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MARRIAGE thick thigh like souvenir from


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Devil's Marriage- (marriage.txt)- Grace had her misgivings about
Nick, but her family wouldn't stop pressuring her to marry him. When she
gave in, she found her fears were nothing compared to the reality of
the marriage from Hell. M+/F, nc, B&D, D/s. humil.
Devil's Marriage
The ruddy one forced her chin up with the butt of the scourge as
the evil dark one watched with his arms folded across his chest. There
was nothing that could stem Grace's tears as they watched her step
out of the gown in which she had been married less than a half an hour
Nick sat in a chair with his eyes alight, her chemise spread over
his thick thigh like a souvenir from some great adventure.
"Hurry along," the ruddy one cajoled, "You don't want to be tardy
for your maiden voyage on the marriage bed."
Both men were naked, prodigious stalks of male flesh standing
alert from their loins. Grace did not know what she feared most, the
evil whip in his hand or his male member which seemed designed for
the purpose of bringing a woman pain.
Her breasts, her private joy, had been exposed first and they
had watched them swing free in a lewd display as they had demanded
she take off her wedding dress in front of them. Grace was shamed by
the very parts that had so recently been her pride. Now their heavy
roundness mocked her as they swung exposed to these men's gaze with her
That would not be the last humiliation, she was sure. And
humiliation might be the best of the trials they intended for her. She
could not keep her eyes from their male members. They disgusted her,
but her eyes were drawn to the outrageous pillars they so obviously
intended to impale her on in due course.
Not even their indication that she should undo the silk ties and
step naked from her pantaloons filled her with the dread that those
huge organs did. A foot was too scant a measure for the monstrous
stakes which she feared would be driven to her very heart.
"Please, you have shamed me," Grace pleaded in a last effort to
find some mercy as she stood naked in front of them, "Please, no more."
"There is always much more for a new wife on her wedding night,"
the ruddy one taunted her, "Be careful we do not find reason to whip you
before we teach you the pleasure of the marriage bed."
Yes, he would probably enjoy beating her as much as ruining her
honor. He had that cold look in his eye. His partner was worse, taking
it all in with a fixed smirk on his otherwise stony face.
There was no way it would be possible. His male member was a long
as her arm to the elbow and nearly as thick. She would certainly die
if he tried to lie with her in the way of a man with a woman.
"No, please, no more!" she begged again as the dark one this
time took hold of her wrist. "You will kill me- I know it!"
Her present captor only snorted his amusement. He reached down for
a contraption Grace had not noticed in her shame. It was like a large
bucket with a tube extending from it. The tube ended in a mockery of a
male phallus. Grace gasped as she feared what use they might make of
Bold as you please, the man dragged her out of the room and down
the hall to the water closet. He walked as surely as if he was dressed
in collar and tie as he dragged naked Grace behind him. She shuddered at
what people would think if she was observed.
"What do you intend!" she asked as he pushed her roughly to the
convenience in the WC.
"Bend over and grip the seat," was the only explanation.
The first words she heard from him came in a growl that hovered
near the bottom of the register. His command assaulted her ears like
thunder and she overcame her disgust with the idea. She bent and put
her hands on the diseased, dirty place where stranger's bottoms had
rested. They seemed determined to drag her through filth, she despaired.
Only her fear of falling face first into the unspeakable water
beneath her made her keep her senses as the man most rudely examined
her rear quarters. He opened those most shameful portions and she
shrieked as she felt him touch her fundus.
Not only had he revealed her shame to his gaze, he was now
touching her place of soil with some repulsive substance that felt
oily and crude. She began to shake uncontrollably.
"Shamed that your tainted truth is exposed?" he mocked her fear,
"Then be glad I am to cleanse you."
