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Lisa's First Toys


Lisa's First Toys {John Jabbin} {Mf inc toys Mdom Father/daughter}

If this story doesn't get you to write a feedback
letter, I don't know what will. There's a little
something here for all my fans, I think. I've received
some good feedback on the Lisa stories so far, but as
I've said before, I'm a greedy bastard. I want more!
The only reason I post these stories is so that people
like you will tell me what they think of them. If you
want to read more, pay the price by letting me know
you liked the product of my strange mind. Any
comments, bad or good, are welcome. Write me at the
e-mail address above.

If you're a minor, don't read this. If it's illegal in
your country to be in possession of stories about sex,
please destroy all copies of this work. Practice safe
sex reading please.

This story can be read separately, but hopefully you'll
want more! The Lisa stories so far are: "Lisa's First,"
"Lisa's Bobbin' Head," and "Lisa's family Lessons," and
Lisa's Mother." The first story was posted on 12/22/00,
so they should all still be on a server near you. I know
they can be found at: .

Lisa's First Toys
I woke up in the middle of the night to take a leak
and stretch my legs. Joyce, my wife, was still
sleeping across the pillow with her butt high in the
air. She hadn't been that way all night. The first
time, I had fucked her on her back until she squealed.
She had cum hard, her feet raised straight in the air,
her toes pointed at the ceiling.

I had reached the point where I could fuck a long
while without cuming by then. It happens after I've
cum several times in the same day. I just stay hard
and hot and wanna fuck any hole in sight. Joyce had
been a long time without and she needed a good
workout. I damn sure gave her one.

She had begun wailing so loud that I had to gag her. As I
fucked into her cunt from behind, I pressed a thumb
into her sore asshole and she started screaming. I
didn't want her waking up Lisa. I didn't think I could
handle two hot cunts until I was better prepared for
them, so I stripped off one of the pillowcases,
stuffed it in Joyce's mouth, and went back to fucking
her and stretching out her asshole.

As I looked at her, I saw that she had gotten the
pillowcase out of her mouth before she had fallen
asleep exhausted. I was a little sore myself and I
knew Joyce was gonna be sore all day, too. This might
be a good day to take off from work today. Yes, a good
day to rest up and then visit the adult bookstore
across town for a few toys before the girls get home.

Still, I had fucked two horny cunts into exhaustion in
one day! Not bad work if you can get it. And I
intended to start getting it a lot more often!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Lisa, my fifteen-year-old daughter, came bouncing home
from school at her regular time, excited to see that I
was there before her for a change.

"Oh, Daddy! What a nice surprise! You have just what
I need! I've been horny all day today at school."

"I don't doubt that you were, dear. Now that you've
gotten a taste of dick, I'm sure you'll be even more
horny than you used to be. That's to be expected. Now
get out of those clothes before Daddy takes off his

As quick as a snap, my lovely daughter was bent over
the arm of the couch, her pretty, naked bottom winking
enticingly at me every time I plowed into her wet
furrow. As I fucked into her, I ran my hands
possessively over her firm ass. She hadn't lied. She
was sloppy-wet even when I first entered her. Thank
god she still had the snugness of youth!

I backed off a little, jabbing her with just the head
of my cock, and lathered her wetness around the first
two fingers of both hands. Then I sank into her
deeply, reaching down with my left hand to stuff the
sticky fingers into her mouth for her to suck clean.

Excellent! My baby still had a taste for her own
cream. She greedily sucked the fingers clean, mewing
and purring for more. But I was interested in more
immediate matters.

I rose back up and proceeded to smear the stickiness
on the fingers of my right hand onto the demure, brown
pucker of her virgin anus. Lisa jumped a little, but
I held her firmly with my left as I set up a rhythmic,
controlled humping with my hips. Swirling the lovely
spot, I concentrated on just tickling the wrinkles,
getting to know the object of my affections.

