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Long Ride Home


Keywords: Mgg Author: Wizard Title: The Long Ride Home

The Long Ride Home


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - Standard Disclaimer. This is a work of fiction for
adults only. If you are under the age of eighteen, please immediately do
what I would have done when I was your age. Which is, delete this story from your hard drive and/or leave this internet site. I know you've left
now like the good little boys and girls you are. But if you haven't or for
the rest of you, enjoy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -

Chapter I

When I moved to Watermelon Mountain, I’d been coaching basketball for
about ten years. I’d played in high school and collage, and when I
graduated, since I wasn’t even close to be good enough for the pros, it was
just natural to gravitate to coaching kids basketball. So I had my day job
accounting at a big lumber mill, and my night job, coaching basketball.
During the season it was a toss up as to which job got more hours, it
didn’t leave much time for a social life.

I’d moved to Watermelon Mt. From Great Falls. It was a smaller town.
But the pay was almost double. In Great Falls, I’d coached 3 teams of
twelve year olds to state championships, and three others to the finals, so
I naturally expected the local recreation department to fall all over
themselves when I came to town. But it didn’t quite work out that way.

When I went in to the rec department, they told me that all the teams
had coaches. In fact the only opening they had was a girl’s team.

“Girl’s!” I exploded. “Girls don’t play basketball. They play at
basketball.” This was probably the wrong thing to say to Ms. Baxter. She
turned green and almost threw me out of her office.

“Mr. Cole.” she said evenly, standing up. My God, the woman was huge.
“I have one team without a coach. It is a twelve year old girl’s traveling
team. You have excellent references from Great Falls, but here, we think
there are more important things than winning championships.” Spoken like
someone who’d never been close to be a champion, I thought. “If you would
like to coach this team, we would appreciate it, and I would put your name
at the top of the list for next year. If this is beneath your talents,
then I suggest you try Boise.” Boise was 45 miles away. I took the team.

We had our first practice the next Monday. I wasn’t expecting much, but
I was pleasantly surprised. The girls were serious basketball players.
They played hard, they listened. They hustled from one end of the court to
the other. This might not be so bad.

There were seven girls on the team. Bobbie, Aimee, and Monica were
eleven and in the fifth grade. Carrie was twelve and also in the fifth
grade. Brandee and Miranda were twelve and in the sixth grade. Elizabeth
or Liz was fourteen and an eighth grader. She was in the league on a
special waver because she’d been sick for a couple of years and missed out
on sports and wasn’t at the level of other eighth graders physically. All
the girls got along, and they were kind of cute, as little girls go.

I took over the team from Bobbie’s father who hadn’t had a clue what he
was doing. When I took over, we had three weeks until the first game. We
spent the first week working on basics, passing, shooting, and dribbling.
It gave me a chance to get to know the girls, their strengths and
weaknesses. Not surprisingly, The ex-coach had them all in the wrong
spots, so the second week I put them in new positions and started working
on how to play aggressive b-ball. I would have like to spend about three
weeks on basics, but we just didn’t have the time. The third week, we
spent playing a lot of 4 on 4. I moved the girls around between the two
teams, because they had to get used to how everyone played. The ex-coach
had them practicing twice a week for an hour. I changed it to three nights
a week for two and a half hours. The girls ate it up. I ran their little
butts off and they came back for more. Brandee told me that Watermelon
Mountain’s traveling team hadn’t won a game in six years, so I added a
Saturday practice for four hours and told the girls that if they didn’t win
at least half their games, I was going to find the geekiest boys at their
schools and make them kiss them. I told them they were ‘sad and pathetic’
a lot, so they voted to be the Watermelon Mountain Pretty Pathetics.

Our first game was against the Hilton River Panthers at home on the
first Saturday in February. They thought we’d be an easy warm-up for the
season because they knew our reputation, but they learned different in the
first twenty seconds of the game. Miranda stole the ball from their center
and speeded down the court to score an easy two. By the end of the first
quarter, we were up by seven and we never left the lead. When the girls shook hands after the game (64 - 43) the Panthers were not very

After the game, Liz’s mom came over and told me that Liz would probably
need a ride to the away games, because she didn’t drive and her father was
in the Navy and away. I told her no problem, and got directions to their
house a few miles out of town. Monday, Brandee called and told me that
she’s need a ride too. It turned out that Brandee lived about a quarter
mile from Liz, so I told her to meet me there and she could show me where
she lived when I took her home.

We had a good practice on Tuesday. I worked them hard for two hours and
then sat them down for a team meeting. I spent twenty minutes telling them
everything they’d done wrong against the Panthers, and then surprised them
with the new uniforms. You should have seen their faces light up. The new
uniforms were black satin shorts they went about halfway to the knee, I’d
always hated the really long shorts that many basketball players wear these
days. The jerseys were a black airflow over a red t-shirt. All in all,
pretty cool. The girls ran into the locker room and changed. The parents were starting to arrive to take them home and the girls came out and
modeled their new uniforms for us. Ms. Baxter surprised me by showing up
to congratulate them on the first league win in eight years, Brandee had
been wrong. After everybody else had left, she thanked me for my hard work
and told me that I’d get first pick of a boys team next year.

