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Long Multiplication Part 2


Long Multiplication Part 2
By The Courageous Pedagogue

(C) 2002 The Courageous Pedagogue.

Part 2 - Deeper And Deeper.

Marcus Morrison was in his last class of the day, a
rowdy rabble of unruly 4th years - 14 year olds. He was
struggling to keep control of this particular class -
not the most academically adept. He was feeling stressed
at what was likely to follow after the lesson, the sexy
and seductive Samantha Philpot would be visiting him
again - maybe seducing him again. He regretted what had
happened, but had to admit over and over that it had
felt good.

"There's far too much noise going on in here. You are
hear to learn, not discuss the top ten or the most
fanciable footballer. Quieten down now, or I'll have to
make an example of one of you," Marcus threatened - this
meant a spanking for someone if not heeded. There was
immediate silence - at last. "Good, next one to speak
will feel my slipper."

There was silence and order again and Marcus was able to
gather his thoughts. They were weighing heavy on his
mind as the ramifications of the previous day gradually
sank in. 'I'm done for,' he thought. 'This can't go on -
I am 27 and she is 13. For fucks sake Morrison what have
you done?' In actual fact he had done very little but
succumb to the wishes of one of his pupils. 'But if
someone finds out. Holy shit,' he continued to worry.
'No, I'll have to tell her it can't go on. I have.. we
both have good reasons for this to stop.'

"Owwwwww, you bastard!! Stop it," a boys voice called
out in apparent pain. Marcus turned to see what the
disturbance was. He focussed his attention on the
smallest boy in the class, Ben Roberts. He was a bully's
target if ever there was one. Puberty had yet to set in
on him and he looked very boyish amongst the other boys
and girls in the room.

"What's happened Roberts?" Marcus asked of the small

"Nothing sir, I banged my elbow on the table," the boy
weakly lied to save further trouble inside and outside
the classroom. Marcus knew that the larger boy on an
adjacent table had more than likely hit him.

"Are you sure Ben? Then who did you tell to 'stop it,'"
Marcus asked. Ben looked down at the table and replied,

"I don't want to get anyone else in trouble."

"Well you know I will not tolerate an outburst of that
nature in my classroom. You will have to take the
punishment if you won't tell me what happened. What
really happened," Marcus hinted, determined to get to
the bottom of the incident.

"Please sir," a girl's voice politely and somewhat
smugly piped up. It was Cassandra Johnson's voice.
Cassandra was a very lithe young beauty and possessed
long blond hair, hypnotic blue eyes and that dark olive
skin. The girl had raised her arm to draw the teacher's
attention. Marcus was sure that she was about to rat on
another of her schoolmates.

"What is it Cassandra?" Marcus asked of the girl.

"Well, I saw what happened. It was Toby Oakes, he
punched Ben hard on the arm. He's been causing trouble
all afternoon," Cassandra explained. Marcus turned his
head to Toby Oakes who appeared to sink down in his

"Is this true Toby? Did you punch Ben?" Marcus asked
pointing at Ben's arm. The room was silent, as Toby
looked across at Cassandra and noticed a smug grin on
her face. She squinted her eyes at him in triumph. She
had been out to get him in trouble all week after he had
called one of her friends a 'bitch.'
"Well?" Marcus raised his voice, losing patience with
the lad.

Toby immediately looked back at his teacher, aware that
he was caught.

"Y, yes Mr. Morrison, I didn't mean to hurt him though.
He wouldn't lend me his ruler," Toby offered.

"That is no excuse. I dare say that I wouldn't let you
borrow my ruler if you react like that. Come out to the
front of the class please," Marcus demanded.

"But sir, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt him."

"No more excuses Oakes. I won't have bullying in my
classroom." Marcus gestured towards the front of the
classroom. There were muffled whispers between the rest
of the children in the room, they knew that they were
going to witness a spanking. Cassandra got quite excited
and continued to grin wickedly as she watched Toby make
his way slowly to the front of the room. She felt a
tingle in the bottom of her stomach, aware of what she
might see.