Glad was the last emotion struggling in her breast. But all lesser
feelings of propriety and modesty were soon replaced by her fear for
her sanity as she felt a hard object press against the necessary rear
She screamed again as she felt the thing intrude into the place
of excrement. It was broad and firm and felt like a fist as it opened
the other door. She realized it was the huge thing carved to resemble
a man's generative organ she had noticed before.
He took no pity on her for her cries and she felt it force in until
she was sure it rested between her lungs. Then the most awful cataclysm
occurred as she felt a rush flood into her.
"I take it you have never cleaned yourself," he mocked her as she
writhed with the cramping in her lower regions. "It's a shame you can
hold yourself so pure and never have known hygiene."
Her stomach- there was no place for nicety in the coarse way she
was being used- her belly swelled up as if she was with child as the
water pressed on her from the inside. Grace had never been so
uncomfortable in such an unsettling way.
The object at her rear hurt more as it was withdrawn than when it
entered. Perhaps it was the suddenness with which he pulled it from her.
Perhaps it was the feeling of panic of soiling herself that it gave her.
She could beg forgiveness for her willing self-mortification when
he bid her sit and evacuate the fluid he had sent crashing into her. It
was pure survival that she must relieve the pressure. That she would
perform such a private act under his watchful eye was more his sin
that it was hers.
Still, she could not be unaffected. Her tears fell almost as
freely as the lewd excretion that made horrible, disgraceful sounds in
the water of the appliance on which she sat. Neither could she reason
away her disgrace at the sound of wind escaping as she evacuated.
"Now wipe off- from front to back, you silly goose," the man said as the undignified sounds ceased.
It was only a little thing now, put it was still a pain in her
heart when she saw he had handed her her own pantaloons to clean
herself. She certainly would have to burn them, but that would not erase
her memory of this instant.
A gasp and a chuckle greeted them as they made their naked way
back down the hall. At least one woman and one man had been curious at
the obscene sounds in the WC. At least one woman and one man had seen
them as their privacy was public in the hall.
Grace began to ponder how she would end it, for certainly she
could no longer show her face to decent people in the light of day.
There was no living after such humiliation.
"Have you cleaned her out?" the ruddy man greeted them.
The dark one smiled and threw her soiled pantaloons to Nick. He
rolled them up carefully and set them aside for a memento. He was
obviously enjoying these men's treatment of his new wife.
"Nick! How can you watch them treat me this way?" she begged of
her new husband.
"Don't talk to that dirty old man," the ruddy one scolded her,
"Pay attention to your business or I'll make you dance to the lash."
He raised the flogger in his hand with an evil smile. Grace had
no doubt of his skill nor his inclination to use his whip. She could not
help but notice that his organ perked up with his mention of beating
"Now lay on the bed and prepare to surrender your maidenhead," the
ruddy one demanded.
Grace was going to do no such thing. They could surely force her,
but she could not respond to so scandalous a request of her own accord.
They would have to force her, because there was nothing else on Earth
she wanted less than to be sacrificed on the male parts she saw looming
from these men.
Her hesitation brightened the ruddy one's face. He looked to the dark one for confirmation.
"Disobedience without question," he said in amusement.
"Not that you bother to look for an excuse," the dark one
Grace expected the threat to come from the ruddy man in front of
her. She jumped in shock when hands clamped down on her wrists from
behind. The men worked in concert with an efficiency that spoke of
much practice. The ruddy one was fixing strange leather devices to the
bed. The dark one pushed her until she fell across the bed.
He handed the ruddy man her arms, one at a time and Grace found
that the appliances were restraints for her limbs. They bound her wrists
tightly and stretched to the corners of the bed. They left her legs free
to dance as they would.
The touch of thongs trailing down her back made her flinch. The
strands of the flogger traced down over the swells of her bottom and
tried to find a space where her thighs were pressed together.
"I have warned you repeatedly of the penalties of disobeying," he
taunted her. "Now I fear you have forced me to show you."
She would have snorted at his presumption if she was not tied
face-down on the bed and at his mercy. He had only been awaiting the
opportunity to subject her to his twisted desire. And her vulnerability
to his perverse pleasure made her hurt before she felt the first blow.
