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MARCIE spurt after spurt came out


Title: Marcie the Tutor. Author: Charley Ace. Email:


WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do
not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE

(c) copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved


By the middle of her senior year in high school, Marcie had had sex with
every boy in her class, and many from other classes. It didn't matter to
her whether they were good looking or ugly, she enjoyed each and every
experience. She was considered by her classmates to be a nympho, but she
really wasn't. What she was, was power hungry. Yes, she enjoyed most of
the sex, but it was the power factor that drove her to her record breaking
sexual exploits (as far as anybody knew at the time, no one else had ever
screwed every boy in their class). She had become a legend in her own time
at Jefferson High.

Marcie was a pretty girl who had received her sex education at an early
age. She and her next door neighbor had begun doing 'it' when she was 13.
He was two years older and together they experimented with their bodies,
and she proved to be a fast learner.

The boys at Jefferson High loved her, she was good-looking and always
willing to help satisfy their hearty sexual appetites. She loved to toy
with them and make them beg and plead with her before she performed her
sexual magic. The boys didn't mind at all, and she felt as if she had
control over them. They knew that if they needed a good blow-job or a good
piece of ass, Marcie would oblige, however, she always maintained control.
They may have been on top some of the time, but she controlled the action,
and they didn't mind one bit. They would willingly submit to her
dominance, just to get a fantastic blow-job or a great fuck. In the five
years that she had been sexually active, she had honed her skills to the
point where she was the best cock sucker around.

Most of the girls considered her a slut and a tramp, and would have
nothing to do with her. A few of the girls would speak to her on occasion,
but she had no real friends, she was a loner.

Some of the girls actually envied her because the boys would tell them
how good she was. Linda, one of the prettiest and most popular girls in
school, was one of these who both hated and envied Marcie. Linda was the
head cheerleader and had been dating George, the star quarterback, the
perfect couple, in the eyes of most of their peers.

Even though she envied her popularity, Linda had often shown her
contempt for Marcie. She treated her like she was a tramp, not worthy of
her attention. However, after George had told Linda several times, in
response to Linda's questions, that Marcie was the best at giving head,
Linda made a bold move.

She approached Marcie one day and asked Marcie to meet her at the soda
shop after school. Marcie was dumbfounded, she couldn't believe that one
of her chief antagonists would actually want to speak to her, but her
curiosity got the best of her and she agreed.

Since Linda wanted to talk to Marcie alone, they sat in a booth by
themselves at the soda shop. All of the other kids were a bit amazed that
Linda would even be seen talking to Marcie in public.

After they had ordered their sodas, Linda got right to the point. "You
probably think that I'm a snob and a bitch, and in some ways you're right.
I don't agree with, or like, how freely you use your body with the boys."

"You hit the nail on the head so far," Marcie said. "So why are we

"I need something from you. Considering the way that I've treated you
in the past, I wouldn't blame you if you just told me to piss off."

"I'll reserve the right to do just that, after I find out what you want,
go on."

"Wellll, I would like you to teach me how to give good head," Linda
blurted out, as her face flushed a crimson red.

Marcie was flabbergasted. "What?" Marcie recovered, smiled, paused a
minute and asked, "why?"

Head down, no longer looking Marcie in the eye, Linda replied, "I love
George and I want to do my best to please him."

"He's not happy with your blow-jobs?"

"He's never complained, but when I asked him who's given him the best
blow-job, he's told me how good you are. I want to be just as good, but
only for him."

"Admirable, Linda, very admirable. If I should agree to your request,
just how do you propose we go about it?"

Linda looked up again, and answered, "I've thought about it and have a
suggestion, but first, will you do it?"

"I'm intrigued and I might, but you need to fill me in on the details

Linda proceeded to outline her plan. She would get a dildo and they
would get together in private and practice on that. Then, after Marcie
thought Linda was ready, they would get George to agree to let them both do
their thing on him at the same time, to further refine Linda's technique.

Marcie howled. "Wow! A three way with your boyfriend!" She was getting
aroused, a tingling in her crotch, just thinking about it, as was Linda.
"You must really be desperate."

"I am, I love George and don't want to lose him just because I can't
give him good head."

"OK, I'll do it," Marcie stated excitedly.

"What do you want in return?"

"Nothing, absolutely nothing. This will be fun, fun, fun," Marcie
replied, with a big grin on her face. "Linda, you know that you're not one
of my favorite people, you've treated me like shit over the years, but this
is an opportunity that I can't pass up. Can't you just picture George's
face when the two of us do our number on him? Wow! It'll be a major
thrill and turn on for me, when do we start?"

