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Long Multiplication Part 1


Long Multiplication Part 1
By The Courageous Pedagogue

(C) 2002 The Courageous Pedagogue.

Part 1 - Seduction.

Marcus Morrison is a maths teacher at Weltby School. He
was 26 years old when this tale unfolds, two years ago
now. Marcus is a shy character and has always struggled
to find a girlfriend that will stay with him for more
than a month. He just could not keep a relationship
going, or at least, nobody had the patience with him.

Marcus was one those guys that waited for the woman to
make the first move, he felt safer that way. Nobody
hated rejection more than he, having had a couple of
nasty experiences as a boy. I think women lose patience
with him for he comes across as being slow when it comes
to sex. He is not an aggressor if you know what I mean.
Perhaps too much of a gentlemen, and certainly never one
to offend a woman. He is a good guy and I get on very
well with him.

Marcus is a full 6ft tall and keeps himself in shape.
Quite often he and I will take our mountain bikes out in
the summer for a full day out on the roads. He has short
brown hair and hazel eyes and is popular with the
students. One girl in particular it would seem, Samantha

Sam was 13 when this all happened, and then quite a
precocious girl in actual fact. She is not overtly
skinny like some of the girls at Weltby, but rather more
of a fulsome figure without being classed as fat. To the
contrary, Sam is popular with the boys, but she delights
in teasing them rather than dating them. With shoulder
length brown hair and an impishly cheeky face, her dark
brown eyes do seem to sparkle.
There was one guy that she fancied like crazy. His name
was Marcus Morrison! Samantha had followed his every
move in class ever since she joined his maths classes
when she was 11. She found most of the boys her age very
immature and not worthy of dating. But Mr. Morrison the
maths teacher held her attention like no other. When he
wrote sums on the 'whiteboard' she always smiled to
herself as she followed the movements of his bottom and
occasionally squeezed her legs together to feel that
special tingle.
Sam was developing into a pretty 'girl next door' type
and Marcus had a lot of time for her as she came across
as being and eager to learn, even if she kept whispering
to her tablemate. At least, she always did her homework!
Now that she was 13, some of the maths that her
curriculum entailed was becoming quite tricky. They had
reached long multiplication.


"Now then class," Marcus conducted to an audience of
attentive teenagers. "I will write some questions for
you to tackle on the white board and see how you get on.
I don't want to see any calculators in use this time. I
want to be sure that you know how to work long
multiplication in your head." The class groaned as they
realised the hefty chore that awaited them.

Marcus took his black marker pen and began to draw the
promised sums onto the board. young Samantha Philpot and
her female tablemate looked at each other and smiled
knowingly. They both traced Mr. Morrison's bottom as it
wiggled from his board writing. Samantha squeezed her
legs together tightly and gently closed her eyes
slightly, picturing what his bottom would look like
without his cream coloured slacks.

After looking round and seeing all her other classmates
quietly writing down the questions, Samantha felt bold
enough to move one hand under the desk and just lightly
rub her crotch, looking as though she was merely re-
adjusting in her seat. She turned and whispered to her
friend Kelly,

"I'd just love get off with Mr. Morrison!" Kelly just
giggled and bit her lower lip with embarrassment.
Samantha was always whispering rude things in class and
making her blush and giggle. "I want to feel his cock,"
Samantha whispered again into Kelly's ear.

"Me too!" giggled Kelly, herself now squeezing her legs
together under the table. Samantha shot Kelly a brief
jealous look as though becoming aware of a love rival.
But then giggled with Kelly as she remembered that Kelly
was dating Robert Lancaster in the year above.

"Do you girls find something funny?" Marcus asked of
Kelly and Samantha as he continued to write on the

"No sir," the girls said in unison, stifling their
giggles. "We just can't see the board at the moment,
only your bottom," added Samantha. The whole class went
quiet, as what had been said had just registered with
the other pupils. There were a couple of nervous
chuckles from the other girls.

"Now settle down class," Marcus calmly responded with a
voice of experience. He had dealt with similar things
before and shook off these moments without wanting to
make a scene. "I will be out of the way shortly girls
and you can begin. However, try not to be so.... so
cheeky," Marcus added, defusing the situation before it
started with a modicum of their own humour. He was no

Soon the fantastic bottom was out of view and back in
the teacher's chair, and the girls readily copied down
the long multiplication sums that they had been set.
Kelly began to work them out straight away, as did most
of the rest of the class. Samantha however, stared and
stared at the problems before her. She was lost without
a calculator. After a couple of minutes, Samantha had to
raise her hand and admit defeat.

"Please sir, I am not really all that sure how to work
these out. Can you explain it to me?" Samantha asked.
The rest of the class continued onwards. Marcus nodded
to her and walked over to their table.

