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Lisa's Bobbin' Head


Lisa's Bobbin' Head {John Jabbin}{Mf inc oral Father/daughter}
This is my fifth post in two days, but let's stop
counting. I got some good feedback on the first four,
but I'm a greedy bastard. I want more -- much more!
The only reason I post these stories is so that people
like you will tell me what they think of them. If you
want to read more, pay the price by letting me know
you liked the product of my warped mind. Any comments,
bad or good, are welcome. Write me at the e-mail
address above.

If you're a minor, don't read this. If it's illegal in
your country to be in possession of stories about sex,
please destroy all copies of this work. Practice safe
sex reading please.

This is a continuation of the story, "Lisa's First."
The title was suggested by my third e-mail
correspondent, a twisted dude named Kris. I hope it
wasn't Kris Kringle, because if it is, Santa has some
very perverse ideas. "Lisa's First" can be found at:

Lisa's Bobbin' Head

Lisa scrambled off the bed in a hurry. It was fun to
finally be with someone that I didn't have to beg to
fuck. Her mother was such a frigid bitch, I hadn't had
a hot piece of ass at home in a long time. The way
that Lisa got on her knees and looked eagerly up at me
made me wonder why I had waited so long to make her my

"Take off that halter top, baby. Not that it doesn't
look good on you, but I want to see your breasts. In
fact, one of the rules from now on is that any time
your mother is not here, I want you naked and ready to
fuck, you understand?"

"Sure, Daddy. I'm so horny most of the time, I usually
play with myself all day when I can anyway. I just
love having a big, fat cock around."

"Well, I'm gonna teach you how to take care of a cock
the right way," I said while taking off the rest of my
own clothes.

Lisa looked up in awe at me. I think it was the first
time she had ever seen a naked man before. I'm a big
guy, six foot-two inches and two hundred and twenty
pounds. I've kept in shape, even at thirty-six, so
most of that is muscle. More than working out, though,
I like to work in. As in, working my cock into my
daughter's mouth, which was what I was about to do.

"Your first lesson is easy, baby doll. If you really
want to get fucked, the best way for that to happen is
to get on your knees and beg for it. There's nothing
nicer to a man than a hot little bitch on her knees
begging to be fucked."

"Oh Daddy, I do want to be fucked again, but I'm a
little sore right now. Can I just look at your cock
for a little bit? I want to see what it looks like up

"Aren't you sweet, darlin'? Of course, you're gonna
get a good look at Daddy's cock. In fact, right now
I'm gonna teach you how to suck it."

I stepped up in front of my little girl as she knelt
on the floor and she really did seem little. Sitting
back on her haunches, the top of her head barely came
level to my dick. I knew that when she raised up, she
would be at just the right height, but for now I left
her sitting back as I straddled her knees a bit and
got real close.

"Let me show you all about what a real cock looks
like. Have you ever seen a cock up close before,

"Bobby Johnson exposed himself to me last week, Daddy.
He tried to get me to touch it, but I wouldn't do it.
It didn't look near as big as yours does, though."

"If any boy tries to do that again, I want you to tell
me. You're not to go looking or sucking or fucking any
boys any more, you hear? Not unless your Daddy tells
you it's okay. Once those boys know how much you like
to fuck, they'll be sniffing on you all the time.
You're gonna have to be good unless you want Daddy to
punish you. Just remember, Daddy will always know!"

"Oh Daddy," Lisa said as she reached up as if to touch
my semi-hard meat. "Please don't be too strict with

"Baby doll, you're spoiled rotten. If you weren't such
a sweet piece of ass, I'd be even stricter with you.
If you're nice to Daddy, I'll go easier on you, but
you're gonna have to be real nice!"

"I'll be nice Daddy," she said. "You'll see. I'll be
real nice."

"We'll see about that. Now, let's start your lesson.
I'm not gonna teach you the technical names for things
right now, Lisa. Daddy doesn't want you to talk like a
doctor. I want you to talk like a slut. Nothing turns
a man on more than hearing a pretty young thing like
you talk like a slut. That means that if you talk like
that in front of another man, he's gonna want to fuck
you and if some other man fucks you without my
permission, you're gonna be in big trouble, you hear?

"I understand, Daddy. I'm not gonna let anybody fuck
me but you."

"Don't make promises you can't keep, little girl.
You're a whore, Lisa. If any boy get his hands on your
cunt, you'll open wide and think about the
consequences later. I'm gonna teach you how to keep
away from them as best I can, though. And I'm gonna
keep you so well fucked at home that you won't have to
go hungry. But even then, it's bound to happen."

She smiled at the thought of being well fucked at
home. Damn, this was one horny little bitch!

"Now listen up. My dick is now what's called "semi-
erect." That means it's not quite hard like it was
when we fucked, but it's not soft and flaccid either.
A semi-hard cock means you have a man's interest, but
you haven't made him hard enough to fuck yet. That
means, as a man's slut, you need to get busy, usually
on your knees. Now, give me your hand."

