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MARY thick mat pubic hair and


Tired of the normal "fuck-suck" stories I read, I decided to write
some my own way. They are much longer than most, and have (I feel)
more character development than most other adult stories.

This story is intended only to be enjoyed by consenting adults. It
is based on both real life experiences and fantasy. Any
similarities to anybody, living or dead, is intentional. Only the
names have been changed to protect the involved parties.

If you are interested in more like these, my E-Mail address is All of my stories and more are now available
at my web site, "Adventures In Erotica". This is a free site, and
the address is

I welcome any input, or comments, or your own stories. Since I
distribute it for free, please do not place it in any "pay for
access" sites. Other than that, as long as nothing is cut out
(including these comments) distribution is unlimited.

Thank you, and enjoy.


Mary had been my co-worker for just over a year. We worked
together at the same software sales company, and spent 2-3 days a
month on the road. When we were first teamed up together, nobody
thought that it would work out.

You see, everybody at the office knew that I was former
military, and the stereotype of that of course is somebody totally
inflexible in their outlooks. I happen to be far from that, but
nobody at work knew that yet. The reason they thought that would
affect us is that Mary is a Lesbian.

I had always been of the belief that what a person does in
private is their own business, as long as it is not illegal. So
this did not bother me any. It soon became obvious to each of us
that we were going to be good friends in fact.

I looked forward to our evenings on the road. Most of the
trips were from 2-3 days each, and were fun as well as business. It
became our routine to go out to 1 or 2 clubs during the nights, and
we would actually compare the ladies, telling each other which ones
we thought were the best looking, best dressed, or might be the
hottest in bed. Occasionally one of us would even get lucky, going
with a partner to our own room or the other persons place for a
night of fun.

We also spent a lot of time talking, either during the
drives/flights to our sites, or in the evenings over dinner. In one
such conversation, I learned that she had been repeatedly molested
as a child. She did not saw who, but I assumed it was her dad,
since she never talked about him.

I already knew that she had a high sex drive, and would get
depressed if she could not score at least one time during our stays.
Mary told me one time that she liked men, but the idea of having sex
with them repulsed her. She knew it was because of the molestation,
but was unable to change that. However, during our second year of
working together, she was drunk and giggled to me "If I was ever to
try it with a guy, you would be the one."

We were in Texas for a 1 week convention, and the weather was
nasty outside. We were lucky to get adjoining rooms, so we sat in
and ordered dinner to be delivered. So we sat in the room, eating
pizza and drinking beer. We had my curtains open, and watched the
storm rolling across the plains. It was a pretty sight, but I could
tell she was not liking the thunder and lightning.

She told me that it scared her, and always had. After
finishing off the pizza and beer, we said goodnight, and she
returned to her room. I watched tv for a bit longer, then turned in

A few hours later, I was awakened by a loud crash, and
realized that the storm had taken a very bad turn. Several more
claps of thunder followed closely afterwards. I heard a stifled
scream, and Mary ran into my room and jumped into the bed, actually
shivering. I held her as she lightly sobbed onto my shoulder, and
waited for her to calm herself down.

When it was obvious that the storm was not ending soon, she
asked in a quiet voice if she could sleep with me. I hesitated for
a moment, and said that she could. The storm continued, and soon
she was lying next to me, my arms around her as she jumped during
the claps.

She told me of how bad her fear was, but that she could not
help it. She started to lay her head on my chest, but recoiled
violently and shook. I asked her what was wrong, and in a quiet
voice she told me that it was my chest hair. I was only wearing
under shorts, so I quickly got a T-shirt out of my luggage and put
it on. That was good enough, and she laid her head back on my

She finally admitted to me that it had been her father that
molested her, and did so for almost 4 years. I felt saddened as she
told me that. She said that his chest was as hairy as mine, and the
touching of it caused her to react against her will. I softly
caressed her back as we talked, and she admitted that it felt nice.

"Why couldn't you be a girl" she joked. "I could easily love
you, if I could ever stand to have you touch me. But just the
thought of seeing or being touched by a penis makes me frightened
and ill."

I told her to relax, that I was simply trying to make her feel
good, not to excite either of us. I moved my hands down to the
small of her back, and she actually purred quietly, pressing her
belly against my side as I caressed and massaged her there. I was
surprised when she gently kissed my cheek, and thanked me for
letting her stay with me.

We soon fell asleep. A few hours later, I groggily woke up,
and discovered that we were lying spoon fashion, with her bottom
pressed against my groin. My arm was around her waist, and was
actually cupping her breast. I tried to quietly pull away, when
she mumbled for me to stay.