Lisa began to moan, which was superb. I wanted her to
enjoy this part fully. I wanted her to realize that
she had many more erogenous zones than the hot bonfire
of her cunt. Little girls are often so concentrated on
the raging fire between their thighs that they fail to
learn the joys of having their whole bodies being
truly fucked over. But, the way I see it now, that's
what a good Daddy is for -- to teach his little girl

I had really waited too long, I saw now. As I slid my
index finger into the first joint, Lisa gasped a bit,
her bottom reluctant to accept me. For fifteen-years
it had been conditioned as a one direction portal. I'd
have to overcome that conditioning and establish a new
way for her to think of the pleasures that could be
found in her ass.

So I took my time, thumping her slowly against the
couch, teasing her with my finger, working it deeper
in her pretty bottom. I reached around and tickled her
clit. She began purring again, opening wider -- her
legs, her cunt and her asshole. I took advantage of
all of it, occasionally dragging her light body up
higher into the air so I could get good leverage,
deliberately dragging her tits against the fabric of
the couch.

Lisa started to peak, so I fucked harder. I drilled
her, angling my cock to rub against my finger that was
deep in her ass. I love the idea of stroking my cock
from the inside as it slides in and out of my women.
Normally I would prefer it the other way -- fingers in
cunt, cock in tail -- but this was good for a start.
Lisa even seemed to enjoy it, which is important in
the beginning I suppose.

As she got closer and closer, I slipped a second
finger into her ass alongside the first. Keeping them
close together, I plunged down to the thick second
joint. Lisa was so hot, so close to cuming, that she
opened up and accepted it. I worked the two fingers at
their thickest juncture back and forth as her teenage
cunt gripped me in orgasm, her thick creams pouring
out, coating my cock and balls as she screamed out her

"Now that was lovely," I encouraged her as I picked up
her light, limp body and settled her in the middle of
the couch. I draped my shirt on the cushion at the end
and, spreading my legs wide, pulled Lisa forward to
have her clean my cock and balls of her mess.

With the energies of youth and a talented, if as yet
untrained, tongue, she made quick work of most of the
stickiness. I would have enjoyed watching her pretty
head bobbing on my lap all day, but I had other plans
that needed to be attended to.

"That's good, sweetheart. Sit up now. We need to talk"

"But Daddy, you haven't cum yet. Don't you want to
finish in my mouth?"

How endearing! After only one day she's already gotten
hungy for my spunk! But there would be plenty of time
for that.

"Later, dear. We have to continue with your lessons."

"Will you promise me you'll let me do you later?" she

It was sweet at the moment, when I was in full rut for
her. But such an attitude would be an annoyance later,
so I had to be firm with her.

"No, I won't promise you that, sweetheart. If I decide
to cum in your mouth, I'll do it, but pleading with me
for it won't make it so. Don't fret about it, though.
You've enjoyed all your lessons so far, haven't you?"

"Oh yes, Daddy. I've been having a great time."

"Well, I'm glad. They won't all be as thrilling as the
first several lessons, but in the end we're going to
be a very happy family together. But you have to trust
Daddy. Now tell me how your day went at school."

"Oh yes, I almost forgot. I may have done something
today that will make you mad. Oh, I hope not Daddy!
But this was something that we really hadn't talked
about so I didn't know whether I should or shouldn't
or what to do..."

"Hold on, baby. Catch your breath and just explain
what happened calmly."

"Well, I was in the bathroom stall during my free time
and I had just finished cuming real hard thinking
about your stiff cock..."

"Just a moment dear. You were masturbating yourself in
the girls bathroom at school?"

"Of course, Daddy. I have to do that every day or I
get cranky in the afternoon."

"Yes, that makes sense, Little One. Do the other girls
know you do this?"

"A few of them. Just the horny ones like me that do
the same thing. I mean, it's pretty obvious when it's
the same four or five girls going into the stalls
immediately after third period every day."

"How lovely, you'll have to demonstrate for me later."

"Well anyway ... you mean, you want to see me toss off
... in front of you?"

"Of course, dear. I want to know about everything you
do and everything you enjoy. I want to know all your
dirty little secrets and ideas. I find them

"Oh Daddy, that makes me horny just thinking about
playing with myself in front of you, can I?"

"You can always play with yourself in front of me,
dear. Feel free anytime, as long as I don't directly
tell you otherwise. But I want you to finish this
story. Concentrate on what you had to tell me."

