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Loyal Daughter 1


Loyal daughter (Part 1 of 4)
By cowgirl & Orestes

This work is copyright (c) 2000 by cowgirl. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as the author's byline and e-mail address and this
paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post this
story to any web site without permission from the
author. All other rights reserved. No alteration of the
contents is permitted.


I always suspected something....well...." weird" was
going on between my mother and Tina. I just never
expected anything like - Okay, that's not exactly
true... I mean, I'd be lying if I didn't admit to
seeing some of it coming, but later it just got so -


I shouldn't skip ahead.

My names Amy and I'm fourteen. Ever since the divorce,
I think mom has felt her power over me slipping away,
which is only natural, since I'm practically an adult
and very mature for my age! My mother is the Vice
President of the Board of Education for the whole
district and is a work-aholic, but at home, she's
another story. She's always whining after me to me to
do boring chores around the house, and trying to set
dumb limits on my curfew and stuff, which is the real

The problem is, she wont make me stick to it!

She's such a big shot at work that you'd think she'd be
able to tell me what to do, but she just wont. I mean,
she tries sometimes, blabs on and on endlessly, but
when push comes to shove, I can always count on
Mom to cave, leaving me to pretty much do as I want.

Not that I'm lazy! I have plenty of other stuff to do
what with school, friends, boys, video games and other
junk like that!. I * would * work, It's just...
what's the point? Since mother's obviously happier
sputtering along behind me cleaning up and complaining,
no matter * how * much she may squeak otherwise!

My Mom's in her late thirties and has no social life
(this is why she must try to ruin mine! < grrrr >)
Mommy dresses....well, like a Mom! She never dates or
even thinks of herself that way. I try to encourage
her, because I'd do * anything * to loosen up her tight
ass! She's maybe five pounds heavier around her bottom
than she'd like to be, but she's got a pleasant face
and I've seen guys gawking at her C- sized chest, which
kinda pisses me off, since my boobs are...well...coming

So... Tina...

The first time I heard mom talk about Tina is was
because she was coming to work with mom at the Board of
Education office. She was seventeen, and had to
complete her mandatory work experience to graduate. Her
school couldn't get her a placement anywhere else
because she had a reputation - (whatever that means)!
Mom wouldn't say anymore, lecturing school files are
supposed to be confidential,

but something about Mom's tone made me suspicious...

So the school dumped her at the Board of Education
office. It kind of serves mom right too, getting stuck
with all the bad kids, because it was probably my dumb
Mommy who made up the stupid policy for mandatory work
experience in the first place! So mom had brought the
whole thing on herself, in a way.

And mom started to complained about Tina endlessly too!
Tina this and Tina that! mom worked herself into a fit
bitching about her! Sometimes to tears, and this was
only their first week together too!

Something had to break -

A few days later, mom stopped complaining, and got very
quiet, refusing to talk about Tina at all. She came
home in tears, and then looking blank and exhausted.

Totally weird.

Then one morning mom started talking nicely about Tina,
like how she was a smart girl, and a good role model
and all that -blah,blah,blah! She even started blabbing
about how much of a good influence Tina would be on me,
and how much she would like it if we became friends.
There was no way that I wanted my mom choosing my
friends for me (ick!), but she was just so insistent
about it that she finally wore me down and I agreed to
have Tina over. I had no idea why my mom seemed so
relieved and happy about it.

All I could do is wait and see what a loser mom was
setting me up with.

Boy was I wrong. Tina was one of those people who could
get away with almost anything. She's gorgeous. She has
red frizzy hair and a bod to kill for! She wears all
sorts of cool and sexy clothes that I could never pull
off! Tina became like an older sister and we hung out
together a lot and she let me borrow clothes and stuff,
even though mom grimaced through her smiles, she said
nothing to our faces.

Even though Tinašs only a teenager, she acts much more
mature, and I have to admit that I've kind of in awe of
her. She has the most amazing body, and I felt
embarrassed when Tina would catch me staring at her,
and was more surprised when I'd catch mom doing the
same! I thought mom wanted me and Tina to be friends,
and was pissed at her for edging me out.

I was starting to fear that mom was stealing my friend!
Tina wasn't as friendly with mom as she was with me,
but their connection seemed stronger and deeper, plus I
was sure they talked privately at work behind my back,
which made me feel jealous and left out! Tina seemed to
notice this, and eased the tension by secretly assuring
me she liked me lots better.

But the weird part is, I got the weirdest gut feeling
that the more time mom spent with Tina, and the more
Mom rushed around to please her...

...the more mother secretly resented her presence in
out lives,

and even maybe.....

