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Love Lessons


WARNING: This story is a work of fiction that contains descriptions of
explicit sexual acts between females. If this type of content offends you,
or you are under the age of 18, do not read it.

LOVE LESSONS by Candy Kane

My name is Nancy and I'm eighteen. It was Friday night and I was headed
over to my neighbor's house to baby-sit twelve-year-old Cortney and her
girlfriend Lynn while Cortney's mother was away.

I had looked after Cortney before and although I had met Lynn, this was
the first time I would be taking care of the two together. I was getting
paid double so I didn't hesitate when Corney's mother had called.

Both girls were cute: Cortney was tall for twelve with long black hair,
dark eyes, large sexy lips, and plum-sized breasts. Lynn had short blond hair, deep blue killer eyes, a mischievous smile, and a perfect little ass
that nicely filled her usually too-tight shorts.

I knew I was in for an interesting evening the moment I got there. When
I arrived, Cortney's mom was just getting ready to leave. She gave me a
few last minute instructions and took me into the den to tell the girls I
was here. They were lying together on the couch watching a movie; both
wore only T-shirts and panties. What took me by surprise was how they were
positioned. Cortney was on her side with Lynn in front of her. She had
her leg draped over Lynn's hip and her arm was around her girlfriend, her
hand up under the other girl's T-shirt. They smiled at me and said hello
not bothering to hide the fact that Cortney was casually playing with
Lynn's breast.

I tried to hide my surprise realizing Cortney's mom seemed to think
nothing of it. She instructed her daughter not to give me any trouble and
kissed both girls on the cheek. Then she headed for the garage with me

"They sure are comfortable together," I said, not quite knowing how to

"Those two are inseparable," she said picking up her bags. "Cortney's
got the biggest crush on Lynn. They're so adorable the way they can't keep
their hands off each other." She opened the door and headed for her car.
"I'm just thankful they're experimenting with each other and not out with
some boys getting pregnant." She got in the car and started it up. "Have
fun with the girls, Nancy," she said. "See you tomorrow night." With a
wave, she backed out of the drive and was gone.

My pulse raced as I went back into the den. I sat in a chair and
pretended to watch the movie but my eyes kept wandering to the scene on the
couch. I couldn't help but feel moisture forming between my legs watching
the two girls with their smooth, bare legs, tousled hair and arms around
each other.

The movie they watched turned out to have a lot of nudity in it, and in
one scene, two girls kissed. After it was over, Cortney and Lynn announced
they were going upstairs to listen to some CD's. I watched them walk
hand-in-hand up the stairs while I remained in the den. In the past,
Cortney would have made a lot of noise playing her stereo and dancing
around, but that night was unusually quiet. After a while, I got curious
and went up to check on them. The door was slightly ajar and when I peeked
in, I saw them lying on the bed making out. My body quivered at the sight
of those pretty little girls kissing. It reminded me of some sleepovers I
had when I was twelve. My girlfriends and I would "practice" kissing in
anticipation of that first big date with a boy. Sometimes we would get
brave and feel each other up. The first time my best friend put her finger
in me, I thought I had discovered the greatest secret in the world. It was
during those nights of experimentation that I found out I was definitely
into girls as much as I was boys. As I got older, I quickly discovered
that there was nothing like the rush I got from licking a girl.

I knew a lot of girls that were bisexual, and whenever one of us didn't
have a date, it only took a phone call or two to find someone to "sleep
over". Most people had no idea how many girls were doing it with each
other; any girl that didn't try it missed out on tons of fun not to mention
great orgasms. It's almost like girls have a license to have sex with each
other. No one ever seems to give it a second thought when girls hold
hands, hug or dance together. I mean how much more obvious could it be?
Too bad it's different for boys-if they have sex together, everyone thinks
they're queer. But with girls, it's completely different. Lesbianism and
bisexuality are everywhere: magazines, movies, TV, fashion, the Internet.
It's impossible to find an adult movie that doesn't have girl-girl love
scenes. And besides, ask any boy what his number one fantasy is and he'll
tell you it's a three-way with two girls doing him and each other.

There are a lot of bisexual boys around too. Once I double-dated with a
guy named Mike, his friend Jim, and Jim's girlfriend, Linda, who by the way
was really hot. We went to a dance club and I found myself getting turned
on by Linda's sexy dancing. She wore a very short skirt, and while we were
sitting around talking, she casually gave me a couple of revealing glimpses
of what lay between her legs. Once she caught me looking and smiled. I
fantasized what those long legs would feel like wrapped around me.