Life was good.

The next afternoon, I was running a little late because of a problem at
work, but fortunately, when I got to Liz’s house, both girls were outside
waiting for me. I went inside to talk to Liz’s mom for a minute. I told
her that I thought the game should be over by eight, that we’d probably hit
some kind of fast food, about a two hour drive, so we should be home by ten
thirty or eleven. She said she’d call Brandee’s mother and let her know.

When I came out to my car, I was surprised that both girls were in the
front passenger seat. I had a Camaro that didn’t have a lot of room in the
back seat, but I figured the two girls would huddle back there and giggle
and gossip during the drive. They were seated side by side and all buckled
up, so I got in, fastened my seat belt and took off for Salmon Island. We
made good time, about an hour and a half, so I was actually early for the
game instead of late.

I don’t know why they called it Salmon Island. The town was by a river,
but it wasn’t an island. I found the high school where we were playing and
we went in. It turned out that we were the first Pathetics there. The
other came in about ten minute later. The refs were horrible. But they
were just as horrible to the Eagles as they were to us so we managed to
squeak out a win (41 - 38). After the game, the Eagles coach, a very
pretty red head about two years younger than me invited me out for a drink,
but since I had the girls, I asked for a rain check.

On the drive home, the two sweaty girls again sat in the front seat
together, talking quietly and giggling. We’d stopped at McDonald’s for a
fast burger because I lost the coin toss. There’s about a twenty mile
stretch of highway between Watermelon Mountain and salmon Island they got
no radio reception and since my CD player was broken, I turned it off and
rode in silence, or almost silence, because now I could hear the girls talk.

“...really. Now admit it. You like Eric.” Liz was saying.

“Well, he is kind of cute.”

“Have you ever kissed him?”

Brandee looked over at me, but I was concentrating on my driving and
pretended I hadn’t heard a thing. “Yes.”


Brandee hesitated and looked over at me again. “We were at a party at
Sara Tate’s house. We got picked for the thirty seconds in a dark closet

“Sara always did throw great parties.” Liz said. “So you and Eric went
in the closet, then what happened?”

“He kissed me almost as soon as the door shut. Then He started feeling
up my tits, and he kissed me again for a long time.”


“Then Sara knocked on the door and said time was up.”

“Too bad.”

“He got picked to go in the closet two more times. Once with Sara and
once with Candi.”

“Did you go back in the closet?”

“Yeah. With Larry Helman, but he didn’t do anything.”

I glanced over at Brandee from the corner of my eye. I’d never paid any
attention before, but she had a big set of tits for a twelve year old.
They looked like they belonged on a high school cheerleader, not a sixth
grader. Liz’s tits were small, about the size of a quarter of an orange.

“Well, your mom and dad are gone a lot. Invite Eric over for some

“Wrestling?” Brandee asked, puzzled.

“Yeah. You can start out watching it on television, then move to your
room and practice it on your bed.”

I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that an eighth grader was telling a
sixth grader to wrestle a boy on her bed. They seemed like such nice
girls. I hadn’t started doing anything like that until I was a Junior in
high school.

Brandee giggled. “I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“Get Eric on top of you on your bed, and he’ll do the rest.”

“I’ve never done anything like that.” Brandee complained.

“It’s easy.” Liz said. “Here...” she unbuckled their seat belt and
pulled Brandee on top of her. A pretty good trip since Brandee outweighed
her by ten or fifteen pounds. Liz straddled her legs so that Brandee fit
between them. The two girl’s crotches and tits were jammed together.
“Take Eric on a tour of your bedroom and push him down on the bed with you
on top of him like this. He’ll do the rest.”

“What’ll he do?”

“He’ll start out rubbing your ass, like this.” And Liz’s left hand slid
across Brandee’s hip and landed on her ass. Something else I hadn’t
noticed. Brandee had a nice ass. Liz started rubbing up and down all over
her friend’s butt. She rubbed her crack, pushing the fabric of her shorts
and underwear down into it. At the same time, I could tell that she was
pushing her crotch up into Brandee’s.

Brandee looked over at me. “What about Mr. Cole?”

“He’s not paying any attention, don’t worry.”

“What’ll Eric do next?”

“Since he felt up those huge melons of yours at the party, he’ll want to
get his hands on them again.” I couldn’t see, because it was on the wrong
side, but I was pretty sure that Liz started massaging Brandee’s tit with
her right hand. “Then he’ll try to give you a tonsillectomy.”

