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Loyal Daughter 2


Loyal daughter part 2 (of 4)
By cowgirl & Orestes
This work is copyright (c) 2000 by cowgirl. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as the author's byline and e-mail address and this
paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post this
story to any web site without permission from the
author. All other rights reserved. No alteration of the
contents is permitted.

My mind raced all day at school with the weird scene
I'd seen last night. I could hardly wait as school got
out and riding the bus home, I kept flashing back to
mom, my mom, and Tina! It scared me too. I couldn't
fathom why mom would even agree to get * down * on her
knees and seemed to enjoy complaining about me! There
was no denying it, mother and Tina were into an area of
weirdness I couldn't - and didn't want to- understand!

As I came home I looked at mom sitting there reading
magazine on the couch - looking as normal as ever. She
was wearing a off the shoulder blouse and cut off while
she twirled a strand of her hair absent mindedly. It
was like none of it even happened! mom grunted "how
was school" and I grunted an obligatory response,
storming up to my room closing the door, and landing on
my bed to figure out with the butterflies had returned
when looking at mom again.

I looked at myself in the wall mirror. Was there
something wrong with me too?

I laid on my back and unsnapped my pants, staring at
the ceiling. What's the deal with Tina? I wondered. Why
did * she * get to act that way in front of mom? I
could never get away with talking to mother like that,
plus I had to do all sorts of stupid crudely chores
and stuff! Just cause she's older? Did mom like her

I let my fingers drift down and disappear into my
underwear. It was no big deal, I just did it sometimes.
I frowned, then remembered something I overheard Tina

"Kissing your own daughters butt."

I mouthed the words silently, fearful to say them

I heard a the door open a sliver and jerked upright in
fear! But it wasn't mom, only my kitty cat, Moose
(stupid name , I know). I sighed in relief! I cursed
that mother wouldn't allow a lock on my door! My mood
broken, I crept downstairs, but only found mom sitting
in the same spot, reading. I quietly watched her from
the hall, then became embarrassed that I'd forgotten to
re snap my pants when I left my bedroom! As I quietly
snapped them, I was deep in thought, watching mother.

Maybe if I approached mom like Tina does? But if I
pissed her off I could be grounded for months! She
would too! Moms not good at day to day discipline, but
if she's steamed, shell really lay into my butt!!!

Even talking stuff like Tina does was playing with
dynamite! I couldn't risk that.

I screwed up my courage and threw out Tina's name to
see how it floated. Besides I needed to feel out Tina
on all this.

"Mom, I thought I'd go see Tina tonight, okay? Can you
give me a ride?" I asked. mother stopped reading for a
second and I felt her pause, but she didn't look up.

"Uh....Tina? why in the world do you wanna see her?"
Mom asked, returning to her magazine.

"Moooommmm - I * thought * you wanted us to be
friends?" I sighed impatiently.

"Okay - but Tina's nearly a grown up honey! I'm sure
she has better things to do - "

"Mother - I already called her! She said its fine." I
lied. I figured Tina would cover for me when mom
dropped me off - * if * she dropped me off!

Mother's voice sounded...funny. There was tension in
the air and I got instant butterflies inside as mom
dropped her magazine and looked up, squeaking. "She
said that?"

"uh huh." I smirked, savoring the moment.

There was another pause.

"Well....not 'till you clean up your * room * young
lady!" I sighed in disappointment as her old mom voice
returned, as she continued.

"And I also need you to go through your old clothes
too! We need to see what tops you've grown out of. Come
with me and well try stuff on so I know what to throw
out - " mom reached out for my hand but I jerked it

"Mom, geeezzzz - do we really need to do that * right *
now? Gimme a break!!!"

She folded her hand on her hips, all serious like.
"Well, somebody's not taking one step out of this house
until I can see at least some proof that there * is * a
carpet through the piles of clothes and half eaten -
god knows what - that litter your room!"

If she hadn't have been so pissed, I'd have even
thought she looked pretty, standing there in her blouse
and cut offs, hair teasing across her face and
shoulders, giving me shit like that! I loved my mom,
but she really was compulsive sometimes!

"Mother - your, like, * totally * exaggerating now! " I

"You wanna be, like, * totally * grounded for 3 weeks?"
she shot back.

"...because I wont try on stupid old blouses I already
know I've grown out of OR for not picking up a few
things in my room? * That's * what you'd ground me
over???" I said not believing my ears. I stepped closer
to her and tried to say confidently...

"Your bluffing."

"Try me."

We glared at each other in silence. I couldn't figure
out why mom was making me stand * here *, over this
stupid point! I was beginning to think I was * way *
in over my head, and had a nightmarish image of myself
grounded every Saturday night, doing the dished 'till I
was thirty fucking six!

It was time to bail, and save my own hide! But to my
utter horror, these words cam drifting out of my mouth,
beyond my control!

"Mom, it was Tina's * suggestion * I come over! Am I
gonna have to CALL her ?"

A thousand emotions flickering across Mother's face.

I knew I was probably dead. I'd crossed that line, and
we both knew it.

Mom stepped within a few inches of my face looking down
at me. Somehow, mother looked angry and frightened all
at once!!! I looked up at my mother and swallowed
dryly. I remembered how she used to ride me on her back
as a little girl. We played like she was my doggie. It
was fun. Those days seem a million
miles away tonight.