Linda chuckled at the remark about George's expression, "yes, George
won't know whether to shit or go blind. My parents are still at work, we
could go to my house and get started right now."

"What about the dildo?"

"I already have that," Linda smiled, and a devilish smile it was.

Linda picked up the tab and the two girls headed out on foot.

On the way to Linda's house Marcie began asking some questions. "Do you
swallow? Do you deep throat him? Do you lick and nibble on his balls? Do
you tongue his ass hole?"

"No, no, no and no. I sort of expected that I'd have to swallow eventually, but I've not been able to do it yet. The same with his balls
and deep throating, but I never expected to have to lick his ass hole."

"Licking his ass hole is not mandatory, but you should consider doing it
when you know that he's clean, it'll drive him wild. How about sticking a
finger up his ass hole?"

"That, I've never done, but I think I can do."

"Make sure it's lubricated. Use your pussy juices to lubricate your
finger," Marcie instructed.

She continued, "swallowing, deep throating, ball licking and nibbling
are all mandatory. Let's talk about swallowing first. Semen is not called
man-juice for nothing. There's little else a woman can do for a man that's
more erotic and that will please him more than swallowing his cum. It
shows him that you care about him and are willing to do anything to please
him. He finds this erotic because he thinks his cum is slimy and
disgusting. It's not, I've tasted quite a bit of cum, and I can tell you
first hand that it's actually pretty good once you get accustomed to the
consistency. It's the slimy consistency that turns most girls off, but if
you can get past that, you'll like it. Every guy's cum tastes different,
though. Most of it is pretty good, but there's some that's not so good.
It's been so long since I've blown George that I can't remember what his
cum tastes like."

Marcie went on, "deep throating is not hard, but does take some
practice. The dildo may be too big to start out with. I might suggest a
banana, or even a carrot to practice with. I can't remember how George is
hung, is he real big?"

"I don't have anything to compare him with, but he's a lot smaller than
my dildo."

"OK, then start off with a banana. The dildo will be good for the
sucking and licking techniques, but not for deep throating."

They arrived at Linda's house and immediately began with the dildo. The
blow-job lessons went on every day for a week. Linda practiced on her own
with the dildo and bananas. At the end of the week, Marcie finally told
Linda that she was ready for the acid test - George's hard cock.

During the week of instruction, both Marcie and Linda developed a new
attitude toward one another. Marcie found that Linda wasn't as bad as she
had thought, and Linda found that Marcie to be a nice person despite her
sexual exploits. A mutual admiration society had been formed.

Armed with a new found confidence, and a personal tutor, Linda proceeded
to make a date with George. He was beside himself with excitement when she
told him of her plans. He just couldn't believe what was going to happen
to him, he salivated and sported a seemingly perpetual hard-on for the
remainder of the week. They agreed to pick Marcie up about 9:00 PM
Saturday and drive to a secluded spot, and Marcie anxiously agreed.

George and Linda arrived at Marcie's house on schedule, Marcie jumped in
the back seat and away they went out to the designated location. When they
arrived, George and Linda hopped in the back seat with Marcie, George in
the middle.

"OK stud, let's see your equipment," Marcie commanded to George. He
quickly lowered his pants and briefs to expose his 7 inch hard-on, no doubt
about his readiness.

"Not bad, Georgey, not bad at all," Marcie said. "Linda, one thing that
I forget to mention. guys love to gaze at your tits while you're sucking them. Take off your top and bra and I'll do the same." Linda complied, and
Marcie followed suit.

Marcie stared at Linda's chest as she removed her bra, "nice tits Linda."

"Yours are pretty nice too," Linda responded in kind. George agreed
with both of them as he lustily stared first at Linda's, then Marcie's tits and excitedly erect nipples.

"I'm going to start on him, you bend over and watch my technique
closely. When you feel that you're ready, you can take over," Marcie said
as she took hold of George's cock and began her demonstration. Her expert
mouth and tongue had George moaning with pleasure almost immediately.

After a few minutes of studying Marcie's technique closely, Linda
offered, "I'm ready now." Marcie moved off George's cock, gave it one last
lick and Linda took over. She tried to remember all of the things that she
was taught, but was soon reminded that she had her personal trainer and
coach right there in the car with her. Marcie offered instructions and

George continued to moan with delight. "Oh my gawd, you're doing great,
baby, keep it up."

I wasn't more than a couple of minutes before Marcie noticed that George
began breathing heavier. She leaned over and whispered into Linda's ear.
"It's time for the finger-in-the-ass-hole trick."

