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MARIAH movies when she dresses herself


A Fantasy about MARIAH CARRY – The HOT Singer By – Bangladeshi Hot Guy

Hi! All!! This is a really HORNY boy ( from
Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am a very big fan on this site. I have read all the
stories. But I dont have any story of myself to share with you people.
Because in the age of 20, I am still a virgin guy. But I can share my
FANTASY with you. Right? Today I am sending my fantasy about the HOT

You all know, I am now the most intimate secretary of the lovely glamour
girl MADONNA and enjoying my time with her. Enjoying her beautiful HOT
body, getting mind blowing experiences with her HOT skills and making her
satisfied with my love. It is the incident that introduced me to the
HORNIEST girl after her – MARIAH CARRY.

One morning, as usual, I was having fun with Madonna. She was sitting
on the sofa, I was kneeling on the floor, her gown was pulled up till her
crotch, her thighs on both of my shoulders and I was sucking her furiously.
She was holding my head with her hands, was trying to bury my face deep
inside her cunt and was moaning like hell. Suddenly the telephone rang. I
stopped sucking. But she told me to continue. I began sucking her again
and she began to talk to the person who called her.

Madonna : Hellow…mmmmmm.

(Listening to the that person.)

Madonna : Oh! Mari, oooohhhhh… how r you? Ummmm…

(Listening to the that person.)

Madonna : Got me.. eeeeeehhhh… ha ha ha (smiling).. oooouuuuuhhh…

(Listening to the that person.)

Madonna : Yessssss… its him. oooh… he is fantastic…

(Listening to the that person.)

Madonna : You wanna try? Aaahhhh..

(Listening to the that person.)

Madonna : Sure. Uuummm… come over. Bye.

She put the phone back and soon she was cumming. I was ready to jump on
her for action. But she stopped me and put her gown back. I was
disappointed. She pulled me close and began kissing me. She stopped after
a few minutes and began smiling mysteriously. I was surprised. She asked,
“do you know Mariah?” I told, “who? The famous singer?” “Yes. That’s her.
She is a good pal of mine”, she answered, “She is coming and want to try my
lover.” “Who? Me?”, I asked. “Yeah, darling, you.”, she said and asked
me, “What do you think about her? Isn’t she a real sex bomb?” “Yes, I saw
her in music videos and fantasized about her.”, I confessed. We both began
laughing and kissing.

After a few minutes of loving eachother, the doorbell rang. Madonna
asked me to see who it was. I opened the door and it was MARIAH! I was
stunned. She was looking BEAUTIFUL. She maintained a beautiful body even
in my age. She was wearing a pink dress. She was wearing a pink
sleeveless tp. Her creamy white arm was exposed to be a necklace around
any man’s neck. A small necklace that hung down between her breasts, her
hair was neatly tied and was at the front, on one of her huge boobs. Her
top provided only very little amount of cover for her cleavage and back.
All half of her buttery fair smooth boobs were visible through it. And at
the back, she had only a thin line like a bra has, the rest of the back was
exposed. Her belly was almost bare. Mariah had her skirt at least 3
inches below her naval. I was very excited watching her fair smooth skin
at her belly. It was not very flat, but a little bumpy. She had a pair of
black glossy sunglasses on. The creamy fair skin at her back, shoulder and
belly and her fashionable sexy appearance was enough to make any boy to go
to the bathroom for an immediate jack off.

She smiled sweetly and asked me, “May I talk to Madonna please?” Now I
gained consciousness and asked her to come in and led her to Madonna.
Madonna jumped up from the sofa and they both embraced eachother and also
french kissed. I was surprised to see that. Then they sat on the sofa and
I was on another one. They were holding eachother closely and was smiling,
looking at me.

Mariah : So, my is your lover? Madonna : Yeah. (smiling) Mariah : Is
he really that good? Madonna : Why don’t you try and find out?

Now I was excited, but at the same time, ashamed also. Suddenly Madonna
stood up and said, “I am going out. You two can go to my room and talk.”
She smiled and went to her dressing room to dress up and leave. Now the
room was in total quietness. Mariah was watching and measuring me. I
could not look at her. I was feeling a little shy. Suddenly she spoke,
“Let’s go and see how Madonna has made her bedroom.” She stood and held my
hand. I hesitantly stood and led her to the bedroom. She locked the door,
sat on the bed and asked me to come near. I went close and she pulled me
and made me sit next to her.