After we'd been there a couple of hours, our dates started ignoring us,
spending more time talking to their buddies. So Linda and I decided to do
something to get their attention. Holding hands, we walked out onto the
crowded floor and started dancing real dirty, running our hands all over
each other, rubbing our butts together and humping each other's legs. I'll
never forget how erotic it was to see the colored lights reflect off the
wetness on my leg from where Linda had wiped her pussy. I teased her by
rubbing my ass up against her crotch while she reached around and cupped my
breasts, pinching my nipples through my shirt.

I knew we were getting guys hard and girls wet because everyone stopped
dancing and watched us, whistling and yelling for us to do each other right
on the dance floor. I think if we'd had a couple more drinks, we would
have. Even so, the more the crowd got worked up, the nastier we danced,
and the more I realized that Linda was really enjoying turning me on. At
one point, she squatted in front of me, and while she looked up and locked
her eyes on mine, she ran her hands up my bare legs under my mini-skirt and
pulled my panties down. I stepped out of them and squatted in front of
her. Slowly I ran my hands up those firm, tanned legs that seemed to go on
forever. As I pulled her panties down, I made sure my short skirt rode up
and my legs were spread just enough to give everyone in front of me a full
view of my shaved pussy. To the yells of the crowd, Linda and I put each
other's panties to our noses and smelled the crotches. Then I seductively
put hers on me and she slipped mine on. Linda's were soaked and I lifted
my dress and rubbed them to mix her warm juice with mine. Finally the song
finished and we walked arm-in-arm off the dance floor to a huge round of
applause. Linda whispered that my scent drove her crazy and she was dying
to make love to me. A few minutes later, a couple of the girls that had
gotten a good look up my dress made me the same offer. But by then, the
only thing I wanted was what was between Linda's legs.

By now, we had definitely got our date's attention so the four of us
left and went to a secluded beach. In the dark between the sand dunes, we
spread out a couple of blankets. Mike lay on his back and I straddled him,
slipping his dick up inside me. Jim and Linda were lying beside us doing
it the same way. While we let the guys fuck us, Linda leaned over and we
made out. Once we had all come, Jim suggested we change partners. I
thought he meant he wanted to fuck me which would have been fine. But to
my surprise, he moved over and started sucking Mike's dick. It only took a
second before Linda and I forgot about them and were all over each other.
It was intense. After some incredibly deep French kissing, tit sucking and
fingering, Linda straddled my head and rubbed her cunt all over my face. I
didn't know a girl could get that wet. It was the first time I'd eaten
pussy right after a boy had come in it and the combination of the two
flavors was such a turn-on. I quickly got Linda turned around into a
sixty-nine so she could suck Mike's cum out of me. She later told me she
came harder with me than with Jim or any other boy. After that night, we
started dating and having so much fun together. I kept Linda's panties so
I could smell them when I masturbated.

Anyway, back to my story. I slowly opened Cortney's bedroom door and
walked over to the bed. The girls were kissing so passionately that they
didn't hear me come in.

"Nancy!" Cortney said, sitting straight up. "We were just . . . I can

"Relax," I said. "I know what you were doing." I sat on the bed
enjoying the advantage of catching them by surprise. "Hey, when I was your
age, one of the best things abouth sleeping with my girlfriends was making
out. It's perfectly normal and the only way you'll get good at it. And
you two look like you're pretty good."

"So you're not grossed out?" Lynn said.

"No. As a matter of fact, I was thinking that maybe if you want, I
could give you guys some pointers, you know, on kissing and other things. I
could show you how to have lots of fun with each other."

"You would?" Cortney said.

"That would be great," Lynn agreed, clapping her hands as she sat up
beside her girlfriend.

"We were trying to do it like the girls in the movie, but it was a
little awkward."

"There should be nothing awkward about good kissing," I said. "It
should feel wonderful from your lips all the way down to that sweet little
piece of heaven between your legs. And the only way to perfect your
technique is to practice."

"So what do we do first?" Cortney said.

I thought for a moment and then said, "Before we start, you both have to
agree to one rule."

"We agree," Lynn said.

"Yeah, we agree." Cortney wrinkled her nose. "So what's the rule?"

"The rule is: if it feels good, do it."

"We agree," they both said giggling.

