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MARYLOU sucking his stomach and showing


I was truly a shy girl in grade school and high school, with a definite
pre- occupation with young ripe little boys most of my young life. I
wanted to experiment with life and love, like my older sister, had done.
She was the life of the party a cheerleader, with plenty of boyfriends, so
much so, that I was constantly the object of these little horny fuckers,
trying to get into my sister's panties by way of my so called influence on
Mary Lou, well, they will never know how safe Mary Lou's panties were
thanks to me.

I woke up to a nice summer day, school was out and my best girlfriend,
Debbie and I were to spend the day scouting out the local swim club for
hard cocks and cute guys.

Debbie was attractive like her mother, black hair, cute body, shapely
butt and figure, and the object of many boys hard-ons in 8th grade.

I was shorter, brown hair, brown eyes, nice plump breasts and firm ass
with cute legs, and a desire to share my wares with the local talent.

" Hi Cathy, how are you ? " Debbie asked.

" Well I would be fine if my mom, would not baby me so much I mean I
have to like draw her a picture of what in the hell I am going to do day
and night. You would think I was somekind of prostitute of something ? ",
I told her.

" Well... "

" Nevermind, what is the plan for today, Deb ? " I asked.

" I think we will go swimming, Mike and Tim will be there and that is
about all the planning I need for a lifetime ok ? "

" Ok, Debbie " I agreed

I took special care dressing before I left , I had on my best two piece
bathing suit, which revealed not only my sexy tits, but my tight little ass
and more. I had a faint odor of sun tan oil and my hair was perfect as

We found a place at the local pool to spread our towels and lay down,
Mike and Tim were swimming and that was worth the price of admission.

Mike was older looking a quiet, so was Tim, both were very nice looking
boys with more than a touch of romance in them, we had conquered them many
times, each time was a new challenge cause we had a lot of competition.

I push the straps of my suit down to get a good tan, and Debbie did the
same, we turned the radio on and waited for the expected results.

I got bored getting so many rays so I decided to swim for a bit, Mike
and Tim were swimming so I joined them and had some fun chatting with them.
Mike was in all my classes, but I did not know him to well, so when Tim
said he had to go to work, Mike and I were left alone.

" I heard you might get a starting position of the football team this
year ", I asked.

" Yea, I think I can do it, cause I am about the only end that can
outrun some of our own defensive backs " He smiled, a nice smile warm and

" I might get a A in English this year, " duh, where did that come from
? Sometimes I can be so stupid when it comes to the opposite sex, I think
it is all these hormones that I have never got rid of , maybe Debbie is
right. I just need to get laid once and a while, god ! .

Mike kinda hung around me for a few hours swimming and talking mostly he
was quiet. And I enjoyed his company, I mean he was really nice and cute
too, and I was getting my share of looking at his strong arms and legs, and
tight ass swim suit, sucking in his stomach and showing off his pecker,
sticking out the side of his suit and looking good. I dropped my bikini
briefs, some, to let him know he was welcome to look at my hot little bod.

Damn, he was hot, and so was I. I needed a plan, fast.

" You getting hungry, Mike ? " I begged.

" Yea, a little " he said.

" You want to walk over to my house, mom and dad will be gone till late,
and we can fix us a bite to eat " I seduced.

" You are on, " he smiled and we packed our stuff and walked across the
highway up the deserted streets to our suburban ranch with 3.4 bedrooms.

The house was dimly lit, I switched on a light and offered Mike a seat
while I found some frozen pizza and some cokes.

" you want a smoke, my mom left these", offering him a "Salem" , I

" Ah, Cathy, I play sports remember " Mike kidded.

Dang it I was such a dip shit, I mean fuck was I retarded or what, I
just like cannot get this shit right. " Oh , yea, dang Mike you must think
I am just a stupid skirt. "

" Actually, Cathy, I have always like you from the day I set my eyes on
you " He winked at me, and flashing a smile at me brushed my hair back and
touched me gently on the arm.

Oh, god, I think my self control was left at the starting gate now,
cause his touch was so soft I was getting goose bumps, just thinking of
what we could do alone in my house, with such a hot stud.

my house, with such a hot stud. I said a prayer that I would not fuck
this up and smiled back at Mike.

My mind was wandering back to the early morning, when half asleep, I was
dreaming and I was holding this fabulous boy, a dream lover, of course, in
my arms, I was kissing him and holding him close in a embrace. I could
feel my passion rising and my juices flowing around him.

In my dream, I was in my nightgown, with my sheer nylon panties and no
bra, my ripe breasts rubbing up and down my lover's chest, which was bare
and pushing hard against my body urging me on, to consume our passions.
His lips were soft and demanding, His rock hard penis, tempting me with

My pink slit was moist and the hair on my outer cunt lips was soft and
matted, covering the deep gaping hole of my vagina. He touched my breasts and I felt my clitoris become more erect and sensitive to the pressure of
his penis on my nylon panties which were wet with his pre cum and my vagina juices. I was in a deep sleep yet , as I sat with Mike here in the
present, all these desires came to me in a flood of reality and in my heart
of hearts , I wanted to experience this sexual excitement in real life,
right now with Mike.

"So you think you might want to come to some of the football games, this
year ? " Mike probed.

" Ah, yea, sure, Mike " I stuttered , hmm, I think my mind was on that
dreamy love affair I was having in my mind, oh gawd.

In my dream, my lover would slowly kiss me to exciting climaxes, my
heart would pound and my clit would rise like a rock hard tool, ready to be
stimulated and touched. My lover would find the fabric of my nylon
underwear, parting it with three fingers and finding the mesh of hairs
between my legs and thighs, slip his fingers inside my hole and slowly
insert them deep inside my slit, around my clit making me push back with
hard shoves. His kisses were long and wet and demanding.

" Mike, " I said. Coming back into reality, I decided to go for it. I
wanted Mike to hold me.

" Hey Cathy, come over here and sit next to me, I want to be close to ya
, ok "

I sat really close to Mike and felt his arm slip around my shoulder as
he quietly held me in his one strong arm.

I felt really nice and it was all so innocent.

End of Part One


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