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Archived Sex Stories

MARES ALL stretch and open the egg


If you're under 18, this is not for you; skip or erase the file. Stay in
school. Say no to drugs.

The following is a work of fiction containing scenes of graphic sex of
various kinds, most of which are nc, kinky, and/or downright weird. The
actions depicted are not from or for real life.

Content is my own (Monocle), copyright 1999-2002, (as are the typos, and
spelling & grammar errors). Any resemblance to persons or events living or
dead or stories already written is purely coincidence. The reader is free
and welcome to copy and circulate this file in free legal forums, as long
as this disclaimer is included and no alterations to it or the content are

Hope you like it.





|////| Nightmares and Visions (ALL) various/F NC bond

|\\\\| by Monocle _|____|_

(O) o Short vignettes and scenes. Most have the darker

/ > elements of nc, bond, etc. | ~~ |

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can be found at:


Nightmares and Visions by Monocle

Some time ago, I started receiving strange, short e-mails from anonymous
addresses by parties unknown. I really have no idea whether or not some or
all are from one person, or who or what the person or people is or are.
Most of them listed subjects as "my nightmare" or "A dream I didn't tell to
my husband" or "Vision Number 3". They all start with little or no
pre-amble, often don't really end, and are almost all in first person.
Some start at the same point and diverge into alternate directions.
Collecting them together like this reminds me of Suki's or Davis' "Images"
- harder than the former, less hard than the latter.

This file contains all to-date, so here is a short index:

1. Hanging DP 2. Syringe 3. Framework and switches 4. Scout
defloration circle 5. Sleeping monster awakens 6. Web spider thing 7.
Double-dildo chair 8. See-saw slide 9. Curled in a ball 10. Wearing down
11. Phallic interrogation 12. Fabric haze 13. Annonymous dog-style
unprotected 14. Nightmare faces I (tongue) 15. Nightmare faces II (tube)
16. Sinister tentacle in the dark 17. Lover's offering to stranger 18.
Commanded defloration 19. Dildo+porn I 20. Dildo+porn II 21. A date too
far 22. Robotic rape 23. Dildo and mirror 24. Internal scan implantation
25. Dragon 26. Cunnilingual tease 27. 26 cont. Impregnation assault 28.
26 cont. lesbian assault 29. 27 cont. Impregnation climax 30. Virgin
resistance 31. Rush hour attack 32. Last virgin second 33. Debauchery
Theater Prologue 34. 33 cont. Act I 35. Too many hands 36. Snuck from
behind 37. Tummy Rub 38. Webbed and Impregnated 39. Above the Nightmare
40. Insemination competition



I was disoriented, only slowly becoming aware of my surroundings, but
there was no mistaking the feeling of strong hands at the backs of my
knees, bending and lifting them up and apart. I realized I was unclothed,
hanging not far over the floor by thickly padded wrist cuffs. A sole
brilliant spotlight in a vast, dark room illuminated me from above. I felt
a hot presence behind me and my tensing body was pulled up against the bare
chest and abdomen of whomever was spreading my legs. Despite my
resistance, my knees were drawn up and out until they were almost to my
sides, level with my ribcage. Spread this way, my naked pussy was
completely open and exposed to the darkness. I moaned and called out;
demanding to be let go.

A shadowy figure emerged into the pool of light, tall, muscular, and
male, with an erection larger than anything I had seen before in my
inexperienced life. His cock glistened with the moisture of some sort of
lubrication and he gripped it with one fist as he directed it to the
opening of my vulnerable pussy. Butterflies of fear and disbelief danced
in my stomach, my demands turning to shrill pleas. Without word or
hesitation, the man plowed his cock past my spread labia and drove
completely into me. I screamed as I was pinioned. I'd never experienced
anything so monstrous, so impersonal, so abrupt. And I was stuffed so
full. I could feel my protesting inner muscles spasm in futility around the
thick invader. It was uncomfortable, almost painful, and oppressively

I didn't have time to adjust. He pulled almost all the way out and
fucked insistently into me again... and again... and again. His hands
held the curve of my hips for purchase and leverage only. There was no
tenderness in his grip; he used it only to hold me for his cock as the
hands of the man behind me spread me open for him.

I was barely beginning to acclimate to the strange, powerful fucking,
gasping deeply with each slow thrust, when the man in front of me moved his
hands down to my ass, kneading, then grabbing my cheeks and spreading them
apart as the man behind me lowered my knees to waist level. Deep inside, I
feared... I knew, what this meant, and I screamed.

I screamed again at the first light pressure on my virgin asshole. I
tried to thrash away as the pressure increased. My wiggling only served to
allow my pussy to be more deeply impaled as the second lubricated phallus
pushed at my anal entrance. My backdoor slowly, torturously stretched wide
to accept its debaucher, allowing the head to push inside and forcing a
groan from deep within me. I felt the grip on my knees tighten as the man behind began to push up my rectum, forcing me against the one pumping my
cunt, the angle now causing the top of his cock to rasp against my clit...


I lay nude, strapped to the padded chair, arms above my head. My legs
were spread wide and bent at the knees, bound at the ankles and knees to
stirrup-like posts at the edge of the split seat. When I looked down, I
could see a large syringe-like device pointed at my exposed sex. It had no
needle, but did come to a narrow, slightly upwardly curved opening. It was
filled with a milky fluid. Above the syringe, a video camera pointed down
at my exposed body, its red recording light lit. Below both devices was a
blunt rubber sleeve, pointed at my anus. Above the camera, a large digital
clock read 1:00:00 beneath a mirror that afforded me an even better view of
my exposed privates.

A disembodied voice spoke: "Miss Jones, thank you for playing our little
game. If you win, there is a suitcase behind the chair with $50,000 for
you to walk away with. You will be released automatically, and the
videotape will automatically eject. You may take it and do with it as you
like. It is the sole copy. The door behind you is unlocked. If you lose,
the suitcase will be removed, and the videotape will also be removed be
kept by us. Then you will be free to go. For now.

The rules of the game are simple: for the next hour you must not come.
In fact, if you show too many physical signs of arousal you also risk
'losing.' The syringe is filled with semen. Whose is not
important...unless you lose. It is now being inserted into
you...struggling won't help...there. Your cervix has been slightly dilated
by a hormone injection. It is perfectly safe - we are professionals. I
can assure you that the tip of the syringe is safely and completely inside
your womb at full

"The other device is a small pump bulb. It is now being inserted into
your anus... It is quite sensitive, so any muscle contractions in your
lower body will squeeze the bulb, which is directly connected to the
plunger on the syringe. The only resistance on the syringe is the natural
friction of the plunger. If that friction is overcome, the plunger will be
pushed all the way in and the entire contents will be injected into your

"According to your normal hormone levels, you're ovulating today -right
now, in fact. Oh yes, you may feel some vibration in the apparatus.
That's a build-up of stress on the mechanical armature. It should reset
itself if you wiggle your hips a bit; otherwise it will continue to
increase in intensity over time. Good luck, Miss Jones."

The clock started counting backwards. I called out desperately "My
name's not Jones! You have the wrong person! Let me GO!"

Silence answered me. I was already sweating with the effort of holding
still. It had been hard enough not to scream and thrash when the two
probes had pushed inside me. Then I felt the faintest stirring in my ass
and pussy...


I found myself imprisoned on a metal framework, suspended by a cable in
vertical tracks. My hands were locked above my head, and unmoving metal
bands gripped my chest, waist, and hips. My legs were bent in front of me
and out to the side and held by more bands at the upper and lower thighs.
My knees were bent almost fully and with my calves and upper legs strapped
together. My bare privates were quite exposed. The only freedom of
movement I had was my wrists, ankles and neck. I looked down and saw a
large metallic phallus, gleaming and oily, resting just two inches below
me, pointed straight up at my pussy entrance.

I looked up and saw a man at a panel of switches. He flipped one, and
heard a low hum begin below me. I felt vibrations spread throughout the
frame and across the bands holding me prisoner. My eyes widened and my
mouth opened - wanting to say something, to yell, to protest, but I
couldn't make the sounds come out. The anonymous man moved to a second
switch and flipped it. I saw and heard the cable snap and felt the
framework I was strapped to drop straight down. My scream started and cut
off instantly as gravity forced me down on top of the giant fake cock. It
split my pussy lips and drove into me, filling me, stretching me to the
limits. There was no stopping it as I sank inexorably down by the force of
my own weight. The monster vibrated with a strong buzz, massaging my
insides more and more deeply as it bored into me. The head hit the end of
my cunt passage with a jarring force that took my breath away. I was
trapped now, bound, and completely impaled, the metal phallus boring at my
very core, buzzing me quickly into and then beyond arousal. The base of
the monster mashed up against my clit and tormented it mercilessly.

In less than a minute I was cumming, my hyperstimulated pussy squeezing
the unyielding invader rhythmically. In the haze of my climax, he saw the
man flip a third switch and felt the framework alter position slightly,
tilting me back a fraction, the metal cock moving with me as if it were now
permanently melded to me, still pushing the waves of my orgasm higher.
Another switch and I heard another low, loud hum from below and slightly

The last switch dropped me again, and this time I screamed long and hard
as I sank, helpless, inch by inch onto the phallus pointed up my ass.
Another orgasm ripped through me...


The twenty other girls in my group and I were arrayed in a moonlit
circle on our hands and knees, facing the center. A few of us were
completely nude, but most had some clothing at least partially on - I still
had my shoes and knee socks, and my skirt, though it was raised and resting
on my back. My white blouse was half torn off, my bra and panties in a
small pile off to the side with some of the others' discarded clothes.

A man knelt behind each of us. All of those I could see in the bright
ghostly light were naked from at least the waist down. Each man gripped
his girl's hips or shoulders or breasts. Each had his own hard and
throbbing penis pointed at or just touching the entrance to his victim's
helpless pussy.

We were all subdued. Tears welled and dried on my face and others', but
we kept quiet. None of us made motions to struggle or escape. We all
balefully watched the scene in the center of the circle. There, our
leader, only slightly older than us, lay spread-eagled. Her wrists and
ankles were tied and staked the ground of the clearing. Two enormous dildos were buried in her pussy and ass, held in place by rough rope tied
around her hips and looped under her crotch and over her breasts and
shoulders. Each vibrated with a hum audible to all when her moans and
cries paused long enough, which was not often. The fake cock in her pussy had an attachment that pressed hard into her clit. Her breasts were free,
but her nipples were pinched by clothespins. I watched as she arched her
back and screamed as yet another unwanted orgasm shook her. Her voice
echoed through the woods, and I shivered in the grip of the unseen
assailant whose drooling cock barely nuzzled my virgin pussy lips.

On some unspoken cue, All twenty-one men gripped their girls tightly and
began pushing their hungry cocks into our unwilling pussies. Groans, gasps
and cries erupted from around the circle and heads snapped back at the
penetrations. My voice blended with least a dozen other high-pitched
screams ringing out in the night as our hymens were torn in the deflowering


I groaned, awakening slowly as I felt the cock buried in my cunt stir
and stiffen again. The man above me also stirred from his slumber. His
heavy, muscular body still pinned my slight frame, pressing it down into
the deep, soft mattress. My arms were not bound, but lay limply stretched
above my head as they had ever since he had told me what would happen if I
resisted him. Of course I believed him.

My legs were still spread wide to either side of his strong hips, my
knees limply apart, having long ago lost strength and will to struggle.
The man's hips began to move, slowly beginning a now achingly familiar
pumping rhythm, making the inflating cock drag in and out of my over-used
pussy, filling and stretching it more with each push.

The first few slow thrusts squeezed white sticky fluid from my
well-fucked hole - the remnant semen from my ravager's previous waking
moments - before his expanding prick sealed off even that space.

