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Lisa Marie Gets Connected



Lisa-Marie Gets Connected

For Roxy.

Legal Notices

This document contains frank discussions of a
sexually-explicit nature, and is intended for mature
audiences only.

The persons depicted in this story are entirely fictional.

Any similarities are completely coincidental.tres

References to actual places, companies, or
organizations are used strictly for artistic reference
to provide realism.

In other words, none of this is true.

This document should not be construed to provide any
relation between the author and such places or organizations.


Copyright (c) 2001 by CyberCzar -

See the Legal Notices at
for the latest licensing information.

Lisa had just bought her new house. It wasn't the
newest, or the biggest, or the best; but to her, it was
perfect with four bedrooms, and three baths. The
kitchen wouldn't impress Wolfgang Puck, and it didn't
have a pantry; but that was okay for her, since she was
on a fast track on her career and preferred Swanson's
or Michelina's over cooking. In fact, she was actually
considering hiring a personal chef to come by once a
week to prepare her meals for her.

Life was going well for Lisa for a change, but it
didn't start out that way. She lost her mother when she
was 13 which utterly and completely traumatized and
devastated her for the next 8 years. She also didn't
have very many jobs which paid a decent salary. Maybe
it was because she had breasts instead of balls, but
probably was her self-esteem more than anything.

Now, she was making in the 70's, which to her only
seemed like a pipe-dream away only a few years ago.

Back in 1996, she was offered a job down in Fort
Lauderdale working as an Internet stripper, fingering
her cunt while she watched Jerry Springer on tv to the
hordes of guys on the other end of the keyboard jacking
off at her shaved pussy. It was very good money, but it
didn't do anything to help her self-esteem; and the
guys running the business were criminals, con-men, or
part of the mob.

She had just finished closing on her house and was
waiting for the telephone guy, internet guy, and
satellite guy to come out and hook up her services. She
had taken the morning off from work, anxious to get
these utilities connected so she could finish moving in.

It was now 8:01am, and all three companies are now
one-minute late.

Nervously she lit up another cigarette as she paced
around inside her garage waiting for the crew and
periodically going outside to play with her two Jack
Russels', Max and Boomer which she had brought over
with her that morning since her apartment complex had
scheduled maintenance for her apartment which was in
incredible disarray.

Max could be heard scratching against the door to the
garage, eager for her attention and affection. In
actuality, Max is the reason she bought the house! It
was unfair for her two children to be cooped up inside
her apartment during the day while she fretted away at
work. He and Boomer needed room to play and roam
around. The backyard of her new house seemed perfect
for both her, and them. Perhaps now she would regain
some of her life back while not constantly worrying
about her two dogs.

Five after eight, and her cigarette was halfway
finished as it lay on the table in the garage. She
didn't have an ashtray over here yet, and was using an
empty McDonald's cup as a mock substitute.

She continued to pace back and forth. "Where were the
work crews that were supposed to be coming out` she
thought to herself. She was a punctual individual
herself, preferring to arrive a little early than ever
be late. Maybe she was stodgy, and it probably showed
to her friends and peers.

Conservative by nature, never drifting far from her set
routine, black horn-rimmed glasses which look like
something from a bad 1960's television show. Long
dresses which came down to her ankles at work, and
jeans and a sweatshirt at home.

She could hear the whine from Max just outside the
walls to the garage and went outside to comfort and
play with him while she waited.

It was 8:33am and she was starting to get agitated at
the lack of punctuality for all three companies. What
were the odds that all three would be so egregiously late?

Smoking another cigarette, she called her daddy to see
how he was doing. He was in his seventies, and she
worried about him being so far away.

At 8:45am, she started calling the companies she was
expecting to come out to verify their installation. She
was pleased to hear that yes, the satellite company had
her scheduled between now and noon.

She really needed to relax. With a Type "A" personality
like hers, she was destined for a heart attack very soon.

Having no furniture in her new house, the only thing
she could come up with relax was to go sit in her new
Dodge Stratus, recline back, and listen to some music.

Her car was parked in the garage, which was a good
thing since it was lightly raining outside. She got in,
rolled up the windows, and turned on the radio to the
local classical station.

Much to her delight and amazement the piece which was
playing was Beethoven's Toccata and Fugue in G Minor.
As she leaned back with her eyes closed, listening to
the pristine resonance's of the church organ playing
and reverberating through her car's interior, she
started to feel a warmth encompass her.

She didn't realize it as she subconsciously let her
fingers drift inward inside and up her thighs.

