran her hand down between her legs. I watched in fascination as she rubbed

"Janet sleeps over a lot on the weekends," she continued. "After my mom goes to bed, we stay up late and watch TV. janet loves making out so we
lay on the couch and do that a lot."

"Has your mom ever caught you?"

"Yeah, once after school. janet came over and we were up in my room.
My mom came home early and walked in on us."

"What were you doing," I asked. My pussy was throbbing.

"We were laying on my bed making out and janet had her hand in my

"Did your mom get upset?"

"At first she did. But later she said it was just a phase girls went
through and that she did it when she was young too. She said we should
just be careful."


"You know, that if we were going to experiment, we should only do it
with each other, not with boys and wind up getting pregnant."

I was mesmerized by the innocent way Kim described having sex with her
girlfriend and I wondered if she had any idea how turned on she was making

Then Kim said, "But my mom really couldn't say too much when she caught

"Why is that," I asked

"Well, because there's a girl that my mom works with that comes over
sometimes. They drink a lot of wine and hug and kiss, and sometimes she
sleeps over with my mom. I can hear them through the wall. I know they're
experimenting just like janet and me."

She touched herself again. Then she said, "Once, janet was over and my
mom and her girlfriend were in the next room. We got really turned on
listening to them and janet said we should take our clothes off and go get
in bed with them. You know, maybe they would let us watch or something.
We almost did it but chickened out at the last minute." Kim giggled and
said, "But we still took our clothes off and had lots of fun playing with
each other."

I had never been so turned on in my life. My pussy was soaked, and
ached so much it hurt as I pressed my legs together.

Taking a deep breath, I put more lotion on my hands and placed them on
her stomach, first rubbing her hips and sides. Would she let me touch her
breasts? I slowly moved closer to those ripe little mounds. I'd already
touched her ass, and for a brief instant, her pussy. And she told me she
let her girlfriend do it all the time. So why not? Acting like it was the
most natural thing in the world for a girl to do to another girl, I rubbed
my slippery hands over her breasts. Her nipples turned into little hard
buds as I played with them between my fingers.

Kim smiled. "That feels really nice, Julie"

As I continued to run my hands over her chest and stomach, my eyes
wandered down to that heavenly spot between her legs. I moved down her
stomach until I touched her little patch of fuzz and played with its
velvety texture for a moment. Then I rubbed her inner thigh. She closed
her eyes and spread her legs letting me know I could keep going. Slowly I
moved my hand up until I was touching her. I had to go slow, not frighten
her off, so I lightly rubbed her just enough to apply the lotion. Her
reaction was a soft moan as she spread her legs further apart.

I cupped her pussy and gently stroked it, my middle finger sliding along
her slit. Then I let it ease in between her folds. She was so warm and
wet, and she responded by pushing against my hand. I watched her face as
my finger disappeared inside her. My other hand was already busy between
my own legs.

Kim opened her mouth and sighed, bringing a hand up to play with her
nipple. Then she turned her head so she could watch me masturbate. At
that moment, I think we both knew we were going to make love. She reached
between my legs and put her hand on mine, playing with my fingers as I
worked them in and out of my hole.

"I like to do that too," she said. "I do it a lot."

I was about to increase my rhythm when she said, "Julie?"

"Yes, sweetheart."

"Can I do you now."

Another thirty seconds and I could have made us both come. But I
stopped and reluctantly took my finger out of her. "OK, Kim," I said

I lay back on my cushion and brought my finger to my nose. A wave of
forbidden excitement swept over me as I smelled her and realized I wanted
to have sex with this little girl more than anything.

She got up and knelt beside me, squirted some lotion on her palms and
rubbed them together. Then she started massaging my feet, playing with my
toes like I had hers. "What are you thinking about," she asked after a

"A movie I saw once. It was about an American girl who took a trip to
Japan. One day she went to get a massage from a Geisha girl."

"What's a Geisha girl," Kim asked, spreading the lotion along my legs.

"A Geisha girl is one who likes to please others," I said. "Anyway,
when they were alone, they took off all their clothes and the American girl lay on her back. The Geisha was going to rub lotion on the girl but
instead of using her hands, first she put the lotion on her own body. Then
she laid on top of the American girl and rubbed it all over her."

Kim thought for a moment. "Wow, that sounds like fun. Can I do it to

"I was hoping you'd want to," I said as my heart raced.

