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Lucky Feet(mfteen.cons)


The following is a work of fiction intended for viewing by ADULTS ONLY.
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Lucky Feet (mf, teen, cons)

By: Arine Buteft

I don't remember exactly how it all began, but it was about 6 years ago
when it all started. I was in college at the time with my roommate Mark,
and we were coming home for Spring break. My parents had left the house on
a vacation, so instead of staying home alone for break, I went home with
Mark to Florida. The weather down there was great, and I couldn't believe
that I was even considering going home if my parents had been there. It
was our freshman year; we were both experiencing the rush that comes from
college life. No curfews, no parents, party when you want, drink when you
can find someone old enough to buy your beer. Just make damn sure that you
keep those grades up in the C range and you'll be fine. mom and dad will
understand, after all, it's your freshman year, you're not used to the
whole college thing. Yeah right, that's it.

Anyway, we got into the airport on a Saturday afternoon, picked up by
Mark's parents. It was 75 degrees out, sunny, and everything was green. A
far cry from Minnesota in March. I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt for
the first time since September, and it felt awesome. We got into the
terminal, and I went through the customary introductions. Mom, dad, and
his sister. I did a double take when I saw her. She was in the 9th grade,
short, dark haired like Mark, and fairly cute. Of course, she was 3 years
younger than I was, so I didn't think twice about it. Still, Mark hadn't
shown me pictures of her, and he certainly never mentioned that she was
cute. After all, she was his sister.

"Mom and dad, this is Andy," Mark said as he introduced me. I shook
hands with them politely, noting his father's firm grip. I could tell he
was a pretty good guy, Mark had told me stories about his dad in college, I
imagined he wasn't much different than I was right now. "And that's my
sister Jenna," he said, pointing. I said hi, and nodded, no handshake. We
all left for the baggage claim, and got our luggage without too much

The first afternoon back, Mark and I sat out by the pool and just
lounged. No beers to drink, his mom wouldn't have gone for that, even if
dad didn't care. So a couple of Cokes took the place of our Miller Lite,
and we lay back in the sun. I was painfully white, and trying to get a
tan. Minnesota isn't much for tanning, even in the summer. Mark was
darker, and very glad to be back home. The winters up north were not to
his liking. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to move from Florida
to Minnesota, I told myself that I wouldn't ever give up this good weather.
We sat back, shooting the shit for awhile, loosely planning our week of
vacation. Definitely a couple of trips to the beach were in order, though
we wouldn't be able to get into most of the clubs. We vowed to come back
senior year and try again, when we would be old enough.

As we lay out in the sun, Jenna came outside for a swim. Mark shooed
her away, saying that we had guy stuff to talk about, but Jenna didn't care
one bit. She just ignored Mark and slipped off her towel. She was wearing
a one-piece suit, made out of some kind of Lycra. It was pinkish in color,
and was a nice fit. I couldn't help but looking for a moment, she had a
nice body. Small breasts, but she was only 15 right? Come back in a few
years, and she'll have half the guys in her school chasing, I told myself.
She hopped in the pool and Mark and I went back to our conversation about
what a bitch the calc teacher was. I could tell that Jenna was trying to
overhear us, I can remember how cool college students seemed to me when I
was a young kid. Especially the older college women, they were like
goddesses to the high school guys.

I found my eyes wandering back to the pool every now and then, catching
a glimpse of Jenna. I couldn't really help it, there wasn't much to look
at, just me, Mark, Jenna, and some landscaping. She swam over to our end
of the pool and propped herself up on the edge, looking at us.

"Hey Andy, what are you studying?" she asked me.

"Buzz off Jenna, go back to swimming," Mark told her back.

I sat up a little bit in the chair. "No, it's okay, I'm sure she's just
curious about how cool us college men are," I said with a laugh.

"Whatever," she said. "If you're hanging out with my brother, you can't
be that cool!" She laughed and splashed water at Mark. He flinched, and
then tossed his empty Coke can at her, missing. She gave a snort and
looked back at me. "So what are you studying?"

"Um, I'm in computer science right now, but I'm thinking about maybe
getting into something with business too," I said to her.

"Wow, you sound smart, do you like college?"

"Yeah, it's really cool, you get to have a lot of fun, and you can make
your own rules," I said, feeling like the coolest stud in the world.
Bragging about what a big man on campus I was.