"What don't you understand Samantha?" asked Mr.
Morrison. She stared into his eyes with girlish
admiration and was momentarily speechless. She loved the
way he said her name. Everyone else called her Sam.
"Samantha? What is it?" he asked again.

"Errr, I am lost without a calculator sir. How do I work
them out?" Samantha uttered out. She watched as Marcus
took her pencil and proceeded to show her a simple
method of working the sums out. Don't ask me what it is
because I am lost without a calculator too - I teach
Geography, a lot easier.

Soon, Marcus had finished the first sum for her and he
looked at her to see if she understood,

"Does that make sense? Think you can do it now?" he
asked. Pensively, Samantha nodded and smiled at her

"Thank you sir. I will try the next one."
"Good." Marcus then went away and sat back in his chair,
happy to have been some help to his pupil. "Okay class,
there are twenty minutes left before the end of the
lesson. If you finish the problems before the bell for
lunch, you may hand them in and wait quietly. If you
don't finish, you can hand in what you have done and
complete the rest as this week's homework."

The class obediently set to work on the questions at
hand, an obvious opportunity to finish the work and have
no maths homework for once. Kelly steadily worked
through the problems with apparent ease and Samantha
also now worked through them. She had to think a little
bit more than Kelly and the others did about this task,
but she was now able to at least manage.

Samantha remembered what she had whispered to her friend
about seeing her teacher naked and getting off with him.
A cunning plan flashed through her mind. No matter what
she thought about to take her mind off the plan, she
kept looking up at Marcus and contemplated, what if?

When the bell sounded for lunch, the other pupils all
handed in their work and left. Kelly stood up with her
paperwork and handed it in to Mr. Morrison. Looking back
at her friend, she said,

"C'mon Sam, you coming to lunch?" Samantha just looked
up, seemingly tears in her eyes. "Hey Sam, what's up?"
she asked her friend.

"I can't do these sums. I need a calculator. I feel such
a fool," Samantha replied, a sweet girlish whine in her
voice. She held her head in her hands and look plain
sorrowful. Marcus looked round and saw the girl in this
state of distress. He walked over to the girl, waving
Kelly away dismissively.

"Hey, Sam, what's the matter? Are you still stuck?" he
asked, sitting down on the edge of the table and
glancing at her work.

"I feel such a fool sir, the harder I try, the harder it
seems to be. I thought with practice, everything became
easier," she sobbed. "Kelly finished all of her answers,
but I have only done three. I am really stuck on this

"Awww, it's not that bad. Do you understand what you are
doing, or have you dropped lucky with these first ones?"
he asked.

"Well, I'm sorry to say sir that I tried and tried to
get them on my own, but I copied Kelly," Sam explained.
This was all a lie. When Mr. Morrison had first
explained the method to her, she found the fog over the
questions lifted quickly. Her plan was beginning to

"Hmmm, okay. Let me think," Marcus said. "Well, maybe
over lunch I could think of another way to work on these
questions, hmmmmm. Okay look, it's lunchtime now. Are
you okay to come back and see me as soon as school
finishes? I have some marking to do and I would be more
than willing to explain things to you again," Marcus
explained, ever the gentleman.

"Would you Mr. Morrison?" asked Sam, her spirits
lifting. "You don't mind?"

"Of course not, it is my job to help you guys out. Come
and see me later and maybe I'll have some more answers
for you. Okay? Go and have some lunch," he said, waving
her out of the room and smiling. With that, Samantha
leapt out of her seat and rushed out of the room. As
soon as she was clear, she grinned broadly, knowing that
she was a devious little minx.


Samantha joined Kelly at lunch and they made their usual
small talk and compared their gossip. After a short
while they were joined by Robert, Kelly's boyfriend. As
the two lovers talked between themselves, Samantha began
to daydream about her gallant maths teacher and what she
would like to do with him. All sorts of erotic thoughts
danced across the front of her eyes.

Sam began to feel the tingle between her legs and
shortly after, with hardening nipples, felt the dampness
forming in the crotch of her panties. She pictured
herself kissing Marcus and him fondling her supple young
breasts. This was too much she thought and dismissed
herself from her friends and departed for the privacy of
the toilets. She had an itch to scratch.


After having a little play in the toilet at lunchtime,
Samantha was able to concentrate on her studies for the
afternoon, before the bell sounded for the end of
lessons. Quickly she dashed to Mr. Morrison's room (Room
60) full of the excitement equivalent to a first date.
She was overjoyed that she was about to be the centre of
attention for one of loveliest men in the school (her

At the door to room 60, Samantha knocked quietly on the
thin door.

