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Lisa's Family Lesson


Lisa's family Lesson {John Jabbin} {Mf inc MF NC anal}
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sex reading please.

This is a continuation of the story, "Lisa's First"
and "Lisa's Bobbin' Head." Lisa still has a lot to
learn! Those stories can be found respectively at:

Lisa's family Lesson

My fifteen-year-old daughter, Lisa, lay on my chest.
We had been having a hell-of-a-time this afternoon.
Lisa had gotten her first-fuck from dear ol' dad. Then
she had received an excellent lesson on the fine art
of giving head. She was fast learner and had all the
makings of the perfect slut for her father. Even just
the thought of her warm, wet mouth bobbin' up and down
on my prick started to get a rise out of me. I could
stay in her cute, little-girl decor bedroom all day
and keep fucking her, but there was more for her to do
and learn than just that.

I threw her over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes
and carried her off to the master bathroom. Along the
way, I swatted her pretty bottom playfully, causing
the saucy wench to wiggle on my shoulder delightfully.
She was laughing and happy, more gay than I'd seen the
sullen teenager in quite some time. Maybe the cure for
teenage angst is a good dose of daddy-dick for every

She weighted next to nothing, probably less than a
hundred pounds, and since I work out often, she fit
comfortably across my broad shoulders. As we entered
my bathroom, I couldn't help but notice our reflection
in the mirror.

"Look at us, baby," I told her as I turned so she
could see our reflection too. She had to twist a bit
to look over the other shoulder, but skinny teenagers
are very flexible. Plus, I think she liked the idea of
rubbing her tits along my back as she did it.

"That's one of your best features," I said playfully
as I swatted her ass again. "Here, smile for the
camera," I joked as I used both hands to spread her
butt cheeks out, exposing all her lovelies to the

"Oh, Daddy," she decried with the familiar daughter
refrain as she swatted my back in return. Still, I
could tell from her wiggle that she liked having my
big, strong hands on her ass.

She had a fine ass, too. She still had the narrow hips
of a girl, but there was a lot of flesh on her ass
compared to her skinny frame. It's like all the growth
had been to the back, and not the side. Her mother,
the frigid bitch, had a wider ass now than when we had
married. She was still a fine woman though, much to my
chagrin. Lisa could do a lot worse than growing up to
look like Joyce, that's for damn sure.

The trick would be to have her keep this exuberant,
slutish attitude about sex and still grow up to be a
fine looking woman like her mother. Even now, looking
in the mirror, she was staring at my cock getting
stiffer and all the time she was licking her lips like
a hungry whore. God, I love a horny slut!

"Get in there and start the shower running," I
demanded, setting her down with a more forceful slap
on the ass to reinforce my point. She scampered into
the walk-in shower, rubbing her tush with both hands.

After I got some towels and washcloths, I stepped into
the shower with her. The water was a little warmer
than my taste, but nothing I couldn't live with;
especially not while there was a naked, wet teenager
with me.

"If you're gonna be my fuck-doll from now on, I want
you nice and clean all the time for Daddy. That means
showers every day, sometimes more than one, and wash
that hair often. Let's scrub that butt good too, you
never know when Daddy wants to get a taste of it and
it better be clean. You want to be Daddy's fuck-doll,
don'tcha girl?"

"Oh, Daddy," she purred, grabbing my dick in her hand,
"you can fuck me with your big, fat cock anytime you

"Of course I can, little girl. I knew that the moment
I walked in on you with your fingers stuffed in your

I grabbed the bar of soap and began to lather up my
slut of a daughter all over. There's something
particularly delicious about a soapy, slippery girl. I
really couldn't believe my good fortune to have such a
lovely playmate to share my bath. But then I thought,
why not? After all, she was half of my genetic code.
It just made sense that she would inherit the fun-loving,
fuck-me-anytime attitude from me. I wonder if she also
inherited the darker thrill of sex I enjoyed too? I guess
in the near future, we would be finding that out.

In the meantime, I just enjoyed having a sexy little
fuck-doll to play with. I soaped her up real good,
paying particular attention to her tits and ass. She
loved the slick feel of my hands gliding over her
breasts and after I showed her how to gently slide a
soapy finger in her ass, she loved that too. I had her
wash my ass thoroughly as well, telling her how much I
enjoyed a finger back there when I was ready to cum.

She loved having her body played with. I've never seen
anyone who liked to be touched more than Lisa did.
Every time I caressed her, she seemed to open up even
more, like a flower finally blossoming fully.

"This is great, Dad. I wish we could shower together
every day from now on. Can we? I love to feel your
soapy hands on my body!"

"We'll have to see, dear. I have to figure what I'm
going to do about your mother."

