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MAKING videos Kimmie doing strip


The Making of a Slut

Most of the stories you read tend to make it sound like the woman was
always a slut. It doesn't always happen that way. My wife Kimberly and I
have been happily married for 11 years. Kimmie was only 17 when we got
pregnant with our first child and we married 6 months before his birth.
Our daughter came only 18 months after our son. Luckily our parents
supported us while I was in school and now I am a Senior Analyst working
from home and making plenty of money to support the family. Kimmie stayed
home and took care of the kids while I climbed the corporate ladder. She
was a cheerleader in High school and has always kept her 5' 6" 125 lb. Body
firm and in good shape. My wife has always been very conservative in Dress
and manner. Her idea of racy was to wear a pony-tail instead of her hair
up to bed. Our sex life was average. About 2 to 3 times a week in the Dark
and experimentation in Oral sex and different positions was about as wild
as we got.

Shortly after I moved my office home Kimmie became restless and in
discussing it with her we decided that now was the time for her to do some
of the things she was never able to do before. As primary Caregiver she had
never held a job in the real world or been responsible to anyone other than
the family. She felt she could get a Job and feel useful. We certainly
didn't need the money but I decided to support her decision. I was
perfectly capable of making sure the kids got off to school and got home
without interrupting my telecommuting job.

The following month I placed a few calls and got her some job leads.
I told her they were just opportunities not sure things. It was up to her
to land the Job she wanted. It was an exciting time for her. She bought a
new wardrobe of professional cloths. We set a schedule up at home. Kimmie
started going to interviews and soon got a Job as a receptionist at a large
fortune 500 company close to our house. She was thrilled and our life was
wonderful. Even the kids saw the change as good as Kimmie's mood was much
more cheery.

Her attire at work consisted mainly of business suits. Almost always
skirt and blazer with a top under it. Sensible but pretty shoes and
Pantyhose. She did have a few silk blouses that looked very pretty but
insisted on keeping them covered at work. She started to develop
friendships at work and was soon going out on girl's night out with a group
of Ladies from her office. Most of the time it was to a local club or tavern
for a few drinks and then straight home. I was happy she made friends and
was enjoying her life. One of the fringe benefits was that Kimmie would
recount to me all the conversations and stories going on in the group. A
good percentage of the girl talks were very baudy and combined with the
drinks, which Kimmie was unaccustomed to, Sex after Girl's night out was a
big treat.

Several months after the first Wednesday of the month became Girl's
night out on a regular basis Kimmie came home much later than she usually
did. The kids were in bed and I was just about to start calling the police
when her friend Bonnie's car pulled up and she stepped out. I met her the
door concerned but not mad. The first thing I noticed was Kimmie had on her
suit jacket but there was no top showing underneath. We kissed hello and
I followed her to the Bathroom. She took her cream silk Blouse out of her
purse and put it in the sink. She quickly explained that the waiter had
accidentally spilled a margarita on her so she had taken it off and rinsed
it there. I noticed how hot she was in her skirt and Blazer and said to her
how cute she looked. As I scanned her figure it dawned on me that her skirt
was much shorter than normal so I asked her about it. It turned out that her
friend Bonnie and several others were teasing her about being so modest.
They taunted her into rolling up her skirt like they did in high school.
I also realized she wasn't wearing a Bra at all. She told me she often
didn't. Under her Blazers no one could tell. She told me that it was one of
those male strip joints and the girls had talked her into laying on a
table and they had stuffed dollar bills in her cleavage. Bonnie even pushed
her skirt up and stuck a few in her panties. Then they got the guy that
spilled the drink to dance and remove the bills with his teeth. Bonnie
confessed how hot she got when she felt his beard brush over her pussy.
I stood there waivering between jealousy and horny as she told me about
the dance. Of course I asked her if she let him touch her. She said yeah a
few times but it was just for fun and she didn't let him see to much. I
watched her take off her skirt and then her Blazer with out even
realizing I was taking off my own cloths at the same time. Kimmie, close
to tears, dropped to her knees and sucked me off until I came in her mouth
which she never let me do before. She kneeled there with cum dribbling down
her chin and asked if I was mad at her. I didn't bother answering I just
took her to bed and fucked her. I didn't make love to her.I fucked her. She
came several times and I loved it. After she fell asleep I took stock of all
the firsts that had happened that night. My wife had been touched by
another man. Kimmie had sucked me off with the lights on. She let me
cum in her mouth. We had had sex again in the same night and she had
multiple orgasms. It was obvious a new woman was emerging.

