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Lunchtime Confessions (wife, swap, MF)
by OneIdleHand

Lunchtime Confessions

It was a very romantic letter. When retrieving money from her purse,
Hayley had found it beside her wallet. Her friend, Denise, asked,
"What's got you so excited?"

Hayley had met Denise only several weeks earlier. Hayley had recently
begun working free-lance for a small consulting company doing
presentation graphics. As a freelancer, she took whatever computer
space was available, and it had turned out to be in Denise's office. As
soon as she had entered Denise's office, she knew that they might have
something in common. The walls were covered with frames pictures of
wildlife, all apparently originals. Being a wildlife photographer had
been her dream through high school and college, and, at the age of 35,
married with kids, she knew the dream would never be realized.

Conversation with Denise was easy and frequent. Fortunately, doing her
computer work did not completely occupy her concentration, and Denise's
duties had hit a lull as a full time marketing coordinator. Their
discussion had quickly covered a wide range of topics, and there were
many similarities. Both had moved around quite a bit during childhood,
both had taken a combination of science and art classes in college, both
had two kids, both loved animals, both loved card games, and both loved
gardening. It was odd, but Hayley had always had difficulty making
female friends, and yet they had struck up a friendship in a short time
that both could tell held promise.

After just the first work week, they were both very comfortable with
each other and had begun going to lunch together every day. For a
change, Hayley actually enjoyed working, rather than just looking
forward to the money that she would receive. They agreed that it would
be fun to have more time together outside of work and agreed that their
husbands would enjoy the company of the other couple as well. So, plans
were quickly made for dinner at Hayley's house for the following

Their husbands, Steven and Mike, had gotten along well, with very
similar tastes in sports, music, and Nintendo games. In short, both
couples were energized to have new friends with such similar interests.
Their kids even played well together. They had played cards into the
evening and agreed that they should get together again soon, sooner than
the customary "return invitation." However, with busy personal
schedules plus vacation time, it appeared it might be a while before
they could get together again.

Denise said, "Ahem!" and Hayley's attention returned to the present. "I
thought I had lost you there for a moment. I said, what's got you so

Hayley decided that, yes, Denise was a good friend and, no, it wouldn't
be too embarrassing to share the note. "I guess you can read it,"
Hayley said, handing it over to Denise. It was a note from Steven,
expressing his love for her and in general but suggestive terms, his
fulfillment with their sex lives.

Hayley felt a little awkward as Denise began to read the letter aloud,
but her voice soon faded. It was then that Hayley realized that Denise
had a beautiful voice. It had been years ago that Hayley had hired a
voice talent to narrate a video who had surprised her sensibilities.
She had never said anything to the woman about it, but the sound of the
her voice subtly turned Hayley on. It was the same with Denise's voice.
Hayley had no interest in a sexual relationship with another woman, but
perhaps it led to the comfortable feeling she had when she was around

"Wow!" said Denise. "That's a great letter. I've asked a bunch of
friends, but they never seem to get anything like this. They only get
Hallmark cards on special occasions, if they're lucky. When I get notes
like this it makes me feel very special to Mike. So it made me wonder
if other guys made their wives feel special like that, and until now,
the answer was 'no.' Steven seemed like a really nice guy; I guess my
intuition about him was right."

"What did your intuition say?"

"Oh, that he was a great husband. It just seemed that he treated you
like a best friend, yet the way he looked at you and touched you in
passing suggested that he loves your body, too. And, of course, he
helped out in the kitchen."

Hayley smirked and rolled her eyes. "Well, you should see his other
notes." Her expression said that she liked the notes, but also that
these were more adult in nature than the love letter that Denise held.
She and Denise had not talked about sex, although they had shared quite
a bit about their husbands.

Denise understood. They were sitting at a Schlotsky's Deli in a corner,
and business was light. No one was around to overhear them. Denise
said, "Well, I get those too. Part of me is scared to read them because
I never know what Mike will say, but they always turn me on."

Hayley responded, "Yeah, but sometimes they're pretty kinky. I just
wonder whether he's losing his marbles, whether I'm too conservative, or
if we're actually normal compared with everyone else."

"Anything you can talk about?" Denise asked.

"Well, I'm a little embarrassed."

Denise said, "Well, I'm curious, too, what real people do. We
occasionally read Penthouse Letters, but I never know if any of that
stuff is true. We've certainly done some things that we could have
written about. When we were dating, it seems like we did it just about
everywhere. We even sneaked into the campus auditorium one night and
did it," she said, smiling with a distant look, "on the stage floor with
a couple of stage spotlights on."

Hayley and Steven had done it all kinds of places, too, and some worth
bragging about. But she had never bragged about it. It had been almost
a joke between them to remind each other of the places they had had sex,
imagining that their friends probably always did it in the missionary
position in a bed. Hayley admitted to herself that she had always
wanted to tell somebody, and here was her opportunity.

She quickly recounted the roof of her dorm, the lobby of a campus
building, getting caught by State Park Police on a picnic table, in a
motel room full of their closest friends who were, she thought and
hoped, completely unaware, on the roof of the Hyatt hotel in downtown
Atlanta during a 4th of July parade, and, in a way the most dangerous,
on the den floor of her parents' house.

Denise countered with the bed of a pickup truck in the campus parking
lot, on the beach during the middle of the day, and two trips to Mardi
Gras in New Orleans', where she had bared her tits among the mob of
people one year, and the next year had bared her tits while being fucked
by Mike on a balcony on Bourbon Street with people watching and several
cameras flashing. They began discussing each other's adventures when
they realized that lunch hour had long since passed, and they rushed
back to the office.

Just before it was time to leave for the day, Denise suggested, "Look, I
really, uh, enjoyed our lunch today. I'm curious, and I was wondering
if you would be willing to make a trade." Hayley tensed with what might
be suggested. "We both get these notes from our husbands. I don't know
about you, but I keep mine. How about we each bring one every day and
trade them at lunch? Is that too weird? I think it would be fun.
It'll just be our secret. I won't even tell Mike."

