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MAID camera clicked few times until


Title: Maid
Keywords: mf, Ff, teen, inc, father, mom, son, daughter, voy
Author: Caesar
"Oden the bardling averred
His muse was the bum of a bird,
And his lesbian wife Would finger his fife
While Fisherwood waited as third."
-author unknown

This devious tale is about the new maid that comes into the house and
seduces the father, then wants more!

#include "std_disclaimer.h"

All characters are fictional and a figment <g> of my imagination.
Constructive e-mail welcome.

The Maid

by Caesar, copyright(c) 1994-2002

$Revision: 1.6 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:25 $

She came highly recommended, with references and a resume that greatly
impressed me. The children loved her, my wife was thankful of the
excellent work she did, and I was able to spend more time with my
work. The maid also entered my family and began to systematically
control or terrorize everyone in the household. It was a warped and
demented person that used every device available to her to manipulate
me and my loved ones.

Tiyar was gorgeous. And because of that simple fact, perhaps I gave
her too much latitude. My wife was the one that actually hired her -
Linda was very impressed with the young woman. Everything was going
fine for several months; the new live-in maid was perfect. Life
between me and my wife was renewed. And my two kids seemed happy with
the maid, and the intoxicating feelings their parents radiated. My
wife even phoned the references, and they all were impeccable and just
a little impressive. And the months after she moved in proved that
our patience and diligence in looking for the perfect maid seemed to
pay off when we found Tiyar.

When things began to change, it wasn't anything huge or obvious, just
simple little intuitions that became more and more apparent. For
instance, my teenage daughter seemed to be infatuated with the new
woman in the house and followed upon every word and action the maid
did, while I noticed my wife was becoming the direct opposite, looking
upon the brown-skinned beauty with contempt and disgust, though she
had yet to mention her feelings and I don't know why her feelings had
changed about the maid. In truth, I was the last to realize what was
going on in my own house.

The Maid - Chapter II
"Sir, I found this note in the garbage. Is it yours?" The dark brown
innocent-looking eyes of Tiyar awaited my answer as she held out the
crumpled paper to me.

"Thank you." I took the note and read it. It was from my business
partner, that an important meeting had been rescheduled and was to
start... an hour ago! I could not control the anger in my voice.
"Did you take this note Ti?" I often called her this, as she had
asked me to during the first week she began work.

"No, Mr. Simons." And I believed her - it was written in my wife's

"God damn it all to hell!" I spun about and slammed my hands upon my
desk. I forgot the maid standing at my flank. Since I missed the
meeting, my company probably lost the chance we had for a huge
account, and a large amount of revenue. Why would Linda throw out a
message that I hadn't received yet?

I spun about to go out to the backyard where my wife was taking in
some sun. Instead I discovered Ti kneeling before me. Her head was
down as she picked up the mess I had made that morning while working.
From the angle that she was I could see directly down the front of her
dress to her ample bosom. The naturally brown skin tantalized and
stunned me for a brief second. I, of course, had noticed that the
maid was a very beautiful young woman, but usually my appraisal was
less than energetic. The large firm mounds swayed beneath her as she
reached and grabbed the small bundles of garbage, a sight that greatly
incensed me. I could see much of her breast, minus the sight of her
nipple, a part of her upon which I eagerly imagined.

After several enjoyable moments of this sight, she looked up directly
into my eyes, her hands and knees still upon the floor. Silence. I
was extremely conscious that my knees were spread and she was but an
arm's reach from my crotch, while her face was level with my lap.

"Honey?!" It was Linda.

It took a few seconds before I answered, all thought of the crumpled
note gone, just the silent beauty kneeling before me with my thoughts.
"Yes?" Ti stood and immediately took the garbage pail out of my den.
My wife entered seconds after, dressed in a see-through summer wrap
which revealed her one-piece swimsuit underneath. "Oh..." I was
startled by her sudden appearance.

"Hi, dear. Did you get some work done?" It wasn't really a question
since she knew the answer to that query. "I was wondering if you want
me to get you anything from the market?"

I barely understood the words that she spoke as my attention was
centred upon her chest. The sway of it hypnotized me and demanded my
action, as I enjoyed my wife's bosom reminiscent of Ti's. I stood
suddenly and pulled my wife to me, my mouth immediately pressing
against hers. I was hungry for relief; also, I wanted to taste her
sun- warmed soft breast. This was not as unusual or uncontrollable an
emotion as it seems, since when we were first married I often lost
control of my senses and thought with my lower head, though I had not
given this type of demanding attention to my wife in over ten years,
and she wasn't prepared for my animal hunger.

My sight was filled with the sway of Ti's brown- skinned breasts and
my own wife's soft chest even as my hands pulled the straps down from
Linda's shoulders revealing her left white boob. My salivating mouth
encircled her nipple. I didn't notice my wife's nervousness or
surprise at my actions. She didn't resist me, but she also didn't
help me any. The only thing that escaped her lips, was a simple "oh",
when my tongue flicked her hardened nipple.

I spun my wife about and pressed her down onto the top of my desk.
Quickly I pulled the crotch of her bikini to the side and held it wide
as I freed my cock. I sunk my manhood deep within her in a single
lunge. My passions rushed my actions and I pressed my wife's shapely
legs to her chest giving me direct access to her love channel. She
moaned and rotated her hips, while I was in a frenzy as I pounded into
her again and again. Linda began to squeeze her own exposed breast,
the other hand moving down between her spread legs to flick her
blood-enlarged clitoris.

My surprised wife orgasmed even as my own shot deep within her. I
fucked her as an animal, and she in turn enjoyed my actions. My
life-giving juices shot out of me even as I noticed a movement from
the still-open doorway. Linda had her eyes tightly closed as she
spasmed in sexual relief, and didn't notice my movement nor saw the
maid standing in the door watching our nuptial coupling. Ti was
rhythmically squeezing a large breast above her clothes while the
other hand rubbed outside her covered sex mound. I was startled and
excited at the sight of my maid as she viewed my enjoyment with Linda.

My wife's voice caused the maid to turn quickly and leave the open
doorway, while my attention was again returning to normal and I looked
deep into my wife's happy eyes. "I guess you don't want anything from
the store?" I hadn't the energy to laugh.

