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MARYJANE video camera utter humiliation


About Mary-Jane

By Orestes

This work is copyright (c) 2001 by Orestes. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long as
all author related information and this paragraph remain on
the copies. I don't mind if you send it along to a friend,
repost it to an appropriate newsgroup, or post it to your
adult-oriented web site, so long as you don't charge money
for any of these activities. No alteration of the contents
is permitted.
Growing tip #1: Control your environment, or it will control

Nike. Tommy. DKNY. I watched them all float in through
the doors of the classroom without a care. No, this wasn't a
college classroom at all... this was a fashion show. They
laughed and mingled. Their pet cell phones rang incessantly.
They set up their two-thousand dollar laptops to take notes
that, frankly, wouldn't be worth writing on paper.

So why was I there, copying the professor's notes onto
the white-boards, hoping that no one would notice that the
second-hand pants I was wearing were a few inches too short
and frayed on the cuffs ?

I was here, playing teacher's aid for a second rate
professor, because I didn't have daddy's money to spend. I
was here by the grace of the student loan program, to which
I had pledged my eternal soul in return for a Masters degree
in horticulture. It was a distinction which, due to the
rising price of natural gas, would soon be as valuable as a
deep fryer certificate from McDonalds university.

I hoped the greenhouse industry would see a turn-around
in the next year. Otherwise, my remaining career options
might consist of spending the next ten semesters in
indentured servitude teaching at a community college just
like this one. I'd be the second -rate professor in this
classroom, and I'd hate every moment of it.

It was all pretty hard to swallow, and was made even more
difficult by my immersion in this world of first year
students, flush with parental money and still riding their
morning caffeine high, courtesy of the local Starbucks.
Meanwhile, my nostrils were filled with the false-fruity
scents of the dry-erase markers, while I struggled to
decipher the cryptic notes of Professor Anders. He was late
in arriving as usual.

I, on the other hand, was always on time. I maintained a
high GPA. I tried to do the right things, but it never
seemed to quite work out. Even with Jamie... it had been
wasted effort trying to keep her happy. I struggled to buy
her things on my limited resources. I worked to find enough
time for a relationship. When things were falling apart, I
tried to bribe her into staying with expensive jewellery.

But it wasn't the money. I should have known it. Jamie
just didn't want to hang on to me while I sunk. I really
can't blame her, I suppose, although I've been known to
explore contrary sentiments when drinking with friends. And
now, the first fourty-two dollars of my monthly stipend went
to pay for a ring that she won't wear anymore, and I was too
stupid to ask her to return.

Again, I was just trying to do the right thing. For all
the good it had done me so far...

So when the opportunity came to do the wrong thing, it
felt pretty damned good to surrender to my instincts. Okay,
so I'm a guy, and I'll admit that my penis may have had a
say in this particular decision.

This girl had always caught my eye. She was Vietnamese. I
could tell by her last name on the student list. She didn't
really even speak much English, which made her seem a little
vulnerable amongst the other students. I mean, sure, she
dressed better than most, and drove a beautiful little car,
and laughed along with their jokes, but she wasn't really
one of them.

I could tell she didn't get it. She didn't understand the
course material. She had probably floated along in high
school on her good looks, and her bright, mischievous smile.
It was a smile that stopped the world. It floored me every

So I found myself giving the girl extra class time to
help her catch up, even though I knew that she would never
pass the course. She flirted with me in return. It was
something she did naturally, as part of her innate sex
appeal. I never thought she was really interested.

Then she asked me something that made the hair on my neck
stand on end.

" I have some plants at home, " she whispered to me one
day, when I was close enough to smell the spice of her
perfume, " but they're not doing so good. Can you come over
and help me with them ?"

Which, of course, I absolutely knew that I shouldn't
consider. The girl was four years my junior, and, by my
current assessment, wasn't terribly bright. I'd just be
leading her on. Not to mention that my father would kill me
if her found out that I was dating an oriental girl.

I should probably have done the right thing, but another
part of me made excuses. We don't have to be intellectually
compatible. It doesn't have to be a long-term relationship.
My parents don't have to know, I told myself. She would just
be a guilty pleasure... a reward for years of relative
virtue on my part. Besides, the way she smiled at me while
my heart fluttered in my chest - you know, that bright,
mischievous smile - I'm pretty sure I couldn't have refused
her if I wanted to.

So, minutes after the class was over, I was leaving
campus as a passenger in her little European sports car.

It felt really weird to be leaving in the middle of the
day. Normally, I would have caught a bus back to university
campus to catch my afternoon classes, and wouldn't have
arrived home until late. This break in the routine was an
unexpected liberation. Ashley's driving was yet another
adventure. She was quick around corners, and impatient to
pass, but what really surprised me was how easily she
mastered the vehicle.

She wasn't timid behind the wheel. In contrast to her
meek, awkward demeanour in the academic environment, out
here, she was in complete control. My heart raced along with
the car's engine. By the time we pulled into the driveway of
a quiet suburban home, my opinion of Ashley was shifting.
There was more to this girl than I had imagined. I just
didn't yet know exactly what it was.

" Nice neighbourhood, " I commented. Ashley looked down
the street as if this was the first time she had really paid

" I guess so, " she shrugged.

" This is your parent's place ?"

She shrugged again.

Inside, I puzzled at the lack of furnishings. Upstairs
was all but empty. A few lamps were set up, and some second-
hand furniture littered the corners of the rooms, but
otherwise, it looked entirely abandoned.

" You want some beer, yes. " It wasn't so much a question
as a statement. She fetched me a beer from the fridge.

" I'm a little confused, " I admitted.

" Downstairs, " she answered, and led the way.

She paused to disarm an alarm system, and unlock the
outer door to the basement. Only then did I understand why
she was so eager for me to have a look at her sick plants.


I should have known. In my province, it's a cottage
industry. If I had been thinking at all, I would have
remembered that much of the supply came from Vietnamese
organized crime.

As it was, I just stood there dumbfounded, taking in the
details of the scene before me.

Strangely, it reminded me of a Christmas tree stand. The
plants stretched upright beneath the orange glow of the
precariously strung sodium lamps. Silver mylar film lined
the walls, adding a hint of tinsel to the festive display.

I held my beer stupidly as Ashley took me by the hand and
led me into the room.

That's when the smell hit me. I don't know what I was
expecting. It wasn't the scent of pot being smoked. It
wasn't the potent skunky odour I had heard so often about.
It just smelled ... heavy... like chlorophyll, but with a
strange musk in it. I can't really describe it.

" See, the leaves are sick... and all the babies are

It was no wonder. The temperature in this room was out of
control. There was next to no air circulation. And the
'babies', or cuttings, were buried to the lower leaves in
soaking wet peat moss.

" This is..." I began. I wanted to tell her all of the
things she was doing wrong, but she wouldn't have understood
anyhow. Having worked with her in class, I knew she wouldn't
get it. It would be a waste of breath.

" I can't help you..." I tried to withdraw. " It's too
much of a risk. "

" Nobody knows. Just this one time, okay. "

Nearby, there was a pile of unused equipment. Fans. Light
movers. Timers.

" You just need to set this up properly. I mean, you need
to get some air in here, and..."

And she had me so easily. She didn't have to lift a
finger. It was like letting a hacker loose in an electronics
store. Inevitably, I found myself wiring up the equipment,
adjusting the lights, spraying the plants, and taking a new
set of cuttings. By the time I turned my attention to Ashley
again, two hours had passed.

She brought me another beer and began to undress.

" What are you doing ?"

The Vietnamese girl smiled, knowing that she didn't
really need to explain. This was my reward for helping her
out. She pulled off her blouse, and then unbuckled her belt.
I took a swallow of beer, trying to act more casual than I
felt. Inside, my heart was aching in anticipation of her
silky flesh.

She squirmed out of her jeans, and stood there in her bra
and an oddly fashionable pair of boxer shorts.

" Upstairs ?" she asked, but we never made it out of the
grow room.
Growing tip #2: These plants can handle a fair amount of
heat. So you push it. More lamps mean more bud. You try to
convince yourself that you can manage the extra heat. Don't
be a jackass. It's too fucking hot, and you know it.
I scolded myself for having feelings that weren't
rightfully mine. I wasn't entitled to feel protective, or
jealous, or really much of anything towards Ashley.

" I told my boyfriend about you - and he was angry. But
he okay now, " she told me, explaining the bruised eye that
she had worn to school that day.

Boyfriend ? This was the first I'd heard about it. Of
course, I'd never asked. We didn't do much talking. I worked
in the grow room, then we had sex. Over the course of the
weeks I had spent with her, I had wrestled with my morals
about these illicit activities. Yes, it was all morally
wrong. Why should it make any difference that she had a
boyfriend ?

I wasn't even entitled to ask for answers. She was using
me. I was using her. It was a simple exchange, and I would
be better off if I just kept it that way. It didn't matter
how I felt about some lowlife coward who would beat on his
girlfriend. It was none of my business.

" So we're done then ?"

" No. I told you... he okay now. He was mad that I show
you his plants. But now he sees how good they grow, and he
doesn't mind so much. So you still come over. "

These days, my mind rarely wandered away from that
basement room. I don't know what combination of intoxicants
had captured my imagination so thoroughly. Was it the sex ?
Maybe. The excitement of the illegal activity ? Yes, there
was some of that. However, there was something about the
plants themselves that had an allure for me.

In my years of schooling, I had visited commercial
operations of every scale. I envied those men who operated
the large-scale hothouses. It was what I was born to do.
They put to the test every bit of knowledge that was
collecting dust in my brain. They could see, and feel, and
smell their successes.

I ached for that feeling.

Yet even in the greenhouse industry, there was
compromise. They traded away optimum growing conditions for
the economics of the marketplace. There was only so much of
a premium that the market would bear for hothouse produce,
when field-grown alternatives were such a viable

With these plants, there was no compromise. The economics
were simple. Every pound of dried flower bud was worth
thousands of dollars. Increasing that yield, by any means,
would be worth the extra input costs. Electricity. Natural
gas for CO2 enrichment. Equipment worth thousands of
dollars. They all disappeared when compared to the eventual
selling price of BC bud.

There was a strange exotic beauty to these plants. When
Ashley invited me to have sex there amongst them, all of my
senses were filled. The slender leaves cast their dappled
shadows upon her perfect body. The warmth of the air flowed
over us, and the scent of the plant was everywhere. But the
taste was all Ashley.

Even though everything sane within me warned me to back
away, I couldn't give it up. Not yet. Before the afternoon
was over, I had skipped another day of school in favour of
our hidden garden, and the taste of Ashley's body.

At first, sex with Ashley had been very one-sided. It
seemed that Ashley took the submissive role by habit, and in
the beginning, I had been content with it. The way she used
her lips around my cock and worshipped my balls, before
expertly mounting me and using every move of her lithe body
to coax me to orgasm, well, it made me feel like a king.

Ashley didn't even consider her own pleasure.

But as much as I tried to enjoy these self-indulgent
sessions, I guess I felt a bit guilty. It was probably
unnecessary. Ashley certainly didn't expect to be treated
like my other girlfriends had. In fact, when I paid
attention to her body, it seemed like she was just allowing
me to touch her for my own gratification.

I probably should have accepted it. We were never going
to be in a real 'relationship'. We were just too different.
I'd never be able to see her as my intellectual equal. I
should have just accepted it as raw, guilty sex with some
Vietnamese gang-girl, and left it at that.

But I over-think things. Being a selfish lover wasn't
something I could accept in myself. And maybe, despite all
my best efforts, I was beginning to have feelings for her. I
wanted to see her sexual needs satisfied too. When my lips
reached the inside of her thighs that first time, she didn't
seem certain what to do. She tensed, and I paused.

" Is this okay ?" I asked.

" I guess so ... I just... well, none of my boyfriends
have wanted to do this. They think it's unmanly. "

I couldn't believe that no one had ever given this girl
the pleasure that she deserved. God, she was beautiful, and
when I tasted her, her body reacted immediately. She pushed
her almost hairless crotch into my nose involuntarily, and
gave out a little squeal.

I toyed with the sensitive flesh of her pussy, enjoying
the way her tiny asian body reacted to my movements. Her
flavour was exotic, like the dark leaves of the plants that
towered above us.

She was so sensitive to the touch of my tongue that she
came within a couple of minutes. I held her in place by the
hips as she writhed through her climax.

