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Like the wind first meeting


Like the Wind (First meeting)

I watched the girl as she sat down at the bar, a few feet away from me.
It's really the way that she moved that made me notice her, at first. Now,
as she turned her back towards the bar and leaned back on her elbows, I
looked at her body.

Somewhere her eyes found me and we stared a bit at each other. Then she
looked away, not shy, just passing on.

The wind came from the sea and blew her long hair over her cheek. She
pouted a little to blow a strand from her lips and I liked her mouth. I
thought of wetting her lips with my tongue.

There was the moment when her gaze returned to mine, when the wondering
begins. I sipped my drink and just watched, comfortable with the
un-awkwardness of her.

She said, softly "fuck off" when a drunk surfer approached her and never
took her eyes from mine. I made a journey of her body again, staying
deliberately as the breeze pressed her top against her breasts.

I ordered another Gin and Tonic as if I was speaking to her. Her
eyebrow lifted slightly.

I thought what her name might be. It seemed long and flowing, like her
clothes. I didn't ask.

She frowned a bit. "And now you think you know me."

Her voice was full for her age. So I did not answer, waiting for her to
speak again.

"You looked different." she said eventually.

I let the last of the sun touch her before I smiled. "So... you think
you know me then?"

Her eyes laughed with her mouth. "I did, yes"

"Not anymore?"

She turned on her chair, facing me. "No... now you'll have to tell me
what you have been thinking."

"I was thinking... nobody can say you like the wind, right now.
And..." I sipped my drink.

She tilted her head.

"And... I thought I can probably fuck you better than anyone"

The bartender stopped moving.

Only her eyebrow made that slight upwards movement again. "Well, then I
was right. I know you. A little". She pushed the chair next to her
towards me with her foot. "And I think if you want to say more you'd
better sit closer."

I sat next to her and watched her lips. Little crinkles, smoothing out
when she smiled.

"The wind...". Then "Can you?"

I tilted my head back at her.

She said slowly: "Can you fuck me better than anyone?"

Her chest moved up and down gently as she breathed, easily. Like I
wanted to make love to her, later. But not the first time.

I said it out loud.

A long-haired man with a guitar sat down on a little stage and fiddled
with the sound system. A few people clapped hands as he started singing

"Strange..." said the girl. I wondered if she knew how her voice made
me feel, how the thought of discovering her body with my hands made my
penis hard and already slightly wet.

"Maybe not."

She laughed. "You don't even ask what I mean."

I took out my wallet. "Will you take me to your place now?"

"God..." She shook her head slightly. "Here is where I am supposed to
tell you exactly what you can do to yourself. But... yes. Yes."

I paid the bartender and when I turned around, she was already a few
steps away.

I walked behind her all the way. She was so incredibly young every time
she glanced at me over her shoulder, feeling my eyes on her. On those long
legs, the comfortable sway of her hips.

Somehow we were at her door and as she put the key in, I came close,
touched her hips with the palms of my hands. I ached to push myself
against her, but didn't.

"Now" I said softly, next to her ear. "Inside, I am going to fuck
you..." My fingers spread, gathering the heat of her skin through her

Her head bent slightly forward and her eyes closed as if I was kissing
her neck. "Yes."

I reached past her and opened the door. Closed it behind us. Pushed
her back against it. Stood close to her, so very nearly touching. Feeling
the heat of her lips on mine, her sudden breath as my finger very
deliberately follow the glide of her hip and thigh in between her legs.
The tip of her tongue bridged to my lips.

"Yes" she said.

I moved away. Her eyes were heavy now, dark, her hands behind her. I
traced the outsides of her legs down, down to the hem of her skirt. Moving
under it. The long way up, where I find her without panties.

I lifted her skirt, up to her hips, looking at her, looking at her.
Dark little hairs, sliding under my finger. Sticking to her skin where she
is wet, very suddenly.

Her eyes were on mine when I brought my finger to my mouth and tasted
her. She made a soft noise.

I loosened the buttons on the side of her skirt, let it fall. Drew her
eyes with my hands as I unzipped myself and took out my penis.

I touched the tip against her and clenched my hands around hers at the
small of her back.

She sighed and angled her hips for me. "Yes. Please"

I pushed into her, and she came, her body suddenly, awesomely tight
against me, her nails gripping my hands desperately, her mouth hard over

I held her like that while she subsided, deep in her, but not moving at

"Oops" she said.

I kissed her wet mouth. "Just like that."

I could feel her smile. "I know. I must've been really horny." She bit
my lip. "Now I still don't know how you fuck."

"You will" I said, slowly withdrawing. My penis was glistening. "Look.
That is all you"

She touched me, slid her hand up and down. "Fuck me."

"No." I caught her hand and licked her palm. "Make me some coffee."

She leaned against me, then smiled. "Ok"

Her top came down to just about the top of her thighs. I knelt and
looked at her pussy. "How is the wind?" I asked and softly blew.

"OH, god!". She grabbed my head in her hands and tilted my face towards
hers. "I don't know how you fuck yet," She kissed me "but I know you say
me better than the wind ..."

There was a big table in the middle of the floor. She walked the long
way around, watching me right back. But there was a moment when she had to
get cups from the cupboard. I was right behind her before she could turn
around again.

I ran my hand up her spine under her top. She made a hissing sound,
breathing in. I pushed slowly, bending her over the bench, taking my cock
in my hand, rubbing the head against her till we could hear wet noises.

"The first time I come inside you," I said, "tell me your name. Right
then." I entered her, moved up in her as far as I can. "But now, I want
coffee. Please." And I withdrew. Pulled her up and lay my finger across
her lips as she started to say something.

She laughed and shook her head. "It'd better be as good as you

I waited till she gave me my coffee and was standing with hers in both
hands, facing me, before kissing her again. I lifted her onto the bench
and walked in between her legs. "Now." I said. "Now."

Her legs were around my hips, drawing me closer, closer and I was in her
and everything was moving and I was kissing her hard and I moved...
once... twice.

"Darcy. My name is Darcy." She said.


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