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Archived Sex Stories

Lickety Split


WARNING: This story is a work of fiction that contains descriptions of
explicit sexual acts between females. If this type of content offends you,
or you are under the age of 18, do not read it.

LICKETY split By Candy Kane

I arrived at the beauty academy at mid-afternoon. It was exclusive and
very private-my mother had paid a fortune to have her sweet little,
sixteen-year-old, future cover girl get a week's worth of training in
professional modeling, fashion and makeup. The academy was located in a
sprawling mansion in the hills of L.A., and once through the guarded gates,
I was escorted into the office of the director, a woman named Tia. As I
waited for her, I looked out a large picture window down onto a huge
swimming pool. A handful of girls lay soaking up the sun or swimming in
the blue water-all beautiful, all nude.

"Hello, Angela. Welcome. I'm Tia."

I turned at the sound and gasped at her beauty. She walked toward me
wearing a long, transparent open robe. It was baby blue and flowed around
her like smoke. On her elegant feet were high-heeled sandals, her toenails
painted midnight black. Other than that, she was naked. Her breasts were
perfect melon-shaped globes with small, pink nipples-her pussy was shaved,
leaving only a trace of close-trimmed pubic hair extending in a thin line
up from the top of her slit. The mons was puffy and bulged out to form a
classic coffee bean oval with a delicate slit marking the entrance. Her
legs were long and slim, and she moved with the grace of a dancer. I stood
with my mouth open at the sight.

"I hope you're not shocked by my appearance," Tia said, "but we take a
very open, free approach to beauty and our bodies. We encourage you to
express yourself through your body-explore it and enjoy it, and realize
that others want to explore and enjoy it too." She stopped in front of me,
extending her hand to caress my cheek. "You are absolutely stunning,

"Thank you," I managed to whisper, still overcome by her gorgeous form.

Tia ran her hand down my neck, across my shoulder and along my bare arm
sending electric sparks through me with her gentle touch. "We're going to
work you hard this coming week, Angela. By next Sunday, you'll be ready to
take on the boardwalks of all the fashion centers. I'm sure it won't be
long before everyone will see your lovely face and exquisite body looking
back from the covers of every fashion magazines.

"I hope so," I said with an eager smile.

She took my hand leading me to the window. "The work will be hard but
there'll be plenty of time to play. We have a disco room in the basement
to dance the night away; our pool you see before you, and there are other
delicious surprises to make your stay orgasmic. Don't let the stress of
this week build up-learn to control it and have fun. There's a wonderful
massage and exercise program, and of course we encourage relieving stress
through sex-I hope you masturbate because we want you to do it often. If
you like to use toys, we have all shapes and sizes--just ask. Pleasing
yourself or your lover puts a warm glow on your face and makes you look
even more beautiful. You'll find that most of the girls here are either
lesbian or bisexual, and the ones that aren't are very curious. So make
friends and have fun. When it comes to sex, our rule is: coming is

I looked down at the pool again and noticed a young girl, maybe fourteen
or fifteen. She was naked, floating on her back on a raft. A second
equally young girl was hanging off the end of the raft between her friend's
legs casually playing with her pussy. I felt a tingle of arousal at the
erotic sight of the two nymphs enjoying each other-I had already
experimented with lesbianism at school and loved it. I couldn't wait to
find another girl to play with.

Tia stroked my hair. "You're going to do beautifully," she said with a
sweet smile. Then she leaned forward placing a soft kiss on my lips.

The fresh smell of her hair and skin, and the delicious taste of her
lips made my legs go weak and my pulse race. I realized I have never been
so horny in my life.

"Now let me have my assistant, Marie, show you to your room." Tia turned
and went to her desk, the transparent gown hiding nothing. I watched her
beautiful bottom, totally void of any tan lines, as she walked away.
Knowing that my eyes were on her, she spread her legs slightly as she bent
over her desk to use the intercom, giving me a revealing glimpse of her sex
peeking out from between her legs.

In a moment, a girl opened the door and smiled at me. "Hi, Angela, I'm
Marie." She held out her hand and I took it. "I'm gonna help you get
settled in."