" Oh no, please stop... it's too much..." she begged me

That had been in the first week. By the time I learned
about her boyfriend, the taste of her pussy had become a
part of every session. Ashley was no longer shy about her
own pleasure. In fact, it seemed that now that I had opened
the door, she was anxious to explore these new feelings.
These days, she waited somewhat impatiently for me to finish
with the plants, and had her jeans and underwear pulled down
to her knees by the time I had my tools put away.

I guess I didn't mind indulging her, even if it did come
at the expense of my own pleasure to some extent. She no
longer spent the time to worship my cock with her mouth. She
was always anxious to get my face between her legs.

If I wanted intercourse, she would oblige, but she
surprised me by insisting that I give her oral sex
afterwards. I have to admit that I was reluctant. Who was I
kidding though ? I was wrapped around Ashley's little

Once I got going, it wasn't so bad. I tried to ignore the
added flavour to her used pussy. Ashley absolutely loved it.

" Oh, yeah... lick me good and clean, Blondie. "

Blondie was what she called me instead of my real name. I
guess it didn't matter. We didn't do much talking anyhow.
Besides, it wasn't like Ashley was *her* real name. It was
probably just an easier version of her given name for white
people to remember.

So, like I said, by the time I even knew she had a
boyfriend, Ashley was accustomed to relying on me for her
sexual release. I wondered what kind of a brute this guy
was, to refuse his girlfriend any pleasure from sex. From
the way Ashley had treated me when we first got together, I
had some idea of how he expected her to behave - as a
submissive sex object.

My dislike for the guy went past his treatment of Ashley.
I mean, these were his plants. The way the room was set up,
it was clear that he didn't know a bloody thing about
growing. He had just thrown in the plants and the lights,
and hoped for the best. When things began to go wrong, he
had left Ashley to take care of them. When the yield turned
out to be low, no doubt he would have blamed the girl, and
given her another black eye or worse.

And so I was fixing things for her. She purchased the
supplies, and I made the plants healthy. In the end,
however, it would be her boyfriend who walked in and took
all the profit.

As much as I resented him, I couldn't bring myself to
leave. The days in our artificial world grew shorter.
Outside, it was spring, but indoors, I was giving the plants
the autumn they needed to induce them to bloom. I reduced
the day length to twelve hours, and watched as the shortened
photoperiod pushed the plants into reproductive overdrive.

Even while the days got shorter, my dirty sessions with
Ashley lengthened. She liked to have me massage her body to
begin. I would undress her slowly, caressing her feet with a
tenderness that betrayed my growing feelings for the girl.
Between the dark plants, growing heavy with flower buds, and
the taste of her flesh, I was missing more school than I
cared to think about.

I would kiss the insides of her legs, and suckle at her
pointed nipples to get her into the mood. Sometimes, she
liked me to play with her ass for while, teasing her shapely
rear with my lips before pushing my tongue into her tight

Yes, I felt dirty. It was as shameful a thing as I'd ever
imagined. But here, it felt right. Everything here was
illicit and shameful. Christ, she wasn't even my own
girlfriend. I got a rush just thinking about it all.

And when she was satisfied with the attention to her ass,
and was ready for her pussy to be serviced, she rolled over
and pulled my head into position. She didn't really let me
cum these days. Between all of the massaging and
worshipping, I guess we just didn't find time. If I tasted
semen on her pussy, I knew that it wasn't mine, but was
leftover from the rough, demanding sex of her boyfriend.

On those days, I think she enjoyed her orgasm most. I'm
sure the contrast between her two lovers was a source of
excitement for her. She pushed her sloppy crotch against my
lips, and pulled at my hair demandingly.

Ashley talked to herself in Vietnamese through these
orgasms, only breaking into English to give new commands.

" No, Blondie, deep now... fuck... taste it all... suck
me good..."

And then she would slip back into her native language.

Once I was accustomed to it, I was surprised by what a
sexual charge I got out of these disturbingly one-sided

In the final few days before the plants were ready to be
harvested, Ashley told me that her boyfriend was growing
impatient and paranoid.

" He doesn't want you here any more... "

I felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach. These plants
were my life right now. And Ashley...

" Oh, poor Blondie... you so sad, " she tried to sound
sympathetic, but instead, came off as a little
condescending. " Don't start crying now. Tell you what...
come over to my Auntie's house next Wednesday... you and I
can still have fun... and maybe you can have a look at
Uncle's plants..."

She kissed me on the cheek, like I was a lost little boy,
and let out a little giggle.

I resented the hell out of her for that. I found myself
stewing over the way she took me for granted. I had saved
her ass. I had given every bit of pleasure she had asked
for. And in the end, she patted me on the head, and sent me
on my way, while her boyfriend came in and profited from my
work. My plants. Yeah, I resented the hell out of the whole
situation, myself most of all for going along with it... for
the feelings that I couldn't control, even though it was
obvious that Ashley would never return my affection.

In the week that followed, I resisted the temptation to
call her. It would just make me seem even more pathetic. I
tried, instead, to catch up on some of my schoolwork, but I
couldn't keep my mind on it.

When Wednesday came around, I swore to myself that I
wouldn't show up at her Auntie's house. I knew that Ashley
would just use me again. It was the premise of our whole

Then, as the evening crept up on me, I felt hungry for
just one more taste of her body, and I knew I wouldn't be
able to resist.

Being used wasn't so bad... as long as I knew what I was
getting into...

I knocked gently on the door. Ashley answered.

" You late tonight, " she scolded me. " My Auntie don't
like late visitors. "

" Sorry, I..."

She led me in. The house held the scents of asian
cooking. I could smell the spices in the air. Ashley led me
quietly through the darkened hallways into her cluttered
room. Here, with clothing and CD's strewn over the floor,
Ashley seemed much more the teenage girl than I guess I had
allowed myself to accept her as. On her wall, she had tacked
up pictures of her friends. I paused there, and finally
found a picture of her boyfriend, a young guy with
sunglasses and a too-tough expression on his face.

" Come on, " she urged, already half way out of her

All of my hurt feelings disappeared as I crawled between
her thighs, and took in a breath of her perfume. Ashley
urged me onwards with every move of her body, and I obliged
her, soon revelling in the familiar taste of her body. In
this setting, she tasted young and sweet, but far from

A sound from the hallways startled me, but Ashley kept me
on task with a firm grip of my hair. Only when the door to
her room actually opened did she react. She released my face
and began to cover herself, but a sharp command in
Vietnamese ordered her back into position. It was a male
voice. My heart almost stopped beating.

For the first time since I began breaking the rules, I
felt the consequences catching up with me. It was Ashley's
boyfriend at the door, and he sounded angry. Of course he
was angry. Fuck, I had my face buried between his teen aged
girlfriend's thighs.

His words cut through the air with an acid that sizzled
through the language barrier.

" He wants you to keep going, " Ashley whispered,
interpreting his commands for me. Despite the translation, I
still wasn't sure I understood. Did he really want me to
continue licking her pussy ?

" He's drunk. And he's pissed off. And he think it's
funny that a guy would do this for a girl, " she explained.

Great. So the fact that he was drunk and amused at this
moment was the only thing that was stopping Ashley's gang-
member boyfriend from cutting my throat. That was a great

He laughed bitterly from the doorway, and made comments
to his girlfriend in his native language. The tone of her
answers told me that she was agreeing with him, placating
him, echoing his amusement. Despite the fact that I knew she
was just doing her best to save both of our asses, it stung
a little when she laughed at his jokes about me.

Then things became serious again, as his voice raised,
and his language became more lively.

" He thinks you're a sissy... pathetic, he calls you...
and all sorts of names, but it's not enough. He say that he
should kill you for screwing me, but I keep on telling him
that you don't screw me... you just lick... but he doesn't
believe me. Tell him you're a sissy white boy, and you only
like to lick me..."

" I'm a sissy..." I gasped, not knowing if he would even
understand my lies, " I don't fuck your girlfriend... I'm
not man enough... I just like to lick her..."

His voice rose in anger again.

" He says he should kill you now for lying. He's telling
you to take off your jeans... he wants you to fuck me in
front of him... oh, Blondie... he'll kill you..."

He pulled me up by my hair, and shouted the command
again. I didn't have much of a choice. If I didn't do what
he said now, he'd probably kill me right away. I had no idea
if this guy was armed.

I pulled down my jeans and underwear, and for the first
time in a couple of weeks, I knelt between Ashley's perfect
legs, and prepared to enter her. Except that I couldn't. Not
that I wasn't turned on enough. Riding this girl's body to
orgasm had been my constant fantasy since I met her. Her
taste was still warm on my tongue.

God, I wanted her, but I was limp. My tool flopped
uselessly against her entrance, while I proved true all of
the insults hurled at me in the preceding minutes. Pathetic.
Sissy. Girly.

The gang member reached around me, and fondled my cock
roughly, insisting that I was faking my difficulties
entering Ashley. Once he had the full weight of my cock
cupped in his hand, his anger faded again. He laughed and
hurled more insults in his language.

" This is much better... if you keep acting like a sissy,
he might let you live... now he wants you to lick me some

I squirmed back down on the bed, anxious to do anything
to convince this guy how unmanly I really was. My face
burned with shame while Ashley unnecessarily translated some
of his mirth about my failed erection.

" He says you really are like a girl, with little parts,
and smooth skin. He says your penis is like a sponge...
squeeze it and it disappears..."

His hands knew no boundaries. He touched my cock freely
now, and slapped my bare ass while I tried to please his
girlfriend with my tongue.

" He says you have pale skin like a baby girl..."

I didn't like the comparison much, but my mind was on
other things. His roaming hands were kneading my ass now. I
felt the mattress shift as he crawled up onto the bed behind
me. It didn't take a genius to know what would happen next.

I began to protest, but Ashley urged me to silence. "
Shhh... be a good sissy for him, and he won't be as angry...
show him that you're not a threat..."

Laying there with my ass exposed, a thousand thoughts
passed through my mind. This was the perfect completion to
my foray into the world of the forbidden. I was wrong for
pursuing Ashley. I was wrong to break the law. I was wrong
to ignore my schoolwork. For the first time in my life, I
was doing all of the wrong things, and while they had felt
good at the time, now, here I was, bent over like a naughty
schoolgirl, ready to take the strap on my ass.

All of those thoughts disappeared when his prick began to
insist its way between my ass cheeks. Ashley cooed for me to
submit, as much for her own sake as mine.

" Good... let him in... it's only for a little while...
show him how unmanly you are... let him fuck you like a
white girl..."

Which was all easier said than done. He jabbed his
frustrated organ against me, and spit repeatedly between my
ass cheeks to lubricate my rear hole. I whimpered in pain as
he forced the unwelcome flesh up into me.

" Just a little more... just a tiny bit more..." Ashley
chanted. I wasn't sure if she was talking about his progress
in impaling me, or her own impending orgasm. As it turned
out, the completion of both events happened at the same
time. Just as I felt his cock hit home, Ashley's body rocked
in climax.

" Good... sissy... Blondie..." she grunted her orgasm,
mashing her crotch into my tongue.

Her boyfriend took much longer, and it got no easier.
Ashley watched silent now, while he slammed his frustrations
into my abused anus. I could feel his breath quickening
against my shoulders, and his balls slapping against my

I imagined he was fucking my ass in revenge for all of
the racial slurs he had ever been the target of, and all of
the white girls who had never given him a second glance. He
gave me no sympathy when I cried out. Ashley watched with
interest, her legs still positioned on either side of my
head. Finally, he pushed his quaking body into me, and
deposited his cum inside.

He grunted words in his own language that Ashley didn't
need to translate for me. I got the idea. He was saying, '
I'm cumming in your ass, you cunt licking white sissy..."

And I deserved every moment of it, just for agreeing to
play this game.
Growing tip #3: Marijuana doesn't force you to love it. It
invites. It entices. Unlike other widely available drugs, it
isn't physically addictive. Nonetheless, it can capture a
soul just as easily. If you want to grow the plant
successfully, there's no reason to fight it. Drink in all of
the details. Interact with the plants. Live with them.
Surrender to them.
I spent the weekend drinking with university friends.

" It's a shame about you and Jamie, " Shane approached
the subject with caution. The amount of school I had been
missing, it was bound to look like I was still sore from the

I almost laughed. No one could know how far that
relationship had drifted from my mind. It was like a
different world.