I groaned weakly, the sounds turning to moans of unwilling passion as
the monster imprisoning me with his body increased the speed and force of
his fucking, and my body betrayed me yet again. His head slowly raised
from next to mine, his cruel, lust filled eyes catching and boring into
mine as his cock bored into my cunt. His upper body was now supported on
his meaty arms, and he grinned down at me as he lunged and hammered into
me. His chest hairs scratched my nipples as his pubic hair ground at my
clit. I felt my insides helplessly churning once again as his mammoth cock
pounded into me for... I don't know; I'd lost count a long time ago. Now,
both my dreams and my waking world were filled nightmares of savage
fucking. I didn't know anymore whether the rape was real or imagined. I
sought escape in the screaming whirlwind of sex being forced upon me. My
mind turned completely inward, dimly aware of the dark eyes staring into
mine and the bloated penis' pulsing ejaculation into me as I came yet again
around the unwanted, invading cock.

I faded again into my nightmares as his head came down to rest next to
mine, his body pressing me down into the bed again as the cock within me
softened and shrank, but stayed buried deep as its master and mine drifted
back into sleep. Sated, for now.


Nightmares and Visions (6-10) by Monocle



I cried out and struggled in the sticky, web-like bonds as the black
spidery creature climbed up my right leg. My arms, manacled straight above
my head to the wall, did not budge. Thrashing my free legs could not
dislodge its grip, and it soon climbed to my middle thigh. The thing had
far too many legs to actually be a spider. It reached some of these legs
over to my other thigh and curled them around it. Soon it held both my
legs slightly apart with a rubbery-steel grip. Its body was suspended in
the small space between them. Its head - if it could be called a head -
was about six inches from my naked pussy. I screamed as the top of the
head irised open and began extruding a pale white tentacle. It glistened
with wetness as it extended toward my trembling body, pointed straight at
my unprotected sex. I screamed louder and more desperately as the
segmented digit drew nearer.

It reached my labia and pushed past them without slowing, its own
wetness lubricating away any resistance from my dry entrance. I thrashed
as hard as I could, trying to prevent the invasion, but the creature held
on and pushed itself further in every second - past my lips, deeper and
deeper into me...


I looked in horror at the spotlit chair that I was being directed to sit
on. It was a normal wooden kitchen chair in all respects except for the
pair of dildoes mounted on the seat. The first was black and thick, veined
like a real cock, and maybe nine inches long. The second, a pallid white,
had thinner, undulating shape and was not quite so tall. I felt strong
arms gripping mine as I was led to the chair and turned to face away from
it. As I stared into the formless black of the room, the same hands now
moved to my shoulders and pushed me down and back. I had no choice but to
obey. My lips trembled as I lowered myself, gripping the chair arms for
support. I gasped and jerked up at the first warm, wet contact on my cunt.
The hands arrested my upward motion and pushed me back down, slowly, but
unyieldingly. The thick, lubricated plastic divided my labia and entered
me as I sank. My breath now came in small, quick sobs of fear, but even
now, to my own horror, I could feel the first tingles of arousal in my

Lower I went, and when the head of the fake cock was fully inside me, I
first felt the contact of the second dildo perfectly placed on the bud of
my anus. Again I gasped and jerked upward, only to be caught and pushed
back again. The pressure on my anus increased until the shaft popped wetly
through my rear entrance and began to push into my bowels as I continued to
sink. My arms and legs were now trembling as I lowered myself. I could
feel every new centimeter of the warm, textured dildoes being pushed into
me. I was crying openly now, afraid at what was happening to me and
ashamed of how my body was beginning to react to it.

I let out a loud moan of surrender as my asscheeks touched and then
settled onto the seat of the chair. I was completely filled. The dildo in
my cunt had knobs near its base that now tickled and pressed into my pussy lips and clit. The anal plug had flared slightly before the base and
seemed to suck me down the last centimeters onto the chair as my sphincter
contracted around the tapered end. I felt so weak, I was sure I would not
be able to stand again by myself. I was so aroused and ashamed that I was
not sure I ever wanted to.

Someone flipped a switch. Lights blazed on. An auditorium lit up. It
was full of people, strangers, all staring intently at me. The closest was
seated no more than five feet away and faces receded up and away in all
directions. I stared like a deer caught in headlights and could feel my
blush of sexual arousal deepen and spread, intensified by the embarrassment
of this ultimate and intimate exposure.

In the haze of humiliation I barely heard another switch flip. Then
everything went white and I screamed and arched my back as the two dildoes
within me shuddered to life and began slow, deep oscillating vibrations...


Another room, and I am locked another contraption. It is a large seesaw
ramp arrangement. Just over the fulcrum, at the balance point, my chair
lies on its back. The chair back has free spinning wheels that allow it to
slide along grooves in the seesaw plank. There are stops in the track that
prevent the chair from sliding bast the balance point in one direction,
though the tracks are unblocked in the opposite direction - past the bottom
of the chair - until the very end of the ramp. The seesaw plank itself is
also blocked from rotating beyond the balance point in one direction, but
allowed to swing down to touch the ground the other way. The length of the
whole ramp is about 30 feet.

So, if someone were in this chair, and if it were even fractionally off
the balance point, they would have to try to redistribute their weight if
they did not want the chair to start moving down the ramp. Once they moved
just an inch or two off center, there'd be no compensating for the downward
rotation of the ramp and roll of the chair.

Other features of the chair, shown in detail to me before I was placed
in it, include various straps to keep its occupant in place against the
contoured seat, though arm and leg motion are unrestricted. There is also
a pair of holes in the seat; one about two inches wide, the other about an
inch, separated by only a small distance. One is designed to align with
the vagina of the properly installed female occupant; the other aligns with
the anus.

At the far end of the ramp are two rather large dildoes. Each is the
appropriate thickness and exact orientation to allow unhindered passage
through the holes in the chair, should the chair come sliding down the
ramp. Each is not much less than a foot in length. A low vibrating hum
emanates from them and they glisten with a greasy lubrication.

I am the chair's occupant. I am strapped in correctly, and have no way
of wiggling a hand past the restraints to protect my nether regions. My
hands are needed elsewhere anyway, since the only way to keep the chair
balanced is to have my hands stretched far above my head to the far side of
the ramp. Her legs, as mentioned, are free to rotate from the hip, and
they need to be raised as far in the direction of the far side as possible
to keep my center of gravity on the correct side and maintain the ramp's

Right now the ramp is stable - it has been for some time. My legs are
almost doubled back, toes pointed and straining for the far side. The
strap arrangement doesn't allow the legs to point straight back; they are
spread open about 45 degrees. This adds an additional openness and
vulnerability to my private parts positioned over the chair's holes.

I was given a thorough tour of the device before being strapped in, and
know too well how it operates. But now, I am sweating. If I tire, I may
have to relax my legs or arms, letting them fall down and forward slightly.
That will probably be enough. I keep my protesting limbs stretched out.
How much longer?


I am curled in a ball, naked on the floor. My knees are down, hands
hugging them. My head is bowed. The strong hand reaches from behind my
slight frame and is stroking my pussy between my slightly parted legs. I
am wet and breathing hard. My mind wills me to move, to escape the lewd
touch. But my body does not respond. Instead, my knees push open slightly
more, to allow the rough fingers easier access. One finger suddenly shoves
up into my cunt and I grunt. It pulls back and shoves in several times,
and I moan and mumble in protest. My body rocks with the shoving finger.

Another finger shoves into my now soaking pussy, then a third, sawing
back and forth. I would say no if I could, would scramble to escape if I
could. But instead I hump back onto the jabbing fingers.

Now a cock rubs my labia and clit, moistening itself on my free flowing
juices. I know what is coming and can only moan in protest as my hips try
to capture the sliding prick. The flared head slides up past my well used
vaginal entrance to the pucker of my virgin anus, and then pushes hard
against it. I cry out in surprise and protest, as it pushes through the
ring of muscle and plows into my ass. My eyes are wide, staring ahead but
unseeing. My rear surges up as the cock plunges in, the attempt to avoid
the intrusion only providing a better angle for it. My hips undulate,
raising and lowering my impaled ass as the prick slides home, sunk to the
balls, which slap heavily against my pussy.

I whine weakly as my stuffed ass quivers. A hand reaches around my
waist now, and a curled finger pushes back up my cunt as the cock slides
two-thirds out and then shoves back up my back door. A thumb now rubs my
clit. A second hand snakes up my side to reach under and grab a small
fleshy tit, as my ass is fucked slowly and powerfully.

I moan and whine as the torment continues. I cry out and come
helplessly, My plundered ass squeezing the hard cock, which stiffens and
spurts up my rear passage as it is shoves all the way in once more. It
surges and pulses as my climax takes me. Then, after some minutes, the
slowly softening member is pulled out, trailing semen. The hands leave me.
I collapse.

I am curled in a ball, naked on the floor...


It had taken a long time to get me to cum the first time. My fear and
terror at the kidnapping and restraint held off any sense of arousal for
quite a while. But he was patient, oblivious to my screams and pleas. His
long tongue worked my exposed pussy continually. Not a square inch of my
sex escaped its attentions. Labia, clit, inside, inner thigh, all wet now
from his licking. Slowly, as time went from half an hour, to an hour and
on, my body responded despite my fear, against my will, betraying me minute
by minute. Finally, I rewarded him as I cried out and shuddered in a
stolen climax.

He started again. Lightly, delicately, he worked my sensitive flesh.
He took great care not to over-stimulate or abrade. It wouldn't do to have
raw nerves reduce my sensitivity or add unneeded pain to the stimulation.
He used his own spit and saliva liberally, and was assisted by the juices
now flowing from his helpless victim. Now he occasionally slipped his
tongue down to the pucker of my ass, causing me to jerk at each contact.
After timeless time, though less than for the first, he wrested another
orgasm from my sweating, screaming body.

Again, this time he concentrated only on my clit, swirling it
mercilessly, rapidly, driving me insane with the intensity of the
sensation. I came quickly this time, straining and moaning in my

And again, slowly, torturously. My sobs too soon gave way to moans of
passion as I rose helplessly again. To my horror, my exhausted body now
ached for his mouth's caress. He released my legs, which simply fell open;
his mouth still locked over my cunt. I climaxed again, muscles spasming,
then releasing.

Again - even more slowly. He brought a hand up to my flowing pussy and
gently, fraction by fraction, inserted his middle finger into me. I didn't
really register the penetration until he curled the finger up to graze my
G-spot. I'd never known a sensation like that was possible. I came again
almost instantly. He continued licking and manipulating me until yet
another orgasm rocked my exhausted body.

He released my arms, but I now lacked either the strength or the will to
move them. I lay open and panting. He went down on me again. I barely
quivered as he started, but soon was shaking my head and writhing as he
brought me close to cumming again. This time, though, he didn't bring me
over. He eased off and teased me with his tongue, just enough to keep me
agonizingly on the edge, until my weakened body used what little strength
it had left in trying to force my hips toward him to get the last
desperately needed stimulation.

Now it was time. I dully felt him climb up my body, between my splayed
legs, fingers of one hand taking over from his mouth in teasing me without
pause. He positioned himself over me, looking down into my confused,
frightened, half-closed eyes. His steel hard shaft hovered an inch above
my virgin pussy entrance. He lowered his head and whispered into my ear,
"You're mine now," as his hot cockhead now touched my pussy entrance.

He shoved his hips forward. His cock plowed into me, tearing through my
hymen and burying itself fully in me with one hard stroke. My eyes snapped
open and I screamed. But the quick, sharp pain was buried as I came again,
surrendering myself to him.