"God, I can't wait to get into college, high school is SO boring!" She
spent a few more minutes talking to me, making fun of her brother,
splashing him, and then swimming away. A couple of minutes their mom called out for Jenna to stop bugging us. Mark had a real smug look on his
face, and told Jenna she'd better beat it. She flipped him off, and then
swam to the shallow end of the pool.

"God, what a pest. I hope she gets cooler when she's older," Mark
half-whispered to me.

"Sisters are like that, I should know. At least mine's older than me.
Jenna wasn't that bad anyway, you're biased, you're her brother."

"Yeah, I guess. At least mom will keep her out of our hair this week."
I nodded absent-mindedly, and then took another sip of Coke. It was
getting close to dinner, and we were both hungry. Mark's dad stepped
outside and called us in for dinner a couple of minutes after that. Jenna
swam over to the ladder and pulled herself out of the water. I couldn't
help but look over in that direction. The cool breeze and wet suit caused
her nipples to stand out, and the suit fabric only made them more obvious.
I locked my eyes on her chest for several seconds before looking up at her
face. She caught me looking back, and turned away. I was totally
embarrassed, and looked away quickly as well. Forunately, Mark didn't see
a thing.

Dinner was nice, his mom was a real gourmet, and had fixed us some
steaks on the grill. I hadn't had anything grilled since August; it was a
welcome treat. Jenna sat down a couple of minutes late, just out of the
shower. She was wearing shorts and a baggy shirt, with her hair wrapped in
a towel. She gave me a look as she sat down, and I quickly looked back at
my plate, avoiding eye contact for the rest of the meal. When we were
finished, I dared to glance again, and she caught me again. I vowed to
avoid her for the rest of the week.

The next couple of days were great, Mark and I hung out with two of his
buddies, Dan, who was an old friend from high school who now attended the
local community college, and Jason, another high school friend who went to
school in Miami. I became fast friends with Dan and Jason, we were all
like brothers. Even better, Dan had just turned 21 a few weeks ago, and
could supply our foursome with plenty of beer for our nights of drinking
and screwing around. The week seemed to fly by, we spent just about all of
our waking hours half buzzed, hopping from one party to the next, and just
hanging out at Dan's place when we couldn't find a party to attend. The
beach was full of young hot women, on spring break just like the rest of
us. I'd always heard that Florida was a spring break paradise, but I still
couldn't believe it when I saw the thousands of students in town. I knew
I'd never forget this week.

Thursday rolled around, and Mark and I got a little bored. There was a
pretty good sized mall not too far away from his house, so we decided to
walk around it that afternoon. I didn't have any souvenirs yet, and was
looking to get a T-shirt or two. Everyone always came back from break
wearing the T-shirts from where they had been, and we weren't going to be
an exception.

I picked up my two shirts, and Mark got one as well. We were set, but
still had time to kill before dinner, so we decided to walk around the mall
and head to the music store. It was a pretty big place, and Mark and I
soon wandered off into different parts of the store. I settled upon the
videos, and started perusing the action/adventure section. I wasn't going
to buy anything, but it was fun to look around. My birthday was coming up,
and mom and dad could use some good suggestions.

"So, whatcha looking at?"

I turned suddenly and saw Jenna standing there. She had walked up
behind me without my noticing.

"Hey, shouldn't you be in school?" I looked down at my watch.

"Come on, you're a smart college boy... I just got out of classes, and
a friend's mom drove us here after school." She had a mocking tone in her
voice, playing with him.

I chuckled and went back to looking at my videos. She stayed with me,
however, walking beside. I stopped to look back at her. She was looking
very cute, white shorts and a blue short sleeved shirt. Her hair was done
up, and she had some nice makeup on too. She caught me looking and turned
away, blushing.

"What are you all dressed up for?" I was curious.

She fidgeted, unsure of what to say. "Um, just getting dressed up...
you think it's okay?"

"Looks nice to me," I said, not wanting to compliment her any further. I
was feeling a little awkward now, alone with Jenna, who was trying to flirt
with me. Still, I kind of liked the attention, and she was pretty cute.

"Thanks, I'm glad you think so," she said, blushing just a little.

I figured it couldn't do any harm, so I started up a conversation with
her. Talking about high school, classes, that sort of thing. Hell, I was
only barely in college, I still remembered what it was like to deal with
the crap in high school, and it was kind of nice to reminisce. Plus I got
to hand down all sorts of scholarly wisdom, having been through the whole
ordeal. Before I knew it, ten minutes had passed, and I was really
enjoying the conversation. Jenna seemed like a really smart girl, and she
was nice to talk with.