And Liz kissed her. I could tell that her tongue war in the wrong

I knew that I should stop the two girls, And warn them about the dangers
of sex at their age, but I couldn’t. For one thing, my throat was so dry,
that I didn’t know if I could talk. I tried to concentrate on the road,
but I kept looking over at Liz’s hand as it explored the curve of Brandee’s

Just before we got to the road to Brandee’s house, Liz took her hand off
of Brandee’s ass and set it on the console between seats. I couldn’t
resist. I reached over and started caressing Brandee’s ass. I figured
that she couldn’t tell the difference between my hand and Liz’s. I rubbed
as I turned down the long gravel road and until I got to the end,. I
quickly took my hand away, and announced that we were home.

The two girls scrambled to sit right as I pulled up to the house. Liz
opened the door and got out with Brandee right behind her, and then Liz got
back in the car. “Good game.” I called out as Brandee disappeared into her

I pulled out of Brandee’s driveway and headed back down the road. Just
as I was pulling out on the highway Liz asked, “Enjoy the show?”

“What show?” I asked, trying to sound innocent and confused.

“Did you at least enjoy the feel?”

“What feel?” I asked, embarrassed that I’d been caught.

“Okay, if that’s the way you want to play it.” She said and we rode in
silence to her house. She got out and blew me a kiss. “Bye coach.

As I pulled away. I had the feeling that I’d just missed the winning
basket at the final whistle. I wasn’t sure why, but I was disappointed.

Chapter II

The next day I had trouble concentrating at work. Fortunately, I had a
private office, so nobody noticed that I accomplished absolutely nothing.
Practice was worse. For the first time I looked at my team as girls. Cute
girls. Up until now, I’d thought of them as almost boys, but today, they
weren’t almost boys, they were girls.

All of them had tits. Bobbie’s were little more than bug bites, but
they were there. And Brandee of course had a big beautiful set. The rest
were pretty typical of eleven and twelve year old girls. And asses. His
team has asses. I’d never noticed before just how tight their shorts fit
against their cute little asses. Carrie wore a pair of black bike shorts
that seemed molded to her tight little ass.

I tried to focus on basketball. I taught them a couple of new plays,
and we worked a lot on rebounding, which had sucked at yesterday’s game. I
kept telling myself their only twelve, you’re 27. But somehow that made
their asses seem even tighter, their tights just a little more inviting.”

Brandee and Liz acted completely normal. As if nothing had happened in
the car yesterday. I tried to tell myself that I’d imagined it, or dreamed
it. Twelve and fourteen year old girls don’t act like that. I’d been
twelve and nothing like that ever happened to me.

After the girls left, I went home and took a long cold shower. I had to
get my thoughts back on track. After the shower, I got dressed and went to
Big Al’s. Big Al’s was a local bar, I needed to get out and meet some
girls my own age, it had been three months since I’d gotten laid.

I met some girls, but nothing clicked, so I went home and to bed. I
dreamed about Liz and Brandee and woke up with a major hard-on. I jacked
off while looking at some Playboys, but Brandee and Liz kept showing up in
the pictures. I finally came and went back to bed.

The next few days were pretty normal.

Friday, I worked hard to make up for doing nothing the day before. I
went out to dinner and met Aimee’s big sister. 24 years old and looked
like a super model. She was a graduate student at Boise State and home for
the weekend. We hit if off, and talked for hours but I went home alone.

Saturday, We had a game against the Florida City Condors. We crushed
them 69 to 39. It was a great game, everything worked perfectly, it was
almost like the girls could read each others minds. Ms. Baxter came over
after the game and told me that we’d tied Watermelon Mountains win record
for the last ten years, which was how long the twelve year old traveling
league had existed. Aimee’s sister Becka had come to watch the game and
came over and hugged me. I took her to dinner and we went for drinks after
but I still went home alone.

Sunday, I took up running again. I hate running, but when I run, I
don’t think. And it kept Brandee’s tits from filling my head.

Monday, I ran before and after work. The rest of the time I thought
thoughts that wouldn’t go away.

Tuesday at practice, I called Aimee over to talk. She had a bad habit
of always going to her left and I wanted her to break it before other teams
started picking up on it. She came over and sat on my lap. I was
startled. I didn’t know where to put my hands. This would be easier if she
was still an almost boy in my mind, but she was definitely a girl, and
besides, I’d seen what her sister grew up into.

After practice I took another cold shower and ran for the third time
that day. At this rate, I might have to take up marathons. The big
problem was my head was full of not only pictures of Brandee and Liz, but
now Aimee had joined them.

Wednesday I picked up Liz and Brandee right after work and we drove to
McLintock. This was supposed to be the toughest team in the league, The
McLintock Bears had been undefeated the last two years.

The girls were perfect angels as we drove. They sat in the front seat
and talked about the big news in town. Four boys, all varsity basketball
players, all starters had gotten busted with marijuana, and everybody in
town was guessing what the principal would do about it. If he tossed them
off the team, it would ruin our chances for state, and this was the best
team we’d had in years.