Gently the began to massage and rub herself in part, to
the rhythm of the score's movement, and with an
unsuspecting rub, she flinched as she brought herself
to orgasm.

Again after again she massaged her now engorged
clitoris. He panties were becoming soaked from the
moistness of her loins.

As the score continued, she let her right hand unzip
her jeans so her hand could become closer. With her
left hand, she let it glide up her shirt, to massage
her breasts and nipples.

The music on the radio reached its climax, and so did
Lisa, yet again. Her head thrashed back and forth as
she let out a cry of ecstasy.

What was once a moving toccata had turned into a
glorious fugue as she, herself, reached her own denouement.

Gently, she continued to massage her breasts as her
right hand stayed pressed upon her lips when all of a
sudden she heard a rap on the window.

Startled, she opened her eyes and quickly placed her
hands on the steering wheel. It was the telephone guy
with the biggest shit-eating grin you've seen on a man!
She was quite embarrassed to say the least and motioned
to the phone guy that she'd with him in a second.

Panicking, her breathing became fluttered as she
hastily zipped up her jeans and tucked her breast back
into her bra.

She got out of the car and walked over to the gentleman
who was standing at the rear of his van.

He was a gorgeous Italian stud. He was about 6'2", much
taller than she, with a broad chest and shoulders, well
defined facial features, and a very skinny waist. He
was wearing canvas pants which were stretched slightly
by the muscles in his thighs and calves.

She was about to faint just looking at him.

"I'm here to hook you up," he said.

"Thank you for coming," as she demurely stuck out her
hand to shake his.

He put his tool belt on and followed her upstairs to
the living room, and showed him where she'd like the
jack installed.

"Here," she said, pointing to the middle of the far wall.
As she stepped back, her back pressed into him, and she
could feel the firmness and breadth of the phone guy's
other telephone-pole as it snaked down his leg.

"I can take care of that right now for you," he said.

He sat down on the floor and began drilling a hole to
run the wires. The man had to have at least a 50" chest,
but only a 28" waist.

He got up and went downstairs. The portion of the
living room was right above the crawlspace which ran
underneath the house. While he was downstairs, Lisa
couldn't resist calling one of her girlfriends on her
cell to boast about her help.

While gabbing away outside to a friend and smoking a
cigarette, the telephone guy appeared from the garage.
Hastily, she got off the phone with her friend to see
what he needed.

"Excuse me," he said deeply. "Would you mind holding my
flashlight for me? There's barely enough room for me to
fit underneath the crawlspace."

"Absolutely!" she said following him to the other side of
the house.

Indeed, with the man's muscled chest, he was having a
hard time getting under the crawlspace. He got on his
back and pushed himself under. The only way for Lisa to
hold the flashlight was to lean on top of him and
position it near his shoulder.

Nervously she straddled his leg as she supported
herself with one hand, holding the flashlight in the
other. His shirt was pulled away between two buttons
and she could see a smooth, firm stomach underneath
since he wasn't wearing an undershirt. He also had an
inny for a belly-button and she was becoming fixated by it.

Being so close to him, should could begin to smell the
muskness of that which was man and was getting more and
more turned on.

Her mind wandering, thinking of lurid thoughts, she
didn't notice the small, harmless, spider which was
walking up to her hand. That is, until she felt it
brush by.

This startled her, and she let out a cry as she jerked
her hand away, losing her balance and support; she fell
onto his groin.

"Oh, dear God, I'm so sorry!" she cried out,
subconsciously petting his engorged cock with her hand
as if she'd accidentally crushed an animal by accident.

"Uh, it's okay," he said. "I kinda enjoyed it."

Her hand, still resting on his confined cock, she
looked down and realized where it still was.

"Oh, my!" she cried out as she jerked her hand away.

"Hey, you're the customer, who am I to argue?" he said.

He was still working in the crawlspace, splicing,
testing, and connecting wires. Her eyes gazed upon the
long formation at the top of his leg. He was obviously
just as aroused as a dark spot was forming at the end
from the steady ooze of precum.

"I can't resist, I'm sorry!" she said as she reached for
his belt buckle to undo it.

"What the..." he said softly. "Oh, man!"

She undid his pants and pulled down his zipper and
pants. He was wearing boxer shorts which offered little
help in concealing his shaft as it slithered down
through the leg opening.

Reaching up, she grabbed hold of his cock, and
maneuvered it, and his balls, completely out through
the leg of the boxers and went to town.

Her hand barely fit around the base of his python-like
member. This didn't thwart her efforts though, and he
let out a moan of pleasure as her lips first touched
his head.