.....hated her.

But this made no sense. Why would mother go to all this
trouble? Making Tina such a part of the family? It
didn't make sense. Something was * up * all right!

By now, I was getting used to the weird vibe between
Mom and Tina. Like the first few times Tina was over,
Mom was so eager for us to get along, and for
everything to be perfect. It was almost like Tina's
approval was growing more important to mother than I
was. I guess she didn't get enough of Tina at

" If you girls need anything, just let me know, " she
said, as she brought us a couple of cokes. " I'll just
be in the next room, honey."

For the rest of the night, she just fluttered about,
making us snacks, and checking if everything was okay.
It was a bit embarrassing, actually. It just got
stranger from there.

The next time Tina was over, mom cooked dinner for us.
Not just one of those easy microwave dinners, either,
but a full roast chicken dinner, with all sorts of side
dishes. She was so anxious to make it perfect, that
must have worked 8 hours on it! Then just as we all sat
down to eat ?

Tina said it looked boring and asked if I wanted to
grab some burgers instead ?

My eyes darted to Mom, and though here eyes were wet,
she forced a phoney smile. I noticed she wasn't invited
either. Tina got me laughing at Mom's expression in the
car, and then we ate like burgers in the parking lot.
When we returned, I saw mom hadn't eaten and was still
standing where we'd left her! This made me feel
somewhat guilty, But Tina and her had a private talk,
so I guess it was okay. mom even insisted on doing all
of the dishes too, which was cool for me, because
normally that's something she' d have nagged me to do.

Over the next week, I could see what a pushover mom was
becoming. I was kind of used to it, but it felt funny
too, because I didn't like to see what a doormat she
was becoming. I mean, she * is * my mom after all. She
kept on inviting Tina over, and then sort of lingering
around while she was there. For some reason, she seemed
almost jealous when we were together just giggling, and
hanging out or watching a movie on TV.

It gave me the creeps, Mom's jealousy act.

By the second week, I could see that Tina was really
taking advantage of the situation. Like, my mom would
never have allowed anyone to smoke in the house, but
when Tina lit up one day, mom just raced around the
house to find her an ashtray. I know she didn't like it
at all, and it got stupid when because me and mom kept
coughing all evening, but mom didn't say anything. I
couldn't believe Tina didn't catch my pouts to mom to
say something, but mom just kept rushing over to flick
the ashes off Tina's cigarette when Tina would grunt.

What a wimp. And what a load of crap about Tina being a
good influence. It got to the point where when Tina
came over, we would order pizza on Mom's credit card,
and stay up all night watching movies that I * know *
Mom didn't approve of. Tina even convinced mom to let
us drink some beer while we hung out. mom looked
horrified and I was sure she would explode at both of
us for a Moment, and part of me longed for that,

But mom Just got this plastic smile on and finished
painting Tina's toenails. I felt a bit guilty about it,
but I was also enjoying my new freedom and punishing
mother for her Insipid passivity!

By now we all definitely knew that something was odd
going on, but nobody spoke of it! Sometimes, when mom
might even seem like she was going to stand up for
herself, Tina would give her a certain look, and mom
would shrink back down. It was a creepy feeling, to see
Mom just giving us girls whatever we wanted, but a rush
like I've never known, and was now only dying of
curiosity to find out what leverage Tina held over

Anyhow, one day I came home early because there was a
false bomb threat at school, and I saw that Mom's car
was in the driveway, which is unusual, because she
doesn't come home from work until much later.
After the divorce, mom hadn't allowed herself too many
luxuries. But the one thing she did was buy herself a
nice red sports car, and she loved it to death.

There was no way that she would ever have let * anyone
* else drive it. But now she was letting Tina borrow
it sometimes, which really sucked, because I knew that
Mom wouldn't ever have lent it to me. So now, I didn't
know if mom was really home, or if Tina had just
borrowed the car and was over for a visit.

When I came in, I looked around for mom or Tina.
Actually, they were both home, but I thought it was
really strange that their voices were coming from MY
ROOM of all places.

"But Tina, she's supposed to empty and fill the
dishwasher after school, make her bed in the morning,
and help me clean her room on Saturday mornings before
going out with friends. Is that too much to ask?" my
mother whined.

"How do you expect Amy to do her chores when you have
to be nagged and scolded to do the chores that I set
out for you, Debbie?" Tina said firmly.

I was surprised as I'd never heard anyone call my
mother 'Debbie'. Only Deborah, or Ms. Steven's

I leaned in for more clues. I peeked around the corner
and my jaw dropped. I saw my mother on her knees
surrounded by my junk on the floor. I felt guilty and
knew she was right. My room looked like crap. But that
wasn't what made my jaw drop. mom was only dressed in
her underwear, bra, and high heels. Tina stood before
her fully dressed, her arms folded across her chest.

