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Loyal Daughter 3


Loyal daughter (Part 3 of 4)
By Orestes & cowgirl

This work is copyright (c) 2000 by cowgirl. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as the author's byline and e-mail address and this
paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post this
story to any web site without permission from the
author. All other rights reserved. No alteration of the
contents is permitted.

For the next two weeks, mom and I tried to pretend
that nothing had happened. But it was too hard for me.
I mean, once I had seen mom doing * that * to Tina's
butt, all the while pretending that Tina was me??? Well
that's pretty hard to get that out of your head. I now
knew exactly what was going on, and mom *knew* that I
knew, because of the way I blurted it out when we had
that fight the next day.

That was stupid.

God, I wished that I could take it back.

Now, whenever I watched her, and she didn't know
that I was looking, I thought about the bitterness in
her face when I ordered her onto her knees, and her
look of dread when she realized I now *knew* about her
and Tina.

And then...

She actually began to do it! Get on her knees -
Like I was supposed to be like Tina or something
retarded like that? Geezzz - What is she, nuts??? I'm
not some weirdo like mom or Tina! I wasn't really even
asking her too do anything, either. I was just, sort
of.....well, testing her. That's all really. mom
totally freaked both of us out by what she *almost*

I just couldn't deal with it.

So we pretended that nothing happened. I was the
daughter again, and she played the Mom. And she even
got strict with me, and made me do all sorts of stupid
chores that I didn't even have to do before,
but I didn't argue because I didn't want to have
another fight. I might let something slip...

But no matter how hard we tried, it was impossible
because of the way Tina was always around, stirring
things up. She walked all over Mom, as always, and was
totally in charge around the house when she was there.
When she was around, I found I never had to do any
chores or anything. mom just cleaned up after us with
her forced pained little martyr smile.

I didn't want to, but I found passively accepting
Tina's curt attitude toward Mom, and soon found myself
slipping into seeing mother more and more like Tina

And the way she would order mom into the bedroom
each evening, and I could Imagine exactly what they
would be doing, it was so embarrassing. I'd glare at
her, but mom just sort of looked at me sheepishly, and
her face went all red as she'd close the door.

I felt really bad about letting Tina take over like
that, but it was still fun hanging around with her in a
strange way. I really felt guilty about that. Whatever
weird physical stuff was going on between them, I
really felt I should stand up for mom when Tina was
picking on her. But I didn't. There were thousands of
times I should have, or could have. The funny part is,
the more passively I'd accept Mom's crap, the more
funny I'd feel down in my secret spot. All butterfly
moist and stuff, as embarrassing as that is to admit!

I know, its totally retarded.

Then when Tina wasn't around, I felt so guilty for
not siding with mom, I would go back to being a good
daughter and things went more or less back to normal.

Anyhow, Tina told us to keep our Saturday free,
because she wanted to go shopping. I already had plans,
but mom forced me to cancel them, which pissed me off
royally. I mean, just because she's screwing around
with Tina, it doesn't mean that she should mess up my
life. If she couldn't stand up to Tina, why should I do
what she said ?

But Saturday came, and we all piled into Mom's car.

" How are you doing back there, Debbie ?" Tina said
from the driver's seat. She made mom sit in the back,
which wasn't easy because you know how cramped those
little sports cars can be. This was embarrassing! She
was the adult. Why wasn't I riding in the back ? mom
should be driving. It was her damned car anyway.

Finally, when we were at the mall, Tina smirked
while watching mom struggle to get out of the car
because Tina hadn't pulled her seat all of the way
forward. People were staring at us, and I inwardly
squirmed from the scene mom was caused. Even mom was
laughing, but mostly just to save face. It was so
pathetic. God, I hated mom for making us look stupid
like that.

Once mom was out, Tina smiled a wicked little
smile. " Take off your coat Debbie, leave it in the
car. "

I didn't notice before what mom was wearing, because
she wore a big coat today. Now I saw that she was
wearing a tight little black dress that was much too
short for her. Then I figured out that it wasn't HERS -
it was MINE. I don't even know how she managed to fit
into it, it was so tight. She also wore high heels, and
from what I could tell, I didn't think she was wearing
any underwear either.