She let out a moan as she first tasted his salty precum
which was steadily oozing from the tip, down the
underside of his cock. "Mmmmm." she cried out. "It tastes
so good!" Grabbing his cock with both of her hands, she
bent her head down.

She barely got half of his shaft in her mouth before
she started to gag. Pulling her head back up, she let
out a pleasurable sigh. "Mmmm, I don't know if I can
take all of this` she cried out.

"You're doing good."

Taking a deep breath and swallowing, she relaxed her
throat, and went down again.

She got further this time as she relaxed her jaw and
throat even more. Deeper and deeper his massive meat
was pushed down her esophagus. Her motions soon became
more rhythmic as she got into the groove of working on
his pole. sucking and licking, she attempted to pull
the chrome off a trailer hitch as she was coming back up.

This was entirely too much for the guy to handle, and
as his balls contracted and repelled, he got real stiff
and shot his massive load into her mouth.

So much force did the cum enjoin, that she almost
choked as the hot, milky, substance was forced down
into her stomach. He was still squirting as she quickly
lifted her head up. As she lifted her head, the last
squirt nailed her on her chin.

"Oooh!I wasn't prepared for that," she said.

The man just lay there in an ecstatic bliss.

"Lady, I don't know if it was your technique or just
you, but that was great," he said.

She let go of his shaft, which at this point was
beginning to go soft, and had become draped over his
thigh; and went to go find a towel to wipe her face off
when she heard the doorbell ring.

It was a woman from AT&T Broadband, there to connect
her cable-modem service.

The two went into her den and examined where she'd like
the modem installed, and to examine what would be the
best course of action to take to actually do the
installation. As they were talking, the telephone guy
came in to let Lisa know he was complete.

"Vince!" the woman from AT&T cried out.

"Hi Julie!"

"Uh, you two know eachother?" Lisa said, taking a step back.

"Definitely!" said Julie. "Vince here is a legend, and
judging by his pants, I see you've already found out why."

Embarrassed, she left the room to go upstairs.

She found her soft-drink cup from the convenience store
and stepped into the garage to drink it, and smoke a cigarette.

Almost done, she heard strange sounds coming from her
den and carefully walked towards it.

Peeking her head through the crack in the door which
was partly closed, she could see the two going at it.
Julie, from AT&T, was naked from the waist down as the
shirt-tail draped over her back. He was holding her up
as she had her legs wrapped around his waist. The thick
flesh from his shaft came up from behind his low
hanging balls as he thrusted himself deep within her.

Up and down her breasts bounced with each of his thrusts.

She watched this activity for several seconds as the
moans and screams intensified. They reached their
climax as Vince grabbed a hold of Julie's waist and
pulled her in tight.

"Unh..." he let out as he squirted his jism inside her.

Julie quickly got dressed and when she moved away, Lisa
could see for the first time the enormity of this
situation. Vince was huge! At least a ruler's length of
flesh hung down from his pelvis.

She went back downstairs to smoke another cigarette and
ponder her situation. Two or three drags into it, Vince
came down to let her know she was all set.

"All finished here, you're phone line's working fine." he said.

"Not quite," she said with an evil grin.

"What do you mean?"

"I never got to fuck you," she replied. "And, if you don't
want me to tell your boss, I'd like for you to come out
here next week and install call-waiting."

"But we don't need to come out to customer's houses to
install call-waiting."

"I realize that, but I want you to, anyway."

"Okay," he said, putting his toolbelt back on. "But who do
you think got me this job in the first place`

Vince left her house and onto another job which left
Julie and Lisa to discuss her cable-modem and
high-speed internet access.

Lisa received a telephone call while Julie was busy
testing the strength of the signals. It was her
girlfriend who she was talking with earlier.

Very quickly into the telephone conversation, it seemed
perhaps Lisa was the only one who hadn't heard of Vince
and his special talents.

She hung up with her friend and lit another cigarette.

Julie was soon ready for Lisa to hook up her company's
laptop and see if her connection worked properly.
Hastily, she got the computer from the trunk of her car
and sat down in her den. Her furniture wasn't moved yet
into her new house.

Julie kneeled down behind her to watch what she was
doing. As Lisa powered up her laptop, she felt the
warm, smooth hands of Julie on her shoulders.

She turned around, startled, and Julie just gazed into
her eyes.

Frozen by this lesbian advance, Julie leaned over to
kiss her.

It didn't feel wrong which confused Lisa, since she had
always adored cock, even if she didn't let it show.

She tilted her head and accepted Julie's tongue into
her mouth. Their lipstick blending as they each
explored each other.

