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MARY 1950 1958 (bro sis)


MARY 1950-58 (sis-bro)

As long as I can remember, we always took baths together. Mary would sit
at the back, I was in the middle and Betty was nearest the facet. mother
would wash Betty's and my hair while Mary would do her own, because she
was the oldest. mother would leave before rinsing our hair to do something
else and during that time we all would "style" our shampooed hair into tails
and horns an await mother's return.

I can remember what happened one evening:

I turned my back towards Betty so she could do some outrageous doo on my
hair and faced Mary, who was four years older than I. She was about twelve
years old then. Her skin was somewhat darker and she had jet-black hair.
She lifted her hips out of the bath water and pulled her vaginal lips apart
exposing her pussy to plain view. Since Betty was busy with my hair and I
blocked her view, I was the only one to see my older sister's charms.

Mary's opening was glistening with bath water and suds. There were wisps
of black hair around the top and just below this was her clitoris which she
called her "nub". She then rubbed it gently with her index finger and smiled
at me. Her nipples were hard and tiny and her breasts were rather small but
already starting to curve upwards in maturity.

Betty wanted me to style her hair now, and afraid of being caught staring at
Mary, I reluctantly turned around and started on her hair. I felt Mary's hand
come around the right side and slide down my tummy and grasp my already
hard penis. She slid her fingers around the shaft and down to my balls and
back up again, then concentrated on my foreskin and cockhead. Warmth
rushed through my crotch as my little cock jerked around feverishly. I
could feel her other hand busily stroking her pussy behind me. At the sound
of mother's footsteps in the hallway, everything stopped.

Betty leaned backwards under the facet as mother rinsed the shampoo from
her hair. Her slippery, hairless pussy with its puffy lips was fully exposed
for all to see, and I didn't miss the opportunity. She was twenty-one months
younger than I, but didn't seem the least bit interested in what Mary and I
had been doing. In fact, she never took part in any of it.

It was my turn to rinse, and by this time my little pecker had softened
enough not to look suspicious. I knew Mary was staring at my bare, hairless
penis knowing she had stroked it to an erection just moments before. I could
feel the blood pulse into my penis as it started to swell at just the though of
it. I hoped mother wouldn't notice.

Then Mary leaned back under the facet to rinse her hair, again exposing her
pussy and purposefully pushing her chest out to draw my attention to her
young breasts. Mary didn't always bathe with us; usually only about two or
three times a week. But when she did, it usually meant something special
for me.

Mary and I had been sexually involved with each other as long as I can
remember. I used to come home from kindergarten and Mary would take
me upstairs and help mother change me into my play clothes.

Very often, mother would leave Mary do this by herself and I can remember
what usually happened then:

We wrestled and tickled each other until she finally had me undressed to
my underwear. She squeezed and rubbed my little penis until it hardened
and then pulled my underwear down to my ankles. Then she stroked my
shaft and pinched the head until it was red, sometimes rubbing it on her
chest and face. All this time, she had her hand in her panties rubbing herself.
This happened at least three times a week throughout kindergarten and
perhaps even before that.

In first grade I could change my own clothes, but then Mary started bringing
her own clothes into the bedroom and the ritual would continue. Sometimes
she would straddle me and push her crotch against my little penis and rock
back and forth, but not often because we were expected to be done soon.

Mary was always a loving sister, hugging and kissing me, but also quite a
tease. She would take me shopping and to the movies with her, even when
she went with her girlfriends. When we got home, she would hug and kiss
me on my face and neck and praise me for what a good brother I was. That
affection was also expressed during our sexual encounters and made those
times very pleasurable and comforting.

She would say, "Now don't tell anyone about this or I'll not give you hugs
and kisses anymore."

I was more desirous of the affection than the physical feeling, so I
absolutely told no one.

In the summer of my second grade (1956) we were at our lake cottage for
theweekend. That night Mary, Betty and went to bed as usual and mother
and dad stayed up to read and watch tv downstairs. I must have fallen
asleep because the next thing I remembered was Mary shaking me. She and
Betty shared a double bed in the same room. Mary said she was cold and
wanted me to sleep with them for awhile. I sleepily got up and followed her
to bed and snuggled up to Mary. Soon she was fondling my penis and balls
and kissing me. She took my hand and place it on her crotch.

It was incredibly warm and wet. She moved my hand down to her slit and
asked me to rub her "little nub". I obediently moved my hand up and down
likeI had watched her do many times, but sensing my clumsiness, she put her
hand over mine, pushed it into her slit, and gently stroked both our hands
against her pussy. Her hips swayed against our hands and she stroked my
little cock a little faster than usual. Her eyes stared at the ceiling ignoring
everything else.

Then she released my cock and my hand and told me to roll over on top of
her. It was rather awkward for me, but she kept pulling me on top anyway,
then spread her legs and put her arms around me, pushing against my
bottom. I could feel the warmth of her body, which was a little sweaty by
now. She asked me to kiss her nipples and arched slightly to present them to
me. I gave each nipple a sweet peck and looked at her for approval. She
kissed me on the mouth pushing hard against my lips and released.

"Do that to my nipples, little brother," she whispered.

Mary was four-and-half-years older that I making her eleven and in the sixth
grade. Her breasts were small but a perfect mouthful for her little brother. I
kissed and sucked on each one feeling her hard, little nipples with my
tongue. Her breathing became faster and she reached between us and played
with my cock which was quite wet and slippery by now.