No, I wasn't sore from the break-up. I was sore from
being fucked in the ass. I was hurt by the way Ashley had
begged me accept the abuse. I was upset by the way she had
watched, and even enjoyed an orgasm while her boyfriend
emasculated me. Then, when he was done with me, she had
taken him into her arms, and kissed him, and assured him
that she belonged to him.

Not me.

I don't really know why I even cared what Shane thought.
He was a bit of an intellectual bully. He liked to wax
philosophic in foreign languages when drinking with friends,
and I was the only guy who always told him he was full of

" No man, I'm not worried about Jamie. I guess we all
knew it was coming. You even tried to warn me a couple of
times. "

" That I did, my friend. "

" But no... I've already hooked up with another girl. "

" Bullshit. Who is she ?"

" Her name is Mary-Jane, " I named her on the spot. It
popped out so naturally, I even surprised myself. There was
no chance I was going to tell him about Ashley.

" Mary-Jane ? No kidding... like from the Spiderman
comics ?"

Not exactly the literary reference I expected from him. I
almost spit out my beer, it cracked me up so bad. "Yeah, I
guess so... like Spiderman's girlfriend. "

" Well, way to go Spidey, " he raised his glass in a

By the time we were done drinking, Shane had no idea
whether Mary-Jane was real or not. Neither did I.

When I woke up the following morning, it took me a good
long while to sort out my head, and for a few minutes while
I was still spinning in my bead, I forgot how much my life
had changed in the last three months.

Three months. I had to look at a calendar to convince
myself of it. It's weird, the way I had fooled my own mind.
I knew the amount of time it took me to nurse those plants
back to health. I knew that once I had shortened the day
length for the plants, it had taken over six weeks for the
flower buds to ripen. I had logged it carefully in a spare
notebook. All this time, I had spent in our hidden garden,
the taste of Ashley's body never far from my lips, and
somehow, I guess I had just expected time to suspend itself
for me in the outside world.

Hell, I had just pushed any thought about it to the side,
along with my feelings of morality and shame.

My real life caught up with me with the ferocity of a
lover scorned. I could still feel the alcohol tugging at the
corners of my brain when I stepped out of the shower and
dressed for a meeting with my academic advisor. I tucked the
eviction notice from my landlord into my jacket pocket. If I
was lucky, I'd be able to squeeze another payment out of the
student loan program, and delay it all for one more month.

As it was, Janice fucked me up the ass much more brutally
than Ashley's boyfriend had.

" It seems you've had some difficulty meeting your
obligations as a teaching assistant recently, " she began,
with only a trace of sympathy. Her voice was colder than I'd
ever heard it.

" Well, yeah... I mean, I've been sick lately, and I've
missed a few classes. "

" More than a few, " she corrected me. " I'm afraid the
college is going to have to withhold payment. "


" Your schoolwork has slipped too, " she paused. " Do you
want to tell me what's happening with you ?"

Somehow, I doubted that I could make a case that three
months of growing pot and learning how to properly lick the
ass of a cute Vietnamese girl was a wise academic choice. I
shook my head meekly.

She was losing patience with me. Janice used to believe
in me. I was one of her kids. Jamie was too. In fact, it was
largely through her matronly interference that we had become
a couple. Every few of weeks, I would make an appearance in
her office, and let her uncomfortably probe my personal
life. She wanted to know about my family, and about Jamie,
and would talk endlessly about her favourite poets. In fact,
about the only thing we didn't talk about was my education.

Then, when our meetings were nearing an end, she would
give me a wink, and tell me not to worry about money
problems... that she would take care of the whole thing. I
was in her care.

Not anymore. I could feel it. I had done the only thing
that was unforgivable to the woman. I had shut her out.

" Look... I can see that you're having trouble right now,
" her tone reminded me of the condescending manner I had so
recently absorbed from Ashley, and I knew that another ass
fucking was certain to come at any moment. " I think it's
best for everyone involved if we simply declare this
semester a write-off, and begin fresh in the fall. We can
discuss funding options at that time. "

" But I..." my voice halted.

" Yes ?"

I pulled the crumpled eviction notice from my jacket
pocket and began to speak, but I already knew that it was
useless. " I've fallen a little behind on my rent payments.
I just need to get caught up a bit. "

" All the more reason you should call it quits for this
semester. You can't keep up. This will give you an early
start on the summer job hunt, and by the time fall comes,
maybe you'll be a little more caught up. "

She knew exactly what she was sentencing me to. It would
be six months hard labour at a minimum wage job. It would
barely be enough to pay the rent. Then, I'd be right back
here at Janice's desk again, begging for a government
handout to complete my education.

I felt sick.

That night, I sat beside a phone in the apartment that
wasn't really mine anymore. I had two phone numbers set out
in front of me. One was on a neat card from the University's
counselling department. In our early days together, Janice
had written her home number across the bottom. The other
number was scrawled on a crumpled bit of paper I had dug
through the trash to retrieve.

Calling either one was a surrender.

For Janice, the terms would include a confession. That's
what she wanted. She wanted me to throw myself on her mercy.
Then, after some pleading and crying, she would take me back
into her protection, and talk to my teachers, and make
everything better.

It would have to be a full confession. My blood ran cold
at the thought of it. She would listen with gleeful
disapproval while I related my story. She would want all of
the details, and it would be no use trying to lie to her..

When I held the other number in front of me, my hands
trembled with a queer sort of anticipation. It would be a
different kind of surrender. The pager number would deliver
me back into Ashley's dark world of depravity and
immorality. It was an escape from my current reality.

Reality. That was the irony of it all. My real life
didn't feel quite so real. It was all concept and intellect,
with none of the flavour and texture that Ashley's world
offered. There, I lived for the touch of real plants... not
their conceptual counterparts on the pages of a book. I
loved everything about them. They were my second lover.

And Ashley was so real, it made my heart ache to think of
her. She wasn't mine, but she was real, and I loved the
taste of her body... even the taste of humiliation when she
used me without regard to my feelings. There was nothing
fake about her selfishness. It was one-hundred percent real,
and it aroused me just thinking about it.

I could pretend to be sorry for what I did. Janice would
love to see me beg forgiveness. Then I'd be back to my
"real" life.

To tell the truth, it wasn't much of a choice.
Growing tip # 4: Cannabis is a diecious species, meaning
that each individual plant is either male or female. When it
comes to drug production, it's the female plants that
matter. The males are useless.
Ashley showed me to my room. Or rather, I should say, to
her room.

" We're getting good money from the plants, and so my
boyfriend wants me to move in with him... so you can stay
here at my old room in Auntie's house, " she explained. "
Maybe if you do good with Uncle's plants, we give you some
money too. "

Some of her old clothing was still strewn about the
floor. I don't suppose they mattered to her. She would just
buy new clothes. The walls were covered in teen magazine
posters and pictures of her friends. The cramped room
smelled of Ashley's perfume. I stood above the little bed,
and tried to push from my mind the abuse I had last received

" My boyfriend is not angry now. He knows you not really
a man, so he's okay..."

I was glad of that. At least he wouldn't need to prove
anything more to him.

" So when you stay here, you do some chores for Auntie
and Uncle, so you can stay for free. "

I nodded. Any price was worth paying as a temporary
reprieve from my own life, and for a chance to be with
Ashley. Despite the rape of my ass on this very bed, my mind
replayed the scenes endlessly, and I longed to be used by
her again.

She wasn't taking off her clothes. She looked delicious
in a pair of overalls, and a baseball cap. Instead, she
called outside of the room in Vietnamese. An older female
answered, and a minute later, joined us in Ashley's tiny

This was Auntie. She smiled widely when she met me, and
prodded Ashley with her elbow. They spoke a minute in

" She say she didn't expect you to be so cute. "

" Thanks, I guess. "

" Good. I tell her what you like to do for me, and she
wants you to do the same for her. Uncle is too manly to lick
her. "

My face went red. Ashley was apparently not bashful about
discussing sex in front of her Aunt. The woman grinned, and
wiped her hands on an apron. I guess she had been working on
a seafood dish for dinner, and carried some of the scents
with her from the kitchen.

" I leave now so that you can do it for her, " Ashley
told me, without asking. My desperate phone call had been
the final power shift in our relationship. I guess she
figured that any guy who would take it in the ass for her,
and still come crawling back was a total pushover. I had
trouble refuting the logic of that myself.

I was left staring at my feet awkwardly, while the asian
woman chatted away. It didn't matter that I didn't
understand her language. What she wanted was clear. First,
she circled me and appraised the gift her niece had given
her. In all, she seemed pleased.

Her hands reached for my belt. I took her cue, and began
to undress myself.

It was unlike any sexual situation I had ever been in.
Even when Ashley had taken charge completely, I had always
been aroused. This time, it was different. I wasn't exactly
aroused, or at least not in the same way. I was more
embarrassed by the scene. Auntie was a middle-aged woman,
and while not unattractive, she had none of the curves of
youth. She was thick in the belly, and wrinkled around the
eyes, and kept her hair short and permed, like wool on a

The only thing she kept in common with her niece was a
bright smile, and even there, her teeth had yellowed with

But I had been given to her, and she giggled with her
whole belly when I was down to my underwear. She couldn't
believe her luck. I could tell from the furnishings in her
house that her family wasn't particularly wealthy. If drug
money had come into her household, it probably wasn't until
just recently. Now, here she was, a middle-aged, lower-
middle-class immigrant housewife, and she had a cute white
college boy as her new plaything.

I let her play with my cock through the fabric of my
underwear, and to my shame, it hardened in her hand. The
whole situation was just too weird. She was still fully
dressed, and touching me any way she pleased.

Finally, she decided to try out the feature of her new
toy that Ashley had seemingly told her the most about. She
climbed up onto the bed, and made herself comfortable. She
unbuckled her loose pants, but left the task of removing
them to me.

I paused for a minute there, not sure I could go through
with it. My body trembled with indecision as I crawled onto
the bed with her.

" You lick, Blondie, " she said her first words in
English to me. The moment of indecision passed, and I began
to help her out of her pants.

Auntie's thighs were thick and pale. Her hips were much
wider than Ashley's, and the panties she wore were unlike
the stylish little things Ashley bought to impress her
boyfriend. They were a large and practical, and made of a
shimmering beige material. She lifted her hips from the bed,
and allowed me to slide them down her legs.

Then I was faced with my task. She dug her heels into the
bed, and spread her legs wide, revealing herself fully to
me. Black hair spread from the heavy lips of her pussy to
lightly coat her entire crotch, and dipped down into the
crack of her ass.

I didn't pause to take in more details. If I was going to
do this, delaying would only make it more difficult. I
lowered my face between her waiting thighs, and was greeted
with an odour more pungent than my sweet Ashley. In fact,
everything about this woman's body was an exaggeration of
the younger girl's charms. The folds of her flesh were
heavier and looser, no doubt from bearing children who might
be my own age now. Her flavour was intense, and her pussy
drooled with excitement. She pushed her hairy crotch into me

" Mmmmph, " I protested, as she took hold of my hair with
hands that still smelled of seafood, and pulled my mouth and
nose into her. I could barely breathe.

Luckily, much like her younger counterpart, she wasn't
accustomed to this kind of attention, and I could tell that
this first session wouldn't last long. I pushed into her
with my tongue, and smacked my lips against her swollen
clitoris, ignoring for a moment my need for oxygen.

Auntie's drooling pussy quaked against my mouth, and
encouraged, I continued my chore.

" Aaaaayaah.... Eeeeeeiiiy....." she groaned, humping my
face, and still holding me so tightly that I couldn't take a
full breath.

Her flabby thighs slapped against my ears. She shook
relentlessly towards her orgasm.

Only when my lungs were burning, and I was gasping and
gulping for air, did she release her climax on me. Her
juices hit the back of my throat unexpectedly. I'd never had
a girlfriend squirt into my mouth this way before, and I
choked and sputtered on the liquid.

After she was done, I stayed there, trying to catch my
breath. Her scent was all over my face. The hair on her
pussy and ass was caked down with her cum.

It felt so goddamned dirty and degrading to have lowered
myself into this position, but I had to admit that I was
much more aroused now than when we had started. I began to
lick the salty flesh around Auntie's satisfied pussy, and
even cleaned the crack of her ass from the cum that had
collected there.

" You good boy, Blondie, " she told me.