Kim knelt between my feet. Then she held the bottle up and squirted a
generous amount on her chest and breasts. After she spread it around, she
crawled toward me until her breasts were over my hips. She lowered herself
down and started a slow back and forth motion applying the lotion with her
breasts across my stomach. "Like this?" she said, smiling up at me.

"Just like that, sweetheart." My breathing quickened when our nipples
touched; her soft breasts pressed into mine.

When we were face-to-face, she asked, "So were they lesbians?"

"Who," I said, not able to think straight.

"The two girls, silly."

"No, not the American," I said. "She had a boyfriend and they were
always screwing. But she was definitely bisexual because she really got
off with the massage. I think the Geisha girl was probably a lesbian,

"So what did they do next?"

"Well," I said, looking into her beautiful blue eyes. "They kissed."

"Have you ever kissed a girl," Kim asked, never stopping her slow,
side-to-side movement.

"Yes," I said.

"Janet and I kiss a lot." She shifted her hips over so our pussies were
pressing into each other's thighs. With no attempt to hide it, she was
humping my leg as we masturbated each other.

"Kissing a girl is nice," she said in a dreamy voice. "It's so soft, a
lot softer than kissing a boy." Kim moved her hips faster. "And after they
kissed," she asked, her breathing become more rapid, "what did they do?"

"The Geisha girl turned around so they were in a sixty-nine and they
made love." I was finding it hard to speak now as we ground into each

"Did you make love to the girl you kissed?"


"Did you want to?"

"At the time, I didn't really know what making love was. Not the way
two girls do it, anyway." I could feel my climax building, my stomach
sucked in and out. My back arched and pushed harder onto her thigh.

"And now? Do you know how two girls make love?"


She paused for a moment, then whispered, "Can we do it, Julie? You and

"Kim, sweetheart, that's all I've wanted to do since you got here." I
pulled her face to mine and we kissed hard and deep, her golden hair
falling down all over my face. She tasted so sweet and her body felt
heavenly on top of me. The intensity of our mutual masturbation increased
and it took only a minute more for us to climax together. I felt her warm
juice flow out onto my leg as Kim's body stiffened. Her head jerked back
and she closed her eyes tight, grinding herself into my thigh as hard as
she could. At the same time she pushed her leg down causing my pussy to
spasm in ecstasy.

We lay in each other's arms for a long time trying to catch our breaths.
Then we kissed, this time a soft kiss that seemed to go on forever. Our
lips were like feathers lightly brushing each other, our tongues dancing a
slow dance together.

Finally, Kim said, "Let's go for a swim."

"OK," I said and we got up and walked to the edge of the pool. I waited
for her to dive in first so I could get a glimpse of her cunt lips between
her legs. Then I jumped in and swam after her. We were lovers: touching,
hugging, kissing, and laughing. We would take turns swimming between each
other's legs and Kim would tickle my pussy on her way through. We chased
each other, splashing and wrestling. When our bodies pressed together, it
was incredible. She swam away and suddenly come up in front of me,
throwing her arms around my neck and planting kisses all over my face.

"What's that for?" I asked.

"Because you make me feel soooo good." Then she giggled and swam away
teasing me to chase her.

"Lets get out and go inside," I said the next time I had her in my arms.

Kim eagerly agreed and swam over to the ladder. She climbed up but
stopped halfway to bend over and ring out her long hair. I was right
behind and her perfect little bottom was only inches from my face. Unable
to resist, I kissed both cheeks and ran my tongue inside her crack, finding
her anus. She let out an adorable little laugh and smiled back at me. "I
like it when you do that, Julie. Will you do it when we make love?"

"I'll do it until you beg me to stop, sweetheart."

"Maybe I won't want you to stop." Then she wiggled her ass in my face
and scooting up the ladder.

My heart was racing as we toweled off. Then I took her hand and we
walked across the patio to the house. I saw our reflection in the glass
sliding doors: two naked girls hand-in-hand, hot for each other and about
to have sex. It was so erotic it made me dizzy. Kim saw our reflection
too and slipped her arm around my waist, leaning in to give my nipple a
playful kiss.

We went upstairs to my bedroom and Kim waited while I closing the
shades. I tuned my stereo to a soft rock station and went to her. She put
her arms around my neck and pressed her delicate body to mine. Looking up
at me, Kim closed her eyes and opened her mouth in invitation. We kissed
passionately, our eager tongues trying to taste everything at once. Then I
lay down on the bed and pulled her on top of me, kissing her mouth, face,
eyes; all that I could.

