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Archived Sex Stories




The following story describes GRAPHIC SEXUAL situations that are INTENDED TO BE

LIKE MOTHER, LIKE daughter Part One

"Oh, God!" Annie cried. Jeff's stiff manhood easily penetrated her eager wet
vagina. He could feel his entire shaft being grasped by his wife's warm love
tunnel. Annie enjoyed giving her lover all the sex he wanted, and she too got
what she wanted and more. After being married for sixteen years, Annie and Jeff
were always willing to give each other the ultimate pleasure of sex.

Annie and Jeff have always believed in staying active to live a long and healthy
life. The couple married in their early twenties while they were attending
college. Presently, he's thirty-seven, and she's thirty-six. They regularly
worked out to keep in shape while encouraging their fifteen-year old daughter,
Amanda, to do the same. This helped them look relatively young over the years
regardless of whatever small signs of aging they had. Jeff's brown hair was
going a little gray on both sides while he maintained a medium muscular build.
Annie's elbow length curls were as silky and as black as ever, and her eyes were
baby blue. Her skin remained smooth and tanned throughout their marriage. Annie
had gained some weight over the years, but her fat fell in all the right places.
Her breasts were more pronounced, and her shoulders were a little broad. Because
she always kept her muscles toned, her ass never sagged. They were large, round,
firm, and the envy of her peers. Basically, Annie was very voluptuous and more.

One all four, Annie felt Jeff's ramrod thrusting in and out of her pleasing love
tunnel. She arched her back and tightly grabbed the bed sheets while she cried
in pleasure.

"Oh..... OH, JEFF....... oh......... OH YEAH........ oh.. OH!" Annie closed her
eyes and clinched her teeth. Her body rocked back and forth in tune with Jeff's
pumping while he firmly gripped both sides of her waist for maximum penetration.
Annie's huge breasts swayed back and forth while the couple continued their
lovemaking. Jeff enjoyed the tugging sensations of Annie's experienced cunt.
Sometimes Annie could be too much for Jeff so it was hard for them to figure out
who was in control. But that didn't really matter. Either way, it was great.

"Come on, girl. You can do better than that!" exclaimed Jeff challenging Annie
to heighten their sensation. She looked back with a wanton "don't fuck with me,
or you'll get fucked" stare, tightly grabbed hold of the headboard, turned her
head back around, and fucked more feverishly than before. Jeff felt the friction
around his penis starting to build, and he struggled to keep up with her. The
slapping of Annie's voluptuous ass against him added to the ecstasy. "Oh,
God.... oh... oh," Jeff cried. Annie was going so fast and frantic Jeff freed
his hands from her waist while she took over their passionate pounding. Annie
was in control now, and Jeff was getting the ride of his life. "Oh, ANNIE... OH,
BABY......... come on, girl, COME ON!" Annie looked back at Jeff again. Jeff
leaned forward and supported himself with his left arm while fondling Annie's
breasts with his right hand. He grabbed a hand full of his lover's swaying right
breast while rolling her cherry sized nipple between his fingers. The added
sensation brought Annie to higher plateau. "Ooooooooh yeah, baby. Squeeze my
titties. Squeeze my titties good!" Annie commanded Jeff. He easily replied.
Jeff pulled Annie towards him as he sat up on his knees. His love goddess rested
back against his muscular chest, and the two continued pounding each other while
she sat on his thighs. Jeff's hands ran all over Annie's breasts. "OH, you
handsome stud!" Annie yelled. She threw her head back, and the two tongued each
other. Jeff pulled and tugged at Annie's wonderful sex muffins. The couple
continued this for several minute. Jeff's exploring fingers found Annie's
clitoris letting the combined sensations of their actions flood Annie's mind with
waves of passion. Annie finally had more than enough of her share of pleasures.
She wanted to finish it, and she wanted to finish it big. Annie threw her body
forward and removed herself from their passionate engagement. She was on her
knees, head resting on a pillow, ass high in the air, and legs spread wide apart
giving Jeff an open invitation to her love tunnel. Of course Jeff needed no
invitation. Annie placed her right hand between her legs and beckoned him to
come forth with her glossy polished fingernail.

"Come on, lover. Do me, baby. Fuck me all the way!" Annie cried. Jeff
immediately moved forward and shoved his love muscle with the help of Annie's
hand into her love tunnel again. No sooner was Jeff in and out like a
jackhammer. "OhooooOHHHHooooOOOOOooOOOHHhhOhJEFFOhh....
uhhhhGODYESooooOhGODDOITBABYOHHHH!" Annie got more than what she asked for. Jeff
smiled with pleasure knowing that Annie was going beyond the point of no return.
Annie looked underneath her and marveled at the sight of Jeff's balls slapping
against her body. This turned her on further. She fingered her clitoris and
closed her eyes while drifting into a sea of lust.

Jeff was as hard as ever, but was coming to that special breaking point. After
almost an hour of loving, Jeff was ready to release his cream.

"OH, BABY........ I wanna cum......... I WANNA cum INSIDE YOU!" "THEN DO ME HARD
AND FAST, BABY. DO ME...... oh... oh.... OHHHHHHH!" Annie screamed and cried as
Jeff went beyond control. Annie's vice like grip was unbearable on Jeff's love
muscle. He drove it in as hard and as fast as he could. Then, Jeff's hot sex
cream erupted inside of Annie, and her vagina contracted violently with every
thrust. She felt his cream filling her up and driving her insane.

"OHhhh FUCK...... Oh, YEAH..... ooooooohh!" Annie yelled.

"Oh........... OH, SWEET BABY!!!!" Jeff cried. Annie climaxed as Jeff continued
to shoot inside of her. It felt like an eternity that seemed to have no end.
Annie and Jeff both felt the wrath of orgasm that rippled throughout their loins
and up and down their thighs. Finally, the last of Jeff's cargo was about to
unload. "Uh.. uh.... uh........ uh..... uh........ Oh YEAH!"

"UhHHHh.. Oh.. YESOHGOD..... oh... oh.................. OOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Annie
screamed as Jeff finished their pleasure play. The last of his load finally came.
Breathing heavily, he slowly pulled himself out of Annie while love juices slowly
flowed out of her. She turned around and laid on the bed with that glassy stare
on her face that only meant one thing. With open welcoming arms, Jeff fell on
top of her, and Annie wrapped her legs around him.

"Oh, Annie. I love you," said Jeff.

"I love you, too," replied Annie. The two lovers held each other and kissed


"Come on, Annie. She's a big girl," said Janice. "Kimi can take care of
herself. I know. I taught her."

"That's what I was afraid of," Annie chuckled. Annie and Janice have been best
of friends since childhood. If anything ever happened to one of them, the other
always knew. They did and shared everything with each other if not with anyone
else. As always, Annie and Janice met at the Local Lounge to have lunch together
while sharing their little secrets.

"You mean you don't mind Kimi having sex at her age?" asked Annie. "You better
be careful, Janice. She may turn out to be just like you."

"Well look at me," said Janice as she wrapped her blonde shoulder length hair
around her finger. "I turned out fine, and so will my little girl, Kimi. She's
sixteen for heaven's sake. Give the girl some experience."

"You are a slut," Annie pointed at Janice. "No wonder Davis left you."

"Hey! That's not fair," replied Janice. "I still get it though." She laughed.

"Well, so do I," said Annie with a sly smile.

"Oh, I know that look. This morning? Before he went to Meadows? He'll be gone
for almost a week. Then he must have fucked you up real good," said Janice as
she leaned forward to confront Annie. Annie leaned back and let out a big sigh.

"Yes, he did," Annie, replied with a smirk.

"I want him, Annie. God, you've got to give him to me one of these days." Janice
sat back down.

"Maybe one of these days, but not anytime soon," teased Annie. "You should of
stuck to one guy."

"Just one night, and I'll leave him alone," begged Janice.

"Yeah, right. You'll leave him alone with yourself every night," Annie remarked.

"If you want to join in, go for it. We can arrange a threesome for you," cooed
the blonde bombshell.

"Not with you, Janice."

"Why not? Don't you love me anymore?"

"Of course I still 'love' you, but I'm not having sex with you." "You used to."
"Oh. Like when?" "Oh, like how about you and me while we were in college, girl,"
said Janice. For a moment, Annie was speechless while Janice, with a smile,
waited for Annie's response. Then, Annie spoke. "Yeah. I remember," replied
Annie. "But only because you wanted me to." Janice's mouth dropped. "You're
full of bullshit. So, I guess it was me who wanted you to do it for all those
four years in college," responded Janice. "I guess even those times when Jeff
wasn't around to fill you up, uh?" "Okay. You can stop it, now. I said I
remember," said Annie being a little embarrassed. "Admit it," said Janice. "That
was your thing with me while we were in college." Annie couldn't help but
remember her love affair with her best friend so many years ago. Annie had the
perfect body back then.

"Yeah, but do you want me now?" asked Annie. "I've gained weight."

"Hey!" interrupted Janice. "I wish I had a body like yours. Everything about
you is just... big. Your boobs and your ass. You are not fat. Just well endowed
in all the right places. I'd kill for a body like yours."

"That's sweet of you, but you are just saying that."

"I'm not the only one."

"What do you mean?"

"Nearly every one of my clients you've met have said that you are so fine, and
wanted you to join us while we are doing 'business.'"

"Now, what kind of talk is that?"

"The kind of talk you use when you conduct business like I do. Quality service
if you know what I mean."

"I know what you mean."