Mariah began kissing me on the lips. It was another dream come true.
She was holding me tightly, her large breasts pressing at my chest, her
whole body touching mine, I couldn’t control myself, my cock became hard
and erect. My body chemistry was beyond my control. She was pressing
herself against me, she was thrusting herself against my hard cock, feeling
at her mound, feeling my maleness and her body was on fire with desire. I
cupped her soft big ass cheeks with my hands and her finger were digging
into my back, her hair knot got untied, her beautiful soft thick hair
spread onto her back. I took hold of her face into my hands, as she was
looking into my eyes, I could sense the desire in her eyes. I licked all
over her face, her cheeks and finally on her mouth, she took my lower lip
into her mouth and started kissing, sucking, all the time pressing herself
against me.

While we were kissing eachother hard, I slowly started to move my hand
lightly on her thigh. Then with more pressure, begin to gently squeeze her
thighs. After a few minutes, I began to go up. My hands were brushing her
big hip, soft and smooth belly and waist. I touched her arm and was gently
caressing it. Her hands were still holding me tight and our kissing sound
was increasing with time. After sometime, we broke the kiss. I looked at
her and she was sweating even in that air-conditioned room. Then I found
out I was also sweating. I found a thin line of sweat on the left side of
her sleeveless blouse. I put her hands upwards and rested them up her
head. The magnificent big, white, creamy, shaved armpits were infront of
me. They were glistening with sweat.

I couldn’t control myself. I wiped my tongue over my lips, imagining
how delicious and sexy it would be to lick the sweat out of Mariah's
armpit. I then brought my nose close to one of the armpit and smelt it. It
had a sexy odor on it. I couldn’t but put my tongue there and lick the
salty sweat from there. She was moaning and shivering in lust. I
continued to lick her both armpits in turn. After a few minutes, she
pulled me over her and we began kissing again. While kissing, she was
pulling my hair and I was squeezing her big, soft boobs.

While kissing, we rolled and she was now over me. I put my hands around
her waist and she pulled her arms over my neck. I moved my hands downwards
from her waist to her ass almost automatically, my hands just laid on her
ass, holding her so softly that she was melting. I then grabbed her ass
hard and soon began squeezing the beautiful big wide soft butt very hard
while kissing wildly. After a few minutes, she broke the kiss and
separated herself from mine. She began undressing me. First my chest gets
bare, then I am fully naked. She looks at my fully erected thick cock and

Then I reached over, grabbed her head and gave her lips a deep juicy
kiss. I placed my hands on her breast and looked at those. The sight of
her huge blouse-clad tits was amazing. Her tiny blouse was totally unable
to hold those big mounds. The cleavage was deep and big. I could clearly
see the contrast of her white creamy globes and the brown areolas and
nipples. Her nipples were clearly hard and thrusting against the thin
blouse material. It was getting hot and spicy. I put my both hands on the
two globes. They felt so soft and nice. But she slapped on my hands and
said, “Don’t touch.” She slowly removed the hooks of her blouse. First the
top two hooks. Released partly, her big and heavy tits that were pressed
together came out looking even bigger. After what seemed an eternity, she
removed the other hooks and slowly removed her blouse. She covered her
tits with her palms and slowly started to move her palms on the heavy
globes. It was a fantastic sight. It was very hard for me to stay still.
I could feel my cock throbbing very hard.

It was now impossible for me to see any further. I tightly hugged &
kissed her on her lips & caressed her naked back and started squeezing her
fully naked breasts. The passion we both were generating was fantastic. I
was now aggressively sucking on her breasts & nibbling and biting her
nipples, kissing her neck, cheeks, ears, shoulders. I became very
passionate & so was she. Her hand seldom left my cock, all the time
masturbating, sometimes, very aggressively. She then stopped me and bent
down to rub her naked breasts on it and then to nuzzle it with her lips,
cheeks, and rub it on her face, neck. Boy! She knew how to do it! Then
she started kissing the head of my fully hard cock. Her both boobs were
pressed against my both thighs. She kissed it from top to bottom, taking
each ball gently into her mouth, suckling softly, then placed the tip of
her tongue at the bottom of it and slowly licked up to the head and then
took it all into her mouth, rapidly licking around with her tongue - all
around it each time. Mariah had my cock totally in her mouth. Her upper
lip was pressed tightly against my stomach. Her lower lip was open and she
was lapping my balls into her mouth. My balls slid in and she closed her
lower lip on the underside of my ball sack. Mariah rolled my balls in her
mouth gently. She went up and down on me again until she felt I could take
it no more. Then she sucked harder and harder, faster and faster each
time. She was amazing. Her lips were so good, her mouth was so hot. I
couldn’t control myself. I was moaning and enjoying the pleasures of
Mariah’s mouth. Then I felt waves of pleasure coming and with one loud
moan, my whole body tensed up and started shooting long white creamy
streaks of cum down my dream girl’s throat, filling her fast enough so that
she could swallow and be ready for the next shoot. At the same time,
Mariah licked my cock clean while I moaned in pleasure Ahhhhhhhhhh

