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Lisa's First Taste


Lisa's First Taste {John Jabbin} {MFf inc Mdom toys oral anal Bd}

This one's a little more intense. I've been receiving
good feedback on the Lisa stories. Your feedback helps
me write a better story. Any comments, bad or good, are
welcome. Write me at the e-mail address above.

If you're a minor, don't read this. If it's illegal in
your country to be in possession of stories about sex,
please destroy all copies of this work. Practice safe
sex reading please.

The Lisa stories so far are: "Lisa's First," "Lisa's
Bobbin' Head," "Lisa's family Lessons," "Lisa's
Mother," and "Lisa's First Toys. The first story was
posted on 12/22/00, so they should all still be on a
server near you. Hey! I finally got an ftp site! Go to:

Lisa's First Taste
My fifteen-year-old daughter had been so good to me
lately, I gave her the nicest present of all -- the
gift of her mother, naked and writhing on our bed.
Joyce was blindfolded and gagged, handcuffed and
trussed up as delicious as a Christmas goose. She had
headphones continuously playing the sounds of a
torrential rainstorm in her ear and dildos stuffed in
ass and cunt. I was hoping that every time Joyce gets
caught in the rain from now on, she'll have a
spontaneous orgasm just from the flashback.

Joyce was a beautiful woman. At thirty-five, she had
the body of a twenty-six year old. Her large, full
breasts rode high and proud. Her hips were just wide
enough to be deliciously fuckable. Her tail was an
assman's dream and her best asset, a full-rich head of
flaming red hair, made her the envy of women and the
masturbatory dream of men.

"Oh my God, Daddy!" Lisa exclaimed excitedly. "How in
the world did you get her like this?"

Lisa was astonished because until just a few days ago,
my wife and I were not on the best of terms. At some
point in our marriage, Joyce had lost respect for me as
a man and as a husband. To put it mildly, she had been
a living bitch to live with for a long time. But Lisa
had given me the solution to that problem.

While we were taking our first shower together, Lisa
had suggested that Joyce just needed a firm hand.
Buoyed by the confidence that I could now rely on my
daughter's tender love and affections, I had taken my
firm hand and applied it repeatedly to my wife's
equally firm bottom as I threw her on our bed and
literally fucked the shit out of her.

The proof that Lisa had been right lay before us.
Joyce's hips waved in the air, working herself into yet
another frenzy from the vibrating dildo in her cunt.
Her ass squeezed the equally large dildo in her ass
rhythmically. The nipples that topped each proud breast
had the firmness of concrete and her pubic hair was
matted with sweat and spunk and cum. Of course, quite a
bit of that was mine.

"Oh, Daddy," Lisa moaned deliciously. "Can I do
anything I want with her?"

"Within limits, little girl, but I'll be with you all
the time. And frankly, I'd be surprised if you can
think up something so perverse that it would go beyond
the limits. But can I give you some suggestions?"

Lisa rubbed her lithe, slender body against me, cooing

"Anything, Daddy! You can suggest anything."

"Well first of all, she's still your mother and when
we're not playing games you'll respect her in all
things, is that clear?"

"Crystal, daddy-dear."

"Second, she's still getting used to these things.
Let's be considerate and not push her too hard too
fast. For instance, you may want to leave the blindfold
and earphones on until she gets used to the idea of
being pleasured by a woman, much less her daughter. I
wouldn't remove the gag at all until the very end if
I were you!"

"Don't worry about that, Daddy. Seeing mother gagged is
the most delicious part of it all. Please, can I fuck
her now?"

"She's all yours, baby doll. I'm here if you need me."

"Oh, I'm gonna need that fat cock of yours soon. I just
can't decide yet which of us is going to get it first!"

Lisa approached her mom, a little unsure about where to
start first. While she was considering, I helped her
out of her clothes. There's something very seductive
about pulling my little girl's blouse over her head
while looking at her mother squirming on the bed before
us both. There's really nothing finer unless it might
be hooking my thumbs under her pants and panties and
pulling them both down at the same time, only to wind
up staring at one of the prettiest asses ever made. As
I slid my hands up her legs to her ass and still higher
to cup her small, lively breasts, Lisa came to her

I saw her tentatively approach the end of the bed
directly in front of her mother's parted thighs.
Excellent choice, I wanted to shout! I motioned to her
that we needed to be quiet even as her small hand
reached out to caress the end of the vibrating dildo
that was driving Joyce to distraction. Lisa applied
pressure on the end with just the tip of her pretty
finger and Joyce moaned in such a way that I felt my
balls tingle when I heard it. Lisa blushed and her
nipples became visibly harder. What a delightful thing
to watch!