That was nothing to the hot sting of the lashes on his flogger.
He brought the lashes down with a snap that instantly brought red streaks across her back where they fell. Grace knew nothing of the deep,
lasting pain of the whip and this pale imitation was already more than
she could bear.
Grace let out the yip of a spanked puppy as the lash fell the
first time. She jumped as the next blow fell and then the next- and
the next.
The blow after fell again on her already raw skin and burned with
a fire that made her cry out full-throated in her agony. It was more
than she could take of a bad thing pressing on the same sore spot over
and over. She tried to scramble away, but only succeeded in lifting her
bottom. It was a mistake.
The flogger moved to her bottom and her back sent sharp twinges of
pain with each blow just the same. Her first shriek from the whipping
of her rear parts brought the dark man to her defense.
"Enough," he said, "Aren't you ready to move on."
There was a chuckle from directly behind her where the ruddy one
stood with his knout. Grace had no wish to decipher its meaning. She
was too terrified of what she knew came next.
She was wrestled from her pose face down to being restrained on
her back. Her world was blurred by the tears flowing from her eyes as
Grace fought the horror and the realization that her real terror was
about to commence.
Her tears weren't enough to obscure one last glimpse of the
fearsome member as the ruddy man took his place between her naked
thighs. It was marble hard and tremoring with the beat of his heart
in readiness. She was about to die. She was sure of that.
"We have no wish to kill you," he said as if he had read her mind.
Instead, his words were explanation for the uncomfortable feel
of some fatty substance being placed on her private areas. It was a
delicate evasion of the crude reality that she was being packed with
lard like some culinary feast.
He did not wait for her to feel the fat melt and run greasy down
her thighs. He leaned over her and supported himself on one hand as he
used the other to guide his immense male part to his task.
There would only be more unthinkable and unpleasant punishments
awaiting her struggles, Grace concluded. She would be better served to
freeze in a stillness like death and not throw his life-threatening
assault off the mark.
She was, to cut through her self-deception, afraid for her life
and she waited limply for the thrust that she prayed would not prove
fatal. Grace's resignation lasted only until he pressed against the
gates of her sex.
She howled forlorn as the head of his member pushed her nether
gate impossibly large. Her resolve fled and her feet beat the air
meaninglessly as she felt his rending member press into her. It was all
she feared as she felt her tender tissues stretch and tear.
"It does seem to please her so," said the dark one from somewhere
seemingly far from the abomination on the bed.
"Then she will be doubly pleased when I take her maidenhead," the
ruddy one said from dangerously close.
For all her suffering and trial, Grace had not begun to experience
her humbling on the stiff stander of this stranger. Her body was rent
and she feared the ruddy one had torn her female organs from her belly
as the pain lanced through her lower regions.
"You have surrendered it all to me now," the ruddy one gloated,
"Prepare for me to make you a woman."
Grace prayed to faint, wished to faint, tried to faint as she felt
more of him trespass into her body. Her panic and the un-Godly
distension of her female parts made that impossible. Frantic and in
agony, Grace had to pass the trial of his tearing away the gates of her virginity with all her senses intact.
His member knocked against the rear wall of her parts as she
begged for mercy. Then came the pain several times the intensity of
losing her hymen and she could not understand how she survived. As his
demonic member pressed on through the mouth of her cervix and into
her very womb, she prayed God that she would not live to feel another
twinge of the overwhelming pain.
She could stand it no more. She fell limp and bathed in
perspiration as the mind-numbing ravage went on. Then she felt his
disgusting parts bounce on her bottom, bringing the unbelievable
knowledge that she had encompassed his entire organ.
"I am dead! I am mortally wounded! Please! Bother me no more!" she
pleaded with the ruddy one.
"Then to honor your sacrifice, I should at the least have my
pleasure with you," he jibed with her.