We softly touched and caressed, snuggled and hugged, our bodies pressed
tight, our legs entwined; we breathed the same air and drank the moisture
from each other's mouths. I smelled her hair, her neck, her arms;
everything about her sent waves of excitement through me. I ran my hands
down her back and over her bottom. My finger found her anus and I gently
probed until it started to let me in.

She moved her hips making her pussy meet mine and I sucked in a deep
breath when I felt the heat between her legs.

I was eating her face now, licking and kissing everything. Kim answered
my hungry mouth with anxious kisses.

I rolled her over on her back and she opened her legs giving herself to
me completely. I moved to her left nipple, and the second I took it in my
mouth, she arched her back and wrapped her legs around my waist.

I went from one nipple to the other leaving a wet trail in between.
Then I continued my slow journey down her body first exploring her navel
with my tongue and then biting and kissing her soft patch of fuzz.

She spread her legs more as I loved her inner thighs with my tongue.
Her hips bucked and she tried to maneuver herself to my mouth. All I could
smell was her sex and I found it more sensual than any perfume. I was
dizzy with the thought of making this little girl give off the fragrance of
an aroused woman. I didn't have to touch her to know she was soaked. Her
lips were flared open, gorged with arrousal and ready for sex; they
glistened with moisture. Her clitoris stuck out hard and erect like it was
about to burst. I was determined to take her to the heights of ecstasy and
make it last as long as I could. So without touching her sex, I kissed and
licked all around it.

I worked my way down the inside of her legs to her ankles. Then I got
on my knees, took her right foot and placed it on my left breast. While
she used her toes to play with my hard, swollen nipple, I kissed and licked
her other foot.

Her little toes were so adorable with their bright cherry red nails. I
slid my tongue between each one then sucked them like candy. Kim tried to
masturbate but I made her take her hand away. "Not yet, honey. Besides,
that's my job."

"You're so mean," she said, going back to playing with her breasts.

After I finished her right foot, I swapped it with the other and started
over. Her wet toes on my sensitive nipple sent shock waves straight down
between my legs.

"Julie," she said between moans. "You're making me crazy. I need you
to eat me now."

"Patience, sweet baby."

"If you're not going to do me, then I'm not going to play with you
anymore." She pretended to pout and took her foot off my breast but I
grabbed it and placed it on my crotch. I was flowing like a river and her
big toe easily slid inside quickly finding my erect clitoris. Now we were
both playing dirty, I thought.

After a few delicious minutes of sucking her toes while she fucked my
pussy, I realized I was going to come if I didn't slow. Then Kim said,
"Please, Julie, I can't wait. I need you here, now." With a gesture of
urgency, she pointed between her legs.

The fragrance of her arousal was so strong, it made me light-headed. I
could tell from her rapid breathing and the rolling motion of her pelvis
that she was more than ready to fuck.

I took her foot from my pussy. Her toes were covered with my juice and
I licked each one clean. I loved the taste of my own girl-cum; the most
erotic part of masturbating was licking the juice from my fingers
afterwards. I often wondered what another girl would taste like. Now, I
was about to find out.

I started licking and kissing my way back up the inside of her legs,
taking my time, enjoying the sensation of her young skin on my lips. Then
I lay down between her legs and blew on her slit placing little kisses on
each side of it.

"Oh, please, Julie." she whispered, pushing on the back of my head.
"Please lick me now."

"You're only a minute away from heaven, sweet baby," I said. Then I
covered her pussy with my mouth and shoved my tongue in as deep as I could.
She cried out as she clamped her legs around me like she would never let

Eating Kim was the most sensual thing I had ever done. I couldn't get
enough of her: the salty taste of her skin; the softness of her inner
thighs pressed against the sides of my face; the tickle of her adolescent
fuzz on my nose; the fresh smell of her young sex; the tenderness of her
fingers in my hair; the childlike cries of pleasure; her beautiful body
responding to my every touch. I wanted to stay there forever.

Her slender hips followed the rhythm of my tongue and she positioned
herself so I could penetrate her as deep as possible. As her pelvic
thrusts increased, I concentrated on sucking her clitoris while I slid a
finger in her. When it was covered with her juice, I played with her anus.
This time, my slippery finger easily penetrated her warm rectum.