Toby stood at the front of the class with his head down,
not only embarrassed to have been brought up to he
front, but also to have been reported by a girl.

"Now then, I will not tolerate violence in my classroom
- it is written on my wall," Marcus commented pointing
to the class rules on his wall. "You have been violent
in my classroom Toby and now you will have to pay the
price of such hooligan behaviour." Toby began to go
bright red, aware that a spanking was now on the cards.

"Please sir, I'll do detention for week, but don't spank
in front of the class," Toby bargained for mercy. He
could not bare to look at Cassandra or the other girls
in the classroom as he was aware that they would all be
giggling or smirking at his predicament.

"I shall expect you for detention in any case Toby, but
now you need to learn the lesson for violent behaviour,"
Marcus advised. He reached into the top drawer of his
desk and removed a dark blue slipper - his tool of
punishment for serious breeches of discipline. Toby drew
in a large breath at the sight of the slipper.

"Now, unfasten your trousers and draw them down to your
ankles Toby," ordered Mr. Morrison. There were stifled
giggles from the other pupils. Toby looked pleadingly at
his teacher, but found no sign of mercy. He began to
turn away from the gazing eyes of his classmates to
remove his trousers with a modicum of privacy. "No, face
the class. You have disrupted their class time today,
they should at least see the consequences of this
disruption," Marcus admonished.

Toby unbuckled the belt of his trousers and unfastened
the button. Slowly, he drew his trousers down towards
his ankles exposing his white briefs to the class of
eager eyes. If Toby could have bared to look around the
room, he would have seen the giggling and smirking that
was prevalent at this show.

Cassandra was awash with glee at this display, herself
hopeful that she would get to see all of Toby Oakes.
Despite being a nasty piece of work, she had to admit he
had a gorgeous body. She wanted to see a bit more. Ben
Roberts was also secretly smiling, his tormentor getting
his comeuppance for once.

"Now you may turn around. I want you then to draw your
underpants down to your ankles as well and touch your
toes," Marcus instructed. This instruction brought fresh
whispering around the room, Mr Morrison had finally lost
patience with a pupil and resorted to a spanking.

"Please sir, not here. Not in front of them," begged
Toby, them meaning the watching girls.

"Just do it Toby, let's get this over with," ordered the
teacher. Toby turned away from his classmates and placed
his thumbs into the waistband of his pants (he was
thankful that they were still clean). In one swift
motion, he lowered them to his knees and then down to
his ankles, exposing his backside to the audience.

The girls emitted fresh giggles as the boy's bottom came
into view. Cassandra in particular grinned triumphantly
as she stared between his legs and caught site of Toby's
testicles and penis hanging down as he bent over. The
other girls quickly caught on to this novel sight and
nudged their friends and pointed. The boys were just
grateful that this was not them as they watched the
smirking faces of the girls.

Marcus raised the slipper about three feet away from the
boy's creamy white backside and brought it down with
stinging thud,


Toby struggled to keep his balance as the slipper struck
its target. He moaned with discomfort and clenched his
buttocks together as if to defend him from the following


The second strike was as harsh as the first. The
giggling in the room had turned to gasps and almost
sympathy, apart from Cassandra and Ben.


The third and final blow brought a cry of pain from
Toby's mouth and made him jump up. Fortunately for him,
he did not turn round and expose even more of himself to
his audience. He felt a real need to grab hold of his
buttocks as they stung like nothing he had experienced
before. However, his hands would not take away the
scarlet colouring that they had now adopted. His
buttocks now matched his face.

After a few seconds for both teacher and pupil to
compose themselves, Marcus spoke.

"I hope that will be an end to your violence in the
classroom Toby."

"Yes sir," Toby replied, now fighting tears away from
his eyes. Weaker boys would have bawled like babies.

"Good, now replace your clothing and go back to your
seat. When you do sit down, I want you to apologise to
Ben. Maybe then, he might let you borrow his ruler,"
Marcus continued. The boy pulled his pants and trousers
back up and moved back to his seat as he refastened the
belt buckle. When he was sure that Toby had apologised
to his victim, Marcus continued the lesson.