As she led me out, Tia said, "You two have fun."

I guessed Marie to be about twenty. She was a cute, petite blond with
mountain lake blue eyes, bee sting lips and a smile that made my pussy water. She wore a pink spaghetti-string tank top that hid little of her
small, perk breasts and nipples. She had on a thong bikini bottom; the
back was nothing more than a string running between her firm ass cheeks.
On her small, delicate feet were high-heeled sandals--her toenails screamed
cherry red, and I immediately wanted to suck them. Marie led me through
the main building to a long hallway with rooms on each side. My room was
one of a number of small apartments on the ground floor looking out to the
pool and gardens.

"So what do you think?" she asked, once she had closed the door and we
were alone.

"It's wonderful," I said, taking it all in. There was a king size bed
with blood red satin sheets and a mirror on the ceiling. A Jacuzzi-tub
combination dominated the bath and a huge double-headed shower was next to

"Roomy enough for two or more," she said, opening the shower door.

"Sounds tasty," I said.

I went to the sliding glass doors that looked out toward the pool and
opened them to let in the cool, late afternoon breeze. I heard laugher
from the pool area. A group of girls had started a water volley ball game.
"Everyone sounds like they're having so much fun," I said. Then I noticed
there were no curtains. "What about privacy?" I asked.

"No need," Marie said smiling. "Tia likes it that way--breaks down your
inhibitions-it's part of the training." She stood beside me, taking my
hand, intertwining our fingers. "It also makes for some very erotic

"What do you mean?" I asked, enjoying the intimacy of her touch and the
fresh flower fragrance of her body so close.

"Well, you can stroll along the walk just outside the apartments at
night and pretty much see everything that goes on inside. And believe me,
a lot goes on." She giggled, squeezing my hand.

"Interesting," I said. I always had a little voyeurism in me and felt a
tingle at the thought of watching the other girls having sex.

"If someone's glass door is closed," Marie said, "you can watch all you
want, but if the door is open, that's an invitation to join in if you

"Do you join in?" I asked.

"Of course, silly," she said with a giggle. "Can you think of anything
more fun than sex?"

I put my finger to my chin, pretending to ponder her question. "How
about sex with chocolate on it?"

"Wow, my kind of girl," Marie said, and we both laughed.

"I can't wait to take an after-dark stroll," I said, feeling my crotch
go moist.

"Yes, but first there's the disco," Marie said.

"Tia mentioned that it was in the basement."

"It's where all the fun begins. Everyone comes ready to party. It gets
pretty wild, especially if we play Lickety Split."

"What's that?"

"Trust me, you don't want to miss it." Then she took both my hands,
saying, "I've got to go check on some of the other new girls."

"You really have to?" I said with a pout, wanting to find out what those
cute little toes tasted like. And all the rest of her too.

"I wish I didn't have to, but it's my job," she said, pulling me to her.
Looking deep into my eyes, she ran the tip of her tongue across my lips.
"I'd much rather stay here and play with you." Then she kissed me softly.

I kissed her back and then said, "Will you be my date at the disco?"

"I was hoping you'd ask," Marie said, lightly pressing her breasts into
mine. "I'll come get you at eight." Then she headed for the door.

My heart raced watching her tight little ass as she walked away-the
string thong hiding nothing. Just before she opened the door, she turned,
struck a sexy pose and hooked a finger under the seam of her bikini.
Pulling it aside, she showed me her saved pussy.

"Here's something for you to think about until tonight, Angela."

I trembled, wanting to rush to her and bury my face between her legs,
tasting what she offered. But before I could she was out the door and
gone. Such a tease!