She more confidently touched the end of the second
dildo, the one in her mother's rectum, and the groan
from Joyce was louder. Lisa grinned at me and licked
her lips. I smiled at her in encouragement. She bent
down and inhaled deeply, bringing the smell of her
mother's cunt into her lungs, absorbing the sweet
essence of feminine funk into her bloodstream.

Lisa grasped the shaft of the first phallus and slowly
pulled back. Like it was flowing through silk, the
dildo oozed out of Joyce's dripping cunt. We could both
see her squeeze, trying to hold it in, trying to keep
her prize from escaping her tender clutches. Lisa
shivered and I stepped to her side and began to rub the
fat little cheeks of her bottom as she played with her
mother. Lisa leaned forward on the bed, spreading her
legs to give my fingers complete access to the pleasure
centers in her crotch. As my fingers began to stroke
her pussy lips, she leaned forward more, driving the
dildo deeper in her mother's cunt than it was before.

Lisa was already soaking wet. It was hard to tell who
was closer to orgasm, my wife or my daughter. It would
be an interesting experiment to see who would cum

We set a mutual pace, my daughter and I. As my fingers
touched and tickled her cunt, she slid the dildo back
and forth, fucking her mother at the same pace. When my
fingers moved faster, so did she. It was like operating
the dildo myself, through remote control. My daughter
was my waldo arm; such fine, delicate controls it had,

"Go slowly, baby," I whispered with my hot breath in
her ear. "She's already cum twice tonight and they were
both very intense."

Lisa's pussy gripped my finger as a shiver ran through
her. I had a feeling that would happen.

"I will if you fuck me, Daddy. This is so hot!" she
whispered in return.

Lisa gasped sharply as I sank my thumb deep in her
tight cunt. I rolled it, swiveling my wrist back and
forth, grinding her clit against my hand. My other hand
slid along her belly until I grabbed a taut nipple on a
swollen breast. As she sucked in her breath sharply,
I rolled the nipple between my fingers and thumb.

"I'll fuck you good, baby-doll. Just as soon as I see
your tongue where that vibrator is now!"

Lisa came first! Her sweet teen pussy gripped my thumb
and I felt her start to convulse in orgasm. My other
hand slip down to feel the muscles of her abdomen as
the waves of climax washed through them. Her belly was
so tight. I love to feel a young girl as she cums.
There's nothing quite like it!

After she caught her breath, Lisa looked back at me
with a mischievous grin. She knew I had manipulated her
shamelessly, using her mother's body to bring her off
quickly. She knew it, and she didn't care.

I put my hand to the side of Lisa's face and pulled her
lips to mine, sharing our first, deep intimate kiss.
Lisa melted, her tongue flowing into mine like liquid
sugar. Her mouth tasted like a green meadow, fertile
and bursting with life. Her tongue was like a little
puppy, full of life and eager to please.

Still touching her face, I took her other hand in mine
and together we pulled out the dildo from Joyce's cunt
very slowly. It popped out of her slick, moist hole
noisily. Holding it up between us, I turned off the
vibrations and held it under my daughter's nose so that
she could get an excellent whiff of her mother's aroma.
Lisa took a deep breath and her eyes rolled back in her
head. I held the sticky fake cock against her lips and
drew it across them sensuously. Her little pink tongue
snaked out and got the full flavor of her mother's
fresh cream that was coating it. As I got to the end,
she opened her mouth and accepted the tip of the cock
between her lips for a sweet suck.

"You've made Daddy very happy so far, Lisa. Now make me
happier. Your mother is almost ready to cum again. I
want you to finish her with just your tongue. I know
you've never done this, but neither has she and just
imagine how much fun it's going to be when she eats you
for the first time. You'll both learn to eat pussy
together. By eating each other.

"Just gently lick her, baby. When she starts to
respond, concentrate on her clitoris. You know how good
that feels. Slide a finger inside her while you lick
her clit and she'll see fireworks, I guarantee it."

It didn't take much convincing. With her mother's
flavor on her lips, Lisa was hungry for it. She knelt
down between her mother's thighs and I saw my baby girl
reach out her pretty tongue for her first taste of

She licked up and down like her mother's cunt was an
ice cream cone. I reached down in front of her face and
with one hand spread the thick labial folds, exposing
Joyce's bright pink center. Lisa's eyes grew big and
round and she looked up at me questioningly. I nodded
yes without even knowing the question. Yes, Lisa! Yes
to everything!

Lisa's hands spread her mother's thighs wider. With her
thumbs she stretched the loose folds and leaned in to
suck deeply. Seeing that Joyce was in good hands, I
stepped behind Lisa and drew her bottom up in the air.
My daughter bobbed her hips up and down eagerly, ready
for penetration, but I only wanted to tease her for the
moment. I took my hard cock in my hands and began to
rub the soft head around my daughter's anxious vagina.