Soon after that night Kimmie's dress habits began to change. It was
obvious that she enjoyed the attention. When I asked her about it she said
it was like being a Cheerleader. Sex soon went to 5 or six times a week and
with the lights on. She even started wearing all the sexy outfits I had
bought her over the years and she had stashed away in the back of her
nightie drawer. Her skirts got shorter and she changed to stay up hose or
even garter belts instead of pantyhose. She hardly ever wore her Blazers
anymore. Under her silk blouses she wore lace Bras or slinky camisole tops.
I worried about her but I have to admit I enjoyed it to. I spent many an afternoon
fantasizing about men staring at my wife.

We began to experiment more in bed mostly after her Wednesday girl's
night out. Instead of just talking about new things we began to try them.
Everything from watching dirty videos to Kimmie doing a strip tease for me
to mutual masturbation as we told each other our fantasies. Kimmie would
get very excited and make me get more and more explicit every time I would
tell her my ongoing fantasy about her being ogled by other men. Her
fantasies were mostly romantic but she did stray into other fields. Being
caressed by another woman or being forced to perform sex acts as people
watched were a couple that both scared and delighted me. One Wednesday night
after her return from a club she smelled of Alcohol and smoke and her cloths
were in disarray. She told me Bonnie had kissed her and fondled her breast
in the parking lot. She also gave me a black silk scarf and asked me to
tie her up and force her to pay for her weakness. I tied her hands to the
headboard and removed her panties. With her still fully dressed I climbed on
her and slipped her skirt up to fuck her sopping wet pussy. It was fast and
furious with my anger mixed with my lust. Kimmie had never cum as hard and
as often as she did that night. I battled between jealousy and lust as the
days went on but I also benifited from my wife's increased sex drive.

The spring was upon us and Kimmie bought the tiniest bikini I had ever
seen. She looked great in it in the backyard but drew the line at letting
the kids see her in it. She also began going to the spa for tanning bed
sessions. The even tan made her look even younger. Soon she was wearing no
hose at all. The kids went off to grandma's house for a long weekend during
springbreak and we planned on attending her company picnic.

The company picnic turned out to be a very fun party. I got to meet many
of the friends Kimmie had told me of. I found myself holding back my
thoughts as I connected names to the many stories Kimmie had told me.
By far the most attractive was the sales Group executive secretary named
Bonnie. A pang of jealousy coursed through me when I remembered she had
both kissed and fondled my wife. Kimmie was wearing levi Cutoffs. Ankle
strap wedge sandals and a white ribbed tank top over her new Bikini.
I found it hard to dislike Bonnie as the day went on she was fun loving and
intelligent. She was dressed to thrill. Short Daisy duke shorts and a tight
midriff tank top over what appeared to be a very tiny bra and sandals was
all she was wearing. The day wore on and the families left leaving mainly
couples and young people. Every year after the kids had gone home, the
sales group sponsored a wet-t-shirt contest. I listened as Bonnie and a
couple of other girls slowly convinced Kimmie to enter. I wasn't sure she
would do it but when she asked me if she could I told her to decide for
herself. My ongoing fantasy of seeing her exposed to a group of strange men was about to come true.