We got to the gym in McLintock and I was amazed when we walked in. The
place was packed. Our biggest crowd this year had been the Condors game,
about a hundred people. The other games were thirty or forty max. There
most have been a thousand people in this gym. The bleachers were packed
and people were lined along every wall in the place. They take their
basketball seriously in McLintock.

We took an early lead when Miranda blocked a shot, Carrie rebounded the
ball, fired it to Liz, who passed it to Aimee, who dribbled down court,
faked to her left, went to her right and sunk a three pointer. But that
was the last time we were ahead. The rest of the game we played catch up.
The bears beat us, but they never got more than five points ahead. The
final score was 34 to 31 in a very defensive game.

The girls were all down about their first loss, but I was jazzed.
They’d played great. The bears had just out played them. But I couldn’t
put my finger on a single mistake. It had been a hell of a game. Maybe
girls could play basketball. I took the team to Pizza Hut and sprung for

Everybody was pretty quiet when we got there, but after Liz pulled
Carrie’s shorts down in front of everybody, they got giggle and talkative
again. They were their old selves within a few more minutes, until the
bears came in. The restaurant got real quiet, then Bobbie walked up to the
bear’s center, looked her in the eye and said “The next time you block one
of my shots...” she paused and glared at the girl, “I’m going to cry.” she
finished. And everybody cracked up. Pretty soon, you would have thought
the two teams of girls had been friends for years.

The bear’s coach and I got together in a back table. We couldn’t praise
each other enough. After we’d compared notes, it turned out that we’d even
played some collage ball against each other years ago.

It took forever to get the seven girls out of the pizza place and into
the right cars for the trip back. I was the last one out of the parking
lot because Liz had to go to the bathroom at the last minute.

Almost as soon as we were on the highway, the two girls started giggling
and whispering. I heard the name Eric a few times, but other than that
their conversation was a mystery

Then Liz said softly, “We’ll just have to practice more.”

She unhooked the seatbelt and squirmed around until she was on top of
Brandee. “Now this time, you be Eric. I’m Brandee and I just pushed you
down on my bed.” Brandee giggled. “Okay Eric, what are you going to do

“I’m going to rub your cute little ass.” Brandee whispered.

“Well?” Liz asked when Brandee didn’t do anything. Brandee giggled and
reached up and started rubbing the top of Liz’s ass. Liz reached back and
moved Brandee’s hands down.

“Okay Eric, now what?” I’m going to play with your huge melons.” Brandee
whispered. She took her left hand off Liz’s ass and reached for her chest.
She settled her hand on Liz’s tit, and then pulled it back.

“You’re not wearing a bra.” she accused.

“I never do.” Liz replied. “I’m not as top heavy as some people. But
you’re Eric. What are you going to do if you cop a feel and Brandee isn’t
wearing a bra?”

“I’m going to be in heaven.” Brandee giggled.

“You got that right.” Liz said and pulled Brandee’s hand to her tit.
Brandee started rubbing with her palm but Liz took her hand and pushed her
fingers onto Liz’s nipple. Brandee giggled but kept playing with the
nipple. Liz reached behind her and moved Brandee’s hand so that she was
rubbing Liz’s ass crack down to the bottom of her spine.

Then without prompting, Brandee leaned into Liz and kissed her as Liz
grinded her pelvis against Brandee.

Either it hadn’t been a dream or I was home in bed, dreaming again.

It was hard to keep an eye on the road as I watched the erotic sight of
a twelve year old fondling a fourteen year old. I flexed my fingers and
gripped the steering wheel tighter. I wanted to reach over and caress
Liz’s ass myself.

I was saved by the road to Brandee’s house. “Girls, we’re home.” I said
and Liz wiggled off of Brandee and sat back in the seat. Both girls were
flushed. Brandee gave me a guilty look then looked away. I pulled up at
Brandee’s house. She opened the door and jumped out almost as soon as the
car stopped. Liz laughed and looked at me smiling. I watched Brandee go
in her front door, then I backed up and headed back up the road.

Just before I got to the highway, Liz asked, “Enjoy the show?”

“What show?” I asked, with a sense of deja vu.

“Some people are slow learners.” Liz mumbled to herself and looked out
the side window until I dropped her off at home.

As I drove home I wondered why the line between doing the right thing
and stupidity was getting so blurred.

Chapter III

I got through the next couple of days somehow.

We had a bye on Saturday and the next Wednesday we had another away game
against a team called the Powderpuff girls in Jennifer. But I was safe,
not only were Brandee and Liz riding with me, but Miranda was coming too.
Miranda was another 12 year old, with long blond hair that hung down to her
ass. Miranda was two months older than Brandee but seemed much younger.
Young enough that I was pretty sure that Liz and Brandee would behave

Though I couldn’t always remember why I wanted them to behave
themselves. I showed up at Liz’s house about six and Liz and Miranda were
sitting on the front porch waiting for me. They grabbed their gym bags and
ran to the car. While they were getting in, I asked, “Where’s Brandee?”