"Oh yes, I forgot," she giggled as she spread her
skinny legs out on the couch and began to run her slim
fingers in and out of her pretty cunt lips.

"I had just finished. Daddy, I came so fast thinking
about your cock in me yesterday. All morning I had
been thinking about it. My panties were soaked. I was
still playing with myself after, just piddling with
it, like this, when I heard some new girl in the next
stall really going after herself. Oh Daddy, it really
turned me on. She came hard and then she just kept
going. I couldn't leave, Daddy. She was making me so
horny again. You told me not to let boys touch me, but
you didn't tell me anything about girls, Daddy. I
didn't know what to do."

How I love a nasty story!

"So, what did you do?" I asked trying to concentrate
as she diddled with herself and told me this
intriguing story both at the same time.

"What else could I do? I stood up on the toilet and
made sure that no one else was watching, then I looked
to see who it was. It was Amanda Tucker, Daddy. We
used to be friends in elementary school, but she's in
the math club and takes all the hard classes now. I
don't see her very much anymore, but I sure saw a lot
of her today."

"What was she doing, sweetheart?"

"Oh Daddy, she had her panties and her skirt down to
her ankles and she was really digging her fingers into
her pussy. She was fucking herself so hard she didn't
even notice me."

"What did you do, baby?"

"I reached down and unlatched her door. I can't
believe she didn't notice that! And then I crawled
down and busted in on her. God, was she surprised! She
was so embarrassed that I thought she was going to
yell for the principal, but I was able to shush her
before she raised the alarm. Daddy, I couldn't help
it! When I knew she was going to be quiet, I bent down
and touched her and helped her finish. Was that okay?
Did I mess up?"

"If you didn't get caught or didn't get in trouble,
that's fine by me. Have fun with other girls all you
want. Just don't get in trouble. I'm glad you told me
though, dear."

"No trouble, Daddy. In fact we talked for the rest of
the free time. She's really sweet for a brain. I can't
believe it, but I think she's as horny as me most of
the time."

"You didn't tell her about us, did you sweetheart?"

"No Daddy. You told me not to tell anyone. I did tell
her I was fucking somebody and she was very
interested. She's still a virgin herself."

"Be careful about even telling people that. If you
tell them too much, baby, they're bound to figure it

"Okay, Daddy. But I don't think Amanda would do
anything. She's very shy."

"Amanda sounds like a sweet girl. I'd like to meet her
one day, I think. In the meantime, why don't you run
get the paper bag on your bed and bring it here
without opening it. I've got presents for you."

She scampered off the couch, her beautiful ass shaking
invitingly, her tits bobbing as she ran. She came back
with a gleam in her eye. My, how little girls love
presents! Even when they grow up to be sexy, bigger

"Okay baby, now first I have you a little toy you can
take with you to school and help out in your free

I pulled out a small, bullet vibrator, just barely big
enough to fit a battery. I made a mental note to stock
up on batteries. Better yet, I'd get a bunch of
rechargeables for my girls.

"Oh Daddy, it's so small. What do I do with it?"

"This one is for your purse, dear. Disguise it in a
lipstick case or something. But look," I said,
switching it on, " it's quiet and, hold it against
your clit, dear."

Lisa pressed her new toy to her flesh and a big smile
came to her full, sexy lips. She closed her eyes and
was immediately in bliss.

"Stop that now, you little minx. There'll be time for
that later. I've got more toys here."

"More? But Daddy, this feels so good I could use it
all day!"

"I know, baby. And I don't mind that you do. Sex is
like exercise. The more you do it, the better you get
at it and the better it feels. But look here."

I was proud of this one. I had found a dildo that was
shaped very much like my cock. I knew she'd be happy
with it.

"Oh Daddy, it's beautiful! It's almost just like ...
no, it's just a little smaller, isn't it?"

She compared it alongside my own, stroking them both
delightedly. I was once again tempted to let her
finish, but stopped her.

"That's enough, girl. I intentionally bought it one
size smaller. If I know my baby girl, you'll probably
be falling asleep every night with it stuffed in your
cunt. I don't want your pussy to lose that snug
feeling when I'm inside you."

"Oh, Daddy! This is wonderful. Can I use it now?"

