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MARES 1 5 thick invader It was uncomfortable almost


If you're under 18, these stories are not for you. Don't read them. Skip
or erase the file. If you're over 18, you can officially decide for

The following are works of total fiction and most contain scenes of
graphic sex of various kinds, most of which are nc, kinky, and/or downright
weird. The actions depicted are not from or for real life. Content is my
own (Monocle), copyright 1999, 2000 (as are the typos, and spelling &
grammar errors), and any resemblance to persons or events living or dead or
stories already written is purely coincidence. The reader is free and
welcome to copy and circulate these stories within free legal forums, as
long as this disclaimer is included and no alterations to it or the content
are made.

Hope you like them.





|////| Nightmares and Visions (1-5) various/F NC bond

|\\\\| by Monocle _|____|_

(O) o Short vignettes and scenes. Most have the darker

/ > elements of nc, bond, etc. | ~~ |


Nightmares and Visions by Monocle

Some time ago, I started receiving strange, short e-mails from anonymous
addresses by parties unknown. I really have no idea whether or not some or
all are from one person, or who or what the person or people is or are.
Most of them listed subjects as "my nightmare" or "A dream I didn't tell to
my husband" or "Vision Number 3". They all start with little or no
pre-amble, often don't really end, and are almost all in first person.
Collecting them together like this reminds me of Suki's or Davis' "Images"
- harder than the one, maybe not quite as hard as the other.


I was disoriented, only slowly becoming aware of my surroundings, but
there was no mistaking the feeling of strong hands at the backs of my
knees, bending and lifting them up and apart. I realized I was unclothed,
hanging not far over the floor by thickly padded wrist cuffs. A sole
brilliant spotlight in a vast, dark room illuminated me from above. I felt
a hot presence behind me and my tensing body was pulled up against the bare
chest and abdomen of whomever was spreading my legs. Despite my
resistance, my knees were drawn up and out until they were almost to my
sides, level with my ribcage. Spread this way, my naked pussy was
completely open and exposed to the darkness. I moaned and called out;
demanding to be let go.

A shadowy figure emerged into the pool of light, tall, muscular, and
male, with an erection larger than anything I had seen before in my
inexperienced life. His cock glistened with the moisture of some sort of
lubrication and he gripped it with one fist as he directed it to the
opening of my vulnerable pussy. Butterflies of fear and disbelief danced
in my stomach, my demands turning to shrill pleas. Without word or
hesitation, the man plowed his cock past my spread labia and drove
completely into me. I screamed as I was pinioned. I'd never experienced
anything so monstrous, so impersonal, so abrupt. And I was stuffed so
full. I could feel my protesting inner muscles spasm in futility around the
thick invader. It was uncomfortable, almost painful, and oppressively

I didn't have time to adjust. He pulled almost all the way out and
fucked insistently into me again... and again... and again. His hands
held the curve of my hips for purchase and leverage only. There was no
tenderness in his grip; he used it only to hold me for his cock as the
hands of the man behind me spread me open for him.

I was barely beginning to acclimate to the strange, powerful fucking,
gasping deeply with each slow thrust, when the man in front of me moved his
hands down to my ass, kneading, then grabbing my cheeks and spreading them
apart as the man behind me lowered my knees to waist level. Deep inside, I
feared... I knew, what this meant, and I screamed.

I screamed again at the first light pressure on my virgin asshole. I
tried to thrash away as the pressure increased. My wiggling only served to
allow my pussy to be more deeply impaled as the second lubricated phallus
pushed at my anal entrance. My backdoor slowly, torturously stretched wide
to accept its debaucher, allowing the head to push inside and forcing a
groan from deep within me. I felt the grip on my knees tighten as the man behind began to push up my rectum, forcing me against the one pumping my
cunt, the angle now causing the top of his cock to rasp against my clit...