Hayley had been turned on throughout lunch, so much so that she had to
finish herself quickly in the bathroom when she returned. It would mean
betraying Steven, but it would be their secret, and, besides, she would
get to see the types of things Mike had written. "Okay, but Steven is
going to be pissed if he ever finds out."

So, it began. Both started the next day with rather tame notes.
Hayley had found one where Steven had requested her to RSVP to a night
out by not wearing any panties. Denise had brought one where Mike had
requested for her to sit on his face, which Hayley learned was now quite
common for them. Conversation quickly covered what the respective
nights were like, and, without the awkwardness that Hayley might have
expected, they quite naturally moved into descriptions of what their
husbands' cocks were like. The only real shock to Hayley was that they
could discuss so much without her feeling reserved or private. And she
admitted that she was having fun, great fun. Denise appeared to enjoy
it just as much.

Each day for the next week and a half brought a new note, and between
them the notes had covered the basics and more: massage, exhibitionism,
video taping, oral sex, and even light bondage. Unfortunately, the work
ran out for Hayley that Friday. During their final lunch, they
discovered that both of their husbands occasionally wrote short stories,
mostly about fantasies involving their wives.

"Well, next time you hire me, I guess I'll start bringing those too,"
Hayley said.

"That's a deal," said Denise. There was a long silence. "You know, we
don't have much business coming for the next couple of months, at least,
so it might be a while before we bring you back. Do you think we could
still get together for lunch, say, once a week? I could meet you half

Hayley was surprised how far conversation had strayed over the past
weeks from their original common interests and hobbies. But, she knew
that she enjoyed Denise's company and their lunchtime talks, and she
sensed a loss of fulfillment in the weeks ahead. It wasn't the work or
the money that would be the cause, either. And certainly her enthusiasm
for sex at home had increased. "Sure," said Hayley. "How about next
Thursday?" And they were set.

When they met again, Hayley decided to bring the notes that she had held
back, rather than one of Steven's stories. These notes were the really
kinky ones that she thought were too awkward to share in a work
relationship, especially if Denise reacted negatively to them. But she
had convinced herself that Denise would like them, and, anyway, she
definitely wanted to hear Denise's opinion of them. Denise, on the
other hand, had brought a story that Mike had written. They would both
be very surprised by the other's submission of the week.

After reading a series of three notes from Steven, Denise said, "I know
this sounds odd, but I wish these notes were written for me. I suck
Mike's cock, and he usually cums in my mouth, and occasionally on my
face. I'm not to shy to say that we both enjoy it. It makes me feel
like such a slut. But my fantasy is to have him eat his cum, and
Steven's idea of you being in charge, making him eat it... Well, it about
puts me over the top just reading it. Mike would never go for it,
though. I kissed him once with a mouthful, and he found a towel fast.
But, wow, thanks for showing these to me. I now have a fantasy life."

Hayley's surprise was of a different dimension. Denise had upped the
ante quite a bit with the story she brought, even considering the nature
of Steven's notes. Mike had put together a story that read like a
fantasy, but she knew it was closer to the truth. It was about a
camping trip the two of them had made to the mountains the previous
year. The story had included Denise in a bikini top and tight shorts,
hiking on a mountain trail, skinny dipping in a stream, and having sex
in the open around their primitive camp site - once in a large clearing
and once by a fire. There was nothing really wild about the story. The
difference was that Mike's story included pictures. They apparently had
used a camera with a timer, Denise's photography and darkroom ability,
and computer scanning to put the pictures in with the story.

The pictures were in black and white, probably so Denise could develop
them. Still, the pictures showed both Denise and Mike nude, standing on
a mountain peak embracing, laying on a rock by the pool where they had
skinny dipped, and several grainy pictures where they were fucking doggy
style in a field.

The picture taken after the skinny dipping made her pulse quicken. She
knew Denise had a beautiful face, framed by black hair that she seemed
able to style dozens of different ways. But the picture showed the
rest of her, all of her. She had an even tan marked with bikini lines
and a nice figure only slightly affected by having two kids. Although
her tits were smaller, Denise's nipples were unusually large, probably
twice as long as Hayley's.

Despite quickly picking up on these details, it was Mike that got her
attention. His cock was shrunk from the cold water, but his body...
She and Steven had gone had been at a park several months earlier, and
they had seen a jogger that they both admitted was their fantasy.
Basically, both wished Steven's body was as athletic and defined as the
guy they saw. Mike's was similar, except he was a few inches taller and
had very little body hair. Even though the pictures were black and
white, the cold water on his tan body glistened in the sun like oil, and
he obviously worked out regularly. Hayley said, "When you came over
last weekend, I immediately thought Mike's face was handsome, but his
looks just keep going...down the rest of him. Steven isn't fat, but
still, I'm... jealous."

"Yeah, I understand. When we're at the beach, I get my share of looks,
but he gets more. It makes me proud, I guess, that he's all mine, but I
can't help but get a little peeved with all the attention he gets. I'm
glad he doesn't flirt much."

Hayley turned to the final page to a picture of a handjob. "I can see
why!" she said. This picture captured Hayley's attention, mostly
because it was high quality, and it was the only picture that clearly
displayed Mike's cock erect. She and Denise were about the same size,
so estimating by what she knew Steven's cock looked like with her hand
around it, she estimated Mike's to be 2"-3" longer, and maybe slightly

She couldn't remember who told her, but she had always stuck to the
rule. Steven's cock fit her cunt well, and she was very happy both with
its size and the way it was used. But according to the rule, a woman
should never make her partner feel his cock suffers in comparison to
past lovers. She had always told Steven that his was the largest of her
previous lovers, but there was one, also named Mike, who was about an
inch longer and considerably fatter. Looking at this Mike's picture
brought back memories of what a larger cock was like, and it made her
remember how a larger one felt inside.