It was hard not to slip the head in. Her vagina was red
and slick and open. Every time I drew close, Lisa tried
to engulf me. I used a thumb to spread her out and drew
my cockhead across her wet furrow. At the end of the
row, I thumped her clitoris repeatedly with the soft,
springy tissue.

Lisa was moaning almost as much as her mother. I
wondered how much she was paying attention to her
duties, so I leaned down, sliding my hands over her
soft sides and down low to cup both breasts in my hand.

"Concentrate on your mother, Lisa," I whispered to her.
"If you make her cum, I promise you something special."

Lisa's head began to bob again. I whispered to her,
encouraging her to concentrate on the clit. Then I
pulled back and slowly eased my cock into my little

A wave of pleasure passed through Lisa's body as my
penis pushed in her and through her. I slid in one
continuous slow thrust until I was buried to the root
in the sweetest cunt a man can have, his own daughters.
She was the delightful taste of forbidden fruit. She
was a ripe, succulent pear, ready for the taking. She
was a rich, red strawberry bursting with juices. She
was a warm, willing pussy spread out before me for the

I began to move in her, slowly back and forth. I used
my hands, pushing her forward so that her face was
buried deeper in Joyce's cunt. Then I let them roam,
explore, touch every part of Lisa's body I could reach.

Joyce's legs came up off the bed. A good sign. Joyce
likes to cum with her feet high in the air. I pushed
Lisa deeper. I began to rock her body back and forth,
establishing a rhythm for her that her mother would
enjoy. I imagined that all Lisa had to do was stick out
her tongue and I could fuck her mother with it from
here. Of course, it didn't happen quite like that, but
from ten feet away that's what it would have looked

Just like she had balloons tide to them, Joyce's legs
began to rise in the air -- higher and higher they
went. Her muffled scream filled the room and reached
its highest peak as my wife's toes rose up and pointed
to the ceiling. It was a very athletic move. She had
wonderful control. It was beautiful to behold.

For Lisa's reward, I switched on the vibrator to its
lowest setting and brought it around so that the head
came in contact to my daughter's clitoris. She was
fully skewered on my cock at the time or I think she
would have jumped off the bed as the toy touched her.
I was reminded that Lisa had never cum on a vibrator
before. It was extra special that she do so with my
cock buried deep inside her.

I felt the pressure build inside her. It wasn't even
necessary for me to move. I stayed, sunk to the root,
as the muscles of her cunt danced along my prick.
Reaching down, I switched the vibrator to a higher
speed and Lisa, gasping, started to quiver from her
head to the end of my dick. I felt her shake on me,
flapping like a sheet in a high wind; the strong, stiff
breeze of an orgasm blowing through her.

After she had cum, I pulled the vibrator away from her
and used my hands to feel her sides as she caught her
breath. Feeling her chest fill up with air, expanding
and contracting, I was astonished again by how small
she was -- so much like a little doll dancing on the
head of my dick.

As I drew out of her, I pulled her back with me and off
her mom. As soon as I had withdrawn, Lisa twisted her
lithe body around and jumped into my arms, greedily
kissing my face with her cum-coated mouth. I didn't
mind at all. I found I enjoyed the taste of one woman
on another. It's a pleasure I told myself I'd have to
indulge in frequently.

I pushed her gently away and thought about what to do
next with her mother. At what point should we take the
blindfolds off, I wondered? As I thought, I reached out
and slowly pulled the dildo out of Joyce's ass.

My wife pushed up with her legs, arching her back to
make the withdrawal less painful. Even so, it was a
thick dildo and Joyce's ass was not yet acclimated to
anything that big. I'm sure she felt sore and tender.

"Daddy, have you ever ... I mean, is it possible to ...
I mean, I've heard some things at school but I don't
know if it's true ..."

Lisa was squirming, squeezing her buttocks together and
imagining what the dildo would feel like in her ass.

"Have I ever what, baby-girl?"

"Have you ever done that to Momma yourself? You know,
have you ever fucked her, down there?" she said, her
finger almost touching Joyce's still barely gaping

"I told you she had cum twice before, Lisa. The second
time was the best. And that's what we were doing."

"What does it feel like? I mean, does she like it? Can
I see you do it now?" she asked hurriedly, almost in
one breath.

"Sure baby! As to what it feels like, why don't I have
your mother tell us? Would you like that?"

"How will you do that?"

"Just watch. You'll have to be very quiet, baby. Don't
say a word. And grab that tube of lubricant on the

Leaning over Joyce's body from between her legs I
reached out and pulled the headphones off her ears. I
indicated to Lisa that she should turn off the cd-
player and get it out of the way. Then I unlaced the
leather gag and pulled it away from Joyce's face.