I lay nude, strapped to the padded chair, arms above my head. My legs
were spread wide and bent at the knees, bound at the ankles and knees to
stirrup-like posts at the edge of the split seat. When I looked down, I
could see a large syringe-like device pointed at my exposed sex. It had no
needle, but did come to a narrow, slightly upwardly curved opening. It was
filled with a milky fluid. Above the syringe, a video camera pointed down
at my exposed body, its red recording light lit. Below both devices was a
blunt rubber sleeve, pointed at my anus. Above the camera, a large digital
clock read 1:00:00 beneath a mirror that afforded me an even better view of
my exposed privates.

A disembodied voice spoke: "Miss Jones, thank you for playing our little
game. If you win, there is a suitcase behind the chair with $50,000 for
you to walk away with. You will be released automatically, and the
videotape will automatically eject. You may take it and do with it as you
like. It is the sole copy. The door behind you is unlocked. If you lose,
the suitcase will be removed, and the videotape will also be removed be
kept by us. Then you will be free to go. For now.

The rules of the game are simple: for the next hour you must not come.
In fact, if you show too many physical signs of arousal you also risk
'losing.' The syringe is filled with semen. Whose is not
important...unless you lose. It is now being inserted into
you...struggling won't help...there. Your cervix has been slightly dilated
by a hormone injection. It is perfectly safe - we are professionals. I
can assure you that the tip of the syringe is safely and completely inside
your womb at full

"The other device is a small pump bulb. It is now being inserted into
your anus... It is quite sensitive, so any muscle contractions in your
lower body will squeeze the bulb, which is directly connected to the
plunger on the syringe. The only resistance on the syringe is the natural
friction of the plunger. If that friction is overcome, the plunger will be
pushed all the way in and the entire contents will be injected into your

"According to your normal hormone levels, you're ovulating today -right
now, in fact. Oh yes, you may feel some vibration in the apparatus.
That's a build-up of stress on the mechanical armature. It should reset
itself if you wiggle your hips a bit; otherwise it will continue to
increase in intensity over time. Good luck, Miss Jones."

The clock started counting backwards. I called out desperately "My
name's not Jones! You have the wrong person! Let me GO!"

Silence answered me. I was already sweating with the effort of holding
still. It had been hard enough not to scream and thrash when the two
probes had pushed inside me. Then I felt the faintest stirring in my ass
and pussy...


I found myself imprisoned on a metal framework, suspended by a cable in
vertical tracks. My hands were locked above my head, and unmoving metal
bands gripped my chest, waist, and hips. My legs were bent in front of me
and out to the side and held by more bands at the upper and lower thighs.
My knees were bent almost fully and with my calves and upper legs strapped
together. My bare privates were quite exposed. The only freedom of
movement I had was my wrists, ankles and neck. I looked down and saw a
large metallic phallus, gleaming and oily, resting just two inches below
me, pointed straight up at my pussy entrance.

I looked up and saw a man at a panel of switches. He flipped one, and
heard a low hum begin below me. I felt vibrations spread throughout the
frame and across the bands holding me prisoner. My eyes widened and my
mouth opened - wanting to say something, to yell, to protest, but I
couldn't make the sounds come out. The anonymous man moved to a second
switch and flipped it. I saw and heard the cable snap and felt the
framework I was strapped to drop straight down. My scream started and cut
off instantly as gravity forced me down on top of the giant fake cock. It
split my pussy lips and drove into me, filling me, stretching me to the
limits. There was no stopping it as I sank inexorably down by the force of
my own weight. The monster vibrated with a strong buzz, massaging my
insides more and more deeply as it bored into me. The head hit the end of
my cunt passage with a jarring force that took my breath away. I was
trapped now, bound, and completely impaled, the metal phallus boring at my
very core, buzzing me quickly into and then beyond arousal. The base of
the monster mashed up against my clit and tormented it mercilessly.

In less than a minute I was cumming, my hyperstimulated pussy squeezing
the unyielding invader rhythmically. In the haze of my climax, he saw the
man flip a third switch and felt the framework alter position slightly,
tilting me back a fraction, the metal cock moving with me as if it were now
permanently melded to me, still pushing the waves of my orgasm higher.
Another switch and I heard another low, loud hum from below and slightly

The last switch dropped me again, and this time I screamed long and hard
as I sank, helpless, inch by inch onto the phallus pointed up my ass.
Another orgasm ripped through me...


