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Love with the Proper Akiko


Love with the Proper Akiko (mc, nc, FF, FD)

By Aerosol Kid <>
Visit me at

The people and events in this story come from my brain, not the real
world. Regardless of what that tells you about my brain, it means
that I'm not writing about you, your mom, your friends, or your friends'
friends. So you can't sue me. Neener neener.

If you're under age in your territory (and you know what I mean), then
read something else.

Note: This is Part 3 of secret agent Akiko Masumi's second serial. It
follows "Akiko in the Afternoon" and "The Trouble with Akiko." You
don't need to read the first series to follow the second, but it helps.
Thanks again to fans of Akiko who've written in. It's nice to know I've
sustained your interest ^_^

(c) 2001 Aerosol Kid

*Tap tap tap tap tap...*

*Hmm? What the fuck's that noise?* Whatever it was, it was right
near my head. I blinked my eyes and wiped the undignified string of
drool from my chin. Pulled at my wrinkled skirt. *Christ, I hate it
when I nod off on the job.* I'd fallen asleep in the SUV with all my
makeup and girly gear on. What a drag. Miyu was curled up in the
driver's seat, snoring softly. And we were still parked near the
entrance of the club, which looked very different in daylight.

*Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap...*

That was something rapping against my window. I rolled down the tinted
glass and the morning sunlight streamed in painfully. A Tokyo cop was
asking me way too many questions way too fast. I picked out "*Nan desu
ka?*" and something about restricted parking from his tirade as I fumbled
through my purse. When I flipped open my Marlin credentials and stuck
them out the window, his mouth snapped shut.

"*Kore wa* stakeout *desu*," I told him flatly, looking I'm sure like a
post all-night raver with my smudged makeup and bedhead. He nodded,
asked me to please have a great day, and vanished.

Miyu began to stir when I rolled the window back up. "Was that the
delivery guy with breakfast?" she mumbled. She stretched like a
month-old kitten, and I couldn't help but glance at her perfectly
presented boobs.

"Just our wakeup call," I groused, fussing with my bangs in the rear
view mirror. "When did we fall asleep?"

She rubbed at her eyes and began to talk and yawn all at once. "The
last thing I remember is you calling in a report, around 0400."

I extracted a couple of pointy barrettes from my hair. "If I'da known
we were gonna crash for four hours, I would've voted for a soft bed."

"I don't mind. I had fun with you. I think." She wrinkled up her
nose, wondering about something. "Let's head in."

"Agreed, only can we please, please please get coffee on the way?"

Once we began to pick our way through the morning traffic, I perked up.
I felt pretty refreshed, for sleeping in a truck. Miyu seemed to feel
the same way: she was humming along to the radio while she drove,
occasionally singing and making cute faces at me. I guessed she was
used to all-night jobs like this. Me, I was used to going in, blowing
shit up and getting out.

I had a weird intuition then, and I dug my *keitai* out of my purse to
call Hinano before really thinking about it. I'd snagged her number
the day before, in case we needed to ask more questions. While I
listened to the cheerful outgoing message, Miyu tapped my knee and
indicated with two fingers that she wanted to bum a cigarette. "Good
morning, Hinano," I said in Japanese, as I tossed my smokes to Miyu.
"This is Agent Akiko Masumi. I just wanted to check on you, to see if
you were okay. Call me if you want." I don't know why I felt so
protective of the kid, all of a sudden.

"I'm sure she is fine," Miyu assured as she lit up. "Don't sweat it,


Back in my little suite at headquarters, it felt *so* good to get out
of those clothes and into the shower. I needed to wash away the marked
fragrance of *eau de girl*, if you know what I mean. I didn't know
who had starred in my dreams during that little power nap, but I must've
shagged them silly.

It was disappointing to see all the dirty clothes in my suitcase, so I
wrapped myself in my bath towel and plopped down on my little bunk. I
hadn't planned on being sequestered here at Marlin on my first day in
town. In fact, I had counted on being able to go apeshit with the
company card at Seibu and Vivre 21 by now. I resolved to bring up the
girl-needs-to-shop issue with the higher-ups.

Alex smiled at my still-wet hair when I hurried into the conference room.
Miyu, Dr. Sato and A.D. Takizawa were also present.

My sisterly confidant from last night was all business. "Masumi-san, I
was just telling the Assistant Director that we did not see the suspect
last night," she informed me in Japanese.

