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Light My Fire


This story contains sexual words, themes, and actions.
If you are under 21, go away. If you think this stuff
is weird, or not normal in your area, go away. If, on
the other hand, you like it, and you are at least 21,
and you think this is MOSTLY normal, keep on reading.

This was a quickie I popped off today. No real
character development, but some hot sex, I think.
Lemme know whatcha think, ok?
'Light My Fire' (M/F)
by Pami (
copyright 2000

He walked into where I work early that morning. I was
expecting him, but WHEW... I was NOT expecting HIM!
We were due for our annual fire inspection, and it
fell to me to make sure it got done before the due
date. So, last week I had made a few phone calls, and
got the sprinkler alarm people to commit to a time,
and then called my town's new fire inspector. I had
read a quick blurb about him in the town
newsletter.... part time employee, a firefighter in a
nearby town, graduated from, yada, yada, yada.... And
there was a picture. Nothing special.

Was this the same guy?! That was definitely a bad
picture. Maybe it was just the uniform. It didn't
matter. I got that curly butterfly feeling in my
stomach when I looked at him. He stood about 6"1',
dark hair, with a little bit of gray showing, probably
weighed about 210 or so. As I got closer, I noticed
the eyes. I love eyes, don't you? It can tell you
all sorts of things about a person. Anyway, his were
a dark, dark brown. He wore wire-rimmed glasses. Oh,
he looked very conservative, and my gut wanted to know
what would make this man go wild!

He walked around with the sprinkler guy, and I just
stood near the alarm panel, resetting it every time it
went off. Yep... I have QUITE the exciting job, don't
I?! I was casually flipping through a book on
horoscopes, and up came Mr. Fireman. Grrrrr....

"What are you reading?" he asked me with a smile on
his face.

Wait a minute, was HE talking to ME?! Ooooga!

I smiled back at him. "Just checking out my
horoscope. Do you know it says NOTHING good about my
sign?" Seriously, though, it DIDN'T! I am a
Capricorn, and we are all sorts of serious and not fun

Of course, he asked what it said, and after I told
him, he just kind of grinned at me, and said, "Hmmm,
you don't LOOK miserly and overly serious."

I was SO thankful that I opted to leave my hair down
for work that day. Usually I wear it in a nasty bun
on the top of my head, and I probably DO look all
sorts of bad things!

"What does Virgo say?" he asked.

Hmmmm.... Virgo and Capricorn. Kinda compatible, you

I read him the traits they listed. Mostly nondescript
things. But he took exception to a couple of them.
"Shy?" he asked. "Are you SURE they say shy?! I
don't think ANYONE has accused me of being shy." And
I swear, he winked at me.

My mind ran a million miles in about 5 seconds. Was
this man flirting with me? Oh, what the heck, there
was only one way to find out.

I smiled in what I hoped was a somewhat coy manner (we
Capricorns are NOT known for our coquettish ways...
but I TRIED!). "No, I think you are the type of man
who definitely goes after what he wants," I responded.

"Funny you should say that," he countered with a
little chuckle. "What are you doing for lunch today?" GOD! He WAS flirting with me! Now the
butterflies were doing cartwheels. Wait... that's not
right... they were spinning around and around. No.
That isn't it either. Well... you get the picture. I
was excited!

"Well, you know, I really didn't have any plans or
anything. Just a vending machine lunch, as usual," I
told him as I tried not to let too much excitement
show. My face felt hot. I was blushing. I just KNEW
it! I tried to breathe deeply to get my face to not
be red. I look terrible with my face red. And
believe you me, I did NOT want to look terrible to
this guy!

"Would you like to go out for bite with me? I could
drop by and pick you up. What time is good?" he
asked, still with that smile.

Oomph! He had nice white straight teeth too!

"Ummm... how about 1?" I asked tentatively.

"1 it is. See you then," he called out as he walked
out of the building. I watched him get in the red
fire department car, and he drove away.

I floated back through the building. "How'd the
inspection go?" someone asked.

Damn! I forgot to get the certificate!

By the time 1 o'clock rolled around, I was actually
hungry. I was working pretty hard, trying to not read
too much into the lunch thing. My relief had shown up
at noon, and she smirked as I told her about my
morning. She told me to take an extra-long lunch and
she winked at me. I, of course, had no intention of
doing that. One thing that IS true about Capricorns,
or at least this one, is that we are very responsible.
Damn, I hate that trait!

He pulled up in front at 12:55, came in and had me
paged. Of course, everyone in the building knew that
I had a lunch "date". I kept telling them it was an
"appointment", but I have a feeling that my shit-
eating grin gave THAT away! So of course, as many
people were in the lobby as could feasiblely find a
reason to be there.

He even opened my car door, and I got in. I stretched
over and unlocked his door, of course, and his smile
and subsequent "thank you" was enough to make my heart

"Where do you want to go?" he asked me.

"I am so new to the area, I couldn't tell you," I told
him, wanted to drift away into those brown, brown

"I didn't think I had seen you around. Where did you
move from?"