Her body was moving and pushing underneath me and she kept encouraging
me, "You're such a good little brother. I'm going to give you lots of hugs
and kisses after this."

After that night, Mary took me everywhere with her all summer. She stuck
up for me when I got into trouble (which was often) and bought me candy
every time we went someplace. She eventually taught me how to swim that
summer, fondling my little hard-on under the water all the time.

We continued playing with each other for the next two years, sometimes
withMary on top. I didn't have a clue as to the pleasure I was giving her, but
I also like it. Sometimes our cousins would visit us from Ohio and soon I
was doing it with my first cousin, Nancy, who was just a year younger than

We would get into bed together and Mary and Nancy would take turns
feeling and stroking my little cock. Their hands were also busy with their
own crotches, sometimes crossing over me and feeling each other and
moaning. Then I would be pulled on top of one of them, sometimes kissing
them on the mouth, then their nipples. They would play with my hard little
cock down by their pussy for awhile, then I would get on top of the other
one and do the same thing.

Eventually I caught on to the motion and rhythm that brought them so much
pleasure. As soon as we were moving together, they would stop playing
with my cock, grab my bottom and rub hard against me. After they were
both done, well that was pretty much it. They would cover me with hugs
and kisses and squeeze my we, little cock a couple of times, then go to sleep
of get dressed. I would leave feeling I had done something good for them.

On Thanksgiving of 1958, I was in third grade when we had our family
reunion at a place six blocks from our house. mother asked Mary to take
Betty and I home, get our baths and tuck us into bed. All the usual playing
went on with Mary in the bathroom. She tucked Betty in first and then took
me to bed with her where she gave me a really long, hard kiss on the mouth.
I knew we were going to start our playing. After fondling me for awhile, I
got on top of her and she spread her legs to let me in between. We started
rocking and pushing and I suckled her breasts, which she liked very much.

Mary was twelve now and her breasts had started to enlarge and curve
upwards making it difficult to get all of one in my mouth. They jiggled
around as we rocked and her nipples became hard and slippery. Suddenly,
Mary wanted me to stop, but gripped my bottom so tightly I couldn't move
away. I thought she might be done, but she just held me tightly with her
with her eyes squeezed shut.

She put her hand down by our crotches and felt my cock and said, "Oh, you
a such a good little brother!"

She kept her hand down there and rocked harder than ever, wrapping her
legs around me. I had never seen her like that before and I was a little
frightened that something was wrong. She was grunting and gasping for air.
Then she looked straight into my eyes with a blank, glazed stare and a long
moan came from her throat. Her rocking lessened a little, but she continued
moaning with each stroke, then fell motionless, still breathing hard.

She opened her eyes and smiled at me and covered my face, neck and chest
with kisses. She still held on tightly to my bottom and had her legs clasped
around me. We laid there for what seemed a long time, Mary rubbing my
back and bottom, me patiently waiting while my cock withered into
limpness. Something nice had happened and I was part of it...and I wanted to
continue whatever I had done to make Mary that happy.

I didn't have to wait long. The next evening we bathed as usual, washing
our hair, rinsing off, and getting ready for bed. This is when I knew
something special was going to happen because Mary was a little bolder
than usual, exposing her pussy to me, outright fondling me in the presence of
our little sister, Betty.

Mary asked mother if she could read us a story and put us to bed that night,
which she did. When she tucked me in, she squeezed my limp penis and
told me to sleep well and gave me a long kiss on my lips. What seemed to
be in the middle of the night, I was awakened by Mary snuggling against
me fondling my cock which was hard. Her other hand was rubbing her
pussy and she was rocking against me.

When I had fully wakened, she pulled me on to of her and spread her legs.
She reached down and rubbed my cock against her slit and told me she was
rubbing her nub with my cockhead instead of her finger. After a while, she
spread her legs even wider apart and scooted down into the bed and told me
to hold still and that she was going to put my penis into her slit "like we
were lovers". She then pushed my bottom and my little erection slipped into
her pussy. She moaned a little, but was quick to reassure me that this makes
her feel very good and asked me to keep pushing.

Almost immediately she started rocking and moaning just like the night
before. It didn't take me long to rock with her rhythm. She let go of my
cock and clasped on to my bottom. Her rhythm increased as did her
moaning and breathing.

"Faster, little brother, faster," she breathed. So I went faster and watched
her face grimace and contort.

She squeezed her eyes shut, then arched against me, still rocking, her body
stiff. I could hardly move my body to continue the rocking she was holding
me so tightly. The she let out her breath, smiled at me and covered me with
kisses, still rocking and hugging. She promised me she would go slower
next time.

There were many more time after that. Unfortunately, I still had no idea
what had pleasured Mary so much, but I just kept doing it.

Our cousin, Nancy, also seemed very pleased at this new sexual experience,
but seemed to be afraid at first. In fact, we did it the old way several times
before Nancy actually pushed my little cock into her. Then she seemed to be
satisfied that everything was all right because we didn't do it the old way
after that.

Nancy was different than Mary in that she didn't kiss me as much and
wanted me off of her quicker when she was done. She was also quiet when
we did it, but she always smiled and hugged me when she was through.
Sometimes she would smile and wink at me during the day, especially at
supper, so I knew she liked it too.


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