She put her hands in mine, palms up. I looked at them.
They were typical little girl hands. They were skinny
and not really soft enough.

"I want you to use hand lotion every day. Your hands
have to be nice and soft for Daddy. Now, grab me here,
gently." I placed her hand on the middle of my shaft.
She wrapped her warm fingers around it. "That's the
shaft of my cock. It's the part that gets longer, more
erect, as I get excited. This part on the end, that's
the head of my cock. I have a circumcised dick, which
means that the head is always visible. Don't worry too
much about what an uncircumcised dick looks like.
You'll see one when I'm ready for you to.

"Now the head, and the part of the shaft near the
head, are the most sensitive part of a man's penis.
It's kind of like your clit, only not quite that
sensitive. Now I want you to lick the head of my cock
like a lollipop. You may have to rise up a little.
That's it. Oh, your mouth is nice and warm, baby. See
it getting harder? That means it loves you. Keep
Daddy's dick nice and hard all the time and it will
love you forever."

Wow, this kid really had real talent as a cocksucker!
I hadn't taught her much and already she had me hard
as a rock. But then, I've always been sentimental
about a little girl on her knees. Not that I had had
it often enough, but Lisa wasn't the first teenager to
polish my knob.

"Now move your hand on the shaft like this. That's
good. Keep that up. Now take the whole head in your
mouth and suck it. Be careful of your teeth. Just
lips. That's good. Now swirl it with your tongue
again. Yes. Good. Now suck the head again. Your doing
wonderful, sweetie. Now take more in your mouth. Bob
your head up and down. That's sweet. You have a very
pretty bobbin' head, honey. Keep pumping the shaft.
Take as much in your mouth as you can.

"You're doing great, darlin'. I love the nice wet
sound you're making, sweetie. Let the drool run down
my cock. Oh, very nice honey. Your mouth is just like
a cunt. That's it. That's the goal, honey. Turn your
mouth into a cunt and fuck my cock with it. Fuck it
with your cunt-mouth. That's good, darlin'. Daddy's
gonna cum in your cunt-mouth, sweetie. swallow it all
up for Daddy. Fuck me with your cunt-mouth, sweetie.
Fuck me with it."

Lisa was almost perfect already. Her pretty little
bobbin' head was beautiful to watch. I tried to hold
back, tried to give her more experience, but I just
couldn't. I grabbed her neck on either side just under
her ears.

"Now when I say, sweetheart, stick it as deep in your
throat as you can and hold it. Daddy's about to cum in
your throat, honey. Almost ... Almost ... Now!"

I pulled Lisa's face toward me, burying my cock deep
in her throat. Damn, this girl could suck! I let her
get a good "Drink o' Dad," and then I backed off so
she could breathe. I was still spurting a little bit
of sperm on her tongue and she lapped it up like the
good girl she is.

I sat back on the bed saying, "That was beautiful,
baby doll. You are one nice dick-eater, darlin'. I
didn't think anything could rival your pussy, but your
mouth is almost as good."

Lisa lay back on the floor and began to play with her
pussy. It was a sweet sight, watching her smack her
lips to the aftertaste of cum while she ran her thin
fingers through her gash. I could have watched her all
day, except that I still wanted to touch her little
puss myself.

"Come sit on Daddy's lap, darlin'," I asked and Lisa
bounced up eager as a kitten. "Put your legs on either
side of mine. That's good, now let Daddy play with
your sweet puss for you."

Lisa hooked her ankles around the back of my legs and
pressed back tight against me as I slowly began to
fuck into her with my fingers. After I had my middle
finger in past the first joint, I spread her lips out
with it and began to shake it back and forth. Then I
buried my finger in a little deeper and started
rubbing my thumb lightly over her tiny clit.

With my free hand, I took possession of Lisa's breasts
for the first time. They were small, no bigger than
little oranges. Almost tangerines. But as soon as I
touched them, she moaned like the whore she was. Her
pink nipples seemed very sensitive and she enjoyed
having the undersides rubbed and massaged.

Lisa's cunt was wetting up nicely. She really was a
hot little slut! With just a few wags of the finger,
she was getting close to cuming. I lay back on the bed
and pulled Lisa down with me until she was lying flat
on her back against my stomach. She kept arching up
her pussy to meet my finger that was fucking into her
and them she would let her bottom fall back against my
stomach. I pinched her nipples and, as she got closer
to cuming, I squeezed them harder and harder.

She exploded, torn between the sharp agony in her tit
and the raw pleasure in her cunt. Her skinny body was
bent like a bow; her neck arched prettily, her pussy
held high and open. As she came, I continued pumping
my finger in her snatch and grinding her clit with my
thumb until she reached down to stop me. Then, as her
tight cunt twitched around my finger, she went limp on
my chest, just like a marionette whose strings had
been cut.

She started to say something, but I shushed her and
held her to me. I had never felt closer to my daughter
than I did right then. She had so much more to learn,
but I knew we were going to have a lot of fun as I
taught her.


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