Mark came wandering over a minute later, and Jenna's face dropped.
"Beat it Jenna," was all he said. She walked away glumly, joining her
friend waiting at the end of the aisle. She gave me a little smile as she
left, and I returned it when Mark looked away. He was worried that she had
been bugging me, but I assured him it was okay. Maybe a little more than
okay, I thought to myself. Dinner that night was interesting, Jenna kept a
lively conversation going at the table, and made sure to include me as much
as she could. With mom and dad at the table, Mark couldn't very well tell
her to shut up, and she knew it. When time came for Mark and I to leave, I
saw the look of disappointment on Jenna's face. And maybe I was just a
little disappointed too, but I wasn't sure. Anyway, the two of us headed
out to Dan's for another night of drinking and running around town.

Friday night proved to be very interesting. Mark's parents were heading
out of town for the weekend, and wouldn't be back until Sunday afternoon. I
was happy, but Mark was absolutely overjoyed with the thought of having the
house to himself. Except for Jenna, he whined, they could have the run of
the place. Mark was still worried about throwing a big party there, since
he knew that Jenna would stick around just to annoy him. And he couldn't
very well make her leave, or ask that mom send her to grandma's house for
the weekend. That would have been just too suspicious. So instead, he
decided to have most of the fun at Dan's place like usual, and then come
back home really late, after Jenna would be in bed.

That night started out great, we drove his parents to the airport, said
goodbye, and it was right off to Dan's place. Dan had just gotten back
from the store when we arrived, and had two cases of beer in his fridge,
getting cold. We started out with a can of beer each, quickly finishing
those. Dan had a pretty nice pool table in his basement, so we shot pool
for a few hours and listened to loud music on the stereo. By the time
10:00pm had rolled around, Dan was buzzed, Mark and I were pretty well
wasted, and Jason was passed out on the couch in front of a basketball
game. I told Dan that this was boring, so we roused Jason and piled into
Dan's truck. It was probably a dumb thing to go driving around with a
half-drunk driver, three drunken passengers and half a case of beer in the
back, but we were young and stupid at the time.

Dan drove us to an apartment complex with several large units, and
parked in front of the first building. As we got out of the vehicle we
could already hear the loud music coming from a second story apartment.
Mark and I helped Jason out, and Dan carried the beer in. When we got
inside the place, it was just like a dozen college parties I'd been to, but
more intense. The music was louder, I could smell pot strongly, but most
noticeably, there were several more women in the room than men. I couldn't
ever remember a party with a surplus of women, especially gorgeous women!
Dan set the beer on the counter, pulled out cans for Mark and myself (none
for Jason, he was drinking water by now), and set about to find some people
he knew. I, of course, didn't know anyone here, most of the people were
friends of Dan. Mark recognized a few people and introduced me to them,
including one very attractive blonde. I guessed she was about my age, and
I stayed to talk with her when Mark moved on.

"So, Melissa, how are you doing tonight?" I asked her, slurring my

"Hmmm, just fine now that you're here," she replied, leaning up against
my shoulder. She was about as drunk as I was, and we were both loving it.
We talked for a couple of minutes, then went outside to have a smoke. The
usual topics came up, college, major, age, what was school like, how were
midterms, shit like that. It wasn't deep and meaningful, and it didn't
have to be. By the end of the party, Melissa and I had stayed together,
talking a little, drinking more, and making out a lot. She was a damn good
kisser, and didn't stop me from grabbing her tits or ass. She was really
into it, and I was pretty sure that I'd be getting some tonight.

Mark stumbled back over to me, with another nice looking woman following
behind him. He winked at me, and I knew that he was planning on taking his
date back home too. Fortunately, his date was far less drunk than the rest
of us, and she had her own car here too. Mark and I found Dan, said
goodbye, and left in the car. Mark was in front with his woman, and I was
in the back with Melissa, making out as we sped to Mark's house. The
fifteen minute drive seemed to take forever, as I was waiting for the
chance to get some action. I hadn't had a woman since the end of fall
semester, and was really looking forward to this. We drove into the
driveway, and hopped out of the car. All of the lights were out upstairs,
Jenna was asleep thankfully.