The Maid - Chapter III
I hadn't forgotten the intoxicating sight of my maid's upper breast.,
nor the gentle sway they had undergone as she moved before me. And
the sight of Ti's excitement as she rubbed herself before me and my
wife was embarrassing, not to say damn exciting. Thank goodness Linda
hadn't noticed. In fact, after our torrid encounter in my study, she
had a renewed vigour and energy with me. Perhaps I should become a
sexual beast more often with my wife.

Nothing was said between Tiyar and myself about that afternoon. We
acted as if nothing had ever happened. Yet our eyes would sometimes
meet and a silent communication would pass between us. A few times I
had caught her eyes upon me, attempting to pierce my clothing. I was
also doing the same towards her. Things would have continued from
that point if I didn't walk in on Ti as she was masturbating.

It was the Sunday after her witnessing my nuptial coupling and the
house was quiet when I got home from golf. I had thought everyone
gone, even Ti since it was her day off, but I was standing in the
hallway browsing through the Sunday Paper when I noticed movement from
down the hall leading to the kitchen. Actually, once I stuck my head
around the corner I determined the movement had come from the
breakfast nook and not from the actual kitchen. And what I saw
startled me, even after seeing my maid's hunger as she watched me and

Ti was sitting before the large bay window that lead out to the
backyard, her right side facing me. She was sitting in the large
comfortable chairs Linda had wanted so badly, and had her naked feet
placed up on the window sill. The long brown smooth legs were
uncovered and lead right up to the edge of her oversized tee-shirt,
the knees well apart. She was almost laying horizontal in that chair,
but her face was staring out the window, directly at my wife's
bikini-clothed body. That was a shock, but when Ti moaned and
clenched her unseen crotch with both hands, I was truly amazed.

Perhaps Ti had not been excited at seeing me the other day, but my
wife! I wasn't sure if I should be disgusted or turned on. Ti was a
very beautiful woman, and the fact that she was interested in my
wife's body instead of mine puzzled me. I could barely see Linda out
in the yard, laying face down upon the huge towel, her body glistening
with tanning lotion and sweat, the sun darkening her pale skin. She
too looked attractive.

Again Ti moaned, one arm moving faster upon her crotch than the other.
I could just make out the faint noise of her juicy vagina as its folds
were being manipulated. As I stood dumbly in the hallway, Ti brought
up one hand, covered in her sexual secretions and sucked on the
fingers one at a time, being sure to get every drop. She then used
the same hand to begin to pinch her nipples through her tee-shirt.
Her bottom began to rotate upon the chair, in time to her moaning and
heavy breathing, yet her eyes never left the naked limbs of my wife.

Linda, meanwhile, was unaware of the audience she had, but lay
contented before the pool, a few feet from the large window. She was
reading one of those trashy novels housewives seem to purchase often.
Her feet were waving about in the air as she was raised up on her
elbows. Her breasts hung down in the slim bathing suit, and from the
angle she was at I could see almost all the way to her navel. A tall
glass with a drink sat next to her, and she reached out to wipe the
sweat from the clear cup. She rubbed the moisture upon her upper
chest and forehead. Linda did indeed look delicious, and I may have
lingered to enjoy the sight of her if Ti had not.

The maid's enjoyment was reaching a climax, her body was quivering
uncontrollably now, her calf muscles jumping in excitement, the sounds
of pleasure loud against the silence of the house. Ti stiffened
noticeably while her body became like a statue for several lengthy
seconds. Her climax shot throughout her body, and then she began to
relax and enjoy the sexual after effects. It took a long time for her
to get her body back under control.

Ti suddenly turned her head and looked directly into my eyes. Without
any emotion upon her face she looked down upon my bulging crotch and
appraised my covered organ. She stood, and for a brief second I
wondered if she would come towards me, yet she promptly disappeared
about the corner towards her bedroom.

The breakfast room smelled faintly like a woman's sexual heat, and I
stood before the large window at the close proximity of my wife as she
lay still unaware of what had just transpired. Out of the corner of
my eye, I again saw movement, but so enthralled was I in what I had
just seen, I didn't realize it was from the opposite direction than
Tiyar had departed to.

The Maid - Chapter IV
I had come to the conclusion that the sight I had witnessed had been a
damn turn-on! Watching the beautiful Tiyar masturbating was
stimulating enough, but in addition the idea that what had prompted
her action was my wife's near-naked body was extremely exciting. That
night as I lay next to my sexy wife, my cock pounding back and forth
in her wet hole, my vision was filled with Ti. I fantasized about my
maid, and the erotic sight of her masturbating while my near-naked
wife lay unsuspecting near by.

Though things about the house seemed to return to "normal", I treated
Tiyar the same as I had before my sight of her enjoying herself. If
anything, my wife noticed the difference just by the amount of sexual
attention she was receiving. Almost daily I would point my active
imagination upon my unsuspecting, but pleased, wife. I didn't think I
would again enjoy such a high sex drive now as I had when I was still
in my late teens. So Ti was responsible for my marriage becoming
almost better than ever.

On one occasion Ted and Sherry, our neighbours, came over for supper
and drinks. It was a usual occurrence, happening about once every
month. The five of us, including Ti, sat about eating the delicious
Italian cuisine and chatting normally. Everything was normal.

I felt a light touch upon my right side, next to my trouser zipper.
Thinking I had dropped something in my lap, I glanced quickly down and
saw a small thin brown-skinned hand reaching for my zipper. Like a
flash I forced myself to look up, and not at Ti, who was busier than
anybody actually realized at that table. I grasped her small hand in
my beefy paw just as she found the clasp to the zipper. She didn't
resist as I pushed that hand firmly away from my lap.

Again, she reached for me, and again I forced her hand away from me.
I quickly glanced to my side and saw that she was chatting with my
wife and Sherry, while Ted looked on and listened dutifully. This
time when her hand found my zipper, I didn't resist. Perhaps it was
the many nights of fantasizing or the sheer lust I had for my young maid. The zipper barely resisted her attempts and I felt a breeze
well within my trousers, before slim cold fingers fumbled with my the
fly on my boxer shorts.