Denise had been watching Hayley as she read, looking for a reaction, and
she was a little afraid that she had gone too far. They were new
friends, and here she was showing Hayley what she and Mike looked like
nude and even in action. It was embarrassing, but they had shared so
much, and it also turned her on to be able to share something that had
been so private. "Yeah, that last picture of Mike is my favorite. I
even cropped it, blew it up, and saved the image on my computer. It's
useful when he travels out of town."

Hayley said, "Well, you said he was 'good sized'. I would say that
Steven is 'good sized' and that Mike is 'wonderfully sized'. It must
feel great."

"Well, yes, it does. I'm sure a lot of guys would like to have a cock
as big as his. My problem is that I'm too small for him. We have great
sex, but when he pounds me, he hits my cervix, so he has to be careful
not to drive too hard, and, of course, it's not as enjoyable for him.
And it's not as enjoyable for me, because sometimes it also takes him
too long to finish."

"Steven fits me really well; he just cums too fast."

"Hmmpf! Sounds like we need to trade!" They both laughed, but then
their eyes met for an uncomfortable moment before quickly looking away.

Hayley put her finger on the picture of Mike's cock and asked, "So, what
are you bringing next week that would top this?"

"More of the same, and you?"

"Well, I've still got stories that Steven wrote. They're good reading
if you're into what he's writing about, but they're fiction."

"If the fiction is anything like the notes, and particularly like these
notes, I can't wait!"

But they did, until the next Thursday. They both had brought too many
stories to read at lunch, so they agreed to trade them and read them at
home. The conversation was a relief in a way, just to talk about work,
kids, and life in general. But Hayley could tell that Denise was just
as eager as she was to check out the new material. And she couldn't
help but flip through the pictures in Denise's story with her there.

The photos included everything from making it on a pool table to a
close-up of cum stretching from the head of Mike's cock to Denise's
lips. It was like a bizarre picture album, but one that commanded
complete attention. Hayley just looked up, shaking her head, and
laughed. "So, Denise, which do you prefer? Wildlife photography or

Denise looked down at the picture, with the cum at her lips, but she
didn't answer. Hayley quickly placed the pages back into a folder as a
restaurant employee was walking by. It was almost too bad that Steven
couldn't illustrate his stories...

As if reading her mind, Denise asked, "So, do you have any pictures of

All things considered, it was a fair question. "Pictures, no. We've
filmed ourselves a few times though." Hayley knew what she was about to
do. If Steven ever found out, she was dead. "If I bring one next week,
can you promise that Mike won't see it?"

"Absolutely. I'd die if he caught me with it. Tell you what, why don't
we go to my house next week for lunch. That way we can watch your tape
and one of mine, and we don't have to worry about anyone being around or
the tapes being lost."

"It's a date," Hayley said, completely turned on but ultimately unsure
if this was a good thing to do. She had never imagined a situation
where someone else would see their videos, without abject horror,

Hayley had not yet been to Denise's house. As it turned out, they lived
only ten miles apart. Denise's house was nicer than her own, maybe due
to two incomes. Hayley liked her own large wooded backyard, which was
rare for suburbia. But it still wasn't private. Denise's backyard, on
the other hand, was several acres, and it had complete privacy. Hayley
had dreamed of a pool or a hot tub in a private yard, and Denise had
both. It was pretty close to Hayley's dream house, with a nice garden,
room for dogs, and room for kids to play. After the tour of the house,
they finally settled on the couch to watch the videos.

They flipped a coin to see whose video would be first. Denise's. It
included basic sex, but it was really more a record of lovemaking, and
Hayley was turned on fiercely, although not in a situation to relieve a
large itch. Denise explained that the video was taken with complete
knowledge, and that they both were turned on so much that they had done
it often. While Denise talked about it, Hayley rewound the video to a
scene where Mike was taking her from behind, then she hit play and
paused it. The video didn't "freeze" perfectly, but the out-of-focus
image on the screen made her catch her breath. Mike's cock was so big.
She couldn't imagine...she realized that Denise had stopped talking, and
that her panties were soaked. Denise swapped the video and reached for
the remote. "It's my turn for that!"

While Denise's video had been an erotic scene of a husband and wife,
then Hayley's was comparatively explicit. It was made with her
reluctant acquiescence. Acquiescent because the occasion was Steven's
birthday, and the video was his wish. The reluctant part came from the
fact that she was tied up for much of the film. Steven also preferred
to shoot "sex," with a close-up of his cock pushing between her cunt and
stroking her hard. Denise was squirming in the recliner, where she had
sat after inserting the film. Since Denise wasn't looking her way,
Hayley slipped a hand between her pants.

She had chosen this film because it had a scene that Denise would really
like, and it was no surprise when Denise started replaying it. Steven
had withdrawn his cock from her cunt and shot his cum across her stomach
and breasts. It was disjointed in the video, but Steven redirected the
camera, and it recorded him licking his cum from her body. Denise's
chair was rocking slightly, and the scene suddenly stopped with Steven's
tongue on her breast.

Denise stood, her face flushed, "Hayley, I'm really turned on, and I
need to go play..." She looked awkward for a moment, and then she ran off
to her room. Hayley made herself comfortable on the couch, pulling down
her shorts and panties. She came quickly and hard.

It was only several minutes when Denise returned. Both had cleaned up
well, but neither wanted to talk about it. Denise said, simply, "Okay
then. Next Thursday. Here or at a restaurant?"
After a couple more weeks, they ran out of material for their lunch time
meetings, so conversation stretched into their own fantasies. Denise
liked sex in the outdoors, not necessarily in risky places, but in
places where she was reasonably confident she wouldn't be seen, and, if
seen, could recover to make a getaway.

Then she asked, "How about you?"

"Well, I really don't have any fantasies. It frustrates Steven, because
he would like to know too. But my imagination just doesn't run wild. I
usually just remember fun moments and concentrate on what I'm doing."

"Hayley, everyone has fantasies! I can think of a bunch of things that
would be fun, that, of course, I could never do. But it's great fun
thinking about."