"Right, there are fifteen minutes left. I don't want any
talking, whispering or hassle for the rest of this
lesson. Now get to work."


The rest of the lesson passed uneventfully, and as the
bell sounded for the end of another day, the pupils
quickly filed out of the room.

At a quarter to four, a polite knock sounded at the
door. Marcus looked up and took in a deep breath before

"Come in."

The door opened and Samantha Philpot entered the room.
Marcus noticed that she was wearing her hair in a
ponytail today, which emphasised her good looks. She was
also wearing her dark blue skirt a lot shorter than the
previous day. She smiled at him and made her way over to
where he sat at his desk. Marcus was breathing heavily,
he was anxious to tell this girl that it could go no
further, but she got in first.

"Hiya Marcus! Did you miss me?" Samantha asked. Marcus
just stared at her with an open mouthed expression of
wonderment and discomfort. "Marcus? You okay?" she asked

"Y, yeahhhh. I am fine, you okay?" he replied meekly.

"I've missed you. I thought about you all night. Give me
a kiss," she demanded as she bent in to kiss him. Marcus
initially tried to fend her off, but he could smell her
perfume and conceded to her smiling lips. Their kiss
lasted for a number of seconds, Samantha bravely probing
her tongue over the teeth of her teacher. This made
Marcus pull back as if given a reminder that this was
all so very wrong!

"Wow, you kiss so nicely," Samantha teased. "Did you,
errrm, did you think about me last night?" she asked
nervously. Marcus looked into her eyes and nodded.

"Yes, I did. I couldn't think of anything else, in fact
I don't think I even slept last night," he explained.

"Oh good, you must like me then," Samantha grinned at
him. "Did errrm, did you play with it?" she asked more

"Play with what?" he responded naively. Samantha giggled
with embarrassment and moved her hand down to his groin
area and applied pressure to his cock.

"You know, this... your willy," Samantha whispered the
last word, just in case anyone was nearby. Marcus could
not believe that this girl was talking to him in this
way, and it made him feel embarrassed, but the fact
remained, he liked her. There was something fresh about
her, he was starting to enjoy this. Maybe he wouldn't
end it, at least not today.

"Hmmmmm, you are cheeky Sam. Yes I did have a play,"
Marcus answered. He blushed and looked away. Samantha
smiled at him and continued to rub his crotch,

"Awww, did you think of me whilst you did it?" This girl
was something else, she wanted to know everything about
everything. She was so curious. Marcus remembered that
she would be curious, she was only 13! Although he now
felt dirty, he felt obliged to carry on.

"Yes, I thought about you," he admitted. Samantha was
overjoyed at this, the knowledge that a man had
fantasised about her made her feel flattered. She asked
him what he pictured them doing as he masturbated. This
was too much for Marcus and he silenced her as he moved
in to plant a kiss on her mouth. Samantha then began to
breath heavily as her own arousal began. That familiar
tingle deep in her private parts made her close her eyes
and accept the kiss.

Once again, Samantha straddled her teacher as he sat in
his chair and began to rub her crotch against his, their
kiss becoming deeper and deeper. Both of their tongues
tickled each other's and hands roamed up and down their

Marcus could feels his cock rising and hardening as
Samantha wriggled her crotch against his. He responded
by running his hands underneath the girl's school skirt
and fondled her bottom cheeks firmly.

"Mmmmmmhhh, Marcus that feels really nice. I want you to
know that I would like you to feel me, all over,"
Samantha softly whispered in his ear. Marcus appeared to
be only mildly aware of what she had said, lost in these
strangely familiar feelings of passion. He felt like a
young teenager all over again as he continued to squeeze
her plump bottom cheeks, covered in some unseen cotton

The teenager felt so light on his lap that he felt able
to squeeze her tightly to his body, grinding his own
crotch into hers. Marcus became braver (or weaker
depending on your view) and ran a finger down outside
from the top of her panties along and between her bottom
cheeks and round to her little pussy. He felt the heat
within her panties as his finger stroked the outline of
her delicate labia.