"Just like the way you used to serve me," said Janice. Annie's face turned red.

"You aren't going to let me forget about those days are you?" Annie asked while
the two ladies leaned towards each other. They were almost close enough to be

"Why should I? They were great. I could never forget first time we fucked my
Peach," Janice replied in deep and hypnotic voice. Annie's heart began to race.
She was always turned on when Janice called her "Peach". Janice's sultry smile
and dark eyes transfixed Annie. Annie's thoughts when back to their college days...

end of part one..............

Part Two

It was a Friday evening. Annie was lying on the couch in the living room with a
large bowl of popcorn. The eighteen year old college student was enjoying a
black and white movie on the television her parents bought her just before she
moved in with her best friend, Janice, in their new apartment. Annie was resting
comfortably wearing only a pair of pink panties and an oversized t-shirt. Her
long nails were unpainted, and there was only a tint of mascara around her eyes.
The curvatures of her body flowed from one end of the couch to the other. The
only two light sources in the dimly lit living room were the television that was
in front of the couch and the lamp that sat between the couch and the rocking
armchair that was to the left of the couch. Annie was waiting for Janice to come
out of the bathroom.

Earlier that evening, Janice walked in from a date angry and frustrated. She
didn't say a word to Annie, and immediately went for a hot shower. Sensing her
frustration, Annie decided to not say anything to Janice until she had finished
showering. Occasionally, Annie would hear small cries and moans over the running
water. Janice must be masturbating, Annie though. Finally, Janice walked out of
the bathroom fully naked while towel drying her blonde hair. As she walked
across the living room, Annie eyed the blonde beauty. Janice's slender figure
and fair skin looked like an angel sent to her from out of the blue. The blonde wasn't embarrassed by her nakedness. Especially when she was around Annie after
knowing her for so many years. Janice sat down on the armchair bringing her
knees towards her breasts while resting her feet on the seat of the couch. With
her hair still wet, Janice dropped the towel beside her on the floor.

"So how was your date?" asked Annie.

"What date?" responded Janice.

"Your date with Bradley," said Annie.

"If you call it a date," bitched Janice.

"What happened?" Annie turned to face Janice.

"Nothing. That's what happened. He didn't feel like fucking." Janice ran her
hands through her wet hair.


"Well, I did," snapped Janice. "He had some fuckin' assignment he said he had to
finish. It's a Friday night, dammit. It can wait. And I was so ready to fuck."

"It's just one date. It shouldn't be that bad," said Annie as she placed the
bowl of popcorn on the floor.

"Maybe for you," Janice pointed at Annie. "You'll still a virgin. You haven't
felt what it's like to get your brains fucked. I wanted to fuck so bad tonight.
Playing with myself in the shower didn't help much either." Janice folded both
arms in front of her while sulking.

"We can have some fun tonight," remarked Annie.

"Doing what? I'm pissed off enough as it is already."

"You can still have sex."

"With whom?" Janice gave Annie a cold stare. "I'm not going to go out this late
at night and just fuck some total stranger. I need to get to know him first."

"I meant me. I'm here. We can have some fun together," Annie said as she moved
from the couch and stood in front of Janice blocking her view to the television.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" asked Janice. Using her arms to support
herself on the armrests of the armchair, Annie leaned forward. Her face was only
inches away from Janice's.

"I have always wanted you, and now that we are alone away from everyone else, I
want you, now," Annie purred. Her deep baby blue eyes were almost hypnotizing as
Janice stared at then. With both hands, Annie pushed Janice's knees apart. She
then sat on the couch by resting her knees on the armchair between Janice's
parted legs exposing her blonde pubic mound. Still wearing panties and an
oversized T-shirt, Annie caressed Janice's well-formed perky breasts with her
mouth. The naked blonde felt Annie's hot breath over her upper body while
looking down at her best friend's silky black hair. Janice has slept with a
number of guys while in high school and as a freshman in college, but she never
thought that Annie would ever felt this way for her. Annie finally made her move
on Janice now that they were away from family and in the privacy of their own
apartment. Rather hesitant, Janice spoke.

"Annie, what are you doin'?" asked Janice.

"I'm loving you," purred Annie as she continued her oral caressing around the
curvatures of Janice's breasts.

"Wait a minute. I've done a lot of guys, but I've never done a girl."

"But I don't want you to do a girl. I want you to do just me." Annie smiled and
placed her hands on Janice's breasts. The armchair slowly rocked back and forth
with every push. "Do you love me, Janice? Do you? I love you, Janice. I've
always loved you. I've never done it with anyone before because I was always
thinking of you." Annie's baby blues hypnotized Janice. All she could do was
feel the gentle caressing of her breasts and listen to Annie's sweet words. Annie
was very beautiful, and Janice always admired her for that. The two girls were
very close, but Janice never thought their relationship would come to this. There
was no doubt that she was aroused by Annie's gentle seductive manner. And after
being so close for so many years, Janice finally realized that she had a special
feeling for Annie, too. It just took Annie to bring it out of her.

"Oh, Annie." Janice stared into her eyes. Her heart started to race, and she
was taking long deep breaths. Janice's breasts were heaving up and down against
Annie's caressing hands. Annie pinched both nipples with her fingers. "Oh..."
Janice cried. She rested her head against the back of the armchair with her neck
exposed. Annie took advantage of the opportunity, and her mouth immediately met
Janice's neck. Janice stared at the ceiling while Annie kissed and licked her
sweet tasting flesh. The arousal brought that special warm feeling between her
legs. "Oh, that feels good." Annie's tongue and lips massaged Janice's neck.
Janice knew she wanted more than this. She held Annie's head in front of her and
immediately locked lips with her. Annie welcomed the warm and wet intruder.

"Mmmmmm." Annie moaned. It was a craving she'd longed for so many years. The
two tongues explored each other's oral cavities. Annie wrapped her arms around
Janice, and Janice wrapped her around Annie. The two girls kissed. Annie worked
on Janice neck again and then above her breasts. She pulled both hands from
Janice's back and again grabbed both of her breasts. Her tongue circled each
nipple one after the other leaving a wet ring around them.

"Oh, Annie. Take my tits in your mouth. Suck em, baby. Suck em," Janice
begged. With a smile, Annie looked at Janice and complied. She took Janice's
right nipple into her mouth and sucked. Her tongue ran all over the succulent
bud, and she gently bit down on it. Janice felt hot flashes traveling from her
breast to her mind. She wanted the same treatment on the other side. "Do that
to my other titty........ oh, yes...... oooooohh, that fells good.... ohhh."
Janice took pride of her body. Seeing Annie's beautiful face kissing Janice's
breasts was such an arousing sight. Annie continued playing "breast" friends
with Janice for a couple of minutes. She slowly moved her legs off the armchair
and rested her knees on the floor in front of it. Annie worked her mouth down
Janice's tummy, and her tongue flickered in and out of her navel. Then, Annie
worked her way even lower. Janice knew what she wanted. "Stop," said Janice.
Annie quickly looked up.

"Is something wrong?" asked Annie.

"Yeah," replied Janice. "Move back for a second." Confused and a little
reluctance, Annie did as she was told. Annie feared that maybe what she was
doing might have offended Janice. She can't help but to feel a little frighten.

"Ok, hun. I'm ready," Janice cooed. "I think you know what to do." While Annie
was backing off, Janice had moved herself closer to the edge of the armchair. Her
ass was now resting evenly with the edge of the seat with her legs spread wide
open while leaning back. This gave Annie easy entry to her lover's sex gate.
Annie moved her face right above Janice's vagina. The sweet aroma from the pink
blossom penetrated the insides of Annie's nostrils putting her into a hazy
trance. Janice rubbed her hands over her body, and Annie marveled as the
beautiful folds glistening in the light from the television. Soon, Janice felt
an intruder penetrating beneath her. Sexual energies charged through Janice's
body, and she moaned in pleasure.

"Oh..... oh, my.... oh, God....... oooohhh..." Annie's playful fingers found a
new toy. It was warm, and it was wet. Janice welcomed the loving touches of a
helping hand as its fingers explored her sexness. Janice arched her back forward
and buried her head into the cushion behind her. "Aahhhh...... ahhhhaa.....
ahhahhaaaa," moaned the oversexed blonde. Annie listened to the wonderful music
they were making together. Janice's vagina felt so soft and so warm Annie's
fingers easily slid around which made it so easy to love. For a while, Janice
sang their new love song as Annie continued playing with her musical sex
instrument. Then, Annie pulled her fingers out coated with Janice's sexness.
Still breathing heavily, Janice tired to catch her breath, but Annie didn't give
her much time. Annie placed her mouth where the mouthpiece was, and her tongue
did the playing.

"AAHhhhA....... UGGHhH....... Oh, Yeah..... yeah.... AHHhaaHHh," Janice screamed.
She stared at the mop of black silky long hair found between her slender legs.
Annie's tongue explored deep to find a treasure of sweetness worth more than
anything else she has ever tasted. "ANNIE, YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL!" proclaimed the
blonde beauty. Annie did not respond verbally, but orally if you get the
picture. "Oh, Annie........ Do it deeper....... oh, yes........ oh....... OHH."
Janice's screams were about to drive Annie insane. She tried to stretch her
tongue as deep as she could to "meat" Janice's satisfaction. Janice's hips moved
back and forth, getting fucked by her lover's tongue. Her brain was filled with
waves of lust. Of the many guys that had eaten Janice's pussy, none has yet to
match the tongue-lashing given to her by her own best friend. Added to this,
Janice pinched both of her nipples and tugged them up and down. She never though
being loved by another woman could feel so good, or maybe it's just her best
friend. Annie continued eating away at her girlfriend's sex.