The twenty other girls in my group and I were arrayed in a moonlit
circle on our hands and knees, facing the center. A few of us were
completely nude, but most had some clothing at least partially on - I still
had my shoes and knee socks, and my skirt, though it was raised and resting
on my back. My white blouse was half torn off, my bra and panties in a
small pile off to the side with some of the others' discarded clothes.

A man knelt behind each of us. All of those I could see in the bright
ghostly light were naked from at least the waist down. Each man gripped
his girl's hips or shoulders or breasts. Each had his own hard and
throbbing penis pointed at or just touching the entrance to his victim's
helpless pussy.

We were all subdued. Tears welled and dried on my face and others', but
we kept quiet. None of us made motions to struggle or escape. We all
balefully watched the scene in the center of the circle. There, our
leader, only slightly older than us, lay spread-eagled. Her wrists and
ankles were tied and staked the ground of the clearing. Two enormous dildos were buried in her pussy and ass, held in place by rough rope tied
around her hips and looped under her crotch and over her breasts and
shoulders. Each vibrated with a hum audible to all when her moans and
cries paused long enough, which was not often. The fake cock in her pussy had an attachment that pressed hard into her clit. Her breasts were free,
but her nipples were pinched by clothespins. I watched as she arched her
back and screamed as yet another unwanted orgasm shook her. Her voice
echoed through the woods, and I shivered in the grip of the unseen
assailant whose drooling cock barely nuzzled my virgin pussy lips.

On some unspoken cue, All twenty-one men gripped their girls tightly and
began pushing their hungry cocks into our unwilling pussies. Groans, gasps
and cries erupted from around the circle and heads snapped back at the
penetrations. My voice blended with least a dozen other high-pitched
screams ringing out in the night as our hymens were torn in the deflowering


I groaned, awakening slowly as I felt the cock buried in my cunt stir
and stiffen again. The man above me also stirred from his slumber. His
heavy, muscular body still pinned my slight frame, pressing it down into
the deep, soft mattress. My arms were not bound, but lay limply stretched
above my head as they had ever since he had told me what would happen if I
resisted him. Of course I believed him.

My legs were still spread wide to either side of his strong hips, my
knees limply apart, having long ago lost strength and will to struggle.
The man's hips began to move, slowly beginning a now achingly familiar
pumping rhythm, making the inflating cock drag in and out of my over-used
pussy, filling and stretching it more with each push.

The first few slow thrusts squeezed white sticky fluid from my
well-fucked hole - the remnant semen from my ravager's previous waking
moments - before his expanding prick sealed off even that space.

I groaned weakly, the sounds turning to moans of unwilling passion as
the monster imprisoning me with his body increased the speed and force of
his fucking, and my body betrayed me yet again. His head slowly raised
from next to mine, his cruel, lust filled eyes catching and boring into
mine as his cock bored into my cunt. His upper body was now supported on
his meaty arms, and he grinned down at me as he lunged and hammered into
me. His chest hairs scratched my nipples as his pubic hair ground at my
clit. I felt my insides helplessly churning once again as his mammoth cock
pounded into me for... I don't know; I'd lost count a long time ago. Now,
both my dreams and my waking world were filled nightmares of savage
fucking. I didn't know anymore whether the rape was real or imagined. I
sought escape in the screaming whirlwind of sex being forced upon me. My
mind turned completely inward, dimly aware of the dark eyes staring into
mine and the bloated penis' pulsing ejaculation into me as I came yet again
around the unwanted, invading cock.

I faded again into my nightmares as his head came down to rest next to
mine, his body pressing me down into the bed again as the cock within me
softened and shrank, but stayed buried deep as its master and mine drifted
back into sleep. Sated, for now.


Nightmares and Visions by Monocle



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