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Loyal Daughter 4


Loyal daughter (Part 4 of 4)
By cowgirl and Orestes

This work is copyright (c) 2000 by cowgirl. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as the author's byline and e-mail address and this
paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post this
story to any web site without permission from the
author. All other rights reserved. No alteration of the
contents is permitted.

Even as I sat in the cafeteria at school on Monday,
I couldn't get my mind off of the scene that Tina had
directed in the handicapped changing room at the mall
on Saturday. I poked at my lunch. I didn't even notice
when that bully Kerri Adams sat down beside me.

" Geez Amy, this food is crap. Your mom runs the
school board, doesn't she ? Couldn't she get us
something edible for a change ?"

I wasn't in the mood. Kerri took turns annoying and
bullying all of the girls in my grade. So far, she had
pretty much left me alone because everyone knew who my
mom was. Today was different.

" Go fuck yourself, " I told her.

" What, you don't want to talk about your mom ?"

" No. "

" Because I heard a really interesting rumor..."

That got my attention. Suddenly, I was much less
interested in mashing the hamburger patty on my plate.
I tried not to show too much of a reaction, but I was
sure she could see me swallowing back my nerves.

"What rumor was that ? Who'd you hear it from ?"

" Well....seems I have a friend who works in your
moms office for mandatory work experience. She told me
all sorts of interesting things. " Kerri smirked.

Tina ! My hands began to shake.

" She said that your mom likes to be pushed around
by girls. And she said.....* you're * the same way. "
Kerri announced, studying me carefully.

I just sat there, totally stunned. Me ? Like mom ? "
It's * not * true, " I said, a little louder than I
really intended.

Some of the other kids were staring at us now, and
my stomach was doing flip flops. I was trying not to
make a scene, but anyone could feel the tension as I
felt the sweat grow against my upper lip and hands were
tightening around my spoon until they were turning
purple. Couldn't Kerri see how upset this was making
me? Why couldn't Kerri just back off ?

" Which part Isn't true? About your Mom, or about
you ?" She was grinning like she really knew something.
I just wanted to wipe that smug look off of her face.

What happened next was really a blur. In all my time
at school, I had never been in a fight, but I was
suddenly slamming my food tray into the school bully's
face. Than I was on top of her. I guess I must have
surprised her, because soon I was on top of her, with
my knees pinning down her shoulders.

" You don't say a fucking word, " I shouted at her.
She was trying to squirm out from under me, but I held
her there. Other kids were gathering around to watch
the fight. I grabbed some mashed potatoes from off of
her tray, and began to cram it into her mouth. " You
don't llike the food Kerri ? Well that's just too bad.
Swallow those potatoes. Do you need something to drink

I felt myself being lifted off of her just as I
finished pouring the little carton of milk over her
face. She choked and sputtered on the floor. Mr. Hall
pulled me away quickly, and I continued to kick at her
as he dragged me away.

My mother didn't even try to get me out of trouble
on this one. I got a week's suspension for it. On the
bright side, so did Kerri. I guess she just has such a
reputation as a bully, that they assumed she instigated
the whole thing. That still didn't make things any
easier as my mom picked me up from the principal's
office, and began to drive me home.

" Mom, I ..."

" Quiet Amy. We'll talk about this when we get home.

This was puzzling. Just two days before, I had
leaned against the changing room wall and looked down
at mom while she was on her knees submissively licking
my privates! But now I had slipped up and was beneath
her again. In a way, something Kerri said *Tina * said
was gnawing at my gut more than anything.

How could Tina possibly think that I was a doormat
just like my mother? Let alone tell such a secret to
the likes of Kerri...

...that * I * was like....Mom???

I felt queasy by the very idea! I had done all I
could to prove to Tina that I would * never * fall into
the same passive role that my own mother had. Couldn't
she see how different I was ? I was getting angrier by
the minute, just thinking about Tina daring to say such
a cruel and naughty things about me.

It just wasn't fair!