I bowed at the A.D. and took a seat. "I'm afraid so. There weren't a
lot of *gaijin* at that club."

Takizawa nodded seriously, and stood up. "I'm not surprised that you
didn't see her." He closed the blinds on the windows that overlooked
the main entrance hall. "Obviously there is a mole within our
organization," he said, looking at each of us in turn. "Someone is
studying our methods, our technology, our rosters, and even us." That
last bit was directed toward me, and it made me shiver.

Alex perked up. "Any suspects?"

"None at the moment. Every Marlin office in the Pacific Rim has reported
a similar pattern. Seoul, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore...
everywhere. One local 'recruiter' is discovered, but tracking their
movements yields minimal data. We know they all work for the same
people, but we can't find out who they are. Eventually, the suspect
begins to anticipate our actions. And in Masumi-san's case, they even
approach our operatives to taunt them. At this point, we've made no
further progress. No locations, no other suspects, while the young
women continue to disappear."

"They're toying with us," I muttered.

"Indeed," Takizawa agreed. "They reveal the merest fact of their
existence, while they ascertain our weaknesses. The next step for us
is to apprehend Ms. McKenna, or our mole."

It was frustrating. This investigation was going nowhere, and these bad
guys - or gals as the case may be - seemed to be several steps ahead of
us. Somewhere, they were building a hive of slave girls, for reasons
unknown. Marlin, the world's foremost authority on mind control, had
nothing to go on, while more girls like Hinano disappeared. And I
couldn't do my job properly until the idea of going into a trance
didn't dampen my underwear.

I didn't say much for the rest of the meeting. Miyu was told to quietly
assemble a team to root out our double agent. Alex was to take some
operatives out to look for Siobhan. And I got to hang around until Dr.
Sato stuck me in that tanning bed thing again.


I was starting to feel seriously bummed, when my *keitai* vibrated in my
thigh pocket. According to Momo the E-mail Bear, there were two text
messages for me, which I checked discretely under the table (so the
Assistant Director wouldn't see). The first was from Hinano, telling
me how sweet I was to worry about her, and that she was just fine.
The second was from Alex, telling me how cute I looked with wet hair.

While Dr. Sato cautioned us on the latest dangers in the field, I
looked at Alex across the conference table. His wink was almost
imperceptible, but sly. "Flirt," I mouthed, and he was forced to
look away nonchalantly, covering his smile with an "excuse me" fist.

After the meeting, the pretty doctor took my elbow and steered me to
her lab. I wasn't too excited about another turn in the Resistance
Chamber, but it's hard to say no to that pretty lady in the lab coat.
Two boring hours later, she prodded me awake and sent me on my way.

The only thing I accomplished that afternoon was scoring another date
with Alex. In my reply, I begged him to get me out of headquarters,
and I told him I didn't care what we did. He responded swiftly,
telling me to be ready at 1800. The rest of the day I stared at my
office walls, wondering what the fuck I was doing in Japan.


I was on my way to meet Alex, in my very last possible combination of
clean clothes: my white sleeveless vest, khaki shorts and sandals. I
felt out of character, looking like such a Gap casualty, because I
only wore things like this when I traveled. My plan was to test Alex
early in the game to see if the boy could handle shopping with me. I
know, it's a harsh thing to do on a second date, but I couldn't very
well show up for work the next day in my nightgown!

Just as I reached the exit to the Closed Quarters habitat, I heard a
freaky noise. It was some kind of scuffling, which was weird because
I was supposed to be the only person on this entire floor. The noise
came from the suite right near the exit, which was vacant by all

I pressed my ear to the door, and sure enough I heard what sounded
like moaning. Female. And not the good kind. I pulled my piece from
the waistband of my shorts and undid the safety. Counting to three in
my head, I jerked open the door and flattened myself against the wall
next to the doorframe. Before I had a chance to yell "Freeze!" or some
such, a shorthaired girl with caramel skin stumbled into the hallway and
fell onto her back. This sweaty, curvaceous kid was trying to get away,
but her feet just slipped around on the floor. I had to find out if she
was alone, so I darted into the darkened suite and switched on the lights,
but I didn't see anybody there. A careful sweep turned up nada. When I
knelt next to the girl in the hall I could tell right away that she was
dosed with something. Her pupils were enormous, her breathing shallow.
I put a finger to her neck to take her pulse and she groaned weakly.