I couldn't resist tensing up when her cold fingers found my flaccid
sex, but thankfully no-one noticed my discomfort. Quickly, she
rhythmically squeezed my cock until it quickly hardened. Again I
glanced down, the sight irresistible, her thin fingers attempting to
circle my throbbing member. The fingers warmed quickly upon my penis,
and she slowly moved it up and down, stroking me expertly. I didn't
resist, nor did I help, I just sat their and enjoyed it.

Across the table, my wife looked over at me and smiled happily.
Seconds later, Ted began to question me about business, and I
animatedly chatted with him. Up and down the fingers went, and my
mind began to drift. Just when I thought it prudent to discontinue,
Ti withdrew her hand from my raised pole and grasped my hand
discreetly, pulling it to her lap. She was wearing a loose summer
skirt and I found the hem raised to her waist. My maid placed my hand
directly between her warm thighs and right upon her wet hairless
uncovered crotch. I almost lost my supper. She returned to stroking
my cock.

Never before had I felt such a sexy and wet slit. It was a marvel
that I explored more out of curiosity than passion. Her natural
juices had coated the whole sex mound and her strong inner thighs,
which in turn coated my hand. I had to resist the temptation to lift
my fingers to my lips to taste and smell her. I could feel the
dilemma that she was creating with her stroking fingers upon my cock,
and I acted out of instinct as I found and rotated her clitoris. She
wiggled with delight, while asking my wife a question about the meal.

I remembered the sight as my wife had lain within sight of my maid's
excited eyes, and her reaction. It was obvious to me that she had not
thought only of my pretty wife as sexy. The moving fingers were proof
of that. I could feel the tension building between my legs and knew
this encounter would soon come to a close. As the sperm began to
build in pressure, I plunged a single finger into her surprisingly
tight sex hole.

I could feel my seed shoot out the head of my cock even while her
vagina clasped my fucking finger in a hungry and climaxing grasp. It
was one of the most peculiar orgasms I have ever had. Ti and I both
climaxed simultaneous, yet neither had a huge come. I for one was
attempting to hide my enjoyment from my wife and company, while very
conscious of any above table movements. It was a strange orgasm, but
fulfilling all the same.

Several moments went by and Ti and I returned our hands to our laps.
Unseen by anyone else at the table, my maid daintily lifted her expert
hand and licked off two drops of pearly white sperm, smiling at me all
the while. I looked into her eyes as I finally lifted and quickly
tasted my hand, her juices delicious and her scent strong but highly

The Maid - Chapter V
What happened next should be obvious - that I would seek out the maid
and become a sexual beast upon her. Yet that is not how it happened.
I did seek her out in the darkness of the night, but could not find
her in her room or even in any of the obvious places in the house. So
I began to hunt the not so obvious places.

I came upon my teenage daughter's room and the slightly open door.
The crack glowed with a yellow pale light from within, though not
enough to even brighten the hallway where I stood. It was no perverse
or demented reason that I stole a peek into my daughter's privacy,
just simple interest and casual turn of the head. Inside, my slim
pretty young girl leisurely masturbated unknown to her father's sudden

At first, I was surprised and shocked that my "little girl" had
advanced in years and that her own sexuality had emerged, something
that I had dreaded and pretended not to notice. Yet my eyes and ears
proved that her body was becoming something that a father never wants
for his daughter - a woman's body. A wave of guilt ran through me,
from my intrusion into affairs that hardly included me. But her slim,
strong, tanned limbs enticed and seduced my vision as well as my mind
and I stood rooted to the spot, my eyes glued to the long spread legs
of my own flesh and blood.

Time had no meaning, it was measured in the movement of my daughter's
long shiny wet fingers upon her obviously excited vagina. She was
naked, not a stitch of clothing or a blanket hid any part of her from
my prying eyes. I would involuntarily lick my lips as I watched the
excited young lady arch her back off the bed, and grasp her own young firm breast in her claw like hands. The hand between her legs would
move to the enlarged clitoris showing above her glistening slit to
agitate it viciously before moving back down to rub up and down the
full length of her slightly spread sex lips. Her gasp of
self-pleasure echoing in my ears almost deafened me with my guilty

My body was secular to my single sense of sight, yet that sight
noticed a movement beneath me. Or rather, just in front and below me.
Tiyar's eyes looked directly into my own, her fingers fumbling with my
tied-off rugby bottoms. I was shocked to have a witness to my
incestuous thoughts, although inaction, and shocked that she obviously
cared not. My hardness emerged with a insistent jerk that slapped the
young woman on her cheek. With her eyes still looking into my own,
she opened her mouth and swallowed two-thirds of my manhood. This
time, my own quiet moan of delight resounded in time with my
daughter's mounting excitement. The maid closed her eyes and
earnestly began to please me. So my vision again returned to my
daughter's quickening movements.

The teenager rolled to her side away from me and the doorway, her hips
pumping her sex against her wet fingers. She bit into her own pillow
to stifle a scream of pleasure. Even as my daughter's orgasm
approached, so did mine. A part of me wanted to feel my seed spend at
the exact moment my daughter reacted to her own out rush of energy.
And with the help of the determined lips and mouth of my hired hand,
it would soon be accomplished.

The seconds progressed more quickly than before, much to my
disappointment. My daughter returned to laying upon her backside, her
legs spread almost horizontal and never once touching the bed. I was
amazed at my "little girl's" sexuality, and the emotions she was about
to expel was proof of her capacity.

The face bobbing upon my cock mattered little. Ti didn't matter, only
her working mouth did, and even then only to produce an orgasm that I
had thought too dirty an action to do while being a witness to my
daughter's enjoyment. And Ti did an expert job, even though she could
not witness what I could see. And as greedy as I was, I am glad that
I was the only witness to the beautiful young lady's pleasure.

My cock began to shoot even before I was aware of the fact, so
engrossed in my own daughter's orgasm. She clenched fiercely, both
her thigh and shoulder muscles quivering violently, even while her
teeth ground and her fingers dug into flesh. I thought my darling
young girl would hurt herself, for that briefest of moments, until she
again collapsed flat upon the bed, her body draped in exhaustion. The
last of my sperm was deposited upon the brown skin of my maid's cheek.

I could barely stand, and backed up to lean against the hallway wall.
My maid stood triumphantly and pressed her clothed body against my
own. Without a word she kissed me passionately, my own taste entering
my mouth along with her spearing tongue. The kiss lasted a scant few
seconds, long enough for me to feel a gentle ripple in my sex, before
my maid stood away from me. She stole my soul with her piercing gaze,
then turned and left me alone in the hallway.