“She’s sick.” Liz answered.

Miranda elaborated, “Yeah, she threw up at lunch in school today. We
were having chili and you could see the pieces of...”

“I think I get the picture.” The two girls settled into the front seat
and belted themselves in. I waved to Liz’s mom, who’d just come out of the
house and we took off.

The trip to Jennifer was all uphill. The highway went through a
beautiful national forest and Miranda kept seeing deer and elk, that Liz
and I never looked quick enough to spot

The gym was cold when we got there, which might explain why there were
only fifteen spectators. The game seemed to drag on forever. My girls played hard just like they had against McLintock, but the powderpuff girls could barely make a basket. By the third period, I had my girls running a
lot of passing and dribbling drills and not so much shooting because I
didn’t want to run the score up too high. At the final whistle one of the
Jennifer girls took a desperate shot at the basket from just outside the
three point line, and nobody was praying that it would go in more than I
was. The basket went swosh and the final score was Pathetics 74 Powderpuff
Girls 12. But at least with that last basket they were in double digits.

Miranda, Liz and I stopped at Dairy Queen for burgers and then headed
home. Almost as soon as we were on the dark highway, the two girls started
whispering. I reminded myself that this was Miranda who probably didn’t
even like boys yet.

Then she said it. “Eric.” I heard Miranda’s whisper. She said it with
the same reverence that my dad used to say Marsha, when talking about
Marsha Brady. Damn, what was it about this kid. I was going to have to
meet him.

A couple of minutes later I heard the seatbelt go click, I glanced over
and Miranda was crawling on top of Liz giggling. I couldn’t believe it.
My sweet innocent little Miranda was a sex maniac too. What was the world

Liz wasn’t trying to whisper anymore. She said. Get him down on the
bed with you on top of him, just like this. Now I’ll be Eric.” She was
getting real good at being Eric I thought. “As soon as you have him on the
bed he’ll probably start on your ass.”

“Ass.” Miranda repeated and giggled.

“Yes, your pretty little ass.” Liz reached up with both hands and
started massaged Miranda’s ass cheeks. I could see Liz pusher her pelvis
upward, rubbing it against Miranda.

“What are you doing?” Miranda asked.

“This is what you want Eric to do. Trust me.”

“What about the coach?”

“Don’t worry, he never pays any attention.” The hard-on pushing up
against my shorts made a lie out of that. Liz moved her left hand across
the middle of Miranda’s butt, then changed her mind and traded places with
her right hand. Her middle finger tracing the crack of Miranda’s ass from
the top down to the bottom of her spine. I could see Miranda shiver.

“Next...” Liz continued, “He’ll want to play with your titties.” Miranda
giggled again. Liz took her left hand and started to squeeze Miranda’s
breast. It wasn’t very big, about a quarter of a tennis ball.

Miranda gasped. “I’m not wearing a bra.” she whispered.

“That’s okay, Eric will like it better that way.” Liz said as she took
Miranda’s nipple between thumb and forefinger. “And while he’s playing
with your tits and ass, he’ll want to play some tonsil hockey.”

Liz kissed her. She held there lips together for several seconds and
then broke away. I could see that Miranda had started to grind her pelvis
into Liz, probably without even realizing it.

“Is he going to use his tongue?” Miranda asked.

“Oh yeah.” Liz said and kissed the young girl again. This time I could
see Liz’s tongue push between Miranda’s lips. As I watched the erotic
scene in the seat next to me, Liz took her hand away from Miranda’s ass. I
didn’t hesitate. I reached over and started caressing that beautiful young ass, so tight and firm, but so soft at the same time. I ran my finger down
her crack to the base of her crotch.

But we were getting close to Liz’s house, so I knew it was time to break
it up. Reluctantly I took my hand away, then asked “Miranda, you’ll have
to tell me how to get to your house.”

The two girls broke their clutch and Miranda scrambled back into the
seat beside Liz looking flushed and guilty. She looked out the windshield
and pointed, “It’s that road over there. I turned down the dirt road.
“We’re the forth mobile home on the left.”

As we pulled into the driveway, the porch light came on and Miranda’s
mom, wearing a yellow housecoat stepped out and waved. Liz opened the door
and Miranda crawled over her to get out. She slammed the door, “Thanks
coach.” and ran to the porch and gave her mother a big hug. I watched the
two walk in the house, then backed out of the driveway.

As soon as we were out of sight of the house, Liz asked, “Enjoy the

I figured at this point, what the Hell, “Yeah.” I admitted.

Liz smiled, she had perfect little teeth. “Enjoy the feel?” she asked.