Kim went wild emitting little grunts and yelps as she bucked against my
face. She brought her legs up and grabbed the back of her knees. With her
toes pointed at the ceiling, she spread herself wide open. Her moans got
louder until she cried and laughed at the same time. Her girl-cum
thickened and her pussy walls started to spasm-I knew she was getting ready
to climax.

Suddenly, she stiffened. "Oh, Julie! Here it comes!" Her juice ran
into my mouth and down my chin, dripping into her crack. I tried to lap up
every drop.

Without slowing down, I sucked her clitoris while working my finger
completely up into her ass. She had two more short, quick orgasms in a row
before I slowed. Finally, her body relaxed, her legs came down at my sides
and she went limp. I looked up and saw her eyes closed, her tongue slowly
licking her lips. She stroked my hair as her breathing normalled.

Her body was covered with sweat and her scent was everywhere. I moved
up beside her and propped up on my elbow. Stroking her radiant face, so
flushed with sex, I whispered, "How's my sweet lover?"

"Oh, Julie," she whispered. Then she turned on her side and touched my
face. We kissed and she said, "I can taste myself on your lips." Then we
kissed again.

For a while, we just let our hands caress our bodies, saying with a
touch what words could not. Kim gently played with my nipples, my navel,
and pubic hair as we stared into each other's eyes. With my fingertip I
traced the edge of her ear, her cheek, her lips. Then she said, "Let's
make love again. This time, let's do it like in that movie you told me
about. Remember, when the girls did the sixty-nine?"

"I think that would be very nice," I said, kissing her softly. Then I
rolled on my back and helped Kim get up and swing her leg over me. She
backed up until her ass was over my face. Bringing my knees up, I spread
my legs and felt her long hair fall down between my thighs. Looking up, I
opened her with my fingers. Then I wrapped my arms around her hips and
pulled her to me.

Kim tenderly kissed my folds and explored them with the tip of her
tongue. I pushed my nose into her crack as I licked her, savoring the
tangy taste, the musky smell, and sexy heat of her tight little bottom.
She opened me up with her fingers and went right to my swollen clitoris,
taking it between her lips and loving it with her tongue. As she did, she
wet her finger with my juice and slipped it into my ass. The combination
of her tongue and finger moving inside me blinded me with passion.

We held on tight and buried our faces between each other's legs.
Muffled cries and the smell of sex filled the air. At that moment, the
room faded and there was nothing else in the world but two girls making

* * *

It was almost dark when I awoke. Kim looked like an angel asleep beside
me. Her breathing was slow and relaxed, her face a picture of bliss.

We had made love for hours that afternoon, trying any way we could think
of to please each other. Kim sat on my face and squirt her girl-cum into
my mouth. Then we lay pussy to pussy in a scissors position rubbing our
wet clits against each other. She lay on her stomach and let me eat her
from behind, and we tried the sixty-nine again, this time with me on top.
Each time was better than the last as we became experienced lovers
discovering new ways to make each other climax. At some point, out of
shear exhaustion, we fell asleep in each other's arms.

I lay and watched her for a long time before I gently put my hand
between her legs. Still asleep, she instinctively spread herself. Then
she opened her eyes and turned her face to me. With a smile, she said,
"What a nice way to wake up." Kim pulled me to her and we kissed. Her
mouth was so soft and warm. "Promise you'll always wake me like that?" she

"What if I want to use my tongue?"

"Mmmm, even better."

We French kissed as I moved my finger inside her. She responded by
pushing against my hand with her hips. "Did you have nice wet dreams?" I

"Yes, they were all about making love with you." Within seconds, Kim's
breathing increased and her pelvis moved faster. "I want to fuck some
more," she said, running her tongue into my mouth.

I rolled on my back. "Come here, honey," I said, making Kim sit up.
She quickly realized what I wanted and straddled my head positioning her
pussy over my mouth. She was already soaked, her clitoris stuck out like a
tiny penis.

I sank my tongue into her and reached around to find her anus. She was
humping my face faster and faster in long movements and then short, quick
bursts. Then she leaned back and cried out, her warm girl-cum flowing into
my mouth. She had gone from being asleep to climaxing in less than two

Slowly, Kim rolled off me and lay with her back to me. While I casually
fingered myself, I lay on my side and kissed the back of her legs and her
bottom, drunk with the sweet smell of her sex. After a moment, she raised
her leg so I could kiss her pussy from behind and I realized she wanted to
fuck again. "Sweet baby, you're insatiable." I gave her pussy a loving
kiss and propped up on my elbow.