And yet, here I was, little Amy letting mommy
discipline me again, right? At least when mom took
charge, it felt right, like we were a mother and
daughter again, but I didn't know if I could go back to
that. After all I'd seen and done, wasn't mother's
authority over anyone just a stupid joke? She was just
Tina's plaything now, and I couldn't let that happen to

As soon as we walked through the front door to the
house, I knew that Tina was around. I could smell the
smoke from her putrid cigarettes a mile away. Id grown
to accept it, like mother, and now even my clothes and
pillow sheets even reeked of Tina. I made a face from
the odor as mom led me to the kitchen, but echoed mom's
artificial smile for Tina who was standing beside the
table with her arms folded across her chest. She
motioned for both of us to sit down.

" Debbie tells me you got into a little fight at
school. Is that right Amy ?"

The teen girl was confident in her control over us.
I desperately wanted to prove her wrong and show how I
was anything but my mother's passive little daughter,
but only I choked out a little, " ....yes Tina. "

She walked around to where mom was sitting, and
reached her hand along the top of Mom's blouse. She was
watching me as she began to toy with the top button.

" Who did she get into a fight with Debbie ?"

" Another girl in her grade. Kerri Adams. " mom
choked out, avoiding Tina's gaze and eyes cast down at
the same spot on the floor mine were.

Tina unfastened the second button on Mom's blouse
before allowing her hand to wander away. Then she
walked in my direction. I could feel the hair on the
back of my neck standing up as she reached her hand
along my shoulder and then to the top button of my

My face went red.

She was * purposely * treating me and mom the *same*
way! Didn't she see that? This wouldn't do, not at all!
I bit my lower lip squirming my how similar I may have
looked sitting there next to my mother with Tina hand
toying with my button.

" Well, well, little Amy. It seems you have more
guts than I thought. Maybe you're not like your mommy
after all. Maybe you belong above her in the family. "

And the butterflies started, yet again!

I found myself ashamed by how much those word really
pleased me. Part of me was all to ready to break free
of my mother's passively cow like dead weight, whatever
the price.

Nonetheless, Tina continued unbuttoning the first
two buttons on my blouse, leaving me breathless and now
looking as stupid as mother just sitting there with
the top of my little bra exposed. While I liked Tina's
words about rising * above her * in the family, my
moistening private parts weren't listening at all!

She wandered back to Mom.

" What do you think, Debbie ? Does little Amy belong
above you in the family ? You've always fantasized
about it. That's why it was so easy for some one half
your age to take control of you? " Tina cut mom off
before she could speak. " Of course, it doesn't matter
what * Li'l Debbie Brown Nose * thinks anymore, does it
? I'm the head of the family now. "

Two more buttons on Mom's blouse left her bra
entirely exposed as mother sat stock straight at
attention and insipidly let Tina just * talk * to her
like that! Mom's passive glassy eyed expression made me
furious, yet I couldn't tear my eyes away. I hated Tina
for doing it, mom for letting her, and myself for
licking my lips as I watched. Just another couple of
buttons and Mother's blouse would be fully open. I
froze as Tina walked back in my direction again.

" I guess it's up to you and me now, Amy. Do you
think so little of yourself you'd stand there and get
wet while letting another woman exposes your own
daughter breasts? That's what your mother's doing right
now, aren't you Debbie? "

Tina grinned back at mother, who had a fresh salty
little martyring tear trailing down her humiliated
cheek, unable to look at either of us.

" What about it Amy? Is Tina's little Amy a
submissive little push over just like her pathetic slut
of a mommy is ? " Tina cooed into my ear seductively.

" ...uh....No, " I told her, but my breathing
quickened as she reached down the front of my blouse.
She didn't rush to unbutton me, and took her time. I
felt her hand and fingers tickle and tease against on
my breasts, and toyed with them as she spoke.

" We'll have to find out, won't we ? As the new head
of this family, I give out the punishment for today's
fight. Maybe I should tell you what the punishment is.

She pulled another of my buttons loose. My pussy
tingled as Tina's button play took all the wind out of
my anger. I was trying to fight the feeling, but for
some reason, I desperately both feared longed to savor
whatever naughty little punishment Tina had dreamed up.