She then stopped and sat next to me, rubbing her hand against my chest.
My dick doesn’t get any chance to go limp and continues to throb and
announce its readiness for the next action. She sucked my tits - I never
felt such an excitement. She made me realized, for the first time, that
two electric buttons were concealed in my two tiny tits. I got up and made
her lay on her back. Her two big melons were standing there proudly –
calling me to enjoy them. They were huge and heavy. I grabbed them and
started pressing, pulling and twisting her nipple. The most beautiful
breasts were there for me to suck! I began sucking her tits like a wild
animal! She kept moaning. While eating those big soft melons, my hands
were untying the knot of her skirt. I sucked her huge breasts that are the
dreams of many people and at the same time got rid of her petticoat and
panty. We both were naked now. I held her both boobs now and started
pressing real hard. I placed my tongue on the valley between those two
mountains and began licking my way down while I was still squeezing those
globes. She was now screaming.

I licked her soft smooth belly and found the big deep navel – the navel
that many people see in the movies when she dresses herself in sexy saries
and dream about licking. But I am the lucky one who is getting the
opportunity. I licked the edge and the inner part of that big navel. Then
I brought my face between her legs. I smelt the sweet musky fragrant of
her womanhood. I planted a passionate kiss on that beautiful cunt. It
started to throb. I was enjoying the beautiful view of the pussy that many
man dream of fuckingI started with the insides of her smooth thighs,
licking them with my wet tongue. Her flesh was so soft and supple that I
decided to move lower down - licking the back of her knees and then down to
those muscular, yet soft, calves. I must have spent some ten to fifteen
miuntes just relishing on her legs. All this time the heat within Mariah
was continuously building up. I licked the entire length of her pussy in a
single stroke, making her shout with pleasure. I licked her pussy in this
fashion, each time digging deeper with my tongue. She tasted exotic and I
couldn't get enough of her. After many such strokes, I held my head still
and worked with my tongue, lapping up the insides of her juicy pussy. I
had to use my hands to hold her ass down, while the rest of her was all
over the bed. She must have had atleast a few orgasms and I didn't stop
for her to even catch a breath. Finally, I moved up to her erect clit and
took it in my mouth, sucking on it. She had even stronger orgasms and
again begged me to fuck her. "Please fuck me, please, I want you NOW,

I then positioned myself between her legs. She got her legs up in the
air and wide open. She whispered “Oh, Fuck me, Fuck me hard.” I got on top
of her with my heart beating like a techno beat. I looked down at her
vagina. It was still throbbing and leaking juices all over the bed. I
first felt the hole with my fingers and then slowly guided my prick right
inside her. Her head went back with pleasure and she moaned. I slid the
top of my cock inside her wet pussy, which was quiet hot. Mariah moaned
again as she got my satisfying tool inside of her. The hot hole was very
soft and slippery. With one big thrust, I stuck my dick in. She shouted
and moaned, "Yessssssss ...unhhhh." I started stroking my cock inside her
cunt. She had her eyes closed, she tried to seal her lips but she couldn't
help shouting. She yelled, moaned, screamed like she got killed. I was
fucking her gently, listening to her moan after every stroke.

I worked my way up to a steady motion. It was quiet an effort though.
She held my arms very tightly and her long beautiful nails were embedding
in my arms. Her breasts were jumping up and down with every stroke. Her
eyes were tight shut. From time to time she got her tongue out and rolled
it over her lips. She was surely enjoying this. The thought of me being
the instrument of the pleasure of a HOT lady like MARIAH CARRY made my cock
really hard and wild. Then she grabbed me and we were embracing hard. She
rolled and moved over me. I was lying on my back and she sat up facing me.
I also sat, with her riding on me. Her breasts were right on my face as
she was bouncing up & down on my lap, by now my dick was fully inside of
her. She was breathing heavily. I started sucking on her tits. Her
screams got louder and louder, but she didn't stopped stroking. She was
riding me in the fastest speed she could. I hugged her tightly to feel her
breasts very close to my chest. As she was going up and down, her big
boobs were rubbing hard against my chest. The feeling was beautiful! At
this moment we were both participating in this wild session with full
involvement. She was feeling orgasms over orgasms. I was ready to cum.
Within a few seconds I butted all my cum inside MARIAH. She must have felt
that because she screamed and yelled, “Oh Yessss…”.