"Like what?"

"Well, like going to a bar and picking up a guy and making it in a car
in the parking lot." I could never cheat on Mike, but it's fun thinking
about. Didn't you say you read Penthouse Letters, too?"


"Okay, what types of stories do you like? Serendipity? Threesomes?
Swinging? What?"

"Yeah, I usually read Crowd Scenes or Threesomes, but only the stories
where it's one girl and a bunch of guys."

"Well, see? You do have fantasies!"

"No, I just read them. I don't make them my own."

"Close enough. If it's something you can't or wouldn't do, and it turns
you on, it's a fantasy! I like those stories too. It's scary to think
of what it would be like with just a couple of guys, let alone four or

"I know. I don't know if I could physically enjoy that much attention,
or if I would just feel like a slut."

"Well, like I said, sucking Mike's cock makes me feel like a slut, but I
still like it."

"Denise, I know I would like it, but it's the thought of Steven watching
me that would make me feel like a slut."

"Ohhh, I get it. Have you ever asked him how he would feel if you were
with another guy?"

"No! Have you?"

"We've read some of those stories before, but we never discussed it. I
think that should be our goal this week, to ask them what they would
think and then we could tell each other. Oh, and are you guys free next
Saturday? My parents are taking the kids for the weekend. Maybe we
could go out for dinner and catch a movie. Or you could come over
earlier and we could swim in the pool and then go out."

"I'm always open to going out. I'll let you know tonight or tomorrow."

As she drove home, she began thinking how she could lead the
conversation to figure out how Steven would feel about her being fucked
by another man, or group of men. It wasn't something she could just
bring up. The fact that she didn't have, or didn't know she had,
fantasies wouldn't help. Anything she brought up might set off warning
signals for Steven.

When Steven returned from work, she asked him if they were free Saturday
and if they could get a baby sitter. He said sure, so she called Denise
from the bedroom and confirmed for Saturday. Having no solution to her
challenge, she asked, "Have you thought about how you're going to bring
up the subject we talked about?"

Denise answered, "Yes, and I've already gotten my response. When Mike
came home, I was in the bedroom reading Penthouse Letters. I had found
an issue with a story about a wife, her husband, and another man. I
timed it so that when he came up the stairs, I was naked reading the
story and pretending that I was really turned on. Well, maybe I wasn't
pretending. After he teased me for being caught, he asked what I was
reading, so I told him. He locked the door and quickly began petting
me. I teased him that it was too bad I didn't have two cocks to play
with like the story, and... Well, you know that phrase, 'he thinks with
his dick', well I think that's because when his cock is full of blood,
his brain must be empty. So as he began to fuck me, I asked him how he
would feel about it, and...I'll tell you next Thursday!"

Hayley didn't have any problem finding a suitable story, and she
repeated the same sequence later that night.

On Thursday, it turned out that both husbands, in the heat of passion,
said it would really turn them on to watch their wives with another guy.
Both had said that they wouldn't like it if they weren't there either
participating or watching, and, after their orgasms subsided, both said
they could never really do that.

After discussing this, Hayley said, "That's probably how I would feel if
he made it with another woman. And you?"

"Yeah, the same. It would be weird, and I'm sure we would both feel
guilty afterwards."

"Well, it's time to run. What can I bring Saturday?"

Hayley had lucked out. Not only had her mom wanted to baby-sit, she
wanted the kids overnight. Around 3:00 on Saturday, Steven and Hayley
arrived at Denise and Mike's. They quickly changed into swimsuits and
headed out to the pool where their hosts awaited. For Hayley, it was
odd. As she would learn later, Denise also felt the same awkwardness.
Steven and Mike were generally getting along super, having fun playing
pool volleyball and talking about the upcoming football season. For
Hayley, it made her cunt wet. She couldn't tell Denise, but Mike had
been in her thoughts when she played with herself for weeks. And now,
here he was, tanned, superbly shaped, friendly, funny, and playful in a
not too loose, not too tight swimsuit. The guys were completely unaware
how much their spouses had shared about themselves and their husbands.

Denise had similar problems. She had fantasized about Steven in two
ways. First, fucking her hard to where the base of his cock was buried
in her, as Mike couldn't do due to his size. And secondly, just
thinking about a guy who would eat his cum made her wet in an instant.

Hayley and Denise both entered the pool to join the volleyball. Mike
said, "Jeez, I'm thinking it's hot out here, and both of you are telling
me it's cold."

Both women blushed as they realized that both Mike and Steven were
checking out their hardened nipples. Denise, to Hayley's astonishment,
said, "Nah, it's just the sight of you guys." Steven's eyes were all
but glued to Denise's breasts, her longer nipples clearly sticking out
in her bikini. His eyes only moved to see if Hayley was watching him,
but she cut him some slack as she kept her head down aware that Mike was
looking at her own breasts.

Although Denise and Mike may have been more athletic, Steven and Hayley
had the shallow end and were winning. After Denise missed a very easy
shot, falling underwater, Mike helped her up while using one hand to
pull her bikini bottoms into the crack of her butt. Once again,
Steven's attention was diverted, checking out her butt and then her
hardened nipples as she turned around. Mike, also admiring Denise's
butt, sported an erection that Hayley couldn't miss. A playfulness was
in the air, a flirtation among friends, but a feeling of safety from
marital commitment. And so it went for a half an hour, Steven and Mike
basically playing volleyball while teasing their wives by tickling them
or pulling at their swimsuits, especially after missed shots.

Mike said, "Hey, it's your turn to be in the deep end." The next game
was closer, but Steven and Hayley won again. Mike said, "Denise I love
you, but I want Hayley on my team. Why don't we switch?" To Steven and
Mike, this was just a game, as it should have been for Denise and
Hayley. But when Hayley made eye contact with Denise as they crossed
sides, Denise smirked and said, "This is kind of weird." And Hayley
agreed that it was, to be playing games with someone else's husband of
whom you had the most intimate knowledge.