“Oh yeah.” I admitted.

“I’m not sure I believe you.” Liz said.

“What...” I stopped because Liz’s hand had come over into my lap. Right
on top of the hard-on I’d been hiding in the dark. “What are you doing?”

“I”m just checking if you really enjoyed the show and the feel.” She
squeezed her hand around my cock through my shorts. “I guess you enjoyed
it all right.” she said. Her hand kept squeezing my cock.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt.

I stopped the car before I had a wreck.

I’d never had a fourteen year old girl touch my cock before. Even
through my shorts. The first time a girl had touched it, I was seventeen
and the girl was sixteen. I couldn’t believe that a fourteen year old would want to touch a cock. Maybe she didn’t realize what she was doing? I
thought. But I knew after the show in the car the last three weeks, she
knew exactly what she was doing.

But I couldn’t let her. I was molesting her. Except I wasn’t doing
anything, she was molesting me. But they don’t send fourteen year old girls to jail for molesting their basketball coaches. They send
twenty-seven year old coaches to jail for molesting their players. And it
didn’t really matter whose hand was doing what.

“You have to stop that.” I ordered.

“Why? Doesn’t it feel good?” It felt very good I admitted to myself.
“Or do you like boys? Is that why you didn’t want to coach us?”

“No.” I shouted. “That’s disgusting.”

“No it’s not.” Liz said quietly as she started to move her hand up and
down my hard shaft. “Different strokes for different folks as they say.”
She took my hand off the steering wheel and placed it on her breast. She
wasn’t wearing a bra again tonight. I wanted to move my hand away, but it
wouldn’t leave.

“In fact, if you like boys, I happen to know that Eric swings that way.”

“You mean Eric? Brandee and Miranda’s Eric?”

“Yep. He only pretends to like girls.”

“He pretends pretty good I guess.”

“That’s the truth.”

Without thinking about it, my hand started moving on her breast, rubbing
small circle, I could feel her hard little nipple beneath my palm. Again I
tried to pull my hand away, but I couldn’t. It had a mind of it’s own.
“Ummm, that feels good.” Liz purred.

I decided that we’d had our fun and it was time to stop. Except my hand
didn’t want to stop. Then Liz let go, I figured playtime was over, but
suddenly her hand darted into my shorts and she wrapped her fist around my
bare cock.”

“I thought you liked girls.” I groaned

“What gave you that idea? She asked as her finger traced around the
grove under the head of my cock.

“Brandee and Miranda.” I answered.

“Oh that. I’m just playing.” She let go of my cock, reached down and
gave my balls a squeeze. She leaned forward, looked me straight in the
eye, “I like to play.”

She let go of my balls and went back to my cock. As she drew her finger
across my pisshole, I pushed back in my seat and released a torrent of

“You could have warned me that you were going to do that.” She said,
pulling her hand out of my shorts and wiping it on my shirt.

“I didn’t know.” I explained.

“No prob.” She said. She took my hand off her tit and pushed it down to
her crotch, squeezing it in place with her legs. “We’d better go, I don’t
want mom to worry.” I couldn’t believe she would put my hand between her
legs and then want to go home. I don’t understand girls.

I reached across my body with my left hand and put the car into drive
and started down the road. Liz kept rubbing my hand with her legs while it
was smashed into her crotch. As I pulled up to her house, Liz opened her
legs and my hand just lay there.

“You might want to move your hand, mom’s pretty understanding, but she
has limits.” I pulled my hand away like her crotch was on fire. Liz leaned
over and kissed me on the cheek. “You’re cute when you’re confused.” She
laughed. Then she got out, waved and skipped into the house. Skipped.
Girls are not from Venus, they’re from a whole ‘nother solar system.

Chapter IV

Saturday I picked up Brandee and Liz early in the afternoon and we
headed for Boise. Boise was only about 45 minutes away, but we hit traffic
and highway construction so it was a hour and a half before I pulled into
town, then it took me about 45 minutes to find the right grade school with
the directions I’d been given, so we showed up about five minutes before
tip off and all the other girls were frantic. Basically the game went the
same way. The dragons led the whole way, we’d score two and close the gap,
they’s score three and open it up. As the clock ticked down the final
minute we were down by four.

Liz took a shot from the top of the key and swosh we were only down by
two. A tall blond from the dragons took the ball out, fired it to a team
mate down court for an easy lay up and we were down by four. Liz took the
ball out and passed to Miranda who took the ball down court and passed to
Aimee. Aimee passed across the key to Brandee, who faked a shot and passed
back to Aimee. Aimee shot from the side, swosh and we were down by two
with fourteen seconds left on the clock.