What kind of twisted game were they playing ?

"We've been over this before little missy. The only
reason you're one step ahead of your daughter, is that
I'm always here cracking your whip, right?" Tina said.
There was silence and only my mother's breath, which
was now loud enough for me to hear from the side
hallway. I stared in awe at this bizarre site, which
made me feel like I had butterflies tickling the bottom
of my tummy.

" Okay but..." mom argued, " leaving aside her bedroom
for a moment, Amy already agreed to not leave her
things all over the house like her clothes, half empty
Coke cans, books, papers. I don't see why she can't
carry these things to the laundry, the kitchen, or
wherever they belong. "

"That's an excellent idea Debbie. But while your mouth
is complaining about all this, let's see that cute
little butt of yours scamper around and put away all
this stuff in it's proper place, is that clear?" My
mother started picking up my smelly clothes and junk
food and CD's off the floor at Tina's command and
breathing harder and harder.

" Oh yes, and do keep bitching about your daughter,
that seems to get you friskier, doesn't it? Besides, it
amuses me." Tina was mocking my mother. Tina kept
swatting Mom's ass with a rolled up magazine as my
mother desperately tried to clean my room.

The swats to mother's behind seemed to make her jerk a
little, but otherwise she just kept working away. I
felt sad and angry that she'd agree to this, and knew
it was all my fault for keeping my junk around. But I
was also feeling warm and strange in a way that boys
usually only made me feel.

" She's supposed to sort her own laundry for the wash
and fold and put away her clothes when they're dry. "
My mother's voice was weepy and pathetic.

"Occasionally I also ask for her help on a project
above and beyond her assigned duties, but that seems to
be completely unbearable to her. "

Mom was on her knees, picking up clothing from the
floor. Tina looked so amused by Mom's complaints. From
behind, Tina raised her foot to in between Mom's legs,
and into her crotch. She laughed as my mother got
distracted, and dropped an armful of laundry. First,
Mom began to move her hips slowly, and then bizarrely
the began riding Tina's foot like a damned horsey! I
was besides myself watching this horrid and disgusting
display, yet unable to turn away. I couldn't decide if
Mom was suffering or in ecstasy.

" C'mon little Debbie, what ELSE does your ungrateful
daughter do?"

" Well..... she certainly expects me bail her out.
She's always bossing me do to this or that for her. Is
a fourteen year old daughter's respect for her mother
too much to ask?"

" Yes it is, but go on anyway..." Tina smirked and my
jaw hit the floor as my mother started humped her
Tina's leg. I blinked several times, not believing it!

" Amy also acts terribly persecuted when I give
consequences for her not doing things And then expects
me to fork over money for stuff she wants, or do her
favors like driving her to her girlfriends' houses or
dropping her at the mall or... "

" Poor, poor Debbie, " Tina finally cut her off.

" I guess you'd better just get down and kiss your
daughters stuck up little ass, as if you aren't
already!" Tina was now rubbing herself between her legs
while saying this. They were both getting excited from
this nasty game.

Mom crawled around behind Tina, while Tina pulled up
her skirt and bent forwards. My mom was actually going
to do it ! She was going to kiss Tina's ass while the
teenager just kept on mocking her.

" Poor Witto Debbie... always complaining about her
stuck-up daughter, but this is where she always ends up
in the end, kissing her ass, huh ?

" I think Debbie Webbie * likes * it that way, doesn't
she ? " Tina smirked.

I could see that mom was kissing and licking Tina's ass
through her panties. How degrading ! Then Tina reached
back, and pulled down her panties so that mom could
really lick her private parts for reak. All the while
she just kept on talking. " This is who you really are,
isn't it ? You were born to be brown nosing younger
girls. "

My ears were burning, and the butterflies in my stomach
were out of control. I felt queasy and didn't wanna
hear anymore. mom was now licking and sucking at Tina's
ass like she was really into it. Every word from Tina
made her breathe even harder.

" This is where you belong Debbie, although your too
gutless to admit it. Whenever Amy walks all over you,
you secretly wanted this... to be on your knees,
licking and sucking your daughter's prissy little ass.
That's what you wanted, ISNT IT ?"

Tina pulled her butt away from Mom's face to get an
answer. I wanted to throw up I was so rattled, mom was
shaking real bad, but for a different reason.

Mom was about to speak, but I bolted out of the house
before I could hear her answer.


Look for part 2 of this story coming within a week

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