"It's OK, please hold me. It feels nice, and I can handle

The only question was whether or not I could handle it. I had
long been attracted to her large breasts, and I could feel that her
nipple was stiff under my palm. I made an adjustment, and she
sighed as I brought my other arm under her, Mary resting her head on
it as I reached down to cup her other breast.

All Mary was wearing was a thin T-shirt and panties. I could
feel the warmth of her through the fabric, and found it very erotic
and arousing. But remembering what she must have been through, I
was able to keep any sexual thoughts out of my mind, and just hold
her like she was, a scared woman.

We laid there for a long time, savoring the firmness of her
breasts. They felt so nice in my hands, and I could tell that she
had large nipples, because they were both hard under my palms. I
buried my face into her hair, and smelled, enjoying the scent of
her. I realized that I was getting an erection, and pulled my groin
back. "No" she again whispered, and reached back to pull me against
her again.

"I am able to handle this right now, and I know that you can
not control it." There was another loud crash outside, and she
trembled in my arms. I whispered soothing things into her ear,
trying to get her to calm down again. Mary started to lightly
caress my arm, and said that I was very helpful.

I leaned forward to kiss her cheek, but she surprised me by
turning her face, and kissing me on the lips. This was not just a
quick peck either. Mary rolled onto her back, wrapping her arms
around me and kissing me long. I wrapped both arms around her back,
holding her gently and firmly. I wanted to hold her so badly, but
did not want to scare her either.

After about 10 minutes, we broke apart, and she breathed out,
saying "wow" as she did. We hugged closely, and she said that she
had wanted to do that for a long time.

"I don't have a problem with kissing you at all. I could do
that all night long."

To make sure of that, we started to kiss again. She slid her
hand up into my hair, and I felt her tongue gently on my lips. I
opened, and she slid it into my mouth. I gently caressed her tongue
in my mouth, and she almost pulled it into her own mouth with hers.

We did this for almost an hour, just deep kissing and hugging.
It was getting light outside when we finally took a break. I called
down to the lobby, and learned that the show for the day had been
cancelled, because of the storm. I ordered room service again as we
decided to just stay inside today.

After breakfast, we cuddled up again, and she told me that it
must have been our long time working relationship that allowed what
we did during the night. I said that I agreed, and that I would
never do anything she did not want me to do.

We rested for a while, then I awoke, again lying in spoon
position, and with my hands on her breasts. I heard a soft moaning,
and realized that Mary was moving slightly. I looked down
carefully, and realized that she was playing with herself. My cock
gave a lurch, and she must have felt it because she suddenly

"Mike" she whispered. "Are you awake?"

"Yes, I am" I whispered back.

Mary surprised me by reaching up and taking my right arm off
of her breast. I started to remove my other hand when she whispered
for me to leave it there. She gently kissed my hand, and caressed
her own face with it. I started to caress her myself, and she

I gently squeezed her breast in my left hand, and she moaned
lightly. I was further surprised when she took my hand, and slid it
down into her panties. She had a thick mat of pubic hair, and was
very damp.

"Please, I want you to do this, but be gentle."

I kissed her again, deeply as I slid my hand in and around her
pubic hair, gently playing with it. It felt so nice, feeling her
this way. Soon I moved my hand away, and she moaned in frustration.

"Just relax. I want to make this last longer. We have all
day, no reason to rush. Plus I want to make sure you are ready and
able to handle this."

I moved my hands up and cupped her face in them, kissing her
deeply and passionately as I did so. She shuddered lightly, but I
could tell it was from passion, not fear or revulsion. We continued
to kiss like that, and I rolled us onto our sides, facing each

I took my time, spending 10 minutes before I moved down to
start kissing her ear and neck. Mary moaned my name, and said that
she had never felt this way before.

"You are the first man that I can do this with, and not be
scared or sickened."

I continued to kiss her neck, and she actually purred as I did
so. I was caressing her back, but started to move my hand to her
side, and was soon caressing the side of her breast. I was trying
to go slowly, because I really wanted to make love to her. I kept
telling her that I really cared about her, and that I would stop at
any time.

I moved my hand to the front again, this time concentrating on
her nipple as I gently pinched and caressed it. I was biting her
ear lobe lightly, then sucking it into my mouth. I felt her belly
pressing against mine, and it was marvelous.

I felt her hands caressing my chest through the shirt, and I
moved my hand down, then inside of hers. I caressed her belly,
slowly working my way up. She moaned how good it felt, then kissed
my neck. I moved further down as I moved up, kissing her neck and
shoulder as my hand cupped her breast.

