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Lonely Housewives

Keywords: FF
Part: 1 of 1
Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: Lonely Housewives

Lonely Housewives
1993 2000 Knave of Hearts

It was a slow, rainy Saturday. Regina was lonely. She had just
moved into town two weeks ago, away from her home and family for
the first time, and was eager to make friends. Day after day, she
existed in a growing rut of work, to home, to work again. She was
not looking forward to spending the day alone when the mail came.
Searching through the bills and junk mail, Regina noticed a legal
envelope that wasn't addressed to her.

Eager for any excuse to get out of her apartment, Regina quickly
dressed and went out to find the addressee of this official
looking letter, one Lara Doeland. Lara's apartment was 12C, just
across the court and around the corner.

Finding the right door, Regina hesitantly knocked. The door
cracked open. "Can I help you?"

"I'm sorry to bother you." The brunette in the doorway was a
nice-looking girl about the same age as Regina. Regina held the
brown envelope out in front of her. "The mailman made a mistake
and delivered this to me by mistake."

"Oh, thanks. Why were are my manners, why don't you come in?"
"Can I offer you some coffee?"

Regina thanked her and entered the apartment. Lara continued
chatting as she pulled out a mug and poured the coffee. Regina
learned that Lara ran her own clothing design company out of her
place and, like Regina, confessed to having problems meeting
people. The two women sat on Lara's large sofa and chatted about
work and their hobbies. As Lara brought in the second cup of
coffee, the conversation took a sudden turn.

"You know Regina, the only thing I wish I could get more of is
sex." Regina's hand stalled halfway to her cup, shocked by Lara's
admission. Looking up, Regina saw that Lara had unbuttoned her
blouse almost all the way, giving Regina a good view of Lara's
pert breasts. As she sat down, Lara hiked up her skirt and ran a
hand over her sheer panties.

Moving her underwear to one side, Lara showed off her smooth
shaven pussy. "I keep it all smooth, but lately that's all the
action I've gotten." She ran a finger along the inside of her
slit. "How about you? Got anyone hiding around the corner?" The
invitation was out in the open.

Regina licked her lips as she watched Lara take off her blouse.
Regina stared at her new friend's erect nipples. Regina stood,
undoing her dress and moving toward Lara's end of the couch. Lara
reached forward, caressing Regina's breast through the slick
softness of her bra. What ever restraint Regina might had was

Lara stood, pressing her body against Regina. She covered
Regina's crotch with her open palm. Without willing it, Regina's
hips slowly ground against her hand, assisting the removal of the
thin cloth that stood between Regina's willing pussy and Lara's
questing hand..

Tentatively, Regina's fingers ran lightly over Lara's tits,
circling around the eraser-seized nipples. Toying with Lara's
firm breasts, she pressed her open mouth against Lara's, their
tongues darting and fencing. Lara slipped her bra off her
shoulders, freeing her small firm breasts. Regina's intensity
increased as Lara kissed her breasts, then her stomach, finally
stopping at Regina's now bare pussy.

Regina closed her eyes, savoring the feel of Lara's tongue
darting and teasing around her clit. The smooth wet feeling
roamed over Regina's pussy, glancing but never touching her
increasingly sensitive slit. "Ynnngggghhhh," she moaned, grabbing
Lara's head and pressing her greedy lips into her wet pussy. Her
knees weak, Regina leaned against the sofa arm. Lara's tongue
never lost contact with her juicy hole.

Sensing that Regina needed to get into a more comfortable
position, Lara pulled her down into a 69. For the first time,
Regina had access to Lara's swollen, wet hole. Regina dipped her
tongue into Lara's pussy, tasting a woman's sweet juice for the
first time. Taking long, measured strokes Regina explored Lara's
forbidden love nest. She started by licking along the labia,
pushing the lust-swollen lips open. Once at the top of Lara's
slit Regina slowly circled Lara's engorged clit, flicking her
sensitive nub lightly with the tip of her tongue.

Lara's hips lifted off of the couch, opening her pussy's aching
canal for Regina's touch. Lara wanted to come. She reached around
and inserted a finger into her own ass, working it like a dildo
as Regina's pace increased. Her orgasm was short but intense,
giving Regina her first taste of another woman's hidden nectar.

Regina rolled off of Lara, carefully caressing Lara's still
quivering pussy. Looking back to her new lover, Regina saw that
Lara's orgasm hadn't ended her passion, merely whetted it, making
the brunette hungry for more. Lara rolled off the couch and went
quickly into her bedroom, returning with a long double-ended

Lara knelt on the couch, rubbing the tip of the giant latex cock
around the top of Regina's pussy. Regina spread her legs
willingly. "Put it in me baby. Fuck me. Make me come." Regina was
surprised to hear herself beg. She wanted to feel that dildo deep
inside her, satisfying a need the Lara's tongue couldn't reach.

Lara slowly pushed to dildo into Regina's willing love canal.
Slowly, almost teasing with her slow pace., Lara stroked deeper
and deeper inside Regina's cunt. It was just what the redhead
wanted, the feeling of cock inside her void..

Lara lay down, pussy to pussy with Regina. Inserting the other
end of the dildo into her own twat, Lara's motions started
Regina's orgasm trembling deep inside her womb. Back and forth,
the dildo fucking them, Lara worked them both closer and closer
to climax. Regina played with herself, accentuating the feeling
inside her pussy with the vibration against her super-sensitive

At last, she couldn't take anymore. Regina's hips thrust forward,
taking the dildo deeper into her cunt, as her climax shook her
core. Shaking, Regina lay still as her breathing slowed and her
orgasm passed. She opened her eyes and watched Lara lap up the
juice of their mutual orgasm.

Lara looked up and smiled wantonly. "Next time, let's try it with
a real dick."

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