Instinctively, Lisa reached over and unbuttoned Julie's
blouse. She reached out to undo her bra revealing two
perky and firm breasts.

"Do you like?" she asked.

"Oh, yes! They're very nice."

"Let's see yours," she said, pulling up Lisa's
sweatshirt. "No bra? Nice!" she replied as Lisa's mounds
layed in front.

They maneuvered their clothes off and layed down on the
carpet. Lisa's head was firmly planted into Julie's
muff. She exhaled a sigh of pleasure as she took in
Julie's pheromatic aroma.

"I've never smelled another woman's pussy before," she said.

"It's nice, isn't it?" said Julie.

"Mmmm... Yes!"

Lisa went down on Julie, pressing her lips against
hers. She let her nose gently penetrate Julie's
love-opening and gently brushed her orgasmic hood.

"Oooh," Julie let out.

She couldn't resist the sheer power she had in front of
her, and brushed Julie's hood once again.

"Oh, my!"

Sticking out her tongue, as far as she could, she
started at the bottom, innermost fold; and licked all
the way up. Upon reaching Julie's clitoris again, she
gently flicked it before heading back down the other side.

Julie's hips and body shook slightly as she came right
before Lisa.

Their lesbian tryst was interrupted however when the
doorbell rang. Frantically putting her clothes back on,
she peeked out the window to answer the door and could
see a small SUV parked in her driveway.

"I'm with Dish Network," the man said as she opened the
door to see who it was. He was rather short, shorter
than her in fact, but was very stocky and muscular. He
was wearing shorts and a T-Shirt, and she could plainly
see that he either worked out or was a body builder.
His calves were enormous!

She showed him where she wanted the outlets to be; one
in the living room, and one in the master bedroom. The
man went to go back outside, and Lisa quickly rejoined
her friend in her office.

Much to her dismay, Julie had already gotten dressed
and was busy filling out the paperwork. "Sign here," she
asked her.

"No more?" she asked her, somewhat disappointed.

"Sorry, I have another job to head to."

Lisa signed the necessary paperwork and escorted her to
her truck.

While outside, she could see the Dish Network installer
up on the roof. Standing in front of her garage door,
she looked up and could make out a very prominent bulge
in his tight shorts.

Her loins became moist again as she just stared up,
watching him, and smoked another cigarette.

"Can I get you something to drink?" she yelled up to him.

"I'll be done up here in a minute, I could use a Coke if
you have one," he said.

"Not a problem! There's a cold one waiting for you in
the fridge when you get done."

She finished her cigarette and went into her kitchen to
work on her laptop.

Several minutes passed and the man from Dish Network
came into her kitchen. Beads of sweat were pouring down
from his face and chest.

He took the can of Coke and drank its entire contents
in one motion before setting it down. Lisa was even
impressed that he didn't even belch after consuming the
can's contents so quickly.

"God, it's hot. Do you mind if I take off my shirt?" he
asked her.

"Not at all, help yourself." she said and went to get him
a towel.

When she returned, he was leaning up against the
kitchen counter, taking a break. The nipples on his
well defined chest were hard and slightly erect, and
this was causing her to go into an even deeper sexual
heat than she was before.

"What are you writing?" he asked, pointing to her laptop.

"A story," she said.

"Mind if I take a look? I'm an avid reader."

"Well," she said, gently closing the lid. "I don't know if
you'll find this one enjoyable. Plus, it's not
finished, yet."

"Aww, come on. I love a good story." he said, winking.

Reluctantly, she passed her laptop over to him and he
began to read about her day, and the trysts that she
had already.

She could see that he was visibly becoming turned on as
he was reading when the bulge in his shorts got even
larger. She could see the reaction in his face as his
eyes widened at certain parts, and he didn't hesitate
to adjust himself right in front of her.

When he finished reading the story thus far, he gently
pushed the laptop aside and looked into her eyes.

"Did all this happen today?" he asked her.


"Sorry I was late." he said.

She walked over and stood next to him, her hand resting
on the laptop.

Down, she looked into his eyes and could see a man with
great warmth and passion. She let her eyes traverse his
body even more and could see the flesh pent up inside
his shorts now itching to get out.

He reached up and pulled her head down towards him.

"This isn't right," he said softly as he began to press
his lips to hers.

They embraced for a few moments and when she released,
she quietly whispered, "How could something that feels
so good be wrong?"

"Good point," he said, as he took her shirt off.

He moved behind her and undid the clasp to her bra and
took it off her shoulders and could feel the hard flesh
in his shorts pressing deep into her.