Nightmares and Visions (11-15) by Monocle



I am locked on my hands and knees. I'm held by a number of soft, but
unyielding leather straps. My forearms and calves are held to the floor,
knees pushed forward slightly and spread wide apart. Another strap around
my waist pulls it towards the floor, leaving my tits to hang into two
depressions below them and forcing my ass up in the air, leaving it and my
pussy open and exposed. My hair hangs loose around my face, except for the
handful of locks pulled back to the straps at my waist that force my head
up and facing forward. All I can see in front of me is a mechanical
armature holding an alarmingly realistic looking dildo pointed at my mouth.
A voice speaks.

"Yes Julie, there is one of those wonderful devices pointing at each of
your openings. This is your situation: We need information from you, and
we are going to get it. We are going to ask you questions and you are
going to answer them quickly and truthfully. Questions will only be asked
once. We know the answers to most, but not all of the questions we will be
asking, so we will catch you if you lie. If you lie or wait too long to
answer, one or more of these devices will begin to fuck you. Simple as
that. They will continue for three minutes or until you cum, and then we
will ask the question again. Do not try to stop the dildo at your mouth,
the mechanism will bruise your lips - even break your teeth if you grit
them. I can't say what the fucking will be like. The device is set
randomly, and can work from slow and gentle to... well you might just see.
"And if you are still reluctant, dear Julie, we will replace the
machinery with real cocks - no protection - and after we use ours, we'll
take anyone's - no health check. A wrong or missing answer then will
result in you being fucked until _they_ cum."

"Do you understand?"


"Are you ready?"

"Please! Don't do this! I'll tell you anything you want to know!"

"That was not the correct answer, Julie"

"No! NOOO0-MMMGggmmff!"


I floated in a dreamy haze. Sensations rippled across my body.
Satin-like textures caressed my skin. The cool fabric rubbed across my
breasts and nipples, causing them to tingle with pleasure. The feel of the
fabric spread. It moved along my arms, around my belly and back, down my
buttocks and thighs, winding around my legs. The teasing, sheer fabric
drew my arms and legs slowly away and apart. It tickled and rubbed my
inner thighs. It teased the outer lips of my pussy. My cheeks and chin
and neck felt it also, though I saw nothing but cloudy, misty shapes. Soon
I was floated spread-eagled in the misty space, every inch of me feeling
the silky caress.

The soft smooth fabric-like material rubbing my slit now bowed towards
me pushing between my moistening outer lips. Further it dipped and pressed
into me, extruding like a soft, thick tongue. I accepted it with the rest
of the sensations, letting it slowly enter me. The teasing at my stiffened
nipples intensified, and I felt my hardening clit emerge to be softly
stroked as my pussy gently filled.

My orgasm took me suddenly and I cried out into the muffling haze. My
body shuddered with the release, and my pussy clamped down on the strange
intruding material spasmodically. The sensations continued as I slowly
came down still immersed in the semi-conscious atmosphere.


I felt full, stuffed completely. The throbbing presence in my cunt was
driving me crazy. It slid out and pushed back in relentlessly, dragging
against my engorged clit each time it forced its way in. Strong hands
gripped my thighs, slamming me up and back each time the cock plowed into
me from behind. My head hung low, arms dangling to the ground, legs
splayed to either side of the hard, flexing thighs of my anonymous lover. I
was helpless to resist the most intense fucking I'd ever felt. I felt the
thick phallus pulse and expand in my already stretched cunt. It shoved
hard into me one more time, pressing up against the entrance to my ripe
womb. I felt it throb inside me and knew it was cumming into me. The hot,
gooey feeling spread deep within me. The cock filled me with semen. I
shuddered, knowing what might happen; knowing this massive, unknown cock
might impregnate me right now. My climax rode hot on my dread and arousal,
taking me as completely as the cock that filled me. My inner muscles
squeezed the cock reflexively, coaxing every last drop from it deep into my


I emerged from darkness as an orgasm gently rocked me. I opened my eyes
and was blinded by the glare, but my body was alive with erotic sensation.
Tongues and lips and hands were all I could feel. Both male and female
mouths and fingers molested me. Looking around, I half recognized many of
the faces - sinister and predatory facades resembling friends, relatives,
old loves, and others. The mouths licked and sucked at my neck and breasts and clit. They nibbled my thighs and armpits and under my knees. The
hands that weren't pinning my wrists above my head or holding my legs
spread wide, slid up and down my sweat-soaked body, grabbing and stroking
my fevered skin around the mouths and tongues. I lay against nothing, my
weight supported only by groping hands and pressing mouths. I could move
only a little, and was unable to escape any touch or protect any part of me
from the insistent caresses. Every inch of me was being paid wanton
attention except my mouth, which was free to cry and moan and scream out
protests that went unheeded. I was disoriented, overwhelmed, out of

My second orgasm triggered when the first jab of a tongue into my anus
caused me to jerk my hips forward, mashing my mound into the mouth
devouring my pussy. That mouth responded by viciously sucking on my clit
until I screamed in climax...

15. (Could be another part to 14)

I'd lost track of how many cums they had forced from me when I felt
something thicker than a finger and harder than a tongue first push into my
pussy. I tried to see what it was over the heads and arms that covered my
body, and could barely make it out. Some of the hands guided a long
transparent tube extending from the white ceiling, pushing its blunt,
curved end into my defenseless cunny. It was as thick as a fat cock, but
smooth. It stretched my pussy, but I was so wet from saliva and my own
juices that it slid into me easily despite its girth, filling me full as
tongues feverishly licked all around it. I was cumming almost continually
now, and could feel my inner muscles squeeze the new presence within me
eagerly. It was guided as far into me as it would go and held there as the
hands and mouths danced over me, carrying me to another peak of unwelcome
ecstasy. Wave after crashing wave shook me, exhausted me. They just
wouldn't stop.

My blurred vision cleared briefly and I saw it. A white fluid traveled
slowly down the tube towards my stuffed pussy. It was already halfway from
the ceiling to me. It advanced forward an inch or so every second. I knew
what it was. I knew there was no way I could escape it. I knew what was
going to happen to me. Another bolt of orgasm stole my senses. I
shuddered and looked away again, moaning in pleasure and anguish as my hips
rocked forward of their own accord, grinding into the tongue on my clit,
pushing the end of the tube hard against my cervix.

Suddenly everything stopped. Hands still held me, tongues and fingers
pressed into me everywhere, but all movement had ceased for the moment,
frozen in mid lick or grope. I came down, shaking from the almost
unbearable climax and looked around me. Heads and hands were motionless.
Then I looked at the tube. The white stuff had almost reached me. I could
feel the tube pulse within my pussy with each inch the fluid advanced.
Nothing would stop it from flowing through; deep into my cunt, to be
injected right at the opening to my ripe womb. I could only stare, heart
pounding, as the semen filled the tube penetrating my pussy. Three inches
away, two inches, one. The jism forced the tube to widen as it flowed into
me, and I could feel it progress deeper with each surge as it traveled down
the last distance within me.

Then the world exploded. Hands and tongues that had been still for the
last minute erupted back to life, even more energetically than before.
Mouths sucked hard on my nipples and clit, a tongue laved and pushed into
my anus. Fingers massaged my breasts and thighs and ass and neck. My body
was completely overwhelmed and overstimulated. They drove me from almost
nothing to the edge of orgasm almost instantly. I screamed. I shuddered.
I felt warmth deep in my belly as hot cum started pumping into me. I
screamed again. I imagined I could feel it filling me, feel my own body
betraying me, spasming muscles trying to pull the stuff deeper, to help it
fulfill its purpose. I screamed. My breasts and pussy and ass were
consumed in pleasure as the steady stream of seed surged into me and into
me. I screamed.


Nightmares and Visions (16-20) by Monocle



I was up against the wall, wrists in manacles above and to either side
of my head, spread apart, but not pulling uncomfortably. The feel of
smooth stone against my backside told me I was naked. I could move my neck
to look down, but the pitch-blackness of the room revealed nothing. My
bare feet held most of my weight on a cool floor. I don't know how long I
stood there, calling out questions, trying to see shapes in the dark.

I felt something brush my inner thigh. The sudden contact after so much
nothing made me shriek and jump. It was hot, and seemed wet, first
touching me between my legs, above my right knee. I instinctively closed
my legs tight, twining my feet around each other and clamping my knees
together. This had the effect of trapping whatever it was between my
thighs, but I didn't want to take any risks. And my hunch was right, since
I almost immediately felt an upward pressure as it tried to slide further
up my legs. It was mostly smooth against my skin, and though difficult to
judge by feel alone, seemed around wrist-thick. It had a rounded end, but
I wasn't sure at first. My initial fearful impression, given the
situation, was that it was some monster penis. Its texture, however,
seemed too smooth, and it seemed stiffer - more rubbery than flesh-like.
On the other hand, I could feel it throb and pulse against my skin as it
tried to wiggle its way upward. That was distressing, to say the least.

Despite the squeezing of my legs, it began to make some progress, too.
It was wet, coated with an oily, slimy substance. I couldn't prevent it
from slowly pushing upward between my thighs.

My legs trembled from the effort of pressing together, and perspiration
ran on my goose-dimpling skin. It seemed no use. The worming, burrowing
progress, though slow, was steady and unstoppable. The hot shaft pushed up
between my legs even as I bucked and tried to swing my hips away from it.
The rounded possibly tapered tip, helped push my flesh aside. I couldn't
see how long the thing was, but it was longer than any cock I knew of. It
kept sliding up from between my joined legs where I first closed them on
it. I could now feel small ridges and bumps on its mostly smooth surface as
they brushed higher against the increasingly sensitive skin of my inner

Though I'd known it was coming for a long time, I screamed when the tip
finally reached my vulva. The first hot touch on my most private place
made me frantic to escape, and I nearly dislocated a shoulder trying to
pull my arms free from their restraints. The probing tip rubbed against my
slit. I whimpered, hoping desperately that it would not be able to reach
its obvious target. I wailed helplessly as I felt it divide my labia and
begin pushing into me.


My lover's hands left my breasts and caressed their way down my chest
and belly to start feeling their way through my bush. I leaned back into
him and spread my legs. His long, strong fingers played with me, running
over my mound, tickling my thighs, sliding up and down just to the sides of
my mound. My breathing quickened, and I started whining and moving my hips
to position myself under his fingers. He teased me for only a short while,
though, and I arched and moaned as his massaged and then parted my labia. I
was so hot and wet. When he dipped that first finger into my slit I
positively gushed with pleasure. Other fingers lazily circled my clit. I
convulsed every time a finger swiped across the little nub. I brought my
own hands under his overreaching arms to my breasts, caressing myself, and
let my head fall back on his shoulder.

I was in heaven. My widely splayed feet found purchase on the sides of
the sofa, so that I could press back against his body or wiggle and thrust
my pelvis up into his busy hands. His fingers tickled and spread me,
rubbed me outside and dipped inside. He toyed with me, increasing my
pleasure slowly, agonizingly, giving me just enough to get that much
higher, that much more desperate for more. When I could feel the first
tingles of my impending climax in my spine and belly, I jerkily humped up
into his fingers, and savagely pulled and tweaked on my own nipples. I
turned my head and found his mouth with mine in a burning kiss. The
fingers of one hand spread my lower lips open, allowing those of his other
hand to slide from the bottom to the top of my vagina to rub my clit in
just the right way.

I gasped one last time, taking breath in for what I knew would be an
earth-shattering orgasm. And then, just as the automatic clenching,
relieving spasms of climax were about to hit me, a cock thrust into me.