"Mmmmmmm, Marcus, yes rub me there. I want you to rub my
little pussy," Samantha ordered. Marcus obeyed and
continued to circle her hot treasure and occasionally
gently probed at the centre of her pussy. He was well
aware of the wetness that lay immediately beneath the
cotton of her panties. Samantha continued to breath
heavily, her sexual arousal building with each circle of
his finger and wriggling of her crotch. Her clitoris
rubbed against his penis.

Samantha broke off the kiss and reached behind her head
to remove her jumper. She climbed off her teacher's lap
and removed her tie before unbuttoning her light blue
school shirt. She climbed on top of the desk and lay

"Come on Marcus, I want you to feel me all over. I am
tingling all over, down here," she said pointing to the
area between her legs. His eyes had almost popped out of
his head as he watched her remove her jumper and
unbuttoned her shirt.

Marcus stood at the side of the desk gazing down at the
beautiful young girl lying on the desk before him. Aware
of the danger, he was too scared to stop it at this
point. He was in too deep now, he had touched her
intimate area. He moved in and began to kiss her once
again, the hotness of her mouth continued to keep the
bulge firm in his boxer shorts.

Marcus let his left hand wander between the gap left by
the three buttons undone by the girl. He was able to
trace his hand over her tummy and find her belly button.
He felt the nubbin that indicated that she had an outy
belly button. He liked the feel of that. His hand
wandered back up her belly and discovered that for today
at least she wore no bra.

Her breasts felt very warm to his touch and as his
fingers delicately massaged her nipples, Samantha let
out a quiet, yet thoroughly sexual girlish whimper. Her
pussy tingled with all of these feelings and she felt
compelled to move her hand under her skirt and rub her
panty-covered clitoris.

It was not long before Samantha almost bit her lover's
lip as her masturbation and his fondling delivered a
powerful orgasm to her young body. The girl whimpered at
the feelings and writhed around on the desk like a puppy
having its tummy rubbed.

"That felt good Marcus, you obviously know what you're
doing with a girl," Samantha teased again and smiled up
at her teacher. Marcus smiled back at her,

"It's been a while." With this comment, Marcus held his
head low and sought her sympathy, whether it was to try
and justify what was happening he still doesn't know.
But Samantha was not worldly wise and seemed to ignore
that moment.

Samantha sat up and hitched up her skirt. Marcus watched
as her hands disappeared beneath the pleated garment and
liberated a pair of panties from within. They were white
with a pair of daisies at the front. Samantha put them
to one side and smiled up at Marcus once again.

"Come on sexy, touch me some more," she said impishly
and displaying her youthful dimples. Marcus complied and
began to run his hands up and down her legs. "You can
look if you want to," Samantha continued as if sensing
his embarrassment. Marcus just continued to stroke her
legs gently. Samantha unbuttoned the remainder of the
buttons on her shirt and let the sides hang open,
exposing her young breasts to his eyes.

Marcus moved in closer to examine her girlish globes and
used his other hand to delicately massage them once
again. The cool air in the schoolroom mixed with the
delicate touches of her teacher made her little nipples
stand out and harden. As Samantha was laid back on the
desk, she appeared almost flat chested, an indicator of
her youthful disposition.

Marcus regained his lustful nature and allowed his hand
to dance up and down her legs one more time before
venturing higher and higher to the tops of the girl's
thighs. Her legs instinctively opened and allowed his
hand to find the hot and wet valley at the junction
between her legs and body.

As his fingers danced back and forth across the base of
her belly they threatened to touch her naked sex at any
moment and Samantha was wriggling on the table as if to
speed up this promise.

"Ohhhhmmm, Marcus, please touch me properly, please,"
the girl demanded. Seeing the will in her eyes, Marcus
placed his hand firmly on her crotch, and rubbed into
the wetness that awaited his curious hand. The same
wetness he felt moments earlier when she was sat astride

Marcus slowly explored her young pussy with his hand,
tracing his fingers through her wispy and barely
apparent pubic hair, along her clitoris and down into
the moist valley of her vulva. With the sensation of a
man's hand on her naked sex, Samantha sat up on the
desk, her legs dangling over the side. She hitched her
skirt up completely, allowing Marcus to see her young
girlish pussy before him.