In the coming days, I was to find that these were some of
the very few words she could communicate to me with.

" Good boy, " she would tell me, when I was finished
doing the household laundry, or washing the dishes, or
cleaning the floor. By the time a week was over, she had
delegated almost all of her household tasks onto me.

But always in the early afternoon, before Uncle came home
from work, she would lead me back to Ashley's room, and
expect me to please her. It seemed like she had been talking
some more to Ashley, because as the days went by, she began
to demand the same sorts of treatment I had given the
younger girl. It would begin with caressing and massaging
her body. Then, she would want me to kiss and lick her ass,
sometimes for nearly a half hour, while she lay face down on
the bed with a pillow tucked under her pelvis, and groaned
her appreciation.

By the time I was allowed to bring her to orgasm, my
tongue was numb, and her pussy lips were sopping wet from
the extended foreplay.

If I closed my eyes, for a while I could pretend it was
Ashley's body, but the noises she made and the taste of her
body resisted my imagination. In the end, it was always
Auntie who stood beside the bed, and tied her apron back on,
and told me, " You a good boy, Blondie. "

It was at this time that a new cast of characters made
their way into my life. Ashley's Uncle was a grim looking
little man, who reminded me of pictures I had seen of Edgar
Allen Poe. In fact, in my own mind, I began to call him Poe,
and he had a melancholy demeanour that seemed to fit the
name. He had allowed his basement to be used to grown
Marijuana, but he didn't take an active role in cultivating
the plant.

The plants belonged to Cowboy. Poe seemed to view my
presence in his house as a concession to cowboy and his
friends, in return for a portion of the drug profits. cowboy
was an older guy, who I assigned his nickname by the way he
dressed. He wore ornate leather boots, jeans, and a belt
buckle straight off of the home-shopping-network.

It was clear that although I was left in Auntie's hands,
Cowboy was the one who granted her authority over me. Ashley
was one of his girls, and if I belonged to her, I belonged
to him.

Cowboy's entourage included another older guy who I
dubbed Andy Capp (it had something to do with a hat he was
wearing when I first saw him), and Ashley's boyfriend. The
three of them visited every few days to check up on the

It was a smaller-scale operation than the house that
Ashley's boyfriend had rented. Here, there were only six
lamps in operation, but they also expected me to produce
cuttings for their other grow rooms around town.

They watched me with a grudging admiration for my
apparent skills with the plant. cowboy was easily the most
experienced of the men, and even he seemed impressed by the
overall health of the young cuttings. I took a meticulous
approach to the task, recording growth rates and feeding
schedule in one of my school notepads.

" Stupid to keep notes, " was Cowboy's only comment.

" I'll be able to grow better plants this way, " I told
him, sure that the prospect of increased yields would
persuade him.

He shrugged.

My life came into a weird rhythm. In the morning, I would
visit the plants. I would adjust the lamp height, and check
the leaves for signs of disease or nutrient imbalance. I
would check the sticky traps for insects. I would record the
temperature and humidity, and check the soil for moisture.

Then, as noon approached, I would come upstairs and begin
my household duties. Usually, Auntie would be out shopping,
and I didn't see her until I was already finished most of my
housework. When she came back, I would begin the prep work
on dinner. She never actually let me cook, of course, but I
could do the chopping and start the rice cooker.

She would watch me for a while, and I'd begin the feel
the tension. It wouldn't be long now.

Just after three o'clock, she would tell me, " come on
Blondie, " and I would follow her sheepishly into Ashley's
bedroom, still decorated with posters from teen magazines
and littered with her remaining clothes. Then I would begin
my worship of her body.

Auntie took her time, stretching it out as close as she
could to four-thirty, so that she would have just enough
time to finish dinner before Poe came through the door.

Most nights, there would also be guests for dinner.
Auntie and Poe had two adult children who were in college.
The kids would come over for the night, and sometimes drop
off laundry, but usually didn't stay long. Sometimes, Ashley
and her boyfriend would be over. Andy and cowboy would bring
over their wives for dinner occasionally too.

Cowboy, who I sometimes called 'Duke', because of his
John Wayne swagger, had a tall, stern looking wife, who I
immediately began to call Duchess. Andy Capp's wife was a
contrast to the Duchess in many ways, although they seemed
to get along very well. Duchess seemed to lack humour.
Andy's wife spilled out with laughter, her tiny frame rarely
ceasing in the jiggles of her giggles. She was at least a
foot shorter than the Duchess, and I named her Mini.

On the days when the guests were around, especially when
Ashley was amongst them, I stayed nearby to serve dinner. It
was about the only chance I got to see her at all.

As anxious as I was to be around her, it seemed that
Ashley had pretty much forgotten about me. I was now
communal property. She seemed to enjoy special status
amongst the men, perhaps because she had so easily taken
control of me... but aside from that, she paid me little

On one of these evenings, the whole group was together
for dinner. Mini finished her first helping quickly. She
just seemed to do everything at a higher tempo than the
others. I fetched her another plate. The women laughed
together, and I knew that it was at my expense. From the way
the men looked at me, I could tell that they were amused by
the way I served the women too. Mini covered her food with
fish sauce, a condiment of Vietnamese cuisine that I found

When the dinner was coming to a close, I began to clean
up for Auntie.

While I began the dishes, the men decided to leave for
the evening. I imagined that they were going out to check
out other grow rooms around town, or even to harvest some of
the finished product. Despite his protests, they convinced
Poe to come along. Ashley was invited with them too, which,
I took from her reaction, she was quite pleased about.

As the other men left, Ashley delayed for a moment, and
visited me in the kitchen.

" Everybody like having you around, Blondie, " she told
me. " You do real good. I even told the other girls what you
like to do for us, and I think they want to try it out. "

" But, the guys..."

" It's okay. They know *all* about you. As long as you
obey what the girls say, no problem with the guys."

I was still reluctant, but Ashley knew exactly how to
keep me in line.

" It's okay. I go with the guys right now, and maybe we
go do some drinking... then later, when I come back, if
you've do good with the other girls, I visit you tonight and
give you real good sex. It's okay ?"

She knew my answer before I did. My body telegraphed my
reaction to her words. She gave me that mischievous smile
that had won me from the beginning, and I knew that I'd do
pretty much anything for a chance to taste her body again.

Besides... it wasn't like the prospects of servicing Mini
and the Duchess was unpleasant. Compared to Auntie, they
were absolute knock-outs. Auntie tried her best, I suppose,
to fit in with the more affluent lifestyles of Ashley's new
friends, she was still firmly rooted in the lower-middle
class, and Poe didn't seem much motivated to change the

Once Ashley and the boys left, Auntie seemed anxious to
begin to show me off. She gave me a command in Vietnamese.

" She's telling you to take off your clothes, "
translated Duchess, in much better English than I would have
guessed. " That sounds so demanding. Ashley tells us that
you enjoy being treated badly by women. Or is it just asian
women ? What's your kink... Blondie ? "

It was the first question anyone had asked me in weeks. I
stumbled with the answer. " No... I mean... I don't have a
kink... I just... " my face went a deep shade of red.

" Articulate too. I thought Ashley said that you were
some sort of college professor. "

" Well, not really... I..."

" Obviously not. You can't even string a sentence
together. "

Auntie repeated her demand to me, seeming upset that I
wasn't showing off for her friends. Duchess didn't bother to
translate, but just watched me with a smug, superior
expression on her face.

Slowly, I began to undress for the women. Mini burst into
another set of giggles when I pulled off my T-shirt, and
began on my jeans.

" Pretty white boy, " she nudged the Duchess with her

" He's not bad, " Duchess answered purposely in English.
" A little young for my tastes. He looks like a boy, not a
man. "

" A sissy boy, " Mini agreed with a giggle.

" He does have a cute ass, though, " admitted Duchess. "
Come over here, Blondie. Let my friend and I have a closer
look at your tight little ass. "

The way my face was burning, it was almost a relief to
turn away from the audience while they critiqued my ass. I
could feel Duchess' cool fingers brushing against the curve
of my ass. My cock twitched involuntarily. Sensing my
reaction, she pressed further, running her fingers up and
down the crack of my ass, finally resting her middle finger
against my rear hole.

" Mmmm... sensitive. I think he likes to have someone
play with his ass. Have you ever let anyone play with your
ass before, Blondie ?"

" Yes, " I admitted.

" Was it Ashley ?"

" No. "

" Hmmm... was it another girlfriend ?"

" No. "

" A boy. "

" I... uh... yes. "

Mini began laughing uncontrollably at my admission.
Auntie just watched the scene unfold as Duchess wriggled her
finger against my hole, and I allowed her to tease me
without mercy.

" Who was it ?"

Shit. It suddenly occurred to me that Ashley's boyfriend
probably wouldn't want Cowboy's wife to know about our
encounter. With the emphasis they put on macho behaviour, it
certainly wouldn't improve his image.

" No one, " I evaded.

<Crack> I yelped as the Duchess slapped my ass hard with
her free hand.

" Try again. "

" It was just a friend. "

" Isn't that sweet, Thuy ? He lets his all his good
friends fuck him in the ass. No wonder he's such a sissy. Do
you like my finger in your ass, Blondie ?"

" Yes, " I admitted. The humiliation of my answer only
intensified the sensations. Over the weeks of lowering
myself to servicing Auntie's body, I allowed myself to take
pleasure in my shame. Here and now, it was well beyond my

" So you like to be fucked in the ass ? And what do you
do to earn your keep in this house ?"

" I tend to the plants. "

< Crack > The sting on my ass warned me that it wasn't
the answer she wanted.

" Sorry... I... well, I please Ashley's Auntie with my

" Keep going, " she told me, pushing her middle finger
deeper into my ass.

" I... uh... I massage her body, and kiss her feet and
breasts... then she wants me to lick her ass..."

" Her flabby ass... " Mini corrected, with obvious
amusement at the fact that Auntie couldn't understand the

" Yes... I lick her flabby ass, and put my tongue into
her ass hole... then when she wants me to, I lick her pussy
until she cums..."

" This is too funny, " Mini told her friend. " I want to
watch. Make him do it. "

There was no question about whether I would comply. I was
too horny to resist. Auntie took pride in showing me off to
her friends, and gladly led me to Ashley's room to re-enact
our daily sessions.

Duchess and Mini watched from the end of the bed,
giggling and making jokes. Auntie assumed that they were
still taunting me, and so she made a great show of pushing
her body into my face. In truth, the women were making jokes
about her as much as myself. They encouraged her in
Vietnamese, but in English, they ridiculed her body and
manners right in front of her.

" She looks like a beached whale... or maybe a pig...
listen to the way she grunts..."

" Look at how dirty she is... I bet this is the only time
she gets cleaned..."

" But it looks like he does a good job. He's putting his
face right in there. Look at her shake... it's like

" It looks like he enjoys it too... watch the way he rubs
himself while he licks at the fat bitch's ass..."

I didn't even know I was doing it, but now that Duchess
mentioned it, I realized that I had taken up the humiliating
habit of absently jerking myself off while servicing the
woman's middle-aged body. With a second flush of shame, I
had to admit that I couldn't stop myself, even with the
other two women watching. Duchess took matters into her own
hands. Taking a position behind me that reminded me of the
way Ashley's boyfriend had mounted me, she pulled my arms
behind my back. She tied them there with an old pair of
socks that had been abandoned beside Ashley's bed.

" Umph. " Without my arms to support me, my face was
buried even deeper into the flesh of Auntie's rear end.
Duchess and Mini ridiculed me as I squirmed and struggled to
catch my breath.

After a few more minutes of this fun, they decided to
change the game. It was Mini's turn.

Auntie gave up her position on the bed to the younger,
more attractive woman. Auntie stood stupidly beside the bed
for a moment before Duchess ordered her out of the room. It
was clearly above their dignity to allow a low-class
housewife like Auntie to watch their fun. She grudgingly

After weeks of forced service of Auntie's body, I have to
say that I was more than a little excited by the prospect of
seeing something a little more... well, dainty. Mini began
to pull the clothing off of her tiny frame, but paused just
before shedding her underwear.

" Does he have to watch me like that ?"

It was a strange modesty, I found myself thinking, that
would allow her to have her best friend there to watch her
pussy being licked, but wouldn't allow her to reveal her
body to me. But then, Duchess had this way about her, and I
doubted that Mini would have the courage to ask her to
leave, even if it made her uncomfortable.