Talk about a public nightmare. This was nothing a
woman her age should ever wear, especially in the mall.
This wasn't a club after all. We walked towards the
doors to the mall, and all I could think was that I'd
just shrivel up and cry if any of my friends were to
see me with her!

Once we were inside, it was even worse. All sorts of
guys were leering at her, and I could see their eyes
making rude comments. She looked like a cheap whore,
stuffed into my skimpy little skirt like she was. When
Tina caught me lagging behind so it didn't look like I
was with them, she made me catch up, and made me walk
beside Mom. She even forced me to * hold Mom's hand *.

" It's nice to see a mother and daughter to close,
isn't it Debbie? I never realized how similar you two
are, especially dolled up in your daughters clothes! "

Tina winked at me, and I stared daggers at Tina for
such cruelty. She * knew * I was NOTHING like mom too.
I wanted to just curl up and DIE right there! Mother's
hand was repulsively sweaty and I just knew the whole
world was looking at us! The weird part was, I was
getting that strange butterfly feeling again, like when
I first watched Tina and my mom in my room that night.

mom caught how much this was embarrassing me, and
looked toward Tina.

" Do I really have to be dressed like this ?" she
asked weakly. Tina paused for a second, considering

" I don't know, Debbie. Maybe your right. I guess we
should get you some new clothes then. Gee, I hope you
brought your credit card. "

With the ridiculous way she was dressed, the very
last thing either of us wanted was to shop for clothes,
but Tina wouldn't let up. It was so weird. I wanted to
stand up to Tina, but mom would probably get mad if I
did. And I couldn't risk standing up to mom again, I
was afraid that it would totally ruin our relationship.
Then there was this racing feeling in the pit of my
stomach like this all was exciting as hell to be out of
control somehow. It was so confusing.

Tina led us into a Gap style store, but with cheaper
stuff. Everything here was made for young girls.
Luckily, there weren't too many customers in the store.

As always, Tina was outgoing. She took the first
chance to get the attention of a store clerk. The
girl's name tag said "Becky". She wasn't much older
than I was. She was kind of a cute girl, which is
probably why she was hired in a trendy clothing store,
but she seemed really shy. Maybe she was new to the

" Come over here Becky, " Tina told her. What was it
about Tina that made everyone fall in line so easily?
She just had an air about her when she was talking that
it seemed stupid to disagree.

" We're going to be trying on some clothes for
Debbie here, " she told the girl, and then in a quieter
tone, "as you can tell, she likes to show off a bit, so
we'll be looking for some revealing clothes. They might
not fit quite right on a woman of her... well... type,
but you just do the best you can, okay ?"

Even Becky was stunned by the way Tina was talking
about Mom, and right in front of her too, but mother
just shot her a embarrassed half hearted smile, while I
suddenly found the tile floor fascinating as hell. The
salesgirl stunned just nodded her head, and began to
rummage around the store for some clothes that might
fit Mom. I avoided Mom's humiliated gaze, but Tina was
all smiles while we waited in an awkward silence.

Finally, Becky returned with an armful of clothes,
walking past mother and me and showing them for Tina's
approval, knowing full well where her possible sale was
coming from.

" We're going to need a large change room, Becky.
You see, Debbie has a hard time making up her own mind,
and even dressing herself. She always seems better off
just doing what Amy and I tell her to. Isn't that right
Amy? She does anything that we want, doesn't she ?"

The girl looked in my direction. mom lowered her
eyes to the floor. I felt so naked and shocked to hear
Tina say these things right in front of this girl.

" Uh, yeah... I guess. " I didn't know what to say.
I just wanted to get this whole thing over with.

mom didn't look at me, but I could see her body
stiffen at my latest betrayal of her. It was one thing
when Tina and I made her do things around the house,
but doing it in public felt so much worse.

" Well, we do have a large changing room for, uh,...
handicapped customers. I guess you could all fit in
there. "

Tina laughed out loud. " Great. When you come to
think of it, it is sort of a handicap to be as weak
minded as poor Li'l Debbie here. Let's go. "

I could tell that Becky didn't want to be with us,
but she had such a pile of clothes that it would
probably be against the rules for her to just let us
take them all into the change room together. She waited
outside the door, and passed the items in one by one.

