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Lisa's First


Lisa's First {John Jabbin} {Mf inc first

If you're a minor, don't read this. If it's illegal in
your country to be in possession of stories about sex,
please destroy all copies of this work. Practice safe
sex reading please.

Lisa's First

At fifteen, my daughter was starting to drive me nuts.
Over the last several months she had suddenly developed
into a horny little bitch. I'm certain that she gets it
from her old man. She sure doesn't get it from her
mother, the frigid cunt.

I could tell that Lisa was getting to be a horny little
slut in several ways. First of all, the girl never
picks up her own clothes. Her mother has spoiled her
rotten. Lisa's panties were almost always clean and
pristine until lately. I should know. I've been
noticing them ever since she was a little girl, lying
around the bathroom and in the hamper. Now, suddenly
they were all crusty and smelly. The only way they
could have gotten that way was if they were soaking wet
when she pulled them off. And I don't mean just a
little moist.

Then there are all the damn boys that have been calling
lately. If there's anything I hate its teenage boys.
The slimy shits aren't worth killing. The only thing
that teenage boys are good for is smelling a whore-in-
heat and I can tell that they were just starting to
sniff out my little girl.

But worst of all, the little bitch had discovered the
joys of auto-eroticism and suddenly she was behind
closed door frigging herself all the time. I would walk
by her door and hear her moaning all hours of the day
and night. She must have gotten her high sex drive from
me. I know I beat-off at least three times a day. I
want the girl to enjoy herself, but there's only so
much a man can take.

Her mom is never at home much anyway. Joyce thinks that
if she's home at the same time as me I'll be after her
to fuck, which is probably true. That's the reason she
stays over at her mother's a lot. So it was natural the
other day that Lisa and I were the only ones in the
house when I walked by the door and heard her moaning.
But that time I had reached my breaking point.

When I silently opened the door, the horny little slut
didn't even notice it. She was too busy with her
fingers. One hand was rubbing her clit and the fingers
of the other were coming from underneath and buried in
her snatch. She still had on a cute blue halter top,
but her white shorts and panties were only hanging off
of one ankle.

Lisa is a beautiful girl. Not much in tits and a bit on
the skinny side, still she had very pretty honey blonde
hair, narrow hips and a nice, fleshy ass. In short, she
was a cute little thing that looked like she was just
built to fuck. Especially since I could see her with
her fingers stuffed in her gash. Her eyes were closed
and she was tossing her pretty blonde head from side to
side, straining with the joy of a nice finger-fuck.

She didn't even notice me when I stepped into the room,
at least not until I sat down at the end of her bed.
When she felt my weight hit the bed, her eyes flew open
and she started to scramble away.

"Daddy, what are you doing in here?" she asked
frightened as I caught her ankle to keep her from
pulling away. It wasn't the ankle with the shorts and
panties. It was the naked one.

"Well baby doll, I'd say I'm in here watching my
daughter enjoy playing with herself. That is what you
were doing, isn't it?"

"Daddy, you're not suppose to be in my room," she said
while trying unsuccessfully to cover herself with her
hands. "Get out of here!"

"Darlin', if you're going to be moaning and finger-
fucking yourself all day long, people are going to
watch. You're just too pretty not to look at."

"Daddy, what would Momma say if she knew that you were
in here?"

"I don't know, what would she say if she knew you were
playing with yourself five or six times I day," I said
as I pulled on her ankle, dragging her back down to me.
When I had her back near her original spot, I took my
free hand and used it to cover up her pretty little
beaver for her. "Here, let Daddy help you finish what
you started."

My thumb almost immediately sank into her hot, wet
little snatch. She started squirming, but that only
helped me to get it in deeper, quicker.

"Daddy, stop! Oh please, Daddy, don't."

She was such a little whore that even as she protested,
her hips started pushing back against my thumb, trying
to get it deeper in her. I started rubbing her hard
clit against my palm and before long I didn't even have
to hold her ankle to keep her from getting away.

She was so horny that in just a couple of strokes she
quit protesting altogether. She definitely had a wet,
hot snatch. I spread her skinny thighs apart and
lowered my face to get my first taste of my beautiful

She had a warm, tangy taste and there was sure a lot of
sugar in her pie. I buried my nose in her cunt and by
the time I came up for air, my whole face was covered
in her funk. She started protesting again, but now she
was protesting that she didn't want me to stop.

"Oh Daddy, no one's ever made my pussy feel this good.
Don't stop! Eat me, Daddy!"

So I did. Her thin, wispy pubic hair brushed against my
nose as I slurped up her juices from her sopping wet
slit. Then I bobbed and weaved with my tongue around
her throbbing clit and stuck a finger in her hole until
it battered against her maidenhead.

I couldn't believe she still had her cherry. As horny
as this little bitch was all the time, I'm surprised
she hadn't lost it already. I guess I had caught her
just in time. A couple of more weeks and some pimply-
faced puke would have had the thrill of breaking her
in. Now, that honor would go to me.