I know this sounds hokey, but I work in a really,
REALLY small town. Mostly everyone knows everyone.
It was a far cry from the big city I had come from,
and I liked it. I think.

We sat there in the car for a few minutes, and I gave
him a brief overview of where I moved from, why, where
I had found an apartment, and how much happier I was
here than where I used to live.

"Oh? You live in the Village Green Apartments?" he
asked me. "What are they like?"

So, I told him about my wonderfully large apartment
and all its amenities and how close it was to work,
and how even I, the pack rat, didn't have enough stuff
to clutter the place up. Yet.

He laughed at that comment, and I swear, I did NOT
intend to say what popped out of my mouth next.

"Would you like to see it?" The rational half of my
brain screamed in agony. What the hell was I
thinking? The man probably thought that I was
inviting him over for sex, and we had just met that
day. On the other hand, there was no harm in asking.
I just invited him to see what the place was like. He
HAD shown curiosity.

He turned on the ignition. "Sure. I know where the
place is. You'll just have to tell me how to get to
your building."

I babbled inanely on the short drive over. I knew I
was babbling, but I couldn't stop. You know the
saying, "the devil made me do it". It was kind of
like that. The drive was all of five minutes. That
was one of the reasons that I had chosen that
apartment. I liked being able to roll out of bed and
go to work. It was kind of nice after the gridlock I
was accustomed to.

I directed him to my parking lot, and we walked up to
my building. Its a nice brick building, with four
apartments on each of its two floors. I have the left
front apartment on the first floor. I have a patio.
It was one of the deciding factors.

He commented on the nice foyer and I unlocked the
outside door, and we walked the few steps to my front
door. I opened it up, and immediately hoped that I
hadn't left anything embarrassing around. You know,
drying bras, dirty laundry, that type of thing. I
breathed a big sigh of relief as I glanced around
quickly. Nothing too bad.
I gave him the grand tour, and then walked into the
kitchen and started calling out lunch options. I had
some leftover turkey, with stuffing, of course, some
leftover London broil, with roasted potatoes, some
grapes, oranges, apples, pickles.

He was pretty much saying no to everything until I hit
on the grapes. The man liked grapes. Good!

I rinsed off a bunch and put them on a plate and
headed into the living room. He was on the couch, and
had the tv remote control in hand.

"Do you mind if I switch it on?" he asked.

"Nah... go ahead," I told him as I tried to decide
whether to sit next to him on the sofa or apart, in
the chair. I decided to go for the chair.

I heard the sudden noise of the tv as it flipped on,
and as I looked up, I saw the familiar blue screen
meaning that the VCR was about to play. There was a
split second of silence as it registered with me, and
then, as I yelled, "No!" the tape burst onto the

It was a woman, naked, looking down at the man between
her thighs, as he sucked on her pussy. The room
filled with the cheesy porno music, and some slurping
sound effects from the video.

Mr. fireman looked over at my beet-red face, and
rhetorically asked, "My, my. What have we here?" It
was HIS turn for a shit-eating grin.

I leapt out of my chair and grabbed for the remote,
but Mr. Funny-guy decided to pull it away. Every time
I grabbed for it, he moved it. Meanwhile, the moans
of the actress on screen were growing in volume.
Finally I just gave up and sank down onto the cushion
beside my guest and closed my eyes.

I felt the cushion sink as he moved closer. "Would
you like to have your pussy licked like that?" he
whispered into my ear.

My eyes flew open and I turned and looked right into
his gaze. He wasn't looking at the screen, but rather
at my face. I opened my mouth to say something, but
of course, nothing came out.

"I can't think of anything else I would rather eat for
lunch," he told me as his hand began rubbing my knee.

I have always been rather easily aroused, but I think
I set a new record. As I felt his hand slowly creep
up my thigh, pulling my legs apart, I felt my inner
lips moisten. "Look at the screen," he told me
softly. "I think she is about to come."

I turned and looked at the movie. I didn't really
have to look. The movie was one of my favorites and
when I was horny and lonely, I sometimes popped it in
the VCR, whipped out my favorite vibrator, and teased
myself to a huge orgasm. Or two. Or three. The
reason that the movie was queued up where it had been
was because the night before I had climaxed right
before that scene. I had just turned off the VCR,
never thinking that anyone else would turn it on.

Sure enough, the two of us watched as the man's tongue
flicked back and forth over her clit, and then he
buried his face in her slit and you could SEE the
suction he exerted on her pearl. The woman screamed
and came hard all over his face. The actor watched
her face, and just continued to suck while her body

My guest's hand was by now well under my skirt. He
chuckled as he discovered the top of my thigh high
stocking. I hate pantyhose, and usually wear
stockings instead. It is more comfortable and also
makes me feel a little more sexy. "I want to watch
your face just like that when you come that hard," he

Suddenly, his hand made the leap across the soft flesh
of my inner thigh and landed smack on the gusset of my
silk panties. He rubbed back and forth, and I closed
my eyes to enjoy the sensation.

"Mmmmm... nice and juicy, aren't you?" he whispered in
my ear.