"Ooooohh, yeah.... uh huh......... oh, girl... you do me good," cried Janice.
Annie enjoyed the look of ecstasy on Janice's face. She looked so beautiful when
she cried in pleasure. "Oh, baby. Use your fingers. Fuck me with them. Fuck
me!" Janice demanded. Annie pulled her tongue from Janice's love tunnel while
she licked the juices from her lips. With her middle finger, Annie wasted no
time. She furiously thrusted her finger in and out of Janice. "OH, GOD..... OH,
ANNIE........ oh, girl....... oooohhhh........ oh, yeah...... oh....
ANNIE........ ANNIE......... OH, MY SWEET LITTLE PEACH!!!" Annie marveled at the
sight of her girlfriend's beautiful body being fucked by her finger. Annie was
so good to Janice that Janice couldn't take much more, but she wanted it to last
as long as possible. Janice immediately pulled her ass to the back of the
armchair exposing Annie's soaked fingers. She then grabbed Annie's head and
pulled it towards her.

"Oh, Annie." They stared into each other's eyes. "I wanna do ya, baby. I wanna
make my little Peach feel so good," Janice whispered. Annie stood up and took a
few steps backwards from Janice. The light illuminating from the television
behind Annie formed a silhouette around the voluptuous black haired beauty.
Slowly, Annie pulled her t-shirt over her head revealing her melon-sized breasts while dropping the garment to the floor. The t-shirt fell on her right foot, and
she kicked it off to the side. Janice had never seen Annie's bare breasts. The
two mounds were very round and perfect. They complemented her thin waist.
Annie's body looked so beautiful against the light of the television. Her pink
panties glowed in contrast to her tanned body. Janice thought she had died and
was being visited by a sex goddess.

With both hands, Annie pushed both of her breasts inward against each other and
licked her lips. She caressed them as she slowly moved her head from side to
side. Then, she grabbed a hold of both nipples and pulled them in a circular
motion. Annie winked at her roommate. "Do you like?" asked Annie. With her
legs slightly more than shoulder length apart, Annie's right hand reached beneath
her. With her finger still coated by Janice's wetness, Annie used her middle
finger and stroked her own vagina through the fabric of her panties. Janice
enjoyed the sexual play in front of her. Annie kept playing with herself and
squeezed her left breast with her other hand. Annie could feel herself getting
wetter and wetter as she continued her finger play. Her hips moved in a circular
motion with every stroke she took. Janice couldn't help but notice that a wet
spot had formed at the crotch area of her roommate's panties. "Oh....... oh...
oh..... mmmmmm," Annie moaned. Janice started to play with herself as her lover
teased her. When Annie stopped, she climbed on the armchair and positioned her
knees on the armrests. With her legs apart, she pulled the fabric over her
crotch area to one side. "I shaved it just for you." Annie revealed her bare
vagina that she had prepared for Janice. Not a strand of hair was on her smooth
wet crotch. The sight of Annie's fully exposed love tunnel made Janice light
headed. "Go ahead," said Annie. "Just for you."

end of part two..............

Part Three

Annie waited in anticipation. Janice adjusted herself on the armchair so that
her face was level with Annie's pussy. Janice wanted Annie. With her right hand,
Janice helped Annie pull the crotch area of Annie's panties to one side. She
never gave a woman pleasure before, but knew how she'd want it. With the fingers
of her left hand, Janice parted Annie's floodgates. The wetness slowly oozed
from Annie's pussy and on to Janice's fingers. Janice could almost hear Annie's
pussy lips speaking to her begging and wanting Janice to please her over and over

"Go ahead, sweetie" Annie purred. "It won't bite." Janice's eyes looked up at
Annie as her tongue gently touched the folds of her lover's crotch. The warm
touch of Janice's tongue brought sensations to Annie's mind. Annie's eyes

"OoooOOooooh," Annie moaned. The busty vixen used both hands to support herself
on the back of the armchair. "Lick it some more." Janice could hardly see Annie
thought her mountains of joy, but that didn't matter much. The sight of Annie's
huge breasts was more than enough for Janice to marvel at. Janice's tongue ran
up and down the length of Annie's wet opening. It became more and more natural
to her as she relaxed and went on.

"Oh, yeah........ ahhhhh...... oh, Janice baby that feels so good... oh." Annie
looked down at her lover, and her lover looked back at her. Janice looked so good
eating Annie while Annie's breasts bobbed up and down. Her tongue flickered in
and out of the virgin's young cunt. Adding to the sensation, Annie grabbed her
own breast with her right hand and pushed her nipple toward her mouth. Her own
tongue licked and sucked at it's own pleasure. Watching Annie, Janice drove her
tongue wildly inside of Annie's pussy exploring the walls of her love tunnel and
tasting her fountain of sex.

"Oh my God, Janice........ yeah...... yeah...... oh, yes......... I love
you......... I love you.......... I LOVE YOOOOOU!" Annie screamed and moaned as
Janice danced inside of Annie's vagina. The armchair slowly rocked back and
forth as the two teenage girls continued to love one another. Janice pulled her
tongue out of Annie and replaced it with her finger. Her mouth found Annie's
clitoris, and she was about to savor a gourmet meal. Janice gently chewed on
Annie's clit while pumping her finger in and out of her. "MMMMMm...... OH,
YEAH...... ooooohhh....... do it, Janice........ do it..... ohhhhhhh.......
ahhhhhhh......... ohhhhh..... OHohOHohOH." It was a dream come true for Annie.
Year after year she'd yearn for Janice wanting and waiting for that special day.
Annie screamed and moaned with every sensual touch. She cried and cried over and
over again as Janice gave her the love she had wanted. Janice, so aroused by
Annie's screams of pleasures, was about to give Annie more than she anticipated.
She stopped eating Annie.

"Please, don't stop," begged Annie.

"Ok, Annie. Ya want more?" asked Janice. Annie eagerly nodded. "Then move over
to the couch. NOW!" demanded the blonde bombshell. Janice was really getting
into to lesbian thing. Annie got off the armchair and moved over to the couch.
She leaned back against the right armrest while Janice followed. When she got
seated, Janice reached over and grabbed Annie's pink panties.

"These have got to go," said Janice. Annie eagerly helped Janice removed the
last piece of garment on her body, and Janice threw it across the room. "Ok,
Peach. Now, spread em wide for me...... oh, yeah." Annie's wet pussy glisten in
the dimly lit room. Janice laid back on the opposite end of the couch and
positioned herself where her pussy met Annie's. Both girls held on to one
another's leg while feeling each other's warmness. Annie just waited for the
wonderful things to come from her lover.

"Now, it's time for some pussy loving," purred Janice. She immediately rubbed
her pussy against Annie's, and Annie followed the same routine. The two girls buckled at each other feverishly rubbing and pounding at each other in sexual

"Oh, Janice.... oh oh, girl....... uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh...... oooooohh.... ooooh,"
Annie moaned passionately.

"Ya like that, huh...... oh, baby you feel so good...... come on, baby...... come
on my Peach.... ooh...... oh, God... oh, yeah." Janice cried. "Oh, yeah....oh."

"Mmmm.... mmMMMmmm."

"Oh.... ohhh... ooohh."

"mmmMMmm, yeah.... yeah." Janice and Annie went faster and harder. Their
breathing was fast and shallow. For Janice, it was her first time experience
with a woman, but for Annie, it was a chance of a lifetime. "Oh, Janice...
oh....... I.... I.... love you... ooo... oh.. I love youuuu...."

"I love........ ah... ah.... I love you, too my.... my..... Peach." Annie and
Janice were drowning in a sea of lust. The night was too perfect for them. The
two teenage girls had no inhibitions and continued to indulge in one another for
the next several minutes. Being inexperienced until now, Annie was about to
experience the greatest pleasure on Earth. Janice knew Annie was about to cum,
and she wanted to cum with her.

"Ok, Annie. I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna do it to ya. Ya ready, Annie? Ya

"Oh, ye....... yes....... yes... do it to me... DO IT TO ME!" Janice pounded
Annie even harder now. Annie screamed.

"OHohOHohOHohOHohOHYEAHBABYOH... OH.... OH!!!" Annie's mind exploded into a
million pieces. There was no reasoning left, just the instincts of sex and
pleasure. Ripples of energy pulsated Annie's pussy while her thighs felt the
rumble of her first orgasm. Janice wasn't too far behind.

"Oh............... OH, GOD....... YES...... oh.... AHHHHHAHHHHHAHHHH!!!" screamed
Janice. Between their legs was fountain of female love. Annie went for years
wondering how it would be like to make love to her best friend. Now, she knew
and more.

Both girls were reaching the end of their orgasms. Their hearts were starting to
slow down, and their breathing were returning to normal. Annie and Janice looked
up at each other and smiled. For a few seconds, they laid quietly enjoying the
reminisce of their love play. Then, Annie got up and laid on top of Janice.

"Sweetheart," said Annie, "do you have a date tomorrow night?"

"Yeah, I do," answered Janice. "With you my Peach."

"Ohhhh," Annie whispered in Janice's ear. "I love you."

"Love you, too." They kissed.

Annie's mind returned to the Cafe.

"Gosh, you were so good," said Annie.