My knees were weak as I collapsed onto the bed. With the vision of her
beautiful sex in my mind, I plunged my hand into my jeans shoving two
fingers into my wet hole. I pinched my nipple with my other hand,
fingering myself in a frenzy until I rocked with a massive orgasm. As I
opened my eyes, I looked up into the mirror over the bed. Seeing my face
flushed with sex, my back arched, and my hands working furiously, a second
and then a third orgasm swept over me. I couldn't wait to look up at that
mirror later and watch the two of us making love. Just the thought of it
sent me into one more sweet orgasm. Once my chest stopped heaving and my
pussy relaxed its grip on my fingers, I brought them to my mouth. Next to
coming, the best part of masturbating was tasting my cum. I moaned as I
licked off the warm honey. Savoring it for a moment, I slowly swallowed it
into my still-quivering tummy.

With my hand back inside my jeans and two fingers nice and snug up
inside the warmth of my pussy, I closed my eyes and drifted into a deep
sleep filled with dreams of fucking Marie.

* * *

When I awoke, I staggered into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I
stayed a long time under the hot water, working my soapy hands between my
legs and over my nipples. I lathered up my ass and put my finger deep
inside getting my rectum squeaky-clean. I adored having it licked and
sucked, and I wanted it perfect for Marie.

After I blow-dried my short black hair, I slipped on a thin cotton
spring dress. It had a low cut top that showed a tiny bit of light brown
areola-the seam rested on my nipples. And it was very short--barely
covering my ass and crotch. I pulled a pair of pink bikini panties out of
my bag and slid them on. They were a size too small and felt good hugging
my pussy and bottom. A thin gold necklace and my high-heeled sandals
finished the job. I stood in front of the mirror smiling at the
results-long neck, bare arms and shoulders, lots of tits, and endless legs
with just a hint of pink lace where they met. I might as well have been
naked-exactly the effect I wanted. If this didn't scream "I wanna fuck",
nothing would.

At exactly eight, there was a knock on my door. I opened it and took in
a deep breath. Marie was wearing a little black dress that looked painted
on. It was low cut and very short-her long bare legs flowed out of it
ending in a pair of sexy spiked heels. Around her neck was a black choker
with a little gold heart hanging from it.

"You're adorable," I said breathlessly.

She smiled broadly and slowly turned around giving me a complete tour.
Then she placed her hands on her hips, her legs spread to make the dress
even tighter, and said in a little-girl voice, "So you think I'm fuckable?"

I threw my arms around her neck, kissing her hard. We pressed our
bodies together and Marie grabbed my ass, squeezing. When we finally broke
the kiss, she said, "I take that as a yes."

"Are you kidding? I wanna throw you on my bed and fuck your brains out
right now." I attacked her mouth again-my tongue dueling with hers.

"So you've been thinking about what I showed you?" she whispered into my
ear as our hands roamed our bodies.

"Constantly," I said with a moan when she caressed my bottom.

Marie giggled and pulled away, looking at me from top to bottom. "Well,
baby, you look so delicious, I'm going to have to fight off every girl in
the place tonight to keep you to myself."

"Why don't we just stay here and play?" I begged, trying to pull her
back into my room.

"Because, first, we're gonna party and dance and drink and get very,
very slutty. And when we're both so horny we're ready to do it on the
floor like animals, we're gonna run back here and make each other come and
come and come and come."

"What if I wanna fuck on the floor like an animal?" I said, and we both
giggled like silly schoolgirls. Then I closed my door and took Marie's
hand. "All right, you win. Let's get slutty."

When we walked into the basement disco a few moments later, the sexual
electricity hit me like a tidal wave. It was a small room, about the size
of two double-car garages, filled with black lights, flashing colored
lights and strobes. There were plush couches and booths around the walls,
and a jukebox blasting rock music. The lights were hooked up to the
jukebox and flashed to the driving beat. A bar served wine and beer.
Twenty or so girls were on the dance floor grinding and bumping to the
pulsating music. Another dozen were scattered around the room sipping
their drinks and chatting. I noticed some of the girls were making out-one
was lying across a table with her top off letting another girl feast on her

"This place is awesome," I said. Then Marie took my hand pulling me
into the crush of female bodies on the dance floor. It was so crowded that
there was no way to dance without rubbing your ass or tits up against
another body. And such bodies. These were the most beautiful girls I had
ever seen-all moving in a provocative, erotic dance orgy.