Now that Tina and I were in the change room with
Mom, I was feeling really weird again. Tina ordered mom
to take off the dress, and she began to lift the tight
garment over her head. This was too similar to what I
had seen in my bedroom, but for some stupid reason, it
was turning me on even more.

I had tried not to think about it over the last two
weeks, but now, with mom stripping off her clothes for
us, I couldn't help myself. I remembered the way she
had kissed and nuzzled her way into Tina's ass that
time. I thought about how Tina had taunted her about
'kissing her stuck up daughter's ass'.

mom really * didn't * wear any underwear today, and
I noticed that the hair on her crotch was shaved off.
Tina watched me for reaction, but I tried not to show
how much this was affecting me.

" Try this one on," Tina gave mom a orange and white
little tube top. The stretchy material barely fit over
Mom's tits, and made her look totally stupid.

" Becky, Amy said this skirt you gave us isn't short
enough. We need another, " Tina demanded, smiling to
me. I glared at Tina, having said nothing of the sort.
Mom gave me another heavy disapproving silence full of
her disappointment at this weird game I wouldn't stop.

I could hear the girl walking around the store, and
finally come back to the change room. She tapped
lightly on the door. Mom's eyes were on the floor. She
was still only wearing the top, and was naked from the
waist down. Tina opened the door wide so that Becky
could see in.

The young sales girl stood there with her mouth
agape. I guess seeing mom like that, almost naked, with
her crotch all shaved was a real surprise for her. In a
few seconds she looked away, but I could see how
embarrassed she was. She handed in the skirt.

" Don't worry about her, Becky, " Tina gestured
towards Mom. " I told you she likes to show off her
body. I can't imagine why she wants everyone to see her
fat ass. But I guess you can't teach an *old dog* new
tricks. "

The sales girl's face turned crimson as my silly
looking middle-aged mother took the skirt, as Becky's
eyes shone with a mixture of pity and growing contempt.
By now mom looked so close to tears I was disgusted,
and I felt a rush of strength to save her. My anger was
burning over the way Tina had just spoken about my own
mother to this stranger, and this was quite enough.

I struggled several seconds with the impulsive urge to
*speak up* to Tina for that one, I really did. But then
my shoulders slumped and as I thought of a

And when the door was closed and Becky scampered off
again, I saw myself just stand there in total silence,
as my humiliated mother just tried on the tiny little
skirt. It didn't hide a thing, and was pretty

" Beautiful, don't you think, Amy ?"

" Uh....I don't know. " I couldn't even force a

Tina smiled at me, and shook her head. " You really
should get into the spirit of things, Amy. You know she
likes this. Otherwise, why would she be doing it ? "

I looked up at Mom, my eyes begging that she would
protest. She said nothing.

" Look honey, you've seen the way she serves us
around the house, " Tina continued. " And you know why
she does it. Sure, little miss Debbie complains bout
her stuck-up daughter, but in the end, you know it
turns her on to let you walk all over her. Don't play
all innocent on me. You saw what we did in your own
bedroom... Debbie told me that you saw it. "

I felt sold out by my own Mom, and shot her my
"mother how could you?" expression. She looked away
quickly, her cheeks on fire. How could mom betray her
own daughter, yet blab to Tina about our private stuff

This was getting * way * out of control.

" Secretly, I bet that you really want her to do
whatever you ask. I heard when you had your little
fight, you told little Debbie to get on her knees.
Yes... she told me all about that too. What were you
going to make her do, Amy? You know she would have done
it. Here, I'll show you how. "

Tina began to unbutton her jeans. I couldn't believe
that she would do this right in the change room, with
the sales girl just outside the door. The girl might
even have heard her talking. I could feel my panties
getting damp in the crotch, and I was breathing so
hard. mom was too.

" Come on, Debbie. Show your little girl how you
like to kiss ass. "

Right while I watched, mom dropped to her knees in
that ridiculous outfit, and put her face into Tina's
ass. I could hear her kissing and slurping at Tina's

" Becky, we need a different top in here. Something
that will show off her tits, " Tina called out to the
sales girl.