Hayley was only mildly aware that the flirtation was changing as she
approached Mike. She found it hard to take her eyes off his body. But
it was Mike who missed an easy play, and Denise let him hear about it
from the other end. "Well, the tall muscular guy in the shallow end of
the pool can't make a play! Get him, Hayley!" So Hayley came up
behind him and tickled him in the sides of body, feeling the smoothness
and firmness of his torso as she did. The game was now afoot. Maybe
the guys were playing a game, but Hayley, and she thought Denise, too,
were looking forward to those missed plays in which she was either
grabbed or tickled, or when she got to do the same to Mike. It was
inevitable then, that Mike would "accidentally" brush across Hayley's
breasts while making a play for a ball, and that Steven would pat
Denise's butt underwater for a good play, or that Denise's bikini top
would be pulled down when diving in the water. She recovered without
anyone seeing her breasts, but everyone watched her back as she re-tied
the strings, laughing.

Finally, they were waterlogged and tired. The sun was still up, but not
beating down on them with the heat. They decided to dry out on the
lounge chairs before changing and going out to dinner. Conversation
went well enough, and they never lacked topics to talk about. Hayley
noticed Steven casually adjust his cock, as it had slipped to one side.
It dawn her that it was unusual for his cock to be hard coming out of
the water. Then she realized that Denise's bikini bottom wasn't
centered, and a few pubic hairs were visible. Also, sitting in the
chair had caused her bottoms to ride up into her crotch, and a rough
outline of her cunt lips were visible in the stretched fabric. At about
that time, Denise caught Hayley's gaze, realized the problem, and
excused herself to go inside to get ready for dinner.

Steven and Mike wore basic guy clothes, knit shirts and knee length
shorts. The girls varied. Denise wore a tan wrap around skirt with a
black tank top shirt that came up to her neck. Hayley wore a denim
skirt with a white V-neck T-shirt. It wasn't as striking as Denise's,
but the neck cut down low to reveal the upper portion of her breasts,
and thus drew attention.

They ate at Michela's, an established Italian restaurant that was
generally dark and candlelit. The conversation continued, as stories
from college, jokes, and other subjects were covered. Hayley sat
diagonally across from Denise. She noticed as Denise raised her arm to
get a drink that she wasn't wearing a bra. Hayley was a little envious
of how easy it was to go bra-less with smaller tits. Still, Hayley felt
her boobs to be "right sized," and Mike probably thought so, too, based
on his frequent glances. Before their meal arrived, Hayley had to go to
the bathroom, and Denise went along.

"This is great fun! I'm so glad you could come over," Denise said.

"I've had a really good time, and it looks like the guys have too."

"Did the guys see anything when my top came off? Mike just smiled and
wouldn't answer me. When I turned around in the pool, I could tell it
turned him on."

"Well, I didn't see anything, and I don't think Steven did or he
probably would have told me."

"I'm just glad that Mike is having a good time. He was a little upset
that I invited guests when our kids are away for the weekend, but I
promised him I would fuck his brains out later. It's fun keeping him

Hayley responded, "Yeah, I know what you mean. I don't think you saw us
in the back seat, but I reached over and rubbed Steven's cock a couple
of times, and I pinched my nipple once just to make him fidget."

At this, a toilet flushed and a woman old enough to be their mother gave
them a very disapproving look before going to wash her hands. Hayley
and Denise giggled after she left and returned to the table quickly.

Dinner was consumed, and more small talk ensued. Finally, it came time
to select a movie. Action movies, not in the mood. Comedy, no good
ones out. Drama, too depressing for a fun night. Romance, no titles
other than high school flicks were out. What to do? They decided to
return to Mike and Denise's and play cards. Hayley suggested that the
hot tub would be fun, the fantasy appliance being a favorite of hers.
Besides, it was one more chance to see Mike in a swimsuit.

When they arrived, they decided to play Uno. After quickly acquiring
points, Denise accused Steven of playing unfairly, in a flirting voice,
and elbowed him in the ribs. Mike suggested throwing Hayley in the pool
for all the "Wild - Draw 4's" she played on him, and accused her of
hiding cards in her cleavage. Ultimately, while Mike and Denise liked
playing cards, Steven and Hayley liked winning at cards. Hayley won.
Since Mike had finished last, they decided he could choose the next game
to play. He quickly turned aside suggestions of Hearts and Spades and
suggested Poker. "It might as well be Strip Poker, if I get to choose."

Hayley suspected that in all of history, suggestions of Strip Poker were
made in jest. Everyone just knows that it's a joke.

"You wouldn't dare!" said Denise. In truth, Mike had meant it as a
joke, but seeing as Denise, his beautiful wife, was playing along with
it, he decided he would make a game of it. "Why not? I don't recall
that you ever played Poker. So, it seems to me all I would be risking
is that you would be the first one stripped."

Stripped. Hayley was experienced at video poker, and she had always
been lucky. So she didn't mind the game itself. It was the strip part
that was the problem. She surprised herself with the thought that she
wished it wasn't a joke. She and Denise had shared so much about each
other and their husbands, that, while it might be embarrassing to lose,
it wasn't being naked in front of a man that scared her, but, rather her
friend. She quickly reflected that they had already seen each other
nude in pictures and videos. It was only Mike that hadn't seen her
body, and maybe it would be fun, if it came to that, for her to reveal
her breasts to her fantasy male. Steven wouldn't let things get out of
hand, and besides, chances were good that she would see Mike strip down
to his pants or underpants before he chickened out. But even that would
be worth it.

Hayley looked over at Steven, who was looking at Denise's nipples had
suddenly become hard. A glance down confirmed that his cock was up and
awake. Thinking with his dick. Yep, he's in. He'd probably enjoy it
if she had to expose her breasts to someone, anyway. Shoot, he had
said as much when they once talked about going to Mardi Gras!

"Oh, that's 'all' that you would be risking? You think I would be the
first one stripped? I don't think you would let me if it came to that!"