She worked her jaw, rotating it around.

"Let me up, John," she said huskily.

"Not yet dear, we're not quite done."

"Please, John. You're killing me!"

"Death by orgasm, Joyce? I don't think so. That looked
like a fine cum you just had."

"Please John, I'm getting sore."

"Soon, dear. First, do you remember what I told you
before? What I said I was considering doing every time
you had a nice, big cum?"

"Oh, God no, John! My ass is too sore! Please!"

I chuckled at her gently.

"Are you trying to convince me or turn me on, Joyce?
You know I'm not asking, don't you? I told you I'm
going to just take what I want from now on? I begged
you for years. Now I'm just going to take what's mine.
What I should have been getting all these years."

I nodded to Lisa. By mimicry I showed her how to coat
my cock with a generous coating of the lubricant. All
the while Joyce kept up a continuous stream of little
pleadings, trying to convince me otherwise.

Hooking my hands under her knees, I pushed Joyce's legs
back up to her chest, curving her bottom up in the air.
Bowing to the inevitable, she began to change her

"Please be gentle, John. Please, I can't take it rough

"From now on Joyce, I'll be the judge of what you *can*
take and what you *can't*." Pausing to positioning the
head of my cock against her anus, I continued, "I'm
going to stretch all your limits, wife. I'm going to
push you and prod you all the way, Joyce."

I pushed into her ass, burying the first two inches
into her. She grimaced under the blindfold, a hint of
pain in the intake of her breath.

I paused.

"Do you love me yet, Joyce?"

"You bastard, you're splitting me in two. You're
driving a pole up my ass you, son-of-a-bitch."

I winked at my daughter. Her eyes were huge, the
concern for her mother written all over her face. I
pressed in past half way.

I paused.

"Do you love me yet, Joyce?"

"Aauugh! You son-of-a-bitch!"

I pressed in all the way, waited a moment to enjoy the
feel, then backed out and set a gentle pace, rocking
Joyce's body back and forth on the see-saw of my cock.

"You've got a lovely bottom, woman," I said, grunting
into her. "I don't know why I didn't take it all those
years ago but now that my cock is in love with your
ass, you'd best learn to love it too."

I motioned for Lisa to give me the vibrator. Letting go
of one of Joyce's legs, I took it from her and switched
the device on.

I put the vibrator against her clit.

"Oh please, John! Please don't make me cum again. Oh
God, you're killing me!"

I let it buzz against her, drawing it back and forth
against her wet slit, always pressing a portion of the
shaft against her clit. Her back arched up even higher.

"Do you love me yet, Joyce?" I screamed at her.

"Oh God, John, you're killing me. Just shut up."

I fucked harder, pressed the vibrator down firmer.

"Just shut up, you bastard. Shut up and fuck."

I shut up and fucked. I fucked harder into her
slickened ass. I buried it deeper; I pulled it back
further. I forgot everything except fucking into
Joyce's sweet, hot ass.

"Shut up and fuck me. Fuck me harder. Fuck me harder,
you bastard."

Joyce's ass was all consuming. My whole existence
narrowed down to my wife's brown puckered hole
accepting my cock faster and deeper. I ploughed into
it. I gave it everything, pistoning harder and harder.
At some point I forgot about the vibrator. It rolled
off of Joyce's stomach, falling away. It didn't seem to
matter to either of us. We both were humping against
the other savagely, both of us trying to cram my cock
in her deeper, harder, faster.

I bridged up the air until I was hammering directly
down in Joyce's hot, lubricated anus. She grunted and
rocked back against my assault -- calling my name as
she tossed her hair from side to side in ecstatic

At some point we reached the limits of human endurance
and capability. I strained into her, my cock shoved as
far up her as it was possible to be. She was squeezing
it harder than I thought possible and still I pushed
further in. I felt the end of my cock swell like a
balloon as the semen burned in my urethra, gushing out
like a tidal wave to flood her. Gushing out like a
font, flowing into the swamp of my wife's hot, steaming

I don't even know if Joyce came. I think she did. It
was damn intense in any case. As I caught my breath and
eased out of her, she was sobbing a bit. Lisa was there
with a towel, pressing it in to my hands. I had
forgotten she was present.

I wiped myself off a little, wiped Joyce off even more
and laid down alongside of her, exhausted.

I leaned over her on one arm, dabbing her tears that
had flowed from under the blindfold. I turned her face
to me and kissed her gently on the mouth. Her tongue
rose eagerly to touch mine.

"Do you love me yet, Joyce?"

She sobbed, tossing her head from side to side in

"God help me, but I do. You're a bastard, John. You're
a bastard, but I love you more today than ever."

"Good ... then you're gonna love me even more

Joyce groaned!


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