I quickly realized everyone wanted to touch and be touched. Within
seconds, there were soft hands and fingers exploring me. I felt a pair of
breasts press into my back as a girl ground her crotch into my ass. Above
the roar of the music, she put her lips to my ear and said, "I want you."
But by the time I had managed to turn around, she melted into the mass of
sweating, half-naked females.

I turned around to Marie but she was gone, replaced by a gorgeous blond wearing only a bra and panties-somewhere along the line she had shed
everything else. She wrapped her arms around my neck and proceeded to hump
my leg with her moist crotch. I saw the wetness on my bare leg and got
light headed. Over the music she said, "Do I make you wet?"

I nodded, licking my lips.

"Prove it."

I took her hand and guided it under my dress and into my panties.

"God, you weren't lying--you're soaked." Her finger went inside me and
she said, "Want to go to my room and do it?"

"Nikki!" Marie said, pulling the blonde's hand out of my crotch.
"You're such a cunt." She put Nikki's finger in her mouth and sucked off my
juice. Then she French kissed Nikki as the two of them started dancing.
Marie pulled me to her and the three of us became a mass of gyrating

Suddenly, some of the girls started clapping and cheering. I looked in
the direction of the sound and realized Tia was silhouetted in the doorway.
She was dressed identical to when I met her earlier, only her transparent
robe was pink this time. One of the girls went to her, bent down and
placed a kiss on Tia's bare pussy. I recognized the girl as the one that
floated on the raft in the pool. She was probably fourteen or fifteen.
Tia smiled at her and held her at her side, her arm around her slim waist.

The music was lowered and everyone crowded around Tia. "Are we ready to
play Lickety Split?" she asked, producing applause and a huge cheer of yes.

"So tell me, what is it?" I whispered to Marie.

"It's so cool," she said, taking my hand and pulling me closer. "Tia
picks a girl every night to be the first Split. Tonight it's Patty."

I assumed the young girl that had kissed Tia was Patty. "Come on,
Marie, I'm dying to know."

"Okay. The girl that's the split lies on her back and spreads her legs.
Everyone lines up and has five seconds each to lick her. The girl that
makes the split orgasm gets to go next. Sometimes the game goes on for

"That sounds like so much fun," I said as I gave my moist crotch a rub.

Some of the girls rolled a table out into the middle of the dance floor
and placed couch cushions on it. Patty, who was wearing a mini and red bra
hopped on and stuck her legs straight up letting two girls pull her panties off. Leaning back on her elbows, she spread her legs wide and yelled,
"Who's my first Lickety?"

Everyone quickly formed a line and the first girl grabbed Patty's legs
and went down on her. The music blasted a hard rock beat as the crowd
chanted: "Five . . . Four . . . Three . . . Two . . . One."

Patty yelled like a cowgirl riding a bronco and waved her legs in the
air. Then she reached down and spread her vagina wide open before the next
girl in line went down on her. Immediately, the crowed chanted the
countdown and the whole thing started again.

I was the tenth girl in line and I hoped that I could make her come so I
could be the next Split. Marie was behind me, her arms wrapped around my
waist, her lips on the back of my neck nipping and kissing. She rubbed her
crotch against my ass. "So how do you like Lickety split so far?" she

"I love it," I said as I reached around and grabbed her hips, pulling
her harder against my butt. I decided that since Patty's clitoris would be
erect by the time I got to her, my strategy would be to skip the licking
and go straight for clit sucking.

Suddenly, it was my turn. I looked down at Patty, her young, fresh
pussy was already puffy and flushed pink, soaked from her pre-cum and all
the saliva of the nine girls ahead of me. Her eyes were closed, her grin a
mile wide. I saw my target-her clit was sticking out about a half inch. I
bent over, put my thumb just above it and pulled back the skin to make it
stick out even further. Then I formed a little hole with my lips and
sucked the pea-sized bit of flesh in and out as fast as I could. Patty
screamed, clamping her slender legs around my head. She shoved her pussy against my mouth and I was rewarded with a sweet squirt of her hot

Everyone cheered wildly, yelling for me to keep going. Within seconds,
I got my second reward-another little squirt as she came again. She was
the youngest girl I'd ever eaten and she tasted so sweet. It was then that
I realized Marie had her hand between my legs and was fingering me from
behind. At that moment, with the sound of the girls cheering, my date
fucking me, and the taste of Patty's delicious cum in my mouth, I realized
I had never been this turned on. My body was on fire-this was definitely
the most sexually charged moment of my life.