Duchess retrieved another article of Ashley's discarded
clothing from the floor, this time, a tiny tank-top that
Ashley must have looked amazing in. Duchess folded it over
itself into a makeshift blindfold, and secured it around my
head. I could still see a little from the edges of the
fabric, but it blocked a clear view of the body I was so
anxious to see.

For my first taste of Mini, Duchess still held me by the
hair, and guided my lips to her friend's crotch. I moaned
with pleasure as her dainty folds of flesh opened for me,
and I tasted the relative sweetness of her pussy.

" Oh, this is so good... Minh would never do this for

Duchess had found other ways to amuse herself. While Mini
took her leisurely time with my tongue, she played with my
exposed ass, fingering my sensitive rear hole, and
periodically slapping my cheeks until the shade of pink was
to her liking. My submissive position obviously pleased her.

" You know, Blondie, " she told me, " back in my part of
the world, when I was a girl, the only white men I ever saw
were fat American tourists. My family lived in Thailand a
while. There, the men came for sex tours. They walked the
streets with every reason to expect that the girls they saw
were for sale. These are the white men I saw when I was
growing up. I thought they must be very powerful, rich men.

She accentuated the points of her lesson by slapping my
reddened ass.

" But then I came over here, and I found out the truth.
White people are weak and pathetic, only favoured by the
fortunes of history. We come here and sell drugs to their
children. They talk about it on the news all the time, but
they never do anything about it. Now, we're richer than our
white neighbours, and they envy us, and fear us. "

" And you, Blondie, are the weakest of them all. My
husband, he thinks you're here for the money. But he's
wrong... you're here because it makes your dick hard to be a
servant to a teenaged immigrant girl and her family. I think
it's funny, really, and I'm so glad she's found you. Back in
Asia, Ashley probably would have been sold into prostitution
very young. She would have spent her life spreading her legs
for the white men she was taught to serve. Instead, she
learns about white men from a sissy like you. It's perfect.
I couldn't have planned it better. Ashley doesn't care about
you at all. She thinks you're a sissy, and she makes fun of
you... but that doesn't matter to you... I see your little
prick is still hard while I fuck your ass with my fingers,
and tell you what a weakling you are. "

She was right, of course, about how horny I was. In the
time I had spent, first with Ashley, then with her Auntie,
my sexual gratification had come increasingly while playing
the submissive role. Duchess was just putting it into words,
shaming me and arousing me all at once. She fucked my ass
with her fingers while she talked, the way Ashley's
boyfriend had done on this bed. Mini's legs trembled against
my shoulders while she built towards orgasm. Only the sting
of sharp slaps to my rear end pulled me back from my own
pleasure getting out of control.

" Go on, Thuy, " Duchess encouraged her friend, " cum on
his tongue... that's what he's here for... don't hold

" Uuuuuungh.... Aaaaaaaah... " Mini slipped into her
climax as if only waiting for her cue. Her fragrant pussy
rocked against my lips, extracting every ounce of pleasure
from the moment.

" That was *really* good, " the petite woman giggled,
when she finally regained control. " You should really try
it. "

" I plan on it, but the sissy is too dirty to touch my
body. I think I need to clean him up a bit first. "

Duchess directed me to my feet, still keeping my hands
tied behind my back. Mini stayed there on Ashley's bed,
still savouring her pleasure of the past few minutes. As I
padded out into the hallway in my bare feet, I could see
from the edges of my blindfold that Duchess was leading me
into the washroom. Once there, she ordered me into the

" I think a dirty little creature like you needs a very
hot shower. Yes, you really need to be scrubbed before
you're worthy to taste my body. "

The heat of the water hit me in the face, and I stumbled
backwards blindly to avoid it. I even tried to step out of
the stall, but Duchess easily kept me in place. I was never
a large guy. Blindfolded, and with my hands tied, I wasn't
much of a challenge.

I cringed to one side of the shower, but once my body
became accustomed to the water, it wasn't nearly so bad. It
was just uncomfortably hot.

" There. Now get on your knees. That's right. Get your
filthy face right into the spray. "

Once I was on my knees, she began to scrub me with a
coarse washcloth and soap. Between the scrubbing, and the
heat of the water, I imagined that Duchess had my skin a
lovely shade of pink by now. I could see from the edges of
the blindfold that she had undressed. I could only see her
bare legs, but it was enough to revive my failing erection.

The heat began to get to me. It was hard to breathe. All
of my senses were absorbed into the sharp hot spray of
water, and the steam that rose around me. Noticing my
breathing difficulties, Duchess pressed it a step further,
and pinched my nose closed. The effect of this was to make
me gulp for air with my mouth, which was difficult to do
with the shower spray centred on my face. I sputtered the
hot water, and gasped for breath.

" Poor sissy Blondie... has he had enough shower now... "
she baby-talked me. I nodded pathetically.

In a rare show of pity, she stopped the water. My
overheated body shook from exhaustion and arousal.

" You're much cleaner now, " Duchess told me, stepping
into the shower stall herself. I could see only her feet as
she stood above me. I desperately wanted to taste the pussy
which I knew was only a few inches above my face, but I
didn't dare without permission.

Duchess reached down and plugged my nose again, tilting
my head back in the same motion. I guess it amused her
enough the first time to see me struggle for breath, that
she wanted to do it again. Unexpectedly, warm water streamed
against my open mouth again, causing me to choke and sputter
anew. Only this time, it wasn't the spray of the shower.

The acrid taste of her piss hit my tongue, and I gagged.
I shook my head to try to free myself, but only succeeded in
feeling her warm stream land against my cheeks and chin as
she emptied her bladder onto my face. Her statement didn't
need to be spoken. She was telling me what I was worth, and
I confirmed it for her in the moment after she was finished.

" You may lick me now. "

And I did.

She allowed me to shower again before sending me to my
room exhausted.

It was hours later, and I was fast asleep when Ashley
returned. She nudged me awake roughly. " Hi ya Blondie. I
had a real good night. I go out drinking with the guys. I
came home, and the girls tell me you did good for them, and
so I give your reward. "

Ashley squirmed out of the tight track shorts she was
wearing tonight. I began to move out of the way on the bed
for her, but she stopped me. " No, you stay right there. "

I was laying on my back, and Ashley simply climbed up,
and straddled my face. The way the pale skin of her legs
glowed in the semi-light of the room made me anxious to
taste her pussy. I was more in love with her than ever,
despite everything.

As soon as she brought her pussy down onto my lips, I
could taste him seeping from within her. He had probably
fucked her only minutes before, and now I was getting his
full load of cream as it dripped from her pussy onto my
lips. Ashley herself was more than a little drunk, and
clumsily rested the weight of her body on my face as she
rocked back and forth.

Still half-immersed in my dreams, I savoured every taste
I had been given today. It had begun with the all too
familiar musk of Auntie's ass hole against my lips. Then I
had been treated to the sweetness of Mini's pussy quaking
against my tongue. Minutes later, I had cleaned the last
drops of urine from the Duchess' crotch before licking her
to orgasm. Now, I was ending my day with the strong, salty
cum of Ashley's boyfriend sliding down my throat.

It was a perfect end to the day.
Growing tip #5: The plants have two stages of growth. When
they're young, I give them a full eighteen hours of light,
but they still stretch for more. Then, when I want to
convince them bloom, I cut the light hours back. The plants
become even more starved for light, completing for the
remaining hours. This is when you have to be the most
careful with light, temperature, and nutrients. If you don't
control it properly, it can be a rough transition.
In my quieter moments, amongst the plants, I sometimes
tried to put reason to my sick appetites. This lifestyle was
one that never would have even entered my fantasies six
months before, when I was absorbed in the world of

In a funny way, though, it all made sense to me.

Cowboy, going on the assumption that money was the
universal motivator, had given me over a thousand dollars
for my first few weeks of work. I knew that it was a
ridiculously small portion of the revenues I had generated,
but I made no complaint. As Duchess had probably reminded
him, I would have done the work for free.

So, in the months that would come before my return to
college, I was shielded from my 'real' life. I gave up
control, and it felt surprisingly good. I didn't have to
make the decisions. I just did what everyone told me, and I
was rewarded with a life amongst the plants I loved, and
frequent, humiliating sex that I didn't have to feel guilty

They were using me, and I was eager to be used. As long
as I accepted my role here, I could walk away later without

When fall came, I knew, I would have no regrets about my
time here. It was like a vacation from my own sense of
morality. I would reclaim my life in college, with enough
sexual depravity piled away in my memories to last me a
lifetime, months of practical experience on plant
cultivation, and with thousands of dollars in my pocket that
would render me independent of Janice and the other academic

Auntie continued her daily sessions, of course, but soon
after the dinner party, I was getting regular visits from
Mini and Duchess too.

Mini liked to enjoy my whole body. She still wanted me
blindfolded, but once she was comfortable, she even allowed
me to enter her occasionally, under the condition that I
didn't cum inside of her. That was a difficult requirement
to meet. Mini was a beautiful woman, and she was a lively
lover, enjoying in me an aerobic sort of lovemaking that I
was sure Andy Capp wasn't able to provide her. She would
sometimes have sympathy for me, and jerk me off after she
was done, but it was as much for her own amusement as it was
for my pleasure.

Duchess took a different approach. There was no sympathy.
She was constantly pushing my boundaries of humiliation and
discipline. Unsatisfied with merely spanking my ass, she had
purchased a variety of punishment devices from a local sex
shop. She would handcuff me to a bedpost while she inflicted
red marks of ownership across all parts of my pale body.
Mini would sometimes watch, but rarely had the stomach to
stay a whole session.

Once it was common knowledge amongst the guys that I was
performing this way for their women, Auntie stopped hiding
her activities from Poe. She was never so daring as to allow
it to interfere with her household duties (many of which had
been delegated to me anyhow), but she did occasionally take
advantage of my services in the evening or on the weekends
when he was home.

In fact, once he got used to the idea, Poe seemed quite
indifferent about it. I was like a vibrator, or a dirty
magazine; something that his wife used for the sexual
gratification that he wasn't willing to provide her.

One night, about two weeks after Poe first learned about
everything, Auntie even negotiated my way into her bedroom
at night. Poe was there, but he paid no attention to me. He
was, no doubt, reminding her of her wifely duties. I could
see by the bulge in his underwear that he was ready for

I don't know what she told him, but they debated for
several minutes about where I should be in this scene.
Finally, Auntie directed me onto the bed, laying face up.
She explained the position to her husband, and he
reluctantly agreed to give it a try. Aunti crawled above my
face, and Poe positioned himself behind her, apparently to
fuck her doggy style.

Poe's little cock bobbed above my chin as Auntie squirmed
into the perfect position. I found the idea of being this
close to his cock revolting. It was one thing to lick a used
pussy, but quite another to be confronted with the source of
the semen I had been tasting all these weeks.

He seemed to feel awkward about it too, and argued one
more time. Auntie answered by grinding her pussy against my
lips, and rolling her hips in invitation. I guess his
arousal lost him the debate, because not much after I was
tonguing her hole from below, I felt the head of his cock
invading her pussy from behind, and his balls pushing up
against my chin.

" Good boy, Blondie, " Auntie encouraged me, enjoying the
dual sensation that this was providing her.

The problem with my position was that soon everything was
a moving target. With some displeasure, I soon found that I
was licking and sucking Poe's balls as much as I was
reaching Auntie's clitoris. He groaned from above somewhere.

My mouth being filled of male flesh was just one more
barrier broken in this depraved world I had entered
willingly, and though I can't pretend that I was turned on
by it, I knew that I was no longer in a position to protest.
I had humbled myself too completely to step back now.

Before long, I was licking their bodies indiscriminately,
drawing sounds of pleasure from both husband and wife. Poe
had hold of her hips, and was stabbing into her with short
strokes, so as to not dislodge his small cock from her body
inadvertently. Auntie was fighting to keep her swollen clit
within reach of my tongue, lowering herself further onto my

It was inevitable that I took his cum in my face. I'm not
sure whether he dropped his load directly onto my lips, or
whether his cum just leaked from her when her pulled out.
Probably a bit of both. Either way, I found myself lapping
up his fresh cum, and cleaning his wife's fucked pussy. By
the time she was done riding my face, I felt like a used
whore, and was sexually frustrated as usual.