"How do ya think I became so successful at my job?" Janice teased. "I've got a
client right after lunch. So I better go soon. Tell ya all about it later, ok?"

"Oh, Janice, don't go," begged Annie. "Look what you did to me. Let's go
somewhere. Please?"

"Annie? Are you getting hot on me again after all these years?" Janice asked

"Hey, I didn't do it this time. It just kind of happened," Annie responded.
Janice had an idea.

"Listen, why don't you come with me. We can possibly have a foursome with my
client and my assistance."

"I shouldn't have mentioned it," replied Annie. "I have errands to run, and I'm
a married woman. I'd be too afraid to have sex with a stranger," said Annie.
"I...I just don't think it would be right."

"Well, that's ok, Annie," said Janice. "That's what I love about you. You're so
sincere. I wish there were I more like you."

"Oh, right, you little harlot," Annie said sarcastically. "You'll screw every
man and woman who'll take their clothes off for you."

"Yeah, I would," replied Janice with a smile. "Well, I gotta go. Gotta deal to
make. See ya."

"See you too, Janice." The two ladies started to walk in opposite directions.
"And take a cold shower!"


Her eyes are green, and she has long blond hair. Very popular with her friends
in more ways than one. This goes especially for the guys. When she walks down
halls or climbs stairs, her ass waves "Hello" to all the young men around. Meet
Kimi. Probably the most well known girl in school. She's sixteen, and she knows
how to fuck. Of course this didn't come naturally for her. Kimi was educated by
one of the best teachers, her mother Janice. Kimi was curious, and her mother was there for her. Hey, that's a mother's job. To love and nurture their
children, and to teach them about the facts of life. Kimi always kept her
education in practice, like she's doing right now.

Her boyfriend was back for the weekend from college. As always, they missed each
other. At least they missed what they love to do to each other.

end of part three..............

Part Four

"MMMmmmmm.......... mmmmm........... oohhhh, that's good, baby........ put it in
your mouth..... ohhhhhhhh, yeah." Darrell was enjoying the delights of oral sex
from his girlfriend. It's been almost a week since Kimi gave him a blowjob, and
today, he was home from college hoping that Kimi was available. Kimi was an
expert at giving head after using Darrell as a practice toy for the past year.
Not many girls can hold a candle to this sixteen-year old kid.

Most of Darrell's penis was inside of Kimi's experienced mouth. Her young wet
tongue licked Darrell's shaft and circled around his swollen head. "Oh.........
oh........" Darrell felt the warmness of Kimi's touch while he petted Kimi's
head laying comfortably on her bed. She looked at him from between his legs
while she moved her head up and down his love muscle. Her small right hand
firmly gripped the base of it, and Kimi's tight lips and wet tongue coated
Darrell's penis with lots of drool. The sounds of sucking and slurping filled
their ears. Resting on her left elbow, her left hand was free enough to tickle
his hairy balls. Kimi's mouth was so hot Darrell's love muscle could explode at
any moment, but he knew how to hold back. "OHHHH..... YEAH....... faster you
bitch....... oh, man.......... oohhhh." Darrell's back arched in response to the
heat building around his throbbing cock. Kimi pulled it from her mouth and held
it tightly in the palm of her hand. She vigorously masturbated it. "AHH.........
AAHHHHH!" Darrell screamed. Then, Kimi sucked on it again rubbing her wanton
tongue tightly against the tip of his cock. "OHHHH.... AHHHHHHH....... OHH.....
OHHHH!" Pressure built up in Darrell's balls. His hips moved up and down
fucking Kimi in the mouth. The teenage blonde kept a firm hold of Darrell as he
buckled. Then suddenly, "AHHHHHHhhhHHH...... AAAAHHHHH!" Darrell released a
stream of hot sex cream into Kimi's mouth. Kimi felt and tasted his hot spew
flooding inside of her. "UH... UH......... Uh, God....... UH!" Darrell cried.
Darrell's penis already filled up most of the space in Kimi's mouth. There was
little room for the cum that oozed from her lips and down her chin. She
swallowed, and she swallowed wanting to take his whole member down her throat.
When it was over, Darrell's penis fell out of Kimi's mouth. She smile at him
while licking the cum from her lips. "Oh, baby, you're beautiful," said Darrell.

"Now, play with my pussy," begged Kimi. Normally, Darrell would play with Kimi
until he was rock hard again. Then, he fucked her into oblivion.

"I've got a better ideal." Darrell moved off the bed and was standing on the
floor. "Lay on your back and spread you legs," he told her. Little Kimi was
excited at what was about to come. "Now, it's my turn." The college freshman
positioned him where Kimi was. Darrell's tongue touched Kimi's pussy lips.

"Oh, fuck, Darrell," Kimi cried. "You're eating pussy. Oh........ oh." Ever
since Kimi dated Darrell, he always refused to give her oral sex until now. Kimi
figured that college made a new man out of Darrell. "Ohhhh, God..... oh.. It's
about fucking time you ate me!" moaned Kimi. Darrell just smiled. His tongue
darted in an out of Kimi's love gates. "Oh, it feels gooood," Kimi cried.
Darrell's tonguing felt like an expert. Kimi could not believe the sensations
she was experiencing. How did Darrell get this good Kimi thought to herself.
"Oh, yeah... oh, yeah... oh... oh." She let her mind drift. Kimi felt Darrell's
tongue worked around the sides of her vagina. "Ooooooo..... ohhhh." For almost
fifteen minutes, Kimi remained submissive to Darrell. He then spoke.

"Ok, baby. I'm ready." Darrell's lips and chin shone with pussy juice while
Kimi smiled at him for the wonderful oral play he performed on her. As he sat up
on his knees, Kimi pulled her knees to her breasts while keeping her legs apart.
Her pussy has never been so wet and ready now that Darrell had primed her so
well. Kimi stared at Darrell's straight cock as he moved closer to her. She
worshipped it and watch it go inside of her as she and her god became one.

"OoOoooOooooo," Kimi moaned. She felt herself being filled up. Darrell felt the
warmness of Kimi's pussy engulfing his stiffness.

"Aaaaahhhh," sighed Darrell. He grabbed hold of both of Kimi's ankles and pushed
them a part. His hips quickly pumped in and out of Kimi's love tunnel. She was
so wet and warm. "Ohhhhhh..... oh........ baby, your pussy feels so good,"
Darrell moaned.

"Oh.....d..don't it always?" Kimi said struggling to get the words out. Her heart
pounded fast inside of her sweet young body. Darrell didn't answer back. His
fucking was enough to let her know that he appreciated her. "OH.........
OHHH........ Uh......... Oooohh." Kimi cried. Her head turned from side to side
experiencing the ecstasy building between them. Darrell kept Kimi's legs wide
apart to continue giving her a clear and easy fuck. "Mmmmmmm......... oohhhhhh."
Kimi could not stop singing. It only got better. Darrell gradually increased
his speed. He always knew how to keep his cool in the heat of the moment. That's
what Kimi loved about him when having sex. He'd be in complete control of
himself giving Kimi all the sex she wanted until she wanted him to cum.
"OhooohooooohoohhhoOHHHHOHHHHHOHHHH... UH..... UH... OOOOOoooooOOOoo." Kimi knew
she didn't die and go to heaven. She was in a much better place. For almost
forty minutes, Kimi just laid there while Darrell was giving her his best to
drive her to her primal instincts. Today, she just wanted to lay back and enjoy
the fruits of their passion. Kimi had orgasmed at least three or four times.
After that, she had lost count. Each time she did, Darrell felt Kimi's pussy walls tightening on him, but he can handle it. Kimi was easy to please, and
Darrell knew how to hit the right spots. "OHHHH.... OHHHH.... UUGGGGH.......
UHHH....... AAHHHHHHH!" Another orgasm. Kimi eventually spoke English. "Cum on
my titties...... cum on me right now!" After a few more hard strokes, Darrell
jerked his cock from Kimi's biological vice grip and jacked himself off all over
Kimi's beautiful young breasts.

"Ohhh.. OHHHHHHH......... OHH.... Ohhhhh!" Darrell grunted. His cum spurted in
nice long streams almost reaching Kimi's chin. She opened her mouth hoping to
catch any cum that may pass her way. Darrell had reached orgasm, and the last of
his cargo was finally released from storage. "Ooooooo." Darrell started to calm

"God, that was neat!" Kimi said. Her hands glided across her body. She wanted
Darrell's cum to cover every inch of her skin. Kimi loved cum.

"I'll be right back, baby," said Darrell. He got up from the bed and went to the
bathroom. Kimi laid there for a few seconds licking the cum from her fingers.
Yummy, she thought. Kimi then climbed off the bed to pick up Darrell's clothes
from the floor. As she picked up his jacket, his wallet fell out. While picking
it up, the wallet unfolded open to reveal a photo of a brunette girl. Kimi
didn't recognize the girl so she checked the back for a name. Written on the
back of the photo was "Darrell, You give good head. Love, Cassie xoxoxo." For a
while, Kimi was baffled. She thought could Darrell be cheating on me in college after all these months? Kimi also didn't take any shit from anyone. Darrell
finally came out of the bathroom and started to put on his pants.

"Darrell," Kimi held Cassie's picture in her hand, "so who's Cassie?"

"Oh," said Darrell hesitantly, "she a friend I met in college."

"What kind of friend is she?" said Kimi putting the picture back in his wallet,
"A fucking friend?" Now, one hand was on her hip and the other was holding the
rest of his clothes. Kimi had a stern look on her face while she waited for
Darrell's answer.