Guilty at all that had transpired, I quickly returned to my wife and
my bed.

The Maid - Chapter VI
My obsession of Tiyar increased after that incident, her availability
seemingly open after our brief encounters. I desired the need to
possess her lovely body for my own. My vision was not secular; I did
notice that my wife was looking very sexy these last few days, and my
daughter was no longer a "little girl". Yet I didn't seek out the
attentions of my maid; instead I used my wife as a vehicle of my
desire. At least once a day I would feel the need to enjoy my wife's
pretty body, and it was always hard and fast.

I hadn't thought my wife needed the attentions of another man, nor did
I expect to find her doing so in my own house. Yet that is exactly
what I discovered. Or rather Ti gave me forewarning and showed me my
unfaithful wife's wicked ways.

The finger at her lips suggested she desired my silence, and I was
about to speak up anyway, at least until I heard my wife's voice. I
walked silently over to the living room door and looked through the
crack that the maid held open. Inside, Linda lay sideways upon the
couch, her head on my son's shoulder, her hand upon his lap while he
sat facing me, his one arm around his mother, the other nervously
clenching a pillow.

Next to me, Ti moved away, allowing me to get a better view while she
stood back and watched me. I knew not what they were discussing nor
why I was spying upon my family. It appeared they were doing nothing
wrong. Yet a gut feeling held me in place.

"So you find her more attractive than me?" It was a strange question
coming from my wife, at least when talking with her teenaged son. He
shrugged, unsure. "Tiyar is very attractive isn't she?" She was
attempting another tactic. My son nodded affirmative. "Then you have
had sex with her?" Her voice had an edge. This sent a cold chill
down my spine, and I anxiously awaited the response.

My son finally spoke up, ""

"But you think of her when you play with yourself?" I could see his
face turn red and nodded, yes. "How about when you fuck me?"


Linda's words shot spikes through me and I almost collapsed upon the
floor. By her own admission she had had sex with our son. Everything
I ever thought about my home life was shattered in only seconds. How
could this ever happen?

The lad nodded no again and Linda looked relieved. She opened her
mouth and sucked his ear briefly, then she whispered something. He
smiled hugely and moved his arm around her further and cupped her full
breast above her blouse. "Be careful, dear, your father will be home
soon. And that tramp is still in the house!" I could hear the venom
in her voice when she spoke about Ti. My wife's hand moved up the
boy's thigh and cupped his bulging shorts, gripping him in a solid
hold. Linda, compared to her maid, was a slut. Any woman that
desired, seduced, and fucked her own son could be termed nothing but.

He moved sideways towards her on the couch, "Please, mother!"

Linda giggled then spoke quickly as she bent over into his crotch,
"Okay, dear, but make it quick." I could see her nimble fingers unzip
his cutoffs; a small hard cock quickly plopped out, pointed right at
my wife's mouth. As I would have seen her do to me, she opened her
mouth and inhaled his young cock, which caused him to gasp out with
pleasure. Her face and head quickened, attempting to produce the
teens orgasm as fast as she could. I could hardly breathe, as she
mumbled between down thrusts, "You...taste good! I
long don't...fuck the maid." I watched as my son grunted
then grasped his mother's head in his strong youthful hands and begin
to brutally fuck her face. She managed a few more words,

Just as his words escaped his lips, "I promise, mother", he forced my
wife's face flat against his stomach, the whole cock inhaled, while he
obviously had an orgasm. His grunts of passion echoed her moans of
pleasure. It all ended very quickly and my wife sat back up smiling
at our son, while whipping away a drop of his pearl coloured come upon
her chin with the back of her hand.

"Don't forget you promised?!" she teased him while standing and
lifting the front of her flowing summer skirt. The off-white coloured
garment was bunched around her waist and my son's hands reached up
and, with a smile, pulled his mother's cotton white panties down to
mid thigh. The teen reached around, cupped her round firm ass cheeks
in his strong hands and pressed his face into her crotch. She moaned
yet again, as a response to his actions. My vision was obstructed
since she had moved to stand before my son and the couch, her backside
to me. I could see her tan-lined ass rotate even while he roughly
manipulated her round bottom. Also, she began to taunt and guide him
with words that tore my heart out, and left my love for the woman I
married a charred husk of lies and deceit.

"Again...yes dear...fuck my a circle, yeah right there...ugh
huh...yes!" In fact she continuously talked to him through the whole
five minutes he was down between her legs. I almost wished I had a
better view of the incestuous action. But alas, it also ended with my
wife's orgasm, her buttocks rippling uncontrollably, and my son's
gasps for air all happening after an eternity of witnessing the
degrading and disgusting sights.

Silently as a zombie, I closed the swinging doors to the living room.
My actions, and body, were of an automaton. My mind was thinking and
remembering the last few moments, while my body slowly returned to my
car in the garage. I was about to leave it all at that point, leave
my wife and two kids. And yes, even Tiyar. But something held me
back. Perhaps it was the fear of the unknown life that I would have
had to lead, or the pain of viewing the sight of my wife and my son
giving each other oral sex.

Slowly, after an undetermined time, my mind returned to my body. I
finally resolved to stay at home, and not intervene until such a time
as I knew what the hell was going on.

The Maid - Chapter VII
The next few days were distant, at least with my interactions with
other people. I barely spoke to my wife, and never touched her. She,
of course, noticed my coldness and inquired into my feelings and
thoughts. I just smiled as warm as I could, then allowed her to kiss
me. On the cheek. I avoided my daughter - every time I saw her I
picture that pretty woman laying upon her bed naked and damn sexy.
And, of course, the guilty pleasure I had received just from that
sight alone. As for my son, I went out of my way to not see. And for
some strange reason didn't blame him for what was going on with my
wife. Linda was older, and his mother. She was to blame. I
understood that teenagers had raging hormones and would take anything
that came along, though I did wonder where the line must be drawn.
Tiyar was the only one that I didn't avoid; in fact, I wished she
would seek my company more often.

