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Title: Little Taste Of Me
Keywords: mf, mc, mdom, ff, inc, sister Author: Caesar

There was a young lady named Hall,
Wore a newspaper dress to a ball.
The dress caught on fire
And burned her entire
Front page, sporting section, and all.

Little Taste Of Me

by Caesar, copyright 2000-2002

$Revision: 1.4 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:25 $

My wife sat frozen upon my lap, facing toward me, my cock embedded
within her. Her voluptuous body was naked except for some white
stockings and a sheer white chemise - her large breasts hanging
outside her lingerie.

"... now reach down and touch yourself."

I was naked too - each of my hands upon her smooth warm upper thighs -


One of her hands, that had held up her huge breasts, slide down her
stomach to grasp her pubic mound - it was shaven, as I had demanded
weeks before.

"Now play with yourself honey - I want you to come for me."

My dear wife sighed with pleasure and altered her intimate touch so as
to press three of her fingers over the top and into her slit - Devon
pressed inwards and began to grind her hips upon me.

I merely grunted, "No moving your ass babe - only your hands." She
opened her eyes for a brief second to look down at my own, as if my
demand was a physical impossibility - and then moaned in frustration
and again closed them. My wife of seven years began to aggressively
frig her clitoris.

It was a delicious sight - and I had to fight from the urge to spin
her about on the bed and fuck her with all the passion I was feeling
for her.

She may think I was expressing my dominance to allow her to enjoy her
erotic energy - but I think of these little moments as foreplay. The
longer the buildup the greater the final pleasure - for me! Though
Devon certainly found pleasure in my decrees.

Devon was breathing harshly and her triple 'D' breasts heaved and
quivered. My wife was nearing her orgasm - and it was a pleasure to
witness, let me assure you. I never tired of it.

I thought to add to my instructions, "Use your other hand on your ass
Devon." The fingers stopped from tweaking her nipple and slipped
around her voluptuous body and down her big round white ass and
suddenly she smiled and I knew she had found her mark.

Within a minute Devon began to groan through her teeth as her orgasm
hit her - her body convulsed above my own, my cock feeling the wild
squeezing and contracting to great effect. Then I felt the wave of
warm liquid wash over my crotch and down to the bed spread between my
legs. Devon always had a very wet orgasm, though messy, it was a

Within thirty seconds her body loosened up and her tense kneeling
stance failed and she fell onto me - her warm sweaty skin sticking to
my own.

"Hum... very nice." I meant it. Then I twitched my cock within her,
"Time to ride me babe."

With tired movements she used her hands to push her body back to its
kneeling position above my crotch while smiling and sighed her
acceptance to my order, "Uh huh."

I never gave her another instruction - I didn't need too. Devon
slowly drew her large sexy ass up to the point that the head of my
dick was about to slip out of her body before slowly lowering it back
down - just as she knew I liked it. She would do this for as long as
I wanted, not even speeding up till I motioned her too.

This night, though, I was passionate for my wife and wanted to feel
that release of sexual energy within her. I reached out and grabbed
at her big ass cheeks in my strong hands and began to drive her
movements. She followed every gesture and began to crash her wet
thighs down upon my own - our skin and attached organs making sloppy
erotic noises.

Would you believe that my wife never wore stockings until a couple of
months ago? She would never have touched any private part of her body
while I watched. Hell, she never even orgasmed with me in the same
room until only a very short time ago.

I had to stretch, but the middle finger of my right hand touched her
slippery wet ass hole. She tensed and sighed as I was able to slip it
into her rear opening to the second knuckle.

Devon never even realized that she had a very erotic erogenous zone
was her ass hole until a couple of months ago! Now I can make her
orgasm simply by fingering her bottom. That wasn't the only power I
had over her, as you will come to understand!

I felt my balls tighten and my cock suddenly enlarge within her body -
Devon felt it as well and began to squeal behind clenched teeth. The
first blast of my sperm set her off as well, and we enjoyed a mutual
orgasm the likes of which I enjoy nearly every evening.