Patty raised up and pulled me on top of her. She kissed me so hard, I
thought she would shove her tongue down my throat and out my cunt. Then I
felt hands all over me-someone pulled my panties down. Patty scooted out
from under me, but not before whispering, "I wanna do you later." She
kissed me hard then disappeared.

Suddenly I was on my back spreading my legs. In the next instant, a
girl was going down on me and the room was rocking wildly with a thunderous
beat and thirty girls chanting the countdown. I looked between my legs and
saw the next girl bend over and lick the length of my slit like a Popsicle.
It was so sexy.

The tenth girl was Nikki. I knew from her sly smile that she wasn't
going to stop at the end of five seconds, and she didn't. Nikki shoved her
tongue in me and made me come like a storm. I arched my back and saw stars
as a flood of my girl-cum poured into her eager mouth. As I thrashed
around on the cushions, she ate me and ate me. Four orgasms in a row burst
through me, taking me to heaven and back on a wild rocket ride.

A round of cheers went up as Nikki licked her way up until she lay on
top of me giving me hungry wet kisses.

"That was so sweet," I managed to say as I licked my cum off her face.

She smiled, giving me one more kiss before I slipped out from under her.
Nikki lay on her back, and in no time, a couple of the girls had her
panties off. Then a pretty little blond buried her face between Nikki's
legs and the next round of Lickety Spit began.

I was watching the wanton exhibition of lesbian lust when I felt someone
grab my hand. I turned to see Marie. Suddenly we were running out of the
disco to the stairs. She smiled over her shoulder as we raced up to the
ground floor heading for the apartments. We threw open my door and rushed
in, slamming it behind us. Leaning up against opposite walls, we tried to
catch our breaths.

Our eyes were locked as she said, "I wanna fuck you so bad, I'm about to

"Then what are we waiting for?" I said, pulling my dress up over my
head. I was nude except for my heels. I walked over to Marie pressing my
body against her. Then I ran my hands down her hips and pulled her dress
up. She held her arms up as I slipped it over her head. With my body
against hers, I slide down until I was squatting in front of her, my mouth
level with her pussy. I slipped her panties down and let her step out of
them. Then I placed a hand behind her knee and lifted her leg to rest on
my shoulder. With a sexy growl, I covered her with my mouth and ate her.

She smelled of sex, sweat, and a hint of flowers-the fragrance I'd
noticed her wearing earlier that afternoon. It was intoxicating. The
combination of her scent and taste was enough to make me swoon. Her lips
were swollen with arousal-wet and delicious-flared wide open for me. Her
shaved mons was so soft-so inviting. I wanted to lick her forever.

Marie was breathing heavily and having trouble standing. I paused for a
moment looking up at her. She smiled at me, pleading, "I'm so close, baby.
Don't stop."

I immediately went back to work licking and kissing her vagina and the
sweet musky area around it. I nibbled her inner thigh, sucked her clit,
and licking down to her ass. It was such a nasty turn-on as the tip of my
tongue teased her little rosebud.

"Oh shit, here it comes," she said, and cried out in passion.

Her body trembled as I sank my tongue into her. She pushed hard on the
back of my head when the orgasm rushed over her. Her sugar walls quivered
and a sweet squirt of warm girl-cum filled my mouth.

I swallowed it and then sucked her clitoris between my lips causing her
to come again. I was rewarded with another taste of honey. I held it in
my mouth and stood up pressing against her. She moaned as I covered her
mouth with mine and let her drink her own cum.

