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Lisa's Continuing Education


Lisa's Continuing Education {John Jabbin} {Mf inc Mdom

I've been receiving good feedback on the Lisa stories.
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The Lisa stories so far are: "Lisa's First," "Lisa's
Bobbin' Head," "Lisa's family Lessons," "Lisa's
Mother," "Lisa's First Toys, "Lisa's First Taste," and
"Lisa's Wake Up Call." The first story was posted on
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Lisa's Continuing Education
by John Jabbin
It was after school and my fifteen-year-old daughter
Lisa was rocking on the rocking chair. Her beautiful
legs were spread wide and her right hand diddled with
her cunt. She was still dressed for school, but her
short skirt had been pulled up to expose her lovelies
to her touch.

I didn't have the best view of those proceedings
though, because I was looking down at my cock in her
mouth. I had one hand on the back of the rocker,
helping it to rock slowly back and forth, and the
other on the back of Lisa's head, guiding it
rhythmically back and forth along my rigid shaft.

"Slow and steady, baby," I instructed Lisa. "That's
what Daddy wants right now. Just keep me hard and on
the edge. Glide your lips and tongue wetly along the
shaft. Go ahead and get off yourself again if you
want, but Daddy just wants to teach your gorgeous
mouth how to please his cock."

Lisa herself had already cum twice in the thirty
minutes she had been home. As soon as she had walked
in the door, I had pushed her against the wall and
finger-fucked her as I greedily devoured her lips. She
had been so wet and horny all day long at school.

Part of it was thinking about the loving that she'd be
getting as soon as she got home. Part of it may have
been the small, starter butt plug that I had asked her
to wear to school all day.

As I had held her against the wall, I had slid the
plug in and out of Lisa's ass in short, slow strokes.
That in itself had almost made her cum. When I pulled
the plug out and replaced it with my fingers as my
thumb thumped against her throbbing clit, Lisa had
clung to me, her body wracked in the joys of orgasm.

Then I had led her into the bathroom and given her ass
and cunt a thorough inspection. Her anus was tender
and red from the constant agitation of the plug all
day. I cleaned it with a warm, wet washcloth and
applied a gentle salve to ease the irritation.

Her pussy had simply needed a few licks of Daddy's
tongue, not for any medicinal purposes, but because it
looked so gorgeous. I had thrown her over my shoulder
and carried her to the couch for a father/daughter
muff dive, throwing her lovely skinny legs over my
shoulders as I ate out her flavorful snatch.

But that was just the fun parts of the afternoon.
After I had taken her edge off, I was doing my
fatherly duties in instructing my baby girl on the
finer points of sucking cock. She was getting very
good at it. Several times I had been compelled to back
off and rub her tits as I caught my breath, forcing
myself back from the brink of orgasm. I didn't want to
cum too quickly tonight. I had plans for a busy
afternoon and evening with Lisa's mother.

As if on cue, we both heard the sound of Joyce's car
pulling into the driveway aside the house. My wife was
home early for a change. Briefly I wondered how smart
it was to have two horny women rushing home to jump my
bones. But that was just a brief errant thought. As
soon as Joyce could accept my new relationship with
our daughter, all would go much smoother.

I sent Lisa's pretty ass off to her room and went into
my own bedroom to wait for my wife. The hardest part
of the whole exchange was stuffing my hard cock back
into my pants before my wife came into the room.

Joyce looked beautiful in the doorway, her long red
hair mussed up and contrasting well with her business
suit. I lay propped up against the headboard of the
bed, watching her trying to contain her excitement.

"Hello Joyce, you're home early."

"Hello, John," she said, closing the door behind her
and walking slinkily toward the end of the bed. "I was
able to slip away early today. I thought I'd see if
you wanted to play a little more this afternoon."

"You mean play like we did yesterday? You want me to
handcuff you to the bed again and fuck all your holes
over and over?"

She hesitated for just a moment, her body shivering
from the memory of last night's intense session. Then
she smiled seductively and began to crawl up on the
bed with me.

"Maybe some of that again, but I was thinking
something less extreme. I was thinking about sucking
your cock and then fucking you to death. Would you
like that?"

Geez, I had gone from the barren wastelands of being
practically ignored in my own household to having two
horny pussies after me night and day. I really had to
get control of this situation and pace myself. Either
that, or Joyce or Lisa might well find themselves
really fucking me to death!

While I considered Joyce's proposal, her lovely cheek
began to nuzzle my still-hard cock in my pants.
Suddenly the thought that she might taste her own
daughter's lips so lately on my cock galvanized my
thoughts and spurred me to action.

"That sounds like a nice idea, Joyce," I whispered to
her while catching her hand on the way to my fly. "But
I already have better plans for you this evening. Have
no fear though, sweetheart, you'll be getting plenty
of cock. You can count on that. Now, I want you to get
out of that business suit and into your clothes from
the other night. You remember, the thong and t-shirt
that you wore that first night. I want to see you in
that again."

At first Joyce looked a little disappointed, but I
could see the thought of changing into her slut
costume wasn't part of the disappointment. She gave me
the smile of a woman who believed she could convince
me of anything once she had that outfit on. Oh, this
was going to be fun!