I'm not kidding - every night I order my wife to perform to some
erotic script that I would think up. She was always a very interested
player - never stepping back from anything I ask.

That, by the way, is what caused me to wonder when all this started a
short time ago. That the woman who I had married and had known for so
many years was not the woman that could orgasm any place or any time,
if only I told her too.

Devon collapsed again, but this time I simply savoured the touch of
her warm sweaty skin with my own. Her two lower holes still held both
my finger and my dick and I'm sure neither of us would want that
pleasure to end.

My mind remembered the pleasure mixed with uncertainty some months
ago. I had read someplace that some women, when they had an
extramarital affair, would become more sexually responsive with their
spouses. I had confronted Devon, just minutes after a large load that
she had been rubbing into the skin of her breasts at the time, telling
her that I knew of her affair. Well, just think of the confusion and
then tears and perhaps a few screams if that claim simply wasn't true?

If she wasn't fucking someone else, then it had to be something else
right? Its only logical.

Devon sighed tired but happily when I pushed her from my body and she
slipped slowly down near my hip. My darling wife lapped at my crotch,
licking away our mingled sperm and her juices hungrily.

About a week after that argument I was sitting in my chair in the
living room and my naked wife was bobbing her head in my lap - my mind
though, was upon that question - why! Then the timing seemed to click
into place, when my 'new' wife was exposed was approximately the time
she had first tasted my sperm.

You had read correctly dear reader. Oh, Devon tried sucking on my
cock in our first year of marriage, it was never successful - with
comments like, "it hurts my jaw", "I don't like the taste", or one of
my favourites, "good girls don't". It rarely lasted a couple seconds
and never to my completion.

Then nearly six months ago we had come home after the new years eve
party at her sisters - Devon only semi-conscious and me drunker that I
have been in some years. The cab driver never even offered to help me
carry my passed out wife into our house and so I had to accomplish
this by myself. At that time, six months ago, Devon weighted about
the same as I and so I was rather tired, drunk and angry by the time I
dumped her in our bed. She lay there mumbling something about
wrapping paper for presents or some such crap. Then I saw the swell
of her huge breasts and felt my cock twitch - it had been weeks since
we had 'made love', as we agreed to call it. None of that fowl mouth
in our marriage bed - it took away from the intimacy of our love, is
what she always said.

I think you are starting to see a small part of the iceberg that was
my life, at that time?

A lot of what happened next was a blur, but for whatever reason I was
past caring and had disrobed my wife completely and was between her
thighs pumping in and out of her. All the while she continued to
mumble stupid things and in my drunken haze only became angrier that
she wasn't responding favourably to my fucking. So I shut her up - by
climbing up her body, straddling her neck and shoving my cock into her
mouth. Devon wasn't able to talk at that moment, to be sure, hell she
was barely able to breath! Yet, the sight of her face and lips, the
latter which held my hard dick between, excited me to no end and I

It wasn't a great nor memorable blast of sperm but simply getting my
drunken rocks off. When I fell next to her on the bed I saw that she
was asleep, with sperm leaking down one side of her mouth. I simply
rolled over and went to sleep exhausted.

Yet at that moment something happened - was it the booze, the magic of
the new year or my wife nearing her mid-thirties? I think I know what
it was - and had since proved it to myself - it was my come... my
sperm... my ejaculate.

You think I'm kidding right? Fucking nuts huh?

Devon woke me that next morning - the first day of the new year -
sucking my cock. Now gentlemen, if you have ever woken up this way
you know that it is simply the best feeling in the world - one that I
had not felt till that moment. She sucked, bobbed and licked. Devon
moaned, whimpered and sighed. My wife ground her hairy crotch into my
shin and only a minute after coming awake my cock began to jerk within
her. My delight and surprise was heightened when I realized Devon was
also orgasmed at the same moment.