She was the last to sign up as the evening turned to night and the
lights illuminated the stage. The women were very pretty and the crowd was
loud and boisterous. The age group of the men was anywhere from 18 to 70.
A small child's pool was set on the stage and filled with water and ice.
The girls would step into the pool in turn and the MC slowly poured ice
water all over them. They would then Dance and strut the best they could.
The loudest reaction from the crowd would choose the winner. Bonnie was
third and she was wearing only her bikini bottoms, that must have been
under her Daisy dukes, and she had removed her bra from under her crop top.
When they poured water on her, her top almost dissappeared. She danced
around the stage and just as the song ended she lifted her top and flashed
her tits to all of us. The cheers were deafening. A few other girls danced
and a couple even took their tops off. As Kimmie approached the center of
the stage I felt uncontrollably turned on. I had the hardest woody I could
remember in my life. The crowd was bundled close so luckily no one could
see. Kimmie was wearing her tank top with her bikini still under it and
had removed her shorts. Her ass was absolute perfection in her tiny thong
bottom. She stepped into the pool and kneeled and leaned far back. The MC
dumped ice water on her slowly, almost carefully. As the song started
Kimmie stepped out of the pool and began to dance. She moved so well and
so smooth it was amazing. Between her cheerleading years and aerobics she
had certainly learned rhythm. I was mesmerized as she moved across the
stage. Suddenly I felt something cold and wet touch my back. It was Bonnie
standing close behind me, her nipples brushing my back. Bonnie wrapped her
arms around my waist and began whispering in my ears. Filthy nasty things.
Things like would I stand in line to fuck Kimmie after all the other men?
Would I watch as she licked kimmie's pussy? I was paralized both by emotions
and fear of being caught. I watched my beautiful wife dance as Bonnie
slipped her arms around me. Kimmie slowly untied her Bikini top and slid it
out from under her soaking wet tank top. Bonnie slipped her hands down my
pants and continued her whisperings in my ear. I was shocked to see my
wife's rock hard nipples poking against her wet top. Bonnie started
massaging my cock as she told me what she wanted to do to my wife as I
watched. I should have been shocked. I should have stopped her but I
couldn't. I was riveted to the scene of my wife dancing half naked in front
of a crowd of drunk and horny strangers. Bonnie pumped my cock in my pants
as Kimmie ripped her top up the front. The brazen act inflamed the
crowd. Kimmie let her hands fall to her sides. The shirt clung to her torso
by only the water it was saturated with. She threw her head and shoulders
back and let the shirt slowly slide off her breasts and then down her arms.
She finished her dance with her hands in her hair looking at the beer crazed
crowd and thrusting her hips to the beat. I was spent. Bonnie had made me
cum in my pants. All she did was laugh at me and lick her fingers. She told
me she would take care of Kimmie for me if I couldn't handle it tonight.
I left her there not knowing how to answer and pushed my way to the edge of
the stage. Kimmie came down the steps through a gauntlet of groping drunks.
She had put her shorts back on and tied her ripped t-shirt between her
breasts. Her pink nipples were plainly visible. I took her hand and kissed
her. She asked me if my dreams were fulfilled? I couldn't even answer. I
was speechless. The MC was calling for the Dancers so Kimmie and Bonnie
went back up on stage. Of course Kimmie had won. She took her prize of
$500.00 and came back to me. We quickly headed for the parking lot.
On the way home Kimmie couldn't hold in her excitement. She had to tell
me how excited it had made her to strip in front of a bunch of strange men.
as she told me she untied her top and rubbed her nipples. I was having a
hard time concentrating on driving. We reached the house and parked the car.
I had to follow a trail of wet cloths to catch up to my wife. She kissed me
hard and undid my pants. She saw the mess in my shorts and told me I was a
naughty boy. I was pushed backward on the bed. Kimmie mounted me. she rode
my aching dick like it was the end of the world. I shot buckets of cum in
her as she worked me like a human dildo. We had sex at least three times
that night I still remember how sore and raw I was the next day.
Lady's night was still one of the focal points of our sex life.
Kimmie came home and related all the wild stories to me usually with
a huge black dildo in her pussy and my hands in a flurry of motion on my cock.
About two months into the summer Kimmie went out for drinks with her friend Bonnie.
I asked her before she left if they were meeting anyone else. Kimmie was evasive but
finally said that their may be a few people from sales there but she wasn't sure.
I was concerned but didn't want to ruin her good time. When she left Bonnie was
driving and Kimmie was wearing a very tight short black skirt with high heels and
a button front crop top. It was obvious that she wasn't wearing a Bra and only
a faint outline showed she was wearing tiny thong panties. I got the dishes done
and put the kids to bed and waited. It seemed like forever. I sat there and imagined
all that my beautiful young wife might be doing. I felt boiling anger mixed with deep
humiliation but the strange part was how hard my dick was. Finally after I could contain
myself no longer and was about to call the cops a car pulled up in front and my wife
climbed out
and staggered up the walk. As the car sped off I realized it wasn't Bonnie's.
As kimmie entered I asked her if she was ok. At the same time I had to look
her over for myself. Her top only had one button done up. The rest were missing.
Her eyes and makeup were streaked and she still had her little black panties in her hand.
She broke out sobbing and told me how sorry she was. I helped her to the bathroom and got
her undressed to put her in the shower to sober her up and calm her down. I told it was
alright and she could tell me anything. I loved her to much to be upset. As she told me
of her evening I noticed a crusty mess on her neck and shoulders and in her hair. They had
gone to a Bar frequented
by the sales staff. And Bonnie quickly started flirting. Soon Kimmie had found her self
dancing and being pawed by many men. Most had remembered her from the wet t-shirt night.
She and Bonnie had way to much to drink and when closing time came around Bonnie was to
drunk to drive. The sales manager and his friend offered to drive them and the girls said
sure. As the story unfolded Kimmie had started to rub my semi hard cock as we stood in the