I stayed inside her about 1 minute and then slowly pulled my dong
outside. She was lying over me. She was smiling. Her satisfied smile
made her look more beautiful than ever. She never looked so beautiful, so
sexy. She kissed me several times and whispered in my ears, “My ass is
still virgin.” I was surprised. She told me, “Only you can have the
opportunity to break the virginity of my anus.” I began kissing her on the
lips and at the same time rubbed my hands on her beautiful big wide hip and
also pressed those soft cheeks. Then I propped her up on her knees and had
her shoulders down on the bed, giving me a wide open view of her ass and
cunt. I knelt down to give her pussy some teasing licks, swirling my
tongue around her little rosebud. She moved with the rhythm my tongue.

Her moans were enough to make me dive in and give her more. I kept at
her clit and went from there to her ass with one long lick. After doing
this a few times my tongue came to rest on her ass. I started slow just
circling around the rim of her warm little pink and brown hole, giving her
more and more tongue, poking in her ass gently. The intrusion went deeper
as I now had my tongue buried in her asshole as far as I could go. My two
longest fingers found their way to her cunt and slipped in quite easily, as
I kept up the pace on her ass. After maybe 15 strokes of my fingers in her
hotbox, she let go. Tossing her head back and forth she had an intense
orgasm, her hand was looking for my head to keep plunging her butthole with
my tongue. I pulled back when it seemed to drain her body. Then using
both hands, I caressed her backside and inner thighs, just dragging one
finger over her outer lips and butthole, causing her to jump a little. I
kneaded her butt cheeks, pulling them apart and pushing them together. She
responded by moving her hips in a gyrating motion to keep the massage
going. Her breathing quickened as my caress got rougher and faster,
building up her excitement as she waited for my cock to bury itself in her
ass hole.

I leaned down closer to the sweaty face below me. With my cockhead, I
pressed to her tight hole. Mariah grunted as I put more than the head in
and kept it going in steady, her awaiting ass taking it all. About
halfway, I stopped and leaned slightly forward. “Yes! yes!...Yes!" she
hissed, "give me all of it... fill my ass!" I obliged sinking into her
further. She took it all in! "Fuck my ass now... let me feel the new
feeling!" Her command made me to start pumping deeply. Grabbing her
asscheeks tightly, I rode her hard - not showing any mercy. I fucked her
ass hard, recklessly. She buried her face deeper into the comforter on the
bed. Only turning once in a while to let out little sighs and shrieks and
moans. “Ooooooooowwwwwww," she howled loudly. "OOoooooohhhhh." Then she
let go with another orgasm, much more violent than the last. Bucking
wildly she screamed out loud, “keep fucking!!” I held tightly and fucked
her. Her orgasm seemed to last as she kept convulsing, while I tried to
hold on tight to this lusty whore.

After what seemed like another series of smaller orgasms she turned her
attention to me and pushed back onto my prick fiercely. She turned around
looking back up at me with her hair sweaty and matted on her forehead she
clenched her teeth. "Come in my ass... cum in my ass... put your cum deep in me. Deeper... I want your cock deeper... cum in me...”, She
talked dirtier and dirtier. “Aaaaarrrgh” My balls tightened up and I
arched back and time stood still for a second. Then... Boom... I let
loose cumming and cumming in Mariah as her ass gripped onto my cock even
more with my cum spilling forth. I stayed in her as my cock slowly
softened. The cum starting to foam and leak out of her well lubed anal
opening. She reached back and felt my cock in her ass, rubbing any semen
around my cock and her ass. I pulled out and she stayed there with her ass
pointed at the ceiling. cum oozed out as her ass tightened. Mariah rubbed
it all around her cunt, playfully using it to cover her whole hand.

We don’t know how long we were lying there glued with eachother. Then
suddenly we heard the sound of slamming the door and after that, heard
Madonna’s voice, “Where are you two? Have you finished?” I went to the
door as I was and opened the door. Madonna looked at my naked body and
then looked at the naked beauty lying on the bed with a satisfying smile on
her sweet lips. She smiled naughtily and asked me, “Did you satisfy this
lovely lady?” I smiled and nodded. She went to Mariah and asked her, “Did
you find out now if he can really satisfy or not?”…

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