I desired Tiyar's company for a new reason now; I thought she was the
only one who knew the tremendous emotions running through me, and I
figured I would be able to talk with her. When that moment finally
came, she sat down with me, alone in the house, and I talked for
almost an hour while she was being the perfect listener, even holding
my hand, kissing the fingertips in sympathy for my words. A new rush
of desire ran through me, one solely to possess this beautiful and
sexy maid. It was stronger than lust before. This time I began to
think I was falling in love with Tiyar.

My house was not a comfortable place to live, and my daughter was the
first to voice this problem. She cried upon my shoulder telling me
that "everyone hated her". Of course I reassured her this was
preposterous while at the same time was very conscious of her warm
young body fiercely holding me. At that time, I didn't actually
wonder why my daughter hadn't gone to my wife for support, as the two
of them were usually bound tightly as some mother-daughters were.

I didn't want my desire to rise, and I did attempt to hold it back,
but my heart rate and sex had other ideas. Could my daughter feel the
growing size of my organ against her hip, as she sat upon my lap as
she used to do as a very young girl? The sweat was rolling down my
back and face, and it wasn't the heat. I hated myself, hated what my
body urged for. My hand was nonchalantly laying upon my daughter's
upper thigh, and I wondered if she could feel it quivering as all my
will centred upon that hand, just so it didn't move.

She wiggled about, seemingly to get more comfortable, yet this
stimulated my rock-hard sex. Surely she could feel the manhood
against her? She had talked herself out and just had her arms wrapped
about my neck in a strong hug. She was so small and attractive that
my desire was strongly overcoming my will power to stop any actions
that may lead, or suggest, a lewdness or impropriety on our parts.
Incest is such a ugly word, as my wife should well know.

I honestly do not know how far it would have gone. My daughter wiggled about even more, pressing her hip harder into my lap, her
small breasts poking into my chest, and her soft cheek against my own.
She only kissed me twice - two little pecks upon my neck. But that is
all it took. I lost control; my hand slid up between her thighs and
began to slowly reach upwards to that warm wonderful spot that I had
witness not so long before. She responded by spreading her legs just
enough for my hand to reach her covered crotch.

My fingers touched the cloth covering her sex mound, and I gently
pressed into the lower crack before tracing upwards towards the spot
that caused her to moan and wiggle about. I was enjoying the obvious
heat and moisture in this region, when Ti walked in on us. "Excuse
me, sir, would a cold supper be all right tonight?" I pulled away
from my daughter, too stunned to think, while she suddenly jumped up
and walked away, quickly to her room. If I had been thinking straight
I would have known what she would be soon doing alone in her room.

"My God!" I gasped for breath, just realizing what I had been about
to do, what I almost did. "Thank God." Tiyar looked at me knowingly,
yet with compassion. "Thank you Ti, I..."

The maid came over and replaced my daughter upon my lap, I being still
too stunned to even think straight. "Understandable after everything
you have been through." She kissed my cheek softly -. "And she is an
attractive young woman" - again a kiss, this time upon the same spot
that my daughter had kissed - "and you have been under great stress

"Yes..." I realized that Tiyar had sat upon my lap, not sideways but
facing me, her knees straddling my hips. I could feel warmth against
my covered crotch as she pressed her sex against me. That was when I
came out of my delirium and my desire again rose to uncontrolled
heights. I reached between us and unbuttoned my fly, releasing my
cock while feeling the naked hairless wet sex against the back of my
hand. Ti hadn't worn anything under her short loose skirt. In seconds
my cock was finally inside the flesh of this woman I had desired so

Ti groaned loudly, "I have been waiting so long for this. It feels so
good!" She melted over me, her body obviously controlled by the
junction between us. She began to bounce upon me in long smooth
strokes. Part of our joining was just sex, the other was therapeutic.
My stress and uncontrolled thoughts finally left me, and nothing
mattered those few moments except for my rising orgasm. She whispered
fiercely into my ear, her voice getting raspier, "Come in my mouth...I
love your taste...", a long pause, "...I love you!" That would
probably have floored me if we had not been fucking up a storm when
she said it; instead it was natural thing for her to say.

"I love you." At that very moment I meant those simple words. It was
finally the anchor that I was looking for in my confused life. Only
seconds after speaking, my orgasm released deep inside her, forcing
out the sexual tension that I had held back for several long
heart-wrenching days.

It was the turning point for me.

The Maid - Chapter VIII
Nervous that our relationship may become obvious, Tiyar and I had met
secretly two evenings later. She came to my office, dressed in a long
dark overcoat which looked suspiciously like one of my wife's. The
meeting between us had been planned, and I had scheduled my
appointments accordingly - we intended to discuss my future plans. I
wanted her ear, the one that had sympathetically listened to
everything I had to say earlier.

My secretary had been notified that I was expecting someone and let Ti
in immediately. "Hello." I looked up just as my maid closed the door
behind her and I could hear the click of the lock.

"Hi Ti, I'm glad you could come..." I stopped when Ti unbuttoned her
overcoat and let it drop to the ground. All she wore was black high

She stood there looking at me, waiting. The young woman looked
delicious and very desirable. I had to admit that she had a very
attractive body, one that any teenage girl would be envious of.
Several short minutes went by as I studied her intimately, and she
gave every indication that that was exactly what she wanted. "I want
to leave my wife." I said it simply, but there was no reaction from
Ti at all. "And I would like you come with me?"

This time I received a reaction. She slowly and leisurely walked
towards me, her long brown smooth legs moving as if in slow motion.
Ti was coming over to my side of the desk. I watched, my excitement
climbing, as she stood next to my chair and I turned to face her. She
smiled for the first time since coming in the room, then spoke. "I
love coming with you!" She emphasized "coming" so strongly that I
knew she had switched the subject. Her voice was low and raspy, and
very sexy. Ti quickly descended to her knees before me, her eyes
never leaving my own. I could feel her nimble fingers upon my zipper,
quickly opening it.

"I don't think you should leave. It is your house." With that, she
lowered her face and opened her mouth. She swallowed my cock almost
whole. The words I was going to say left my thoughts, as my head and
heart were focused upon the wonderful attention my cock was receiving.
Ti was moving her head steadily up and down my shaft, her eyes had
closed as she concentrated. I could see that her cheeks were sunken
in, and her throat bulged whenever she deep throated my cock on every
down thrust. My maid certainly knew how to suck cock.