Mike said, "It's your funeral, but what about you guys?"

Steven said, "She's never played before?"

"Not since we've been together."

Steven asked Denise, "Do you know how to play?"

Denise answered, "Yeah, but it's been high school since I played."

"Hmmm, I suppose I could go along. Hayley?"

"I never imagined that this could actually happen. But,... yes!" The
thought of Mike undressing in front of her made her cunt wet. And the
thought of undressing in front of him, with her husband watching...

Mike said, "Well, since I called the game, I get to make the rules.
Denise has a habit of chickening out of things. So, here's the deal.
The person with the worst hand on each round loses one item of clothing.
The person who has the worst hand gets one article of clothing removed
by the person of the opposite sex in the other couple. For example,
Steven, you lucky guy, you will be very busy removing Denise's clothes.
That way, there's no chickening out. And, honey, I'll help him if I
have to!"

Hayley couldn't believe how real Mike was making this joke sound. But
if it actually happened, she wouldn't watch Mike strip. She would
remove his clothes. And he would remove hers. Hmmm. "What does the
winner get?" Hayley asked.

"The winner of each hand will get nothing unless the loser is already
naked. Then the winner can instruct the loser to do anything for a
duration of one or two minutes. Then that player will get a piece of
clothing back for each minute and be allowed to continue to play. If
the loser doesn't do what the winner instructs, then they must stay here
at the table but cannot play. The last person with clothes on gets
whatever wish they like. Agreed?"

Hayley thought it was amazing that doing something so wild actually
seemed to be occurring, and the whole thing had come up rather easily.
She never imagined anything like this could happen among people other
than swingers or something. That final wish for the winner created a
pause, but she said "agreed" with all the others. And the game began.

The first hand was dealt by Mike, with no wild cards. Hayley was
hopeful on her initial deal of a pair of sixes. The next three cards
didn't match however. She was worried, but with no wild cards, her
sixes didn't turn out to be so bad. Mike had only a single jack as a
high card. He reached his foot up for her to remove his shoe. Just
lose a few more...she thought. "Where's your bravado now?", asked
Denise. Mike didn't say anything as Hayley dealt. Denise lost. Steven
removed a sandal from her foot. Hayley had noticed that Denise had put
her sandals back on her feet as the game had begun. Smart lady.
Third deal, Denise lost again, and lost her other sandal. Steven said,
"I suppose you should start thinking about what you would like removed
next!" Denise only had clothes on. No hats, scarves, gloves, outer
sweater. Three losses, since she was bra-less, and Denise would be
naked. Hayley realized how quickly this game was getting serious.

Denise managed not to lose for a while, which was good for her. In a
string of incredibly bad luck, Mike lost both shoes, his socks, and his

Denise said, "This isn't fair! He's still got a belt, shorts, and
underwear. That makes eight pieces of clothing. I only had five!"

Mike responded, "No, that's not true. You started with three pieces of
clothing. I saw you slip your shoes on and didn't say anything about
it, so be thankful!" He laughed, and Steven laughed, too. It made
Hayley hope that Denise had the last laugh. Well, other than herself.

Steven had lost both shoes and both socks. Hayley, like Denise, had
worn sandals, and had lost both of them. But unlike Denise, she had a
bra. Mike commented while removing Hayley's last sandal, "I look
forward to being of service again!" Things were getting precarious for
all three, except Steven who still had a shirt to spare. The next hand,
Mike lost again. Hayley went over to remove his belt, taking a little
extra time reaching from behind to undo the clasp. She kept a smile on
her face while doing it, and kept looking at Denise to make sure she
wasn't getting upset. It seemed all systems were "go." So the belt

On the next hand, Hayley almost discarded a two before she remembered it
was wild. That gave her three Ace's. It would be someone else's turn
to lose. Not by much, as it turned out. Mike had the low hand of three
sevens. He didn't move. Hayley rose and moved next to him. "I seem to
recall that we had an agreement. I want to see what kind of underwear
you're wearing!"

"A deal's a deal, Mike!" added Denise, giving him a wink.

He stood. Hayley stood behind him, put her hands on his shoulders,
"Hmmm, no shirt to remove." She slid her hands down his sides until she
came to his pants. She unbuttoned the top, and she pressed firmly
inward as she lowered the zipper, into the hardness of his cock that she
could feel beneath. He wore a solid black men's bikini brief. The
underwear barely concealed his hard on, and Hayley's little pressure
almost caused him to pop out of the top. Mike quickly sat down, saying
"It's time for someone else to lose." His voice was nervous, but,
his...excitement...was obvious.

Steven lost his shirt, then his belt, and then, with a pretty decent
hand for any other round, his shorts. Denise had him stand, and rather
than standing behind him as Hayley had done, she knelt in front of him.
"Your pants are mine!" She quickly undid his shorts and yanked them
down. Steven was wearing olive colored briefs, and his cock was
crooked. "That just doesn't look right," said Denise, and she quickly
straightened his cock through his underwear before he could react. She
put a fingertip on the fabric on at the head of his cock, and whispered
loudly, "I'll see you real soon!"

But, not, as it would turn out, as soon as she would have liked. She
lost the next hand, badly. She had a choice between her skirt and her
shirt. Mike just smiled as they looked at each other. "Don't expect me
to stop this. I recently heard someone say 'A deal's a deal!' It's up
to you to chicken out." Denise immediately resolved to go forward,
although she half expected herself to stop any second, or at least for
Mike to change his mind.

She surprised everyone when she said, "Okay, Steven. It's my blouse!"
Hayley knew, and Denise had to know, that everyone knew she wasn't
wearing a bra. Why not the skirt? "Do this quickly before I pass out!"

She raised her arms, and Steven quickly raised it over her head.
Everyone was stunned silent, as each had privately concluded that the
game would end before it came to this. Steven was staring at the
succulent beauty of Denise's hard nipples, almost an inch long.
Combined with her nice tan and lack of effort to cover up her bare
breasts with her hands, his cock quickly grew so that Hayley could see
the head peeking out top of his underwear.