We led our dates upstairs, Mark into his bedroom, and I into the guest
bedroom next door. A quick glance at Jenna's room at the end of the hall
revealed no lights on inside. Quietly, Melissa and I slipped into my room,
shutting the door behind us. I walked over to my luggage and quickly
pulled out a condom (I had come prepared!) and set it on the nightstand.
Melissa killed the lights and hopped over on the bed, laying back. She
made a 'come here' gesture with her hand, and I hopped into bed, needing no

The moon was bright, and shining directly into the room, giving me a
decent view of her body. She was about 5'6", with blonde hair and a nice
set of boobs. She had a good body, and I didn't waste any time uncovering
it. I kissed her deeply, both of us passionately removing clothes and
tossing them aside. Her shirt and bra came off first, and I lowered my
mouth to her chest, kissing and licking around the ample breasts in front
of me. She groaned as I suckled on her nipples, pulling gently with my
lips. She had my shirt off and was caressing my chest while I devoured her

Then I quickly unhooked her shorts, and pulled them off with her
panties. She lay back in the bed, totally naked. I didn't waste any time,
I stripped off my own shorts and grabbed for the condom. As I fumbled for
it, Melissa reached out and took my cock in her hands. I groaned as she
grasped it, squeezing it at the base and then starting to stroke it. She
leaned forward as I stood next to the bed, and brought her mouth on it. I
let out a bigger groan now, it had been months since I'd had a woman
sucking my cock, and it felt amazing. She was pretty good at it, but I
stopped her before I came, I wasn't done yet. She lay back on the bed and
I climbed in from the foot, bringing my head to rest between her legs. She
put her legs over my shoulders, and opened them to allow me in. I started
in with my tongue, tasting her pussy. She was musky and sweaty, but the
taste wasn't too bad. I used my fingers to spread her lips open, and I
darted my tongue inside, probing her depths. She was wet and warm, and
beginning to squirm under my attentions.

I continued at this for a few more minutes, licking and sucking on her
clitoris and lips, until I began to tire of it. I hadn't come in months,
and was about to explode now. Leaving her pussy behind, I slid up her
body, and grabbed the condom off the nightstand. She leaned back, and
arched her hips up. I tore open the condom and quickly put it on. Laying
back on her, I fumbled around searching for her opening for a few seconds
before she helped guide me in. I slid in to the hilt, filling her up with
my cock. I couldn't help myself, and began thrusting right away. She was
groaning and moaning, using her hand to stimulate herself while I rode into
her. I wasn't going to last very long, and told her I was cumming. She
told me to come on her tits; I'd never done that before, and wanted to give
it a try. I pulled out right before coming, and yanked the condom off.
Straddling her body, I pointed my cock at her chest and started jerking.
She brought her free hand up to help, and I yelled out a second later,
shooting my cum all over her. The first shot hit her face, with the rest
pooling between her tits. I was spent, but she kept rubbing herself,
faster and faster, until she came too, about a minute later. She rubbed
the cum into her skin as I climbed off of her, laying down next to her

I was exhausted, and half-drunk, and ready to pass out. I leaned over,
kissed her goodnight, and pulled the sheet up to cover us. As I did, I
heard a creak from the hallway. I looked at the door, and noticed it was
slightly open. Even though I was half drunk, I could have sworn I saw
someone in the doorway for a second. At first I thought that Mark might be
checking up to make sure I was fine, but I listened for a second and could
make out the sounds of sex coming from the room next door. Mortified, I
realized that the only person who could have been standing there was Jenna.
Jesus, Jenna was watching! I didn't know what to think, or how to react. I
could have been mistaken, I was buzzed, it was dark, I could have been
hearing things. I didn't really have any more time to think about it, I
was too damn tired and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I had the barest of recollections of the night before,
I wasn't sure if Jenna had really been there, or I had imagined the whole
thing in a drunk stupor. I woke up, and noticed that Melissa was gone. It
was 11:00am, much later than I thought it was. I stumbled to the private
bathroom and took my shower, still feeling a bit of a hangover. When I got
downstairs, Mark told me that Melissa and Renee, his woman, had already
left, but that they'd be back later tonight for some more fun. We talked
about the women for a few minutes, comparing what they did and how well
they did it. It was lunchtime, and we fixed some sandwiches. My stomach
was still a little too sour for a big meal.

Later that afternoon, we went out to the pool just like we did a week
ago, and sat out. I thought that I had tanned slightly, but Mark laughed
at that, noting that I was just as white as I was a week ago. This time,
we had beers instead of Cokes, and were enjoying the warm air. Jenna had
left to go to the Mall with some of her friends again, and was out of the
house. We figured it was safe to pull out the alcohol. Mark didn't want
Jenna to see us with beers, since she'd probably threaten to rat him out to
mom and dad. We had both dozed off when out of nowhere, Jenna walked in
front of us. I hadn't heard her come out of the house. I was terrified to
make eye contact, unsure of whether or not she had been spying on me last
night, startled by her sudden appearance.