The next second passed in slow motion yet took no time at all. My eyes
flashed open and I broke my lover's kiss, snapping my head around to see
the grinning face of a stranger. I heard my shuddering sigh turn into a
surprised grunt, then a confused wail. Even the smell changed as the
colognes of my lover and the new interloper clashed. And the feeling...
the fat shaft now planted in me throbbed, and my contracting pussy squeezed
back with all it had as my orgasm crashed around me.

I came helplessly around the stranger's cock. I couldn't stop it.
Spitted by his rod, I stared almost unseeing into his gaze. His eyes
smiled unkindly at me. His grin turned lusty and his lids closed partway
as my pussy clutched and milked him. I tried to say something, to protest,
but the only sounds I could emit were indistinguishable cries of passion
and betrayal. All I could to was cum. My lover's fingers were still busy
on my clit, his other hand stealing up to my breasts to take over from my
own paralyzed fingers. His mouth nibbled my earlobe, cooing to me as if
nothing were amiss. Lost in its climax, my body humped and ground itself
against the hairy pelvis of the intruder. The orgasm, so long in coming,
took forever, searing and ecstatic despite, maybe even because of the
spoiling presence of the stranger and his fat hot cock.

Finally I started to subside. Anger and fear took over as my passion
faded, and I brought my hands up to push the barrel chest away from me. My
protests and objections finally became coherent as I cried for help and
screamed at the stranger to get out of me. Instead of coming to my aid,
however, my lover wrapped his arms around mine and drew them back, pinning
them to my sides. With new confusion and rising panic, I saw and felt the
stranger's hands reach down to my waist and take hold of my hips. My
increasingly desperate questions and demands ended with a shriek when the
stranger drew his cock most of the way out of me and then slammed back in,
the head of his member thumping up against my cervix. He began fucking me,
slow and hard. I tried to say something, anything, but the words were
driven from me each time the cock rammed home. I couldn't catch my


I felt the blunt head of the cock push up against my pussy lips. It was
hotter than I'd expected it to be. I could feel it throb with his pulse.

"Move your left leg back."

I slid my leg back along the soft carpeting. I leaned my right hip
forward as I moved to prevent the cock from poking into me any more. The
movement did succeed as intended, but seemed to open me further.

"Stop. Now, move your right leg back."

Reluctantly, I slid my right leg back too, now I leaned my body forward
as my leg moved back. The motion closed my pussy, with just the barest tip
of the head pushed into my inner lips. My leaning forward lowered my hips,
and I felt the cock lower with me, gaining little, but not losing a
fraction. Soon my two legs were even. I couldn't see him, but he must
have been kneeling low between my widely parted knees.

"Stop. Now, push your hips back."

I hesitated, and was rewarded by a stinging smack on my left asscheeck.

"I said push your hips back, Grace. You've seen the penalty for
disobedience. I will not tell you another time."

I remembered seeing. Trembling, I pushed back with my arms just a
little. I felt the head of the cock enter me. I knew that if I were dry
inside, this could be very painful. Either I was wet (how could I be
excited here and now?) or he had prepared himself. I was glad it didn't
hurt, but that's all I was glad about. I sobbed quitely.

"More. Keep going. Take my cock into your cunt."

This was not how I had wanted it to be. I moved as slowly as I could -
as I dared. It felt so hot and fat, pushing me open like that. It took
some getting used to. I felt sweat trickle down my face and arched back.
Resigned, I pushed myself onto the thick meat. Then I felt it press up
against something inside me. I froze, then jumped with the smack on my
other buttock.

"No, you are not going to stop. You are to keep going. I want your
virginity. I am going to have it. You are going to give it to me. Push
back NOW. Open yourself on me."

I couldn't move. He growled behind me. He spoke, his voice an
unnervingly quiet, cold and sharp as a blade.

"This is your last warning. You know the consequences. Move."

I whimpered, shaking almost uncontrollably. I barely mustered the
coordination to even try to obey. I gritted my teeth, held my breath, and
pushed back. The pressure inside me, against me, built and became painful.
I cried out and pushed harder, my voice rising to a scream as I felt
something inside me tear and give way. The pain was sharp and intense,
unlike any other I'd ever felt. With the resistance gone, I sank back
further onto the cock. I had to stop to breathe, shuddering, just for a
moment, to adjust. But not for too long. My insides stung and burned, I
felt internal muscles I'd never known I had squeeze the hard, hot shaft
poling into me.

Knowing I had to, I took a breath and pushed further back, whining the
hard skin of the cock scraped by my torn virginity, pushing deeper and
deeper into me. I let out my breath, panted, took another, and pushed. It
took forever. Though it must have been only a few inches, I thought it
would go on until it came out my mouth. Finally I felt my ass push back
against a hairy stomach, and a scrotum press up under my newly opened and
filled vagina. I stopped, panting.

"Very good. Your cunt feels nice and tight. I can feel it embrace me.
It already knows how to pleasure a cock. Your cherry was very sweet,
Grace. I thank you for giving it to me." His gratitude dripped with

"Now, continue."

Continue? I didn't know what he meant.

"Don't be naive, girl. You're going to finish what you've started.
Move forward, then push back. It's called fucking. You're going to fuck
me until I cum. Then you're going to keep fucking me until you cum. And
you will cum on my cock, with only a little help from me."

"Mh, AH!" Two fleeting touches startled me, a light pinch each on my
left nipple and clit. Each sent shocks of sensation up my spine.

"You're going to give me every little bit of yourself before we are
through. Now, continue. Fuck me."

I sobbed, loudly this time. The silence following his words was heavy.
I felt imminent threat get closer with each passing second. I had to move,
and I did.


I was strapped to a padded board at the chest and waist by snug bands
that pressed into by breasts and belly. My hands were locked together
above my head, and my thighs and legs were bound to and held open by
extended stirrups that braced my knees and ankles. Looking beyond my
exposed privates, down the center of the padded bench, I saw a track. On
that track rested a large, anatomically correct dildo, pointed right on
target. I tried to move, but was too securely bound to do more than wiggle
the tiniest amount.

The board tilted backward. My head lowered and my legs raised. I cried
out as I saw the cock roll down the track toward me. I screamed when it
made contact with my pussy. But that's all it did. It was dry, and so was
I, so all it could do was bump into my mound, head right up against my
slit, and come to rest. The bench continued dipping back to around a
60-degree angle. I felt the pressure between my legs - the fake cock was
heavy - but it still wasn't going to get anywhere. I let myself hope a

A big screen flickered on above me. The rotation of the board had
brought it into view a couple feet in front of my face. Images of people
appeared. men and women, fucking. The scenes were raw pornography.
Hardcore. Huge cocks slamming into wet cunts. Women grunting, groaning,
screaming. men cumming in and on them. Full body shots, action close-ups,
head shots of women's ecstatic faces. I'd seen a few erotic films before,
some good, most bad, and this was not the standard crap that horny men used
to whack off to. It was concentrated, focused on the reactions of the
women, who were not as bad actresses as most I'd seen. Perhaps they
weren't even acting at all. The loud stereo sound was impossible to shut
out. Even when I closed my eyes, I couldn't escape the moans and cries and
wet slapping sounds. The scenes went on continuously, one blending into
the next. All were different, all realistic.

I watched, trying not to watch for what must have been close to an hour.
Then I felt something move between my legs. It was the tip of the heavy
dildo slowly spreading and delving between my labia. I cried and
struggled, thinking the rules of this twisted game must have changed and
something was now pushing it. But when I looked and saw the tiny trickle
from my slit disappearing into my pubic hair I knew the more frightening
truth. I was becoming wet. The pornographic onslaught wrought a physical
reaction from me, and my pussy was lubricating itself and, therefore, also
the cock. It nestled into my moistening opening, and I clenched my
internal muscles to stop it, succeeding for the moment. But how long could
I keep that up?

20. (or 19b.)

The emergency between my legs had distracted me from the sounds and
sights, but they soon impinged themselves on my hearing once again.
Gradually, the scenes on constant display blurred with the feeling at my
sex. The cock trying to enter me was the same one plunging into that girl on the screen, making her moan and shake. It belonged to that muscular man plowing his woman, or that one letting the girl ride him to climax. Or
that one trying to stuff his tool into an accommodating opening. God, why
was he fucking me so slow? And then suddenly I was back within myself,
trying to push the intruding dildo out of me again.

Finally, after several such episodes, I realized that no matter how I
squeezed and pushed, I couldn't get it further out. It was too heavy and
had descended too deep inside me. I sobbed in defeat and frustration as I
felt it slowly sink further and further into me, watching the redhead get
taken doggie style and the brunette bounce up and down on her lover's long
cock. I found my own hips trying to move, not to escape their restraints,
but to hump up into the heavy, impaling phallus. It bored into me just
like that monster poled the squealing little blonde with the widespread

I felt the fake balls contact and press into my perineum and ass, and
two new touches. I looked up and realized that the dildo, otherwise
sculpted with accuracy, had a knobbed scorpion-tail flange that arced over
it to push into my erect clit. It must have had a mirror extension on the
other side, because I felt a similar pressure on my anus.

The first rubbing on my clit resulted in my inner muscles involuntarily
(had to be) squeezing the invading phallus. Immediately a shock of
vibration shot through the fake organ and along it's teasing appendages. I
screeched in surprise and sudden pleasure. My muscles contracted again,
reflexively, and the buzz repeated. It took all the willpower I had left
to stop myself from doing it again. drawing a ragged breath from the
effort, I heard the scream of a climaxing woman I automatically turned to
the screen to see a beautiful chocolate-skinned woman arch and shudder as a
chiseled pelvis ground into her. My body reacted automatically in
sympathetic contraction causing another almost electric jolt of the
artificial penis. I tried to stop it, but even trembling with the effort
of self-restraint, I felt myself squeeze inside. The buzzing inside me and
on my clit and ass made me jerk and scream in time with the women on the
video. And now I couldn't stop...


Nightmares and Visions (21-25) by Monocle



He finally noticed me! Asked me out - dinner and a movie. It was
great! After, we went for a drive to look over the city. His convertible
was a kick to ride in the warm night. Naturally, we got to kissing, then
petting. I was so excited when he touched my breasts for the first time.
When he sucked them, I thought I'd die. When his hand moved from rubbing
my belly to sliding under the waistband of my skirt, I grabbed at it, but
he just sucked harder on my nipple and rubbed the other with his other
hand. I let him go.

He touched me through my panties. I was so wet! His fingers tickled me
all over down there I moaned into his hair. My hips moved into his
fingers. And then his fingers slipped around my panty legs and his fingers
touched me. I squeaked and came, shuddering against him.

Breathless and dazed from my orgasm, I automatically raised my hips,
letting him pull my skirt and panties down my legs. Suddenly, I was naked
save for my sandals, reclined all the way back in the convertible's
spacious seat. He was too! Yet somehow he'd always managed to be touching
me on the breasts or pussy with his fingers or mouth. This was farther
than I'd gone before or ever wanted to go, but it felt so good! I didn't
know how (or if I wanted) to stop.

Then, his mouth was licking between my thighs, nibbling on my clit,
snaking his tongue into my pussy. The new feelings came so fast and so
intense I thought I was going insane! I suppose I just did what came
naturally with the hard penis pointing down over my face. First I brushed
it with my fingers, then kissed it. Before I knew it, I was taking it in
my mouth, sucking and licking it like a hot popsicle stick. My hands found
his ribcage as his massaged my thighs, coaxing them to open wider. I
screamed around his cock as he brought me to a second orgasm with his
tongue. My reflexes must have taken over then, because I remember
swallowing repeatedly as his salty cum spurt down my throat.