" I've always wanted a puppy dog. Of course, puppies
can be messy little creatures, so someone has to take
care of them, " she shot a look towards Mom.

" But your mothers proved herself such a failure at
raising a daughter, I doubt there'd be any point to
trusting her with a puppy doggie, so I guess it's up to
Tina to fix everything once again! " Tina winked
cruelly at mother.

" You know, washing her coat, and taking her for
walks in the back yard to take a little doggie poopy. "
Tina continued, as I listened dumbly.

Then she took down another one of my buttons.

" Dogs don't wear clothes, of course. My little
puppy bitch will be shamefully naked. I'll have her
crawl around on all fours, and fetch my shoes with her
teeth, and we'll play all sorts of silly doggie style
games. "

" I'll tell you a little secret, Amy. The best part
about having a puppy doggie is that it has a really
long tongue that it enjoys using in all sorts of
places. Mmmm, I just can't wait to be watching TV, and
have a good little puppy to crawl between my legs and
use that frisky little tongue on me. "

I realized I was shaking a little. Tina couldn't
actually expect me to do this, could she ? Things were
starting to get out of control! She didn't let up,

" I hope my little puppy girl doesn't have an poo
poo accident inside, because she's too shy to pee and
poop in the back yard. If she balks, I'll make her
clean it up with that same frisky tongue of hers. It's
okay, though, my doggies drinks from toilets anyhow.
It's a disgusting habit, I know, but people say that
doggies like the cool water of the toilet bowl. Go
figure. "

My mind was racing. This was Insane!!! I couldn't
let her do this to me. Then I'd be even worse than
being * like * Mom! It was one thing to be on the same
level in Tina's mind, but I couldn't -- wouldn't
disappear into this kind of weird stuff! Tina briskly
took her hand away from my breasts, and walked to the
kitchen counter.
From a bag, she took out a little pink dog collar.
She walked back to the table, and set it down in
front of us. The butterflies in my privates were
exploding and I wanted to faint right there, but I

" I didn't say which one of you will be my little
puppy dog. Amy, I want you to pick up the collar. Then
you can either put it on yourself, or you can fit it
around Debbie's neck. It's your choice. "

I looked at Mom. She wasn't saying anything. My
pussy must've left a wet spot in my underwear I was so
moist just sitting there holding the little pink collar
in my sweaty hands as I licked my lips in anticipation.
Imagining it on mother's neck made me feel sick and
euphoric all at once. I was tempted after all mother
put me through. I mean, how could she let Tina do this
? She's the adult. She should be in control.

Instead, the choice was left to her stupid little
daughter Amy.

Slowly, I reached out and picked up the collar. This
was it. If I decided to put it on Mom, our relationship
would be over. She wouldn't be my mom anymore. She
would be a bitch, and I could never respect her or care
the same way for her again.

My pussy throbbed with excitement. Both of our
blouses were open to Tina's view, as she looked smugly
down at us. What I longed to do was throw that stupid
collar back in Tina's arrogant little face, and kick
her out of our house forever. Then me and mom could be
together again.

But I knew it wouldn't work that way. mom needed
Tina now. And I needed Mom. hit me!

Angry hot tears of truth splashed across my bright
red face as my pussy was on fire at the burning
humiliation of the thought.

No, I wasn't * like * my own mother. It was worse
that that. I apparently didn't even want to rate * that
* high. When mother got horny, she allowed Tina's
abuse, but when her push over nothing of a daughter
went into heat -

With shaking hands and teary eyes, I lifted the
collar and snapped it around my own neck.

Tina didn't tell me everything about my punishment
or even how long it will last, but at this point, does
it really matter ? I'm just her pet now, and I'm much
lower in the family than even Mom. I've even returned
the favor and licked mom to orgasm like she did for me
in the change room. Tina was pleased to watch that.

One thing Tina didn't tell me was that she invited
her friend Kerri to stay over for a few days. That was
the worst of all. She really got a lot of revenge for
the way I humiliated her in the cafeteria. Like, when I
have to go outside to pee, Tina makes me beg at the
door. I just sort of kneel there and whine until
someone will take me out. It's not just a game either,
this is the only way I'm allowed to let people know if
I have to urinate! Tina throws a fit if do anything
but bark at home now, as stupid as I feel doing it. I'm
only allowed to speak normally at school or in public.