Mom put her arm on my shoulder, but instead of killing
me on the spot, she guided me firmly toward down the
hall to my room.

"March." She ordered.

And I did.

No matter how I rebelled, with a single word suddenly
she was * mommy * all over again. I swallowed my anger
and was both humiliated and relieved to lose this
round! As we entered my room, I sighed. It * was * a
mess! I wanted to cry as more anger and shame boiled
inside me. Also butterflies. Always those damned

Mom led me over to pile of blouses in the corner. She
picked up a half - eaten piece of pizza, and held it to
my face, saying nothing!

It was gross! I looked away, embarrassed.

" Okay....forget Tina. Could I just go to a movie with
Sandra from down the street? Or could your just drop me
at the mall? " I pathetically whispered

Mom's face softened for a moment.

Mother shook her head in exasperation. "Jesus honey-
What's so god damned awful about picking up after
yourself once in a blue moon?".

"I dunno..." I shrugged.

She sighed.

Mother picked up a blouse. A stupid orange one with
silly little frills that made me look like I was about
nine years old! We both knew I was too small to fit
into anymore. It was part of the punishment.

"C'mon. I need to go through this stuff so I know what
to send to the thrift. Amanda - Try it on."

"Uh huh." I stammered as my humiliation and anger

"You've already got 3 weeks of grounding. You want to
try for 4 ?" she frowned.

"It's too small..." I said folding my arms defiantly.

This whole thing was a crock! 3 weeks was totally
outrageous and unfair! mom was using her position to
bully me! mom sure as heck didn't speak to Tina and she
was - what - only four years older??? The more I
remembered how mother was on her knees to Tina less
that 24 hours ago, the more pissed off I got!

"Well...?" mom handed me the orange blouses. I let it
drop to the floor.

"" I said.

" * Excuse me ? * " she asked eyes wide.

"You heard me." I said chin trust in the air.

"Amanda Bensen - I'm giving you FIVE seconds to get on
your hands and knees and fetch that fucking blouse and
squeeze in over that skinny little body of yours!!!"
her voice was shaking with anger!


Wow. The F word. This was serious - mom never used that


I was insanely excited and scared beyond my wildest
dreams. Did Tina challenge mother this way? Is that how
their weird relationship started?


Or was I a dumb little girl just fooling myself with
dreams of challenging mommy , and I was in the deepest
crap-o-la of my fourteen year old life!!!


Well, I'd soon find out! I picked up a can of cherry
red soda next to the dresser that had a few drops left.
I got ready to pour it on the blouse and white carpet

Mother's eyes went wide, and I felt a rush of power!
Was I like Tina now mommy ? I smugly wondered to

"If you even stain * one inch * of this carpet - try
grounded for 2 months." mom said in a suddenly quiet
voice that scared me more than her angry one.

I slowly tilted the soda can closer to pouring, eyeing
her carefully.

"Don't you * dare * little miss!" mom whispered

I paused. She really meant it -

Okay...but I couldn't lose face. Not completely. I
turned the can upright saving her precious carpet.

"Okay, you win......* Debbie *." I winked.

"Whaaaaa ?" her eyes narrowed and I dug myself in

"Oh - I guess you only like to hear that name...when
your on your knees." I said, instantly blushing like

Mom just looked at me, dumbfounded. She couldn't
believe what I had said, and neither could I, to tell
the truth. It just sort of...slipped out! The excited
feeling in the pit of my stomach was spreading all over
my body now.

" That's right... I saw you two yesterday... "

" But Amy, " mom said, unable to meet my gaze, her
breath growing deeper.

" Shhhhhh...." I said putting my fingers to my mouth,
trying to sound calm. I then pointed to the floor. The
room grew quiet as mom's nostrils flared and she her
eyes avoided mine. She was trembling and breathing
quite loudly.

" ...where does little Debbie belong?" I whispered in
a raspy voice.

What was I saying ? I waited for mom to just tell me
off and really blister my ass for even speaking to her
like this!!!.

But she didn't. Instead mom just slowly began to sink
down to her knees before me. "

I just stared in awe.

I couldn't believe she actually doing it!

Here was my own Mom, embarrassing * both of us * like
this by .... by.... was freaking me out!

My head started spinning and I suddenly wanted to throw
up as the reality started to hit me! I felt anger
bubbling up inside as I stood there full of fear and
self loathing looking at her down there like that, and
to my utter surprise...

...I SLAPPED HER across the face causing her eyes to
flutter open in humiliation and shame!

I bolted into the bathroom and slammed the door,
turning off the lights! I striped off my jeans and
undies and threw them angrily in the hamper. I could
feel that In the confusion I had pee peed my panties!
Soon I heard mom slump against the door pleading and
begging for me to open it, but I covered my ears and
sank to the floor in the darkness. Exhuasted, I soon
fell asleep.

I awoke up again in the middle of the night. I could
hear mom snoring outside the door. I felt waves of
embarrassment, excitement and humiliation wash over me!
I could feel the tingly butterflies down in my crotch.
I curled up on the cold tile floor in the bathroom,
naked from the waste down, wearing only my stupid
little shirt.

In the darkness...I let my fingers drift down.

Look for part 3 of this story coming within a week

For fans of F/f, NC, MC, blackmail, emotional
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pedo, violence, or heavy BDSM! If your underage, I'll
just block your address. No kids, period.), please
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Co-authored by Orestes
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