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Lisa's Table Manners


Lisa's Table Manners {John Jabbin} {MFf inc Mdom}

I've been receiving good feedback on the Lisa stories.
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The Lisa stories so far are: "Lisa's First," "Lisa's
Bobbin' Head," "Lisa's family Lessons," "Lisa's
Mother," "Lisa's First Toys, "Lisa's First Taste,"
"Lisa's Wake Up Call," and "Lisa's Continuing
Education." The first story was posted on 12/22/00, so
they should all still be on a server near you. Hey! I
finally got an ftp site! Go to:
Lisa's Table Manners
by John Jabbin
I was having one of the best meals of my life. The
food itself was nothing special. It was just a salad --
a good salad, but a salad nonetheless. What made the
dinner special was the company I was keeping.

To the right of me sat my beautiful wife, Joyce. She
was wearing a very skimpy, tight t-shirt that I had
made even more provocative by trimming it until just
the bottoms of her wonderfully high, firm breasts
could be seen. She was also wearing what once was a
pair of bright red thong panties but which were so wet
and damp with her juices and my cum dripping out of
her that by now the front panel was more a dark purple
or black color.

On my left side was my equally beautiful though still
maturing fifteen-year-old daughter named Lisa. Unlike
my redheaded wife, Lisa's hair was a lovely honey
blonde. She had small breasts yet, but at the moment
her nipples were just as erect and as prominent as
those of her mother were. Lisa was slender to the
point of being skinny, except that she did have an ass
that was shaped and sculpted much as her mom's.

They were both the most wonderful examples of the
female form and loveliness that I could think of and
they were both playing footsy with me under the table.

Joyce, being barefoot as well as half-naked, had
almost immediately run her foot up my pant's leg the
moment we sat down to eat. I had deliberately left her
horny as hell and being on display in her slutty
attire hadn't done anything to lessen her ardor.

Lisa, being less mature in the arts of womanly
seduction, may have never played footsy under the
table in her life, but sitting across the table from
her mother for the first time since we started our new
relationship gave her fresh ideas. She had tentatively
slipped off her sneakers and started nudging my leg
discreetly with her stockinged foot.

"Joyce, would you mind getting me some more salad
dressing, dear?" I asked sweetly.

Joyce and I looked at one another across the table. We
both knew it was a pretense to make her get up, to ask
her to walk across the kitchen in her slutty costume
so everyone could see. There was a part of Joyce that
really hated this, that was feeling very embarrassed
and had only just now been getting comfortable in her

But there was also another part of my wife that was
enjoying this, too. She wasn't enjoying being
embarrassed and humiliated. But, there was a part of
her that was enjoying being submissive, being desired.
That was the part that was reveling in my attention to

She got up slowly, reluctantly. I'm not certainly
whether she realized that by moving so slowly, she was
giving us both an even longer look at her wet, sticky-
crotched panties. All conversation ceased as Joyce's
ass swayed deliciously across the kitchen. I couldn't
determine if there was an extra wiggle in her walk, or
if it was just my intense scrutiny of her walk that
made it seem so. What I could tell was that her
nipples were intensely erect when she returned to the

Perhaps it was just the cold air from the

I put my arm around her hips and asked her to pour the
dressing for me while I fondled her ass cheeks openly.
Joyce's face turned a shade of red that was close to
what her panties would have been if they had been dry.
They weren't dry though. They were soaked and getting
more so every moment.

"Can I have some more dressing, too?" Lisa asked

"Why sure, baby," I answered, giving Joyce a little
pat of encouragement to send her to my other side to
give Lisa more salad dressing.

When Joyce had walked around me on the other side,
I switched and stroked her flank with my other hand.

"Your mother has a very pretty ass, doesn't she,
Lisa?" I asked, finally bringing to the surface what
everyone was thinking.

"John!" Joyce hissed under her breath, embarrassed.

"Yes, Daddy, she does," Lisa whispered reverently,
ignoring her mother's protests.

"It feels even better than it looks. Touch it if you
want," I encouraged.

"John!" Joyce protested, turning on me.

I held her firmly around her thighs, hugging her tight
against me.

Of course, when Joyce turned toward me, that left her
backside practically in Lisa's face. Without me even
having to encourage her, my wonderful brave little
girl reached out her hand and began to stroke her
mother's exquisite bottom.

Joyce's eyes got big and she drew a breath to begin
her protest, but I put a finger against her lips,
shushing her.

"Don't fuss at our daughter for doing something I told
her she could do, Joyce. She knows you're her mother
and she has to obey you in everything. But dear, how
can you walk around in such an outfit and not expect
people to want to touch you? You really do have a
beautiful ass, Joyce."