"You're just too nice to her, Dad. You need to be

"What do you mean, baby doll?"

"Mother acts like a bitch sometimes just to make you
mad, but you never get mad at her. You're too nice
sometimes. I just think you need to stand up and put
her in her place."

"You do, do you? Well, maybe you're right. Women have
a better sense about what other women want than men

"You think I'm a woman now, Daddy?" she asked

"Well, you've certainly got a woman's cunt," I teased,
fingering her swiftly, " and a woman's ass and a
woman's tits."

"I don't think my breasts are big enough, Daddy. I
want them to be bigger!"

"Nonsense. What's important about a girl's tits is not
how big they are, but how often they get touched and
tasted. Let me show you."

I pushed her back against the shower wall and started
to gently maul her breasts. Her tits disappeared under
my big paws, but I was ever so tender with them at
first. Lisa's breath caught with the suddenness of my
touch and soon her eyes were rolling back in her
head and she was biting her lips in arousal. I slid my
hands down to her ass and lifted her up against the
wall until I could impale her on my cock. Then, I let
her light body slide down on my staff of its own
accord as my hands went back to her tits.

She was propped against the wall, her feet several
inches from the floor being held up by my hands on her
tits and my cock in her cunt. Now she really was my
little fuck-doll. I didn't pound into her though. I
wanted her to feel the joy of getting her tits felt up
right now.

As my hands played over her breasts, I started
squeezing them harder and harder. Lisa began pushing
her hips away from the wall, trying to fuck my dick
into her more. I stayed still, but gave her just enough
room to thrust that she could rub her clit against my
pubic bone. I knew that would make the little slut
in her happy.

As she began to work her cunt against me harder, I
reached behind me and put the showerhead on pulsate
and aimed it at her tits. The moment the hard pulse of
the water hit one of her breast, she tried to squirm
away, but I was quick to hold her in place. She
gasped, as the force of the spray took her breath way,
but I covered the soft breast tissue with my hand and
only exposed the hard, pink button of her nipple to
the pulse. She squealed, but ground her cunt down
against me delightfully again.

I couldn't keep the spray aimed at her nipple
constantly, though, or she would have lost all
feeling. Instead, I covered her with my head as I
lavished her breast with my tongue and then suddenly
pulled my head away so that the spray would strike her
again. In this way Lisa's tit was continually
bombarded with overwhelming sensations -- pleasure,
pain, heat and cold.

After a while, I shifted our positions awkwardly so
that the neglected nipple got its share of the spray
too, only this time she knew what to expect. In
between playing with it, I looked at its twin that had
received the first treatment. Her nipple had gone from
a pretty pink nubbin to a throbbing dusky rose color.
The nipple and the areola were swollen and more
sensitive to my touch.

I was delighted with Lisa's response to the over-
stimulation that bordered on abuse. It was a good
experiment with her level of tolerance to pain and
willingness to do whatever I wanted. She had protested
once, begging me to stop and just fuck her, but when
she saw my determination, she submitted her body to me
fully, placing herself completely in my hands to
experience the sensations I required of her.

After torturing both nipples with the water, I turned
the spray off of her and only stimulated them with my
mouth. She hunched against me as best she could,
suspended in the air as she was, and only achieved her
bliss when I reached underneath her and snaked the tip
of a finger into her ass. The orgasm she experienced
was a quick, sharp cum, made even sharper when I bit
down on her sensitive nipple with my teeth.

I held her in my arms, caressing her gently and
telling her what a good job she had done in cuming in
Daddy's arms.

"You've come a long way today. You're well on the way
to being a very good slut-daughter for Daddy. How do
you feel, baby?"

"Umm," she moaned, still impaled on my hard cock. "I'm
starting to get sore all over, Daddy. My nipples are
throbbing and my cunt feels like you've stretch it out
terribly with your cock. Please let me down now."

As I squatted down and pulled out of her, my dick
plopped out with a wet, sticky slurp. She grimaced as
I came out and I realized how easy it was to forget
that only hours ago she had been a virgin. A very
eagerly deflowered virgin, to be sure, but no doubt
her cunt had taken a battering between fingers, tongue
and cock.

"You're still hard, Daddy. Do you need to cum?"

"No baby, Daddy's okay for now. Why don't you be a
doll and clean it off for me, though?"

She reached for a washcloth, but I stopped her and
chuckled at her.

"No, darlin'. A good slut always cleans her man's cock
off with her mouth when they're done. Get on your
knees and suck it clean, sweetheart."

Lisa got on her knees before me, a bit tentative and
questioningly at first, but such was her love of cock
that soon she was licking it lovingly all the way up
and down. I was glad that she was developing a taste
for her own juices, too. I planned to watch her eating
cunt as often as was logistically possible. Preferably
cunt that had just been filled with my cum.