Mike was simply stunned that his wife had done this. They had been
exhibitionists at times, but never in front of friends. He quietly
placed a palm on his cock and rubbed slowly. Denise's head was in a
fog. Her talks with Hayley over the past weeks had put her in a state
of sexual frenzy, somehow resulting in this. She fully expected Mike to
cover her up or someone to suggest quitting, but no one did. She had a
serious itch between her legs and was uncomfortably moist. Steven
backed to his seat, his eyes never leaving her breasts, and his hands
taking her blouse with him.

Hayley had butterflies in her stomach. Denise's breasts held little
interest, but her thoughts, more than the others, were on where this
would end, rather than how far they had come. This joke just got
serious. She had counted on Steven stopping things if she would have to
be naked. And she would have expected Mike or Denise to stop things,
too. But they hadn't. Could she trust Steven?

Denise dealt the next hand. Steven sorted his cards, but his eyes
hardly left her chest. "Oh, come on Steven! Haven't you seen tits

"Well, I hadn't seen yours! But I don't want to upset our hosts. Mike,
was there a rule about not looking?"

"Nope, none at all."

"Well, then!" And he grinned as he exaggerated a wolfish look at
Denise's breasts.

The ice, had there been any, had been broken. Hayley lost the next
hand, and lost her skirt. She was left with her shirt, bra, and
panties. She preferred to lose the skirt as that was under the table.
But Mike's hand's pressing against her hips as he slowly lowered it
would be remembered, as well as the slight breath he blew on her ass as
he lowered it.

Denise lost again; it was a choice between her skirt or her panties.
She stood up and looked at Mike. "Is a deal still a deal, or do you
call this off?"

Mike actually snickered at her. "You want me to stop this? I'm curious
to see just how far you'll go."

Denise stared at him for a few seconds, and then looked at no one in
particular, possibly the wall behind Hayley, and said, "Steven, my
skirt, please."

Steven unclasped the skirt and unwrapped it from her body. Her pussy
was exposed. She looked at Hayley and shrugged her shoulders. "Someone
recently said how neat it was to go out without panties and feel the
breeze between your legs. So I tried it. Obviously, I didn't count on
cards." Denise couldn't even turn to look at Mike, who simply...sat,
staring at her with his mouth open.

Denise sat back down, looking amazingly cool about things. "Come on,
Hayley, deal!"

Hayley dealt, and Steven lost. She could hardly breathe as Steven
stood. She half hoped that he would stop this, and they would call it a
night. As Denise approached her husband, Hayley's internal opinion poll
quickly swept to the other side. The sight of a nude woman undressing
her husband...forget that. A nude friend undressing him. Hayley was
soaking through her panties, but was still thinking, "Hurry, before he
chickens out!" If Steven's cock was hard, he was liable to do anything.
If he wasn't turned on, then this game was over. But he stood, and she
could tell there couldn't possibly be any blood in his brain. Denise
pulled his underwear down, exposing his cock, as swollen as it could
possibly be. Steven was now naked in front of a couple who he had met
only once before. And it turned her on something fierce.

Steven dealt. Mike won, Denise lost. "Well, the rules were that I can
make you do something. Come here. I'm going to suck and lick your
nipples." Everyone was incredibly turned on. Hayley was most amazed
that Steven didn't cum. His hand was on his shaft rubbing it. When a
minute was up, Denise returned to her seat, and Mike handed her a

Denise's face was flushed, and she was breathing audibly. Her right
nipple was red, and red spots had appeared on her skin up to her neck.
Mike had not touched the other nipple. "A shoe? That's all my husband
gives me? Not a blouse? Not a skirt?"

Mike didn't even bother answering. "It's your deal, dear."

Denise didn't look at anyone, but quickly dealt the cards. Mike won
again. Denise lost again. The sandal went. Mike dealt. Denise lost.
"Look, Denise, if you don't stop losing, we'll never finish this game.
Steven, suck her other nipple." Considering those long nipples of
Denise's, she knew Steven's hopes had been answered. Hayley was
jealous, yes, but not mad. She knew his fondness for breasts, and
Denise, well, was still her friend. Hayley just felt left out. Steven
sucked for two minutes, and then he handed her the skirt and the blouse
with a thankful smile on his face.

Hayley dealt, Mike lost. Hayley no longer felt left out. She quickly
knelt in front of Mike, closing her face to within inches of his cock
before jerking off his underwear. She didn't move her face away an
inch, even as his erect cock fell forward to hit her on the cheek.
Mike's cock was just as the picture had shown, probably over 8" long,
hard, and pointed at her mouth. But she was overwhelmed by something
else. His cock, balls, and pubic area were completely free of hair. It
was beautiful. Mike saw that Steven was looking, too. "Well, you know,
I ride bicycles a lot, and those bicycle shorts tend to pull on my hair.
I don't have much body hair anyway, so I went ahead..."

"And shaved it!" added Denise. "I just love him like that. No more
hair in my face or my teeth." She realized what she had said and
immediately put a hand to her mouth.

Mike sat down, and Steven dealt. Again, Mike lost, and Hayley won.
Steven didn't know the answer to the question and wished he did, but he
asked it anyway. "Okay, Hayley, What do you want to do?"

She had known this moment was coming. She closed in on Mike's cock, a
yard, a foot, then mere inches away from her face. She wasn't sure she
could answer. "Denise, I..." she faltered. She couldn't speak.
Steven tried to encourage her to say something. "Hayley, don't think.
Just tell us what you want."

She pointed to Mike and waved him closer. "Denise, I...I want to still
be friends. But everything inside of me wants to suck on your husband's
cock. Will you be able to forgive me?"