After a few minutes of driving the car stopped and Kimmie realized that they were not
at home but in a deserted parking structure. The guy in front with Bonnie was kissing her
and undoing her cloths. Kimmie said no to the sales manager that was in back with her but
he persisted. Kimmie saw Bonnie's head disappear and knew she was blowing the guy in the
front seat. The guy with her said "Ok let me see your tits and that's all." Kimmie knew
she had let them see her at the Picnic so decided it would be the easiest way out. She
started to undo her buttons and the guy just reached out and ripped her top open. As she
tried to fend him off she felt someone else climb into the back seat. By this time my pants
were open and Kimmie was stroking my iron hard cock. Kimmie said she looked up as Bonnie
settled in beside her and the other guy leered at them over the seat. The sales manager
had pushed her back and was sitting on her chest undoing his pants only inches from my
young wife's face. Kimmie found it impossible to move. Her arms were pinned to her side
by the man sitting on her. Kimmie felt A smooth hand run up her thigh and over her panty
clad pussy. It was Bonnie who was enjoying Kimmie's plight. The sales manager had unzipped
and plopped his dick on my wife's chest. Kimmie told me the feelings were overwhelming
and she couldn't help being turned on. Bonnie had slipped her panties off and was going
down on her sweet pussy. Something she hadn't even let me do until a few months ago.
Kimmie standing there nude with crusty cum stains still on her neck and shoulders told
me that the sales manager had pulled her tits together with her nipples and fucked her
tits. At one point Bonnie had reached up and stuffed my wife's soaking panties into her
mouth to keep her from screaming. Kimmie told me of her many writhing orgasms under the
pressure of Bonnie's tongue and fingers. The sales manager expended himself on her upper
body just as the guy in the front seat let loose from jerking off as he watched.
I exploded on the bathroom floor at this point of the story and Kimmie silently
kneeled and licked me clean. I staggered off to bed thinking of what a slut my wife
was becoming and found my dick getting hard again.
Kimmie came out of the bathroom freshly scrubbed and looking like an innocent teenager.
It was impossible for me to be mad at her. I loved her too much. She sat beside me and
dropped a pile of silk scarves on my chest and looked down. I asked her what that was
for and she looked me in the eye and asked me to tie her up and fuck her hard. My dick
went to full staff as I sat up. Just the thought of my pretty wife being bound and used
was almost to much for me. I placed a black scarf over her eyes and tied it behind her
I then wadded another and stuffed it in her mouth tieing a second scarf over to keep it
there. I layed her down and tied her raised arms to the headboard I ruffly kicked her
knees apart and drove my dick into her sopping pussy. I rode her with no mercy that
night fucking her several times before I untied her. I was amazed at the transformation
my sweet prude wife had made.