Giving my hard shaft an extra nuzzle, Joyce bounced up
off the bed with girlish energy and skipped over to
her dresser. There, at the top of her dresser drawer
where she kept her intimate apparel, were lovingly
folded and stored the two skimpy garments we were both
thinking about. She laid them out and then began to
quickly take off her business suit.

I came up behind her, watching her in the dresser
mirror as she changed. It was a woman's mirror,
displaying my lovely wife from almost to her knees
unto just above her head. Joyce loved to look at
herself, as vain as any beautiful woman. Even now, she
could hardly decide whether she wanted to look at her
own gorgeous body being quickly revealed as each piece
of clothing was taken off or whether she wanted to
look at me looking at her.

When she slipped off the skirt, I let my hands slide
possessively over her lovely ass. I helped her to roll
her panties off, pushing my hands under the elastic
top to cup a firm cheek as she did it. The look in her
eye told me she thought she was in complete control.

After we admired the reflection of her naked body for
a moment, she slipped the abbreviated t-shirt over her
head. As she straightened it out in the mirror, just
like the other night, I could barely see the
undersides of Joyce's full breasts peeking out from
the bottom. Her hands brushed her nipples and she
flattened the shirt down. They were already straining
against the tight material, pointed and swollen. Then
she ran her fingers just along the exposed crease of
the underside of those beautiful globes. Joyce had
marvelous tits.

She picked up the very skimpy red thong and began to
step into it. She exaggerated the bend at her waist,
pointing her ass at me like a loaded weapon. It was
time to take control of my sweet wife. I quickly
unzipped my fly as I reached forward and prevented her
from pulling the tiny panties up all the way.

I pushed Joyce forward a little until she leaned her
hands out to the dresser to steady herself. Her legs
were still spread slightly, so as I came forward, my
hard cock passed between them, pressing hard up into
her moist furrow.

"Yes, Joyce," I whispered into her ear. "Look at
yourself in the mirror. You make a lovely slut in this
outfit, don't you think? I imagine men would pay a lot
to see you doing just about anything dressed like
this, wouldn't you? And here I have your gorgeous body
all to myself. What am I to do with you, wife?"

Pulling back a bit and bending my knees, my cock was
angled just right to enter her quickly. In one swift
stroke I buried my dick into my lovely wife. She
shivered and groaned, her eyes rolling back in her
head, and then quickly refocused as I started to
stroke into her with quick, sure thrusts.

Joyce watched herself being fucked in the mirror. I
watched her too. I watched her eyes and her breasts
swaying in the reflection. I watched her ass as it
jiggled each time I slammed into her. I watched the
tension in her body and in her legs as our movement
enflamed her more and more. Finally, I watched her
mouth, panting in excitement and her eyes squeezing
and opening as her passion mounted.

But I was ahead of her. I had been holding back a cum
for about an hour now, first with Lisa and then with
my sexy, strutting wife. It didn't take many strokes
into Joyce's hot cunt to push me over the edge. I
clung to it as long as I could, restraining myself as
it started to set in for one stroke, two strokes,

And then the dam burst, pouring my sterile seed into
my wife's hot core. My cock throbbed as I hosed her
with sperm, pumping thick hot strands of cum into her

When I could think again, I heard Joyce whimpering,
pushing herself back against my cock. She desperately
wanted to cum herself. I watched her struggle with the
idea of touching herself, of playing with her clit
while I was in her. I had never seen Joyce do that.
She had some conditioning against masturbating
herself. Very soon, we'd be working on that.

I pulled out of Joyce's cunt and pulled up the red
thong the rest of the way, snugging it into place.
Even as I did so, I saw a little pearly drop of my cum
starting to drip down out of her wet, gaping hole.
Between the two of us, those red panties would be
soaked in just a little bit.

"I'm hungry, Joyce," I declared while cleaning myself
up and zipping my fly. "Get in the kitchen and get us
something to eat."

"But, John," she whined, "I need to cum too!"

"Oh you will, dear. You will several times tonight,
that I promise you. But first I want supper."

"But, John, Lisa will be home soon if she's not
already. She can't see me dressed like this!"

"She can and she will. You're going to be dressed like
this a lot from now on. Leave Lisa to me. I'll make
sure she understands." I slapped Joyce firmly on her
ass, leaving my handprint on her pale cheek. "You just
worry about pleasing me, woman, and fucking you the
first time has made me hungry. If you want to be
fucked again, if you want to cum again, you'd better
feed me a decent meal."

I sent Joyce scurrying to the kitchen with another pop
on the opposite cheek, leaving a matching handprint on
the other side. I stopped by Lisa's room to say
something to her, only to find the little minx naked
on her bed with the vibrator buzzing her clit and her
hips waving in the air.

"Holy shit, have all the women in this house turned
into whores overnight?" I whispered as I drew close to
her bed.

"You're just in time, Daddy. Stick a finger in me,
please! I'm just about to cum."

Who could refuse such a lovely invitation from his
daughter? I buried not one, but two fingers into her
hot, gooey snatch.