"Hey babe, relax," I shushed. "Who stuck you in that room?" She
looked like she'd come straight from the gym, judging from the loud
neon sport bikini and the cross trainers.

She swallowed hard and whispered, "*Tasukete...*" Which meant she
needed help. I grabbed her rounded shoulders in an attempt to scoop
her up in my arms, but I dropped her when the dart punched through my
khaki shorts, into my butt. There were two more stings in my back, and
an unwelcome coldness. Alarmingly close to the floor, I had just enough
time to spin around and draw a bead on my assailant, before the dizziness
took hold.

"Miyu?" I wondered, as my vision doubled. She must've hidden herself in
an air duct or something.

My stunning, curly-headed colleague frowned as she holstered her tiny dart
gun. "You are not part of the instructions," she mumbled in English.
"I was only to take Special Agent Akemi Mitsuya." She cocked her head
to one side as if listening for something off in the distance.

My heavy gun slipped out of my fingers as the room started to spin. I
felt my center of gravity tilt, found myself sprawled on top of Special
Agent Hotness. "There isn't much time. I will have to take you both,"
Miyu decided.


I'm afraid I don't remember everything that happened next. My ringing
*keitai* woke me up, and I heard Miyu turn it off and stash it somewhere.
I heard Alex outside in the hall a few times, as Miyu took all my clothes
off in the dark. Small, cold, lubricated things went into my ass, over
my clit and onto my nipples. They began to vibrate fiercely, as
headphones were slipped over my ears.

Next I remember walking to the motor pool, taking a weird route I hadn't
seen yet. I was back in my date clothes, but I was sticky, and the
inside of my head felt like it was stuffed with cotton. Parts of me
twitched involuntarily while I walked between Akemi and Miyu. The only
thing I could make out clearly was the perfume of excited girl, in three
different aromas. Tender parts of me hummed sympathetically as I detected
one scent or another. Other things - Miyu flirting with the guards, using
her keycard at checkpoints, fielding greetings from other operatives -
were all a blur.

Then Miyu was pushing me into the back of a brand new black Mercedes.
Akemi and I lolled around on each other, bare skin clinging to the
black leather upholstery as Miyu piloted the car out of the parking

The last thing I recall is something she said on the phone, once we were
on the road. "That's correct, Miss McKenna, I had to capture the
'divine Miss Masumi' as well. The timetable has been accelerated."


I'm missing three or four days after that. I have no memory of how
they got us to the island, and once there I had no clue where the
fucking island was. (That is, until I heard one of the Violets slip
up and mention "Micronesia," but by then I wasn't really equipped to
do anything useful with the information.)

The first thing I remember is Akemi throwing an ice cube at me. It
struck me lightly on the collarbone and froze a wet trail down my
stomach on its way between my legs. I squealed and looked around,
realized that I was chilling on a deck chair, on a terrace that
overlooked a beautiful beach. The sun was minutes from disappearing
into the sea. Miyu and Akemi were perched on their own chairs, and
we all had these enormous fruity drinks in our hands.

"Hey, *tako*!" Akemi teased. That means she called me an airhead,
even though she literally called me an octopus (tomato, tomahto).
She wrinkled her nose at me, her jet-black bob swishing in the breeze.
"What were you thinking about?"

I looked at Miyu and Akemi in turn, taking in our matching indigo
bikinis - same color, although the styles we wore were different -
utterly floored that I could not remember the last five minutes, five
hours or... anything for quite some time. Then that blankness just
struck me as *funny*, so I giggled and sipped my drink. "You guys, I
can't remember how I got here."

Miyu was incredulous. She rolled her eyes and smacked her forehead
dramatically. "You don't? We went through this three hours ago with
Akemi! When she said she felt like she just woke up?" She shook her
head, laughing.

I blinked at her. "Nope." Akemi just chewed on her thumbnail and
shrugged at me, as if to say she agreed with me but she'd rather just
humor Miyu.

This made Miyu laugh even harder. "No, I promise. We've been sitting
out here all afternoon."

So we just hung out, giggling and sipping, watching the sun dip into
the horizon. Halfway through my drink, I started feeling fabulous.

"Top off that Intransic cocktail for you?" a bubbly voice suggested. I
looked up to see a fetching chinese girl. She had cherry-red dyed hair
tied in pigtails, and a silver tongue stud. Her bikini was yellow, and
that's how I knew she was a servant girl. Right then I remembered that
we were all color-coded according to our rank, based on the visible light
spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). red was the
lowest ranking: those girls were used for very specific, yummy purposes.
Violet was highest, in this... place we were in. And the elusive women in
black were from outside, beyond the rules that we followed here. Too bad
I didn't know why we were here, or who made up these weird rules in the
first place.

