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Long Multiplication Part 3


Long Multiplication Part 3
By The Courageous Pedagogue

(C) 2002 The Courageous Pedagogue.

Part 1 - She's The Boss.

Thursday came, but after a long wait for Sam. Marcus had
invited her over for dinner that night and she was
looking forward to it. He had promised to cook her
lasagne, one of her favourite dishes. At break time, she
had found a note from Marcus in her locker and had
retired to the girl's toilets to read it in private.

In one of the cubicles, she sat on the seat and
impatiently opened the envelope and took out the note.
With her young heart all a flutter, she pawed at the
paper as it unfolded. She was confident that it was a
"love letter" from her idol. She read,

"Dear Sam,
This is very hard for me to write given our age
difference and my bad luck with the ladies. I want you
to know that I am very flattered by your attention and I
want you to know that you are a very attractive girl.
However, I can't continue to see you. I could be
arrested and you could be suspended. I would not be able
to live with those consequences. I hope that you
understand this and that we can put this whole affair
behind us. You are a special girl and there is a
suitable boy out there for you somewhere.

Thinking Of You,
Marcus x."

Tears began to roll down the girl's cheeks as she reread
the note in her shaking hands. They were tears of sorrow
at effectively being dumped by her lover. These tears
quickly turned to anger as she thought about what the
pair had done and at how wonderful it had all felt to
her. As the images and feelings surged through her body
and mind, her tears stopped and were replaced by a
wicked grin as a plan for revenge formulated within her

Samantha dried her eyes and departed from the cubicle.
She quickly found her maths tablemate Kelly Thomas and
dragged her behind the bike sheds.

"Kelly, you've got to help me. I need you assistance,
say you'll help me, please," Samantha pleaded to her
perplexed friend.

"Whoa, what's the matter Sam?" replied Kelly.

"Please help me, say you will. I am in a mess and I.."

"Of course I will help you if I can. Just tell me what's

Samantha looked deeply into her friend's curious eyes
and leaned in close to her ear. She whispered,

"Mr. Morrison fingered me." Kelly's jaw dropped and her
left hand covered her mouth at her friend's revelation.

"What?" Kelly stammered.

"I let him touch me and finger me, oh it felt wonderful,
but now he has told me that he doesn't want me and oh, I
feel awful," Samantha explained. Kelly, although shocked
by this information, was actually feeling kind of
jealous at her friend's sexual activity.

"Wow, did he rape you?" Kelly asked.

"No, I never got to see his cock. That is the sad part.
I felt it, and it felt big an' hard," Sam explained
grinning at her friend.

"Hmmm, so why do you need my help?"

"Well, I want to teach him a lesson. I fancy him so
much, but I feel pissed off that he has dumped me. And I
never got to see his cock!!"

The girls talked more openly than ever before as the
full details of Samantha's liaisons were revealed to
Kelly. Together, the girls formulated a plan to teach
Marcus a lesson. They agreed to leave it until Friday
night and figured from the chats that Marcus and Sam had
had, that he would not be taking a girlfriend out. He
would most likely be in and they would pay him a visit.

As the end of break arrived, the girls decided that they
would make notes on what they might be able to do and
what they would require. The bell rang for the start of
the next lesson and they agreed to meet up at lunchtime
to finish their plan.

After school on Friday, the girls each told their
mother's that they were going round their friends house
and that they might be back late, no later than 10pm -
it was a Friday after all. Kelly and Samantha lived
close to each other so the mother's knew that they would
be ok at the other's house.

Kelly and Samantha met up at 6.30pm at the end of the
street in which Marcus lived. Sam was wearing a maroon
crop top and a pair of pale blue jeans. She also wore
her green and blue ski jacket. Kelly on the other hand
wore a white T-shirt with large pink letters that read,
"Girls 1 boys 0" on it and a pair of jeans. On top, she
wore a black donkey jacket. She also carried a Safeway
plastic carrier bag. She always used one of those
instead of a handbag.

"Hiya Sam, you still game?" Kelly asked of her nervous
looking friend.

"You bet, he is going to be one sorry boy when we've
finished eh?" Sam giggled with renewed confidence now
that she had her best friend with her.

"Yeah, this is gonna be soooo cool!" Kelly agreed. "If
we can carry this off, just think of who else we can do
it to."

"Mmmm, we could put some of those boys in their place,
there's a few that need to learn respect for girls,"
Samantha continued. Kelly nodded in agreement at her
friend. Apart from her boyfriend, who she adored
immensely, she felt that boys were just stupid and
snotty bastards that were asking for trouble.

