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The attached work of fiction is intended to be entertainment for adults in
locations in which it is legal. If it is illegal in your location, DO NOT
read. This is a copyrighted work. Reposting or any other use strictly
prohibited without the express, written permission of the copyright holder,
except may be posted as part of a review or posted to free-access,
noncommercial archive sights.

Copyright 1998 and 1999 by E. Z. Riter.

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Dear Reader, This is a minor rewrite of a very dark story of revenge originally posted in April 1998. I'd forgotten about it until a reader
mentioned it. I don't think it's erotic, but it's a sex story although it
contains no sex. E.Z.


The cage was twenty feet square, enclosed on all four sides and the top
by high quality chain link fencing, anchored in concrete. The entire fence
went four feet below ground level to solid rock. A small shed of one
hundred square feet occupied a corner to serve as her home, providing
protection from wind and weather. She had a refrigerator, a stove, a
toilet to a septic tank, and a pump to bring water from the well. There
was a single mattress. I provided a stationery bicycle and weights for
exercise. She had a monitor and VCR to play the tapes I left her. She had
the sun and the moon and the birds, snakes, lizards and insects to keep her

Several things were missing. They were things she wanted. There was no
telephone, no lights, no computer, no mirror to watch herself, no makeup,
no clothes to wear, no sharp objects or razors, no ropes, no radio or TV.
Most importantly, there was no exit.

It had been fifty-five days since I last saw her. This was my third
visit to her in the one hundred and twenty days since I put Cathy in the

I followed the small trail, moving the devices to hide the entrance and
carefully replacing them. The location had been carefully selected in a
box canyon deep in rugged hills. It was desolate country, rarely visited
by humans, so desolate it wasn't even on the route of the illegal
immigrants coming across the Rio Grande. The chances of someone finding
her were extremely remote. I had hidden it well.

I could see the cage now as I quietly walked toward it. Cathy was lying
under the awning attached to the shed. She appeared to be asleep. I stood
at the gate watching her. Even now, I found her so sexually appealing, so
beautiful, my heart throbbed from wanting her.

She rolled over on the bed, her lush breasts moving invitingly. When
her eyes opened, she blinked rapidly as if she couldn't believe she was
actually seeing me. Her eyes probably had tricked her a thousand times
into seeing someone when there was no one to see. Slowly, she stood and
walked toward me.

The first time I came to see her, she screamed and threatened me,
berating me as she always had since that day I first caught her with Jeff.
Now, she said nothing as she stood on the opposite side of the chain fence
staring at me. Her face looked different as if her intelligence was
diminished. She stuck her fingers through the chain link, trying to touch
me but failing.

"Hello, David." Her voice was low and sexy, as it always was.

I said nothing. She rubbed her eyes and refocused. Had she spoken
through the fence before and received no response?

"Did you come to let me out?" she asked hopefully.

"No. I'm going to replenish your supplies and give you two more tapes
to watch."

"How long are you going to keep me here?"

"The rest of your life."

"Please, David," she whimpered. "Let me go. I've been punished enough.
Give me papers to sign. I'll admit what I did and ask for nothing in our
divorce. Just let me go home."

I said nothing.

"David, talk to me! Why are you doing this to me?"

Again, I said nothing.

"You're demented, David. Someone will find me! I know Jeff must be
looking for me."

"What did you see in Jeff? Why did you fuck him so openly? You knew I
loved you desperately."

"I told you. Jeff had a big cock and I liked fucking him. He turned me

"Yes, you told me you would fuck Jeff any time you wanted to. But you
didn't tell me until the second day of our honeymoon, the day I returned to
find him in my bed with his cock in your mouth."

She didn't blush. That didn't surprise me. She'd never shown remorse
at her adultery with Jeff or with the other men she fucked in our bed, the
big king-sized bed I bought for us. She shrugged.

"He treated you like a slut when I treated you like a queen."

"Well, I'm a slut. I told you that."

She turned beet red. The rage exploded in her.

