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MARY 1959 1962 (bro sis)


MARY 1959-62 (bro-sis)

Mary and I enjoyed our relationship throughout my fourth and fifth grade. I
wanted to know if other boys did these things with their sisters, but Mary
reminded me that it was all right.

"These things are for lovers," she explained. "We can do this because we're
special. I was satisfied that everything was OK.

I tried playing with some of the neighborhood girls, most of them were
Betty's friends. Gayla and Sherri would play with me in our garage and
basement where I would rub their crotches and lay on top of them. They
mostly just giggled and squirmed around and tried to play the mother and
father roles, not really getting into the same level as Mary and I.

Sometimes, one of my friends, Denny, would let me watch his sister,
Theresa, undress. We would play with our little cocks and talk about how
we were going to screw them. Denny said he and Terri sometimes played
with each other crotches when they took a bath together.

Another one of my friends, Bruce, and I would compare our cock sizes as
wegrew up. He was uncircumcised and would roll his cockhead out of his
skin when he got hard. We would watch his aunt, who was ten years older,
through the cracks of the heating vent in his house. We watched her bathe
and pee a lot.

On New Year's Eve 1959, Betty and I stayed up until midnight when dad
shot his gun. They were having a party so Mary had to put us to bed. After
Betty was in bed, Mary told me to come into her bedroom where she
proceeded to undress. I knew we were going to do it, so I was pretty hard by
the time she was completely naked. As I sat on the bed watching her, she
told me to rub my cock and came over to watch me. She sat cross-legged
across from me and we watched each other play for awhile.

Mary was thirteen and in the eighth grade by then. Her skin was dark
andsmooth. her breasts were starting to curve upwards, her nipples were
dark brown and hardened into little pebbles. They bounced a little to the
rhythm of her stroking.

I could see her middle finger buried in to folds of her vagina rubbing her
clitoris, then dipping down into her vagina and back again on her clitoris.
Her pussy was surrounded with jet black pubic hair that didn't quite cover
her vaginal lips. Her whole pussy moved as she rubbed her clitoris in a
circular motion.

She leaned back a placed both legs on either side of me exposing her center
of attention, and stared at the ceiling as though I wasn't there.

"Do you like what you see, little brother?" she asked and then spread her lips
further apart with one hand, not missing a stroke on her clit.

Her lips were also dark and puffy and the inner lips moved in rhythm with
her strokes. I could see her hole as she put her finger into it and then it
came out wet. I wanted to get closer to see everything better. Most of this
was still a mystery to me and very exciting, but I stayed put letting Mary
enjoy herself.

I was also very busy stroking my little penis and pinching the head. It
couldn't have been any bigger than four inches and as big around as a magic
marker, but it felt good and I thoroughly enjoyed playing with myself. I also
knew that Mary liked to watch, and it made me proud to know that I could
make her happy. My ball were like little marbles that ached when she
squeezed them but it still felt good. I had no pubic hair, it was all bare and
everything exposed.

By this time I could feel my little cock hot and throbbing, which was hard
and hot by this time. The head was beginning to turn from red to purple.
Mary sat up and grabbed my shaft with one hand and cupped my balls with
the other. She pinched, squeezed, and stroked it for about five minutes. As I
laid back, she began to work on me with earnest. I watched her fingers rub
over my rim and squeezed the head, then stroke back down the shaft to the
root. Her pacequickened and my hips started to jerk and thrust with each
stroke. This was a new feeling for me. My cock actually ached all the way
down between my legs. Each time she squeezed my balls, I winced with pain
and pleasure. I could feel my ass tighten and my thighs tense up.

Mary let go of my burning boyhood and pulled me up into her arms. I felt
the warmth of her breasts and body against me as she kissed me on the
Her breathing was heavy and she rubbed my back, pulling me down between
her legs and then spreading them wider apart to make room for me. I laid on
top of her with my cock against her pussy and we started pushing and
thrusting against each other.. She covered my face with wet kisses as she
clutched my bottom.

"Let's do it," she demanded as she reached down and took hold of my cock
and rubbed it against her warm, wet pussy, stroking her clitoris with the

I pushed forward and she raised her hips to meet my cock which slid easily
into her slippery hole. We resumed our thrusting, kissing, and grouping.
But things seemed different this time. My cock was on fire and it ached and
throbbed. I started to take the lead and stroked faster as Mary met each
stroke. We both were breathing fast and hard. My body stiffened and my
thrusts became harder. I was frantically trying to do something.

Mary opened her eyes and stared at me, then she grinned and quickened the
pace even more. Then my thighs stiffened. I could hardly move even to
pump into her pussy. My cock burned and pulsed and my balls drew up.

When the first wave of my orgasm hit, I groaned in ecstasy as I lay frozen.
I drove my cock into her again and pleasure hit my senses. Everything
seemed to be lost and in slow motion. As the next ones came, I could only
grunt and Mary took control, grinding into me, grasping me tightly with her
arms and thighs. I could feel the orgasm start to die out, but I wanted more
and I tried to bring it back with more thrusting.

I looked down at my big sister to see her with her head thrown back, eyes
squeezed shut, holding her breath. Her body stiffened. It was her turn,
now. Mary clutched my ass cheeks and arched her back.

"Don't stop! Oh, don't stop!" she rasped.