But my swimsuit was indigo! As my cute waitress stood by patiently
with her pitcher, I looked down at myself in awe, wondering what
important purpose I served. I could recall dreamy snatches of...
well, my face in dreamy snatches, with hands (mine?) shoved down my
red bikini bottoms. I remembered that everyone's a red when they
first get here. And that you don't ever want to be another color,
when you're a Red.

"Akiko, you really need to snap out of it!" Miyu chided, politely
holding her glass out to the easy-going waitress. "I'm sorry about
my friend, Jasmine, but you know how we all get after these treatments."

Jasmine did this cute curtsy thing and tended to Miyu. "I have no problem
with Lady Akiko," she purred. "She honored me when she was a Red, and
I'd gladly honor her now that she's Indigo." I found myself the pleased
recipient of a Marilyn Monroe wink.

"Let's get together soon and discuss this whole honoring thing," I
suggested, admiring her delightful babyfat roundness.

After a while it got chilly out on that terrace, so Miyu said we should
go inside. That's when I noticed that Miyu wore a simple silver band
around her left arm. A band that gave her rank over Akemi and me. I
felt a little guilty for not remembering this sooner, and said so, but
Miyu was full of good humor and would have none of it. We found
ourselves in a noisy and very upscale club, where a rainbow of swimsuits
partially covered a dazzling array of girl bodies from all over this side
of the planet. There were a few Violets from Indonesia, some Blues from
Singapore and Malaysia, lots of Yellows and Greens from Australia, a good
many Oranges from South Korea and Japan, and more Reds than I could guess
at. For the moment, we were the only Indigos.

Akemi secured a huge couch in a dark corner, while Miyu and I got drinks.
You could order just about any cocktail you wanted here, but instead of
the alcohol you got Intransic. No one seemed upset by this, and from the
way my head hummed I began to see why.

On the way over to Akemi I noticed that most of the other girls graciously
made way for us. Others stared at us from afar, in ways that made me want
to take a whole posse of girls home with me that night. The group of
Violets in the corner weren't giving anyone the time of day.

On the other side of the room, a wee Thai DJ - sporting a Green one piece
and matching baseball cap - spun a loud Breakbeat set. Miyu and Akemi
began an earnest conversation, yelling in each other's ears, so I watched
the girl spin records. The orange and yellow bedecked butts on the dance
floor weren't bad, either. Maybe there wasn't any liquor in my drink,
but that Intransic stuff was getting me totally hammered. Soon, I was
just as enamored of the music and the skin as if I were drunk, but without
the loss of motor control, or the tendency to listen to my high school
records real loud and cry.

I was a little miffed at Akemi and Miyu. They were totally involved in
their conversation, leaving me to sit all by my lonesome at the end of
the couch. They seemed to be arguing, but I couldn't hear a thing they
were saying.

There was a television mounted up on a nearby column. The sound was
turned down, but without anyone to talk to I watched anyway. It was
tuned to a news channel, which was mundane enough, except the anchorwoman
wore a *wicked* green vinyl dress, and the reporters wore green bikinis
and sarongs. The KLN logo in the lower right corner of the screen was
one I'd never seen before. I guessed it was a local island station.
Then I saw the strangest ad: four red Tokyo girls, out on the town,
sporting white soft drink cans that bore an enigmatic rainbow logo.
They giggled, flashed peace signs, then the slogan "Intransic >> We're
Sopo-rific!" appeared over the freeze frame. I'd never seen *that*
commercial on NHK.

Then the most adorable Green in the room crossed my line of sight.
Because of the different nationalities on the island, almost everyone
spoke English, and this Japanese girl spoke it with an Australian accent.
"Excuse me, milady, am I disturbing you?" Her blue eyes (contacts,
natch) twinkled with excitement.

I checked out her tan, her childlike smile, and her long, platinum
blond hair. "I hope so," I invited, patting the couch next to me.
She wiggled her way into the spot between Miyu and me, brazenly
pressing against me as she did so. I guess she figured she'd already
gotten the invitation.

Once settled, she stroked her chin and regarded me, blue eyes sparkling.
"And what can I do for you this evening, Miss..."