I could her the girl walking around the store again.
There was no way that Tina was going to let Becky see
Mom doing this, was she ? Soon, there was the familiar
tap on the door.

" Open the door, Amy. I'm a bit busy over here. "

This was too much. How could I possibly let Becky
see my mother like this ? Tina was staring at me, her
smile gone. For some reason, I didn't want to make her
mad. I opened the door.

Again, the young girl's eyes showed her surprise.
The girl had no idea what to do about this. With
trembling hands, she gave me a couple pieces of
clothing. I closed the door again.

" Don't pretend that this doesn't turn you on, Amy.
I can see how horny you are just by looking. "

Was it that obvious ?

" Come on, Amy, why don't you try something ? You
know she'll do anything I say. "

" No, I don't really want..."

" I can wait all day, " said Tina. " I know there's
something you want. We're not leaving here until I make
her do it for you. "

My face glowed red. I could see my mom looking at me
from the corner of her eyes while she continued to
obediently lick Tina's ass. She couldn't really want
this, I told myself. She couldn't want me to betray her
this way. My body begged for attention.

" Well, I... " the words began to come from my

" Yes ?"

" Tina... uh... make her... oh, I can't say it..."

" It's okay sweetie, just whisper it to me, and I'll
make her do it."

mom froze in place.

" I want her to, " I breathed into Tina's ear, "
to... uh... lick my pussy a little bit. "

As soon as the words came out, I knew I regretted
them. Tina began to chuckle.

" Well, Debbie, " she announced. " It seems that
your little girl has an itch, and wants you to scratch
it with your tongue. Do you have an itchy pussy Amy ?"

I couldn't look at Mom. I could sense her body was
shaking, whether with shame or with lust, I couldn't
tell. I was so aroused by Tina's disrespectful words
that I quickly looked down at mom as our eyes locked,
and was instantly sorry I did. There was * such * hurt
and betrayal in Mom's face that I wanted to throw up
from the pure guilt, even if it was tempered by her
heated cheeks and flaring nostrils.

" No... I'm sorry... mom I love you..." I mumbled

" But you want her tongue on your pussy, don't you
?" taunted Tina. I needed it so badly, and Tina knew
it. " Come on, Amy. Don't deny it. You just whispered
it into my ear, didn't you ?"

I couldn't deny it. mom could see that Tina was
telling the truth. My hands were shaking as I began to
unsnap my jeans.

" Tina, for god's sake, don't make me do this. It
isn't right, " mom said. Tears were forming in her
eyes. Tina said nothing to her. I began to pull my
jeans and panties down my thighs, swallowing In

" Amy ? Tell me what you want her to do. "

I could feel the power I held over mom now. It was
safe since it was only through Tina, but I could feel
it in the air.

" Uh, okay, " (shrug) "you know."

" You're going to have to do better than that,
princess. " Tina was enjoying how ugly things were
getting. I could tell. She loved to see me hurt my own
Mom this way.

" Amy..." mom pleaded with me. She was just so sad
that I just couldn't look at her.

" Tell her to lick my pussy, " I said to Tina. I
tried to ignore the hurt and angry look on Mom's face.
I wanted to explain to Mom, but when I'd unsnapped my
jeans, I'd given her a clear signal about how my
loyalty as a daughter. I did love my Mom, but at that
moment, I guess I wanted to humiliate her even more.

" You heard her, Debbie. Lick your stuck-up
daughter's wet pussy. "

I wanted to pull away, I really did. But as soon as
her tongue touched me, I just couldn't. I blocked out
the ways I was hurting her. The warmth between my legs
just felt so damned good, it melted the guilt. I leaned
back against the wall of the change room, my mother on
her knees in front of me, and spread my legs a little

" How does that feel, Amy ? " asked Tina. I couldn't
answer. Every sensation told me how good it was to have
my mother crumble to me this way. Tina continued, " It
must feel pretty good to finally have your mother where
she belongs. I can tell that Debbie likes it too. I
don't think I've ever seen her this horny. "

Tina raised her foot to under Mom's skirt, and began
to rub it back and forth. Again, mom began to ride her
foot like a horsy. Tina was right. mom was really
excited. Both of us knew that this was wrong, but I
couldn't stop myself.