"Come in," a voice announced on the other side. Sam
grabbed the door handle and opened the door. Inside she
saw Mr. Morrison sat at his desk with a mountain of
books and papers. He was going to be here for a while
Sam figured. Samantha entered the room and went over to
her teacher's desk. "And how do you feel now Sam?" asked

"Okay I guess sir. I feel so stupid about the questions
you set though. Is there any other way I can learn how
to do it?" Sam asked, biting her lip, a picture of
innocence and concern.

"Well, I've been thinking about that all afternoon. I am
not sure if there is simpler way of demonstrating long
multiplication. It might help if we go through a couple
of the questions I set earlier step-by-step. Hopefully,
that will do the trick for you. Please sit down." Marcus
pointed to a table in front of his desk. Obediently, Sam
sat down at the seat.

Marcus went over to where Sam sat and took the list of
questions over to her with some scrap paper. Being alone
with her teacher in a one on one environment soon took
old of Samantha. Nervous excitement filled her body
again and she closed her legs tightly.

"Right then, let's start here...." Marcus began to
explain the method of working out the sums and Samantha
sat attentively. Not at what Marcus was saying, but at
the way his body moved, his manly hands, his bent knees
and to Sam's greatest joy, a close view of his crotch.

Marcus leaned right over Samantha to point to a couple
of numbers with the pencil, and Samantha caught the
aroma of his aftershave - manly, yet sweet. The
daydreams were beginning again in her mind.
Surreptitiously, one of her hands moved beneath the
table and nonchalantly rubbed at the crotch of her
pants, well out of the teacher's view.

"And there we have it, nine hundred and forty eight. Do
you see? Any better?" asked Marcus. "Samantha?"

"Oh, err, sorry sir. Yes I see that now. Can I work on a
few more?" asked Sam, looking lustfully into his eyes.

"Why yes of course. But you mustn't stay too late, your
family might get worried," offered Marcus. Sam just
smiled sweetly and got on with some of the questions.

Samantha quickly completed the sums, but pretended that
she was still working the problems through. She watched
her teacher with adoration. Marcus was now lost in his
marking, unaware of her watching him.

Her hand continued to rub that sweet spot between her
legs as she pictured Mr. Morrison naked and at her
disposal - how she wanted to see his cock, and fondle
it. How she wanted him to fondle her in return. It was
no good, she had to do this right.

Careful so as not to raise suspicion, Samantha raked up
her skirt and into the top of her panties. She brushed
her fingers past the light fuzz of her pubic hair and
rubbed away at her young clitoris. It was warm and damp
in her panties as she slowly worked her fingers around
her soft little nubbin and along the slit of her pussy.
She pictured her teacher licking away at her young
treasure, making her squirm with electric pleasure.

Soon, with all of the images flashing through her young
mind, Samantha felt an orgasm approaching and she braced
herself to let it surge without causing any noise or

"Mmmmmhhhh," Samantha sighed under her breath,
successful in not drawing attention to herself. She took
a couple of minutes to gather her thoughts and to
readjust her skirt and panties. Glancing down at her
work, Samantha ran her fingers under her nose, scenting
what she had done.

"Errr, I think I am finished sir. Will you come and
check?" Samantha asked. Marcus nodded and smiled as he
got out of his chair and made his way over to his pupil.

"Okay let's have a look," Marcus began. He sat in the
chair next to Samantha and again she could smell his
aftershave. Her heart pounded inside her chest, feeling
his close proximity to her teacher. As he was marking
her work, Samantha began the second phase of her plan.

"You know sir, I am very grateful for your help today.
You are the best teacher in the whole school," she
began. Marcus stopped what he was doing and looked at
Samantha surprised.

"Err, why thank you Samantha, it really is no problem at
all," he replied feeling a little nervous. The gaze held
between them and Marcus copied his pupil's smile. Marcus
was not prepared for what happened next.

Samantha leaned in towards her teacher's face and kissed
him square on the lips. Marcus sprang back into the
seat, initially shocked at his pupil's action.

"W, w, wow! No, you can't do that, Sam," Marcus uttered,
finding it hard to comprehend the situation. It didn't
stop a stirring in his pants however. Samantha leaned in
again and planted another kiss, this time lingering on
her teacher's mouth.

Marcus seemed to take the bait this time, succumbing to
Samantha's seduction. Taking the initiative, Samantha
reached over with her hand and placed it on her
teacher's crotch, feeling the firmness now filling it.

"Oooohh, sir, you are getting hard down there," giggled
Samantha, now slightly embarrassed at the situation, he
would either take the bait or she would be in trouble.
Marcus quickly moved her hand away.

"No, no! You must stop this Samantha. It's not right,"
Marcus exclaimed brushing her hand away and pulling away
from the kiss.

"But why not? You are my favourite teacher and I want to
thank you for helping me," explained Samantha.