I nodded, but didn't answer. I really couldn't think
of anything to say. I just didn't want him to stop.
It felt so good to have his hand touching me, even if
it was through a layer of cloth.

I felt the sofa cushions bounce slightly as he slid
off them onto the floor. He pulled himself between my
legs and I looked down at him.

His eyes were fixed on my panties. Both of his hands
had pushed my skirt up to my waist, and my white
panties were practically transparent, especially where
my secretions had leaked out. I was soaking wet. I
could feel my pussy lips slide against each other as I
shifted in my seat.

"Come here, sweetheart," he crooned as his hands slid
around my ass and he pulled me forward to the edge of
the cushion. I was transfixed by his gaze as his face
slid closer to my vulva. His eyes were almost black
and he never stopped looking into my eyes as he opened
his mouth and extended his tongue. He licked slowly,
with the flat of his tongue, up the drenched gusset of
my panties. He stopped to savor the taste when he got
to the top of my dainties, and I saw him swallow hard.

"You taste wonderful," he breathed with a smile on his

His hands now wrapped themselves around the waistband
of my silky drawers and pulled them down. I lifted my
hips to help, and watched him pull them down my legs
and off.

He lifted my legs and instructed me to place them on
the cushions next to my ass, exposing my entire nether
region to his sight.

"God, that is a beautiful cunt," he told me as he
feasted his eyes on my pinkness. "You are so wet that
I can see it glistening in the light. And I love the
way you trim down here." He reached out a finger to
flick over my bare lips. "Just the tuft at the top of
the triangle...kind of pointing the way." He
continued as the finger gently pulled on my hair and
then slowly crept down the wet slit before him.

I moaned as he touched me. I just couldn't help it.
I was so aroused already that I just wanted to

He smiled up at me. "Now, just close your eyes and
concentrate on what I am going to make you feel. Trust

I closed my eyes as I saw him lean closer to my
treasure box. And then I gasped as I felt the flick
of his tongue over my outer pussy lips. He flicked
back and forth and up and down them. Sometimes using
the tip of his oral digit, sometimes using the nubbly
flat. I held my knees up to give the man a place to

He worked his way to my delicate inner lips. He
sucked on these, pulling them away from the meat of my
pussy. He licked them, over and over, and I felt my
breathing turning into panting. God, I was so hot!

When I felt him twitch his tongue over my hole, I
arched my ass, trying to get him to split me open. I
heard him chuckle, sort of muffled, as he didn't miss
a beat. He continued to tease my opening, just barely
rimming it. I heard his slurping sounds, just like
the actor on the screen had been making, as he sucked
down my copious juices. Did I mention that I get
REALLY wet? Lubrication is NOT a problem for me!
What I was finding amazing, when I could think at all,
was that he seemed to want more.

"Oh God... please..." I moaned loudly.

"Hmmm?" I heard a questioning mumble from the
direction of my spread thighs.

"Please.... eat me! Make me come..." I begged.

"Mmmmm..." I heard another mumble come from the same

And with that, the man buried his face in my dripping
pussy and I heard the most slurpy, salacious sucking
sounds that I had EVER heard... even as the schlocky
sound effects from a porno.

I couldn't tell what he was doing anymore. It just
seemed like his entire face was buried in my cunt. I
could feel his cheeks pressed up against my thighs,
and his tongue seemed to flash between inside my pussy
walls to over my clit and even down to flick against
my rosebud.

I heard myself begin to wail as I approached
my climax, and I struggled to stop myself
from clenching my thighs around his head to
keep him there. He was moaning also... I
could hear the faint mumble and I could feel
the vibrations against my sensitive tissues
down there.

Finally, I couldn't take it any more, and I
came. I yelled. Loud. I tried to stop
myself, but I just CANNOT keep quiet during
an orgasm, especially one that felt like it
was going to make my pussy explode into a
thousand pieces.

As I crested the peak, I felt him. He
placed his entire mouth over the opening he
had pleasured so well, and began to suck.
Just like the actor in the scene we had just
watched together. I glanced down and saw
his eyes glued to my face, watching me in my
throes of ecstasy, and then I closed my eyes
again, and yelled some more as I felt the
spasms intensify instead of abate. I felt
like I was losing all control of my body,
and I felt some strange convulsions inside
my pussy. I guessed that it was that the
orgasm was so intense, and I had a feeling
that I had lost control of my bladder and
humiliated myself.

When I started to calm down, I opened my
eyes and looked down. He pulled his face
away from my cunt and smiled at me. "You
didn't tell me..."

I interrupted. "Oh my God. I am SO SORRY!
I couldn't help myself. I just felt SO
good! Oh my God. Oh my God."

"What's to be upset about?" he asked me,
unbelievably still smiling. "You didn't
tell me that you are a squirter! I think I
am in love."

I stopped and thought about it for a moment.
Well, I HAD done it on occasion in the past.
But not for a REALLY long time. Hmmm...
come to think of it... it DID feel that
way.... and he wasn't upset, so I must not
have peed on him.

I smiled back at him. "I guess I have a new
way for you to put out a fire, huh?"

And we both chuckled together.


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