" You like to pretend that I'm forcing you to do
this, don't you Amy ? " Tina paused, reading my
reaction to her comment.

Tina hadn't said anything about *me* being forced by
*her* before, and it surprised me. Being under Tina's
thumb was a unexpected wrinkle that I resented. The
role was * way * to close to being a toady like Mom! I
was offend and a little hurt Tina would turn the tables
and would even * think * of me in the same way she did
Mother, which she clearly KNOWS I'm NOTHING like!!!! My
nostrals flared angrily as Tina continued.

" Soon you'll be making your Momma do this all of the
time, even without me to make her obey. Isn't that
right, Amy ? You and one end, your mom resigned to the
other ? You know I'm telling the truth.

Well, at least she sees I'm nothing like my stupid
Mom, I quickly smiled. The feeling in my pussy was
growing. I slid my hands on the back of Mom's head just
out of reflex, but soon I found myself strongly pumping
my pussy forward so she could lick me even deeper.

Tina grinned, calling loudly. " Hey Becky, are you
still out there ?"

" Yes, " the girl replied from the other side of the
door, sounding like a nervous little mouse.

" Could you bring me a tissue ? Amy's mom has made
a....mess on my shoe. "

I could hear a gasp, then the girl walking away. I
had to stop this now, before the sales clerk returned.
I just couldn't let her see me and my own mother this
way. I started to pull Mom's face away from my pussy,
but Tina shot me a look, and I stopped. Tina came
uncomfortably close to me, cooing in my ear.

"Amy?, perhaps you even like me making *you* to do
stuff, almost as much as your mother does, huh? What's
the saying: Like mother, like daughter? No daughter can
escape her mothers shadow. I always suspected your
secretly * every bit * the passive little doormat your
own mommy is, and probably going to wind up only *
slightly * above her in our family pecking order. Isn't
that right Amy? "

I was so shocked and pissed that Tina had spoken such a
terrible LIE, (accusing me of being ANYTHING like Mom),
and confused why my anger only seemed to fuel my desire
to ride Moms face. I drove my anger into my lust, as
Tina's smug smile mocked me. mom was really getting off
on Tina's foot now, and I could feel my own body
beginning to tremble and build.

There was a tap on the door, but I couldn't stop.
Tina reached over, locking eyes with me, and unlatched
the door.

Then my eyes were drawn to Becky, standing in the
doorway, staring at me. She could see everything. She
knew that this was my Mom, and could see exactly what
we were doing. I couldn't control myself any longer. My
whole body shook as I pressed Mom's face into my pussy
and began to cry.

" Oh, I'm so sorry Mom... oh please, lick me...
please forgive me.....but just keep licking...'kay? I'm
not like you Mommy, I'm not. But don't stop
licking....nnng...aaah !"

All the while, Becky stood there, stunned, holding a
tissue in one of her hands.

" Thanks, " said Tina, finally taking the tissue
from Becky's hand. She closed the door again. " See,
that wasn't so hard, was it ?"

When my body stopped shaking, I started crying for
real. I couldn't wait to get out of there, so I raced
from the store in and left Tina and mom in the
handicapped change room afraid to look back. Eventually
I caught a bus home, and locked myself in my room.

Thankfully they didn't come home until much later in
the evening. My mind danced with what other
humiliations Tina put mom through on that shopping trip
after I left. But, the truth is, I didn't really wanted
to know. Tina's prophetic words were still ringing in
my head.

As I lay in bed whimpering in my darkened bedroom,
resisting the urge to play with myself, steaming over
Tina's cruel implication that there was even a fibre of
mother's passivity in me. I hated what my mom had
turned out around Tina, and swore I'd never be like
her! Never!!! I resolved to DIE before I'd wind up
like my own mother!

Look for part 4 of this story coming within a week

For fans of F/f, NC, MC, blackmail, emotional
humiliation, mother/daughter co-dependency issues,
and other silly warped stuff, (but, please, no snuff,
pedo, violence, or heavy BDSM! If your underage, I'll
just block your address. No kids, period.), please
write to jennifer (AKA: cowgirl) at:

Co-authored by Orestes
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