The tall blond took the ball out and fired to her teammate down court
again, but Miranda was waiting and intercepted the pass. Miranda one
handed the ball to brandee who shot from the three point line, the buzzer
went off and everybody watched the ball sail through the air, hit the rim
and bounce straight up. I don’t think anyone in the place was breathing as
the ball came down, hit the side of the rim and start to spiral. It made
two revolutions, gave up and dropped through the net. We had a win but by
the skin of our teeth. You could hear it as everybody let their breath
out. The final 53-52.

We went to Pizza Hut and I sprung for pizza for everybody.

When we got back in the car, it was already dark. Liz didn’t bother
pretending, she had climbed on top of Brandee before we were out of the
parking lot. At a stop light, I could give them my whole attention. Liz
was crushing her crotch onto Brandee’s and both of her hands were full of
Brandee breasts. Brandee had one hand of Liz’s ass and the other was
massaging Liz’s braless tit. I wondered who was supposed to be Eric today.
I drove out of town praying for stop lights, and got three. I watched
their lips press together and I could see tongues move from mouth to mouth.
And I had a hard-on like a granite statue.

Just as we got out tom the highway, Liz pulled Brandee’s shirt up
exposing her white bra. Liz reached around Brandee’s back and unhooked it.
Brandee just giggled as Liz pushed it up and settled her mouth on one of
Brandee’s large erect nipples.

Brandee shut her eyes and moaned, “Oh Eric.” That answered that
question. Liz worked on the nipple with her mouth for several minutes,
while she played with the other nipple with her fingers. Then Liz sat up
and pulled her own shirt over her head. She leaned back down and rubbed
the two sets of nipples together as her tongue plunged back into Brandee’s

I was afraid I was going to have an accident, so I pulled into a rest
area and parked under a street light. Nether girl seemed to notice.

Liz broke the kiss and dropped her mouth back onto Brandee’s nipple.
With one hand, she reached over and grabbed my tented shorts and the other
hand pushed down between the two girls to Brandee’s crotch. “Liz, maybe we
shouldn’t.” she said.

“You want Eric to do this don’t you?” Liz asked. I hated the fact that
I couldn’t see exactly what ‘this’ was.

“Yes.” Brandee admitted reluctantly.

“So Trust me.” Liz said.

‘Trust me.’ A billion guys have said that to a billion girls. But I
never expected to hear it out of a sweet and innocent fourteen year old girl’s face talking to a twelve year old girl. While feeling up my cock
for God’s sake. ‘Trust me.’

Liz starting disappearing into the foot well of the car, as she licked
as kissed her way down Brandee’s, ribs and stomach. Just as she kissed the
top of Brandee’s shorts, Brandee looked over and saw me watching. “Liz,
the coach is watching us.” she said quietly.

Liz lifted her head up and looked Brandee in the eye. “Do you blame
him?” She asked before plunging her face into the crotch of Brandee’s
shorts. I could see Liz’s mouth surround Brandee’s pussy bulge and I knew
her tongue was exploring too.

Liz lifted her head again and looked at Brandee, “If you want o be nice,
ask him if he’s like to play with your tits. Then she pulled down
Brandee’s shorts and underwear with one tug and buried her face in
Brandee’s pussy. Brandee looked torn between pleasure and embarrassment.

“Relax,” I told her. “With a pussy that beautiful, Eric will definitely
want to eat it.”

“You really think my pussy is beautiful?” Brandee asked, forgetting her

“That is the sexiest pussy I’ve seen in a long time.” I said honestly.
“Though I only got a quick look before ‘Eric’ went to work. Suddenly
Brandee shut her eyes and arched her back, which had the effect of pushing
her pussy further into Liz’s face. I knew that Liz was doing things with
her tongue that Brandee never suspected could happen.

As she relaxed, Brandee opened her eyes, looked at me and asked, “Do you
want to play with my tits?”

I didn’t answer, I just leaned over and sucked her nipple into my mouth.
Her huge erect nipple. Beneath I could feel her breast, soft yet firm and
I traced the rim of her areola with my tongue.

Liz’s hand worked it’s way into my shorts and started massaging my stiff

Underneath my mouth I could feel Brandee’s body start to spasm with
orgasm and I released her tit and sat back. Liz was sitting back as far as
she could in the foot well and I had a great view of Brandee’s pussy. I
reached down and cupped it with my hand, “That is one beautiful pussy.” I
said and Brandee smiled weakly.

Liz slapped my hand away from Brandee’s pussy and took her own hand out
of my pants. “The last step with Eric is a great blow job.” she announced.

“I don’t know how?” Brandee complained.

“Then we’ll practice, like we’ve practiced everything else. I’m sure
the coach will lend us a cock.” She reached over and pulled the front of my
shorts down and my erect cock jumped out. “That’ll be a good one to
practice on.” Liz decided. Put your seat all the way back.” She ordered
me, and I did. Liz tugged my shorts all the way to my knees, and then got
in the back seat. My seat was all the back with my head rest sitting on
the back seat, so I was laying down.