That was only the beginning.

I motioned my wife to end her dutiful cleaning of my soiled groin and
she happily snuggled with her head on my shoulder and her hairless
crotch into my hip.

Quickly I felt her relax into a deep slumber though my mind continued
to remember the recent past. Was it all that long ago that I was
grateful if only to climb between her thighs twice a month?

My wife changed after that night, not so long ago - she began to work
out fanatical, she had lost dozens of pounds and looked fantastic, she
took more care about how she looked for me, she researched my likes
and dislikes in clothing and lingerie then dressed how I preferred.
Within weeks I was getting my rocks off usually twice a day - a load
in Devon's hungry mouth and in her sex. Lots of fucking, and not just
in our marriage bed any longer - in every room of our house, on the
floors and furniture. She tried every angle that still allowed my
cock to enter into her body but we both discovered my favourite was
behind her, doggy style.

After that she discovered something else, that I enjoyed teasing her
ass hole. At first tiny touches as I pounded into her. The first
time I slide two fingers into her rear as I fucked her from behind
Devon had multiple orgasms and passed out in the middle of our living
room floor. After that her ass was always accessible, and always
enjoyed. Often I found it cleaned and greased when I came home from
work - and if I teased her, Devon would whine and beg for me to touch
her there.

She shaved her pubic area till it was bald and kept it that way for
me. I knew of her enjoyment of my come but I also enjoyed shooting
upon her face and huge breasts - which she would use her fingers to
whip off into her mouth. She wore lingerie that I enjoyed and which
highlighted her best features.

She began to do all that I asked.

Devon snored softly in the crook of my arm, heavily as she always did
after multiple orgasms, and I was able to disengage from her. I
retreated silently to our living room, naked and sated.

My wife first masturbated before me a month into the new year -
something I had never seen before. It was exquisite and lovely - and
often found my thirst to watch her pleasure herself.

Then I came home from work one day and found her in lingerie holding a
jar - she handed it to me and giggled as she leaned up to whisper in
my ear, "I want to loose my virginity tonight lover!" With wide eyes
I looked down and realized what she wanted - less than an hour latter
I was slowly stroking in and out of her very tight bottom hole, she
screaming and gasping with pleasure. That was our first anal fuck -
but not our last.

A month ago Devon caught me looking at the waitress at the restaurant
and slipped her nylon clad foot up into my crotch to tease me. "She
is pretty isn't she honey?"

I pretended that I didn't know what she was talking about so Devon
made a off handed remark, "I'd love to see her pretty lips wrapped
around your dick lover."

"What?" I hissed under my breath, looking around to make sure no one
could hear us.

Devon giggled like a teenage girl, something else she only started a
couple months go, and saw that the waiter was approaching so changed
the subject. I'm a guy right? What guy would not think about
screwing two women at once?

I collapsed into my family room chair, looking out of the window
toward the street lights of my street. My mind lost in the recent

It was about that time, after my wife's comments at the restaurant,
that I began to decode all that has happened. Each time I looked at
the accumulated evidence, I found that it all lead back to that
fateful drunken night last new years eve and the only thing that had
happened that was different from our normal lives.

How could I prove it to myself? Who would believe me anyway?

Was there a way to test my theory? Not on Devon certainly - she had
already succumbed to this imaginary power that I figured I had. Or
rather that my dick had.

Then her bitch of a sister was coming to stay for a long weekend and
knew I had at to find at least some of the answers!

I'm a bastard, so what?

Devon's two year older sister, Rachel, was a bitch. She and I never
got along. She with her well-to-do husband and two perfect kids - us
with neither.

Normally Devon could only take her sister in small doses before her
frustration level rose to the point of explosion. Yet the two
siblings were family and as such, kept in close contact and often did
the holidays together. Why couldn't they be like my family and never
call or write?