They enjoyed it so much, we repeated the scene every

My real success didn't come in the bedroom. It was clear
that I could tend the plants better than most of Cowboy's
organization. In a move that surprised me as much as anyone
else, he picked me up one day and took me on a tour of his
rented houses.

The scale of his operations astounded me. These rented
houses had been gutted. Dozens of lamps were strung above a
sea of green leaves, rippling gently from the circulating
fans of the rooms.

" You take care of these, " he ordered, and pressed a few
hundred dollar bills into my hand.

It was more exciting than I had imagined. Every technique
that I had ever wanted to try was at my disposal. The
Vietnamese had bypassed the electricity meters, giving me
unlimited electrical power to play with. I used it to cool
and dehumidify the grow rooms, and pump in nearly fifty
watts of light energy for every square foot of growing

With the money and equipment I had at my disposal, I
added extra carbon dioxide to the rooms. Balanced carefully
with light and nutrients, the extra CO2 could almost double
the growth of the plant. At these growth rates, I had to be
careful. Meticulous. I couldn't make mistakes.

Unfortunately for me, the mistake was already made. The
electricity bypass that provided me such freedom to expend
power was also what cost me my freedom in the end. It was
just a matter of time before it caught up with me.

You see, much more than the police, the provincial
utility company has a major stake in the marijuana
cultivation industry. As long as the growers pay their
bills, the electricity flows, and no one questions why
you're pulling enough power to light a football stadium.
When the meter doesn't spin, that's when they're waiting for
you one day.

That day came for me about a month after cowboy handed me
the keys.
Growing Tip #6: Under the artificial conditions of a grow
room, your plants will nearly always exhibit signs of
stress. Wilting. Leaf discoloration. Leggy growth. When the
stress is too much, however, your plants may be pushed into
a hermaphrodite state... exhibiting characteristics opposite
its own sex.
The fucked-up thing is, I didn't even begin doing drugs
until I was in prison. I didn't start sucking cock until
then, either, but both of these activities quickly became
survival skills for me.

So, on the day that they broke my nose, my brain was
still juggling the mixed pleasure and disgust of some opiate
coursing through my veins, and the flavour of my cell mate's
sperm at the back of my throat. Three guys were holding me
down against the floor now, while Tom levelled a chisel from
the shop against the bridge of my nose.

I'd been assailed before like this. It was just a sick
part of my new reality that any young guy with clear skin
and straight teeth represented a prime sexual opportunity
for a lot of these guys. On two previous assaults, I had
been fucked in the ass and mouth until I could barely move,
but I knew that I would come out alive. This time, I felt
the cold metal of the chisel against my nose, and I was
suddenly afraid for my life.

" Don't worry, Sissy... " Tom assured me, seeing the
panic in my eyes, " I'll still take care of you. You just
need to visit the infirmary for a while. "

It seemed like slow motion when he brought down the
hammer. It was only a tap against the metal, but it turned
into an explosion behind the sockets of my eyes. I tried to
cry out, but a kick in my side took away my air. Moments
later, the kicks rained down on me, and I lost

I woke up in little stretches, nearly alone in the
hospital ward. I didn't try to move. A haze of drugs
convinced me that I was better off staying still. The pain
was distant, but I knew that it was there. I could feel it
in my bruised face. I could feel my stomach and ribs,
bandaged too tightly for comfort. My chest hurt when I
breathed, and my flesh was tender all over. But as long as
they kept the morphine drip, drip, dripping, I guess I
couldn't muster up much of a complaint.

The doctor was a tall man, or at least seemed that way
from my permanently reclined position. He visited every day,
and added various syringes of drugs to my saline drip. They
weren't pain killers, I was certain. Those were delivered by
the nurses, and I could feel them right away. No. These were

I guess I was suspicious on one level, but soon, sleep
would come, and I would forget.

As the days went by, the pain decreased, and I was awake
with my thoughts for more hours. I had time to review
everything. My trial had gone by so quickly, it was a blur.
I had pled guilty, of course.

" It's not like you can really pretend that you're
innocent, " argued my lawyer, who was generously provided to
me by Cowboy. " Best that you just throw yourself on the
mercy of the court, and hope they don't sentence too
harshly. This is your first offence, isn't it ?"

I knew at the time that the advice was given with an
agenda. Duchess and cowboy wanted this thing to go away
quickly, and without any of their other associates being

The mercy of the court, I later found out, was non-
existent. The prosecutor brought out my notebooks as proof
that I was a danger to re-offend. I was placed in a maximum
security institution, convicted of marijuana cultivation,
trafficking, and theft of electricity.

The irony of everything hit me early on. I had accepted,
and even sought out, humiliation at Ashley's hands as a sort
of escape from the fake world of academics I had been
immersed in. All the way through my journey into depravity,
I had always viewed it as a sort of vacation from my real
life. It was below me... slumming... but I enjoyed it.

Now, fall had come and gone, and I knew I wasn't going
back to university. In fact, I was taking my initiation in
an educational institution of an entirely different sort.
Here, more than anyplace else, my mental aptitudes were
useless. I was intellectually superior to my cell mate by a
wide margin. Tom was a habitual criminal because he had no
other skills. He took his thrills from talking about fast
cars and loose women. The guy was a moron.

Yet, when night came, I was the one who was face down on
his bunk, while he rested a Hustler magazine between my
shoulder blades, and fucked my rear hole while talking dirty
to the artificial women in those glossy pages.

During the day, he would spew his ignorant opinions to
his friends. I could, if I wanted, silently shred his flawed
logic. It drove me insane that he felt he could end any
argument by popping out the only long word he ever learned
in his white trash education.

" Irregardless, " he would sum up his opinions, and then
go on to another one of his conspiracy theories, which I
soon learned were like candy for Tom. I didn't bother
pointing out the double negative to him. Why correct the
guy, when it would just result in him demanding a public
blow job to show everyone who was boss ?

As much as I resented his bullying, I stayed close by
him. He was my protector in a strange way. As long as I
belonged to him, I wasn't subject to being raped by the
other inmates like I had been in my early weeks here. I
played submissive to him the way I had been trained by my
time with the Vietnamese women, and it seemed to please him
to no end.

Which is why I was so puzzled by this turn of events. I
couldn't figure out why Tom and his buddies had broken my
nose, and had beaten me to the extent that I had to be
hospitalised. Apparently, the prison counsellor had been
working on the same mystery. She visited me one day when I
was nearly recovered. The doctor stood at my bedside.

" He looks... different..."

" I did my best to reset his nose. I think the results
are remarkable, considering. "

" Quite. And his lips... ?"

" Just swelling. They'll go down over time. "

" His neck ?"

" He took a pretty good blow to the throat. I had to
scrape away part of the Adam's apple that was too severely
damaged. You can find a full account of it in my medical
report. "

" No need... it looks like you did a fine job. "

She turned her attention to me.

" You're a tough case. I can see from your file that you
refused a deal with the prosecutor that would have seen you
take simple probation. "

It was news to me, but in truth, I expected no more from
my lawyer. Any deal that would have compromised Cowboy's
organisation would never have crossed his lips.

" Don't tell me that you now want to protect the boys who
did this violence to you. You must have seen something. Tell
me who it was. "

I shook my head and croaked out my answer. " I didn't
see. "

Two of the guys who had been holding me were members of a
biker gang. Tom was loosely associated with the Angels. If I
told anyone about their involvement, I wouldn't survive long
in this place.

" Come on, " she inched a little closer, and lowered her
voice sympathetically. " I know that it can't have been easy
for you in a place like this. Don't be a martyr. If they can
do this to you once, they'll do it again. "

I shook my head again.

The counsellor stood back and address the doctor again. "
When will he be out of infirmary ?"

" In the next few days, but I'll need to have follow-up
appointments every few days to insure that he's healing up
okay. "

" Agreed. "

Despite what the doctor said, the swelling on my lips
never did go down. When I was finally out from the hospital,
and the constricting bandages were removed from my
midsection, I was startled by how different I looked.

I don't know what the doctor did to me while he had me at
his clinic. My waist had been constricted to a ridiculous
proportion. I had never had a whole lot of body fat, but
what was left seemed to be displaced into my hips, giving me
a much more feminine body shape.

The change to the shape of my nose was dramatic. I don't
know any word to describe it except "cute". My cheekbones
seemed to be placed somewhat higher on my face, perhaps with
implants. I viewed myself in the mirror with disbelief,
pressing my fingers against the numb portions of my face
that had been so radically altered. The reduction of my
Adam's apple, and the extra flesh on my lips added to my

Back in the cell, Tom was more controlling and protective
than ever. I was his prize, and he never left me alone.
During the day, he kept me fully dressed to hide the changes
in my body. At night, though, I reported to his bunk for

I tried not to think about the sex. The drugs helped a
bit. If I had enough artificial pleasure burning in my
veins, I could just lay there and take it any way the pig
wanted it. The drugs would tell me when to moan in pleasure,
and how to play the part of the perfect whore that he

The problem was, Tom never gave me quite enough. I had to
settle for brief, delicious moments of unreality, before it
would all come back to me in a flood of cum down my throat.

Dr. Rivers was a little more generous with his drugs.

Every second day, I visited his office for a check-up.
The first thing he would do is give me a long sweet drink of
morphine. I waited anxiously while he fed the liquid into my
arm, ever so slowly. By the time he withdrew the syringe, I
wasn't a bit concerned about what else he did to me in his

I didn't ask what all the other injections were for. In
truth, I guess I already had a pretty good idea. I tried to
hide the changes from the other guys, but here in the
examination room, when he took off my shirt and prodded at
my sensitive and swollen nipples, it was clear that I was
growing little breasts.

He checked the places where he had done liposuction on my
belly, and instructed me on the kind of diet I should
maintain to keep the figure he had so generously provided

" If I only could have had you a few years sooner, " he
mused, admiring his work in progress. " No matter. With
enough work, you'll be prefect. Just a few little
adjustments. Maybe an extra dose or two of hormones, eh ?"

I nodded stupidly through the morphine.

In these visits, he did all of the little adjustments he
wanted. On a couple of visits, he brought electrolysis
equipment, to remove any body hair that would mar his
artwork. He tried various chemical scrubs on my skin to
promote a pale, soft flesh. Some of them were painful, but
he was unconcerned. All that mattered was the results.

He would, of course, test the results by bending me over
the examination table when he was done, and feeding his cock
into me from behind. He would cup my little breasts in his
hands and pinch my oversensitive nipples until I squealed.
In every way, he wanted to see how convincing I was as a

" Come on, you little whore... tell me how much you like
it..." he would instruct me.

I would act my part of the script in a falsetto that
seemed to please him.

" Mmmm... yeah... fuck me, it feels so goood..."

And if he gave me enough drugs, I could even mean it for
a while.
Growing Tip # 7: Don't rush at the end. The buds will be
ready when they're ready. Even once you've taken them off of
the plant, don't rush the process. They need to be dried
slowly, or the final product will be too harsh a smoke. Take
the right amount of time, and the product will burn just
My only friend was John the Bear.

" Is Ivan in my home country, but here is John, " the old
Russian explained. " A very common name. In every country,
there is a name for Ivan. Here, it is John. "

He had an oddly repetitive way of speaking. It was like
he was always convincing himself that what he was saying was
the truth.

" You take my Queen, yes, but it is no problem. The Queen
is a good piece, yes, but even a Pawn can win the game. Many
times in championship games, the difference is made by lowly
Pawn. Is no matter that you take my Queen. "

Even in the horror that had become my life, there were
hours when Tom and his biker friends were otherwise
occupied. Maybe they were developing yet another conspiracy
theory, or watching ESPN, or some shit like that. I didn't

In these times, Tom allowed me to visit the next cell
over, and play chess with the Russian. I was never quite
skilled enough to take a game, but I was the only inmate who
could give him a challenge, if I wasn't on drugs at the
time. Between moves, he would muse upon my predicament.

" They make you a girl, yes. Is probably not a bad thing.
Is all about tactics. You sent here for growing with the
Vietnamese, yes ? "

It wasn't really a question. John always knew the

" Is no good for the Vietnamese to have you in here. They
will be afraid that you go weak and testify against them.
Yes, they will be very afraid that you will be disloyal. So
for them, it might be better that you be dead, eh ? Yes, for
Vietnamese, it would be better if you no longer were a
threat. "

" This is same for bikers in here. On outside, they make
money from controlling drug trade. They make good money from
selling the drugs that your Vietnamese grow. Is a good
partnership, yes ? Vietnamese protect their grow rooms, and
the bikers provide big muscle to get drugs past the border.
Yes, is good partnership, and the bikers have much to lose
if you testify against Vietnamese. "

He paused to move his King's Bishop, a move which left me
puzzling about his overall strategy.