This pleasure didn't last very long, for just as I was beginning to
thrust upwards into her descending mouth, and my pleasure growing to
grand measures, she pulled her face off me. Without opening her eyes,
she quickly stood and bent over the edge of my desk. It was a large
wooden desk and could easily hold our combined weights, though with
her round buttocks raised high, and her back arched downwards, I knew
exactly what I wanted.

My cock stood up at an angle and didn't even shake as I stood. I
could hear Ti's whispered words just as I was about to aim my sex
machine into her, "God...I need you inside me...hurry!" With that I
was merciless and didn't care if she was prepared for my thrust or
not. I pounded into her like a spear into a prey. Ti let out a groan
of delight that I suspected escaped my office - my secretary must have

I grasped the pony tail and pulled it back, causing the pretty young woman to arch her back even more as well as lift her face far up into
the air. I began to rapidly slam in and out of the wet warm confines
that my cock had discovered. She was speaking in time to her body
getting slammed, "I...want to...stay!" And I barely noticed, but the words did register as she
said, "I love you!", over and over.

It was the second time I had entered her wonderful vagina, and like
the first, I found it heavenly and didn't have any intention of
leaving. I wanted to flood her insides with my boiling sperm. She in
turn was practically begging for the same. Yet I remembered her words
the first time we had fucked and pulled out from her cunt, extracting
a loud moan of displaced pleasure.

"Come here and suck my cock Ti." I sat back down and she quickly
retired to her kneeling spot before me.

First she licked me, daintily enjoying her own flavour and juices on
my hard organ. When I was clean, she looked into my eyes, with what I
can only describe as lustful love then said, "I will go anywhere you
want, do anything you want, but I don't think you should leave your
house." I watched her take a lick at the pre-come from the head of my
dick and then savour it. "You never did anything wrong, I think you
should stay and she should leave." Ti said "she" so venomously that
there was no doubt what her own feelings were about my wife. "She
will not argue if you can prove she is screwing her own son." I
shivered in disgust, just as my maid again swallowed my cock. I knew
she was right. I was not the one having an incestuous affair in our
home, nor should I leave the house I worked hard to buy. Linda should
be the one to leave, the one to suffer. All I needed was proof.

My orgasm was not long in coming, as my cock twitched inside Ti's
mouth. She sucked even harder as she attempted to extract the juices
of our joining.

The Maid - Chapter IX
I soon purchased an auto focus, auto forward, quiet camera. My plans
disgusted me, yet I knew them to be important if I wanted to keep
everything that I ever worked for. Ti was again the maid, our actions
were innocent and nothing could be taken out of context, meaning I
didn't attempt to fuck her again, yet almost daily I received a sexy
phone call from Ti, her husky voice sexier talking with me. She also
agreed to help me.

After a week of waiting and watching Ti and I were only able to get a
few pictures. Linda, my wife, was sun bathing as she usually does on
a hot sunny day, and my son was rubbing lotion upon her skin.
Innocent enough, except the photo action suggested more when my son
bent forward and kissed my wife's near-naked buttock. Then in a later
photo, while she was upon her back, he again bent forward to give her
a kiss, this time on her round covered breast. The best picture was
seconds later when his teeth were playfully pulling her nipple and
bikini top several inches upwards from her chest, while Linda had a
huge playful grin on her face.

They were certainly suspect, but as Ti said, the photos were not
enough to prove incest. I agreed, then made better plans to capture
the affair between my wife and son. Firstly, I attempted to be around
my son very much for the next few days, assuming that his own sex
drive would be the downfall of my wife. Then I "disappeared" for a
whole day, making sure everyone in the house knew it. My daughter was
to be away at a friend's house, and Ti had the day off. The plan
worked perfectly when I watched my son's school, and saw that he left
only moments after I dropped him off. Obviously, I was hidden and he
hadn't any intention of going to classes that day. In fact, my son
rushed home to "mommy".

I was angry, hurt, and more than a little disgusted when I walked
around my house and saw that my wife and son were heatedly kissing in
the backyard. Silently I holed up in the shed, a perfect hiding spot
since, it had a dusty cracked window that overlooked my yard. My
camera clicked a few times until I held back for the "perfect"
pictures to present themselves. I couldn't hear my two family members
as they necked upon the sturdy lawn chair, for which I was almost

My son's hands were all over my wife; her breasts and buttocks, her
long strong legs, even the fabric covering her crotch was pressed up
almost inside her. She, on the other hand, already had his young cock
out and was squeezing it continuously. They were laughing and
giggling between wet kisses. Tongues slid in and out of the other's
mouths, and even over necks and into ears.

My heart was beating furiously as I took a few more shots of this
spectacle of my marriage. I didn't have long to wait - obviously both
were in a passionate mood since they hadn't even disrobed before Linda
pushed our son onto his back and mounted his raised staff. I could
see very clearly through the camera lens as she pulled aside the
crotch of her bikini panties and with the other guide my son's rigid
prick into her. My wife was almost a demon, as her body bounced
violently above the lad, her buttocks jiggling deliciously as I had
often seen over the years. Her breasts were pulled from behind her
swimsuit and a mouth was pressed against the dark round nipple. What
a picture that gave me! I snapped away.

I missed the moment when my son must have orgasmed inside his mother,
as I was frantically reloading the camera, but I could see that he was
exhausted while Linda was giving him more tender attention. I waited.

To cool off after the short violent fuck session in the sun (Linda
loved the sun), the two of them entered my pool. They splashed and
played, as if they were young kids, for a short while until Linda
locked the young man with her legs and arms. I had played with her
several times over the years and I knew that she was not satisfied
yet, and only one orgasm would temper her excitement. It wasn't over

Quickly, Linda pulled the boy from the water and into the house.
Before they reached the bedroom, he pulled his mother down to the
floor and promptly shoved his prick into her ready hole. I shot a few
more pictures from a close window as his backside jack hammered again
and again between Linda's spread legs. This time I could see that my
wife was achieving the orgasm that she had desired so strongly. She
lay sweaty and tired beneath her son, while he pulled his dripping
member from her and placed it between her large round white breasts.
This gave me several more pictures as I watched him fuck Linda's
chest, until his white seed shot upon her upper chest and even into
her mouth and chin.