Devon was concerned, when she told me that Rachel was coming, that she
would not be able to enjoy the boundless pleasure we have had these
last few moons. She meant that she could not wear sheer lingerie
about the house and keep her ass hole lubed... or just be ready for
her husband to bend her over at any time or any place in our home.

That was not what I was thinking about - I can poke, notice I didn't
fucking say 'making love', Devon in the privacy of our own room for
three nights. What I spent my time thinking about was my theory that
my dick, or my come, had this power to change a woman to some type of

Great if its your wife and she loves you unconditionally - but what if
its your sister-in-law and she can't stand you?

Then there is the question of the application - how to get my sperm
into her mouth?

Most certainly not by conventional means!

Non-consensual was out of the question - what if I'm wrong? I'm not
going to jail, not now, after rediscovering my wife. It had to be in
some way that she didn't know what happened.

Rachel showed up hours later than she scheduled with us, didn't eat
her supper, complained about her younger sister looking 'too skinny'
and then retreated to bed. Devon was still heavier than her sister,
but with her large breasts and full figured hourglass shape, looked
better than her sibling, in my opinion.

I made breakfast for Rachel the next morning - scrambled eggs with my
special sauce. Nasty right? Hell, I hadn't even felt the urge to
masturbate for months before then and it took me a rather long time to
get a good load out. I watched her eat her breakfast, complaining
about the running salty eggs - adding a pile of pepper to them, before
going to do her morning toilet.

Devon and Rachel went shopping and left me alone till supper - which I
got a call from my weary sounding wife, to tell me that were going to
supper. I think Rachel was already getting on her younger sisters

I was asleep before they even got home, waking in the middle of the
night to ride my exhausted wife to release some of my sexual tensions.

The next morning I woke to the sun streaming into my bedroom and my
sister-in-law sitting at the foot of my bed.

"Devon went out to get some bacon and bread... special rye bread from
across town that I like." Bitch sent my wife on a fifty minute
journey to get bread early Sunday morning. She was still talking but
I had tuned most of her gibberish out until she said, "...because I
wanted to be alone with you."

I bolted up in my bed, careful to keep my nudity covered just in case,
and starred hard at her. Was it true - did it work?

"I'm not sure why I'm here", she looked down at her hands embarrassed,
"but I want you to fuck me." Spoken all so simply and sane.

It fucking worked!

I pushed my sheet down to my feet and watched amused at the bitch's
eyes widen and I saw the hunger come into face. She was practically
salivating, her tongue licking at her lips expectantly.

"Get naked Rachel."

She didn't appear to hear for a few lengthy seconds then her hands
came up and she pushed off the thick flannel nightgown she wore. I
saw that her smaller breasts and elder body was still attractive, but
no match for my sexy wife.

"I want... I want to suck you... your cock." Her eyes had not even
come off it.

I grasped it and squeezed, it was still soft but I knew it would not
take much to harden.

"Ever suck a cock before slut?" I was testing her, calling her a slut
should pop her pressure valve.

Rachel didn't even blink, but just starred at my dick hungrily and

My fucking brother-in-law was getting his cock sucked while I hadn't
gotten anything for so many years. I wanted to know more, "Ever cheat
on your husband Rachel?"

She just shrugged then nodded negatively. The opportunity must
certainly exist, he was away from home five days out of every week -
working in a different province.

"But thought of it huh?" That really wasn't a question - but it had
gotten my own thoughts to thinking, did I really want to cheat on
Devon. I mean, now, after our sex life is so amazing. Let alone
cheating on my wife with her own sister - now that is a slap in the

Her trembling hand inched forwards and grasped my calf, rubbing
gently. "Please? Just this once OK?"

In forty five minutes my wife would be home and her juicy quim, ass
and mouth could satisfy me indefinitely. All I had been doing was
testing to see if my suspicions were true - now that they were proven
I had to think about what it all meant.

"I... I'm begging you honey?" She slipped off the bed and began to
kiss up above my knee, moving slowly toward my lap. All I could feel
now was pity for this middle-aged woman - I had little doubt she was a
lonely irritable nag.