"Forgive you! I want to watch!" Hayley forgot about her husband and her
friend, as Mike's cock completely filled her field of vision. It was so
long, and so smooth. She stroked it with her hand, and then both hands
gripped it with a baseball bat grip. The head of his cock still was
exposed, her hands firm on the shaft. She stuck it in her mouth and
sucked. She had never really enjoyed giving a blow-job, but the
thickness, hardness, and hairlessness made her want to lick it all over.
She couldn't help but look up at his eyes, but got lost somewhere along
the way up his rippled stomach to his muscular chest.

She was faintly aware that Denise had pulled her from Mike's cock to
remove her shirt and bra before moving her forward back to his hard
cock. Hayley was now topless, but she didn't look at Steven for his
reaction. Denise retreated to Steven's chair, removed her blouse and
skirt, and sat in his lap facing them, watching. Steven was also
watching, while fondling Denise's breasts and pulling on her nipples.
Mike's eyes were closed, as Hayley began to stroke his cock quickly, her
hands moving just up to her lips which remained around the head of his
cock. Denise knew that Mike was about to cum, and she knew that Hayley
didn't like cum in her mouth. She was tempted to go suck him off
herself, but then she saw Hayley pull her head back slightly, just as
the cum sprayed across her face.

After she had milked him dry, Hayley stood, her breasts now plainly
visible to Mike, the cum on her face dripping onto them. While looking
him in the eye, she loosened and dropped her sopping wet panties.
Mike's cock was still hard. Hayley had an intent look on her face.
When she had a need, she met it. Her eyes hardly blinked. No one said
anything. She moved Mike over a little and stepped in between him and
the table. Steven was still seated across from her. With her husband
watching, she reached back with her left hand. Finding Mike's cock, she
pulled him towards her cunt. As his cock penetrated her, she opened her
mouth in a large, silent "O", and drew in a large breath. Her silence
spoke for everyone. She looked into Steven's eyes as Mike began to
slide in and out, and then piston into her faster and faster. Steven
winked at her, letting her know he was okay with what she was doing.
She hoped he...she...all of them...wouldn't regret this later. She certainly
didn't regret it now, as she felt Mike's full eight inches pound into

With Mike plunging into her from the rear, she stayed up on her hands as
long as she could. She knew that Steven liked to see her tits swing.
Mike rammed her hard. The thickness of his cock stretched her just
enough that it felt different from her husband, and his length probed
within where Steven could never reach. She could hear his hairless
balls slapping against her ass. She mouthed the words "I love you",
which hopefully Steven understood, closed her eyes, and finally lowered
her head and arms to the table. Mike was continuing to fuck her hard.
Denise had said he lasted a while, and, boy!, did he. After several
minutes, she felt Steven's arms stretch under her torso and then he
squeezed her nipples hard. Leave it to Steven to pull the trigger. She
started cumming, and moaning, and yelling at Mike to fuck her harder and
faster. She didn't care what anyone thought.

Finally, Mike came with a giant push forward, and she could feel his
cock tremble inside as his orgasm continued. Hayley and Mike stayed
joined, enjoying the afterglow. Denise came up behind Steven, reached
around him to grab his cock, and whispered in his ear. Steven's cock
was already erect and leaking pre-cum. Whatever she had said made it
grow even more. She laid down on a nearby throw rug, her body
perpendicular to Hayley and Mike. She spread her legs, and for the
first time, Hayley had a really good look at another woman's cunt.
Hayley was warmed inside, both by Mike's cock, and by the knowledge that
her husband was about to fuck this close friend. It was special because
Steven had never been with anyone besides Hayley, and Denise was a
beautiful woman.

Steven quickly moved between her legs and inserted himself. He lasted
longer than she thought he would, considering what he had witnessed and
how much he had already worked his cock. This was good, because Mike's
cock had begun to grow again (it had never really gotten small) and he
was pushing in and out of her cunt, , in a slower and leisurely way as
they watched their spouses.

What Denise did surprised her. Just as Steven was about to cum, she
yelled "Cum on me!" Steven quickly pulled out of her, stroked his cock
twice and shot streams of cum on her tits, neck and face. She rolled
Steven over and lowered a breast to his mouth, "Lick it off! Lick it
off my breasts!" As he cleaned her breasts with his tongue, she used a
hand to wipe cum from her face and forced it between his lips. Hayley
recognized that Denise was taking full advantage of the notes she had
shared, but of course Steven and Mike weren't aware of that. She could
feel Mike's cock swell within her as they watched, and his pace

Mike abruptly withdrew his cock from Hayley's cunt and slipped into his
wife from behind. Hayley raised herself, placed a finger on her clit
and rubbed as Mike's cum began to run down her legs. She had another
orgasm as she watched her husband continue to lick his cum off of
Denise's tits. As Steven finished cleaning her friend off, Denise
leaned down for a long French kiss while Mike began to pound her from
behind. Finally, Mike came, and they each rolled over to rest.

They didn't speak much about what they had done. Denise simply said,
"That was awesome", and everyone chuckled. They later rinsed off in
their outdoor shower and relaxed, still naked, in the hot tub. With
social conversation basically out of place, sex ruled everyone's
thoughts. Hayley's breasts floated on the surface, and Mike would pull
a boob underwater and let it pop up again. It was no surprise that the
men's cocks grew hard again. By Denise's request, Mike and Steven slid
around close to each other, and each of the ladies sat astride their
husband's cocks, tits exposed above the water, enjoying a slow,
comfortable fuck in the close company of their friends.

Denise and Hayley came in unison, their shoulders touching as they rode
their husbands' cocks. Despite what had taken place, this was a more
personal moment of sharing, on top of the men they loved. Denise
whispered to Mike, who then asked them to stay and spend the night. But
the kids were due back in the morning, and Hayley and Steven needed to
be rested and home.

As hugs were shared, there did not appear to be any guilty feelings. It
appeared that all had enjoyed the experience and wanted to keep their
friendship going, although sex was never specifically mentioned. And as
Hayley was leaving through the door, Denise offered, "See you Thursday?"

"Sure," Hayley replied, "I guess we can find something to talk about."

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