She swallowed it and then broke the kiss looking deep into my eyes.
"That's the most erotic thing anyone has ever done to me," she said,
licking her lips. "God, you're such a slut."

I giggled and pulled her to me, shoving my leg between hers and grinding
it into her pussy. "You said we were supposed to get slutty." I smiled
broadly. "Just doing what I'm told."

I took her hands, pulling her toward the bed. Our eyes drank in each
other as I said, "Now aren't we supposed to fuck like animals?" We both
laughed as I sat on the edge of the bed, crossing one leg at a time to slip
my sandals off. I leaned back on my hands and spread my legs. "Let's have
some fun," I said.

She moved between my legs. "What kind of fun?" she said with an
innocent smile, her hands on her hips.

"Bad girl fun," I said, rubbing my feet up and down her bare legs. Then
I put my foot on her crotch and wiggled my big toe between her cunt lips.
She was so wet.

Marie sank to her knees and licked her juice off my toe. Then she
caressed the inside of my thighs. Her eyes were focused on my pussy. She
let one finger slip between my cunt lips. "Bad girls have more fun." She
brought her moist finger to her mouth and sucked it. "And taste sooooo

With a giggle, I scooted back on the bed and raised my knees. I fluffed
up my patch of fleece and opened my pussy exposing my pink sugar walls. I
heard a soft moan and knew Marie wanted it. Dipping a finger in, I got it
wet and smeared the moisture over my vagina lips. I gently coaxed my
swollen clit out so Marie could see it. My clitoris is unusually large and
when fully erect, sticks out about an inch. "You like?" I said, stroking
it with my finger sending a shudder through my body.

Marie's eyes grew wide as she licked her lips letting me know the answer
was yes. She crawled up on the bed on her hands and knees until she was
between my legs looking down at me. Then she slowly lowered herself. Our
rock-hard nipples met and she swung back and forth letting them kiss. Then
she dropped down pressing our breasts together--the rush of so much soft
skin on skin gave me a mini orgasm. I wrapped my arms around her neck and
my legs around her waist, pulling her tight against me. I slipped my
tongue between those big sexy lips into her warm, sweet mouth and let her
suck it.

I locked my legs together high up her back and ground my pussy into hers
sending sparks shooting through every nerve in my body. She groaned,
pushing against me. We moved our hips until our clits found each other and
we both screamed.

"Fuck me, baby," she managed to say, her mouth clamped onto mine.

Our hips ground together in a wild frenzy, our bodies shinning with
sweat. I could hear our wet tummies slapping together in raw lesbian sex.

Out of breath, we broke our kiss and a moan rose up from deep inside me.
Marie's eyes were closed tight and her face was bathed in sweat. We were
grunting like animals when the orgasms hit us at the same time. I pushed
my hips forward into her with all my might and felt the earth moved. I saw
stars and the sound of jet engines roared in my ears. My orgasm was a
category five hurricane; a four-point-oh on the Richter scale; the best
fuck of my life.

I covered her face with kisses until she opened her eyes and smiled down
at me. "I think I'm in love," I said, and kissed her hard on the mouth,
running my tongue around her teeth, under her tongue, down her throat. She
returned my kisses with such passion, I felt another orgasm building.

Suddenly, Marie broke the kiss. "I've got to suck that clit of yours,
baby," she said, wiggling down between my legs. I felt her fingers spread
me open. I could see my clit sticking up nice and stiff for her, and I
watched her lips form a small O as she sucked it between them. With the
first flick of her tongue, I came hard.

"God, Angela," she said between slurps "it's like you've got a little
penis down here."

I wanted to say that's what everyone thought but I couldn't get the
words out--I was coming and coming. Without letting me catch my breath,
she proceeded to attach my pussy. Her mouth was everywhere, licking,
kissing and sucking, but she would always go back and love my clit before
proceeding on. She grabbed the back of my knees, pushed my legs up against
my chest and moved her onslaught down to my ass. She made everything
soaking wet as she licked up and down my ass crack, teasing my bottom.

As one, two, then three fingers slipped into my pussy, she licked and
sucked my ass until I cried out, "Oh, shit, that feels fucking great."