I slipped my arm around her and pressed a kiss to her lips. When I
pulled away she was awestruck and breathless. "Akiko," I answered,
smiling at her loss of poise.

She continued to labor for composure. "What a coincidence," she
remarked absently. "'Akiko' is my trigger word for the evening. You
see, I'm a gift to you from Lady Ophelia." She pointed to a Violet I
hadn't noticed before at the bar: a pale, prim-looking chinese girl who
gave me the prom-queen wave.

I was giddy and confused all at once. What had I done to deserve such
a gift from a superior? And something about this Ophelia jarred me out
of my blissful Intransic buzz. I couldn't remember how I got here, but
I *did* remember being at work, in Tokyo, doing something very important,
before Miyu-

"My name's Nina," said my blond gift. "Which, I'm told, is your trigger
word as well."

"Yes, it is," I mumbled, falling deep into her faux blue eyes.

"Lady Ophelia is very pleased with your progress," Nina said into my ear,
over the music. The proximity of her mouth, and the slight cigarette
rasp of her euphonious alto as she recited her lines made me want to
curl up in her arms all night. "She knows how disorienting the Indigo
training sessions can be." She slipped an arm around me, and I leaned
against her heavily. "You may be remembering your life before you came
to the Initiate Island. And I've been given the sublime honor of helping
you to forget."

There we sat for what seemed like forever, nuzzling each other on that
couch. Like they say about M & M's: what is it about the green ones?
Nina just let me drift along, about eight miles out of my head. That
is, until Miyu poked me and said, "Are you going to play with your new
toy or just cuddle her, Akiko?"

"Huh?" I turned to look at Miyu, who was kneeling in front of me. I
could see right down her bikini top. She laughed softly, shot a glance
at Akemi, then took my hands in hers. "Let's take this party back to
your place," she said, pulling me to my feet.

"My place. Yes."

The walk down the boulevard to the Indigo quarter was long, but pleasant.
Nina clung to me almost as tightly as my bikini, while Akemi and Miyu
kept "accidentally" stumbling into us, giggling all the while.

I had no idea where the fuck I was, but Miyu guided our troupe to one
of the bungalows and grabbed my wrist. She planted my palm on a raised
Mylar panel near the door, which caused a pleasant chime. The door
clicked open, and the welcome chill of air conditioning beckoned. As
we moved inside, muted halogen lights flared to life around us. My
feet continued to take me into the living room, until I bumped into a
coffee table and stopped.

"You live here?" Nina asked, incredulous.

"Yes, it's Akiko's," Akemi answered on my behalf. "We were just assigned
to Indigo yesterday, and we each got our own place!"

"This is a far cry from my dorm," Nina gushed. As she wandered around
my new pad, her enthusiasm roused me a little. I had an ocean view
from the balcony, a kitchenette, a big bed with a plush duvet... Yup,
this was pretty swank. I could just barely recall living in a barracks
a few days before.

"A-ki-ko," Miyu sang from the bedroom. "I don't understand how this
works. Would you show me?"

Her voice lured me like a magnet. Miyu waited on my bed, fanning
herself with a remote control unit. For some reason, she put me in
mind of the starlets in old black and white movies. There was something
about that come-hither look of hers, and the way her permed locks spilled
chaotically from the indigo scrunchy on top of her head. She drank in my
adoration for a beat, before holding the remote out to me. My fingers
must've known something I didn't, because I tapped on the keypad like I'd
used the thing every day of my life. The halogens dimmed, and this
wonderful, shimmering mood lighting took over. It was kind of a subtler,
sexier version of a disco ball, with pulses of light spinning clockwise
around the bedroom. I futzed with the remote a little more and some
dreamy ambient music faded in. I didn't know it at the time, but it
was chock full of subliminals that we'd all been conditioned to, which
probably explains the crazy shit that happened next.

Remote in hand, I crawled into bed with Miyu, who wasted no time groping
me. Akemi pounced on the empty space at my other side, causing a little
seismic event in Bedland. Then I spied Nina, watching us from the doorway,
one foot slightly raised from the floor. She wanted so badly to join us,
but she couldn't tell if she was allowed.

"What about my bee-yoo-teeful Nina?" I whined between my tactile colleagues.

Akemi rose up on one elbow, pouted and started to undo my top. "You can
play with your new toy later. What about your Indigo sisters?"