I figured that I had more than enough, and I felt like throwing up,
yet when I was about to turn about and leave the way I came I noticed
my son's hand sneak down to Linda's buttocks. The power of youth was
already at work raising my son's prick, while his fingers played with
the round tempting ass of my wife. At that moment, I wished I could
hear what was going on as they discussed something. It seemed to be
decided, Linda lay in the middle of the tile floor and rolled to her
side bringing her knees up to her chest. My son knelt behind her and
aimed his cock; not into her well-used vagina, but into her anus. It
was slow going, but her waterfall of juices had lubricated her
backside enough for our son to enter her. I could see her face and
saw that she was not enjoying this episode as much as the previous
two, yet she looked determined to fulfil her son's desires.

I almost forgot to click away with the camera as my boy began to
slowly fuck his mother's ass hole. We have never had anal sex, as it
was something she had always considered "dirty", and "disgusting", but
here before me she was giving our son a gift I had never been
privileged to get. I was mad, more so than disgusted, and was finally
resolved to do the things I had considered.

It was time for a divorce.

I snuck away with my evidence.

The Maid - Chapter X
I was so angry I was not even able to approach my wife with the
separation papers, nor with the accumulated evidence I had taken. My
lawyer was one of the best civil litigator in the city, and he was the
one that confronted Linda. If I had sat across from her, looking deep
into those large round eyes, as I passed the pictures, I may have lost
control, and thus the advantage I had with the courts would have been

Her options were extremely limited; she had to leave the house by the
time I returned home, she could take nothing, nor could she contact me
in any way. She would be given an adequate living allowance, and the
kids had a choice of whom they wished to live with, and finally, if
she contested any of my wishes the photos of her incestuous affair
would be revealed in court and she would get nothing. My lawyer
phoned me later in the afternoon and told me the deed was done - she
had gone. Moments later, Ti also phoned and told me the same. The
only thing that was left up in the air was the kids.

My son made the decision to live with his mother, not knowing why we
had separated, as I had predicted. My daughter, on the other hand,
sounded determined to stay with me in my house. I agreed with the
children and assured them that our separation had nothing to do with
them, and I still loved them. The boy left the house that weekend.

It was quiet. The house seemed to echo with my movements. At first I
was extremely depressed and lonely, almost ready to forgive Linda of
her indiscretions. Two things got me through the next few months: my
daughter's love and Tiyar.

Without any spoken word, Ti took on the role of the woman of the
house. And I was surprised that my daughter didn't reject this
proposal but followed the young woman's directions completely. The
maid still did the work she had been originally assigned, but she also
took care of me and my daughter. Our private relationship, during
this time, was blossoming. Ti withheld nothing from my bed, her
brown-skinned body taking everything I gave it. She was the perfect
lover. As my appetites rose, Ti had less time for her domestic duties
and I allowed her to hire another maid, just to help out. She still
had her own room, but she rarely slept in it. I did attempt to hide
my affair with the maid from my daughter, but it was obvious that my
secret was impossible to hide. My "little" girl even caught me
leaving my bedroom with nothing but a towel about my waist, and beyond
me into the room, the sweaty maid lay naked. I smiled shyly while she
giggled girl-like then quickly disappeared before I had a chance to
talk with her.

My experience with other women was limited since I had been faithfully
married for a long time to the same woman, and I was not prepared for
the demands by Ti upon me. For one, my separated wife's clothes were
now commonly worn my the maid, at least the clothes that fit. It was
just a little unsettling to see a young, slight woman dressed in the
same clothes of the woman that had broken my heart. I spoke to Ti
about my feelings and she verbally pounced upon me accusing me of
still "loving that bitch" whom had "fucked her own son"! I gave in,
and she calmed down after a day, the first time since my wife's
departure that I slept alone. I never spoke of it again. Another
thing I noticed was that Ti was very possessive. She wanted me to get
a new secretary for my office, as the current one "had that look in
her eye", a look that seemed to anger my maid. I replaced her, and Ti
made a trip to the office to look her over, and as my "reward" she
again wore nothing under her long jacket except heels.

Yet her seductive body and hungry desire caused me to forget these
episodes and only think about fucking her. something she would only
withhold if I angered her in some way.

Almost to the day that my wife left the house, the divorce came
through and I received the forms with all the signatures upon it.
During all that time I had not spoken nor seen my now ex-wife. Ti
would not allow that. A week later, Tiyar and I were married in a
private ceremony that only my daughter attended.

The Maid - Chapter XI
As you can tell, things were moving very rapidly in my private life.
My marriage to Tiyar ended the wonderful affair we had enjoyed since
that first time I had viewed down her blouse and thought my first
lustful fantasy about her. The marriage also ended the daily love
sessions me and my maid used to enjoy. I still lusted after her, but
she changed after the marriage. My first clue was the first night of
the honeymoon in Paris, as I reached for her as I have done so many
times before. She didn't stop me, but Ti just lay below me like a
dead fish. After that things only got worse. I had sex with my
pretty new wife four times on the honeymoon and every time she lay
almost comatose below me. When I confronted her with it, she again
became angry and shouted at me for being "less than a man", and that
my "dick could never satisfy" her.

So I sleep alone these days. My sex life is nonexistent, and my love
is withering away. It soon became apparent that over the last year, I
had followed my dick's advice and fell for a woman solely on her love
making skills and not any real emotional attachment beyond that. I
felt the fool. I had two affairs in half that many months; with a
clerk at my office, and then with a fellow colleague. They were
quick, dirty, and hot affairs that left me feeling dirty but sexually

The house was run like boot camp; we now had three maids who handled
everything about the house. And my dear wife had ensured they were
all ugly or old. She openly sneered at me, or told me to "fuck off"
if I attempted any affection towards her. It was a miserable time.
And I planned to leave her, my mind made up that I had made a fateful

That was when the final episode to my tale begins.

I lay upon my bed, sweaty and tired in the heat of the August night.
My sleep was fitful and sporadic at best. Yet a dream appeared at my
door; my daughter stood in the shadows with a strange look upon her
face, her body clothed in her usual nighttime attire, a huge

I was about speak up to her when she took two steps into my room then
reached, with both hands, to the bottom of her shirt, promptly lifting
it up over her head. She didn't miss a stride as she came towards me.
Her naked body had matured over the last year and looked amazingly
like a younger version of her mother's, the tanned skin bronzed and
shiny in the moonlight. My heart beat fast, and my body was frozen as
I simply watched her climb up upon my bed. No words were needed - my
lust was fuelled by my loveless marriage, and my early fantasies about
my own daughter.