"So, did you guys have a nice time last night?" She asked, breaking the

I got a bit flustered and said sure, not making eye contact.

"Beat it Jenna, this is college stuff," Mark told her, scoldingly. It
didn't faze Jenna, she just chuckled.

"Want me to tell mom and dad you've got beers right there?" She pointed.

I looked at Mark, waiting for him to talk.

"Dad doesn't care if I drink, and besides, they won't hear anyways,
right?" He looked sternly at her. I didn't really know how much weight her
word would carry with Mark's parents, but I knew Mark's mom would get
pissed. I didn't think she'd tell; she was just trying to annoy Mark and
get back at him for the mall incident the other day.

"Give me twenty bucks and I'll get lost tonight, so you can have that
party with your girlfriends. I heard you on the phone Mark." She had a
smug look on her face.

"Damn snitch," he mumbled under his breath, reaching for his wallet.
"Twenty bucks, you don't say a thing, and you're out of the house tonight.
Go stay with a friend or something."

She took the twenty neatly, and carried it into the house. I called
Mark an idiot for having beers here with his kid sister around, and laughed
about the twenty he had to cough up. "Real fuckin' funny," he said before
picking up his beer again. "We're gonna get loaded tonight then, if it's
costing me!" We held up our beers in a toast, and laid back.

"Save some of that for me," Jenna shouted as she came back outside. She
was wearing the pink suit again, like last week. And she looked good too,
like last week.

"Bullshit, this isn't for you, you're too young anyway," Mark shouted at

"Be nice," she said, walking over to me. She reached over to pick up my
beer. "Andy won't mind if I have a drink, now will you?"

I chuckled and said "go for it", interested to see her reaction to beer.
I figured she probably hadn't had much before.. She lifted the beer and
took a few drinks. It was clear it tasted like crap to her, but she tried
to hide it. She put the can back down, and walked over to the pool, not
looking back.

"Guess it didn't taste so good, huh?" Mark whispered to me. We both had
a little laugh, and went back to lounging. I still found myself looking at
Jenna from time to time, a bit more often now than a week ago. I found
myself trying to hide my looks less and less; something about the whole
situation made me feel more comfortable with her. The alcohol had me
feeling a little bolder than last Saturday. Plus, I had really connected
with her on Thursday at the mall, I couldn't help it: I was starting to
like her. Plus, she was standing up to Mark, and I thought that was pretty
cool. She was always smiling when I looked at her, and she had a great
smile too. She swam for a couple more minutes, before hopping out of the
water. I noticed her nipples standing out again, but this time I was smart
enough not to stare. To not tempt myself anymore, I closed my eyes and
pretended to relax.

I heard her walk by me, and as she got past, she said "have a good night
tonight" and walked on. I mumbled thanks, and opened my eyes in time to
catch her walking into the house. She must have felt my eyes on her, and
she turned one last time to wave. I waved back, grinned, and took another
swig of beer.

After she left, the reality of the situation hit me. I was flirting
with Mark's kid sister. The whole situation was more than a little
strange. I mean, she was only three years younger in age, but she was still
in high school, and I was in college. I wasn't sure what I felt about
Jenna, but I knew that nothing was going to come of it. Besides, Melissa
and Renee would be coming over after dinner, and I'd have plenty of action

Dinner came, and Jenna was out of the house thankfully. She'd made
plans to stay with a friend, and wouldn't be troubling me the rest of the
trip. At around 8 o'clock, Melissa and Renee showed up. They were both
looking great, made up and dressed nice. Renee went over to Mark, and
Melissa came to me. We kissed and hugged each other, and then set off into
the living room. Mark put in a tape of some Adam Sandler comedy that I
hadn't seen yet, and we started watching. There were plenty of beers for
the four of us, and they disappeared in quick succession. Before I knew
it, the movie was done and damn near 20 empties were littered around us.
Of course, the night was far from over. Melissa and I stepped out to the
patio for a smoke, while Mark and Renee got cozy on the couch. We
chitchatted a little more about life and college, made promises to keep in
touch after this week. We both knew that it wouldn't happen of course.
This weekend was all about having fun without any strings or attachments.