I had a weensy little convulsion at the prospect of being double-teamed
by Akemi and Miyu. And at that point, I was so spaced out that nothing
was going to get me off that bed. Still, I couldn't leave poor Nina
hanging like that. "Don't be mean to her," I warned, but it sounded
more like a tantrum than a threat.

"Awwww," soothed Miyu as she stroked my hair. "Don't worry. It's your
place, and we are guests." She turned to Nina, who still stood uneasily
in the doorway. "Nina, come, sit." She thumped the edge of the bed.
Nina smiled and eagerly took her place. "We're going to borrow your
Lady for a while, but we promise we won't wear her out, so she'll still
want to play with you later, okay?" Nina nodded brightly. "Good. See
that chair over there? I want you to sit in it, and go to sleep until
Akiko wakes you."

Nina marched dutifully to the comfy chair in the corner and seated
herself. Her eyes slipped shut, her head drooped forward, and her
chin met her collarbone as a spill of blond hair cascaded down her
chest. The kid was good at following directions.

Satisfied, I turned to thank Miyu, and caught her sharing a grave
look with Akemi. She noticed I was looking at her, so she put on
another coy expression. "Poor little Akiko," she marveled, as Akemi
tossed my liberated bikini top onto the floor. "You have no idea
what's going on, do you?" I frowned at her as the cold air worked its
magic on my chest. Then she buried her face in my hair, nuzzling until
she found my ear. "Let's put on a real show for the cameras," she
whispered hotly.

I sucked in air through my teeth, awestruck by Miyu's boldness. Homegirl
was all over me, covering my neck and arms with kisses and licks.
Then she knelt over me, right next to my head. She kissed me like she
meant it, while her long curls tickled me all over.

Akemi worked the other half of my swimsuit down my hips, until I was
able to use a toe to slide it off. Then she pushed my legs apart and
took up residence between them. Soon Miyu sucked one pair of lips
while Akemi slurped on the other, which was a first for this secret
agent. At least as far as I can remember.

I wanted to squeal, only Miyu was doing a tonsil inspection, so I grabbed
for her shoulders, but she was busy trying to get out of her bikini.
She grunted an apology as she groped behind her back for the clasp.
When she couldn't find it, she took my bottom lip between her teeth and
moaned her frustration. I squeezed my thighs around Akemi's head for
leverage and rose up off the bed. Slid my arms around Miyu's bony back,
detected the offending clasp, and *snick*, there was suddenly more hot
bare skin available to me. Akemi waited for me to lie back down and
release my death grip on her head, then she did something indescribable
to my clit.

When I came to, I felt warm and dreamy all over. I just love endorphins.
Guess the orgasm overloaded my circuits a bit. I'm glad I woke up when I
did, because I was treated to a view of Miyu's milky-pale thighs lowering
onto my face. She was straddling my head, facing my feet, so the logistics
were tricky: my nose kept slipping into her very wet folds (and it was in
constant danger of slipping into her asscrack), but my lips had plenty to
do. Miyu shivered and moaned over me, and Akemi rubbed her fabulous tits
on my inner thighs while she rested her cramped tongue. Make no mistake;
I was getting the full service treatment from these gals.

Miyu carefully fucked my face from her precarious straddle. I licked
and slurped and sucked as if my life depended on it, but she couldn't
quite get there. I reached up and grabbed her waist, pulled her down so
she was kneeling over me with her head down on my tummy. As the blood
rushed back into her thighs, I pulled her hips over my ears and tongued
her as deeply as I could without personal injury. She choked, then
gushed unintelligible noises. Her legs gave out and she collapsed onto
me. I was *mui* okay with that, but it took a minute or two to shimmy
out from under her. I left her face down on the bed, and she keened
drunkenly into the duvet for like, five minutes while Akemi and I made out.

Akemi... If Miyu was my naughty Merchant Ivory girl - all porcelain skin
and curls and Cupid's bow mouth - then Akemi was all my cheerleader
fantasies come true. She was five foot five of caramel curvy goodness,
and she put in enough gym time to harden that bod of hers, but not enough
to melt away her curves. Or her impressive bust size. Now that she
had demonstrated her phenomenal pussy-eating skills, I resolved to
appreciate every hill and valley of her body with my tongue. When I
could stop frenching her mouth, that is. *God, those pouty lips...*

"Mmm," she said, by way of breaking the kiss. I pulled away for some
much needed air, while she reached over to poke at Miyu's butt.
"Should we wake her?" she asked slyly.