Lisa's teenaged cunt pushed high into the air. I
unzipped my trousers, again, and drew out my semi-
erect cock. I know women like to have something to
suck on when they cum.

She gobbled it up quickly when I brought it near her
mouth. Then she drew her head back and looked at it
and then up at me.

"Your cock taste funny, Daddy. What have you been
doing with it?"

"Oh, I forgot, baby. It's okay, put it back in your
mouth. I've just been fucking your mother is all."

"Oh, Daddy! I wish you'd fuck me instead," she whined

"Shhh girl, just suck Daddy's cock and cum on top of
my finger before you mother comes looking for me."

As quick as she was about it, my cock was hard by the
time she uttered her muffled scream of orgasm. She
clamped down on both penis and finger at the same time
at opposite ends. Damn, she was pretty when she did

I nuzzled and sucked her tits as she caught her breath
and then told her to be dressed and in the kitchen in
fifteen minutes. I gave her a kiss and told her she
looked beautiful when she came so good.

When I walked into the kitchen, Joyce had some food
out, but she was wiping between her legs with a paper
towel, no doubt dabbing up my dribbling sperm. I
walked up to her and gave her yet another swat on her
pretty ass, startling her again.

"Just let it run down your leg, baby," I told her in a
commanding voice. "Don't you know it turns a man on to
see his cum dripping out of a beautiful woman?"

"Oh, John, what would Lisa think if she saw me making
dinner in this get-up with sperm running down my leg."

"I'm sure she'd think that her mother is a gorgeous
woman whose husband loves to fuck her. Is there
anything wrong with that?"

"And what will you do if she wants to run around the
house half naked like this?"

"She's getting to be as good looking as her mother,
Joyce. I might start encouraging her to do just that."

I rubbed myself against my gorgeous wife, holding her
and showing her affection. Joyce seemed to melt
against me, wanting to be touched and cuddled.

We both heard Lisa clear her throat behind us. Joyce
froze, suddenly nervous. She started to try to run
away, but I held her in place. Finally, she gave up
and went back to preparing the food in front of her,
her head down concentrating on the counter.

I stepped aside and leaned my back against the
counter, allowing Lisa to see her mother and her
attire. When I first turned around, Lisa had a jealous
stance, hands on hips. Then she saw her mother exposed
ass and legs and her jaw dropped.

"Wow, Mom," she finally said. "I love your outfit.
That looks so comfortable."

I reached over and rubbed Joyce's exposed tummy,
comforting her.

"Yes, ah, I just wanted to be comfortable after a long
day of work," Joyce mumbled, still working feverishly
chopping some mushrooms.

What a contrast they were, Joyce in her skimpy slut
outfit and Lisa all dressed up for a change. Our
daughter was still dressed casually, but she wore a
nice blue knit pullover and a pair of decent, if
faded, jeans. Of course, her belly button still winked
out at me from under the not quite long enough blouse
and the jeans were just tight enough to allow my
practiced eye to see that the little tart wasn't
wearing any panties, but compared with her mother she
was overdressed.

Lisa stepped forward, her eyes raising when she
noticed the prominent red prints of my hand still on
Joyce's fair flesh. She started to get a mischievous
look in her eye, but I warned her quietly with my own
look not to go too far.

"Well, you sure have the legs to carry it off,
Mother," Lisa said sweetly. "I wish my legs look that
nice when I grow up."

Lisa stepped forward and kissed her mother on the
cheek. She touched Joyce briefly on the small of her
back, then as she drew back toward the refrigerator,
her hand innocently slid down and stroked the soft
skin of the top of Joyce's ass.

Joyce froze and even I gasped silently at Lisa's
audacity. But my daughter covered it perfectly by
innocently starting to tell us both about her day at
school. Neither one of her parents heard the first
several comments, but by the time she got a soda from
the fridge, the moment had passed and we were both
listening again.

Joyce was making salads, cutting up the ingredients
and tossing everything together. Several times she had
to walk to the refrigerator. The red front panel of
the thong panties was soaked and dark. When she had to
bend over to get something from a lower shelf, we
could both see the white cream of a my sperm leaking
between Joyce's firm thighs.

I began to take every opportunity to touch my wife
too. There was nothing overt about these caresses,
just stroking her arm as I began to help her, brushing
up against her body as I walked by, or hooking my
ankle around hers as we stood close to each other.

Even Lisa got into the act when she offered to help
set the table. She had to reach into the cabinet over
Joyce's shoulder to get the glasses. As she did so,
she pressed almost half of her body against the near
naked backside of her mother.

Each time Joyce was touched, her body responded
unconsciously. I wouldn't doubt at all if being so
exposed and touched didn't keep her on a high state of
sexual agitation. That, at the very least, was just
one of my goals, anyway.

Finally we all sat down to eat together, but before we
could start, Lisa interrupted us.

"It's so great to see you two getting along better,"
she said gently, looking from me to her mother. "It's
nice to know my Dad and mom actually like each other

"It's more than that, sweetheart," I said, taking
Joyce's hand in mine. "We're going to be a very close
family. Just you wait and see!"


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