But I didn't let her finish me off. One thing I've
learned over the years about dealing with sluts is
that you can never let them think they can drain you
dry. If you do, they start looking elsewhere for meat.

So I made my little darlin' get up and we dried each
other off. She was exhausted, the poor thing. Her
nipples and cunt were tender as I dried her off. I
seriously thought about bending her over and sticking
it up her virgin ass to complete the picture, but I
decided that she had had enough surprises for the day.

So instead, I carried her off to bed, patted her
little pussy goodnight and tucked her in for an early
sleep. She was so exhausted that as I stroked her hair
and told her how much I loved her, she fell asleep

As I sat having a beer in my living room, I reviewed
the fine afternoon I had spent with my daughter. Lisa
was a delicious piece of work and I wanted to take
full advantage of her for the few years she would be
around the house. Eventually, even a Daddy's-slut
moves off and has her own life.

But to really enjoy Lisa over the next few years, I
had to do something about Joyce, my wife and her
mother. After all, I wanted to bring Lisa to my bed
and sleep with her and fuck her whenever I wanted.
Joyce was hardly going to accept her daughter sleeping
and fucking right next to her.

Thinking about Joyce made me remember what Lisa had
said. Maybe I was being too accommodating to my wife.
Maybe she did need me to be firmer ... more of a man.

I started thinking back about where it had all gone
wrong with Joyce and me. She used to be a hot number
herself. I married her because she was smart, looked
great and was a lot of fun to fuck. Somewhere along
the way, that had changed. Now she didn't respect me
and certainly didn't want to fuck me. But, something
about what Lisa had said "clicked" in my mind.

Joyce started acting this way during her pregnancy and
when Lisa was a baby. I had always taken that as
meaning that her attitude had changed since she had
become a mother. But, thinking back on it now, I was
more accommodating to Joyce's "feelings" while she was
pregnant and just after. I've always had a soft-spot
for pregnant women. Maybe Joyce just didn't think I
was being strong enough for her to respect because of
that. Suddenly a lot of things about our relationship
began to make sense.

But, I wondered as I sipped my beer, was it too late
to change? Fifteen years of animosity had gone by at
this point. Maybe it was too late for Joyce and I. But
I knew this, if nothing changed, one day she would
come home to find me humping her daughter and all hell
would break loose. Better to end it now than to let
that happen. I knew that, if given the choice, Lisa
would stay with me. And what judge wouldn't give a
fifteen-year-old teenager her choice?

Almost like she was summoned, Joyce came waltzing in,
the Ice Queen herself. She walked through our living
room, looking beautiful and distant, with barely a
passing word for her husband. Why had I put up with
that shit all these years? Because she was gorgeous,
that's why!

Joyce was thirty-five years old and looked twenty-six.
She had a great rack of tits. They stayed up high and
firm even when she didn't wear a bra. She had nice,
womanly hips and a flat belly. Best of all, Joyce was
a flaming redhead with a temper to match as well. For
a horny bastard like me, she was the ultimate fuck.
Even when she was treating me like shit and I was
beating off three times a day, I was thinking of Joyce
while I did it.

So I made a decision right there in my living room. I
was gonna fuck her hard and often from now on and if
she left because of it, I was just gonna fuck her
daughter instead. And if she didn't leave, who knows,
I might just fuck them both!

I walked into our bedroom with more confidence on the
outside than I felt on the inside.

"We have to talk, Joyce."

"Not right now, John. I've had a hard day at mother's.
I just want to unwind."

Joyce was facing the bed, trying to ignore me. She
looked damn good in a knit top and a short, black
skirt. She had been wearing clogs, but she had kicked
them off near the doorway and now she was barefooted.
She wasn't wearing hose, but with those legs, she
didn't need them to look good.

"I'm getting tired of this shit, Joyce. You need to
start acting like a wife, again."

"Don't talk to me like that, John. It's been a long
time since you acted like a husband."

"Well, maybe it's about time I did," I said softly as
I came up behind her.

I pushed Joyce onto the bed, grabbing a handful of her
luscious red hair as I rode her down. She started to
fight me, but by keeping a hand in her hair and my
knees between her knees, I was able to control her
somewhat. She was stunned when I ripped up her skirt
so forcefully it pushed the breath out of her lungs.
She was even more stunned when I ripped down the
plain, white cotton panties she had worn to her
mother's house. Imagine a sexy bitch like this wearing
white cotton panties with a short black skirt! It
ought to be against the law!

She almost got away when I had to undo my pants with
one hand. It was even harder to pull them down far
enough to expose my hard cock, but once it was free I
had a clean shot at her. I jammed two fingers into the
bitch and felt around in her cunt. She was very dry at
first, but those fingers brought a little moisture to
the surface. I guess any cunt can be responsive, even
when it belongs to an Ice Queen.