I gave her hard nub a good suck until she wrapped her
legs around my head and shot off like a little pistol.
I shook my finger in her good and rubbed her butthole
with my thumb as she squirted her girl-cum on my face.
It wasn't the hardest orgasm I had ever seen, but it
was one of the wettest.

Lisa was practically passed out on the bed after her
cum and she didn't even seem to notice as I took off my
shoes and trousers. I left my t-shirt on, since she
still had on her halter. I was in a little bit of a
hurry to get in to that tasty cunt of hers.

Lisa's eyes fluttered slightly when she felt my weight
on the bed and they flew up even more when she saw me
crawling on top of her between her splayed legs. She
started to try to scramble away, but I caught her
easily. Then it was just a matter of holding her down
long enough to find her slot and pressing it home.

She was a tight fit, made all the tighter because she
was trying to squirm away. I only got in her a ways
until I found my cock bumping up against her cherry.
She gasped and froze when I reached it, froze just long
enough for me to pull back and get a good jab at it.
With just one hard poke, my prick went right through
and before she knew it, my little whore wasn't a virgin

It must have hurt her something fierce because she
tried to scream loud enough to raise the neighbors. She
would have, too, if my hand hadn't been over her mouth.
Even as wet as she was, I had to wait and give her cunt
a little time to get used to being filled. She was
crying and blubbering a bit, so I took a moment to
explain to her what the rest of her future at home was
going to be like.

"You are a tight, wonderful little slut, Lisa. If I
just let you run around and take your pick, some runt
of a boy would have knocked you up any day now. You're
just a whore-in-heat, baby doll, and you can't help it.
That's why Daddy is gonna take care of your little cunt
from now on."

I started to work myself deeper with gentle, rhythmic
thrust. At first she grimaced, but slowly she began to
get used to it.

"You know I had that vasectomy a few years back to
satisfy your mom, so we won't have to worry about any
babies. From now on I'm gonna be your only boyfriend
and I'm gonna fuck you every day, darlin'. Sometime
three or four times a day. Don't you want to be fucked
often, girl?"

"Oh Daddy, it still hurts a little."

"Give it time, baby. Soon Daddy's prick will fit just
like a glove in your cunt. See? You're getting wetter
already. Doesn't that feel better?"

"It's a little better," she said sniffling. "It still
stings a little."

"It will feel better after I cum in it a few times.
Don't be like your mother. Move your hips a little.
That's it, push back against me. Oh, you got the nicest
pussy, baby. It makes Daddy feel so happy."

"Oh Daddy, it's starting to feel nice. Ommm, you feel
so big in me."

"It's gonna feel even bigger in your mouth sweetheart.
Wrap your legs around me, baby. Yeah, like that. Are
you ready for some hard fuckin', honey?"

"Yeah, Daddy! I think I'm ready to be fucked hard. Give
it to me harder! Give it to me."

"You want Daddy's dick, sweetheart? Tell me you want

"I need Daddy's big, fat dick in me. I need Daddy's
dick filling me up, filling my hole full. Oh Daddy,
fuck me! Fuck your little girl with your big, fat Daddy

"That's it, darlin'. Daddy loves it when his little
girl talks like a nasty slut. Are you gonna be Daddy's
little slut-girl?"

"Your slut. Your slut. Fuck me. Your slut..."

Lisa was almost incoherent in her first ever dick-lust.
Her skinny little body was quivering and she was
shaking her sweet little head from side to side as I
fucked into her. Finally she just settled into one long
continuous fuck-moan. Hearing that deep, rich noise
coming out of my skinny little daughter underneath me
was more than I could take. I buried my dick deep into
her and shot my first load of spunk into Lisa's tight,
wonderful cunt.

After I was finished cuming inside her, I rolled off of
her and looked possessively at my baby girl and her
just-fucked cunt. She had her eyes closed and she
reached down and put both hands against her pussy,
holding my sperm in her for as long as possible. I
reached down and pushed two of her fingers inside of
her and move her hand around for her until her fingers
got nice and gooey. She finally looked at me in the
eye, guessing what I would do next.

I pulled her hand out her snatch and brought her wet,
gooey fingers up to her mouth. At first she just wanted
to sniff them, but at my insistence she stuck out her
delicate little tongue and began to lick them clean.

"You might as well get used to the taste of cum,
sweetheart, 'cause your gonna be eating a lot of it
from now on. I know a gal I'll introduce you to later
that will teach you to eat it right out of the box. How
do you like being Daddy's little slut?"

"At first it was scary, but I kinda liked it at the
end. When can we do it again, Daddy?"

"That's up to you, sweetheart. It depends on how
quickly you learn the lesson of sucking Daddy's cock.
Let's get you on your knees so you can start learning
the right way."
The End

This is my second post. There probably won't be a third
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