A few short weeks later, Kimmie told me she had gotten a promotion and would be the
new sales group office manager. She also said she wanted to go to a Costume party that
evening put on by the sales manager. I told I would love to but with no notice we didn't
have anyone to watch the kids. Kimmie blushed and said well you weren't invited anyway.
Bonnie is taking me. Jealousy overtook me as a demanded to know who would be there.
Kimmie said just a few of the sales staff and some important clients. I asked her what
she planned on wearing as a costume and she replied Bonnie told me to wear something
frilly and feminine. I told Kimmie I loved her and told her if it will make you happy
she could go. Kimmie gave me a big kiss and said thankyou and dashed off to the bedroom
to dress. I busied myself cleaning up the dishes and getting the kids settled down.
There was a knock at the door. It was Bonnie to pick up Kimmie for the party.
She was stunning. Her makeup perfect and her costume very flattering. Bonnie had on
a tailored suit.She looked almost mannish. The slacks hugged her figure and she wore
a shirt and tie and a brimmed hat. Only her face and high heels and the shape of her
chest showing through her jacket gave her away as a woman. I told her Kimmie was
getting dressed. Bonnie told me to go hurry the little bitch up they were going to
be late. The oddest thing happened. Instead of being mad at her for calling my wife
a bitch I found myself scurrying down the hallway to help Kimmie get ready for her date.
I entered the bedroom and stopped dead in my tracks. Kimmie was just finishing her hair.
She was wearing a straight button front skirt that came to her knees. A Silky top with
ruffled neck and cuffs. White hose and the tallest high heels I have ever seen. They were
patent leather red with thick straps holding them to her ankles. What caught my attention
was even though the top was high collared and all the way to her wrists it was sheer.
All Kimmie had on under it was a tiny lace bra. I told her Bonnie was waiting and she
said she would be right there. I walked to the Living room and told my wife's date that
she was on her way. I stood with Bonnie several minutes and Bonnie was telling me what
a hot Babe Kimmie was. She was talking like a guy about a hot date. She kept hinting at
how lucky she was going to get tonight. I was flabbergasted. Both jealous beyond
imagination and so turned on the lump in my throat was almost as hard as my dick.
Kimmie walked in and did a pirroette for us. I had to admit she was a hot babe.
Her hair was piled on her head and she was wearing her old glasses to add to the secretary
effect. Bonnie looked her up and down and said good but not quite perfect.
She walked up to Kimmie and unbuttoned her blouse. Hey got a pair of scissors she asked.
I hustled down the hall to the kitchen and returned with a pair of scissors. Bonnie
was standing there cupping my wife's breasts. She reached out and took the scissors
from me. She pulled out a shoulder strap and cut it. Then the other. Next the material
between the cups. Bonnie then tugged the bra off of Kimmie's torso. Neither of us did
anything. We both stood mute. Me staring and Kimmie with her eyes down cast and her face
Bonnie reached in her pocket and produced a small chain. It had a loop at each end.
Bonnie slid the cold steel blade of the scissors over Kimmie's left nipple. It popped
up and Bonnie slipped the loop over it and quickly tugged it closed. Kimmie winced in
pain but didn't resist. Bonnie quickly did the same to the right nipple. Bonnie rolled
her nipples fondly for a minute and then buttoned up her top. Stepping back she poked me
in the ribs and said what ya think of the little slut now? I couldn't tear my eyes off of
Kimmie. Her nipples were rock hard and plainly visible through her shear top. You could
even see the color and the pretty gold chain that ran from one nipple to the other.
Bonnie slipped a light knee length coat over Kimmie's shoulders. Bonnie said you can
kiss her goodbye but don't mess up her makeup. I kissed her lightly as Bonnie squired
her away by the elbow. As soon as they were out the door I had to dash to the bathroom
to take care of my throbbing cock.
The night dragged on for an eternity. The kids were long in bed and I was
forcing myself not to masturbate so I could enjoy sex with Kimmie when she got home.
As I waited I kept swinging from feelings of shame and anger to uncontrollable stabs
of pure lust. Finally in the wee hours of the morning came a knock at the door.
I jumped to answer it. I swung the door open and there was Kimmie. Blindfolded and
a piece of white medical tape over her mouth standing on our doorstep with her coat
buttoned up with out her arms showing at all. A note was pinned to her chest. It read
Look in my pockets signed The Slut. I was torn between the desire to rescue my wife and
to see what was in her pockets. Curiosity won out. I guided her in the door and closed it.
I reached carefully in her bulging left hand pocket and pulled out her blouse, skirt,
and panties.
With shaking hands I reached into her other pocket and pulled out a video tape.
The hand lettered label said two things. The first simply said watch me.
The other said use her asshole her pussy is probably sore.