Joyce was yelling at me, though not loudly, begging me
not to do this. It was almost as though she wanted to
protest but didn't want to arouse Lisa or the
neighbors. When I pulled out my fingers and lined up
my cock, she took a deep breath and I thought maybe
she was going to scream. I grabbed her hair even
tighter and pushed her face into the pillow as I
plunged my cock into her cunt in one stroke.

Joyce let out a wail that would have woke the dead if
I hadn't have had her face in the pillow. All I could
think of was all the times she had denied me through
the years and all the times she had disrespected me in
front of my friends and my daughter. I began to fuck
into my wife's cunt, the cunt that should have been
mine whenever I wanted it, and wasn't.

After I was buried in her and fucking, though, there
was no reason to keep my hand in her hair. I grabbed
Joyce's gorgeous hips and pulled back on them, fucking
into her cunt all the harder for the leverage. Damn, it
was delicious, seeing my cock swallowed up by her red
trimmed snatch. I had forgotten what a wonderful cunt
she was to fuck. Joyce was just tight enough to be
snug, but wet and hot enough to be a great ride. She
had the most perfect pussy in the world, even better
than her beautiful daughter's cunt. This was prime,
mature, forevermore fuckable pussy!

She grunted every time I slammed into her, every hard
thrust almost taking the wind right out of her. There
was nothing gentle about it. If she wanted me to act
more like a husband, I'd just take what a husband has
a right to take.

I looked down at her gorgeous ass and thought about
how she had never let me have it. I had always wanted
to fuck Joyce in the ass, but she was always prissy
about it. Well, this might be my last chance and I was
gonna take advantage of it.

But, before I did, I wanted to beat her cunt into
submission first. I fucked Joyce harder than I've ever
fucked any woman before in my life, harder than I
would have thought possible. One thing I'll give the
her, she took it well! As hard as I slammed her, she
just grunted and accepted it. Of course, with my vice-
like grip on her hips and uncaring attitude about her
pleasure, she didn't have much choice. I suppose in an
effort to protect itself from the abuse, her pussy
flooded us both with her thick creams.

Joyce was almost passed out by now. When I pulled out
quickly, her hips kept up our motion on shear kinetic
energy. I stabbed three fingers in her cunt and got
them thick with cream, then shoved one of them in her
ass, which was sticking up in the air beautifully.

Joyce started to squirm again with the invasion of her
fundament, but the second finger roughly brought to
bear helped to calm her. The third finger almost drove
her insane again. But, even watching her squirm wasn't
enough. I wanted that ass bouncing on my cock!

So that's what I did! Joyce let out a painful hiss of
breath as my full, throbbing cock entered her ass. I
pushed her head down into the pillow again when I
bottomed out and she let loose with another blood-
curdling, and thankfully muffled, scream. But I showed
her no mercy and her beautiful ass stayed with me with
every fierce thrust I made into it. Fucking Joyce in
the ass was like fucking a big tube of butter. She was
slick and hot and I pulled her back and forth in a
furious fucking fashion that made me delirious.

The head of my cock felt huge inside her. I imagined
it coming out her throat. I imagined my dick going all
the way from her ass to her throat and I was about to
cum in her mouth. I pounded her, hammering away at her
buttery ass as I squeezed it and pinched the cheeks
roughly. I battered her ass, consuming it for my
pleasure, and in the end, painted her insides white
with my sticky cum!

I was disappointed when I pulled my dick out of her.
Her ass was hardly messy at all. Still I bet my cock
smelled pretty funky though. That's why, after I had
dragged Joyce's unresponsive body over to the edge of
the bed, I held her nose as I shoved my still-hard
cock into her mouth. I didn't really think she'd give
me head. I just wanted to humiliate her a little more
for all the times she had done the same to me.

After that, I pulled my pants back up and took off my
belt. I smacked her lovely, jiggly bottom with it a
few times to get her attention. When she began to
respond to the pain of the belt, I told her that if
she stayed another day in this house it was going to
be different from now on.

"I'm the man of the house from now on, Joyce. That
means you'll fuck when I want to fuck and you'll be
nice to me and pretty for me all the time. If you ever
give me any shit again, I'll fuck you even harder next
time, do you understand?"

When she didn't answer, I brought the belt down on her
ass again.

"Do you understand?" I demanded in her ear.

"Yes ... yes, John. I understand. Please don't hit me

"Start acting like a wife and I won't spank you like a
little girl. Now get yourself dolled-up pretty. You look
like shit and I want some supper. Fucking you has made
me hungry."


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