"Take it easy. She teaches me stuff," replied Darrell.

"Like how to eat pussy?"

"Yeah. It was pretty good, huh?"

"Who the fuck you think you are fucking some other bitch? I'm your girlfriend,"
said Kimi.

"What's the big deal?" asked Darrell. He had finished putting his pants on. "You
are my girlfriend, but she is like my sex 'teacher.' Your mom taught you how to
fuck. So what's wrong with that?"

"My mother may have taught me how to fuck," Kimi shouted "but she also taught me
how to fight! Now, listen you asshole," the fiery blonde was hot under the
collar. "You better get the fuck out of my house, or I'm calling the cops on you
for fucking a minor!" Darrell wondered if Kimi had been a redhead at one time or

"Ok, ok, Kimi," Darrell said mockingly. "Just give me my clothes, and I'll get
the fuck out of here you bitch." Kimi threw Darrell's clothes at him, and
Darrell knew he had made a mistake. As Darrell walked out of Kimi's room, Kimi
follow to make sure he left. Darrell climbed down the stairs and walked to the
front door. He looked back at Kimi seeing her standing at the top of the stairs
naked and covered with his cum. She gave him a long stare until he opened the
door and walked out. Kimi then ran down the stairs to lock the front door
disgusted at Darrell's cheating. Now, the cum she so favored from him was like
germs from the sewers. She immediately ran back up the stairs, went into the
bathroom, and took a hot shower. Streams of hot water washed the cold cum from
her warm body. She felt so used by the guy whom she loved for the past year.
Tears started rolled from her eyes.

"I hate him," Kimi cried. "I HATE HIM!" She had been so close to Darrell, but
betrayal had set in. When things like this happen to Kimi, there was always one
person she could turn to: her best friend Amanda Walker.

end of part four..............

Part Five

"Hello. Price and Grayson. How may I direct your call?" asked the receptionist.

"Janice Price, please," answered Annie hoping she could get in touch with her
best friend from a pay phone. She was running errands until she realized some of
her papers were missing and hoped that Janice knew where they were.

"I'm sorry, but Mrs. Price is busy right now and asked not to be disturbed. May
I ask who's calling?"

"Emily," said Annie, "it's me, Annie. I really need to get in touch with her."

"Oh. Hi, Annie," replied Emily. "Just give me a second, and I'll transfer you."
Because Annie and Janice were best friends, Annie always had the privilege of
contacting Janice at work whenever she wanted to. The phone in Janice's office
rang once, then twice. Janice reached over to press a button.

"Ahhhh........ Emily," moaned Janice, "I...... I thought I told...... aahhh.....
told you to not...... disturb meee!" Janice cried. Her young assistant,
Beverly, was sitting on the edge of Janice's desk with her legs spread open. All
she wore was a pair of light blue stockings supported by her garter belt that
matched the light blue ribbon in her long wavy brown hair. Janice was bent
forward with her face in front of Beverly pussy, and behind Janice was her
client, Forrest McCain, ramming her from behind into her wet soaking pussy.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Price, but it's Annie," replied Emily.

"Oh," Janice said. She motioned Forrest to stop his ramrodding. "Okay, Emily.
Put her through." Then, she pointed at Forrest with a wanton smile. "I'll get
back with you in just a second." Janice picked up the phone and pressed a
button. "Hi, Annie. How's my sweetheart doin'?"

"Not good," replied Annie. "I lost my car title that I was going to put in my
safety deposit box. Did you happen to pick it up?"

"Sorry, Annie, but I'm sure I didn't. Did you check with the restaurant?"

"I already called there and nothing. Jeff is going to kill me when he finds

"Hey, he'll forgive you. Just fuck his brains out."


"Oh, I'm sorry. Wish I can help you more."

"That's okay."

"Are you sure you won't come up? I'm in the middle of 'negotiation.'"

"No, Janice. I'm too busy," Annie said rolling her eyes up.

"Well, I gotta go. Gotta keep this deal hot."

"Okay. Don't 'fuck up.'"

"Bye. I love you." The two women hung up. Janice turned around naked from head
to toe. "Okay, now where were we?"

Two hours have passed since Annie and Janice last spoke to each other. Annie has
yet to locate her car title. At about that time Amanda's best friend, Kimi, was
visiting her while needing a shoulder to cry on.

"I just can't believe it," Kimi said. "He cheated on me. He's been cheating on
me since he went to college."

"I knew it," replied Amanda. "I said you shouldn't trust him." The two girls were in Amanda's bedroom laying down with their heads at the foot of the bed.
Kimi was laying to the left of Amanda.

"But he's always been so nice. I guess you were right. I guess all he wanted
from me was a fuck." Kimi was laying on her back with folded underneath her
head. "You really look out for me don't you?"

"What are friends for?" Amanda said.

"That's why I love you so much," answered Kimi. "I just can't believe he's been
fucking some bitch behind my back. He's such an asshole." Kimi paused for a
second. "I'm a bitch myself, but you don't see me fucking another guy when I
have a boyfriend."

"Actually, I haven't seen you doing it with another guy when you were dating
Darrell, but you could have been," Amanda commented.

"What?" asked Kimi. "Are you saying that I'm a slut?" Kimi pointed at herself
while her head turned towards Amanda.

"Yes," replied Amanda.

"Oh, yeah. I am a slut, but you love me anyway." Kimi giggled. "That's why you
are my best friend. What about you, Mandy?"

"What about me?" Amanda looked at Kimi with a cold stare.

"You know. Have you ever wondered what's it like to get your pussy pounded?"
Kimi asked while she starred at the ceiling.

"No," said Amanda turning away from Kimi.

"Come on. You can tell me." Kimi turned on her right side and rested her head
under her right arm. There was a short pause while Kimi waited for Amanda's
answer. Amanda took a deep breath.

"Well, maybe."

"So why don't you?" asked Kimi.

"I'm kind of scared." Amanda turned back around to face her best friend. "I'm
afraid I might get hurt."

"I have to admit. I would have been scare, too if my mom hadn't been there to
teach me." Kimi smiled with a gleam in her eyes.

"Don't remind me," Amanda said while she pushed Kimi away.

"It's not bad. It's not for everyone, but I like it."

"But your own mom?" Amanda sat up and threw her hands on the bed.

"Hey, that's what moms are for. To educate and see to her daughter's needs,"
Kimi said with a smile.

"Whatever, but have you had sex with any girls besides your mom?" Amanda asked.
Kimi had to think for a second.

"I almost had a threesome with Becky and Jenna."

"What?" Amanda moved closer to Kimi. "You're lying."

"Do you think I'd lie about something like that?"

"Well, I guess not. So... why didn't you?"

"I didn't felt like it so they asked Wendy instead."

"Wendy? Wendy Lewis?"

"Uh, huh."

"Oh, man." Amanda was surprised by her friend's answer.

"Actually, no men," Kimi said jokingly. "Remember that night we went skinny
dippin' in the lake?"


"That's when Becky and Jenna asked if I wanted to party with them that weekend,"
said Kimi. "But I'd rather spend it with you."

"Wow. You would rather be with me rather than have sex?" said Amanda

"Just shut the fuck up and listen," said Kimi. "Anyway, the next Monday, Becky,
Jenna, and Wendy were all over each other like ice cream."

"No wonder they're so 'close,'" remarked Amanda. Kimi inched towards Amanda. The
two teenage girls were right in each other's face.

"It's just like you and me. We just haven't fucked, yet," Kimi said in a sultry
tone. Amanda slowly backed away.

"Don't even think about," said Amanda as she turned back around to face away from

"I have. A lot."

"Don't do this to me, Kimi."

"Don't do what? I'm your best friend. I won't hurt you, and I won't get you
pregnant." Amanda paused for a second.

"No," said Amanda. Kimi pressed herself against Amanda's back.

"You're curious aren't you? Don't try to lie to me Mandy," Kimi whispered into
Amanda's ear. Her left hand made circles around Amanda's bare thigh. "You know
you can't lie to me. You're horny right now, aren't you?"

"Well....... yeah," Amanda reluctantly spoke. "After all we just talked about
sex." Kimi was enjoying the fragrance of Amanda's dark hair.

"Okay, then." Kimi pulled Amanda's left shoulder back against the bed. Amanda
looked up at Kimi and gazed into her green eyes. She was wondering what in the
world was Kimi trying to do. Amanda soon found out. Kimi smiled and immediately
locked lips with her girlfriend. Her warm and wet tongue played with Amanda's.
This whole event caught Amanda off guard startling her. With her left hand, Kimi
grabbed Amanda's right breast. Amanda tried to pull it off, but Kimi kept
pressing. Kimi was just too strong for her. The blonde teenage girl had her
friend pinned from underneath, and Amanda felt that there was no escape.

"Mmmm..... mmMMmm," Amanda struggled to say something. But soon, Amanda started
to relax, and Kimi pulled her lips from Amanda's.

"Are you ok," asked Kimi.

"Wait a minute," Amanda said. She sat up to pull her T-shirt off and then her
bra. She threw both garments to the floor. Kimi marveled at the sight of
Amanda's huge breasts. "Okay, Kimi. I'm ready," said Amanda. "Oh, you're
turning me on." Kimi licked her lips.

"So you liked it," Kimi cooed.