Just before her lips touched the head of my circumcised cock I grasped
her hair and held her face from my lap. Rachael's eyes came up to
look into my own, they pleaded with me silently.

"You will see your husband tonight why don't you wait until then?" He
would leave to catch the plane about midnight each Sunday.

Rachael's eyes watered up as she looked at me, "I don't love him... I
need you... please?" One hand snaked forwards to grasp at my cock, I
grabbed it with my free hand just in time.

"Did you love him yesterday?" She may not understand the question,
but I needed to know. Thankfully she nodded negatively. "Then why
not go suck off your tennis coach instead of me?" I had heard her and
Devon talking about how much a 'hunk' the elder sister's new coach

The tears rolled down her face, "I want you." And not the hard bodied
tennis guy. Shit - was this because of my experiment? The truth be
told, I wouldn't mind fucking my wife's sister - not a bad body, would
look nice in a lace body stocking, and a good contrast with my wife's
voluptuous fullness.

In this, though, my mind was in control.

"How bad do you want this Rachel?" I tugged at my still-soft dick so
there was no misunderstanding - her eyes were less than twenty
centimetres away from my crotch and missed nothing.

"I'll do anything." She sounded very resolved but I was going to push

"What is anything?"

She smiled, trying to be seductive I should imagine, her eyes batting
as she hoarsely told me all the things she would do for me. It was
lame by Devon and my new lifestyle - of course she couldn't know that.

I had to push it. "Would you sleep with another woman if I asked?"

She looked hurt but nodded affirmatively.

"Even if that was your sister?"

Rachel froze, our eyes locked. I had just pushed it too far I was
imagining - pressed my luck so that she would storm out of here
screaming and yelling about how much of a pig I was.

Then in a movement that I almost missed, as it was very slight, she
nodded 'yes'.

Oh fuck.

That was two weeks ago and it all turned out like some erotic dream -
so far gone that I would never even have fantasized about it.

I told Devon, when she got home, that her sister wanted to talk with
her in our room. Frowning she disappeared - I emptied the grocery
bags for her and then followed some ten minutes later.

I found Rachel, still naked, laying in the middle of our marriage bed.
Her younger sister, my wife, kneeling above her head facing me in the
doorway - she was naked as well.

Her large breasts were being mauled in her own hands and she looked at
me in her erotic fever, "Rachael said this is what you wanted honey?"
Beneath her, Rachel's chin and lower lip could be seen moving about
as her mouth was plastered to my wife's cunt.

I nodded, "This is what I wanted." In my fucking wildest dreams

I let my own robe fall to the floor and knelt between my
sister-in-laws thighs, my wife held her sister wide and high by her
ankles. My cock slide into her wet hole with ease and then both
sisters began to orgasm.

That had been two weeks ago - and most possibly the most amazing
sexual day of my life. All I had to do was ask - nothing was
forbidden. The highlight of the day had been looking into the two
sets of eyes as they waited, cheek to cheek, for me to spill my potent
seed. I came with gusto and covered both faces. The sisters spent
ten minutes, breast to breast, belly to belly and cunt to cunt as they
licked each other clean.

Tomorrow Rachel was returning and was the reason I couldn't sleep -
why I had felt the need to pleasure myself with my wife. Devon had
promised to prepare her sister's ass hole with her tongue so I could
take a second anal cherry. Fucking wild.

My hand grasped my soiled tired dick and I gave it a loving squeeze
and spoke down at it, "Well buddy, you better go get your rest we have
a big day tomorrow!"

Of course he didn't reply... just in case you think I'm fucking nuts
or something!

I sat up to return to my room and sleeping wife, but before I could I
saw a picture of Rachel and her family on our wall. My niece was
sixteen and looked like a young sexy version of my wife - maybe I
should ask Rachel to invite her for a future visit.

What do you think? Should I give the girl a little taste of me?


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