"You might want to wash it thoroughly first. No
telling where it's been at the adult bookstore. But
I've got one more toy for you now. This one's my

I pulled out a slim, clear-silicon beginner's model
buttplug. I had bought several sizes for her. This
would be a good starter model.

"What's that for, Daddy?" she asked looking puzzled.

"Here, let me show you."

Getting on my knees in front of her on the couch, I
spread her out wide. I showed her the lubricant I had
bought, putting just a dab on the tip. Then,
encouraging her to lift her thighs close to her chest,
I slid the little slick toy into her snug bottom.

"Oh Daddy," she squirmed, not quite knowing what to
make of it. "It's cold."

"It's silicon, dear. It will warm up quick. Soon it
will feel like a natural part of your body."

"But I feel so full back there."

"That's the idea, dear. I want you to wear it all the
time. You can pull it out when you need to go to the
bathroom, or right before you go to sleep. When you
get used to this one, I'll get you a bigger one."

"You mean I have to walk around with this thing up me
all day?"

"Yes, sweetheart. That's what Daddy wants. You want to
make me happy, don't you?"

"Oh yes, Daddy. But why do I have to do this?"

"Because Daddy wants to use all your holes, darlin',
and I want it to be nice for you."

She thought about that for a second, then her eyes got
big and luminous. I saw a shiver run through her -- a
shiver of recognition, thrill, and maybe a little

I had her walk around the living room, getting used to
the fit of the plug. To get her mind off what she was
doing, I had her tell me about Amanda Tucker.

Amanda lived two streets over in our affluent
neighborhood. Lisa described her as shy and not very
attractive. Not ugly, but not pretty either. She was
an only child with few friends. She had little
prospects for romance. She seemed like an excellent
prospect for Lisa's first acquisition for me.

"Your mother's going to be home soon, dear. Why don't
you give Amanda a call and see if she will let you
come over and visit at her house? Can I trust her
father with two horny teenagers in the house?"

"Her father is fat and is never home, Daddy. He's not
a hunk like you!"

"Good! See if Amanda would like to help you with some
homework. But I want you home by eight. Be sharp, and
be careful walking in the neighborhood. There's all
kinds of wolves out there ready to eat up little girls
as delicious as you!"

"Oh Daddy!"

"And baby ... you can leave your plug at home this
time. Who knows what will happen and I don't want
Amanda getting too curious just yet."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

At eight o'clock sharp, Lisa walked into the kitchen
from the back door. I was in my robe sitting at the
table, drinking a glass of milk.

"Hello, darlin'," I cooed, running my hands up her
skirt and feeling her slim hips between my hands. I
cocked them back and forth, thinking how nice it would
be to throw her on the table and fuck her good.

"Oh Daddy! Where's Momma?"

"Don't worry. She's in the back. She can't hear us."

"I had the most wicked good time, Daddy. Amanda has
two beds in her room and we sat across from one
another and watched each other fuck ourselves. She's a
very nasty girl for being such a brain."

"Good. I'm glad you have a friend to share things
with. I hope you didn't wear yourself out. I have one
last toy to give you tonight."

"Oh, I can't wait, Daddy. Show me quick before mother
comes out!"

"Okay, follow me"

I walked her back to my bedroom and with a dramatic
flare, threw open the door with a flourish!

"Oh my God!" was all she could say.

There, handcuffed to the headboard of our bed, was the
naked body of my wife, her mother. She was blindfolded
and gagged. There was a portable stereo playing in her
ear. From both her cunt and her ass protruded
identical dildos slightly bigger than the one I had
given Lisa. The one in Joyce's cunt was pleasantly
humming and she was slowly raising and lowering her
hips in time to its vibrations. Her entire crotch was
slick and matted with cum.

I was pretty proud of what I was able to achieve in
just a couple of hours time. I was delighted to see
the look of shock, then concern, then excitement that
swept over my daughter's face.

"She's mine? You -said- she was my toy! Didn't you?"
she asked, her face finally registering a malicious

"For the rest of the evening, yes. I still own her,
child, but I wanted your first real experience with a
woman to be with the best."

"Oh Daddy, you give the best presents!"


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