"Yeah," said Amanda. "Maybe I should give it a shot." Kimi liked what she just

"Man, your boobs are huge!" Kimi commented. For a fifteen year old, Amanda's
breasts were rather large, and her nipples were hard and erect. The size of

"I took after my mom," Amanda said proudly. Kimi giggled. The two high school
girls continue to exchange tongues while Kimi grabbed one of Amanda's tits again.
This time there was no resistance. "Mmmmmmm," Amanda moaned as she accepted the
warm feel of Kimi's hand. The blonde teenager could not contain the oversized
tit. Kimi sat up.

"Wow!" Amanda said almost breathless. "What are you going to do now?"

"You'll see," said Kimi. She climbed on top of Amanda and sat on her tummy.
Then, she too removed her shirt and bra. "See," said Kimi squeezing her own
breasts, "mine are small."

"No, they're not," said Amanda. "Yours just aren't as big as mine." The two
girls giggled some more. Kimi brushed her hair back and started to caress both
of Amanda's breasts with both hands. They were so soft and warm. "Oooooo,"
moaned Amanda. "That feels good."

"I should hope so." Kimi winked. With both hands, Amanda reached up to grab
Kimi's breasts and pinched both nipples.

"Mmmmmm," cooed Kimi. "Do you like doing that?"

"Yeah," replied Amanda. "It's kind of cool." Amanda and Kimi continued to
exchange loving rubs and squeezes. Erotic sensations traveled from the teenage
girls' breasts to their minds. This new experience was an enlightening one for
Amanda as she laid there accepting the warm touches of her best friend. Kimi
slowly bobbed up and down Amanda's tummy as if she were sitting on some guy's
penis. She can feel the heat developing between her legs.

"Oh, yeah. I need more than this," moaned Kimi. "Ohhhhh." Kimi climbed off
Amanda and quickly removed her shorts and panties. "Get on your knees and face
me," said Kimi. Anxiously, Amanda did just that. The two girls were facing each
other eye to eye. Kimi guided Amanda's right hand to her wet pussy. "Touch me
right here," said Kimi. Amanda's soft fingers fondled the folds of Kimi's love
tunnel. "Oooooo," Kimi cried. Amanda rested her left hand on Kimi's right
thigh. Her soft innocent touch was heaven scent. "Oh, Mandy. Put your fingers
inside.......... oh, yes." Amanda's finger slit in easily. It curled in and out
tickling the insides of Kimi's vagina. "Ohhh........ ah, ah." Seeing Kimi's
face twisted and contorted to the whims of their erotic love play, Amanda wanted
to learn more.

Outside, Annie was pulling up into her driveway and saw Kimi's car parked
outside. She normally thought nothing of it. Her mind was more on finding her
car title. When she walked in the door, she paused for a moment to think. Where
could I have placed that darn thing she asked herself. Annie had a hunch and
walked to the living room coffee table. Picking up the magazine she read this
morning, she found the car title between a couple of pages. It was being used as
a bookmark. Annie let out a sight of release and was relieved, but something was
odd. Annie heard the faint sounds of screaming that seemed to come from Amanda's

Back in Amanda's room, both girls were naked from head to toe except of the socks
they kept on. Kimi was laying on her back with her legs spread wide apart, and
Amanda was sitting between Kimi's legs. The black haired teen was shoving two
fingers in and out of Kimi's wet hot pussy.

"Faster... faster," Kimi cried. Amanda did just that. Kimi watched her best
friend finger fucked her. She grabbed both of her titties and squeezed them
hard. Amanda and Kimi's hearts were racing, and their breathing was heavy.
Between best friend's, there were no inhibitions, no secrets. Then suddenly,
Amanda's bedroom door swung open.

"Amanda! Kimi!" Annie yelled. To her surprise, the two girls were engaged in a
fury of teenage lesbian sex. Amanda and Kimi froze the moment they saw Annie.
They were caught red handed and didn't know was to do.

end of part five..............

Part Six

Annie stood in the doorway of Amanda's room.

"I can't believe what I'm seeing!" yelled Annie.

"But mom," said Amanda.

"Not a word," scolded Annie. "Not a word from either of you. I saw what
happened, and I don't approve of it. You two young ladies get cleaned up, get
dressed, go to my room, and stay there." The two girls slowly moved away from
each other and off the bed. "Kimi," said Annie, "I'm calling your mother." Annie
walked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. She was furious. Annie thought
to herself that with Amanda having Kimi as a best friend should have seen this
coming. When she tried to call Janice at work, Annie found that she had left
early. Eventually, Annie finally found Janice at home and asked for her to come


"Annie, what's the matter?" asked Janice.

"Your slut daughter was in bed with Amanda," said Annie. "I know Kimi's sexually
active, but I didn't think that she would be having sex with my girl."

"What are you so upset about? They're just having fun."

"I knew you were going to say that."

"Well, what does that suppose to mean?" Janice had a hand to her hip while
waiting for Annie's reply.

"It means that you're a slut, too, and you know it." Annie aggressively pointed
her finger at Janice.

"Hey, I didn't come all the way over here to argue with you. You never had a
problem with me before."

"Who you sleep with is none of my business. Who Amanda sleeps with is, and in
this case it's yours, too."

"So let them sleep together. Maybe they love each other." Janice smiled.

"Stop it Janice. I don't like it."

"What do you mean you don't like it? When I said 'me' I meant you and me. I
can't count the number of times we fucked each other to sleep," said Janice. Wide
eyed and startled, Annie pulled her right hand back and slapped Janice hard in
the face. The sound of the slap echoed throughout the house. Janice's head
turned to one side, and her hand covered the stricken area. Afraid, she slowly
turned her head to face Annie. Janice's eyes began to water, and she spoke with
a trembling tone.

"Annie, I going upstairs to get my daughter. I'm sorry. I thought you loved
me." Janice started to turn and walk away, and a tear formed in her eye.
Astonished at her own behavior, Annie knew she had made a mistake. She felt
guilty and sorry. Annie walked up to Janice and grabbed her arm to try and stop
her. Janice moved back fearing that Annie would strike her again.

"Janice, I'm sorry," pleaded Annie. "I didn't mean to hit you. Really. I just
got crazy." Seeing the pain in Janice's eyes, Annie felt like crying, too.
"Please forgive me." Annie stepped closer. "I do love you. I'm sorry. I
really am." Annie pleaded more, and Janice felt a little better. Annie moved
closer and gently kissed Janice on the cheek where she slapped her. "Does that
feel better?" asked Annie.

"No," answered Janice, "but this will." Janice touched Annie's lips with her's.

"Oh, Janice," said Annie. Her head started to spin. Their moist tongues met in
a play of passion, and Annie just wanted to go wild on Janice. Still kissing,
the black haired bombshell put her hands around Janice's waist and picked her up.
Annie placed her best friend on top of the kitchen counter. She pulled her lips
from Janice and started undoing Janice's blouse.

"My, oh my, aren't we very apologetic," said Janice. Annie just looked up and
smiled. She pulled the blouse open and stared at Janice white lacy bra. Both of
her hands grabbed Janice's breast, and she pulled her best friend toward her and
kissed again. Not paying any attention to their surroundings, Amanda walked in
the kitchen startled at her discovery.

"Mom?" Amanda said. Annie jumped at the sound of her daughter's voice. She
turned around and found her fifteen-year old daughter standing in the doorway of
the kitchen.

"Amanda," yelled Annie, "I....... I thought I told you to stay in my room." Annie
tried to conceal Janice's open blouse, but was too afraid to move.

"But I just came to get some orange juice," Amanda said. She can't help but
notice Kimi's mother sitting on the kitchen counter with her blouse open.

"Amanda," said Annie. Janice got off of the counter.

"Annie," Janice said, "just face it. She caught you red handed." Annie looked
over at Janice and pulled Janice's blouse together. She paused for a second to

"Amanda darling," said Annie, "be a good girl, and go back to Mommy's room.
Kimi's mother and I will have a nice little talk with the two of you, ok?"

"Yes, Mom," Amanda answered quietly. She slowly turned and walked away.

"Janice, I can't believe this. Look what you've gotten me into."

"Annie, I love you. I didn't mean to cause any harm under your own roof." Janice
looked Annie in the eyes. "Come on Annie. She's at that age. You can't blame
her for being curious."

"I know Janice, but I have a hard time teaching her these kinds of things." Annie
turned around and looked at the walls. She didn't have an answer, and she didn't
have a clue as to how to explain her situation. "Amanda is probably telling Kimi
what just happened."

"Listen, Annie." Janice walked around Annie to face her. "I know I'm a wild
one, but please hear me out. I have an idea."


Almost twenty minutes have passed. Amanda and Kimi were waiting impatiently in
Annie's bedroom. They were sitting on the edge of the bed wondering what was
taking their mothers so long to come. Annie's bedroom was huge. The bed was
against the far wall below the window. Facing from the king size bed was the door
to the hallway. To the left of the door was a small couch, and the right of the
door were shelves. To the left of the bed in the corner was a door leading to a
walk-in closet, and beside it was Annie's dresser and mirror. The wall to the
right in the center was the door leading to the master bathroom. To the left of
that was Jeff's dresser, and to the right of the door was a rocker. Of course
nightstands were on either sides of the bed. Soon enough, Annie walked in, and
Janice stood in the doorway.