I resumed my stroking and she grunted loudly, rocking and jerking
uncontrollably. Her face was contorted and red. She let out her breath and
rocked against me several more times, staring into my face, her brown eyes
acknowledging our mutual pleasure.

We hugged and kissed while Mary giggled, "You did it. You did it, little
brother." I now understood beyond a shadow of a doubt what we had done.
It was what the word I had been using really meant. I was FUCKING my
big sister.

I wanted to do it again, but Mary smiled and kissed me on the lips. She
rolled over and we curled up together and went to sleep. Later, Mary took
me back to my own bed, kissed me again, and left. I tried for over an hour
to bring my cock to the throbbing volcano it was earlier, but without success.
When I awoke in the morning, Mary had already left to spend the day with
some of her girlfriends.

We fucked each other about three times a week during the next year and
believe me, it was wonderful. I'm sure we did it in about every room of the
house. There were times that Mary was having her period and then we didn't
do it at all. She would still stroke my little cock until I came. So far, I
wasn't mature enough to actually squirt cum and had no idea that I would
until Mary told me about it.

I also became fascinated in watching Mary pee. At first, she grudgingly let
me watch her and I think it was the first time I made her feel self-conscious.
She would pull her pussy lips apart exposing the lovely folds of her vagina
and allow me to see the inner parts of her tunnel. Then the area around her
hole would relax and pout outward a little. She never warned me when she
was about to pee, so I had to watch carefully for the first dribble of urine
from her peehole. It came out slowly at first and dribbled over her hole and
inner lips. Then it would slow momentarily. After that, her pee would squirt
out, some of it hitting the water directly and some dribbling over her lower
pussy. I could hear the hiss and whistle of it coming out which excited me
which almost always gave me an erection. Then it dribbled to a stop leaving
her pussy wet and glistening. he would wipe it away in two or three swipes
and abruptly pull up her panties.

Mary knew this excited me and I think that is why she let me watch at
almost every opportunity. I would follow her into the bathroom and she
would turn and give me a grin which let me know I had her permission to

Once she went into the bathroom and before I could catch her attention, she
had already gone in. I approached the bathroom door which was open a
crack and peeked in before I knocked. She was already on the toilet seat and
I was quit surprised at what I saw.

Her panties and shorts were around her ankles and her legs were spread
apart. One hand was between her legs and stroking at her crotch just like
when we played together. She was staring straight ahead and rocking
rhythmically and the seat. As her stroking increased, her gaze slowly
shifted upward and she leaned back on the seat which allowed me to see her
hips and bottom and clearly watch her fingers do their work on her pussy. I
knew she was gently stroking her "nub", dipping down into her hole to bring
up her wetness to spread it all over her clitoris. I had seen her do this many
times before, but not all by herself. I had discovered a secret life of my big
sister and it was giving me a rock hard on.

Soon Mary was rubbing her whole crotch with quick strokes which made her
body lurch and rock. Her head and body came forward and she started to
climax. Her black hair fell over her face and hid her expression, but I knew
it was drawn up into a grimace of pleasure; eyes squeezed shut, lips parted,
teeth clenched. She rocked back and forth a couple of times and
straightened up a little as the enjoyment drained away.

I sneaked away, partly down the stairs and then noisily came up again. I
hesitated at the door, then politely knocked.

She let me come and said in a mocking tone, "I suppose you want to watch?"

Her face was flushed and she was still breathing hard when she spread her
legs to let me watch. The sight was delicious. Mary's whole pussy was wet.
Her short, sparse pubic hair was drenched and curled in every direction. The
skin covering her clitoris was puffy and swollen and red with the head of her
clit plainly protruding out. Her inner lips were swollen and purplish-red and
glistening with wetness. Her pee startled me and she giggled at my surprise.
There was no hissing noise this time, her urine just dribbled out all over her
already soaked pussy. She wiped herself thoroughly and pulled up her
panties and shorts. She said something about being in a hurry, kissed me on
the cheek and bounded down stairs.

I wasted no time in pulling down my pants and underwear, sitting on the
warm toilet seat and jerking off my little penis. The knot between my legs
ached for relief. This wasn't the first time I had jerked off. After that
fantastic orgasm in Mary, I went at my boyhood at every opportunity and I
had plenty of them. I was limited to once a day and as hard as I tried, I
couldn't jerk it off to an orgasm more than that.

I could feel the urgency building in my little balls and thighs as I pumped
faster. My cockhead turned purple and the skin became shiny and tight. I
could feel my foreskin click over the rim and back again, my balls bumping
up and down. I remember watching my cousin, Bill, as he jerked off. He
said he had been doing it for about six months and I had joined in at his
urgings. He went faster and faster and then lurched into an orgasm right
before my eyes. It took me a little longer, but the pleasure was unique and
it was self produced and I could do it almost anytime.

Visions of my big sister's pussy, soaked with her wetness and pee pushed me
into an orgasm. I watched my purple head pulse with each jerk of the
orgasm. My balls and sack were drawn tightly against my crotch. I could
feel the heat from my shaft and the rhythmic pulsing of pleasure against my
hand as I slowed the pace, trying to allow the feeling to linger. Warmth
filled my crotch and thighs as the last wave subsided. I wanted it to continue
and held on to my cock, coaxing it to go on, but it was relaxing. This was so
easy and it felt so good.


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