She wanted it so badly she could come right then and there!

He gently turned her around and began to pay attention
to her firm breasts, now naked and exposed. Her nipples
hard and tall.

With his mouth he took one of her nipples and gently
bit and sucked. He let his hand caress the other, while
his other hand ran down her back and grabbed one of her cheeks.

While embraced, she reached down and smelled his hair
while she let her own hands traverse his body.

With her thumbs she gently massaged and pressed on his
nipples and further explored his body.

She undid the clasp to his shorts and slowly undid his
zipper. With her other hand, she ran it down the deep
crevices of his back.

She could feel his bulbous head and the long shaft that
it was connected to. She could also tell he was uncut,
and uncovering this revelation made her juices flow
even more!

She kneeled down in front of him and gently pulled his
briefs down. Now unrestrained, his cock shot straight
up, and extended up, past his belly button.

"Oh my!" she said, gazing at the marvelous flesh in front
of her.

She pulled his cock towards her face, which was
fighting to stay pressed against his chest. Guiding his
cock with both of her hands, she let her tongue tickle
and massage the head.

She could taste his clear, salty, juices which began to
flow from deep within him, as did her juices flow, too.

She relaxed her throat and let him slip his cock deeper
inside her mouth. He began to thrust his cock within
her, and she kept up with his movements, slightly
changing rhythm so his cock was sliding faster or
slower down her throat.

With her hand the massaged and caressed his balls and
gently ran her thumb down the portion of his shaft
which was behind his balls.

She could tell he was getting close to coming, and when
she felt he was just about, she pressed hard against
his urethra just in front of his balls, preventing
anything from coming out.

"Oh God," he cried out.

Releasing her thumb from his cock, she slowly slid her
mouth down his shaft, holding his foreskin in place as
she sucked deeper and deeper.

He came with vigor as he shot load after load strongly
inside her. When her lips reached his head, she sucked
even greater as he came yet again. She continued to
suck the cum right out of his cock as if it were a straw.

"Oh, wow! You made me cum twice," he cried out. "I've
never done that before."

Not done with the slowly softening shaft, she swallowed
his cum and ran her tongue all around his head, tasting
every part of it. He buckled at his knees from the
intense pleasure.

"That was great!" she said.

"You're telling me!"

She could see a slight ooze of cum still draining from
his pee-hole and with her finger, reached down to wipe
it off. Bringing her finger to her mouth, she licked
its tip as if it were a piece of candy. "Mmmm." she let out.

"Now, let me pleasure you," he said.

Giggling, "How do you propose to do that?" she said.

"Like this!" He picked her up and carried her into the
middle of her living room and gently set her on the floor.

"Oooh!" she cried out at being whisked right off her feet.

With her back and head on the floor, she had her knees
slightly up in the air revealing her perfect mons and lips.

Getting on all fours, he slowly crawled to her love
cave and went down.

She pulled her legs up to her shoulders as she opened
her cave as wide as it would go, but he didn't stop
with just pleasuring her there. He let his tongue
explore her body as it ran inside her thigh and up to
her breasts. She fingered herself while he was sucking
on her breasts and when he came back down, he gave her
the surprise of her life!

Gently, he took her hood in his mouth and started to
suck. Violently her whole body shook as she let out a
scream of pure ecstasy and enjoyment as she came. Not
stopping, he began to do to her what she had done to
him and sucked on her clit some more.

Again, and again she came with vigor. Her breathing
became so heavy that she almost hyperventilated.

When he finished, he very gently bit the tip of her
clit sending her to scream in delight yet again.

He was getting turned on again by seeing her enjoy him
and herself so much that he was as hard as he was before.

With her legs still up at her shoulders, he pummeled
his cock deep inside her. His 9 inches pressing hard
against her cervix. She didn't mind, she enjoyed every
inch of it.

Faster and faster he thrust, his balls slapping against
her ass. She brought her legs down; wrapping and
locking them around his ass. As he pushed, so did she,
drawing him even deeper inside her.

When she could see his eyes roll back and feel the
warmth of his cum inside her, she grabbed his ass even
tighter with her legs and pushed him in, even deeper.

They layed together, him inside of her, for a few
minutes before he got dressed and finished with the
satellite installation.

Since that day, she's had to call BellSouth, AT&T, and
Dish Network to come out on various occasions to fix
little things which have gone wrong.

It's no wonder she always seems to have someone come
over within hours of putting in the repair, each of the
various men and women explaining how she's their most
important customer.

"I should've moved a lot sooner," she thought to herself.



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