The cock and tongue left me, and I sighed, eyes closed. What an amazing
night! Then I felt him between my legs, hips pushing at my thighs, hands
on my waist pulling me forward on the seat. Hardness poked at my open,
soaked pussy. My eyes shot open to see his happy, eager face smiling down
at me. I started to protest, but he lowered his mouth to my breasts and
started sucking earnestly on them. I arched into him at the sensation, the
motion pushing my pussy onto his shaft. At this seeming invitation, he
slammed into me in one stroke, tearing my hymen and burying his bone fully
in me before I could push him away. I screamed into the night air. For a
few wild heartbeats he held in me, then started thrusting his cock in and
out of me rapidly, forcefully. I tried to scream again, but all that came
out were grunts and groans in time with his jabs. Pleasure drowned pain
quickly, but I couldn't get a word between gasps as to whether I wanted him
to stop or go harder. I didn't know what I would have said had I the
opportunity. I'd never been so scared, nor felt anything so good in my

I came a third delirious time as he fucked and sucked me. All of my
muscles strained as I writhed and bucked up into him. Then, as my arms and
legs and vagina squeezed him tight, I felt him stiffen and swell inside me.
He came again. This time his cum pumped deep into my newly opened pussy.
Oh God!


It's pitch dark - I think I'm blindfolded. Someone is fucking me. His
weight presses me down onto a soft, giving surface. My arms are held above
my head, wrists locked together in one huge hand. My thighs are splayed
wide around trunk-like hips. His thrusts are hard, steady, and deep.
Either I am wet, or he has used lubrication, since he slides in and out of
me easily despite his girth. I protest but receive no response. He fucks
me until, without warning, he slams his cock all the way in and cums. He
holds rooted in me while his cock throbs and erupts. I feel the warmth and
pressure of it spread deep inside me. Through the horror washing over me,
I nevertheless feel a tiny bit of relief. At least it's over.

I'm wrong. After the last spurting throb, the still hard cock pulls
most of the way out... and rams back in. The semen acts as additional
lubrication along my stretched pussy walls as he continues to hold me and
fuck me. The rhythm and forcefulness seem identical to the first time.
There's an almost mechanical precision to it. I begin to wonder if it is a
machine rather than a man fucking me. After some time, the cock buries
itself all the way and cums again. It feels just like before. And, just
like before, as soon as it finishes, it begins again. The veined shaft
rubs back and forth under my now erect clit...


I moaned as the vibrations increased in intensity once more. Through
blurred vision I saw my own reflection in the mirror mounted before me. Of
course I hadn't moved from when I was first awakened unknown time ago by
the powerful buzzing of the dildo in my pussy; the arm and leg restraints
made sure of that. I remained spread-eagled between two crossed steel
poles, manacled and locked to them at the wrists, upper arms, ankles and
middle thighs.

The third pole of gleaming metal rigid between my pried-open legs was
topped with a fake cock I'd not yet seen because it was always buried in me
to the hilt. Even with its tremors reduced to near nothing, it was
impossible to ignore. Its thickness stretched my inner walls unnaturally,
while its head pressed up hard against the end of my passage. The shaft
was not true-to-life - abnormal bumps and nubs pressed against my flesh,
from my splayed labia inward. A finger-like flange curled up from the
base, pressing a soft, bumpy pad against and around my clit. Another
flange of a different shape curled behind me. I couldn't that one in the
mirror, but I certainly felt it stretching and pressing just into my anus.
When I first awakened I'd struggled valiantly to dislodge any part of the
device from me, all the while screaming, threatening, cursing, and finally
pleading for it to stop. Nothing changed. Every motion of mine; every
pulse and vibration of the dildo transmitted instantly deep into my pussy,
tickling and poking my clit and ass as well.

I stared vacantly at myself as my breath came quicker. My sweat-soaked
curls dangled limply down my shoulders and breasts, where my breathing and
erratic head movements caused the locks to brush my achingly hard nipples.
I'd long ago lost the energy to keep from doing that.

In only a little while - it seemed shorter each time - I was whining and
panting with rising sexual fever. My hips used their limited freedom of
movement to grind down around and against the untiring pulsating invader. I
felt another inevitable orgasm approaching and fought it instinctively,
knowing I would fail as always. My resistance diminished each time, and
each time I succumbed sooner, welcoming the release and thrill of climax. I
watched myself tighten and shake in my restraints, staring into my own eyes
as my gasps and cries accompanied my inner contractions. My pussy muscles
squeezed and milked the pliable body of the violently trembling dildo.
Each orgasm seemed longer than the last, and I shuddered and cried
incoherent profanities until I ran out of breath and went limp in my bonds.
Finally, the dildo slowed, but did not stop. It never stopped, always
keeping up a faint hum as if I would forget its presence otherwise.

In the mirror I watched droplets of my own freely flowing juices slide
down the pole that pressed the horrific, exquisite device into my
womanhood. Other droplets echoed them, from the beads of sweat trickled
down my skin to the tears leaking once again from my eyes.

Minutes passed, the dildo remaining quiescent. The lull continued and I
began to wonder what, if anything was next. Then, I felt familiar tingles
between my legs and braced myself, automatically looking down. But this
time it wasn't the machine starting up - it was I! My hips rocked of their
own accord, alternately pressing down and pulling a fraction back on the
weakly vibrating shaft in an effort to increase stimulation. Desperately,
I fought to control myself, to re-conquer my mutinying body. I forced
myself still, ignoring the itch between my legs by sheer force of my
eroding willpower.

The dildo shuddered to life once more...


All I could do as my climax waned was stare at the screen. The picture monitor labeled "Internal Scan" showed clearly through the glass of the
adjacent control room. It showed my insides, live, in the moderate
resolution black-and-white of an advanced sonogram. The appendage was
already several inches into my vagina, making slow, steady progress deeper.
It wasn't the two-centimeter shaft I stared at. The bulbous tip at its
front end held my terrified attention. The small egg-shaped outline, held
firmly by three tiny fingerlike appendages, was pushed further into me with
every rasping breath. I could make out few details inside the shape, but
the telltale fluctuations indicating of a tiny, rapidly beating heart were
frighteningly clear.

I blinked and grunted a number of times as another orgasm took me,
dragging my mind back into the intense stimulation I was being subjected
to. Every part of my body that could be sexually aroused was subject to
attack. Strange devices/organs suckled my nipples, stroked my breasts and
neck, rubbed my legs and stomach, and licked, tickled and buzzed my pussy,
clit and ass. I had fought it at first, but I couldn't block the unending,
overwhelming sensations, and one orgasm after the other was forced upon me.
Now I was cumming helplessly at intervals of only a few minutes.

I'd had a hard enough time looking at the disgusting things attached to
me and clinging to my sensitive skin, but couldn't bear the sight of what
rested between my widely spread legs. The control room, for that's what it
must have been, was the only escape for my eyes. The people in it never
reacted to my cries and pleas, concentrating on their unknown tasks. The
screen had captured my attention as soon as I'd figured out what it was,
and I'd watched with terrible fascination my interior reactions to the
onslaught. It had shown strange tendrils snake in and out of me, tubes
injecting viscous liquids, and the ecstatic convulsions of my body in
response. Now the screen showed my inner muscles spasm around the shaft
and its egg as they sunk still deeper into me.

The thing pushed into the end of my passage, and I saw and felt it all.
With increasing horror I watched the egg pivot slightly at the end of the
shaft. The pressure inside changed as it began pressing on my cervix. The
next climax took me by surprise and I screamed hoarsely as my contracting
muscles seemed to be pull the egg deeper into me. I could actually see my
innermost barrier thin, stretch and open as the egg forced its way through.
My orgasm continued unabated, mixing indelibly with the terror of watching
the egg push fraction by fraction into my womb. And then it was in.

I heard a roaring in my ears and my vision tunneled. My dimming sight
centered on the viewscreen, which showed the small grips release the egg
and draw back into the shaft. It's cargo deposited, the shaft slowly
withdrew from my womb, which closed behind it. I barely felt my climax
subsiding and the shaft pulling out of me. I didn't register the slowing
and stopping of my sexual torment. The last thing I saw was the screen
showing tiny alien heart beating in its new home. Then everything went


I had failed to kill the dragon. Now I stood paralyzed and naked in his
lair. My charmed shield smoldered, broken, yards away. My armor lay in
shreds scattered across the chamber, and the shards of my enchanted sword
glittered at my feet.

The great red-scaled beast looked down at me. Narrow yellow eyes held
me standing motionless. He lowered his head and serpentine neck toward me.
His head was twice the size of a human's. His wide jaws would decapitate
me in one snap, and I couldn't even close my eyes to avoid watching my
death approach. But the bite never came. Instead, a long forked tongue
slithered out and danced in front of my face. Then again over my shoulder.
Then repeating all around me. The beast was smelling me. I first felt my
blood run cold when he lowered between my legs. He snorted, and his hot
breath almost burned my thighs and legs. The near passage of the long
tongue ticked my skin and raised gosebumps.

Suddenly he reared back, spread his great wings, and gestured with his
two small forehands. I floted up above the floor. The dragon's fingers
twirled and I spun in the air, now hanging upside down, still frozen. More
gestures and my legs spread apart. I looked at him as I dangled and saw a
monstrous cock emerging from the scaly folds of his abdomen.

I tried to scream but only stragled sounds camed from my mouth. I
couldn't believe what was about to happen. Being eaten alive would be an
easier death than being ripped apart by that enormous, horned weapon. I
silently, deperately, prayed to my goddesses for help.

Something nudged my sex. Surely not the dragon who still stood yards
away. Unable to turn my head, I couldn't be sure what was touching me. I
sensed nothing else on or near my body; only unmistakeable feeling of my
outer and inner lips being spread apart and something sliding deep into my
womanhood. It felt like a long, stiff shaft, but had no heat.

The monster's head lowered towards me and I felt the tongue dance across
my thighs and cleft. His hot breath caressed my skin - and blew inside me.
I realized that some kind of magic opened me like this.

He snorted and raised his head. I looked at his cock. It was fully
erect now, over two feet long and over a hand wide. Its scales and horns
were an even angrier red than the rest of the dragon's hide. The organ
throbbed and grew stillmore as I watched. Then it erupted.

A thick stream of semen shot from the dragon-cock and arced high through
the air. It peaked and then fell downward, toward me, toward my open sex.
I heard and felt the hot liquid pour into me. The magically guided stream
of jism was perfectly aimed. Every drop of it pouerd right into me. I
felt it hit my deepest recesses and fill me from the bottom up. A second
jet of semen followed the first, filling me the rest of the way. A third
splattered right on target and I overflowed, hot dragon cum leaking down my
front and backsides.

Something deep inside me fluttered and relaxed. Then I felt my outer
lips slowly press closed. Some semen was exeplled out of me, some pushed
further in. I felt the magic release my insides and reverse, pressing me
closed, bit by bit, from the outside in. A small drool of spunk continued
to ooze out, but most if it was forced deeper inside, into my magically
opened womb. I let out another desperate stifled scream as a terrifying
name and image from the collective memory of my people entered my mind and
refused to leave. Dragonspawn.


Nightmares and Visions (26-30) by Monocle



Large metal bands, clasped just above my ankles, held my feet flat to
the stone floor a little more than shoulder length apart. A horizontal
metal bar anchored in rock walls to either side was about three feet in
front of me at head level. I had to lean far forward and hold onto it so
that the wrist cuffs connected to them with short, strong chains, didn't
dig too hard.

A hand grabbed and pulled at my long hair, forcing my head back to look
into the cloudless sky. Simultaneously, a mouth connected with my pussy lips, a wet tongue snaking between my dry labia to begin an intimate and
unwelcome dance. I shrieked at the shock of it, not having even been
conscious of being naked until that point. I tried to move away from the
oral attack, and got my hair yanked for my efforts. When that didn't deter
me, another hand entwined with my pubic hair, grabbed it, and pulled to
hold me steady. I gasped at the additional pain and held mostly still,
realizing there was no way I could truly escape.