We came back in the house a little later, where Mark and Renee were
getting out a Monopoly game. Mark and I had made this up on our own at
college last semester; it was a drinking game based on Monopoly. Instead
of paying rent, taxes, etc., players took drinks of beer. $50 equaled one
sip of beer, so landing on some of the bigger rent spots with hotels and
the works could equal slamming a whole can of Miller Lite! We still used
money to buy the properties, but you paid in beer. There were some other
rules of course to make sure that things worked well, but that was the gist
of it. The game started out well, and I had a commanding lead for most of
the game. Of course, Mark was a close second, but the girls were really
bad at it, and ended up taking down a lot of beer. We finally quit after
another dozen cans or so were gone, declaring myself the winner.

It was about midnight now, and Mark and I decided it was 'that time'.
We set the board on the coffee table, and took our dates hand in hand up to
our rooms. Melissa was almost passed out, I had to practically carry her
up the steps. We got into the room, and I carried her to the bed. She
flopped back on the pillows, and lay there, starting to doze off. This
wasn't looking good for my chances. I bent over and tried to kiss her, she
half-kissed back, and then turned her head away. I started kissing her
neck and ears, started to rub her breasts, but she was clearly on her way
to passing out. Frustrated, I got up out of bed and sat at the small desk
in the room.

I was drunk and horny, and the only available woman in the house was in
drunk-sleep right now. I wasn't going to have sex with her passed out,
that just wouldn't be right, even if she would have screwed willingly when
she was sober. I could hear the sounds of Mark and Renee having sex next
door, and I was stuck alone. I decided to head downstairs, since I wasn't
tired, and didn't want to be in the same bed as Melissa now. I flipped the
TV on, and started watching Cinemax. Thank god for pay cable. Anyway, it
was a Saturday night, and anyone who's had Cinemax knows that Saturday
night (or any night of the week for that matter) is a good night for skin
flicks. And sure enough, the "Exotic House of Wax" was showing.

I was too drunk and horny to care, so I just pulled my cock out and
started to jack off right there in front of the TV. I was too horny to
give a damn, and I knew that no one was going to be around to see me. I
grabbed some tp from the bathroom and went back to masturbating. I was
getting so into it that I didn't even hear her come in. She came in from
the garage entrance on the side of the house, and was moving real quiet. I
was really getting close when I heard the squeak of a shoe on linoleum
behind me. Startled, I hid my erection and spun around. Jenna was
standing right there, not five feet away from me. She was just staring at
my crotch.

"What the hell are you doing here, you said you were going to be gone!"
I pulled up my shorts and tried best to cover my erection.

She seemed flustered and stammered out an answer. "I... I was just
curious, I wanted to see what college kids do for fun., I didn't
know what you were doing down here."

"Oh come on, you were watching me last night, weren't you?" I was
getting a little angry with her now.

She turned away and got even more flustered. "I was... I was curious,
um, I just wanted to see. I've, like, heard my friends talk about sex, I
wanted to see what it was like."

I could feel myself becoming less upset with her, having calmed down
now. "It's okay, don't sweat it. I was kinda curious when I was 15 too."
She seemed to relax a little. She was looking at me again, first in my
eyes, and then wandering down to my crotch, and the open zipper. I caught
her looking, and she turned her head up abruptly again, blushing even more.

"You're quite the voyeur, huh?" I asked her.

"What's that?"

"Nevermind... sit down." I knew I was treading dangerous water now.
She slowly walked around the edge of the couch and sat down, a good two
feet away from me. She was still looking away from me, shyly.

"You like what you see?" I didn't know why I was saying these things,
but I didn't care. This was so taboo, so different. The beer didn't help
things either. Jenna was a sweet girl, and I was feeling comfortable with
her now.

"You said I looked okay on Thursday. You liked what you saw?" She
asked, hopefully.

I smiled back. "You're one sexy girl, you know that."

"At least you think so," she sighed. "I'm never going to get a
boyfriend... all the girls at school have big boobs, and the guys stare at
them all the time. I haven't even had a date." She turned away from me

"They're just being dumb right now. You're beautiful, trust me. And
very soon, guys are going to be noticing you in a big way."

She looked back to me, a soft smile on her face. "Do you mean it?"

"Of course I mean it. You seem like a really sweet girl. I like you."

I knew she wasn't going to make a move first, she was still too scared.
I spent a little time contemplating. I knew that Mark was still upstairs
fucking, and Melissa wasn't going to wake up for many hours. The parents wouldn't be back until tomorrow. And I was feeling something between us.
Of course it wasn't love, I hardly knew her, but she seemed sweet and kind,
and I wanted to make her feel special.

"You can keep secrets, right? And not for money, I don't have any to
give you."