"If insatiable means I want you to eat me some more, you're right." Kim
said. She sat up and smiled at me.

"I intend to, sweetheart," I said, taking her face in my hands, kissing
her. "But first, I'm thirsty. How about you?"


I took her right hand and held it in mine. "Is this the lucky one?" I
asked, kissing her middle finger.

"What do you mean by lucky one?"

"The one you use to love yourself with?"

"Oh," she said blushing. "You mean when I masturbate."

I put her finger in my mouth and slowly stroked it with my tongue until
it was nice and wet. Then I guided it down between her legs. "Keep it
warm for me," I said, hopping off the bed and heading down to the kitchen.
I looked back to see Kim's eyes already closed, her finger moving in little
delicate circles around her clitoris.

The first thing I spotted in the refrigerator was a half-full bottle of
wine. I grabbed it and a glass, and ran back up the stairs. I could smell
her all over me. It made me so turned-on, I felt my juice dripping down
the inside of my legs.

When I walked in the bedroom, the scent of our lovemaking almost knocked
me over. Kim had positioned herself on her back with her legs spread so I
could see what she was doing. She was so beautiful I wanted to forget the
wine and dive right in between her legs.

"I missed you so," she said, bringing her finger up to her lips. "It's
just not the same as your tongue." Then she giggled and sat up. "What did
you bring me?"

"Do you like wine?" I said, sitting on the bed next to her.

"I love it. My mom always keeps some in the frig and janet and I sneak
a sip sometimes."

Kim scooted over until she sat on my lap, her legs wrapped around my
waist, little drops of girl-cum from her wet pussy dripping down on mine. I
poured some wine in the glass and we took turns drinking.

"This is good," Kim said.

I took another sip. Holding a little in my mouth, I pulled her to me.
She instinctively opened her mouth and I let the wine flow from mine into
hers as we kissed.

"The wine makes me feel really warm and sexy," Kim said as our kiss
ended and she swallowed the liquid. She put her arms around my neck, her
adolescent breasts resting on top of mine. "Do you think I'm sexy, Julie?"

"I think you're the sexiest thing I've ever seen. Sexy enough to eat,"
I said, nibbling her neck.

"I want another drink."

I poured a little more into the glass but she tapped her finger on my
lips. "No, silly," she said. "I want it from here."

I took a sip and she opened her lips to receive my kiss. This time we
passed the liquid back and forth a few times before she swallowed it. Then
she slipped her hand between my legs. "Now I want to drink what comes out
of here," she said, putting her finger in me.

"You mean you're still thirsty?" I asked.

"Yeah, for some Julie juice." She laughed out loud at her little joke.
Then she took the wine bottle and said, "I'll show you a turn-on janet taught me."

Kim slid off my lap. I watched in fascination as this adorable little
angel got up on her knees and spread them apart. She placed the bottle
between her legs and slowly eased herself down on its lip. Guiding the
bottle with one hand, she used her other to play with her clit. Her
breathing soon quickened and I could see her fingers were getting wet.
Then she used both hands to spread herself open wide.

Another wave of arousal swept over me watching this incredibly erotic
act as the lip of the bottle slipped inside her. When it was in about two
inches, she moved up and down very slowly. As she fucked the bottle, she
continued stroking herself.

I couldn't take my eyes off it sliding in and out of her as I heard her
breathing increase. Suddenly, she gasped and her body quivered. She
closed her eyes and I saw girl-cum flow out of her and down the neck of the
bottle. I was so turned on, I almost fell over. My heart pounded.

Then she took the bottle from between her legs and handed it to me.
"Want a taste?"

I took it and touched it to my lips. It was sticky and slightly sweet
like honey but with a touch of salt from the sweat of her crotch. I
savored every drop as I licked the lip and neck clean. Then I tipped it up
and took a long drink.

"So now that you've had both, what do you like more, me or the wine?"
she said.

"I don't think I could ever get enough of you."

Kim giggled that sweet laugh I'd already come to adore. It was so cute
and soft, so full of innocence and yet provocative at the same time. God,
she was soooo sexy. Before the night was over, I was going to lick and
kiss every inch of this little piece of girl-candy. But first, I decided
to put her through her own brand of turn-on.