He raised his eyebrows and slowly bit on his lower lip
taking in the sight of this young girls naked beauty.
She smiled sweetly at him as she saw his eyes roaming
over her whole body, eyes, breasts, legs, eyes, pussy,
breasts and back to her eyes again. He felt that he
wanted her, he had succumbed to her seduction and she
knew that she had captured him. Even she could see his
attraction to her. She was now more flattered than ever.

Samantha opened her legs as far they could go and used
her hand to enable her clitoris to be displayed. Marcus
could see the wetness between the lips of her now fully
exposed pussy. He moved in between the legs of the young
girl and placed his hand on her private parts again. He
could scent the sweet aroma of a teenage pussy filling
his inquisitive nostrils.

His fingers tickled her clitoris enough for her to feel
another orgasm welling inside her. He heard her whimper
again as she had done before she came last time so he
probed with his middle finger between her labia and at
the entrance to her vagina.

"Put it in Marcus, I want you to finger me," the girl
demanded. Silently and without any resistance, he
slipped his finger into her hot and moist vagina.
Samantha let out a satisfied sigh as her orgasm over
came her. She clasped her legs tightly around Marcus's

When Samantha had relaxed enough, Marcus withdrew his
finger from her vagina and examined the glistening
residue - a tell tale sign of her arousal and enjoyment.

"You are the best sir, much better than a boy." Samantha
praised her lover. Marcus had reason to suspect that it
was not the first time that Samantha had a male finger
inside her pussy and her last statement confirmed this.

"Th, thanks Samantha. You look so pretty sat there,"
Marcus said to the girl. This filled Samantha with joy,
it appeared that she had found her prize guy. "But we
have got to keep this so secret - you can't tell
anyone," he continued.

"I won't tell, even I have a lot to lose now," Sam
chirped in response as she began to redress.

Samantha kissed her lover on the mouth before vacating
the room and said,

"Maybe next time, you will show me what the bulge is in
your pants." She turned and headed for the door.

"Maybe! Perhaps you could come round to my house one
evening and have tea or something," Marcus replied

"Yes, that would be cool. Thursday?" Sam responded.
Nodding in agreement, he spied a stray garment on the

"Oh Sam, your pants," he said retrieving them from the

"Oh you keep them, something to remind you of me tonight
huh?" she said and closed the door behind her.

Marcus sat at his desk and breathed a sigh.

"She's got you mate. You are almost balls deep in the
shit now," he said to himself. The realisation of the
situation hit him once again. Did he really have the
bottle or the nerve to entertain a thirteen year old at
his house? He had to break this off before it got too
far out of hand. But how? She had truly got him.

Marcus sheepishly looked around the room and then held
his left hand to his nose and was able to smell the girl
that he had fallen for. He slowly sucked his middle
finger into his mouth and savoured her taste. He began
to feel like a dirty old man and quickly withdrew it,
shaking his head but smiling at the irony.

As he tidied up the room and prepared to leave, the
temptation of her panties proved too much and he picked
them up off his desk and examined them. He raised them
to his face and sniffed deeply at the crotch.

"Mmmmmmm, Samantha. You are a wonderful girl," he mused.
He examined them again and looked for any tell tale
stains on the material but found only dampness where her
young fanny had been so aroused just minutes before.
Closing his eyes, he sniffed them again and was able to
distinguish the front of her pants from the back by
scent alone. He had fallen for her. And now he risked


Once again, Samantha avoided a grounding for being late
home and once again she enjoyed a wonderful warm bath
and pictured her teacher, fingering her and dare she say
it, licking her pussy as well.

Marcus returned home with the panties in his pocket,
determined never to wash them. In fact he held them to
his face as he brought himself to climax before
showering and heading to bed. Never before had he felt
such fear and attraction all at the same time. How ever
will he cope?

He longed for Thursday and no doubt, so do you ;-).

Samantha and Marcus will return in,

Part 3 - She's The Boss.


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