There was no humanity in this wretch. And there were no words for
the feelings as he withdrew a bit and plunged his awful member into her
again. Her legs beat meaninglessly again, trying to relieve the
detestable overloading of her feminine canal.
He tortured her again for the pleasure of her pain, she was sure,
as his organ withdrew from her womb and breached the door again and again. She felt a sickness take her, but it was an unspeakable
sickness in her unmentionable regions. Again she prayed God to end this
suffering by extinguishing her life.
It was the end. For certain it was the end as the monster slammed
against her. Grace was certain he meant to beat her to death with his
privy tool as he plunged it into her.
Then it was his lips that issued the cry to mix with her own sobs
and shrieks. He cried out and stiffened over her.
It was much later that Grace learned that was the moment when men poured out the issue of their lewdness, the stuff that got babies in the
bellies of girls.
Her moral corruption had been completed with the ruin of her
body. Grace felt as if she had been lain in the road and carts drawn
over her as he pulled his massive organ from inside her. She was sure
severe damage had been done internally.
At the least she would never be able to perform the duties of a
woman again. He had certainly damaged those parts beyond hope of
She had no anger left. Only pain and despair haunted her now.
There was no curse sufficient for her to hurl at her ravager. She cried
with her ruin and some relief that her ordeal was past.
They let her sob in the comforting delusion as they conferred.
Grace was still moaning with the pain left in her internal organs when
the dark one walked to the side of the bed.
His member was not standing. It swung down at a jaunty angle as he
had lost some of the excitement. Grace could see it would hang to his
knee when limp. He was smiling at her and Grace forgot her pain in the
panic of thinking what his plans might be.
"I think I should like to see the joy in your eyes when I introduce
you to love's deepest thrill," he said and the deep rumble of his voice
chilled her from head to toe.
"No! I am ruined! See? I bleed!" Grace protested as the two men bend her double and brought her private parts up where she could see the
ravage the ruddy one had wrought on her. "You will surely kill me!"
Her death seemed no concern of theirs as they continued to bind her
ankles near where her wrists were bound. Her bottom was lifted from the
bed in an obscene offer of her widely spread sex.
Folded back on herself in that way, Grace felt not only helpless,
but trapped. She would not even have the luxury of floundering beneath
him as this man performed the evil deed he had planned.
His first infamy was to drop his manhood between her parted thighs.
Grace shuddered in horror as she saw it extended beyond Adam's
fingerprint in the middle of her torso. And that was without being
swollen as she had seen it before.
His next abomination was to put his hand to her sex and put his
fingers in the fluids and clumps that issued from her damaged nether
parts. Pain was pain and shame was shame and Grace no longer had the
energy to confuse the two. But the insult to her sanctity was more salt
in her already grievous wounds.
Pain and shame converged as his fingers took the repellent jumble
of odious excretions down to press into her other orifice. He had
shown that fascination with the vilest of the vile before. Hot tears
sprang to Grace's eyes to think of this defilement atop the horrors she
had already suffered.
It was an ugly, dirty thing to feel his fingers probe at that most
shameful opening. It was s sickness beyond perversion for him to explore
in that basest of unspeakable ways. It was as if he was probing in that
reviled sector to pull out what was left of her humanity and dash out
its brains.
His finger pressed deep and Grace's eyes flew open with the
intrusion. The cry that had thrown her mouth open was stifled as she saw
his organ staring at her like a one-eyes adder preparing to strike. This
horrible man was becoming excited by his unnatural probings.
Even then she had no thought of his intention. The crudely shaped
utensil he had used was lost in the long ago, driven out by her more
recent ravage. She did not believe his intention even when he made it
She had endured his lewd game of hitting her sex with his engorged
organ as it grew stiffer and stiffer. She had survived the uncertainty
as he had rubbed his privy part against hers, smearing the greasy lard
where it had melted into grease across her thighs and over her bottom
When it pressed to the ring of muscle guarding her inwards, she
could only think he was further humiliating her by using his
unspeakable part in an unspeakable way.