A couple of times when I was alone with Kerri, she
wouldn't let me out. She made me whine and beg while
she stood beside the door, teasing me by playing around
with the door handle. Finally, when I couldn't take it
anymore, she laughed her guts out while I piddled on
the floor.

Then she'd take me by the back of the head, and rub
my face in the mess I made, and tell me what a bad dog
I was. I cant help it if that makes me horny
afterwards, can I ? I never will get used to my own
smell though. I hate it! And I still had to clean it up
for Tina later on.

It's hard going to the same school as Kerri, and I'm
embarrassed all the time because of the way she looks
at me. I know the way she thinks about me now, pissing
on the floor like a stupid puppy. Sometimes I see her
and her friends laughing at me in the hallways, and I
wonder how much she told them.

Tina also didn't tell me that she would bring her
boyfriend over sometimes. I instantly didn't like the
guy, and neither did mom. I didn't even know Tina * had
* a boyfriend until he came. I could see how jealous
and hurt mom was that Tina brought him into out house,
because she's so truly in love with Tina! It made me so
sad when I could hear mom from the next room whimpering
to Tina not to not sleep with the guy, out of respect
for their relationship, as odd as It was. I even asked
Tina myself, on Mom's behalf.

Tina thoughtfully considered our requests, then made
both of us suck him off.

I'm still not very good at it, and Tina laughs and
makes doggie jokes at me because I do oral sex so
poorly. She says I inherited my Mom's poor oral

I don't think mom ever got over that. In fact I
think it kills mom when Tina lets him sleep in Mom's
bed and we have to lick the sheets clean after they
screw. I mean, I'm just a stupid bitch now, but it must
really hurt a real person like mom!

But luckily Tina's boyfriend doesn't come over much
now, so Tina made it painfully clear of how me and
mother are second choice in her mind, and me and mom
are now allowed to lick her off again each night. Well,
Mom Licks, and I more serve Kerri now. It's strange how
weird it is scampering to please and amuse someone you
didn't even used to like to begin with, and how hard it
is to remember that we even used to be equals.

Tina told I mean Mom, that I should
drop out of school since my brain's basically pudding
anyway, and Kerri thinks it would be a real hoot to
have my vocal chords permanently removed or altered to
silly little whines and barks.

I was appalled at this idea, but mom wouldn't even
stand up for me about it. When Kerri really bullied mom
about it, mom said that they might as well, because I'm
not much good for anything else. That hurt. Tina even
joked about looking into the surgery the other day.

At least I think she was joking.

Doctors don't *do* that sort of thing, do they ?

I remembered when as a kid I would ride on Mom's
back, pretending * she * was a doggie. Weird. I know
mom's lost pretty much * all * respect for me since she
saw me wiping my butt after poo poo by dragging it
along the grass. I think mother really wrote me off as
her daughter when I passively allowed Tina to plough
through my college savings.

Well, mommy taught me not to stand up for myself,
didn't she ? Like mother, like daughter, right?

I know mother doesn't love or respect me anymore,
and sometimes this makes me cry, but mostly I'm just
too fucking dumb to be upset. Or that's how it seems,
anyway, when I get all horny from being treated like a
dog. I got a new collar yesterday, so that pushed
every thing else out of my puppy bitch head.

At night, it's clear how things have changed in our
family. Tina sleeps in Mom's bed, and mom sleeps on the
floor in a pile of dirty clothes. Kerri has been
spending the night in my room. I guess her parents
don't care how she's away, because they haven't called
or anything. Once she's in bed, she slaps her thigh
and calls me.

" Come here, Amy, " she smirks at me. And though
some part of me still hates her and mom and Tina and
sucking off Tina's guy and what a total living cartoon
I've become, I still kneel down to her like a silly
little Idiot and wag my little rump for my former

" Curl up in my lap like a good little doggy, " she
sneers at me and my pretty pink collar.

And I do.

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Co-authored by Orestes
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