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Lisa's Mother


Lisa's mother {John Jabbin} {MF mast}

I've received some good feedback on the Lisa stories
so far, but I'm a greedy bastard. I want more -- much
more! The only reason I post these stories is so that
people like you will tell me what they think of them.
If you want to read more, pay the price by letting me
know you liked the product of my warped mind. Any
comments, bad or good, are welcome. Write me at the
e-mail address above.

If you're a minor, don't read this. If it's illegal in
your country to be in possession of stories about sex,
please destroy all copies of this work. Practice safe
sex reading please.

The Lisa stories so far are: "Lisa's First," "Lisa's
Bobbin' Head," and "Lisa's family Lessons." The first
story was posted on 12/22/00, so they should all still
be on a server near you. I know they can be found at .

Lisa's mom

Frankly I couldn't believe what I was seeing. After
introducing my daughter to the joys of Daddy-love, I
had decided to give my wife an ultimatum. For fifteen
years she had been cold to me, often denying me and
being in many ways disrespectful. But now that I had
gotten a taste of what having a warm, willing pussy
around the house would be like again, I had decided to
lay down the law to my wife. Let her take it or leave

Initial indications were that she was going to take
it! After I had thrown her on the bed and had my way
with her beautiful body, I had laid into her ass with
my belt, demanding that she get up and fix me some
dinner. When she had tried to dress, I roughly pulled
her selections out of her hand and pulled out some of
my favorites instead. I allowed her to only wear a
pair of red thong panties and a very short, very tight
T-shirt. When she was dressed in that, I had swatted
her ass and sent her off to the kitchen.

Once in the kitchen she had demurely asked what I
wanted to eat. Since I didn't want her preparing
anything that took too long, I told her to fix us both
the best sandwiches that she could from the
ingredients we had. She quickly went to work, stepping
tenderly from refrigerator to counter. I'm sure she
was a little sore from her earlier treatment.

As Joyce fixed the food, I contemplated further ways
to immediately start setting a better tone around the
house. The first thing I decided to do was to further
enhance Joyce's wardrobe.

I got a pair of scissors from one of the drawers and
pinned Joyce against the counter. Telling her to hold
still, I began to trim her T-shirt even shorter. By
the time that I was through with it, the length of the
shirt had been altered until it just barely covered
the undersides of her large breasts.

I sat the scissors down and slid them down the counter
away from reach. Then I let my hands roam over Joyce's
firm stomach and ass, occasionally reaching upward to
grab a warm handful of tit.

"You're a beautiful woman, Joyce. From now on you're
not going to be hiding your body from me, you
understand? You've got great tits and a nice ass and I
intend to be enjoying them a lot from now on. We'll
start with this wardrobe for now. I may decide I want
you to wear nothing at all!"

"But John, what about Lisa? It will be embarrassing
for Lisa to see me walking around the house like

"You don't even know your daughter, Joyce. If I tell
Lisa this is the way it will be, she'll be fine with
it. Your daughter is growing up to be a fine looking
girl herself. Maybe one day she'll look as good as her
mother. I want her to learn to use what she has. Now
finish those sandwiches."

Then I gave her what was fast becoming a traditional
firm slap on the fanny.

I sat at the table in the kitchen, watching my wife
prepare our sandwiches and I couldn't believe my eyes.
Talk about the demise of the Ice Queen! Joyce was
transforming into a submissive wife right in front of
me. She carried herself differently. She noticed me
watching her. She began to position her body in
flattering ways for my viewing. A submissive red-
headed fox is just about the most wonderful thing in
the world!

"John, what would you like on your sandwich?"

"We've been married seventeen years now Joyce. I can't
believe that after all this time, you don't know what
I like on a sandwich. Now I want you to go back to
that counter and remember every time you've seen me
make my own and every time I've ever commented on what
I like. Then you make me a sandwich. If it's not good,
I'm going to bend you over this table and take my belt
to you again."

That got her scurrying. Hard as it was to believe, it
almost looked like Joyce's ass actually blushed at the
thought of getting another spanking. I could barely
see the strips I had given her before. They had mostly
already faded away. Damn, her ass looked good in those
thong panties!

She fretted. She fussed. I enjoyed the view!
Eventually though, she had what she hoped would be a
sandwich that would pass muster.

When she brought it to the table, I looked at it
speculatively. The more I looked at it, the more
fretful she became, dancing from one foot to another,
her bottom twitching.

"I thought I told you to make yourself one, too?"

"I'm not hungry, John. Please eat without me."

"No, Joyce. I want the pleasure of your company as I
eat. Fix yourself something and bring us both
something to drink as well."

I didn't think I'd ever be the type to sit and wait
for someone else to bring me something. Usually, I'm a
man of action. If I want something, I get up myself
and get it. But I must say, I was learning to enjoy
having Joyce wait on me and try to anticipate my
needs. And, unless I missed my guess, she was learning
to enjoy it too.

She quickly came back with her own sandwich and two
glasses of milk for us. An interesting choice. I love
milk, but I happen to know that Joyce doesn't
particularly care for it.

I also happened to notice as she came toward the table
that the front panel of her panties was damp with
moisture. I wonder how long it had been since Joyce
had soaked her panties?

We both picked up our sandwiches, but Joyce only
brought hers to her lips. He eyes were wide and
frightful. I took a healthy bite out of my sandwich,
but kept my visage plain and undemonstrative.