It was unspeakable only because the roar that came from her when
he pressed forward issued from deeper than her throat. Grace had no
response to the feeling that he had grabbed her fundus with both hands
and pulled it open. Her mind could not grasp this. It was the deeper
animal caged in her body that shouted the warning.
Grace was unable to heed her own warning. There was nothing she
could do about the unthinkable outrage being perpetrated on her. She was
helpless, trapped as he spread her most earthy opening to the size of a
cantaloupe at least.
"You can't! It is not possible!" she shouted even as he proved it
Her outcry only served to bring her eyes to his. There was a
coldness there that chilled her. He was enjoying her look of pain and
confusion as his organ penetrated her bottom. Then his eyes moved down.
Her eyes followed and then she regretted it. He was watching with
glee as his huge privy part penetrated her. She thought to look away,
but it was no good. That scene could not be wiped from her thoughts.
He was poised with that arm-length of maleness ready to be forced
inside her through the narrowest pathway. Her horror reached the point
of fascination- like that of a bird by a snake- as she saw him move
toward her, burying his organ in her rear parts as he moved.
"Oh no! Please! I will die!" she begged, but nothing would dissuade
the dark man from his slow progress into her inwards.
The cramps from her first treatment were nothing compared to the
struggle of her lower body to prevent his entry. She was spitted through
the center and the memory of how far his member had reached as it lay on
her filled her with despair.
It would nestle by her heart, she was sure. But she did not think
it would still be beating. He would certainly burst through other organs
and pierce her mortally before he could ram that truncheon into her
by way of that unmentionable path.
It became an emergency of the most impolite nature as his manhood
entered the forbidden portal. Dire bodily messages assaulted her with
unseemly and improper urges to evacuate the parts he was filling. Her
cheeks flushed hot to feel such beast-like impulses seize control of her
Her body was crying out to empty the parts he was filling. Indeed,
she could think of nothing else as her body insisted that it could hold
no more and must relieve itself. The base urges made her forget the pain
of her torn flesh as he ripped his way inside her body.
She was shocked back into her agony when his lower regions pushed
against her bottom. Her body gave up its protests with the last lunge
that brought him against her. There was still a whining that she needed
to evacuate, but the realization that she had been over-run by his
invading organ burst to the front of her thoughts.
Grace could not believe that it was not something else that had
burst. Her incredulity had much more astonishment to absorb. The dark
man reached up a slapped her face lightly to gain her attention.
"I want you to see my joy as I take your second virginity," he
said as her eyes opened to him.
Grace didn't have time to muse about the timing of his remark. He
showed her what he meant with a jostle of his hips. He intended to use
her in the fashion of man lying with man. Grace now hoped she would not
It was beyond her senses to understand the turmoil in her middle
as his member moved in and out of her. It was too disgusting for her
to think about. As she cast about for something else to fix in her mind,
a more degrading fact astonished her. Her breasts were responding to this
animal's misuse. Her nipples were straining erect in her turmoil.
She would hang herself at the first opportunity. She did not
deserve to live on the Earth if she could be excited by such an unnatural
She begged loudly when he increased his tempo. He took no notice
and impaled her with no mercy. Then he rammed forward with a thrust that
she felt in her throat. This time there was no need to consult the wiser
and more experienced. There was something wet and hot deep within her
that had been injected by his monstrous member.
The rape did not stop when he pulled his organ from her. She felt
more naked and exposed. She gaped. She knew she was open in a way she
could not have imagined only moments before.
Her spread, naked pose was as nothing to the exposure she felt as
he left a hollow right through the center of her. No secret, external
or internal, was hidden from them now. Grace did not know how- or why-
she had survived to live with this horror.
There was no fight left in her. She wanted to curl up and cry
forever. She ached in every part- particularly her lower regions, but
her shame was greater than any mere physical pain. She was subdued as
they released her from the bed.