The mouth was very talented, and my pussy's own lubrication quickly
joined its copious saliva. The tongue would pass over my clit and send
shocks of unwelcome sensation through me, but my fear and confusion
prevented true arousal - for a while. Wet slurping and smacking sounds
accompanied and punctuated the cunnilingual assault as my inner and outer
lips were nibbled and sucked. The tongue teased my inner thighs, and dove
into my slit, the random attacks forcing gasps of surprise from me.

After some time, I realized my knees were bent, my body lowered, my
thighs spread wider. I'd unconsciously opened myself to the oral
molestation. It felt good. It felt better than good. Soon, too soon for
my moral comfort, I wasn't caring about where I was or how I got there.
All I wanted was for that tongue not to stop. My eyes began tearing as I
felt my orgasm build.

But then it stopped. The hands released me. The tongue began to trail
up over my mound to my belly. Frantically I looked down, ready to plead
for release. My words died, though, when I saw the soft red curls of the
head at my stomach, licking up between my breasts, eyes rising meeting
mine. It had been a woman. I stared, and responded robotically as her
mouth rose to mine, my taste all over her as her tongue licked mine.
Confused, afraid, turned on, I pulled away. Her face was beautiful, as was
the rest of her. She was naked, too.

"Not sure you liked it?" She asked tauntingly, "I think you did." one of
her hands settled on my pubis, fingers stroking my wet, puffy outer lips.
At the touch, my hips pushed forward of their own volition.

27 (or 26b).

I tried to stutter some protest, or explanation, or demand, but she cut
me off.

"Perhaps, though you had in mind something else?"

With this, something else joined the fingers between my legs. It was
thicker, hotter. It pushed between her fingers and my outer lips, sliding
up along my slit. I looked down to see the flared head rub up over my clit
and into my pubic patch. I shuddered and moaned a confused protest.

"I know, your pussy wanted to cum for me, but I'm sure you'll have fun
with the more conventional experience as well."

The long shaft drew back and sawed forward again, lubricating from
combined fluids that drenched my thighs and pussy.

"I would love nothing more than getting you off a few times. You taste
so sweet."

I blushed and shivered as the shaft slid more freely between my legs. I
wasn't being restrained other than at the wrists and ankles at the moment,
but I wasn't even thinking of trying to escape the intimate touches. Then
she spoke again.

"But we really have to be about the task of getting you pregnant."

I stared at her in shock, not believing my ears. I felt two strong
hands grab my hips as the shaft drew back one more time and changed angles.

Too late, I tried to react and move away. The hands held me steady and
all I could do was scream as the cock plunged up into me.

My eyes stared into the cold, lust-filled, green eyes of my female
tormentor as the cock rammed into me, filling me completely. Her right
hand still splayed over my mound, the cock passing between her index and
middle fingers before passing into me. As the shaft pressed deeper and
deeper, she pushed at me to rotate my hips back, putting me in a better
position to be fucked. A muscled, hairy crotch trapped her fingers between
it and me as it bored all the way in. She reached her left hand underneath
and cupped the heavy hanging balls, still holding my gaze with hers.

"Yes. This will do nicely. I'm sure he has enough to do the job."

I tried to protest, to say that it wasn't the right time, as much to
reassure myself as to convince whomever these insane people were. The
cock, pulling out and shoving back in faster and harder than the first
time, cut off my plea. Her next words made me shiver.

"Oh, no. Don't you worry. You're as ready as you can be. We've done
all the necessary checking."

The shaft pulled out and fucked in again. I moaned in anguish and
arousal. My stomach felt light. The shaft pressed in towards my center
and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

As the hot cock pulled out once more, the fingers on my pussy began to
rub again, moving up to tease and massage my clit. The other hand rose to
my hanging breasts, to grope them and pinch at my nipples. Her green eyes
kept staring into mine.

"Lets see if we can make you cum before he does..."

She cut off my protests with her own mouth on mine as the cock fucked me
harder and faster.

28 (or 26b).

Her eyes bored into mine.

"Yes. I think you did like it."

Her two fingers spread my labia apart, and I shrieked as another mouth
connected with my pussy, leading with its tongue. My arousal crashed back
on, full force. I tore myself away from the cold eyes and looked down at
another feminine head, nose pressed into my pubic curls, pale blue eyes
turned up to mine.

"Oh, but that's not all," I heard as though from a distance. I looked
up at my first tormenter as I felt her hands slide up the outsides of my
legs, over my hips and back down around the cheeks of my ass. Her mouth
pressed into mine again, and I found myself responding automatically, my
tongue dueling with hers.

I barely registered her kneading and pulling at my buttocks on top of
the sensations of the tongue on my pussy. But I did scream into her mouth
when I felt a third tongue start worming against my anus, nose pressing
between my cheeks above it. The hands had spread my ass open to allow this
new attack. I surged forward, but got nowhere as six hands held me still
and open.

Fat, hard nipples rubbed against mine as the larger, heavy breasts of
the first woman pressed against me. I wiggled weakly, unsure whether I was
trying to escape or grind myself further onto the lascivious mouths on my
pussy and asshole. Was I merely allowing her to French kiss me, enduring,
but not participating in my debasement, or was I kissing and tonguing back?
Was I really about to cum by the unwanted oral attention of three women?

Two more hands settled on my sweaty skin, one rubbing my belly, the
other my back. A nose pushed between my breasts and the other's, a tongue
laved my nipple, then a mouth latched on around my whole aureole and
started sucking hard. This repeated on the opposite side. I moaned loudly
into the mouth on mine. The sensations, the helplessness, the fear of
captivity, homophobia, the raw pleasure converged from every extremity to
my center and I came.

As I screamed in climax, the woman in front of me broke our kiss. When
I finally opened my eyes, her cold, triumphant stare caught me. My body
was still shaking and spasming in aftershock. I couldn't seem to come
down. I realized that none of the other mouths or hands had stopped, or
even slowed. I wailed, pleading for relief as my body continued to scream
with pleasure, but all I received was a malignant smile.

"You want it to stop? Your body doesn't seem to agree. It's really
obscene the way you press your cunt down onto that tongue. And sticking
your ass back to get reamed like that, What would your husband say? What
would your pastor say? What would your mother say?"

With each taunting question, the burn of shame joined the blush of
arousal in my cheeks and chest. What was happening to me?

"You're a right lez in heat aren't you?"

I tried to protest, but could only gasp as the three mouths sucked hard
on my clit and nipples.

"I thought so. Well, if that's the way you want it, you might as well
go all the way."

I didn't understand her until I saw her lean back and grab the bar
between my hands. Before I could think to react, she'd spread and swung
her legs up and over my shoulders. Her weight pulled me forward and down
and my arms strained to hold the bar. Without breaking rhythm, the other
women shifted position to help take some of her weight off me. That eased
the physical strain, but also enabled her to wriggle her crotch right up to
my face. Her scent was like mine, but different. She was dripping wet.

She looked down between her pendulous breasts at me.

"Eat me." She said.

Tongues bored into my pussy and anus. Teeth nipped my aureoles and
clit. Hands rubbed my belly and thighs...and pushed my head forward into
the dampness.

"Eat me, Cunt!" she commanded, and as my trembling tongue extended, my
orgasm crashed over me anew.

29 (or 26c).

She was right. I was going to cum before he did. God help me. While
he fucked me hard and fast, pulling me back onto his every long stroke, she
was just as busy. The fingers of one hand fluttered over my clit. The
other was busy with one breast, while her mouth was suckling the other.

I'd lost track of the time. Resolve and resistance had melted. the
fear that I thought would keep me above and safe from the morass of lust
was still there, but now it merely merged into a melange of sexual terror.
Every slap of the semen-filled balls against me was a reminder of the
purpose of this debauchery. And yet I was about to climax.

My mouth was free to plead and cry and moan and I did it all. But when
I felt the fluttering in my belly and drew a deep gasping breath,
tightening for final agonizing release, I heard her voice once more.

"Oh, yessss.."

And then the hot mouth was back on my nipple and my climax hit. It was
worse than I could have imagined. Time slowed down and I felt my entire
body clench and release in a paroxysm of pleasure. I felt my inner muscles
squeeze the shaft hard as it speared into me. Then I released and clenched
again, every muscle straining, senseless sounds coming from my mouth. My
pussy gripped at the retreating cock as if trying to keep it locked inside,
which I desperately wanted and feared and loathed simultaneously.

The fingers pinched my clit and one nipple, the mouth bit lightly the
other. I screamed with my third spasm, the mild pain churning into the
avalanche of pleasure and terror. My pussy squeezed the returning cock.
It seemed even harder, hotter, longer now that I was totally focused
inward. It slammed fully into me and I dimly heard the slap of wet flesh on
flesh. Then, a shudder, throb, and surge deep with me. He was cumming

The first gout of sperm shot into me as I released and clamped down
again. The second jet creamed the entrance to my fertile womb to the
accompaniment of my cry of despair. I came helplessly around the
discharging cock, my spasms syncopated with its ejaculations. In the
ultimate betrayal, my pussy milked the pulsing shaft, coaxing it to empty
all its seed into me, blinding me with shuddering waves of pleasure. Gush
after gush spurt into me as the cock remained buried to the hilt. I felt
the slight pressure of the accumulated semen grow inside me, the fat
pulsing shaft and my contracting pussy preventing it from squeezing out,
leaving only one direction for the millions of sperm to go. And for a
nightmare instant that lasted a fraction of a second, yet forever and ever,
I wanted it more than anything in the world...

My last screams drowned out the unseen man's grunts and the contented
sigh of the woman. And then it was over. I collapsed, still quaking. My
hands slipped from the bar and the cuffs bit into my wrists. I didn't
care. My legs gave out and I hung, held up only by the chains and the
vise-like hands on my hips. I was only dimly aware of the tinkling sounds
of unlocking, falling forward into arms I couldn't see because I'd closed
my eyes to make it all go away.

Feminine hands rubbed my belly, "That will do, I think. Excellent work.
Knocked up the little cunt nice and deep. And she liked it."

I barely heard the words, but I trembled and sobbed because I knew they
were true.

More metal tinkling and my legs were free. The hands at my hips pulled
forward and drew me off the still-hard cock. Torrents of sperm poured from
my open, violated pussy down my legs. It didn't matter, though. It only
took one.

I was lowered to the ground, where I curled up into the fetal position,
wishing it all away.


It was worse than any overt assault could ever hope to be. A
blunt-tipped, throbbing-hard presence pressed between my pussy lips, trying
to gain entry. A smaller protrusion nestled up against my anus, dead
center. By clenching my inner muscles, I was able to keep both at bay,
barely. If I relaxed for an instant, the smooth nose of one or the other
lubricated invader would make fractional headway into me, only to stop when
I renewed my straining efforts.

The pressure was always defeatable by my internal resistance, but only
just. Lying on my back, on my bound wrists, legs spread obscenely by
something I couldn't see because of the blindfold, I was utterly helpless.
The gag that filled my mouth muted any nascent protest.

With any additional effort, the rods could easily force their way past
my trembling muscles and invade me. But instead they remained a constant,
almost gentle pressure, daring me to fight. Making me hope I could
persevere against it, that the unknown mechanisms would tire before I did.
It would only happen if I let it. If gave up. Surrendered. Even though I
knew, somehow, it was designed to make my eventual failure all the more
complete, my defeat absolute, I could not help but resist. I had to. I
couldn't lose my virginity this way!