" So, when bikers see that you look like a girl, it gives
them reason not to kill you. They bribe this doctor to make
you more like a girl, and this makes you valuable in the
prison. And so maybe not such a bad thing that they make you
a girl. Maybe not so pleasant for you, yes, but it keeps you
alive, and so I have a chess partner. "

My brains were only useful to one person in these prison
walls. For everyone else, it was my rapidly developing body
that was the main attraction. Tom had been careful to keep
me to himself, so as to not attract too much attention from
the prison administration. Nonetheless, it eventually came
time for him to repay the bikers who had funded the changes
to my body.

I knew that something weird was happening from early in
the day. A couple of the prison guards visited our cell to
talk with Tom. After a few minutes of negotiation, he
instructed me to give each of them a blow-job to seal the

It turned out that he was bribing them for their silence
about the scheduled show for tonight.

It began with a shower. Tom wanted everything perfect. He
left me there with a gym bag, and instructions to "get your
pretty ass ready, and come down to the gym. "

One of the guards stood nearby as my escort. He watched
while I shed my prison clothing, and revealed just how fully
by breasts had developed. They were still small, but they
had rounded out, and my sensitive nipples were puffed out
with chemically induced excitement. Tom had given me a taste
of methamphetamine before taking me out to the showers. It
wouldn't be enough to get me through the night, but it got
my heart going.

I closed my eyes and stepped into the hot water, trying
to pretend that I was showering for the Duchess. The memory
of that scene was hot in my mind, and aroused me to no end,
but my penis reacted feebly. I soaped my cock up, but it
stayed pathetically small. It just didn't seem to matter
anymore. It was out of place on my new body.

My tits and ass were the centres of my sexuality now. The
prison guard let out a low whistle as I moved upwards and
massaged my breasts into the hot water. I was trying to
psych myself up for the sex show that the bikers were
expecting from me, and was unwittingly putting on quite a
display for the guard.

When I stepped out of the shower, and opened the gym bag
to find a towel, I was met with another surprise. Beneath
the towel was a neatly laid out set of women's clothing, bra
and panties at the top of the pile, and a pretty flowered
sun-dress beneath.

A lump rose to my throat. The thought of dressing up like
a girl was almost too much. I don't know why. I mean, I had
been fucked like a girl more times than I cared to remember
behind these walls, but I guess I still tried to keep my
identity somewhere inside. Dressing up like a girl was just
one more step in giving up my male identity.

I fumbled with the bra first. It was a B-cup, and it fit
me fairly well. The red lace garment felt strange against my
skin, displaying my breasts like a gift wrap. I slid into
the panties next. The underwear slipped between the crack of
my ass, leaving my pale rear just barely covered.

Next, I pulled the sun-dress over my head. The pretty
little cotton thing stopped just above my knees, and
accentuated the newly feminine curves of my body. With a red
face, I had to ask for the guard's help to zip up the back
of the dress.

There were a few other details in the bag. It took me
nearly ten minutes to struggle into the tiny shoes that had
been provided. They only had small heels, but I wobbled on
them nonetheless.

I sprayed on my perfume, and tried my best not to overdo
my make-up. There was a purse with long straps in the back.
I put my remaining make-up into the purse, and let the
handbag dangle from my wrist as I made my way out of the
showers. The last thing I wanted to do was to leave the guys
waiting. Tom would make me pay for embarrassing him.

The guard put his hand on my ass as he escorted me to the

" You look just like an ex-girlfriend of mine, " he
commented, which for some reason made me blush.

I entered the gym to the sound of hoots and whistles from
the congregated Angels. The second guard I had sucked off in
the morning stood watchfully by the door. I stumbled on my
heels as I made my way into the room.

The guys were laughing and sharing their opinions about
my body. Many of them had seen me when I first came into the
prison, although more recently, Tom had kept me pretty
isolated. The guys seemed impressed with the Doctor's work.

" Look 'it that tight ass, " one of the guys remarked.

" Not too tight though, eh Tom ? " another guy nudged my
cell-mate, and everyone laughed at my expense.

What struck me the most was just how big most of these
guys were. These were enforcers and drug runners for the
organization, and they certainly lived up to the menacing
reputation of the gang. In comparison, I was a very small
guy, which just added to the illusion of my femininity.

" Let's see her titties, " one guy yelled.

" God, I can't wait to nail this cunt. "

" Whoa..." Tom took his place as MC. " Just a minute
guys. I don't think she's warmed up for us yet. Just like
every other girl I know, Blondie likes a little something to
get her in the mood. Now, my girlfriend, she wants
foreplay... but Blondie's not so choosy... she just likes a
little taste of heroin or crack to get her going, then she's
willing to fuck all night. "

I felt like a pig just about to be put onto a spit, and
the guys were all licking their chops for a little meat. If
someone was going to give me a little something to help me
through it, I wasn't going to turn it down.

A big biker near the centre of the room was the first to
volunteer his drugs. He flicked something at me from a few
feet away, and it landed near my feet. I dropped to my
knees, betraying a desperation that the guys found more than
a little amusing. They whistled and cheered when I bent
forward to retrieve the offering, revealing my panties from

It was a fat joint that the big guy had flicked towards
me. It wasn't what I was expecting. Since I had come here, I
had been accustomed to the harder drugs. Morphine was what I
got in the hospital. Heroin was Tom's drug of choice.

Now I was on my knees, reacquainting myself with an old
friend named Mary-Jane.

I inhaled it deeply, and then choked out the smoke. Twice
more, I tried to keep the smoke down, but each time, the
tickle in my throat betrayed me.

" A drink, please... " I asked, desperate to get a little
high before the sex began.

" Here's something to wet your lips on, " the large biker
who had donated the joint stood and unzipped his trousers.
He planted his bog cock in front of my face, and I couldn't
do anything but obey.

I couldn't believe my position. I was dressed like a
girl... hell, for the most part I now *was* a girl... and I
was sucking this guy's big cock in front of a crowd of
twenty other guys who would expect the same treatment. The
only thing that kept me from crying was the marijuana smoke
that was rising into my nose.

The huge biker allowed me to toke on the joint a few
times between sucking. My throat relaxed, and allowed me to
keep the smoke down. Soon, I began to feel the pleasure of
the drug gently rising in the base of my brain.

My lips numbed. The high wasn't as overwhelming as the
opiates I was accustomed too. The smoke affected me in an
entirely different way. It crept up on me, and my world
became suddenly very small.

There was just me, and my numb lips, and a rubbery cock
to suck on, and a thick joint burning fragrantly between my
fingers. I was with an old friend, who Ashely had introduced
me to in a dark basement room. She had shown me how to enjoy
my degradation, and had led me onto a path that brought me

Now, a cock unloaded into my mouth, and I swallowed
without hesitation. That old sense of arousal at being
humiliated was coming back to me.

I stood unsteadily, and listened to the commands of the

" Strip for us... show us your tits... yeah, get on your
knees... crawl like a bitch... open your ass... "

Each shameful action came easily to me. Other guys gave
me donations of drugs, and I wallowed mindlessly in sexual
arousal and drug-induced pleasure.

They took turns fucking me, and roughly mauled my
titties. I squealed and moaned and made all of the little
sounds that they wanted to hear. Once I was drugged and
aroused, it wasn't hard to imagine that I was exactly the
girl they guys viewed me as.

These guys were so big... their cocks were so big... I
took them in my mouth until I couldn't breathe, and even
that didn't seem to bother me...

... until I passed out.

They must have used me for a while longer, but I
eventually ended up in my old home at the infirmary. My
bruised body reminded me about what I had done, and I sought
refuge in the familiar blanket of pain killers.


When I was finally released, it was just lucky timing
that I arrived back at my cell when Tom wasn't there. I was
able to go over to play one last game of chess with John the

" You look more an more like a woman every time I see
you, yes ? " he gave me a hug in greeting. " Is good work
this doctor does. Maybe I should send my wife in to see him.
Is very good work. "

We sat down to play. He wasn't long in beginning his

" This cannot continue, is what I hear. I hear that the
warden is not happy with the trouble it causes to have a
woman in the prison. Is big trouble for him. I don't think
he will let it continue. "

He changed subjects unexpectedly.

" I have many employees on the outside. I guess you say
that I'm the big boss, yes ? Some are loyal, like you. Yes.
You very loyal to your Vietnamese. You would never betray
them. I see them visit you sometimes, and they are worried,
yes ? But you still will not betray them, even though you
suffer in here. Is very good to be so loyal. Some of my
employees are not so loyal, and they take on business
without me. This is always the way when there are many
employees. "

" This one employee, he does extra business by growing
this marijuana. He never tells me that he will be doing
this. He rents a house on his own. It is a house by the
water, near the docks, so he thinks the neighbours will not
notice. I tell you where this house is. It is on Victoria
street. The last house before the water. You remember this,
yes ?"

" Yes, " I answered, still puzzled by why he was giving
me this information.

I remained puzzled until I was brought in for a meeting
with the prison warden, the prison counsellor, and Dr.
Rivers. A fourth man sat silently beside the doctor.

" Take off your shirt, " Dr. Rivers told me.

I hesitated to do so in front of the female counsellor.
She reminded me of Janice, and I couldn't meet her eyes.
Slowly, I unbuttoned my shirt. The warden and the counsellor
gasped when I revealed my breasts.

" How the hell does someone *do* this in prison ?" the
warden asked, almost rhetorically.

The Janice-clone answered. " It's not going to come as a
surprise to you that there's a drug problem in the prison
here. I don't suppose it's any different to smuggle in the
hormone treatments that this young man has used. It's not
uncommon for a young homosexual male, when introduced to the
prison environment, to take on a female role. They just
don't normally do it quite this well. "

" It's unbelievable, " the warden shook his head. " I
can't have this going on. "

He turned to me and made his offer.

" Listen to me carefully boy. This is your only chance.
You obviously want to become a female. I'm willing to let it
happen, and I'm willing to transfer you to a female
correctional facility. You just have to do one thing for me.

Female ?

" How ?" I asked.

" Dr. Rivers has brought a colleague who is willing to
perform the operation for free, given certain
considerations. "

" What considerations ?"

" You can discuss that with your doctors, " he evaded the
question. " But I've reviewed the doctor's offer, and I
assure you that it's quite fair. Generous, even, considering
the normal costs involved in the operation. "

" I'm not sure I want to..."

The female counsellor spoke up again, her voice as
sympathetic as she could fake. " If you stay here, things
will only get worse. I've seen the reports of your injuries.
I know that you're using drugs to cope. You're a smart kid.
You've got to have figured out that you're at risk of
contracting AIDS in this environment. How much longer can
you really last ?"

I lowered my eyes.

" I just need one thing from you, " repeated the warden,
seemingly anxious to close the deal. " You obviously know
the locations of more grow operations. I just need you to
tell me about one. That's my price. That way, I can justify
it to the crown. Just one little grow operation, and I'll
approve everything for you. "

I couldn't betray Cowboy. He would have me killed.

" Speak up, boy. No one will know that it was you. "

They would know. No one else would betray them. Besides,
I wasn't even certain that cowboy would have kept his grow
operation in place this long after my arrest.

It was a no-win situation.

" Come on. Just one. Just give me an excuse to help you,
boy. "

I wasn't even sure that I wanted it. I would be giving up
my male identity forever. I would be sissy Blondie.

But returning to Tom's control was no better an option.
The words came too easily to my lips.

" Victoria Drive... I'm not sure of the exact address...
on the north end, the last house before the waterfront..." I
silently thanked John the Bear for his gift.


I waited nervously in the hallway. Dr. Haskell had been
very particular about the way I should dress. He had even
gone shopping with me, on the first day of my three day

This was how I was spending my precious time outside of
the prison walls. It was our agreement. In lieu of payment
for the reconstruction of my sex organs, I had traded away
my prison leaves, and large blocks of additional time once I
made parole.

He bought me a blue sweater and smart looking skirt for
my debut.