"You two girls sit back some on the bed," Annie said. She seated herself at the
edge of the bed and turned towards Kimi. "Now, Kimi, I won't have to tell you
any of this since your mother doesn't mind you having sex so everything is ok
with you." Annie then turned to Amanda. "But you young lady are my daughter, and
I am responsible for you." Amanda felt a lump in her throat and couldn't face her
mother. "So because you are a minor and you are at an age of sexual curiosity, I
am asking for your permission for Kimi's mother and me to teach you sex." To
Amanda's surprise, she looked up to face her mother wide eyed and shocked. Annie
had a gentle smile on her face. It's a smile that Amanda recognized from a
loving and caring mother. Amanda looked over at Kimi, and she too had a gentle
smile on her face. Kimi slowly nodded in approval, but Amanda was still shocked
at her mother's announcement. Annie spoke.

"I know this may seem awkward, and I think it's the best way to do this without
anyone getting hurt." Kimi placed her hand on Amanda's left shoulder and
whispered softly.

"Mandy. I think it will be ok."

"I...... I don't know," said Amanda. She looked across the room to see Janice
smiling at her. Amanda was scared, but there was a sense of warmness in the

"If you don't want to do this, you don't have to," said Annie. "But remember,
I'm always here for you." Amanda looked back at her mom and then Kimi. Kimi
moved her hand to touch Amanda's face. Her sweet smile and the warmth of her
hand helped relax Amanda.

"I love you, Amanda," said Kimi. Amanda smiled back and turned towards her

"I guess so, Mom," said Amanda in a soft voice.

"That's good, sweetheart," Annie said. "Go in my bathroom, and get undressed.
Kimi, go and help her." Amanda and Kimi got off of the bed and walked towards
the bathroom. "And Kimi," Annie said, "you can take off your clothes too if
you'd like."

"Thank you, Mrs. Walker." Kimi walked into the bathroom. Annie looked over at

"Come on in, Janice, and give me the bag," said Annie. Janice walked in and
handed Annie a large brown paper sack, and Annie placed it on the floor at the
right side of the bed. She got up and kissed Janice on the lips. "Now, let's
get ready. Put your clothes on the rocker." The two women started to undress.


In the bathroom, Amanda and Kimi were naked from head to toe.

"It'll be ok," Kimi said trying to comfort Amanda. "I promise. I'll go in first,
ok?" Amanda nodded. Amanda and Kimi walked back into the bedroom. Janice was
sitting in the middle of bed, and Annie was sitting on the couch. They too were
naked from head to toe. The two adult women looked at their daughters' young and
beautiful bodies. So fresh and so soft, the two girls waited for instructions
from their mothers.

"Amanda," said Annie, "get on the bed with Kimi's mother. Kimi," Kimi looked
over at Annie, "you can sit with me." Both girls did what they were told.
Annie's legs were already spread apart exposing her womanly vagina. Kimi took
the liberty to sit between them with her back nesting against Annie's huge
breasts. Annie didn't mind. She welcomed Kimi with a loving hug. Amanda
climbed on the bed.

"Now, do what Kimi's mother says," said Annie. Amanda nodded. Janice was very
impressed with Amanda's large breasts. She spoke.

"How are you doing, Sweetheart?"

"Fine, Mrs. Price. And you?" Amanda asked hesitantly.

"Just wonderful. Now, I want you to relax, and lay on your back in the middle of
the bed.... head on the pillow.... legs apart... very good. Just relax, Honey.
Just relax." Amanda was very still, but was turned on by the open nakedness of
her situation. Looking at her mother and best friend, Amanda could see them
smiling at her. Janice, at the foot of the bed between Amanda's legs, rested her
left hand on Amanda's stomach, and her warm fingers of her right hand touched the
outer folds of Amanda soft smooth vagina. Amanda became light headed and started
to breathe heavily.

"Oh," cried Amanda. Janice's massaging fingers were making Amanda wet from all
of the anticipation. "Ohhhhh," she cried again.

"How does that feel, Sweetheart?" asked Janice.

"Nice," said Amanda.

"Nice?" replied Janice. "I guess I have to do better than that." She winked to
her audience. Amanda felt a finger sliding into her warm vagina. It wiggled
around in circles and moved in and out bringing Amanda to a new wetness.

"Ohhhhh........ ooohhhhhh," moaned Amanda.

"Is that better?" asked Janice.

"Y.....yes, Mrs. Price."

"Good, Sweetheart." Janice looked up at Annie. "My God, Annie. She is so wet
in no time." Janice giggled. Both Annie and Kimi were getting aroused watching
Janice giving Amanda her sex lessons. They can't help but to get wet from all
the excitement. Janice continued to finger fuck Amanda for several minutes.
Amanda would sometime let out soft whimpers and look to see Janice's hand moving
back and forth inside of her. "Ok, Amanda," spoke Janice. "I'm going to do
something different." Janice pushed Amanda's legs further apart and lowered her
head. Janice's lips met Amanda's wet pussy lips, and her tongue tasted the sweet
sex juices of the young teenager.

"Ohhhh....... oh, yeah.... oohhh." Amanda moaned and cried with sexual delight.
She could feel Janice's warm loving tongue danced a dance of love on her wet
sexness. Amanda was so hot, and she was so ready. Janice raised her head.

"I think she's ready," said Janice. "And she tastes good, too."

"Hold on, Amanda," said Annie. "Mrs. Price has a surprise for you."

"Indeed I do, Amanda," said Janice. "I want you to get on your hands and knees,
and face you mother." Quietly, Amanda did what she was told. "Very good, hun.
Annie, she looks good on all fours," Janice comment. The blonde sex instructor
moved behind her student. Janice reached into the brown bag she had brought in
earlier and pulled out a strap-on. Kimi's eyes widened at the sight of it. All
she can think of was "do me, do me." But for now, she had to wait. Janice now
had the strap-on securely fastened around her waist. "Hold still," instructed
Janice. "I'll go nice and easy for you." Amanda felt the tip of something
smooth and cold on her vagina, and looked underneath her to see what it was. She
gasped at the sight of the dildo. Amanda wanted it so bad she pushed her ass
back to help Janice shove the artificial cock inside of her.

"Aahhhhhhhh," screamed Amanda. She moved her hips to meet Janice's thrusting.
Janice was absolutely amazed at Amanda's eagerness. "Ahhh...... oh, Mrs.
Price..... ohhh.... it feels so good.... oh." Janice held the fifteen year old firmly around the hips.

"You are such a fast learner," commented Janice. Amanda was so wet, Janice slid
in and out of her so easily. The dildo warned up in no time. Amanda was
experiencing the ecstasy of sex. She grabbed the bed sheet tightly hanging on to
her rider.

"Annie, baby," said Janice, "I think you raised a natural." Janice continued to
fuck Amanda, and Annie felt proud of herself. The sight of her daughter getting
fucked by her best friend brought back so many fond memories. Amanda was the
spitting image of her mother. Their beautiful blue eyes and silky black hair. Of
course Amanda has some catching up to do to match her mother's breasts, but
they're big enough as it is.

On the couch, Annie was holding Kimi. Gently caressing her breasts, Annie ran
her fingers over Kimi's erect nipples. Kimi just laid back and relaxed. She
looked up at Annie, and Annie gave her a kiss on the forehead. Annie rolled
Kimi's nipples between her index fingers and her thumbs.

"Mmmmmm," moaned Kimi. Her legs were spread apart like Annie's. Annie's right
hand reached down to Kimi's little twat. So wet, so young. Two fingers stroked
the tender love box. Kimi's breathing became deep and slow, and she looked up at
Annie again. Her mouth opened, and Annie knew what she wanted. Her tongue went
deep inside of Kimi's mouth exploring the insides of the young girl. Then, she
pulled away still stroking at Kimi's floodgate whispering into her ear.

"Kimi, would you like to join your mother and Amanda?" asked Annie. "Yes, Mrs.
Walker," answered Kimi. Annie turned her attention to Amanda. Janice was still
pounding Annie's daughter.

"Are you ok, Amanda? How do you feel?" asked Annie.

"Oh, Mom..... it's so good..... mmmmmmMMmmm... ohhh," moaned Amanda.

"She's just too hot," said Janice. "I wonder why she hasn't done this before."
Annie looked at Kimi.

"Go ahead, Kimi. Go ahead."

end of part six..............

Part Seven

Kimi eagerly climbed on the bed. She laid on her back between Amanda's arms and
got a great view of Amanda's swaying breasts from underneath. Kimi reached up
with both hands to squeeze and massage her girlfriend's mounds of joy. In
response, Amanda lowered her upper body until her breasts met Kimi's mouth. One
after another, Kimi sucked and played with each nipple rolling them between
finger and thumb while nibbling on them. She enjoyed the peachy taste of
Amanda's flesh. Kimi was getting that special warm feeling between her legs
hoping that someone would come and satisfy it.

Amanda cannot get enough of the dual sensation. Like hot wires, erotic flashes
traveled from her breasts down to her sweet love hole while being penetrated by
Kimi's mother from behind. Amanda thought that having sex with her best friend
was one thing, but with her best friend and her best friend's mother was
something she had never imagined.

"Ahhhhaahhhaa...... ahhhhhaahhh!!!" Amanda screamed. She can smell the sweet
scent of Kimi's vagina and could almost taste it. But for now, Amanda was
enjoying the act of being loved by both girls. Mentally, the sands on her beach
were being washed away by a wave of passion. She was helpless before the whims
of nature.

Annie continued to watch as her daughter's innermost soul was being released in a
passion of love play. She always knew her daughter was beautiful. But this
time, that beauty was more that just skin deep. The sight of Amanda's submittal
to Janice's lovemaking and Kimi's breast kissing beckoned Annie to come forward.
After hearing Amanda's cries of pleasures, Annie could sit still no longer. She
too climbed on the bed close to Janice.