Nightmares and Visions (31-35) by Monocle



As I turned from inspecting the damage to his trunk to my grille and
front bumper, he moved behind me. Before I knew what was happening, he'd
hooked his fingers in the waist of my skirt and yanked it, hose, panties and all, down my legs. A shove of his shoulder pushed me off balance onto
the hood of my car.

For a second or two, I was surprised and unable to react. Then the heat
of the hood and radiator on my abdomen and legs registered and I jerked my
body back and away - and impaled myself on his cock. During the short
moment I had been pushed forward, he had risen and positioned his rigid
pole right at the entrance to my pussy. My reflexive escape from the
burning car hood slid me back two or three inches onto his member. Even
through the shock, the stiff meat throbbed noticeably inside me.

The audacity and brazenness and of the attack, on the side of the
highway, in the middle of rush-hour traffic was bewildering. And no cars
gave sign of slowing to stop or help.

I lurched forward to free myself, pressing bare skin back onto the hot
metal of my car. I couldn't stay there and had to move away again or be
burned. I tried to shimmy back and to the side, but gloved hands were
planted on the hood to either side of my waist. My body wouldn't let me
stay still, so I reared back again. He'd moved forward with me, not
letting his cockhead slip out, so when I moved back I made him sink deeper.
Finally I found my voice and screamed.

He pushed forward and I tried to escape him, pressing forward until the
grille threatened to sear my thighs. I had to move back - and still
further onto the cock. It was happening so quickly, so confusingly. I
couldn't think what to do. My hands had groped blindly across the hot hood
until they'd landed on the cooler islands of his gloves. I had no choice
but to put my fingers on his to keep them safe.

Using only his hips he pressed forward, forcing me to accept more of his
meat into me as I pushed back away from the heat. I screamed as I rocked
in both directions. My eyes teared and I could barely see the traffic
coming towards and past us. And all the time my pussy was getting stuffed
deeper and tighter with cock.

I let out a huge sob when my bare rear pushed up against expensive suit
fabric. He was all the way in!


For one instant time stopped. I stared wide-eyed down my straining,
sweaty body. There, between pinned-open legs, the blunt red-pink pole
quivered an inch from my pussy, glistening with the saliva my own mouth had
been forced to put there not a minute ago. A drop of pre-cum oozed from
the tip, a twin of the one that had left the salty taste on my tongue. My
hands strained uselessly, wrists trapped above my head in a harsh grip. I
felt eyes staring down into mine but could not look away from the nexus of
my legs.

Time started. Hard muscles tensed further, an entire body shifting into
the sequence of violent motion. My scream started before it even touched
me, continued as the cock split my labia and plunged into me, rising to a
piercing shriek as it tore through my hymen. His pelvis met mine with a
slap, taking my breath away and cutting me off in mid-cry.


I'd entered so many mail-in and internet contests I'd long ago lost
track of them, so when I got the show ticket and winner's note in the mail,
I was both surprised and pleased. The place was on a little hole-in the
wall stage on the edge of the theater district. It was a bit
seedy-looking, but the reviews that came with the ticket had sounded quite
interesting. I had a front row, center seat, so I would probably enjoy
myself even if the play were mediocre.

I arrived early, and had to wait a while in the nearly empty seats.
There seemed to be no program books about, which was disappointing. I was
beginning to worry about being bamboozled when, a couple minutes before
curtain time, the theater began filling up. Soon enough, most seats were
taken by a well-dressed, mixed audience of a couple hundred. I relaxed,
smiling at the handsome men who took seats to either side of me. The guy
on my left definitely deserved a second look.

A few minutes later, the lights dimmed, and a mustached
showman/announcer in black top-hat and tails, cane and all, stepped out in
front of the crimson curtain.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," he began. Welcome to our show. We are pleased
to introduce to you, the star of tonightıs show, Vivian!"

Before I fully recognized my own name, a spotlight nearly blinded me.
In a confusing whirl, I heard thunderous applause and felt hands on my
arms, lifting me out of my seat. The light kept me dazzled and disoriented
as I was led up on the stage. I knew something was wrong almost from the
beginning, and began to struggle and protest, but the two men carrying me -
the ones who had been sitting next to me - would not let go. The applause
was seemingly too loud for me to shout over.

Suddenly I was turned and pushed back onto a padded incline. My former
seatmates held my arms while the announcer stepped up to me with an ornate
tool, which he raised over his head and stabbed downward toward me. I
screamed and cringed, but the tool slid down over my chest and stomach,
neatly slicing my best dress in half down the front. After the quick slash
was finished, the men on either side yanked the halves away with one hand
each, tearing the back as well. In shock I looked down to find myself
totally nude - he'd ripped through my bra and panties as well!

I looked up. Hundreds of faces looked back at me in the suddenly silent

The announcer's voice boomed, "Act One, Scene One, In which Vivian gets

I screamed as the tuxedoed figure approached me. He was still neatly
dressed from the waist up, but below that, he was naked. His glistening
wet cock was fully erect and pointed straight at me! I strained to free my
arms and escape, but the two men at my sides forced my arms above my head
where the tuxedoed man leaned over me and grasped them. The two assistants
quickly moved to my legs, grabbing me at my ankles and under my knees to
spread them wide apart. They held me open as the mustached pervert lowered
himself between my thighs, letting go only when my flailing would not help

The fat knob of his cock found my mound and poked my slit un-erringly
even as I tried to slide away. I panicked, bucking and screaming at him,
but my movements only served to help his thick, slick cock force its way
deeper into me. I felt myself filling with his hot meat, my dread and
horror rising as he shoved deeper. My screams rose in pitch as I felt the
dual pressure of his cockhead against the back of my channel and his pubic
bone against mine...

34 (or 33b)

He wasted no time. He withdrew his length slowly and steadily until
only the head was lodged in me, then even as I thrashed in vain to escape,
reversed directions and impaled me again, slowly and brutally. I moaned as
he withdrew and screamed anew as he drove in. He began to fuck me, long
and slow, bottoming out with each inward stroke. My pleading, protesting
voice grew hoarse and finally all I could do was moan and grunt as he
pulled out and pushed in over and over.

His pace increased, becoming harder and rougher. He was nearing climax.
I used what little energy I had left to fight once again. I couldn't let
him cum in me. This was the worst time possible! But I accomplished
nothing. My struggles only goaded him to fuck harder and faster, bringing
the end that much quicker. When he roared and slammed into me one last
time, I cried out in despair and humiliation, tears streaming down my face
as his seed streamed into me. The sound of applause filled the air adding
the chill shock of humiliation to the horror of the assault.

As the softening cock slid from my pussy, the evidence of his
ejaculation oozing out of my violated sex, the now-throaty announcerıs
voice boomed again.

"Act One, Scene two, In which Vivian takes two new lovers and loses her
anal cherry."

I wailed as the two men at my sides deftly slipped my wrists and ankles
into pairs of handcuffs. The pair came around me, naked, hands
outstretched. As they lifted me I caught sight of a vaudeville-style
placard on the side of the stage. I screamed as much from reading it as
from the new, groping hands positioning me on all fours and locking cuffs
in place.

... I.3. Vivian Succumbs to Pleasure I.4. Vivian Learns the Pleasures
of Other Women II.1. Vivian Encounters the Machine of Lust ...

A cock plunging into my throat cut off my voice. I gagged and
sputtered, then screamed frantically around the oral invader as I felt my
ass cheeks being spread apart and the tip of another lubricated penis
pressing up against my anus. Before tears completely blurred my vision, I
saw the final lines of the program. Cold fear gripped my stomach even as
the stabbing penis invaded my ass for the first time.

... II.2. Vivian and the Beast II.3. Vivian Loses All Hope (Audience
Participation) Finale. Vivian Is Sold (Audience Participation)


I tangled my hands in my new lover's hair as he went down on me. His
tongue was _so_ good. He knew exactly where to lick hard, exactly when to
tease my clit. The slippery, hot tongue was long and agile, demonstrated
whenever it plunged into my slit, drew out to lave my labia, or slithered
down to poke my anus, all with bare movements of his head. It took mere
minutes to make me scream in orgasm.

As I came down and started to push him away, purring with aftershocks,
his hands came up and grabbed mine, holding them down to my sides as he
continued. He pursed his lips and sucked hard on my clit and I screamed
again. It was too intense, but I couldn't stop him just as I couldn't stop

My back arched, my stomach heaved and my pussy clenched as his tongue
seemed everywhere at once - thrusting inside me, licking my inner thighs,
laving my clit. I was nearly delirious. His tongue danced across my
over-sensitive clit, tried to nudge its way past my spasming rosebud into
my ass. The confusing sensations heightened my orgasm to nearly unbearable

Hot, wet hands cupped my breasts, slippery kneading them and pinching my
nipples. I desperately wanted it to stop and not to stop, but I couldn't
even scream any more. Soundlessly I simply came and came and came.
Finally I tried to bring my hands up to push him away with my last reserves
of energy and found he was still holding them.

It was then that the alarm went off through my unending climax. I
opened my eyes and looked down my wracked and shuddering body. What I saw
gave me my voice back and I screamed again - in horror as well as pleasure.


Nightmares and Visions (36-40) by Monocle


--------------- 36.

Alone in my room, ass stuck high in the air, knees spread wide on the
bed, I stroked the dildo in my sopping pussy, just how I liked it. I
muffled my voice in the pillows to keep the noise down. Each vein of the
fake cock slid deliciously along my clutching passage as I pushed it deep
and dragged it out. Close to cumming, I teased myself by slowing down
whenever the telltale fluttering in my belly started. Soon I was trembling
and almost beside myself. This time I wasn't going to stop. I didn't slow
down as I felt it coming. I arched my back and groaned low as I readied,
fingers poised on the vibrator dial... Then, to my great annoyance, the
stupid thing popped out! I cursed out loud and quickly groped for it
between my legs aching to get it back where I needed it so badly.

As I reached for the dildo, two hands grabbed my hips. Before I
realized anything else, a fat cockhead pressed against my slit and plowed
into me with one fierce thrust. It was hotter, fatter, and longer than my
dildo, and it shoved in all the way in one hard motion, stopping as a
muscled, hairy belly smacked into my upturned ass. I grunted explosively
and tried to rise up on my elbows, but the hands roughly pulled me forward
off the cock, upsetting my balance, then yanked me back, impaling me again
with a slap.

The unseen intruder immediately set to fucking me, fast and rough. I
couldn't catch my breath to fight or protest. And I'd taken myself so
close to orgasm, teased myself for so long, that my body wouldn't listen to
me. After less than a minute of deep, relentless slamming, I did scream -
in climax. My pussy squeezed and shuddered around the stranger's meat, and
through the crashing waves of pleasure I felt the cock swell further and
explode within me, streaking my confused ecstasy with stripes of fear. My
body convulsed as I tried to simultaneously get away from and fuck myself
further onto the spurting shaft. Whatever my net effort, the strong hands
kept my hips pulled firmly back, the cock fully embedded as it emptied its
load into me.

I was too stunned to react when the deflating pole slid out and the
hands released me. Gravity alone slowly drew my hips to the bed, my spread
legs lax. I didn't register the carefully placed dildo sliding into me
until I was already fully impaled on it. Panting, and whining, I tried to
lift my hips up and let it fall out, but a restraining hand on the small of
my back kept me down. I couldn't even muster the energy to close my legs.
My head was too heavy with exhaustion, fear, and shame to let me look back.

The bed shifted as a body moved off - I hadn't noticed him climb on
while I was masturbating. I heard the door open, then a pause. Something
brushed against the bit of dildo still outside me. Stars flashed in front
of my eyes as the vibrator sprang to life. I didn't hear the door close...