"Miyu had her fun," I told her. "Now it's your turn." I impressed
myself with the speedy way I peeled off her bikini, then I semi-gently
pushed her onto her back. Hesitating briefly at the sight of her
glorious physique, I slipped an arm under her and took one of her hard
brown nipples between my teeth. She gasped and twitched, but arched
her back, pressing her boob into my mouth. With my other hand I parted
her thighs and easily slipped a finger inside her. She'd had more than
enough time to get nice and turned on, and we'd been marinating in that
sneaky music for God knows how long. So I began to fingerbang her with
great enthusiasm, occasionally teasing her stiff nipples with my tongue.

She had that look people get when they've either got the worst heartburn
ever or they're getting the shagging of their life. Her mouth was open
in a perpetual "ah" while she ground against my fingers. Her body was
taut as piano wire.

"Hey, how 'bout breathing?" I suggested, kissing her until she sucked in
some much needed air. Her thighs relaxed a little around my wrist, so I
mercilessly redoubled my efforts. This made Akemi go wild. She
struggled up onto her elbows and stared at my frenetic hand between her

"Oh! Oh?" she cried, before collapsing onto her back in shudders and
sighs. She sounded like she was crying. I stopped strumming her and
licked my fingers. Soon I was alone with three sleeping girls in my


An hour later I just couldn't stand watching Nina sleep any longer. I
was about to shake her awake, when Miyu murmured, "Don't. Not yet."

She rolled over, sat up, yawned and stretched. Mussed up her already
impressive case of sex hair. Then she poked Akemi with a toe. When
Akemi opened one eye at her, she put a finger to her lips, then flicked
her eyes toward the sliding balcony doors. Akemi nodded, then got up to
visit the bathroom. Miyu grabbed a blanket and slipped outside onto
the balcony. I had no idea what was going on between those two, but I
was curious enough to leave Nina alone and go to the balcony.

It was way too cold to be standing naked outside in the gusty sea air.
The wind and surf were loud, but the moon was pretty. When Akemi joined
us moments later, Miyu wrapped the three of us up tightly in the blanket
together: a three-girl burrito.

"Akiko, we need to talk," Miyu said, shivering. "I'm pretty sure they
can't hear us out here, but stick to Japanese."

"Who're they?" I wondered. The ocean was lovely at night.

"The people who abducted us and brought us here," Akemi hissed. "They
have cameras all over the place."

"Huh?" I asked.

Miyu huddled closer to us and kissed my cheek. "Poor, sweet Akiko.
You haven't come out of the conditioning yet. I wish you hadn't found
us the other day, when I was taking Akemi, or you wouldn't even be here.
Not yet." She sighed. "At least this way we were able to keep an eye
on you."

Akemi nodded. "You probably won't understand anything we tell you
right now, but you'll get it later on."

"So just listen," Miyu said. "You, me, Akemi, we're Marlin agents.
We were in Tokyo working to find these people and stop them, but we
were compromised. There's no time to explain how, but we were taken
to this island, where we've been conditioned nonstop for five days now.
Akemi and I were trained for this, so we can fight it. We can't resist
totally, and if they work on us enough, we'll break, but for now Akemi
and I are trying to find a way out of here."

"You're leaving?" I asked.

"*We're* leaving, Akiko," Akemi said. "The three of us. But you're not
in any shape to help us. Miyu and I will try to find a way out, or a
way to communicate with headquarters."

"If something happens to us..." Miyu faltered, looked at Akemi.
"You're on your own, Akiko. Try to help us if you can, but get
yourself the hell out of here."

I tried to follow what they were saying, but it just sounded so dull.
Like your parents talking about taxes when you're six years old.
"What about Nina?"

Miyu ignored me, choosing to unwrap the blanket from around us.

A few minutes after dressing, Miyu and Akemi headed out, all false
smiles and giggles for the cameras. But before they left my porch,
they each flashed me that serious look once more.

"Bye guys!" I waved. "See you in the morning!"

"*Domo!*" they chorused. Then, arm in arm, they set off down the street.

I shut the door, a little confused. Why were they so upset, after
such yummy sex? *Oh well,* I shook my head as I padded back to the
bedroom. *Maybe they're sad that they didn't get a Green girl of their
own to play with.*

I shivered with excitement as I approached her. She looked so edible,
and the night was young. "Wake up, my Nina," I whispered, stroking
her hair.

To Be Continued

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