They had to pick her up to take her to her new husband. They held
her up by an arm on either side in front of the portly man.
"Grace? Grace, my dear," Nick said, "Can you hear me?"
What could he have to say to her? How could she have been so
deluded by this monster? What joy had he gotten from her defamation? All
questions swirled in her head as she sadly lifted her head.
"There, there, my dear. Did you enjoy the acts of love these men have introduced you to?" he asked with a grin.
It was not lady-like to dream of chopping him to death with a
hatchet, but Grace thought it could be understood. But her physical body
had been insulted and beaten out of any ability to respond violently. It
was all she could do to make her mouth work.
"No," she croaked and could force out no more.
"Then you may be glad that you have married me," Nick said with a
smirk, "I think though, it was better for you to know this than to have
to believe me when I tried to explain."
He was pleased with himself. He had heard her screams and watched
her defilement and now wanted her to be grateful for the mis-use. Grace
could no more think of a response to that than to the pillage she had
recently undergone.
"Set her down," he said to the two men.
Grace found herself curled up on her knees, resting against Nick's
legs. Her head drooped into his lap.
"You can forget about what has happened to you today. I promise
that nothing like that will ever be done to you again," Nick soothed,
petting her hair, "You may not believe this, since I am a man, but I find
such things as disgusting as you must at this moment."
Grace did not understand. His voice was comforting. His words
strange. Was he saying that these were the only intimate relations she
would have to suffer in her life?
"I know it must seem a bit cruel, but I wanted you to see that
such things are not to be desired," Nick went on, "Now perhaps you will
appreciate your husband all the more because he does not wish them."
Grace lifted her head to look at Nick. She needed to see him talk
to grasp his words. Never again? That seemed wonderful on the heels of
the abuse she had endured.
"Ah, I see we have an understanding," Nick said as she looked up
at him, "Now we should consummate our marriage."
Grace did not understand. She was even more confused when he
unbuttoned his trousers beneath her chin and produced his own erect
organ. He said she would never have to suffer such a thing again.
Nick saw the recoil and the look of confusion. His stroking hand
became firm on the back of her head.
"No dear, I did not lie," he said, "You do not have to present your
lovely nether parts for me. You won't even have to move much."
With that he pushed her head down and aimed his erect shaft at her
lips. Her mouth opened to cry out and he pressed his member inside.
"Now suck on it and do not spare your tongue," he instructed, his
voice taking on an edge. "This is how you will satisfy me. You will
pleasure me this way every day and on my request. This is what I want
from you."
The hard thing jabbed against her throat and made her retch. Nick
had no concern for her struggle. He jabbed again and again.
"Now suck it well or I will turn you over to your friends and let
them play with your other orifices again," Nick threatened.
Grace closed her mouth and did as he forced her to.
"You will admit, dear one, that it doesn't seem so bad now that
you know what the other acts can be like," Nick said, "I believed you
would come to agree quicker when you knew what relations could be."
Then Grace knew personally what wetness was being pumped inside her
when the men stiffened and jerked before they ended her torment. Nick's
fingers twisted in her hair and held her in place as his member ejected
great globs of his salty seed.
Grace found herself feeling gratitude to her new husband for not
forcing her farther down his masculine member as he achieved his finish.
She swallowed without thinking as his jets filled her mouth. Allowing her
room to deal with the bursting member was like mercy compared to what the
other men had done to her before.
Nick pulled her up by the hair and inspected her face. He pulled her
up until his organ fell from her lips.
"You are a beautiful bride, my dear," he said, sweetly, "I could
not have made a better choice. I thought I would have to teach you to
swallow my offerings. I can see we will be very happy together."
The salt taste still bitter in her mouth, Grace looked up at the
man to whom she was inextricably wed. She would get used to it. It was
a wife's burden to satisfy those lowest urges of her husband.


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