"Glad you can join us, Annie," Janice smiled.

"I want my daughter," Annie said bluntly. "I want her now." Janice turned to
Annie with a look of astonishment. She called out to Kimi, and mentioned her to
move away from Amanda. Kimi moved to the left of Amanda while stilling on the
bed, and Janice pulled the dildo out of Amanda. She spoke to Annie.

"She's all yours, Sweetie," said Janice. After Janice and Kimi moved away from
Amanda, Annie rolled her daughter over on her back. Amanda stared deep into her
mother's baby blue eyes.

"Oh, Mom," cried Amanda with her arms opened. The two females embraced, and
their lips met. Their breasts pressed against each other sending sensations up
and down their spines.

"MMmmmMMmMmmm....... mmmMMMMmmm." Amanda's moans were muffled by their kisses.
Later, Annie sat up to look at her beautiful daughter. Ecstasy radiated from the
young teenage body. Staring into Amanda eyes, Annie slipped her middle finger
inside of Amanda's wet vagina. For the first time, Annie touched her daughter in
a new loving way. The young black haired beauty immediately accepted her
mother's soft caressing and spread her legs wide apart enjoying the loving
touches of her mother. Janice and Kimi were still on the bed being entertained by
their best friends. For a while now, Janice watched Annie's finger plunged in
and out of Amanda and listened to Amanda's sweet moans. Shouldn't Annie have
some fun, too Janice asked herself. She reached over the side of the bed and
into the paper sack to pulled something out.

"Hey, Annie," said Janice, "use this." Janice handed Annie a two-way dildo that
was about fourteen to sixteen inches long. Annie gave Janice a kiss and gladly
took the dildo from her while Amanda looked at the strange object thinking what
her mother was going to do with it.

"Hold on, Honey," Annie said to Amanda. "You are going to like this." Annie
inserted about half of the dildo inside of her already wet vagina. "Ohhhh...,"
she moaned. On her knees, she guided the other end towards her daughter's
vagina. After all of the pussy pounding Amanda took from Janice, the dildo slid
easily inside of her.

"Uhhhgg......... ohhhhh, Mom.... oohhhh," cried Amanda. Naturally, the two
females moved their hips back and forth against one another. mother and daughter stared into each other eyes in an intimacy never before experienced. "Ahhhhh....
ahhhaa........ ohhhhh." Amanda just laid there at the loving mercy of her
mother, and they both felt the fulfillment of their new toy crashing inside of

"Wouldn't it be nice if Darrell were here right now," said Janice.

"Uh, Mom," said Kimi, "Darrell and I broke up today."

"Oh, Kimi, I'm sorry," responded Janice. Then, she revealed a sinister grin.
"Why not let me do you then?" asked Janice. Kimi looked down at the strap-on
still around her mother's waist and looked over at Annie and Amanda fucking each
other. Then, she looked her mother in the eye.

"Well, sure," said Kimi. "Why not."

"That's my little girl." Janice moved towards Kimi on the other side of the bed.
With one hand holding the dildo steady, she spoke. "Now it's your turn." Kimi
got on her hands and knees ready and waiting for her mother's entry. She was
already hot and wet and just wanted to be filled up good. Janice already knew
that Kimi could take more sex than your average sixteen year old. In fact, Kimi
can take more sex than most young girls. "Okay, Honey. Here comes Mommy."
Janice aimed the strap-on dildo at its pussy target and rammed it fast and deep
inside of her daughter.

"UHHHHGGGUU..... OOHHhhhoohhHHOOHhHhh...... OH, GOD...... oh, MOM..... oh
yeahayeahayeah...... Ahhhh..... AHHHHH!!!" Kimi screamed and cried. Janice knew
her daughter very well. "MOM, FASTER....... HARDER.......... UHGH......
OOHHHHHHH!!!" Annie looked over at the other two and saw a wild fucking frenzy
before her.

"Amanda," said Annie."

"Ohh..... yes, Mom," Amanda said still being fucked by her mother."

"Hang on." Annie pulled to two-way dildo from both of their snatch. Wiping off
one end dry with the bed sheets, Annie reposition to dildo at the gates of
Amanda's soaked pussy. She firmly held it halfway and plunged it deep inside of
her daughter. Annie twisted to artificial cock while thrusting it in and out
making Amanda scream in ecstasy.

"OH, MOMMY.......... MOMMY......... MOMMY....... MOMMYYYYYYY...... OH, YES,
MOMMY...... YES..... YES!!!" Amanda screamed and screamed. Her head was thrown
back buried into the sheets. Eyes widen and a smile from ear to ear, Janice was
absolutely ecstatic at her best friend and her best friend's daughter.

"So, Annie, you want a showdown, huh," said Janice. "First one to get her girl cumming is the winner." Then she spoke to Kimi. "You ready for more, Kimi?"
asked Janice while still pounding her daughter from behind. Kimi looked back at
her mother.

"Yeah, Mom...... gimme more," Kimi begged. Janice firmly gripped Kimi's waist
with both hands and started to vigorously slam Kimi's ass against her body.
screamed louder than before. Annie had to retaliate.

"Amanda, Sweetheart, are you going to let you mother down?" asked Annie.

"No, Mommy......I won't....I WON'T!" Amanda screamed. Annie shafted her own
daughter over and over again. The smell of young sex permeated the bedroom. Both
teenage girls were screaming at the top of their lungs. Both girls gave into the
esctacy. For minutes, the sounds of sex filled the room. Mother's trying to
bring their daughters to a higher pleasure. Ironically, both daughters wanted it
to last forever, but also wanted to be the first to come to climax. The sexual
olympics continued until...

"OH, MOMMY........, " Amanda cried. "MOMMY........... I THINK I'M GONNA DO
IT....... I FEEL...... I FEEL....... OHHH...... OH, GOD..... OH.. OH.....
AHHHHH... AHHHHHHH!!!" For the first time Amanda felt the ripping shockwaves of
her pulsating pussy exploding in an orgasmic wave of lust. Like a mother, Annie
could tell that her daughter just achieved reaching the greatest pleasure known
to man. In this case, it was a teenage girl. Amanda's pussy continued to
pulsated again and again as her mother continued her in and out rhythm. Annie
eventually slowed down to give her daughter a breather. Amanda was trying to
catch her breath as her orgasm finally subsided. Her eyes were glassy, and she
gave her mother a loving stare of thankfulness and compassion. Annie climbed on
top on her daughter to give her a long wet congratulations kiss hungering for
each other's lips.

"I'm proud of you," Annie said while exchanging tongues. mother and daughter held each other tightly. Still on top on Amanda, Annie looked over at Janice.
"We are the winners. You girls are not," she bragged.

"True," responded Janice still fucking Kimi. Then she stopped. "Since we lost,
Kimi, I'm not fucking you anymore." Janice pulled the dildo out of Kimi and
slapped Kimi hard on the ass.

"OW!" yelled Kimi. "Oh, Mom, please.... don't stop now," Kimi begged. "It's not
fair. I wanna get off, too."

"I don't care," responded Janice. "You lost so you don't deserve to get fucked."

"Ohhhhhh," Kimi squabbled. Then, she sat on the bed pouting wanting to get off
so bad. Annie, feeling a little sorry for Kimi, held Kimi's head up.

"Why don't you lay down and relax, Honey," Annie told Kimi. Kimi's face
brightened, and she laid on the bed beside Amanda. Waiting anxiously for Amanda's
mother, Annie climbed on top of Kimi with her sex gate above Kimi's face and
Annie's face above Kimi's love tunnel. Instinctively, Kimi pushed her legs apart
and welcomed her new lover. Annie lowered her face, and engaged in a pussy buffet. Kimi moaned and cried.

"Well," remarked Janice, "if that's the case, I'm going to be with the winner."
Janice removed the strap-on and dropped it on the floor. She moved over to
Amanda and laid beside her. "Get on top of me like your mother, and I'll do ya."
Without hesitation, Amanda climbed on top of her. Admiring the sight of her
mother giving oral love to her best friend, Amanda decided to follow in her
mother's footsteps. The scent of Janice's experienced pussy told Amanda that she
was dealing with a pro. Janice and Amanda lusted after each other trading licks
and kissed. Both feeling the warm sensations of their tongues and the tickling
touches of their fingers. By now, the fucking foursome were giving each other
fuck after suck after fuck after suck. They continued to do one another until
Janice remembered a dinner appointment she made. It was with her best friend

That night, all four girls went out for pizza. While dining out, Annie finally
confessed to Amanda that she regularly had sex with Janice during their college days. What was also revealed was the fact that Janice has told Kimi all about her
sexual adventures with Annie.

"You did what?" asked Annie. "No wonder you went after Amanda like you did," she
told Kimi. Kimi sat still with an angelic smile and a devil's tail growing out
of her ass.

"Come on, Annie," said Janice. "I knew you wouldn't want anyone to know, but
Kimi can keep a secret. Everything turned out okay, didn't it? No one got
hurt," said Janice. Annie couldn't argue. After dinner, the foursome rented a
movie and crashed at Janice's house to watch it. But there wasn't much point in
the movie. All four girls were distracted with one another as their sexual
energies once again mixed. All that night in an orgy of lesbian lust, each girl got the best of each other as they fucked and sucked and fucked and sucked and
fucked and......

end of a beginning

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