"You really do, mother," Lisa said sincerely. "I
really meant it when I said I hope I have a body like
yours when I grow up."

The fingers of my free hand began to rub Joyce's
panty-covered mound. She lurched at the sensation,
trying to protest, but she was so extremely excited
that her resistance was quickly swamped.

With two sets of hands now molesting her, Joyce's hips
swayed back and forth slightly, first presenting her
ass to be touched and then pushing her crotch out to
be fondled. My fingers snaked under the panties to
find the sopping wet snatch that was soaking them. Her
clitoris was erect and rigid, just like my cock. I
rubbed my finger along it and down the length of my
wife's wet vagina and she shuddered with the

Lisa's little hand dug into the deep cleft of Joyce's
ass and traced the material of the thong strap running
down the middle. I felt my wife jump a little and
could just imagine that Lisa had brushed up against
the sweet rosebud of her mother's asshole. I stood up
and hugged Joyce to my chest as my fingers dug even
deeper into my wife's beautifully responsive cunt.

As soon as she threw her arms around my neck I knew
she was lost. She squeezed my hand hard between her
thighs and bit into my shoulder to muffle the scream
that tore out of her lungs. As my fingers and palm
strummed her mother's clit and cunt, Lisa's eyes got
huge seeing her first example of how beautiful a woman
is in orgasm. It was a breathtaking thing for all of
us, so quickly had it come on her and so intense was
her reaction.

I held her and kissed her and patted her hair. Lisa
got up and hugged her from the back, sandwiching Joyce
between the two people that loved her best.

After just a moment of swaying back and forth
together, I leaned Joyce's head back and kissed her
long and deep. She molded her body into me, pressing
Lisa's arms that were around her bare waist into my
stomach as well.

I felt a hand caressing the bulge of my cock in my
trousers. At first I thought it was Lisa, but both her
arms were higher. The firm fingers traced the outline
of my throbbing erection and began concentrating on
the bulbous head with little flicking strokes.

One of Lisa's hands did travel north. I felt it cup a
firm, mother's breasts that was poking into my chest.
But her other hand traveled south and I felt my zipper
being tugged down. I'm not certainly which hand pulled
down my fly, but it was Lisa's hand that freed my cock
from its confines. Already I would know her grip
anywhere and of the two, she had the smaller hand.

But hers wasn't alone for long. Joyce's hand covered
hers and Lisa let her mother change the pace. The two
of them together started pumping it up and down
quicker, more forceful.

I still devoured Joyce's mouth hungrily, but more and
more my own mouth hung open panting and it was Joyce
who thrust her tongue into me. My hands wrapped around
my wife's ass, only to be immediately rubbed by Lisa's
blue-jean encased crotch that was humping rhythmically
against those beautiful ivory globes.

I couldn't last long with both their hands on me for
the first time. When a third hand (I think it belonged
to Joyce!) unsnapped my trousers and dove in to
massage my balls, it was enough to undo me.

I leaned backward, squeezing Joyce's ass for dear
life, and shot wad after sticky wad up into the air
between us. Some of it landed on what seemed like a
thousand grasping hands and arms that were between my
wife and I. Some of it landed on me. Some of it may
have hit the ceiling it felt so intense!

Even after I made them quit stroking me, they held my
cock in their interlaced hands. We all hugged each
other; Joyce's head pressed against my chest, Lisa's
head resting on her mother's shoulder. I stroked my
daughter's hair with one hand and my wife's ass with
the other.

"How long have you been screwing her, John," my wife
asked softly.

I leaned down to look into her eyes, but there was no
accusation in them.

"Not long, honey," I answered in the same soft tone.
"Two or three days."

"Three wonderful days," echoed Lisa's own soft, giggly

"The same day you did me," Joyce sighed gently.

"Right before, yes."

"Now everything makes sense," my wife whispered.

"What does?" I asked.

"Why you suddenly came to life again and started
acting like a man. Why she's been so happy around the
house the last few days. And why whoever was eating me
last night didn't feel like you between my legs. That
was you, wasn't it, baby?"

"Yes, Mama. That was me," Lisa giggled. "You tasted

"Hmm, it was a dirty tricky you two played on me,"
Joyce said teasingly. "I'll have to return the favor
someday soon."

"Let's go right now," Lisa said excitedly. "I've
really wanted us all to sleep in Daddy's bed all night

"I don't know if I like you being such a Daddy's girl,

"Don't worry, Mama," Lisa purred into her mother's
ear. "I can be a Mama's girl, too!"

"That's true, Joyce," I interrupted. "She'll be
anybody's girl as long as they play with her pussy

"I guess that makes two of us, John," Joyce responded.
"I hope you have the energy to keep up."

"You and me both, baby. You and me both!"


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