The girls walked along the well-kept road and were soon
faced with house number 14, the dwelling of Marcus
Morrison. Silently, they walked around the back and
knocked on the off street door - where Marcus had asked
Sam to knock. For a long few seconds there was no
response and the girls were going to admit defeat this

The girls were about to knock on the door a second time,
when a shadow appeared in the dim light emanating from
the patterned window of the door. The door unlocked, and
as the handle for the door announced that it would soon
be open, the butterflies in the girl's stomachs began as
they nervously watched the door. The door opened and
Marcus stood there and looked shyly at the girls. He was
wearing red and blue check shirt and some creamy light
brown chinos. He had a mug of tea in his hand as he
spoke softly,

"H, hello. What are you doing here?" Kelly then cleared
her throat and began,

"We are here because you have abused my friend Sam. You
have touched her sexually, pretended to be her boyfriend
and have now tossed her aside like an unwanted toy."
Kelly was quite a professional little actress, having a
great interest in films. Her well-polished lines put
Marcus on the spot.

"Noooo, that's, that's not the case. Keep it down. No,
in fact come in. Please don't make a scene." Marcus was
very nervous. If any of his neighbours could hear this
girl speaking it would be the end for sure.

The girls entered the house via the kitchen and as Kelly
passed Mr. Morrison she whispered,

"You touch us and we'll yell rat." The girls sat down in
the lounge on a long sofa. They looked around and
everything seemed very normal. The walls were a light
sandy colour, with dark blue curtains. The carpet was an
ashen beige colour and the sofa that they were sat on
was part of a dark blue three-piece suite.

In far corner next to a door to the rest of the house
was a large wide-screen television and entertainment
centre. It was located on a pine display case. There
were some interesting paintings on the walls. The girls
noticed that they were all depictions of rainy days in
town centres or rolling landscapes - sombre moods.

Marcus stood in the doorway and watched girls as they
eyed up his tastes and possessions. They sat very close
together on the sofa.

"Errrm, can I get you a drink?" he asked weakly. The
girls looked at him. Samantha was about to ask for a mug
of tea, but Kelly got in first,

"No fucking chance. You might drug us, you dirty
bastard." Marcus was taken aback by this outburst. HE
wouldn't dare hurt anybody.

"I am not like that. Tell her Sam. This is all a
mistake, a misunderstanding. I am sorry."

"Oh, you're sorry," taunted Kelly. "Well sorry isn't
going to repair Sam's heart is it? Sorry isn't going to
help Sam not to feel interfered with, violated and
unwanted is it?" These were more lines that Kelly had
prepared as part of the set up to what was to follow.
She was feeling good inside, making this man squirm.

"Violated? Sam, tell her it wasn't like that. You asked
me to touch you. You wanted it," Marcus was beginning to
panic a little bit wondering where this was going to go.

"Sam wanted it did she? Sam asked you to touch her? Tell
me Mr. Morrison, if a girl asked you to show her your
penis what would you do?" Kelly put Marcus on the spot.

"Errrm, I would...errrm, I don't know," he replied
hanging his head in shame. Kelly answered for him,

"Well, you would put her in detention wouldn't you?"

"Yes. I would have to."

"Make a habit of touching girls privates do you?" Kelly
asked, grilling her teacher with evil eyes.

"No, please you've got to believe me. I wouldn't do
anything to harm anybody. I am not a pervert," Marcus
was wavering. He was convinced that he was in hot water
and that this liaison with Sam was going to cost him

"Okay, okay, you two stop this," Samantha began. Both
Kelly and Marcus looked at the girl as awaiting some
amazing statement. "The facts are that you have kissed
me, you have seen and touched my breasts and you have
seen and touched my, my pussy. I'm thirteen, you're
twenty-seven and that is against the law. You have sent
me notes of a suggestive nature that I still have and
you have possession of a pair of my panties I believe."

Marcus wilted on the spot, he knew that he had done all
of what Samantha had outlined and felt ashamed knowing
that another girl had been told about this. Even if she
had initiated it, it was not a good set of circumstances
in the eyes of the police. And it was true, he did still
have her panties, tucked away and unwashed in his top
bedside drawer - he didn't want to surrender those!

"What are you going to do?" Marcus nervously asked, head
bowed down, unable to look either girl in the eye.