"You don't have to thank me, this is my job. Please,
don't put me in this position," begged Marcus.

"What's the matter? Don't you like me? Don't you find me
attractive?" asked a worried Sam.

"Yes, of course I find you attractive, you are very
pretty, b, but you are just thirteen. I can't do this. I
have never taken advantage of a pupil and I don't intend
to start now," Marcus explained. He was truly worried
now that they would get caught and end up losing his job
or worse.

"But I think you are so sexy sir. And you are not taking
advantage of me," Samantha continued. This was true, she
was taking advantage of him! "Here, take this..."
Samantha ran her fingers under the nose of her teacher.
"Smell that? That's how I feel about you Mr. Morrison.
While you were marking those books, I was thinking about

Marcus froze, scenting the tell tale aroma of female
sexual arousal on his pupil's fingers. It was a breath
of fresh air for him in an impossible situation. He
searched his mind for an answer, or a way out. But he
found none. As Samantha continued her assault on his
firm trouser clad penis, he thought about her words.

He thought about the fact that she had initiated this
activity and that she was indeed a very pretty girl. His
mind clouded as his self discipline weakened. He was
being seduced and trapped by a girl thirteen years of
age. He looked into her eyes, ablaze with determination
and conceded defeat. Here was a girl that actually
admired him.

"Kiss me sir, please. Don't reject me - that would be
horrible," begged Samantha, now turning for a little
sympathy. Little did she know that Marcus was very much
aware of how rejection felt. Her words struck a chord in
his mind - he couldn't let her down. No matter how wrong
it all was, he had to do it. Slowly, as Samantha
continued to grip his bulging crotch, Marcus finally
caved in and kissed her mouth.

Samantha broke off their kiss and moved the table out of
the way, and Marcus sat upright in the chair. Sam
hitched her school skirt up slightly and straddled his
lap, sitting her plump bottom down onto his crotch. She
could feel his hardness through the material covering
her bottom and he could feel the softness of her bottom
caressing his bulge.

"Mmmmmmm, that feels nice Samantha, but it is so wrong,"
Marcus whimpered.

"Shhhh Marcus. You are in safe hands," Samantha grinned
at him. To prevent him from saying anything else, she
put her fingers onto his mouth allowing him another
chance to smell that sweet scent of girlish arousal.

"Mmmmmmm, mphhhhh," Marcus moaned as he sucked her
fingers into his mouth. 'Wow' Samantha thought. She had
never thought to get a boy interested in her like that
before. Maybe she could get him to lick her pussy one
day. All sorts of things were now possible and she was
determined to see how far she could get.

As they continued to kiss, Marcus began to grip her
bottom, still squirming on his lap. She felt secure with
his firm hold and darted her tongue into his mouth. He
did not resist.

"I'm really wet sir, I'm nearly coming," Sam announced.
"Your erection is rubbing on my clitoris, mmmmmmmmm."
With half a dozen more wriggles of her bottom, she let
out another quiet whimper and held Marcus tightly to
announce her second orgasm. The movements stopped.

Marcus looked at his watch,

"Shit, it's four fifteen. Your family will be worried,
you had better go," Marcus warned. Sam nodded and
gathered her things together, aware that she could get
grounded if she were late home for dinner.

"Will you teach me some more tomorrow Marcus? Long
division perhaps?" Samantha grinned impishly at her

"Okay, long division. But we must be careful. I could
get jailed for this, and you could be suspended!" Marcus

"I know sir, we will be careful," Samantha grinned. With
that she turned and left the room.

Samantha was full of joy, revelling in the knowledge
that she had the power to seduce a grown man - a tougher
challenge than boys she surmised.

Marcus was unsure what to think. He knew he had been
taken advantage of, but he also knew that he had enjoyed
it. He had fallen for her, and he thought he could trust
her. He had to trust her now.

That night Samantha was not grounded for being late
home, her mother merely thought that she had been with a
friend. In her room before she had a bath, Samantha
removed her knickers and examined them. They were
frightfully damp. After holding them up to her nose, she
made a mental note to put them straight in the washing
machine. Smiling, she looked forward to her bath and
another opportunity think about her teacher.
Marcus did not bother to cook himself any tea when he
got home. Instead, he went through to his bedroom,
dropped his trousers and boxer shorts and clambered
under his duvet. Time after time he brought himself to
the edge of orgasm, fantasising about his young pupil,
but stopping short of climax - as if aware of the
forbidden nature of their circumstances. Before he went
to bed, he did climax, one of the most gratifying and
hard climaxes he had ever experienced.

He longed for tomorrow, and no doubt, so do you ;-).
Marcus And Samantha will return in,

Part 2 - Deeper And Deeper.


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