-------------- 37.

The warm hand continues circling around my belly as the cock fucks me.
Each circle seems to draw the steady strokes deeper inside me. At the
bottom arc, a finger might graze my clit, or get caught between my pubic
mound and the heavy balls as they slap forward. Another hand holds my left
breast, squeezing and using it as a grip to pull me back onto the long
shaft. I barely notice the cruel pinching of my nipple. I hardly feel the
fat member thrusting into my vagina. The splayed fingers on my belly have
all my attention. The harsh whisper in my ear forces my focus, quietly
emphasizing random words as the cock pushes deep into me.

"...pretty girl... tummy so flat... so strong. Strong muscles...
trying to hold me out... keep me from... fucking into your cunt...
Can't... Fucking you... Fill you up.. with cock... with my cum... Put
a baby into you... Grow your flat belly... big and round..."

My stomach contracts at the words, my inner muscles straining, but the
circling continues. The words rise and fall with the fucking, pausing and
running together with irregular emphasis and punctuation.

"Can't stop me... No condom... no pill... no period... Ripe and
waiting... to be fucked... to be filled up... to make a baby"

My hands are tied together and fastened somehow to the headboard in
front of me. I can't escape. But I'm trapped as much by the force and
command of the words as by physical restraint.

"Cunt squeezing me... trying to stop me... push me out... or... cunt wants me... wants to be fucked... likes it... Trying to make me...
shoot my juice into you... I will..."

"Mmmmgpphhh" is all I can muster into the tape across my mouth. My
muscles are working by themselves - my body trying to push out the
unwelcome intrusion. My head hangs down below my arms and I can see past
the cruel kneading of my tit, to the maddening hand gently caressing my
stomach, and beyond it the red shaft drawing out and sliding into the
tangle of my pubic hair.

"Oh yeah... cunt likes me... wants me to cum... Soon... Soon now...
Nice, smooth, hard muscles...Going to grow... big and round... fat with
baby. "

I give a muffled whine. His pace is increasing, becoming rougher. The
grip on my breast tightens; the hand on my belly presses me back into the
assault. I lift my head and rest it on an outstretched arm so I don't have
to watch.

"Knock you up... Fill your cunt... Seed your... pretty belly.

Tears are hot on my face. I try to move away, but can't. I'm helpless
against the inevitable.

"Cumming... CUMMING... NOW"

He lunges forward and pulls me back. His cock swells and spits his
semen into me. I can feel the organ lurch and spasm with each ejaculation.
He still talks. Words grunted to the spurts of seed into my body.

"GrRRRah! Feel it! Cunt! Fuck! Cum! Baby! In! More! Yeah!
Taken! Pregnant!"

I shake with his words. I can feel it happening. I know it's true. He
throbs, and I can feel it all through my body, he slides back and forth a
few more times in me. I shudder at the gooey-slick feeling.

"Ohhhhh yesss... very nice. You took it all, didn't you. All my juice
into hour hungry cunt. You'll make a fine Mommy. Let me see that tummy
one more time. And those fine titties before they get big with milk"

The spent, softening shaft finally slurps out. I'm unceremoniously
pushed over to roll onto my back. I can't see the face of my baby's father through the tears.

--------- 38.

I moaned as the web entangling me moved to reposition my body once
again. The daily ritual began as usual with helpless foreboding as the
soft, steel-strong filaments me raised me from prone to reclining. They
drew my arms behind me to either side, arching my back and causing my
swollen breasts and huge belly to jut out. My legs were made to bend at
the knees and spread widely apart, exposing me utterly. Even though I kept
my eyes closed this time, I could see in my mind, as much as feel, the
smooth, multi-jointed digits caress my stretched abdomen down to my puffy
and already moistening pussy. As always the fat tube at the confluence of
the digits settled between my forcibly parted legs to kiss flush up against
my cunt. The long fingers settled across my curving belly, thighs and
buttocks to hold the tube in place. The soft lip-like end of the tube
molded itself to a perfect impression of my vagina, touching me with
absolute intimacy over every possible nerve of my sensitive sex. Tiny
manipulators gently folded back the hood of my clit to allow it to be
stimulated directly as I shivered in fear... and anticipation. The
vibration started as always, gentle, just on my outer lips and button,
bringing me into arousal and self-lubrication. At some measured level, I
could anticipate it now by a fraction of a second, he tube-lips opened,
spreading my labia with them as the tongue-like shaft wormed its into my
cunt. After an inch or two of squirming and probing, the organ quivered
and shot straight into me - the plunge driving the thickening organ right
up to my cervix, forcing a gasp, then a despairing moan. My body was
responding more rapidly and intensely as my hope faded. Now it would fuck
me until I came, then...

I startled in my bonds with the touches on my breasts. Recently, enough
so that I was still unused to it, a two-mouthed anemone-thing had begun to
suckle me as I was being fucked. My swollen breasts were far more
sensitive than normal, and the gentle nursing and caresses immediately sent
new bolts of pleasure through my body.

Everything holding, touching, and pressing into me felt warm and alive,
but the motions and timing had the calculated efficiency of machinery. It
didn't really matter what it was. The sucking on my breasts, the teasing
of my clit, the purposeful, tireless fucking - the raw, insistent,
single-minded pleasuring always broke through. Given enough time - and it
always took enough time - I could never prevent myself from cumming. I
lost to the fight more quickly each time. And as always, just as the
orgasm crashed over me, the tongue-cock pressed all the way into my
violated womb and pumped glob after glob of its alien jism into me. My
inner muscles contracted automatically around it, milking its spunk into
me. Each spurt seemed to fill and stretch my belly still more than before.
I'd been feeling like to burst for days now. Maybe soon I would.

This time, as the waves of the forced orgasm washed over me, I felt the
first pinpricks and flowing sensations of milk from my breasts. The
nursing immediately increased in intensity, as I gasped and sobbed between
renewed ecstatic spasms. The birth of whatever horror I was carrying was
drawing close...

----------- 39.

She slept on her stomach, head resting on the pillow held in her arms.
She was dreaming, her eyes moving under closed lids. Whispering fog
surrounded the bed. It was flattering her; telling her how pretty she was,
telling her it loved her. It spoke sensual words of devotion and
affection. It coaxed her. Tendrils of mist caressed her sides and bottom.
Slowly, she parted her legs. The whispers approved and encouraged.
Vaporous wisps brushed higher inside her thighs. She gripped the pillow
tighter in her sleep, and spread herself wider. She raised her hips,
turning her rear upward, exposing herself to the swirling fog. Her vaginal
lips glistened with her excitement even as she slept.

The whispers continued, erotic and attentive, while around her the fog
changed. Veils and swirls condensed to solidity around her. Six limbs
congealed from the mist, two poised above her upper arms, two to either
side of her waist, and two behind the crooks of her bent knees. The hands
had four thick, talon-like fingers. The un-jointed limbs extended back
from the opening claws, disappearing in thick cloud where the shoulder
would connect to a body.

Three more swirls of mist condensed behind the woman as she slept
fitfully, her hips slowly gyrating in arousal. Two materializing shapes
were phallic, one thin and tapered, pointing at her puckered anus, the
other below it thick and veined, fat glans poking from an uncircumcised
sheath. The third shape, below the others, was a long, tongue-like slab of
gleaming-wet flesh. The tongue undulated and strained in the direction of
the sleepers moist, open labia. All three forms were of indeterminate
length, fading from hard corporeality back into swirling mist. All had the
same sickly yellow-brown-pink mottling as the claws.

I was titillated, even aroused by the scene, but I wanted to warn the
woman. To call out and wake her from her dream. To help her escape
whatever was seducing her in her sleep. She couldn't hear me.

As I watched, the larger organ throbbed and advanced on the open,
waiting pussy. The tongue-thing stretched out from below and slid slowly
up and down her trembling slit, coaxing the glistening inner lips open
before seeking her clit. The cock's putrid head, already oozing a thick yellowish fluid from it's dilated opening, reached her pussy and pressed
forward, forcing her labia to flower open around it. Unyielding,
inexorable, it stretched her vagina around its thickness and began to slide
in, inch by inch.

I had to stop it! I had to warn her!


My whole body shuddered as I came half-awake. Pleasure wracked my body.
Oh, god, it felt good! Delicious licking at my clit. Mmmmm... my pussy slowly getting stuffed full of hot meat, stretched more open and more
full... and more... Oh God! Full awareness blasted me as a giant cock
pried me open, forcing deeper with every heartbeat, thicker and longer than
I'd ever had before. I couldn't scream for groaning as it penetrated me. I
tried to move away, but six hands held me at my arms, waist and knees,
keeping my rear and pussy raised to the slow, unstoppable cock. I felt it
bottom out inside me and moaned at the obscene feeling of utter and
complete fullness. Then a smaller, slimy presence wormed its way onto my
anus. It quivered, increasing pressure until it defeated my protesting
sphincter, Then it pushed, squirming into my ass, finally tearing a scream
from me.

The tongue scraped hard against my clit and I shrieked at the sting of
raw pleasure forcing its way along my nerves. I realized in a flash of
horror how close I was to cumming. Then the cocks started fucking...

----------- 40.

The fog lifts and I shake my head to clear it. My face brushes smooth
skin to either side. I come wide-awake to see I'm staring up at a vagina poised above my face. Other sensations come flooding in. The weight of a
naked body straddling mine. My hands locked to each other over her back,
knees bent and spread to either side of her, held open by more restraints.
Her long hair and breath tickling my own exposed pussy. Inches from the
blonde-haired cunt over me, a smooth, transparent plastic phallic shape
points at the vulnerable slit. A thinner version above it points at the
brown pucker of her rear entrance. This all hits in a few seconds, and
before I can say or do anything but gasp, a tinny voice speaks from a cheap

"Ladies. I'm glad to see you're both awake at the same time. Here are
the rules. Whoever climaxes three times first looses. When you cum the
first time, your opponent gets some help - the big dildo will start fucking
your pussy. After the second climax, the smaller one will start working on
your ass. On the third orgasm, you lose. The big dildo will pump out a
healthy quantity of high quality semen. Needless to say it will be deep
inside you when it does so, right where it needs to be. I am pleased to
inform you that you are both ovulating right now, so chances of conception
for the loser are excellent."

During this speech, the transparent dildo fills with a thick, milky
fluid. Each sentence of the exposition piles one shock on top of the
other. I can't believe what I'm hearing.

"In case either of you are muliti-orgasmic, your opponent must let you
come down after you start. A tone will let you know when you can start
again. If you don't let up, you will be advanced one step toward losing
immediately. No biting allowed. If you cause your opponent physical pain
or damage, you automatically lose. Other than that, just have fun!"

Even through the low quality of the speaker, the mocking tone is

"Just remember, we're watching everything. Diane, Simone, You may

Diane! My best friend. We'd been out together at that bar...

"Diane! Thank god it's you. Let's see if we can't get loose... Diane?

A tongue furiously licks at my exposed pussy.

"Diane! STOP!"

She doesn't. I shudder as I feel my clit emerge from hiding only to be
attacked by a ravenous tongue. I feel revulsion, but my body responds
automatically. As far as I know, Diane is as heterosexual as I, but...

I squirm and heave, but I am unable to escape or dislodge Diane. I
don't know what to do. I look up. Diane's cunt is still right there. It
looks moist. I catch a whiff of scent. She is aroused. That bitch!

Shocks of unwelcome pleasure race up my spine. I shudder - both from
how good it feels and from mounting confusion and fear. I'm no lesbian,
but I have no choice. I close my eyes and bring my mouth to her sex. She
gasps and moans into me. The battle is on.


Nightmares and Visions by Monocle


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