"Give us one good reason not to go to the Police," Kelly
began, the hard sell getting nearer and nearer. The
girls had banked on Marcus panicking into doing
absolutely anything to avoid trouble. They had banked on
cashing in on the emotional weaknesses that this man
had. Marcus gulped.

"Oh please, please don't go to the Police. As far as I
was aware, it was consensual. I wouldn't force anybody
to do anything that they didn't want to. My friends will
tell you that," he said.

"But you touched my pussy, you put a finger inside me,
and now I feel dirty and ashamed. You dumped me when it
was just getting good. I want to see justice. Give us
one good reason why we shouldn't go to the Police,"
Samantha was gaining in confidence and reminded Marcus.

"Please, I'll do anything to make it right with you. I
don't want to lose my job. I don't want to go to jail.
Please tell me what you want," Marcus begged of the
girls. The pleading look on his face filled the girls
with feelings of supremacy. They had the moral high
ground and this man had just agreed to do anything not
to go to jail. Inside, they both smiled in triumph.

The girl's plan was coming into fruition. They were now
brimming with confidence. They knew that they only had
to mention 'Police' and they could get what they wanted.
They would soon be revelling in the power that they had.
Marcus knew that the Police would always believe a
thirteen-year-old girl over a man.

"Okay, stand in the centre of the room Marcus," Kelly
ordered as she removed her coat. Marcus did as commanded
and observed the statement on the Kelly's T-shirt as she
took off her coat and knew instantly that she was a
believer in 'girlpower.' Sam also removed her coat and
settled back onto the sofa. Marcus noticed the exposed
belly button displayed by Sam as she removed her coat.
She looked beautiful sat there on the sofa in her crop

"When Sam was being MOLESTED by your hands Marcus, you
got to see all of her body. Her cute little tits, AND
her private parts. So, to even things up a little bit,
we want to see all of you," Kelly stated, smiling smugly
at her teacher. He looked at Samantha in disbelief as if
for assistance, but Samantha just nodded and blinked her
big brown eyes at him.

"But, I can't. Not with you here. Not two girls," Marcus

"What's the matter? You chicken? Perhaps that's why you
never showed Sam your dick - you were prepared to see
and touch her, but you are afraid to show your cock off
to a girl," Kelly teased.

"No, I am not chicken. It's just that there are two of

"Well you have no choice Marcus. It is all of you or we
go to the Police," Kelly said. That was the hard sell.
The girls both knew that they had won. They were about
to take the trophy. "Come on, get that shirt off. Show
us what you've got."

Looking embarrassed, Marcus slowly unfastened the
buttons on his shirt and revealed his hard, smooth and
flat chest to the girls waiting eyes. As he slipped his
shirt completely off, both girls took a sharp intake of
breath. He was a sexy man. Their eyes wandered all over
his front and savoured the sight of his manly nipples.
He folded his shirt and placed it over the back of one
of the chairs.

"Mmmmmmm, good boy Marcus," Kelly said, smiling at her
victim. "What shall we do next Sam? After all, this is
for you." Sam reluctantly left the sight of this man's
naked chest and looked at her friend. Nervous
inexperience overtook her and she shrugged her
shoulders. Kelly therefore continued, "Okay, now remove
your trousers please."

Obediently, Marcus unbuckled the leather belt holding
his trousers up and unfastened the button. Adding to the
tension, Marcus pulled the zipper on his trousers down
in a painfully slow manner as if awaiting respite.

Samantha bit her lower lip and pressed her legs together
as Marcus slowly began to draw down his trousers. She
was feeling the familiar tingles in her pussy at the
sight of this strip show. As the trousers cleared his
body and snaked down his legs, the girls could see that
he was wearing light blue boxer shorts and that there
was a growing bulge within them. Kelly sniggered and
nudged her friend to look. She needed no help!

"Oooohh, we can see that you are enjoying this Marcus. I
can't wait to see your cock," Kelly stated smiling.
Marcus could only stomach her gaze for a few seconds and
had to look away, blushing. Kelly nudged Samantha back
into action - she was preoccupied in trying to squeeze
her legs together and surveying the male body before
her. Samantha got to her feet and stood before Marcus.

"Close your eyes Marcus, there's a good boy," Samantha
began, taking over the 'reigns' from her friend. Marcus
obeyed and shut his eyes. "Put your hands on your head."
Again, Marcus moved his hands to rest on the top of his
head. "Keep them eyes closed, okay?"

"Yes, I will keep them closed," Marcus meekly responded.