She looked at me, a little scared, a little anxious. "You can give me
something, I know you can"

I fumbled around in my pockets, digging out my keychain. I pulled off
the lucky rabbit's foot attached to it, and handed it to her.

"Tell you what. I'll give you this, and when you finally find the right
man for yourself, you can send it back. See, worst case scenario, you've
still got this foot!" I smiled at her, and she smiled back, warming up.
Her hand stretched out, and took the trinket from my hand. She looked deep
in my eyes, and licked her lips, waiting for me. How odd, I thought, I
really do feel something here. With her.

That was all I needed to go on. I made the decision to move in. I slid
over on the couch, right next to her. My leg was brushing up against hers,
our arms touching.

"You've got a beautiful body. Why don't you show it to me." I looked
deeply in her eyes, smiling. She seemed nervous, but I nodded and
whispered "it's okay" to her. She paused for a second, placed the rabbit's
foot on the end table, and then started pulling off her shirt. The only
light was from the TV, but it was enough. She pulled it over her head, and
set it on the couch. She was wearing a small white bra, probably an A cup.
She still looked good, with her athletic body. She stopped with the shirt,
and seemed too nervous to go on.

"May I?" I asked her.

She nodded her approval. I reached around to her back, and found the
bra clasp. Unhooking it, I pulled it down, off her shoulders. Her small,
pert breasts were exposed to the air. Her nipples had begun to tense up
already, from the cool air in the room. I leaned closer to her now, and
started kissing her. She kissed back strongly. Her tongue darted into my
mouth, playing with mine. She was a very good kisser. I reached out with
my hands and started to caress her breasts. She flinched slightly at the
touch, and then relaxed, as she grew comfortable with my hands. I cupped
the small mounds, rubbing the nipples with my fingers and pinching a little
bit. Her nipples were quite large given the size of her breasts, and they
stood out prominently.

I couldn't wait any longer, and I bent over to begin kissing her
breasts. She leaned back on the couch and I followed her down, sucking on
first one nipple, then the other.

"Have you ever done this with a guy?" I asked her.

"This yes... I've had a guy play with my boobs before."

"How far have you gone with another guy?" I asked as I returned to
kissing her chest.

"Mmm... not much farther, but don't stop, I like this."

I took that encouragement and moved on, starting to unfasten her shorts.
She lifted her butt off the couch and helped me pull her shorts off. Her
skin had an even red flush across it; she was getting aroused now. I
stopped to take my shirt off, and then went back to her body, kissing down
her belly now, coming to her waist. I paused, waiting for a "no" that
never came. I slipped my fingers under the waistband of her panties and
pulled them down. She lifted her hips again, and I was left staring at her
beautiful pussy. Her hair was thin and curly, and I could see her lips
exposed beneath. Her breathing had speeded up, and she had her eyes closed

I reached out with my fingertips, to start touching her soft hair. I
ran my fingers around in it, stroking up and down, feeling the texture.
Then I moved lower, my fingers first making contact with her clitoris. She
let out a sigh and shifted her hips toward me. I still couldn't believe I
was doing this, but I couldn't convince myself to stop unless she wanted
to. Her legs opened instinctively to my touches, exposing more and more of
her sex. I could see the wetness glistening on her lips, and I reached
down with my fingers to spread it around. She pushed back on my fingers,
and I took the cue to slip my index finger inside of her. She groaned as I
entered her, feeling how warm and wet she was inside. I kept moving my
finger inside of her, but now I move my mouth in as well. My tongue
reached out to brush her clit, and she groaned louder in approval. I
started moving my finger in and out faster, and she began slowly rocking
her hips. I clamped my lips over her clit and sucked, drawing the small
bud into my mouth. That drew a squeal from her

"Be quiet, you'll wake Mark," I whispered to her.

She nodded without looking at me, and I returned to her pussy. I was
increasing the attention on her clit now, using both my fingers and my
mouth on it. I wasn't sure if she'd ever had an orgasm before, but I hoped
she'd get one now. She hefted her legs on my shoulders and I moved in even
more now. I was rubbing my face all over her cunt, licking and kissing,
using my fingers inside of her. She was whimpering now, trying to keep
quiet, her hips moving and grinding on my face, until all of a sudden she
let out a yelp and her whole body stiffened up. I was scared that someone
would hear, but figured that there wasn't anything I could do about it now.
She used her hands to press my face against her pussy, grinding and rubbing
it all over. She tasted wonderful, and I licked up as much of her wetness
as I could. Gradually she calmed down, her breathing slowed, and she
slumped back against the arm of the couch.