I had already determined I was going to like what she
had made. Even if it was terrible, it was time to
start adding some sugar to the spice. Joyce was
already hopping to my every command and getting wet
between the legs. I was determined to keep up this
trend, but I didn't want to push her over the edge.

But, it surprised me that she really did make an
excellent sandwich. All my favorite ingredients!
Imagine that! Once again I remembered how smart and
intelligent this woman was. I would have to be sharp
to keep her on her toes!

Without even discussing the quality of the sandwich I
demanded, "Tell me how your nipples feel right now."

She looked puzzled, taken aback. That's a good sign.

"My nipples? What do you mean, John?"

"Your nipples. The buds at the tip of your breasts.
They look painfully erect from here. Tell me how they

"Oh, John! Must I?" When I nodded, she continued.
"You're right. They are very hard and sensitive just
now. Painfully erect, you said. That's right."

"Good! While we eat, take one hand, reach underneath
your shirt and play with a nipple. I want you to tell
me what it feels like to lightly caress your nipple as
I watch you do it.

"Oh God, John!" Joyce exclaimed.

She blushed even deeper than before, but her hand
began its tentative stretch underneath her shirt. Her
breathing became more ragged. She began to squirm in
her seat. It was really very delightful to watch,
though I tried to appear nonchalant on the outside.
Joyce laid down her sandwich, closed her eyes and
concentrated on the sensations of her breasts.

"Tell me what it feels like! Tell me what you're
thinking, Joyce."

I saw a shudder run through her.

"My nipples feel like they're on fire, that's what.
They feel hard and hot and I can hardly stand to touch

I pushed my chair back. Just as I thought, the front
panel of her red panties looked almost black. Reaching
down to grab a leg on her chair, I pulled it sideways
until she was no longer facing the table. She was
facing me now. The movement of the chair had startled
her, but when her eyes flew open and she saw that I
could see her better this way, another shudder of
pleasure passed though her body.

"Hook your ankles behind the chair legs. That's good.
Spread your legs out now. Excellent. Now tell me how
your cunt feels, Joyce."

"Oh, John! That's such a vulgar word!"

"Like hell it is. cunt is a beautiful word. And you
have a beautiful cunt, Joyce. I've never had a cunt
that fits my dick as well as yours does. Tell me how
your cunt feels."

"Oooh, John! It's aching! My ... cunt ... is burning
up. Please touch it!"

"I want you to touch it. I like watching you touch
your breasts. I want to see you touch your cunt too."

Amazingly, her hand fell to her lap without any
hesitation. Her left hand was caressing her right
breast and her right hand came to her lap and snaked
in under the side panel and began to touch her pussy.

I had never seen Joyce masturbate herself like this. I
had never seen any woman do it. Almost without
thinking, I made a mental note to have Lisa do this the
next time we were together. It was very exciting to watch.

Joyce's hand was not moving as fast as a man's hands
would do while masturbating. Each stroke, each caress,
was longer, sliding as it did up and down her wet
vagina. Occasionally she would stop and concentrate for
a short time just at the top of her cleft, rubbing her
clitoris between two fingertips for a moment. Then her
hand would dive again for several long strokes up and
down her labia.

All this was done behind the screen of the sopping wet
front panel of her panties. I started to demand that
she remove them, then I decided that it was even
sexier that I couldn't see it all.

I wanted to touch her in the worst way, but I knew if
I touched her, I couldn't stop myself. If I touched
her, I'd throw her over the table and fuck her brains
out again.

But I thought of something else that would be just as
nasty. I got right up close to her and began to
whisper in her ear.

"You look very nice playing with yourself, Joyce. I
didn't realize I had such a hot wife. I didn't realize
that my wife's cunt was so hot she couldn't keep her
hands off of it. If I had known you would be this hot,
I would have held you down and fucked you a long time
ago. If I had known I could light your fire by taking
a belt to your ass, I would have done it years ago.
I'm gonna fuck you all the time from now on, Joyce.
You're gonna be a well-used wife from now on. I'm
going to fill you so full of my cum you'll be gargling
in it.

"I'm going to start training you, Joyce. I'm going to
train you to cum on demand. You want to cum, don't you
Joyce? You want to feel a warm, lovely orgasm spread
from your center and burn its way through to your
brain, don't you? Are you close? Are you about to

"Yes, John! Close!"

"Stick a finger inside. I want you to imagine that
your finger is me, filling you cunt full with my dick.
I want you to feel your cunt full of my cock. Imagine
you can feel my sticky semen inside of you already.
Imagine it shooting out of my cock, filling you full.
Taking away your hunger. Taking away your loneliness.
Imagine feeling so full of my cock that you feel it in
the back of your throat. Can you feel it Joyce? Can
you feel my cock?"

My wife slumped forward in the chair, her fingers
digging deep inside herself, and I saw her climax rip
out of her in the most violent way imaginable. The
cords of her neck were strained and visible. Her
nipple that she was squeezing was exposed and it was
hard and throbbing. She let out a deep, rattling moan
that filled the whole room. It seemed to come from
so deep within her that it vibrated my guts. The room
was suddenly awash in the rich, loamy odor of wet cunt.
She held the strain for a very long time and then just
as swiftly, it was done.

I looked down at my wife, amazed. Where had this
sensuous creature been the last fifteen years? Had all
it taken was being firm with her to draw such a

I didn't know the answers yet, but I was damn sure
going to find out!

I picked my wife up off the chair in one swoop. She
clung to me, her eyes shyly meeting mine.

"That was the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life,

"Shut up and fuck me, John."

So I carried her back to our bedroom. And I did!


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