I knew that she was a 36C, from accompanying her on clothes
shopping trips a few times. Feeling them was even better. I could
tell that her nipples were as large as I had imagined. Her areola
felt to be the size of a half dollar, and I gently ran my fingers
around them. I gently caressed the side of her hard nipple, poking
out stiffly from the center. Mary moaned into my neck as I gently
caressed her distended nipple, then softly pinched it, rolling my
fingers around it.

We continued this way for almost an hour, kissing and necking
as I caressed her breasts and she caressed my back and chest. We
finally broke to take a rest. Holding each other, we listened to
the rain pour down outside as we quietly talked about the last day.

After a while, Mary started to caress my chest again, and we
started to kiss some more. I slowly pushed up her shirt, and bent
my head down to suckle her breasts. I gently sucked, licking her
nipple as I did. Mary held my face tight, moaning softly as I
lightly bit and suckled. Soon, I felt her groin pressing against
mine. She rhythmically pressed her groin against mine as we kissed.
Soon she was gasping, and pressing real hard against me. We rolled
over, with her on top of me.

I continued to suckle and lick her breasts as she reached
orgasm, I moved up to kiss her deeply. She moaned into my mouth as
she shuddered, and then collapsed on top of me. I gently caressed
her back as she laid there, holding me tight and kissing me all over
my face.

After Mary recovered her breath, she rolled onto her side, and
we cuddled some more. We talked, and she admitted that that was the
first time she actually enjoyed having an orgasm with a man. In a
little girl voice, she told me that sometimes her dad would force
her to have an orgasm when he raped her. It seemed that it made him
feel more like a man when she would come when he gave her one, so
she learned to fake them, just to get him to leave her alone.

She slowly moved her hand up and down my chest, and moved her
leg along my thigh. It felt so wonderful, just holding this lovely
lady. Finally, she looked at me, and said "You have not cum yet,
have you?"

I said that I had not, but it was OK. She had, and that is
what was important to me. I felt her tremble as she lowered her
hand, cupping my groin through my shorts. She gently caressed my
hardness through them. I whispered that she did not have to do
this, but she said that she did.

"I want to get over at least some of this, and you are the
best man I know of."

With this, she pulled my underwear off, and slowly reached
out. After stopping a few times, she finally grasped my erection,
and held it. Very gently, she started to caress me, stroking me
firmly. It felt wonderful, as she held me tight enough to feel, but
loose enough that her hand slipped up and down my skin. I turned my
head to kiss her, and felt her tremble slightly. I whispered
reassuring words to her again.

I could tell that she was fairly good, but felt like I wanted
to kill her father, knowing where she had gotten the experience.
After about 5 minutes, she stopped and said that her hand was tired.
I said it was OK, and we cuddled for a while.

She said she was doing better than she expected she would, and
reached down to remove my shirt. I asked if she was sure, and Mary
reassured me she was. She gingerly ran her fingers through my chest
hair, this time with no obvious revulsion on her face. Slowly, she
moved her hand, caressing my nipples. She giggled when they became
hard, comparing them to the size of her nipples. After playing with
them for several moments, Mary moved her hand down some more.

Finally she was gripping my hard cock again. By this time,
she actually seemed like she wanted to do this, the hesitancy from
earlier was completely gone. We started to kiss again, as she
rapidly moved her hand up and down my hardness. After only a few
minutes, I felt that I was close, and broke the kiss to warn her.

Mary looked down, and I caught her smiling as I went over the
top, and started cumming. Sperm shot out, and the first few jets
caught her in the face. After that, they trailed off, covering my
chest and belly. I had not had an orgasm that strong in a long
time. When she finally let go of me, we shared another kiss, then
Mary got up to go get a washcloth.

It was wonderful watching her lovely body walk across the
floor, then feel her gentle hand again as she gently washed the
sperm from my body. We then cuddled together some more, spending
the entire day in bed together.

That was 6 months ago, and things are still pretty much the
way they were originally. People are still amazed that this former
military guy can work with a Lesbian, and vise versa. We enjoy our
out of town trips, and occasionally try to pick up on women, and
laugh about it in fun. But maybe every 2nd or 3rd trip, we make
love like that again. We have yet to actually have intercourse, but
our necking and petting sessions are very enjoyable. The last time,
she even mentioned possibly involving another girl between the two
of us. I do not know if that will ever happen, but I do care
greatly about Mary, and would probably do anything for her.


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