"Wow...that was good," she breathed, still gasping a little.

"I'm glad I could please you, Jenna," I said back. I crawled up her
body to kiss her. She kissed back deeply, tasting herself on my face. She
broke the kiss and smiled.

"Now it's your turn."

I sat back in the couch, relaxing as she began to kiss along my naked
chest, pausing at my nipples. I shuddered a little at the tickling
sensation, and then she passed down. Her hands were working with my
shorts, unbuttoning them. I helped her slip me out of them, and laid back.
My cock was sticking out, sore and hard. I was aching for relief, having
had an erection for a good hour or so now.

"Wow that's big," she told me, looking at my member.

I laughed a little, I was only six inches, but if she thought that was
big, she's going to make some guy's ego huge someday. She reached out to
touch it, running her fingers over the head and down the shaft. She then
moved to my balls, lifting them and rolling them around, before returning
to my cock. She began a very simple motion, gripping my cock and stroking
it up and down. Pausing for a second, she then moved her head down, and
reached out to kiss the head of my cock.

"That's good, you're doing good," I told her, encouraging her.

She took the reassuring and continued to kiss and lick at my cock head,
almost like as if it were a popsicle or something. Finally, she placed her
lips around the head and began to move her mouth up and down on it, taking
about half of the length into her mouth. She started a good motion,
bobbing up and down on my member. It was feeling great, and I couldn't
help the occasional groan escaping from my mouth. She began to speed up,
working her hand and mouth faster. When she began to use her tongue to
swirl around my cock head, I couldn't take it anymore, and groaned "I'm

She jerked her head back just in time, as I ejaculated my semen. A
little bit splashed on her face, and the rest sprayed on her hands as she
kept pumping. Finally, my cock stopped spasming in her hands, and I lay
back, spent. I handed her the tp I had taken earlier, and she cleaned up
herself and my crotch as well. Curious, she wiped a drop of cum of her
face and tasted it.

"Yuck, that's not good. Salty." She made a face.

"I know, but that's a part of sex. It doesn't all feel or taste good,
but you do it to please your partner and make them happy." I reached out
and pulled her back on the couch next to me, kissing her again. We kissed
deeply for a minute or more, and then finally broke.

"Thank you, you were wonderful," I told her.

"Thank you for sharing that with me," she replied. "And believe me, I'm
gonna hold on to this for as long as it takes me to find the right boy." I
smiled at her, and she kissed me once more.

We both agreed that we would never mention this to anyone ever again.
She walked back to the friend's house down the street, and I went upstairs
to find Melissa sleeping soundly. The morning came, Melissa and Renee were
gone early again, and I cleaned up. Packing was relatively easy, just one
suitcase and one carryon, and we were ready to go. Mark's parents came
later that afternoon, having enjoyed their trip thoroughly. Just as Mark
and I were set to leave, Jenna came back. She said her hellos to mom and
dad, and came over to me.

"Well, it was nice meeting you, maybe I'll see you again sometime." She
looked just a bit hopeful. I really was surprised at my reluctance to
leave. Not because I'd be leaving Florida, or returning to classes, but
because I'd be leaving her.

"Nice to see you too, take care." Wave and goodbye.

And with that, Mark and I left the house. The trip back to Minnesota
was uneventful. Several times, Mark asked me about what happened that
night. Apparently, Melissa had told Renee that she passed out, and Mark
wanted my side of the story. I told him that nothing happened with
Melissa, and that's the truth. We went through our college careers, Mark
and I were always good friends, we moved into an apartment together our
junior year, and finally, by senior year, I had saved up enough money to
fly down to Florida for spring break again.

Oh, Jenna was still there of course, she was a senior in high school
now, 19 years old. I was right about her body, she was amazing, and had
the boys chasing after her like mad. She was modeling part time, and
getting ready to go to a college, but she hadn't made her final choice.
She was seeing someone pretty seriously when I got down there too. We made
eye contact for the first time in four years, and for one brief moment, we
both were transported to that night in her parent's living room. She
smiled at me, and as she walked by, she casually whispered.

"I never broke that promise." She placed her hand on my shoulder,
squeezed it, and walked outside to her waiting boyfriend. Lucky bastard.

Of course, that all was two years ago, that second trip to Florida. And
quite a story to tell there too. You know, I've got that rabbit's foot
back now, and that's worth at least one more story.

Arine Buteft


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