"Great," I said, realizing there was a definite increase in moisture
between my legs. "Now the first thing we need to do is learn how to French
kiss. That's where you use your tongue while you make out."

"I told you we were suppose to use our tongues," Cortney said to Lynn
who just shrugged her shoulders.

I leaned over to Lynn and touched her cheek. "Now, lesson number one:
start slow and easy. Close your eyes, open your mouth just a little, and
follow my lead." I lightly pressed my mouth to hers and let the tip of my
tongue trace her lips. Then I slipped my tongue inside and delicately
explored. She tasted so sweet. After a minute or two of soft, sensual
kissing, I coaxed her tongue into my mouth and gently sucked on it bringing
an immediate reaction from her young body. Her breathing increased and she

I didn't want to go too far right away and scare them. My goal was to
get them aroused slowly so that we could move from French kissing to pussy licking.

I pulled away and looked into her eyes. They were already dreamy and
lust-filled. "Now, it's Cortney's turn," I said as Lynn gave me a little
"please don't stop" whimper.

Moving over next to the pretty brunette, I rested my hand on the inside
of her bare leg as I brought my other hand behind her neck gently pulling
her face to mine. She opened her mouth in invitation and we kissed.
Cortney tasted just as sweet as Lynn did, but unlike her girlfriend, she
did not hesitate in slipping her tongue into my mouth. I could hear a cute
little whimper as we kissed, and this time, knowing Lynn was watching, I
slowly stoked Cortney's soft inner thigh letting her know that touching was
part of our lessons.

I made out with Cortney about twice as long as Lynn hoping I had gained
enough of the girl's trust to go further. Finally we stopped, and
Cortney's expression revealed the arousal building inside her.

"Now, it's time for you two to try what you've learned on each other."

I sat back and watched as the two girls kissed, their eyes closed, their
mouths open, and their tongues moving in and out. Without thinking, I
slipped my hand inside my jeans; I was soaked and so horny my pussy ached.
I smiled when I saw Cortney and Lynn start touching and stroking their arms
and legs.

Finally, the two girls stopped to catch their breaths and Lynn said,
"Nancy, this is so much fun. You're a great teacher."

"God yes," Cortney said. "What else can you teach us?"

"If you guys want, I'll show you lots of things you can do together
that'll be fun and make you feel so good. Just tell me you want to and
we'll try some new stuff."

"Hey," Cortney said with a big smile, "we know the rule. If it feels
good, do it."

"Then the first thing we need to do," I said, "is make sure we feel
completely comfortable and relaxed around each other. And I've got just
the way to do it."

"Great," they both said. "What do we do?"

"We'll start by taking a shower together."

"That sounds like fun," Cortney said.

"OK, let's go." I said.

We went into the bathroom and stripped. I couldn't keep my eyes off
their little bare pussies with just a hint of peach fuzz as the girls pulled their panties down. I smiled as I caught them both looking at my
short-cropped pubic hair and puffy outer lips; there was no hiding how wet
I was.

I reached in the shower and turned on the water, getting it nice and
warm. We stepped inside and slid the glass doors shut.

"Now before we start, Cortney, put your arms around Lynn's neck. Lynn,
put your arms around Cortney's waist. Now let me see a sexy hug and kiss."

The two girls pressed their beautiful naked bodies together under the
shower spray and kissed passionately. Their hips moved slowly back and
forth against each other. Instinctively they tried to rub their pussies
together. It was so sensual watching them, knowing their pulses were
starting to race, their bodies heating up, and the insides of the their
virgin pussies getting moist with sweet love juice.

"Okay, girls," I said. They broke their kiss and smiled at me but
continued to hug, pressing their breasts tightly together. "In the next
part of the exercise, you're going to wash each other's backs."

"Sounds like fun," Cortney said.

"There's a catch," I said. "You have to do it while facing each other."

They both gave me a confused look but separated and took a bar of soap
in each hand. "Now, reach around and start washing," I said.

It only took a few seconds before they realized how much touching and
pressing of flesh they were doing by having to reach around each other to
wash their backs. Twice they stopped altogether and stood there with their
mouths locked and their crotches grinding together as they humped each
other's legs. I had to remind them to get back to work.

It didn't take long before they were spending all their attention on
each other's bottoms, sliding soaping fingers up and down their cracks
while they continued kissing.

I ran my hand down Cortney's arm to her hand, guiding her fingertip to
her girlfriend's cute little puckered ass.