"Good boy." Samantha reached out a hand and began to run
her fingertips over the man's chest. Although she was
feeling aroused at being able to do this to a man,
Marcus was feeling aroused to - the bulge in his boxer
shorts betraying him. He let out a ticklish moan as her
fingertips danced all over his chest and belly,
specialising on his belly button.

As Samantha continued to rub her hands all over Mr.
Morrison's body, Kelly reached into her carrier bag and
pulled out her brother's digital camera - she wanted
some souvenirs of this victory for 'girlpower.' She had
been careful to alter the settings on the camera
beforehand to ensure that it would remain silent. Kelly
switched the camera on and snapped a quick shot of
Samantha rubbing her teacher's naked chest and belly.
Kelly herself was now aroused.

"Tell me sir," Samantha began. "Which do you think is
the superior sex, girls or boys?" Marcus flared his
nostrils and responded,

"When I was a boy I was convinced that it was better to
be a boy and that we were better than girls."

"And what about now?" Kelly interrupted. Turning his
head in Kelly's direction, he responded,

"Now I am sure that males and females both have
advantages over the other, so I don't believe either sex
is better. Why do you ask?"

"No reason," Samantha said. "Just curious. We think that
girls are better than boys. My mum told me that Weltby
School promotes female development and achievement and
we are doing better than the boys. She told me that the
school badge also promotes feminism. Is that so?"
Samantha continued.

"I don't know about that," Marcus responded, not overly
bothered at this point. The girls just giggled. Samantha
began to kiss her teacher's nipples and down his belly
to the top of his boxer shorts and around his belly
button. Marcus flinched at this as her kisses tickled.
Marcus was however, loving this attention. It had been a
long time since he had been caressed in this way.

Samantha then traced her hand over the front of her
teacher's boxer shorts, rubbing at his penis and groping
his balls with her young hand. Marcus was moaning with
this pleasure that the girl was inflicting on him. He
was relaxing, thinking that this ordeal would not be as
bad as first thought.

Having lulled Marcus into a false sense of security - he
felt that the girls would go no further - Samantha used
both hands to run along the top of his boxer shorts. Her
young fingers threatened to dip into the elastic
waistband at any moment. She repeated this movement once
she had hooked her two index fingers under the
waistband, this made his belly contort with the
pleasurable sensations that it generated.

Samantha slowly worked more of her fingers underneath
the waistband and took a sharp intake of breath. Kelly
had joined Sam at her side, ready for the impending
show. In one slow, but deliberate movement, Samantha
pulled on the waistband and dragged the boxer shorts
down from his waist and to his ankles.

Both girls stood back with open jaws as at the sight of
this naked man, his cock and balls hanging firm below
his waist. The girls looked at each other and mouthed a
"wow" at each other.

"Step out of your shorts Marcus, but keep those hands on
your head and your eyes closed," Samantha ordered.
Marcus stepped out of his boxer shorts as ordered and
stood motionless awaiting the next order from the girls.

Kelly took a picture of Samantha standing next to the
naked teacher and they swapped places to take another
picture, this time with Kelly in the shot. Kelly then
regained the camera and got a close up of the genitals
of the man before her. She couldn't wait to show the
other girls at school that picture!

Kelly returned to her carrier bag and withdrew a table
tennis paddle and handed it to Samantha. With glee, Sam
took control of the paddle and moved behind Marcus,
admiring his firm buttocks with her free hand.

"Now Marcus, you have been a naughty boy, touching
little girls and telling them that you don't want to see
them anymore. What do you have to say?" Samantha

"I'm sorry for that," Marcus replied. Kelly looked on
and giggled at the scene being played out before her.
She surreptitiously moved her hand to her crotch to
experience even more pleasure. She unfastened the button
of her jeans and silently lowered the zip. She was then
free to put her hands in her panties and stroke her
little clitoris with a live naked man before her. What
appealed to her most was that he was naked and she was
fully clothed. This gave her fresh fantasies to feed

"Okay, as a punishment, I am going to have to spank
you," Samantha continued. She observed the buttocks in
front of her clench in anticipation of pain. "Please
bend over and touch your toes." Dejected, Marcus
complied and bent over. He had to lower his hands to his
sides in order to do this and Samantha made no

Samantha smiled in triumph as she observed Marcus bend
over, exposing his bottom cheeks to her gaze.
Concentrating her vision between his legs, she could see
his scrotum and cock hanging down. She had never seen a
male from this position before and she liked it. It gave
her a sense of power over him.