" I don't want there to be any question about whether
you're a female. You're the best example of my work, and so
you represent all of my skills. Don't embarrass me by being
anything less than perfect. "

Everything about this environment made me unsettled. The
hallways were familiar. They even smelled the same. My heart
ached just thinking about the distance I had come from this

Students walked by. Most of them were around my own age.

I shuddered to think that I might see someone that I
would recognize. It didn't matter. Even if I did, no one
would recognize me. I was too different. This wasn't my
world at all anymore.

A few feet from me, the door cracked open, and Dr.
Haskell beckoned me in. It was show time. I nervously
straightened my clothing before coming into the room. The
hall was larger than I had imagined. Medical students filled
over a hundred seats for the guest lecture.

" This young lady has volunteered to be our subject
today, " the doctor explained. He closed the door behind me,
and I was startled a bit by the sound.

" No need to be nervous, my dear, " he said, still using
his lecture voice. " There's nothing that these students
haven't seen before... at least on a cadaver. For some of
the young men in the room, however, this may be their first
look at the living female anatomy. "

The comment brought chuckles from around the room.

I knew this had been coming, but it was worse than I had
imagined. I wondered what the female students would think of
me, a pretty young woman who had volunteered to spread her
legs for them and their male colleagues. They would think me
a real slut.

Which, of course, was true. If they only knew all of the
things I had to do for the other female prisoners each day,
they would be disgusted. My cell-mate now was Suzy Ninebark,
an Indian girl who had learned to resent the fuck out of
whites, and was taking it all out on the ass of the cute
white girl who shared her bunk at night. I was glad for all
of the lessons I had learned at the hands of the Vietnamese
girls. It was only my skill at pleasing her sexually that
kept Suzy from inflicting some serious damage on me.

" Why don't we get started ? Mary-Jane, would you please
disrobe ?"

I hesitantly pulled my sweater over my head while the
room looked on. Dr. Haskell had seen my body before, of
course. Hell, he had created it. He took up where Dr. Rivers
left off. Because he intended to use me as a showpiece, he
had resisted the temptation to enlarge my breasts with
implants. Instead, he had pushed up my levels of hormone,
and made some adjustments to my diet. The side effects were
uncomfortable, but he had increased me to a nearly a C-cup,
so he was happy.

The male students seemed appreciative of his efforts. No
one made any noises, of course, but I could feel their eyes
on me. In the front row, a male and a female student sat
together. I figured they must be a couple. She was keeping
an eye on his reaction, and nudged him with her elbow when
he seemed too attentive to my body. Also in the front row
were a few older men and women, who I assumed were
colleagues of Dr. Haskell's, sitting in for his guest

Next, I slid out of my skirt. Exercise, diet, and
liposuction had sculpted my legs into a shape that Dr.
Haskell was pleased with.

" To be absolutely perfect, the spacing of the legs would
need to be slightly wider, " he had explained to me. " But
we work with what we have. " He had compensated by keeping
my inner thighs quite thin. The results were better than I
could have imagined.

I paused when I was down to my underwear.

" Don't be shy, my dear. Remember, you volunteered for
this. "

I lowered my eyes to the floor, and revealed the rest of
my body. The reactions were hushed, but I blushed

" Climb up onto the table. It's time the class got a
better look. "

The examination table was set up at the front of the
lecture hall. Above, a projection screen displayed Dr.
Haskell's notes to the students.

I crawled up onto the table, allowing the doctor to move
me into the position he wanted. He placed my legs into the
stirrups, exposing my lower body fully to the students.

" Donald ? Can we get the image now ?"

On the large screen, Dr. Haskell's notes faded into
blackness. A moment later, the notes were replaced by
something much more compelling to the class. The teacher's
aid had set up a video camera. To my utter humiliation, the
screen was now filled with the enlarged image of my pussy.
The image blurred in and out as Donald worked on the focus.

I breathed quickly, trying to regain my composure. I had
to hide my reaction. This was my re-entry into the world of
academics, not as a teacher or student, but as a piece of
meat on the examining table. The image of a body I didn't
want to believe was my own was projected above me.

" Now, before we continue, I will let everyone know that
Mary-Jane is an interesting example of female anatomy. I
will, however, leave it to the students in this classroom to
discover what is unusual about our subject. Any volunteers

The class was silent. Perhaps they were still adjusting
to the six foot image of my exposed ass and pussy dominating
the front of the room.

" Come now... you all hope to be doctors... I hope you're
not this embarrassed when your first real patient comes in
for an examination. "

His pressure prompted three students to come forward, two
males and a female. They approached my right side, and stood
awkwardly above my naked body. Dr. Haskell stepped back, and
waved his hands in invitation for them to examine me more
closely. I think he was savouring the embarrassment of both
myself and the students, but most of all, the secret that
would inevitably be revealed by their probing of my
artificial vagina.

" Go ahead... you aren't going to learn anything by just
standing there..."

One of the guys reached out tentatively, and touched the
folds of flesh between my legs.

" For god's sake, man, wear some gloves, " the doctor
berated him. " You don't just stick your grubby fingers
wherever you please. "

The student's face went a bright red, and he pulled his
fingers away as if he had touched electricity. There were
chuckles from the other students around the room. He stepped
back, and allowed the second male student to take his place.
This one had the good sense to retrieve some latex gloves
before proceeding with his examination.

He stood beside me, facing the screen. He watched the
image of my pussy on the overhead. I guess it made him more
comfortable, not viewing me directly. He used his gloved
fingers to slowly spread the lips of my pussy. Donald
reacted by zooming the video camera in for a bit of a close-

" Anything unusual ? " asked Dr. Haskell from the

" Um, well... " the student stretched for answers, "
everything seems to be in place... "

" Of course it seems to be in place, " the doctor
snapped. " All you're doing is a superficial examination. Do
you really think you can learn anything from just spreading
the surface of her sex organs ? You're going to have to do
better than that Mr... " he consulted with a seating list "
Mr. Lewis. "

young Mr. Lewis was as embarrassed as the previous
student. He stepped back to allow the third student in.

" How about it, Miss Fulton ? Do you think you can do a
little better ?"

This girl seemed determined not to be made a fool of by
the teacher. She retrieved some equipment from the doctor's
tray, and circled around front of me, blocking the view of
the video camera. Whatever relief I got from not having my
body displayed on the screen was soon lost to the feel of
the student's breath against my sensitive flesh, and then
the cool touch of metal at my entrance.

Dr. Haskell had used equipment like this on me before. I
held my breath as the young woman slid the instrument into
me, and then locked it into position.

" What are you seeing, Miss Fulton ?" the doctor asked.
He could barely hide his excitement.

" Nothing. "

" Really ?"

" Yes. The cavity is a dead end. There are no
reproductive organs. No uterus. Nothing. "

" Are you certain ? " he goaded, trying to pressure her
into a doubting her conclusion, " maybe you're just not
using the equipment properly. "

She paused, but remained firm in her convictions. "
There's nothing. "

The doctor stood and approached the examination table.
This was his moment, and he was ready to enjoy it. " As Miss
Fulton so astutely points out, Mary-Jane has no reproductive
organs. In an operation last year, I removed her penis and
testicles, and reconstructed the flesh into the female form.

The room gasped and whispered in response. Dr. Haskell
continued his lecture, dismissing the three students from
the front of the room. The female student removed the
instrument before leaving, and once again, my body was
lewdly displayed on the big screen.

" As you all can seen, the difference is impossible to
detect from a surface examination. Her breasts are
completely natural, induced by hormonal supplementation.
They feel entirely normal, and are sensitive to the touch. "
He demonstrated by rubbing one of my nipples between his
fingers until it was erect.

" As for her other sex organs, you can certainly
attribute their fine appearance to the skill of the surgeon
if you please, " he smiled at his self-flattery, " and I
assure you that only her gynaecologist would ever know the
difference. She is fully sexually functional. Isn't that
right, Mary-Jane ?"

" Yes, " I answered.

" It's an interesting point to these operations. Most
people wonder if the subject will be able to achieve orgasm.
In this case, Mary-Jane has adjusted to experiencing more
typically female orgasms, and has reported to me that she
can even have multiple orgasms in a single session. "

Having this information shared with a classroom of
strangers was every bit as humiliating as you would imagine.
I was just relieved that he didn't ask me to tell the story
about how I had first experienced a multiple orgasm. Suzy
Ninebark had been beating my ass with one of her shoes while
I licked the pussy of her friend Mary.

The sensations were overwhelming, and I still hadn't
broken my habit of playing with myself during my
degradation. Then, Suzy hit just the right tempo, slapping
my ass red to the rhythm of my pleasure, and I had slipped
into a shameful orgasm, moaning my pleasure into Mary's
body. Suzy didn't let up on her beating, and I didn't stop
enjoying it. By the time I brought Mary off, I had cum three
times, and had rubbed myself raw.

Dr. Haskell wasn't done with humiliating me yet, however.

" Go ahead and show the students how you orgasm, Mary-
Jane. I'm sure they'll be interested. "

I couldn't refuse. If I broke my agreement with him, I'd
be in debt long past my prison term. More importantly, Dr.
Haskell often brought me a small package of drugs to the
prison. I dutifully turned them over to Suzy Ninebark. If my
supply ended, she would find a way to make me suffer for it.

Hesitantly, I lowered my hand down to my pussy, and began
rubbing myself roughly for the amusement of the class. As
nervous as I was, I knew I would have trouble coming to an

What Dr. Haskell hadn't explained was that despite my
appearance, there was no way he could endow my reformed
flesh with the number of nerve endings that would come
naturally to the female clitoris. I had to stimulate myself
more forcefully than I would do for other women, and it
always came easier when I was already aroused by licking
pussy or a punishment session. Damn it, I just wanted it to
be over.

While I worked on my pussy, a couple of Dr. Haskell's
colleagues came up on the podium nearby, and talked quietly
with my maker.

" Good show, Jack... where on earth did you find someone
like this ?"

" In prison. "

" You're pulling my leg. "

They chatted almost casually while the rest of the class
watched the freak-show in the big screen.

" No, I'm not. You know Phil Rivers. He has a contract
with corrections. By the time he brought me in for
consultation, he already had her most of the way through the
sex change. Now, she co-operates with me most spectacularly.
She's real eager to please, if you know what I mean. "

" You lucky bastard. This is a great gag. I'm sure
everyone will be lining up to book you for lectures. Look at
that, " he was watching my body jerk up and down on the big
screen, " she's absolutely perfect. You can tell she enjoys
doing this in public. "

" I'm glad you like her, Eric. She's got one more day
before she's due back in prison. I was thinking that I could
bring her over tomorrow for a little dinner gathering. "

" That sounds great. Will Monica be coming ?"

" No way. She'd never put up with this kind of thing. But
if I recall, Judith wouldn't have a problem with this, would
she ?"

" No. I think she'll quite enjoy it. In fact, maybe I'll
ask Marty and Lisa over too, if it's all right. "

I groaned involuntarily. All this talk of the doctors
sharing me with their wives was getting to me, despite
myself. My body shook with embarrassment and arousal.

" By the way, Jack, it looks like she's wearing some
make-up on her ass. What's that all about ? " Another one of
his colleagues spoke up.

" I'm not sure. I hadn't noticed. "

I had really hoped that he wouldn't. He had been so
particular about my appearance, I was sure he wouldn't
approve of my new tattoo.

" Do you mind if I check it out ?"

" No, go ahead. "

He brought a cotton swab and some saline to remove the
cover-up from my ass. I watched anxiously on the big screen.
The patch of flesh-coloured make-up was visible on my left
ass cheek. It covered the tattoo I had earned so painfully
from Suzy Ninebark. It had taken her most of a night to get
it the way she wanted.

He brought the cotton swab to my skin, and the coolness
of the saline surprised me. The class watched the action,
dividing their attention between curiosity about he markings
on my ass, and my obviously impending public climax. My body
was telegraphing how close I was to a humiliating orgasm.

Was there any other kind for me ?

The doctor wiped away the remaining make-up with a couple
of stroked, revealing the dark ink to everyone. They cocked
their heads in unison, as from their vantage point, on the
screen, the tattoo was upside down.

It only took a few seconds for the laughing to begin.

' Suzy's Dumb cunt ' was the unimaginative derogatory the
native girl had branded on my ass.

The shame of it all washed over me.

This was definitely going to take more than one orgasm.


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