The youth reached for and pulled down my shorts Again I never helped
her nor did I stop her, until I was naked upon my bed. My breathing
became laboured as my "little" girl bent over and took my rock-hard
penis into her mouth. She wasn't experienced enough to fully utilize
this oral stimulation to its fullest, but again, I didn't mind in the
least and didn't speak a word. Her small thin body rotated, with my
dick still in her wet mouth, until her thighs straddled my head. I
looked up directly into her youthful sparsely haired sex. My darling
lowered herself upon my face, my mouth opening to inhale her flower.
She was extremely wet, and tasted better than anything that I ever
remember tasting. The rhythm of our oral love was in perfect sync as
her face bounced up and down her father's dick and my tongue
alternated from fucking her tight little sex hole to manipulating her

Very quickly she was moaning and wiggling about. I had to hold upon
her strong buttocks to keep them from lifting from my face. I was in
nirvana, heaven. It was a fantasy, and a dream. Fuelled by my desire
and by my impure lust for my daughter. I never thought of what I was
actually doing, nor did I care at that moment.

I could feel the ripples as her body spasmed in orgasm; it was only
brief moments since she mounted me, and my tongue inside her measured
the intensity of her sexual reactions. I was surprised that her
vitality enabled her to collect herself in only moments after coming
on "daddy's" face, and she rotated upon me until we were face to face.
I could feel my stiff dick between her smooth warm sweaty thighs, a
place my face had occupied only seconds before. She slid her tongue
between my lips and I sucked it passionately, even as my hands moved
her torso about until I felt the head of my penis enter her womanly
region. It was she that forced herself down upon me, using her weight
as she held herself up upon her elbows, our lips and tongues still

The moment was unforgettable, a dream that will never die. I fucked
my daughter for the first time, her virginity taken by me in one quick
thrust by both of us. This time, when she was seated after the
violent down thrust of her body upon mine, she shouted out, "Fuck!"
It was the first and only word she would speak that evening, as I
lifted her hips with my hands before strongly pulling her back to me.
I fucked her almost like an animal, certainly not in a gentle romantic
sense my virgin daughter was deserving of. Both of us were moaning
loudly and even grunting sporadically as our bodies slapped together.

The fantasy of my actions, and my lack of sex, caused my orgasm to be
explosive and quick. I came in great volumes, obviously filling up
the tight confines of the tightest cunt I have ever been in, a cunt that had no name, as I lost all conscious thought and control. I just
shot and shot until my exhaustion caused me to pass out into a deep

The Maid - Chapter XII
It was only the next day when I sat down to breakfast, wondering if
the episode last night was only a dream. So distracted was I that I
didn't even notice that the three of us were alone in my large house,
and that Tiyar had made breakfast, something she had not done since
our wedding day. I continuously looked into my daughter's face for
some clue, to see if my memories were true. Yet she never even looked
up from her plate; she ate in silence.

When I finally looked down, my stomach growling for nutrition, I saw

A pile of pictures lay upon my seating. The top one was a close-up of
my face and my daughter's, our lips pressed together and glimpses of
our tongues obvious, as was the saliva and sweat. I felt the blood
drain from my body; my heart stopped. It was true, everything that
happened last night was true. But the wonderful memories and the
fantasy was corrupted by these photos, obviously taken with
low-intensity light film. I almost threw up right there, my empty
stomach churning the bile about.

I slowly looked up, directly into Tiyar's smiling face. She was the
one who had taken the photos, she was the one that had seduced me into
divorcing my ex-wife and then marrying her, she was the one that
coldly stood before me. "Why?"

"I want you to leave this house. And I want a divorce." It was a
question, but a simple statement. She was using the same strategy
upon me as I had done to Linda. And my guilt was in the photos, my
incestuous relationship enough to convince anyone of my guilt. For
the first time I knew what my ex-wife had felt after being confronted
with the evidence. "My lawyer has the negatives and duplicate
pictures, so you can keep those." She actually smiled.

I turned to my daughter, wondering her part in this. Has she been
duped as I had? "Dear...?"

"I'm sorry, daddy." She had tears running down her cheeks, but she
still could not look at me. So she had been an accomplice.

"Yes, she helped me. In fact, she will do anything I ask!" She
giggled slightly. "Darling take your clothes off and come here."
Silence as I watched my daughter stand without hesitation and pull off
her shorts and tee-shirt. That naked body from my memories stood
beyond my reach, and knelt before Ti. It was a nightmare as my wife looked into my astonished eyes as her stepdaughter lifted the front of
the skirt and pressed her face into the crotchless panties beneath.
Ti's hand held the head against her sex, the mouth obviously busy upon
the clitoris that I had often manipulated. "See? She is a good girl,
who will do anything I want." She lifted a long brown leg up onto a
chair, so my view of my daughter's face was clearer. "You will give
me everything, your money, this house, your cars."

She was right, I could not fight this. I would have to start over,
begin afresh as I had done so many years ago after getting out of
University. But then I had Linda to give me moral support.

"I will leave you but one thing." I didn't say a word, but was
surprised that see would give me anything. She was in a position that
she didn't need to. "Something that I used and no longer need." The
sound of my daughter's tongue loud as she slurped and sucked upon my
wife's cunt.

With the hand that held the back of my daughter's head, Tiyar turned
it into a claw and pulled the dripping face from her sex, the mouth
still open. "You can have your slut of a daughter. I don't need her
any longer!" She threw my darling to the floor before me. I reached
out and lifted my naked daughter to my lap. "You two have until four
o'clock to leave this house." She spun about and left us in the

My daughter was crying uncontrollably, and I realized she had been
used just as I had been. I could not fault her for something that I
had also fallen for. And I was just as guilty - I didn't have to
succumb to the beauty of my little girl the night before, nor did I
ever have to allow myself to be seduced by the evil woman whom had
been my maid. I wondered what she had done to manipulate my ex-wife
and son into bed. I no longer thought it was a coincidence.

"Come dear, lets get ready to leave." She allowed herself to be
placed back upon the ground standing up. We left the room to pack.

Tiyar, the maid, had won!




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