Lining the ping-pong paddle up with his left buttock,
Kelly took a picture of the impending spanking. Now that
would be one nil to the girls at school, a girl spanking
her teacher! Swiftly, Samantha brought the paddle into
contact with the waiting buttock,

Thwack! His buttocks clenched as the paddle made contact
and made Marcus swing forward almost losing balance.

Thwack! The second strike landed on the opposite buttock
and was just as scathing.

Thwack! The third strike found it's original target and
so the strikes alternated between buttocks. Kelly
returned to her unseen masturbation as her friend
continued to punish her teacher. After about twenty
spanks, Samantha ordered Marcus to stand upright, but to
keep his eyes closed. He complied immediately. The girl
reviewed the evidence of her spanking, two firmly
spanked buttocks, the colour of her crop top! She ran
her fingers over the punished mounds gave a playful
smack with the palm of her hand.

Samantha picked up the stray boxer shorts and put them
in the carrier bag to take away as a souvenir. Once in
the bag, Sam returned to the front of her male victim
and cupped his now wilted penis. It was not long before
he regained firmness.

"Do you like this Marcus? Do you like the way it feels
to be groped by a girl?" Samantha teased.

"Yes, very much. You are very gentle," Marcus replied.
With those words, Samantha increased her grip on his
hardening member, "Owwwwww! That hurts."

"That is girl power Marcus. Who are better, girls or
boys?" Samantha cajoled.

"Neither, there is no superior sex," Marcus stated.
Samantha moved her attention to his testicles and
applied a firm grip and squeezed tightly on the helpless
bon bons. "Owwwwww! Stop it, you are hurting me," Marcus

"Well tell me who are better then, boys or girls?"

"Okay, okay, girls are better. girls are better than
boys," Marcus said quietly, secretly turned on by this
forced admission. Kelly almost came when she heard the
man say those sacred words.

"Good boy, now you have learned something today. Should
I reward him Kelly?" Samantha looked over at her friend,
who nodded and said,

"Yes, he has been a good boy." Marcus was once again
aware of the humiliation he was being subjected to, not
only by the girl he liked so much, but also in front of
one of her friends - another young girl. This
humiliation was turning him on as was evidenced by his
rigid cock.

"Okay, I want you to lie down on the floor - but keep
those eyes closed. If you peak, I will have to spank you
again. Marcus lay down on the floor and awaited further
instructions. Samantha took off her jeans and crop top,
leaving her in just a pink 32a bra and matching
knickers. Samantha stood with her feet either side of
her teacher's shoulders. "You may open your eyes now
Marcus." With a flicker to readjust to the light, Marcus
opened his eyes and saw the half naked tormentor
standing above him. He looked over her body with
frightening desire and saw the damp patch in the crotch
of her panties lurking menacingly close to his face.

Samantha sat down on his chest and grabbed hold of his
wrists before manoeuvring them so that her knees held
his arms in place at his side. She moved one of her
hands into the front of her knickers and teased her
clitoris for a few seconds before running a finger along
her damp little slit. Withdrawing her hand from her
knickers, she ran her finger beneath Marcus's nose. He
caught the familiar scent of an aroused young girl,
which maintained his erection. The girl made him lick
the arousal off her finger.

As Samantha reached back to grip his cock, Kelly was in
the throws of pleasure as her prolonged masturbation
brought her an expert orgasm. Samantha gripped the shaft
firmly and rubbed up and down its length. She looked
briefly at his face and said,

"Just relax baby, you are going to enjoy this. Why don't
you close your eyes and just let it happen?"
Submissively, Marcus closed his eyes and thought happy
thoughts as the masturbation and climax to the plan

Samantha and Kelly had visited a teenage website with
sex and masturbation tips the previous night to gain
some enhanced knowledge on what to do with an erect
penis. Samantha was now putting those words into
practice. However, it wasn't long before Samantha got
uncomfortable in that position and she knew that she
wouldn't have to restrain Marcus during this abuse. Sam
turned around and faced now towards his cock - she
wanted to see him come anyway.

Kelly, having refastened the button on her jeans,
proceeded to take pictures unbeknown to Marcus. These
pictures would later depict the utmost of pleasure on
his face and the tell tale signs of arousal and pleasure
at his cock.

The tip of Marcus's penis was coated in precome and
allowed the dominant girl freely masturbate it, pulling
the foreskin back and forth as she went. Kelly, bored
with photographs by now, was eager to join in the final
act of revenge on this man. She knelt down facing
Samantha, between his legs and groped his testicles

"Mmmm, mmmmmmmmm, hmmmm," Marcus moaned as his feelings
grew inside his cock. The girls knew that it wouldn't be
too long before he gave up his juice for them. Kelly
ceased the groping of her teacher's testicles and moved
round to talk to him.