Marie made me come like a machine gun--three, maybe four times in a row.
Then I opened my eyes and looked at our reflection in the ceiling mirror,
and came again. Seeing my legs spread so obscenely wide and Marie eating
me was incredibly erotic. I dropped from the level of a human being to
that of a wild bitch in heat as fireworks shot up from my crotch and
exploded against the inside of my skull. This was absolutely the best sex
I'd ever had. At that moment, I wanted to marry her, kidnap her, eat her,
swallow her, melt her down and drink her up. If I could, I would have
shrunk her until she was tiny and carried her inside the crotch of my
panties. I wanted her to live inside my vagina. I had fallen off the edge
of the earth into an abyss of total bliss, complete ecstasy. I simply
didn't care about anything but Marie and her mouth and her tongue and the
unbelievable things she was doing to my pussy.

She looked up from between my legs, her grin glistening with cum. I
watched her pick a cunt hair off her tongue. "We got to shave you, girl,"
she said, and went back to work.

I was crying and laughing and screaming. This was madness. Then,
without warning, she mounted me, swung her hips around and lowered her ass
to my face. Just when I though I could take no more, I saw a delicious
piece of heaven only inches away.

Girl's bodies are perfectly designed for sixty-nine lesbian love and
it's definitely my favorite position to fuck. Especially being on the
bottom so all my lover's honey drips right into my mouth.

I shoved my face in Marie's pussy, smearing her love juice all over my
nose and mouth. I wanted every breath I took to be filled with her scent.
Opening my mouth wide, I covered her pussy and snaked my tongue inside as
deep as I could--my nose was pressed between her tight ass cheeks. The
taste of her sex and sweat and the smell of her ass made me wild. Each
time I looked up and saw myself in the mirror eating her, I would come
again. Seeing my face buried between her legs licking and kissing and
sucking the most intimate part of her body made me drunk with lust. It was
so erotic and nasty and sexy, I swooned as I hugged her hips tight and ate
her with abandon.

Once I looked in the direction of the glass sliding doors and saw two
girls watching us. They were naked, their hands between each other's legs

Suddenly, Marie's head jerked up and she pushed her ass down into my
face, a high-pitched squeal came from her mouth. The walls of her vagina quivered against my tongue and a warm flood of cum flowed into my waiting
mouth. It was thick and slightly salty and I swallowed every drop. Then,
just as quickly, my orgasm built, rolling through me like a tidal wave. I
gritted my teeth, arched my back, and felt my hot cum flow out. I could
hear Marie moaning as she lapped it up. We had rewarded each other with
the sweet nectar of love. She caught my clit between her teeth and made me
come again as I screamed into her crotch.

Finally, we slowly rolled apart. My eyes were closed, my head filled
with a wonderful, dizzy, sexual haze. I felt Marie reach over and take my
hand, holding it tight. Her breathing was still as rapid as mine was.

After a moment, she said, "Angela, you are fucking great."

I opened my eyes looking at her. She was smiling broadly as she
squeezed my hand. I brought it to my lips, kissing her palm and fingers.
"I don't think I've ever come that hard or that many times," I managed to
say, my chest still heaving.

Marie rolled over, propping up on her elbow. She leaned in kissing me.
"Anytime you wanna fuck, lady," she said breaking the kiss, "just call me.
I don't think I could ever get enough of your sweet pussy."

Her hair was matted against her face and I brushed it aside. "It's
there for you anytime you want it," I said, tenderly kissing her back.

Marie cuddled up next to me, her head on the soft pillows of my breasts.
I felt her hand move down between my legs as she cupped my pussy, her
middle finger resting snuggly between my swollen vagina lips. "So did you
like playing Lickety Spit?" she said.

I brought my hand to my nose to smell her pussy on my fingers. "Not
near as much as licking your spit," I said with a giggle, giving her a
tender kiss.

Marie moaned as our bodies entwined. With a little wiggle of her
finger, she slipped it inside me. A few seconds later we were both asleep.

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