I got up on my knees, spread my legs and stroked my pussy. My fingers
slid in and out, teasing my clitoris. I was already wet from watching her
fuck the bottle so it took only a moment for me to be ready. I positioned
the lip of the bottle between my legs and let it slide into me. I was
soaked and there was no resistance as four inches disappeared. Then I

Kim leaned back on her heels, spread her legs and fingered herself while
she watched. Every so often, she would switch hands and lick the juice off
her fingers. When I came, I felt a flood of my girl-cum flow out and down
the bottle's neck. My chest was heaving and my body glistened with
perspiration as I took the bottle and handed it to her.

She locked her eyes on mine and put the bottle to her lips. "Delicious
Julie juice," she said, licking the neck like a Popsicle melting in the
heat. When she had cleaned it off, she tipped it up and took a drink.

I leaned forward and took her face in my hands kissing her. She kissed
me back and then I took the bottle and glass and sat them on the
nightstand. "Sweetheart," I said. "I've got to go pee. Lay down and I'll
be right back."

"Julie, can I watch?"


"Please," she begged.

"Why do you want to watch?"

"Because I like to. I promise it'll be fun. janet and I watch each
other pee all the time."

"I've got to meet this Janet," I said, taking Kim's hand, leading her to
the bathroom. "So you just want to watch me?" I stood next to the toilet.

"Sit down and spread your legs," Kim said. "You'll love what I'm going
to do, I promise."

I did what she asked. Then my lover knelt down in front of me and put
her hand between my legs. She stroked my pussy, still wet and sticky from
the bottle.

"Don't pee yet," she said, playing with my slit. Soon, I felt one of
her delicate little fingers inside me and then two. She found my clitoris
and started rubbing it. I could feel it swell up and come out of its
hiding place. I had to pee badly, and yet this was so wonderfully nasty
having her hand between my legs and her fingers inside me. I started
breathing hard as I felt yet another climax building. I put my hands on
her shoulders for support.

She smiled up at me and said, "OK, do it."

A flood of liquid shot out of me just as I came. I looked down and
watched her rubbing me, the hot golden urine squirting on her hand. It was
so erotic and one of the best climaxes I'd ever had. I leaned over and
kissed her, running my tongue into her mouth to find hers. When I was
done, she giggled and got up. Rinsing her hand off in the sink, she took a
wash cloth, wet it, and wiped me clean. "I told you you'd like it," she
said with a big smile.

"God, did I." I kissed her all over her face.

"Now, my turn. I've got to pee too."

I stood up and let Kim take my place on the toilet. She spread her
little legs wide and I knelt in front of her. I reached out and stroked
her pussy, letting my finger slip into her hole. She smiled at my touch
and placed her hands on my shoulders.

"Do you and janet do this a lot?" I asked.

"Yeah. It's one of our games."

"What are some of the others?"

"Sometimes when we're alone, we take all our closes off and slow dance.
N & N we call it; naked and nasty."

"That sounds sexy. What else?"

"Sometimes we go into a stall in the girls bathroom at school and make
out. Then, when we're got each other wet, we switch panties."

"Sounds like you and janet have a lot of fun together."

"We do, but janet doesn't put her mouth on my hole like you do. Maybe
you could show her how. You could teach janet how you and I make love, and
then the three of us could do it together."

"Great," I said, kissing her. I felt her body responding to my strokes.
My thumb found her little love button and it got hard just like her nipples
did when I touched them. I was so excited at being able to please her. I
couldn't wait to get her back in bed so I could bury my face between her
legs and take her to heaven again.

Kim tilted her head back and closed her eyes. I watched her stomach
suck in and out. She gritted her teeth and said, "Oh Julie, here I come."

With a gush, she let go and a stream of urine shot out. It was so hot
washing over my hand. She was bucking my fingers now, trying to get every
bit of pleasure out of them.

I rubbed her pussy until all the urine was out. Then I kissed her and
got up to wash my hand. I came back with the cloth soaked in warm water
and cleaned her.

I kissed her again and said, "So you think we should see if janet can
come over?"

"Yes," she said with a big smile. She threw her arms around my neck.
"You're gonna love Janet."

"I already do," I said. A new wave of erotic excitement swept through
me as we went to the phone. Two fresh young girls to make love to in one
night. I was in heaven.

I played with Kim's pussy while she called janet and told her
everything. After a few minutes she hung up and smiled at me. "She's
coming," Kim said. "And she can't wait for the three of us to do it."

"Speaking of coming," I said. "Let's see if I can make you come one
more time before janet gets here."

With a tiny squeal, Kim ran across the room and dove onto the bed. By
the time I joined her, she already had her legs spread for me.

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