“Lean over and wrap your hand around the base of his cock” she
instructed Brandee. Brandee grabbed my cock. “Now give it a little kiss.”
Brandee giggled and followed instructions and I felt her lips brush my cock
head. She pulled away a couple of inches and I could still feel her warm
breath. “Kiss it again.” Liz ordered and Brandee did.

I heard Liz moving around behind the seat, I looked and she’d removed
her shorts. I could see her thick blond bush. She wiggled over by my
head. “Now lick it from your hand to the head.” Brandee leaned down again
and started licking along the length of my shaft. I was looking down
watching Brandee lick me when Liz settled herself on my face. I smelt the
wonderful aroma of her pussy as it closed down on my face. I accepted the
inevitable and started exploring with my tongue.

“Okay, now take him into your mouth.” Liz told Brandee. I didn’t feel
anything for a few seconds, then Brandee’s mouth closed on my cock and
started sucking in ernest. “Keep using your tongue.” Liz suggested. And
Brandee started tickling the tip of my cock with her tongue as she sucked.
Liz moved down a little so that I could explore her asshole. As I ran my
tongue down the crack of her ass and tried to push it into her asshole it
was to much for me and I started to cum. Brandee pulled back at first, but
then went back and started drinking the cum as it spirted out of my cock.

Liz moved back again so that her pussy was right over my mouth and I
drove my tongue inside. I found her clitoris and sucked on it. And I felt
her start to orgasm. Brandee’s mouth still surrounded my limp cock and she
continued to play with it with her tongue and I stabbed my tongue as deep
into Liz as I could. I felt her shudder with the beginnings of release and
I kept fucking my tongue in and out of her warm moist pussy. As she
grinded her crotch onto my face.

Finally the orgasm subsided and she leaned down across my body to
Brandee. She lifted Brandee’s head off my deflated cock and told her that
she’d down good. Then I could hear kissing sounds. Then Liz scooted
backward off my face. Brandee was back in her seat looking embarrassed.

As I looked at the naked 12 year old my thoughts were conflicting. I
thought about pushing my cock into that tight little pussy. I thought
about the humiliation of everyone finding out that I’d molested a 12 year
old. I thought about Miranda and Carrie, Monica, Aimee, and Bobbie and
their tight little bodies. I thought about prison and a room mate named
Bubba who wanted a ‘wife’. I thought about stabbing my cock into Liz’s
virgin ass, then I remembered Bubba again. I didn’t know what to think.
But one thought kept repeating, ‘I’m a child molester’.

Liz instructed Brandee to put her seat all the way back like mine, then
crawled onto her in a ‘69'. I watched Liz’s tongue dart into Brandee’s
pussy, then Liz lifted her head and looked at me, “Home James, and don’t
step on it.” and went back to Brandee’s Pussy.

I put up seat back in the upright position and drove home. I couldn’t
see much in the dark car, but from the sounds, Brandee had two more orgasms
and Liz had three. I gave the girls a two minute warning as we got close
to Brandee’s house and they scooted around trying to get dressed in the
cramped seat.

As Brandee got out, I started to say something, but changed my mind and
waved as she disappeared into her house.

Just before we got to Liz’s house, I pulled the car to the side, parked
it and looked at her. “I’m sorry.”

“For what?” she asked confused.

“For molesting you.” I said. I’d decided to come clean. I’d admit my
problem and do my time and maybe I could get my life back on track someday.

“Molesting me?” Liz asked, confused. “You didn’t molest me.”

“You’re 14 and I’m 27. That makes it molesting.” I said simply.

“Listen here stupid.” She said hotly. “You did not, I repeat, not
molest anyone. I seduced you. Just like I seduced Brandee, and how I’m
going to seduce Miranda. No one ever has, or ever will molest me unless I
want them to.” she said, starring me in the eye. “Now if you don’t want to
be part of the fun and games, that’s fine, but don’t feel sorry for
yourself and think you’re a molester.”

“My god.” she screamed. “Have you seen Brandee’s tits? I’ve been
planning to have that girl since basketball started. And for the record,
she enjoyed you sucking her tits and giving you a blowjob.”

She reached up, took my hand off the steering wheel and pushed it down
the front of her shorts. I could feel her hot sweaty pussy against my
palm. “We have four more weeks of basketball. Six if we make play-offs and
we probably will. During those six weeks I plan to eat Brandee’s pussy and
Miranda’s pussy and Aimee’s pussy. And Monica and Carrie and Bobbie. And
I plan to fuck my coach a lot. I”d bet that those six hot nymphets will
like fucking their coach too.

You can’t fight it. I gave in. Pushing her shorts off, I pulled her
toward my waiting cock. I needed a good fuck.

“And after that is softball season. You want to coach my fourteen and
under team, twelve beautiful teenagers, dressed in shorts and halter tops,
all sweaty from running around the bases.”

And then, Do you know anything about volleyball...”

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