She screamed at me, "Listen! I'll tell you again, you dumb bastard. I
married you for money and social standing. I fucked Jeff and the others
for sheer joy! I love Jeff and he loves me."

Her eyes were bright, hot, burning points of intensity. Her jaw was set
as she crossed her arms under her lush breasts, planted her feet apart and
glared at me.

"I know he's looking for me. Jeff'll find me. Then I'm sure he'll kill
you! He's a lot more macho than you are, my beloved husband."

She spat the words at me as if they tasted bad in her mouth.

"Why not marry him?"

"I wanted your money. I wanted the good life, the social prominence!
Can't you understand that?"

"Did you ever think of what I wanted?"

"Who cares what you want, what you need, you pathetic asshole!"

"I try to think of your needs, darling Cathy. For example, I know you
loved Jeff's cock."

I held up the laboratory bottle.

"Here it is, preserved forever for you in formaldehyde. I cut it off
before I killed him. It pained him when I removed it."

"Oh, God, noooooo!" she sobbed, falling to her knees. She was shaking
as she cried tears over her lost lover. I'd have done anytime if she once
had shed a tear for me. I enjoyed her pathetic sobbing and would have
allowed her to continue, but it was time to work.

"Put your hand through the fence."

She complied, sticking her arm through the small hole. I handcuffed her
to the fence, preventing her interference with me. She sobbed as I opened
the gate and began unloading supplies. I didn't want her to die of
starvation. I wanted her to live forever. She babbled as I unloaded,
checked the equipment, made a few minor repairs to her little nest. I
ignored her.

"Anything I need to know?" I asked. She shook her head 'no'.

"I checked the infrastructure. You'll be fine for two more months. I
left you two new tapes to watch. I know you'll enjoy them. One's me with
my new girlfriend. Notice how happy she is being with me, how loving she
is. She's not as beautiful as you are. She's not as dynamic. But she's
caring and sweet."

Cathy just stared at me blankly.

"The other is Jeff, begging me not to hurt him, screaming as I castrated
him and cut off his cock. That's not the best part of the tape. The best
part is his death. I know you'll enjoy it, Cathy, even though he demeans
you in his last breath. I enjoyed watching it almost as much as I enjoyed
making it."

She shook her head, as if trying to clear it of irrationalities so great
they were inconceivable.

"Why are you doing this to me? Why, David? Why!"

"Think about it, slut! Think about something other than your own cunt for a change!"

I stared at her, feeling the anger rise, the hatred boil from deep in me
to overflow in emotions I could not control.

"How often did I wait for you to come home when you were out with Jeff
or someone else? How many men did you fuck besides me? How many times
were you gone, only to come home with another man's cum dripping from your

How many times did I beg you to stay with me . . . to hold me . . . to
touch me? Even when I was in the hospital from the car wreck, you left me
in the emergency room to go fuck Jeff. You never came to the hospital to
see me. How deep was the loneliness I suffered, the feeling of

There is nothing like loneliness. Nothing as horrible, as debilitating,
as loneliness. It will drive you mad.

And no one is as lonely as an abandoned spouse, a spouse waiting alone
while their love is fucking someone else."

She shook her head as if trying to comprehend what was happening. I
locked the gate, then, released the handcuff. Smiling evilly, I turned to

"David, please, don't leave!" She scrambled to her feet. "Fuck me!
Aren't you going to fuck me? You did that the last time you were here.
I'd like you to do it this time. I'd be eager to take you. I miss the
touch, the physical presence. Please, fuck me, David."

"No, thanks. I've someone new now, someone I think loves me. Who
knows? I thought you loved me."

"Then hit me! Beat me! Anything! For god's sake, please, touch me!"

I smiled, not moving as I watched her. I turned to walk away again.

"Please, David, don't leave me! I'll do anything! Just don't leave me!
You're right! I can't stand the loneliness! The loneliness is unbearable!
Inhuman! The LONELINESS is driving me MAD!"

"I understand, Cathy. It drove me mad, too."

The End

Please! Give me your comments.

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