"Oh God," Lynn yelped and started giggling at the new sensation as
Cortney's finger worked its way up inside her rectum. "That feels so

"I finger my ass all the time," Cortney said with a big smile. "I've
always wanted to do it to someone else."

They continued to kiss while Cortney rubbed Lynn's bottom and let her
soapy finger slide in and out of the other girl. Then Lynn's gaze drifted
over to me and she saw I had both hands between my legs as I leaned against
the wall masturbating. Her eyes focused on my pussy and I could tell she
wanted to touch it. She motioned for me to come close and as our lips met,
she slid her hand down my stomach to my crotch.

She spread my vagina open and slipped a finger inside, giggling when she
found my clitoris and made me moan.

Cortney now had her other hand between Lynn's legs and was fingering her
friend's pussy and ass at the same time. Lynn's mouth opened as her orgasm
built and she looked deep into my eyes letting me know heaven was only a
few seconds away. I watched the fire of lesbian lust ignite as her young body shook with a wave of sweet girl-love. The climax made her lean her
head back and cry out. I wrapped my arms around both girls and the three
of us kissed and held each other tight as Lynn came off her orgasm.

"God, I've never got off like that before," Lynn said after she'd caught
her breath. With a big smile, she added, "I can't wait to do it again."

"That was just the beginning, sweetheart," I said and planted a wet kiss
on her mouth. "But first we've got to finish our lesson."

Lynn threw her arms around my neck as Cortney hugged me from behind.
"But we're ready now," Lynn said and both girls broke out laughing.

They ran their slippery hands all over me; Cortney rubbing my bottom and
teasing my anus with her finger while Lynn quickly found my throbbing
clitoris and pinched it hard. Lynn's mouth was all over me, her tongue
probing and licking. Cortney slipped her finger inside my bottom and the
two girls giggled when they realized they could feel each other inside me
through the thin wall of flesh separating my vagina and rectum. These two
beautiful little lesbian nymphs had set me on fire. I couldn't wait any

"All right, all right," I said. I was breathing hard and could barely
stand up.

"Yes," said Lynn jumping up and down.

"I want to fuck right now," Cortney said and opened the shower door.
She ran out followed quickly by Lynn who turned around and held her hand
out for me.

"Come on, Nancy," she said with a big smile. She pulled me down the
hall and the three of us, soaking wet, dove onto the bed.

Laughing hysterically, we groped and hugged, kissed and fondled until we
each found a pair of spread legs and a pussy to lick. Suddenly my face was
between Lynn's legs and Cortney was spreading my vagina open with her
fingers. Then I felt her little tongue start licking me and my body
trembled with incredible pleasure. It didn't take long for us to soak the
sheets, not only from our wet bodies but from all the girl-cum that poured
out of us as we brought each other to one orgasm after another. I had
never experienced sex so intense. These little girls took turns sitting on
my face spreading their fresh, young sex for me or laying between my legs
and licked up the river of love honey that flowed out of me. We probed,
licked, kissed and fondled every inch of each other that night and they
finally fell asleep in my arms long after midnight. The morning only
brought more pleasure as I awoke with a warm mouth gently sucking my
nipples and another softly kissing me between my legs. The girls giggled
as they quickly brought me out of a heavenly all-girl wet dream and treated
me to a wonderful morning of delicious lesbian love.

When Courtney's mom finally came home that afternoon, I told her she
would never have to look for another babysitter; I would always be
available for Courtney and Lynn.

She looked at them and said, "You girls must have been really good for

"They were the best," and said, exchanging a knowing smile with my
sweet, little lovers.

"Then how about next weekend," Cortney's mom asked.

"I'll be here," I said. My pussy tingled at the thought. As her mother left the room to take her bags upstairs, Cortney can and put her arms
around my neck, kissing me hard.

"Thanks for the lesson, Nancy," she said, slipping her leg between mine.
"We can't wait until next time."

"We're going to practice real hard until we see you again," Lynn asked
after giving me a very passionate French kiss.

"Remember the rule," I said, holding her small body to mine.

"If it feels good," she said and winked.

"Do it," echoed Courtney, slipping her hand between my legs and giving
my crotch a loving rub.

My little lesbian nymphs walked me to the door and I gave each a last
kiss before I went home. With a smile, I knew they would be practicing
hard all week to get ready for our next night of love lessons.


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