"Mmmm," Kelly mocked her victim's moans as he writhed
underneath her friend's bottom. "Does it feel good to be
felt and wanked by a girl? Are we making you feel good
to be male?"

"Mmmm, yes, it feels wonderful," Marcus replied,
thoroughly genuine. If this was female domination, he
loved it. "You are beautiful girls, how can a man say
no?" Kelly giggled at this statement. Although she had a
boyfriend, she fancied the pants off this man and was as
turned on as he was. She still felt a dominance over him
though as both girls were clothed and he was nude and
exposed. That was a delicious feeling, along with being
able to witness his milking.

Kelly added to his pleasure as she held her hand up to
his nose. Marcus could smell another young vagina on her
hand. He then became aware that she had been
masturbating whilst he had his eyes closed. He looked
lustfully into her eyes.

"You want to come don't you Marcus?" Kelly asked
rhetorically as she allowed him to continue to sniff her
fingers. "Lil boy wants to come." Samantha and Kelly
giggled as the teasing continued.

The girls noticed that his breathing became more rapid
and his moans more frequent and gathered that he was
about to come. Kelly began the final tease,

"Tell me Marcus, what have you learned today?"

"Mmmm, what do you mean?" He responded.

"What have you learned about the sexes?" she reminded

"Mmmm, hmmm, I learned that girls are better than boys.
I learned that the female is the superior sex," he
moaned boyishly as his muscles tensed and an orgasm
began to stir in his cock.

"Quick Kelly, his willy is about to explode," Sam
announced. Kelly had a final look at her teacher's face
and observed complete defeat on his face.

She then turned to face his cock and observed with
girlish curiosity as a wad of wet and hot semen shot
powerfully from his cock, almost reaching Samantha's
knickers. With shock, she jumped off for fear of getting

The girls giggled at each other as the orgasm subsided
and the final trickles oozed from the tip of his glans.
They watched mesmerised as the erection subsided and
returned the cock to its normal size.

"Have you ever tasted a boy's come before Sam?" Kelly
asked of her friend, scooping a little of the juice up
onto her fingers.

"No," Samantha admitted, "have you?" Kelly shook her
head and offered her fingers to her friend to try the
taste. Sam accepted and the salty taste met her tongue
for the first time. She didn't find it unpleasant and
smiled at Marcus. Kelly then scooped another fingertip's
worth onto her finger and tried it herself. She then
smiled at Marcus.

Kelly went to retrieve two more items from her carrier
bag as Samantha looked into her idol's eyes.

"That was cool, getting to see your willy, spanking you
and then wanking you off Marcus. And you admitted that
us girls are better. You have been a good boy," Samantha
praised. Marcus smiled back.

"But not good enough," Kelly chirped, holding aloft two
pairs of girls knickers - one her own, the other
belonging to Sam. Marcus looked up as Kelly showed them
to him and saw that they were used panties. She held
them one by one to his nose teasingly. Samantha regained
her position on his chest and again used her knees to
hold his arms down and to (hopefully) restrain him.

Kelly began to rub the crotch of the panties into the
fluid strewn across his belly. Marcus was slow to catch
on and so did not make any fuss.

"What are you girls doing now?" he asked quietly.

"This is more evidence," Kelly said smugly. "We have
taken a number of pictures of you this evening and now
we have a sample of your sperm on our panties. If you
don't do as we say, we'll hand these panties in at the
Police station and say that you forced us to have sex
with you." Marcus looked up at Samantha who was smiling
at him with that impish grin of hers.

"W, why would you want to do that? We are even now
aren't we? Do you girls hate me or something?" Marcus
protested, weakly trying to shrug Samantha off his

"No, we don't hate you, we both fancy the pants off you.
And, we are not even. The girls have proven to be
superior. Will you do as we say?" Samantha inquired

"I guess I will have to. What do I have to do?"

"I want to continue seeing you and having fun with your
willy and stuff. You could say that I want you to be
my... my slave," Samantha continued and both girls
giggled at him.

Marcus had to agree and continued to see the girls on
their terms until they felt it was time to let him find
a proper girlfriend closer to his own age.

Marcus will return in further chapters if I feel the
need to write them.
Any ideas out there on how to continue this saga? If so,
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