Linda reached her left hand down into her crotch and moistened her
middle finger with her pussy juices, which were flowing freely at that
point. She then managed to get her hand under George's ass and started
feeling for his puckered hole, and he flinched a bit when she found it.
She slowly circled it with her finger, and when she felt it relaxing a bit,
she inserted the finger. As soon as she did that, George let out a loud
moan and began to tighten up.

"This is it," Marcie said. "Get ready for that fantastic load of man juice that George is going to give you." As she said that, she reached over
to Linda's right tit and began rubbing and pinching the nipple. Linda
jumped at first, but then began to moan herself. It turned her on even
more and she was more than ready when George shot his load into her mouth,
spurt after spurt came out of his cock. Linda swallowed it all like an
expert, not a drop leaked out.

When George had exhausted his supply of cum, Linda removed his cock from
her mouth, licked her chops, looked up at Marcie and smiled. "You were
right, it's actually pretty good!" She then proceeded to lick the residual
cum off the tip of George's cock. "How did I do George?"

"You were great baby, absolutely fantastic," George replied with a
satisfied smile on his face.

"Georgey boy, I want you to realize just how much pride Linda had to
swallow just to talk to me, let alone ask me for help. She did it because
she loves you. I just hope you appreciate her and return her love, the two
of you do make a great couple."

George assured her that he did appreciate everything Linda had done for
him. He then reassured Linda that his love for her was very deep.

Marcie looked over at Linda and said, "this is just the beginning. You
know what they say; practice makes perfect." Linda, George and Marcie all

Marcie then looked at George again and said, "now what are you going to
do for Linda? She's hot as hell, can't you tell? Look how erect her
nipples are. Reach your hand down to her pussy and see how wet she is, she
needs some attention too."

"What do you suggest?" George asked.

"Well, I thought you might like some pussy eating lessons." They all had
another good laugh.

George took the suggestion, as he removed Linda's panties, and dove into
her cunt, tongue first. Marcie fingered herself as she watched intently,
occasionally giving an instruction to George. It only took a couple of
minutes for Linda to convulse into an intensive orgasm.

"WOW! George, honey, that was fantastic," Linda exclaimed.

When Linda recovered, she and Marcie both noticed that George's cock was
hard as a steel rod again. Linda looked at Marcie, then at George's cock
and back to Marcie again.

After a short pause to compose herself, Linda offered, "George, you know
that we can't fuck yet, I'm not ready for that. Why don't you fuck Marcie
while I watch?"

Marcie and George both gasped at the same time, "what?"

"We both owe Marcie a lot and it's obvious that you're ready for more
action, and look how hot Marcie is. I can encourage you to do it this one
time if you promise to never fuck anyone else but me in the future."

"I don't want to fuck anyone else but you ever, not even now," George
stated, somewhat unconvincingly, as Marcie was lowering her panties. She
was indeed hot and needed some relief, and she readily agreed that George's
hard cock would do very nicely.

It didn't take Linda long to convince George that it was truly OK with
her. Marcie had her legs spread and was poised for action. George mounted
and slammed his cock into her well-lubricated cunt, and began to fuck her
in earnest. As they were going at it, Linda began playing with George's
balls and his ass hole with one hand and Marcie's left tit with her other
hand. After only a few minutes of vigorous fucking, Marcie came, and
George followed soon thereafter, spurting his second load of cum of the
night into Marcie's succulent pussy.

When George pulled his dick out of Marcie, Linda stared at Marcie's cum dripping pussy with wide-eyed amazement. Marcie noticed this and asked her
if she wanted to taste George's cum mixed with her pussy juices. Without
hesitation, Linda first cleaned George's cock off with her mouth and
tongue, then leaned across George's lap and began to lick Marcie's pussy.

Marcie reacted to Linda's tongue lapping by convulsing in another major
orgasm. When Linda finished and Marcie recovered, she said, "wow! That
was unbelievable! That was a first, even for me. Probably hard to
believe, right?"

Linda just smiled with a look of accomplishment and licked the residual
pussy juices and cum from around her mouth.

"You know I have to return the favor, don't you?" Marcie said as she
pushed Linda back and went straight for her pussy.

Marcie licked and flicked until Linda came with reckless abandon. All
the while George watched, he had been getting more and more aroused as
these two beautiful girls were pleasuring each other right before his
disbelieving eyes.

When she recovered, Linda said, "that was absolutely wonderful, Marcie,
think we can do it again sometime?"

"I'm all for it, what do you think, George?"

"Oh, yeah, go for it."

Linda noticed that George was sporting another hard-on and proceeded to
hone her cock sucking techniques one more time as she sucked him dry.
George was sure that he had died and gone to heaven.

Before parting company that night, Linda asked Marcie if she would be
available for fucking lessons, "just in case I need them." The three of
them laughed one more time.

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