I was speechless. I reached to her collar and ripped open the light summer
coat she had on. As it dropped from my hands a froze in utter amazement. My sweet
conservative prudish wife had been returned to me wearing a red leather Collar,
garter belt and stockings, and the red leather highheels. The gold nipple chain
was clipped to the collar. It held Kimmie's nipples at full arousal and pointing
skyward. My delicate wife's wrists were strapped to her elbows behind her back.
She still glistened of sweat and other bodily fluids. I was angry. Angry at her,
at myself, and at Bonnie. I pushed her roughly to the center of the room.
I put the tape in the vcr and pressed play. I walked to her and guided her to
the back of my lounger. I forcefully pushed her over the back.
The tape started as a watched over her upturned ass. On the tape she was in the center
of a room doing a strip tease for what was obviously a room full of men. I began carresing
her arms and ass as she lay bent over my chair. On screen Bonnie had entered to dance with
her. I unzipped my pants to release my aching dick. On my tv Bonnie was tying her up.
I began letting my cock course ver the crack of her ass. In the video bonnie had forced
her to her knees and was unzipping the slacks she had worn as a costume. Out popped the
biggest prick I have ever seen. Kimmie jumped as it plopped against her face. Bonnie
quickly buckled the Bright red collar around her neck and reached for a clip in her pocket. The assembled men cheered as bonnie clipped the gold chain restraining
Kimmie's nipples to the collar. I was stroking my cock over my bound wife as I watched her
suck that massive latex cock jutting obscenely from bonnie's fly. Bonnie was holding
her head and forcing her to deep throat the rubber monster.
Bonnie slipped a scarf over my young wife's eyes and pushed her kneeling figure over

an ottoman. She kneeled behind her still dressed as a man and slowly inserted the cock
in her pussy. Bonnie reached over and grabbed Kimmie by the hair. As she fucked her
a slipped my cock down the the puckered pink asshole between her glistening cheeks.
As I slipped my raging hardon uip her ass another man kneeled before her and put
his cock in her mouth.
I fucked her ass in long hard strokes holding her down with one hand and pulling her
head back by her hair like Bonnie did in the tape as I watched a total stranger shoot
cum all over her face I filled her rectum with my cum.
As the tape went black I untied my wonderful wife. Afraid she would be mad at me
for raping her, the first thing out of her mouth was how sorry she was.As I gently
scrubbed her in the shower she asked me to forgive her. Of course how could I say no.
She then asked me to let her wear her new red collar and highheels to bed. And would
I please fuck her in the ass again but this time pull out and cum in her mouth. I was
flabbergasted but the hardness of my member told me I had to answer yes.

I can hardly wait till the next sales staff meeting. Bonnie said They were going to
do it at my house and maybe she would let the customers have my wife all the way. I
asked her about me. She told me not to worry she would stay the night and help me with

sloppy seconds.


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